Minzoi bahar nikaall05:01
didrocksgood morning05:03
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didrockskamstrup: good morning!07:05
didrockskamstrup: don't hide you, I saw you answered to an email! :p07:05
oSoMoNgood morning07:14
didrockssalut oSoMoN07:15
oSoMoNsalut didrocks!07:15
kamstrupdidrocks: yo!07:27
didrockskamstrup: how are you?07:27
kamstrupdidrocks: was busy merging branches from racarr :-)07:27
didrockskamstrup: ahah, no worry :)07:27
kamstrupdidrocks: - nervous - hoping we didn't break everything with tomorrows releases ;-)07:27
didrockskamstrup: oh you did :)07:28
didrocksnot you, but you as dx :p07:28
didrocks(no unity upload yet, need some -2d guys)07:28
kamstrupdidrocks: yeah, we know how you like it :-)07:28
didrocksoSoMoN: btw, you can maybe help if you have time ^07:28
didrockskamstrup: I loveeeeee it!07:28
kamstrupdidrocks: you should be thankful - we provide you with excellent job security! ;-)07:29
didrockskamstrup: but on another topic, even with latest fts fixes, jasoncwarner still have this crash: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zeitgeist/+bug/84179807:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 841798 in zeitgeist (Ubuntu) "zeitgeist-daemon crashed with RuntimeError in _check_index_and_start_worker(): basic_string::assign" [High,Confirmed]07:29
didrockskamstrup: baby sitting you mean? :)07:29
oSoMoNdidrocks: not much time to spare, but let me know what it is, I can have a look07:29
oSoMoNdidrocks: or redirect you to Kaleo :)07:29
kamstrupdidrocks: "potato tomato" as they say07:29
didrocksoSoMoN: yeah, but he's not there yet, and it really delays upload of 20 packages in oneiric right now :/07:30
didrockskamstrup: not any spinach? :p07:30
didrocksoSoMoN: with latest unity-2d on oneiric, I have a segfault when starting the unity-2d-places daemon07:30
didrocksoSoMoN: but if you don't have a box setup, it's maybe not the right time :)07:30
didrocksI didn't push unity and all friends to not break -2d07:31
oSoMoNdidrocks: indeed, I don’t have a boy running oneiric at hand07:31
didrocksoSoMoN: no worry, will wait for Kaleo07:31
oSoMoNdidrocks: do you have a full stacktrace?07:31
didrocksoSoMoN: let me try to get the debug symbols07:32
didrocksoSoMoN: but as I have a Qt in the ppa without them, it will be partiel07:32
kamstrupdidrocks: that trace is from zg-fts 0.0.11 and not 0.0.12, i marked as incomplete until we see this bug with an up-to-date package07:34
didrockskamstrup: he's telling he still get it with 0.0.1207:34
didrockskamstrup: but please, check with hi on #ubuntu-desktop, it can be slightly different and he only believes it's the same :)07:34
kamstrupdidrocks: cheap talk, I want hard evidence :-)07:34
kamstrupdidrocks: will do07:35
didrocksthanks :)07:35
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didrocksoSoMoN: the stack isn't useful, even if i get all threads, isn't it?07:51
didrocksnot used to Qt debugging, seems it tries to handle it07:51
oSoMoNdidrocks: let me have a look at it07:51
oSoMoNdidrocks: for what it’s worth, it looks to me like the culprit could be revision 702 or 706 (or both)07:56
oSoMoNnerochiaro_: seen that ^^ ?07:56
* didrocks looks07:57
didrocksoSoMoN: yeah, seems the only part touching QSort…07:58
didrocksoSoMoN: reverting 706, let's see08:00
didrockswasn't enough, reverting 70208:07
JustReinstalledUIs there any way to make unity not suck?08:15
JustReinstalledUThe entire reason I have a desktop is so I don't have to go hunting for what applications I have installed.08:18
JustReinstalledUUnity has some nice features, but what the hell were you thinking when you decided to make users search for their applications or sift through every single application installed?08:18
JustReinstalledUFfs, l2design08:19
andyrockCimi, with the last unity the panel have a trasparent 1px line on top of it09:10
andyrocki mean there is this 1px line and then there is the panel09:11
Cimiandyrock: light-themes should have fixed that...09:11
andyrockCimi, ok... just one more thing09:12
andyrockthe pager of ayatana-scrollbar09:12
andyrocksometimes his in part gray in part orange09:13
Cimiandyrock: double check anyway with an updated oneiric09:13
Cimiandyrock: it should be fine09:13
andyrockwithout using the thumb buttons09:13
Cimiandyrock: whih app? how?09:13
andyrock*sometimes it is09:13
