Unit193Anywho, any type of test you want donw?00:00
charlie-tcaSee if anything works today?00:00
charlie-tcaWe may have broken all the images again00:01
GridCubehey charlie-tca can i propose this package of games sgt-puzzles to be included on the lts release of xubuntu?00:33
GridCubethey are like 20 simple games http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/puzzles/00:34
charlie-tcaIs it in the repositories alreadhj?00:34
GridCube!info sgt-puzzles 00:34
ubottusgt-puzzles (source: sgt-puzzles): Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection - 1-player puzzle games. In component universe, is extra. Version 8853-3 (natty), package size 1195 kB, installed size 2520 kB00:34
micahgGridCube: that's a bug package00:34
GridCube:D but is A LOT of games00:34
micahgwe do have the room though00:34
charlie-tcaWe won't have room for it00:34
micahgoh, right, maybe not for the LTS...00:35
GridCubewell it was worht the shot :P00:35
GridCube(now my games menu is so big it overflows)00:35
charlie-tcaDepends on what Xfce does yet00:35
GridCube(i wish i could subfolderize it)00:36
micahgwell, we won't be upgrading Xfce for the LTS, only stuff w/in the 4.8 release00:36
charlie-tcaXfce 4.10 get moved?00:36
* charlie-tca thinks was january00:36
micahgoh, right :)00:37
* micahg is confusing switch to GTK3 for upgrading00:37
charlie-tcaand 4.10 adds accessibility, so it will grow00:37
micahgcharlie-tca: still, we won't be updating until we're sure that 4.10 is being released00:37
charlie-tcaRight, that's what we wait for00:37
charlie-tcaalthough, as a three year support Xubuntu, it might have to be pushed00:38
GridCubebut, i don't understand, you will put new never tested before software on an lts version?00:38
charlie-tcano, we hope it makes it to beta testing00:39
micahgof course, that's why it's long term support :P00:39
charlie-tcaXfce testers are already testing 4.1000:39
micahgGridCube: release is planned for January, if they release on time, we'll have it in by feature freeze for sure00:39
GridCubei see00:40
GridCubewell i hope xfce people wont go and do silly things like last time00:40
* GridCube is not really fond to changes00:40
charlie-tca4.8 was a smooth release00:40
GridCubei guess, i was shocked on my first encounter whit it00:41
charlie-tca4.6 was a rough one, though00:41
GridCubebut then again, things have to change00:41
charlie-tcaI guess I am showing my age again... ;)00:41
charlie-tca4.4 is a blur for me00:42
micahg4.4 takes us back to intrepid00:42
micahgerr, that was the last release w/4.400:42
charlie-tcaI started around hardy00:42
micahgFeisty saw 4.4 final00:44
* micahg thinks he switched to xubuntu around hardy00:44
* GridCube doesnt know releases by name00:45
charlie-tcafeisty ? I installed 6.06 and waited until 8.04 to upgrade00:46
charlie-tcabut I think I tested 7.10, final only00:46
charlie-tcaor maybe I tested both the rc and final images00:46
charlie-tca6.10 is the image Xubuntu skipped00:47
charlie-tcaand 7.04 was still a bit edgy ;)00:47
charlie-tcaor would that be "a bit feisty"?00:48
micahgyeah, that would be a bit feisty :)00:49
Unit193I have a Ubuntu Edgy Eft cd up stairs00:49
charlie-tcaI have all the images back to 5.10. I even have the magazine cd for Ubuntu 5.1000:51
charlie-tcaBut the first Xubuntu was 6.0600:51
Unit193Kinda sad that I don't have any shipit CDs :/00:51
charlie-tcaI never requested any from shipit00:52
charlie-tcaI downloaded them all, even 5.0400:52
charlie-tcaHard to forget that 5 day download00:53
Unit193Going to miss my first OLF :(00:55
charlie-tcaGood night, all. See you tomorrow01:31
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charlie-tcaGood morning14:45
astraljavaHi there charlie-tca14:46
PjotrHello, I have some remarks about the Dutch translations in Xubuntu 11.10 beta 120:01
PjotrIt seems that only the Dutch translations at https://translations.xfce.org/projects/p/xfce/r/xfce-4-8/l/nl/ were implemented20:02
Pjotrbut there are also new Dutch translations of other Xfce components:20:02
Pjotrthe apps: https://translations.xfce.org/projects/p/apps/r/master/l/nl/20:03
Pjotrthe thunar-plugins: https://translations.xfce.org/projects/p/thunar-plugins/r/master/l/nl/20:03
Pjotrthe panel plugins: https://translations.xfce.org/projects/p/panel-plugins/r/master/l/nl/20:04
micahgPjotr: for those we took whatever Debian had20:06
PjotrThat's a pity, because those appear to be incomplete.... I have spent a lot of time upstream at Xfce to complete and improve the Dutch translations...20:07
PjotrI had them all finished in June20:08
PjotrWould you consider switching to the upstream Xfce translations?20:09
micahgPjotr: well, we use the upstream translations, they're just out of date20:09
micahgI'm checking into it now20:10
PjotrThanks in advance. :-)20:11
micahgit would be nice if we can get Debian to include them, a diff will make everything  harder next cycle20:13
mr_pouitit's a matter of upstream doing new releases that includes updated translations :|20:15
micahgmr_pouit: ah, is that it?  ok, I guess I shouldn't tell corsac to ignore my question then20:17
mr_pouitIt's possible to include patches in all packages for updated translations (or do a make distcheck from upstream xfce-4.8 git branches), but a lot of work =/20:20
mr_pouitthat's why I prefer to wait for new upstream releases for that, usually20:21
Pjotrmicahg: I would appreciate it very much, if you would try to persuade Debian to include the new translations then....20:22
micahgPjotr: well, according to mr_pouit, there's not much we or Debian can do w/out a lot of work20:23
* micahg didn't realize they were generally rolled into the new releases20:23
PjotrSo Xubuntu 11.10 won't be adequately translated into Dutch, I fear20:24
PjotrWould 12.04 be a more realistic goal, then?20:25
mr_pouitxfce core has (almost) regular bugfix releases, and I think with transifex you can put your translations to the xfce-4.8 branch20:27
mr_pouitso it should be ok20:27
mr_pouitfor panel plugins & goodies, it's less obvious though...20:28
mr_pouit(seldom new releases, because of either missing maintainers, or they consider them already feature stable/complete)20:29
mr_pouitmaybe the solution to make translators happy is to use rosetta and language packs (like ubuntu), but then there's the risk that some people will work on lp only and their changes will never reach upstream (when xubuntu was moved to main a few years ago I had to compare what was in rosetta and upstream to forward the changes :( ... )20:36
micahgmr_pouit: we could use the langpacks if we wanted to (there's a d/control field now to enable it for universe packages)20:40
Olbijakoś tak, Adam mi dał namiary :]20:43
Olbinot here ;P20:44
PjotrIf the current situation would continue, then new translations for panel plugins and goodies would never reach Xubuntu then. For all languages. That seems unsatisfactory...21:06
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