gilbertlwhat is the opposite of set -e ?01:18
gilbertlupstart seems to be skipping some commands and I want to make sure that is the case01:19
gilbertl(that the skipping is caused by previous errors)01:19
ryoohkiwhat is the proper way to stop processes starting on boot?  "chkconfig service off"  that kind of thing09:51
jhuntryoohki: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#disabling-a-job-from-automatically-starting09:52
ryoohkijhunt: thanks!10:20
ryoohkijhunt: will there be a command like "initctrl service manual" which would create a /etc/init/service.override file with a manual stanza?10:30
jhuntryoohki: yes, we are working on a new initctl command that will allow jobs to be disabled.10:32
briandquinnhi all, is there a way to allow a standard user control upstart jobs without sudo?17:57

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