CimiI need a testcase, unfortunately09:14
andyrockwith xchat... but i'm not able to reproduce it all the time09:14
andyrockif i will find a testcase i will open a bug09:14
Snicksieis this about the bug with xchat that it doesn't show on the unity launchbar? :)09:15
SnicksieI have that bug too :)09:15
andyrockSnicksie, no09:15
Snicksieoh, okay ;) sorry :p09:16
andyrockCimi, i'm able to reproduce only with xchat09:18
andyrockso open xchat09:18
andyrockmake sure there are enough nickname in the right sidebar09:18
andyrockclose xchat window09:19
andyrockchoosing minimize to tray09:19
andyrockopen it again using messaging menu09:19
andyrockthe pager on the right should be gray09:19
andyrocknow use the thum buttons...09:20
Kaleodidrocks: what's up?09:20
didrocksKaleo: too late, njpatel just fix it :)09:20
Kaleodidrocks: I see :)09:20
njpatelwell, it probably needs to be done correctly :)09:21
Cimiandyrock: ok09:22
Cimiandyrock: goit it09:22
andyrockCimi, are you able to reproduce?09:22
Cimiandyrock: yep, I need to see if I can fix it, though :)09:22
Cimiand if this can be reproduced in metacity09:23
andyrockCimi, you think it's a compiz focus problem?09:30
Cimiandyrock: look at ayatana scrollbar code if you want: when you focus a window, functions root_filter_func and root_gfunc should colorize the pager correctly09:31
Cimiin os-scrollbar.c09:31
andyrockin know...09:32
andyrockI know09:33
Cimilooks like the code is failing09:34
Cimiwondering if it's the fact I'm getting gtk_widget_get_window and then looping from it09:35
Cimiinstead gtk_widget_get_window (gtk_widget_get_toplevel ())09:35
Cimi(why I'm not doing that, anyway?)09:35
andyrockso you do something like this (in pseudocode)09:37
andyrockFOR widget = ... ; widget IS NOT toplevel; widget = widget->parent09:37
Cimiandyrock: no09:42
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htorqueCimi, so this a bug in the themes? bug 84532509:44
Cimihtorque: link09:44
htorqueubot's lazy... here it is: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/84532509:45
htorquethe 1px thing you talked about09:45
andyrockbug #84532509:45
andyrockthe ubot is really lazy :)09:45
htorquemaybe he's about to time out - happened yesterday.09:46
Cimihtorque: do you have light-themes updated?09:46
Cimihtorque: or, which theme are you rinning?09:47
htorqueCimi: - the latest afaict, using ambiance. i tracked this down to a commit in unity (see bug report)09:48
Cimihttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/845325/comments/3 ?09:50
ubot5Ubuntu bug 845325 in unity (Ubuntu) "Wallpaper shows through 1px line above panel" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:50
Cimiandyrock: htorque ?09:50
andyrockmy same problem...09:51
htorqueCimi: yes, with that reverted i don't get this 1px line - with that's why i guess this has nothing to do with light-themes.09:51
Cimiok then09:52
Cimiandyrock: so, that code is correct09:57
Cimiandyrock: because this code is loaded when the window is not focused09:58
Cimiandyrock: so it seems that it doesn't enter line 1107/809:58
apinheiroI'm trying to compile unity from sources and it fails compiling the tests09:58
apinheirois this the current status or just my case?09:58
apinheironjpatel, ^ ?09:58
andyrockapinheiro, you need last libunity09:58
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apinheiroandyrock, ok thanks09:58
apinheirohmm I think that I already have the last package09:59
njpatelapinheiro, use the desktop team PPA09:59
apinheiroandyrock, should I need to compile it?09:59
njpatelapinheiro, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa09:59
andyrockapinheiro, install ppa (i've just did it) or wait a couple of our10:00
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apinheironjpatel, ok thanks10:00
andyrockgdk_screen_get_active_window (gtk_widget_get_screen (GTK_WIDGET (scrollbar))))10:01
andyrockmaybe it's not an ayatana-scrollbar problem10:02
andyrocki've a lot of problem with focus in compiz right now10:02
Cimiandyrock: that's why I said we need to see if it reproduces in metacity10:03
andyrockmetacity in oneric.... maybe using mutter we can test it10:04
Cimi_yep. metacity too10:05
Cimi_but only for xchat10:05
Cimi_well, just the nicklist10:06
andyrockCimi, i can reproduce it also on gnome shell10:11
Cimi_andyrock, maybe gtk_widget_get_toplevel doesn't work for it, I have no clue right now :-)10:14
ephanAnybody on 11.10?10:37
ephanI need to know what happens when you double click the top panel on the latest unity versions10:38
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Cimiephan: I am10:43
ephanCimi, thanks. What happens when you double blick the panel10:44
ephanThe code says it restores the maximized window, but er I'm not sure of what that means10:45
=== bschaefer_ is now known as bschaefer
Cimiephan: it unmaximizes it10:46
ephanAnd what if it's already unmaximized?10:47
andyrockephan, if there is an unfocused maximized window10:55
ephanit focus it I guess?10:55
andyrockyou can move that window10:56
andyrockand then it get the focus10:56
ephanAh thanks10:56
andyrockto just focus it you can use middle click i think10:56
ephanAlso andyrock, http://paste.ubuntu.com/685877/ shouldn't there be a "_is_inside = true;" after line 20?10:57
ephanThat's part of PanelViewMenu.cpp I'm just reading and understanding some code10:57
andyrockephan, this code is quite tricky since there is a lot of thing to consider10:59
andyrockyou should talk with Trevinho10:59
ephanThanks andyrock!10:59
ephanAlso you guys often talk about pinging each other to check if they're here. Can you explain that to me?11:00
andyrockor neil but don't distrub  him :)11:00
andyrockit's simple11:00
andyrockin irc everyone have a nickname11:01
andyrockso if you want call the attention of me for example11:02
andyrockjust do it11:02
andyrockping andyrock11:02
andyrockirc will let me know that someone nominated me...11:02
ephan_thanks andyrock, and sorry if I also disturbed you in any way11:04
andyrockephan_, np11:04
apinheiroTheMuso, finally I can confirm this bug11:32
ubot5Ubuntu bug 844927 in unity "Change on the at-spi accessibility-toolkit can affect also Unity" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:32
apinheiroIm already working on the solution11:32
apinheirobut meanwhile, could you set the importance?11:32
apinheiroIm not sure about it (and njpatel is not here)11:32
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andyrocknjpatel, i've some problem with application menu12:33
andyrockTrevinho, ^^^12:33
andyrockwhen i change window the last menu is not removed12:34
andyrockso i have two menus12:34
njpatelTrevinho, ^12:35
andyrock[File] [AAA] [BBB] [File] [CCC]12:35
andyrockFile ... BBB  is the menu that should be removed12:35
andyrocknjpatel, and i can no loger use the mouse motion to switch from one indicator to another12:36
andyrocki'm using dx ppa12:36
andyrocki will talk with Trevinho btw12:37
njpatelandyrock, weird, not getting anything like that :/12:38
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=== API is now known as apinheiro
apinheironjpatel, recently I detected this bug:12:54
ubot5Ubuntu bug 844927 in unity "Change on the at-spi accessibility-toolkit can affect also Unity" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:54
apinheiroIm working on the solution12:54
apinheirobut meanwhile12:54
apinheiroIm not sure about the proper importance12:54
njpatelapinheiro, critical, as it breaks a11y13:00
apinheironjpatel, ok thanks13:00
apinheironjpatel, I can't modify that13:00
njpatelapinheiro, wil ldo it13:05
apinheironjpatel, ok, thanks13:06
davidcallenjpatel, I'm relieved to see that you are doing your python lens exactly as I'm doing mine : taking mikkel's work and replacing strings ;)13:12
andyrocknjpatel, building from trunk and i no longer have the panel problem13:19
andyrockweird :)13:19
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njpatelandyrock, blame didrocks13:20
didrocksnever ever ! :p13:20
andyrockdidrocks, in dx ppa there is also the unity-services package^13:23
didrocksandyrock: which dx ppa?  don't know any of them with a recent unity13:24
didrocksnjpatel: don't try to make me support all you weird and obscure ppas! :p13:25
njpateldesktop ppa, surely?13:35
andyrockdidrocks, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa13:36
andyrocki instelled it to have all lib updates wihout any trouble :)13:37
didrocksandyrock: this should work, it's the latest release14:03
apinheironjpatel, branch proposed14:09
apinheiroand it is a trivial change ;)14:09
ubot5Ubuntu bug 74796 in firefox (Ubuntu) "[EDGY] firefox crashed [@??] [@??] [@??]" [Medium,Invalid]14:10
andyrockdidrocks, unity-panel-service is in unity-services right?14:12
didrocksandyrock: exactly14:12
andyrockdidrocks, desktop ppa has not the unity-services14:13
didrocksnote the s at "services", for future if any! :)14:13
didrocksandyrock: no, it has14:13
andyrockdidrocks, using unity from this ppa the panel has a lot of problem14:15
didrocksandyrock: people on the french forum is using it, it's the latest release, did you restart the session after upgrading and restarting unity?14:15
didrocksI have no problem aside from no indicator in the second people14:16
didrocksseb128 had no issue either14:16
andyrockdidrocks, i don't rember but i think so...14:16
didrocksand the package is there :)14:16
andyrockbtw np... :)14:16
didrocksas you can see14:16
didrocksandyrock: it's the version in oneiric now (and it's the tip of turnk)14:16
* Trevinho back14:28
Trevinhoandyrock: what's the problem?14:28
Trevinhoand what about ephan?14:29
andyrockTrevinho, no problem :)14:29
TrevinhoOk, I've read something about the panelmenuvew...14:29
Trevinhothat is, however, still under my work14:29
TrevinhoSo, I know there are some issues, but I should have alredy identified or fixed14:30
Trevinhoandyrock: the issue about menus on window switching...14:30
Trevinhoit shouldn't be there honestly14:30
andyrockTrevinho, there is no problem in trunk...14:32
andyrockand neither in PPA...14:32
andyrocksomething weird happened... :)14:32
Trevinhook fine andy... Did you test my menu hacks branch?14:32
andyrocki forgot it :)14:32
andyrocklet me do it14:32
Trevinhonjpatel: ^ :P14:38
andyrockTrevinho, works good :)14:38
andyrockTrevinho, i've a bug for you :)14:39
andyrockTrevinho, ready?14:39
Trevinhoandyrock: yes14:39
andyrockmaximize a window with a menu14:39
andyrockmake sure the menu is shown14:40
andyrockunmaximize the window dragging down the panel14:40
andyrockthe menu is still visible14:40
andyrockcan you reproduce it?14:41
Trevinhoandyrock: yes, and I've fixed in my local branch14:41
Trevinhoas I said before... I've also some bits to upload :)14:41
andyrockand another one :)14:41
andyrocki don't know if it's a bur or not14:41
Trevinhohowever it's not related to the hacks menu, isn't it?14:41
andyrockno... :)14:41
andyrockbtw open a un-maximized window14:42
andyrockdrag its title bar to the panel14:42
andyrockshowing the menu requires an extra movement14:42
andyrocki don't know if it's the wanted behavior14:42
Trevinhoandyrock: fixed that too.14:43
andyrockTrevinho, great! you are too hard with me...14:43
Trevinhoehhe... JUst kidding.14:43
Trevinhobut, I want to get a proper panel!14:44
Trevinhoso, I'm a little worried about the multi-monitor issues.14:44
andyrockbtw you have the last unity?14:44
Trevinhonjpatel: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/845212 confirm?14:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 845212 in unity (Ubuntu) "Multi-display: Application menu only showing on primary screen" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:44
Trevinhoandyrock: mhmh... Not exactly the latest14:44
andyrockok thx anyway14:45
TrevinhoI'm still using a my version which includes all my new fixes. But the base is a little old14:45
njpatelTrevinho, nope, was working fine for me :/14:45
Trevinhonjpatel: ok, thanks... Since my tests on virtualized multi-monitor (vbox) were scaring me! :)14:45
Trevinhoandyrock: I'll use your chat-report to submit bugs :)14:49
andyrockTrevinho, chat-report?14:49
njpatelTrevinho, I need to try when I get home14:50
Trevinhoandyrock: the bugs you signaled me... I'll paste your descriptions ;)14:51
andyrockno problem... make sure you add a reference to me ;)14:51
Trevinhoandyrock: the "1px" thing you changed with Cimi, needs some other changes (except the PanelIndicatorEntryView, isn't?14:57
Trevinhoandyrock: if you want to submit them too, feel free to do that! :D14:57
andyrockTrevinho, I no longer have this problem14:58
andyrockCimi told me that with the last light themes packages no problem should be gone away14:58
andyrockand now i've no problem14:59
Cimithe top panel px issue is different from the horizontal alignment14:59
Cimiwhich is correctly fixed in trunk15:00
Cimi(both are fixed I guess, I don't have any issue now)15:00
TrevinhoOk, nice.15:00
andyrockCimi, do you know Robert Carr?15:01
Ciminot in person15:01
Trevinhoandyrock: did you see the nux fix jaytaoko did to stop crashing on getting the mouse position? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/nux/trunk/revision/453 :P15:01
Cimihe just joined dx15:01
andyrockit's not here on ayatana15:01
andyrockTrevinho, yes...15:02
CimiI'll meet him in orlando15:02
Andy80Kaleo: you gave a look at the code yesterday?15:21
TrevinhoCimi: when are you going to orlando?15:22
jcastronjpatel: we should have dash api stuff today?15:25
KaleoAndy80: yeah, the last issue you were referring to, I am not sure how to deal with it15:25
Andy80Kaleo: we should remove the "bitesize" tag then :P it's not trivial imho15:26
njpateljcastro, that's the plan, yes15:28
KaleoAndy80: yeah :)15:28
CimiTrevinho: my flight it the 23rd from london gatwick15:31
TrevinhoAh, ok nice... So you'll stay there for two working weeks....15:43
TrevinhoAs always, spring + UDS...15:43
Trevinhonjpatel: when you test on multiscreen, please check also this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/802651 (also if I've some pending changes that should change something)16:23
ubot5Ubuntu bug 802651 in unity (Ubuntu) "Pull panel to de-maximize window occasionally not working in a secondary screen" [Undecided,New]16:23
om26erTrevinho, Hi! since you are at it, interested to look into bug 836274 as well ?16:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 836274 in unity (Ubuntu) "Pressing alt on maximized window does show menu but not window controls" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83627416:28
didrocksom26er: Trevinho: we talked about that one with njpatel, we need to talk again with JohnLea about it, it seems to make no sense16:30
om26erdidrocks, hmm, alright, though consistency with the cursor behavior makes a little sense here ;)16:31
didrocksom26er: right, but they won't even be activable (alt would change the buttons behavior)16:32
didrocksso need checking with all facts :)16:32
om26erokay :)16:33
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jonosmspillaz, I got this bug today https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nux/+bug/845743 but it says it is a dupe of a private bug16:56
ubot5Error: Bug #845743 is a duplicate of bug #845697, but it is private (https://launchpad.net/bugs/845697)16:56
jonoit looks like a compiz issue, a pretty nasty crash16:56
smspillazlets see16:56
jonoseems crazy that a dupe can be a dupe of a private bug16:56
smspillaznope, not a compiz bug16:56
jonoa dupe of something I can't see is not useful :-)]16:56
smspillazit just says compiz crashed because unity crashed and that took compiz with it16:57
jonosmspillaz, right17:00
Trevinhodidrocks honestly I think that the actual status is the best...17:01
TrevinhoSo i agree with you I guess.17:02
didrocksTrevinho: you guess well! :)17:02
didrockssmspillaz: be happy that my nux hook redirect the crash to the right component :)17:03
smspillazdidrocks: oh, very glad17:04
smspillazdidrocks: except that being on dx, I still get the bugmail17:04
didrockssmspillaz: sure, but you can filter by project!17:04
didrocksthat's what I'm doing server side17:04
didrockshum, I smell week-end time! :-)17:05
didrockssee you guys17:05
sbtesmspillaz, hi, and chance this bug will be fixed before 11.10? https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/73299717:35
ubot5Ubuntu bug 732997 in unity "Cannot open a window that starts iconified" [Low,Confirmed]17:35
smspillazsbte: I've fixed it locally17:37
sbtesmspillaz, awesome17:37
sbtewill you commit it upstream too?17:37
mterrysmspillaz, I was *just* looking at a deja-dup issue related to that17:38
mterrysmspillaz, I end up getting a launcher icon that won't open a window17:39
mterrysmspillaz, can you point me at a patch to try?17:39
smspillazsbte: yes17:39
smspillazmterry: lp:~compiz-team/compiz-core/oneiric17:40
sbtesmspillaz, great, then i don't have to hax around this bug in emesene17:40
smspillazsbte: no, please don't hack around it17:40
andyrockom26er, around?18:39
om26erandyrock, hey i am here18:40
andyrockom26er, look here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/73252618:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 732526 in unity (Ubuntu) "Dash - Drag and drop app install from App Lens to Launcher is broken" [High,Confirmed]18:40
andyrockwhy fix released?18:41
andyrockyou wrote: «Does not seem fixed using unity 4.14.2 here.»18:41
om26erandyrock, oops, sleep triage :/18:41
om26erchanged now18:41
andyrockom26er, np18:41
andyrocki cannot change a fix released bug18:41
andyrockyou know...18:41
om26erandyrock, :)18:41
andyrocki'm not so power18:42
andyrockom26er, will you be in orlando?18:45
om26erandyrock, i hope to be, got sponsorship but VISA is a difficult thing to get here :/18:46
andyrockom26er, :/18:47
Andy80om26er: where are you from?19:23
om26erAndy80, from Pakistan19:23
Andy80these burocratics things are so stupid sometimes :\19:25
htorqueom26er: about bug 845325 - maybe those dupes are experiencing the bug Cimi mentioned? i'm pretty positive the commit i found causes the 1px gap with up-to-date everything.19:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 845325 in unity (Ubuntu) "Wallpaper shows through 1px line above panel" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84532519:28
om26erhtorque, something else might have caused that gap?19:29
om26erthough i dont see it here on nvidia and intel19:29
Trevinhoom26er: about that bug you linked before.... (the Alt thnig)19:40
TrevinhoI guess that's is correct as it is now19:40
om26erTrevinho, didrocks say that needs further discussion with Johnlea19:41
om26erbut i was thinking it to be consistent as we have when the cursor is there19:42
Trevinhoyes, but there's no Alt+key to use the buttons19:43
Trevinhohowever... om26er bugs https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/845772 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/845774 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/838923 are linked to a branch19:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 845772 in unity (Ubuntu) "Showing menu of a maximized application via dragging needs an extra movement" [Low,In progress]19:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 845774 in unity (Ubuntu) "Restored windows dragged down from the panel still shows their menu" [Low,In progress]19:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 838923 in unity (Ubuntu) "Start dragging a maximized application title causes it to re-decorate" [Medium,In progress]19:44
Trevinhobut the branch has not merged yet (I mean, it has been merged, but not the new fixes)19:44
Trevinhoso I don't know if you've to change milestone19:44
TrevinhoI mean, it's not fix committed yet... I don't know which is the best way to manage them. I'll leave this work to you om26er ;)19:45
om26erTrevinho, bug 838923 was half fixed wasnt it?19:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 838923 in unity (Ubuntu) "Start dragging a maximized application title causes it to re-decorate" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83892319:46
om26erTrevinho, any words on bug 83598919:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 835989 in unity (Ubuntu) "Launcher - does not hide if revealed from top 24px of the left edge of the screen" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83598919:48
htorqueom26er: meh, i just updated nux/libunity/unity to trunk and now i'm not getting the missing pixel line :-/ will try r1521 and r1522 again.19:54
om26erhtorque, that change btw was only related to the 'filter results' indentation it could effect very less to the panel IMO19:55
htorquei know, it didn't make sense to me either, but that's what i got yesterday with up-to-date light-themes: r1521 no issue, r1522 gap19:57
Trevinhoom26er:  bug 838923 wasn't completely fixed.19:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 838923 in unity (Ubuntu) "Start dragging a maximized application title causes it to re-decorate" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83892319:57
TrevinhoI just fixed the "golden effect".,... But not the redecoration thing19:58
Trevinho(or better, I've fixed it only on my private branch)19:58
Trevinhoom26er: bug bug 835989 is quite hard, since the panel doesn't grab events there, I should study more that fact.19:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 835989 in unity (Ubuntu) "Launcher - does not hide if revealed from top 24px of the left edge of the screen" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83598919:59
TrevinhoOk, anyway I've to go... Bye.19:59
om26erTrevinho, ba bye ;)19:59
om26eri miss you already :p19:59
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