* bkerensa was wondering how to go about getting some Kubuntu discs and other stuff for our loco booths?01:31
valoriehmmm, riddell is usually the one to ping about that, and I don't see him about02:33
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ScottKDoing kdeplasma-addons04:22
ScottKNow blinken04:33
ScottKNow Cantor04:50
ScottK(starting to sound like reindeer names)04:50
ScottKNow ksnapshot (not a reindeer)04:57
micahgit's to take pictures of the reindeer packages :)05:01
ScottKOnly 22 left.05:08
ScottKI think that's all I'm good for tonight.05:08
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* rbelem pokes Quintasan_, debfx 11:57
* debfx pokes back11:58
rbelemdebfx, i think that kde-runtime buildsystem is changing one of the files that the plasma active patches changes11:59
rbelemdebfx, are you working on that?12:00
debfxrbelem: no, I'm not but I'm happy to upload a fix if you have one12:01
rbelemdebfx, i dont have one yet, but i will work to fix that12:02
debfxwhy does the build system change source files? and why does it work when building locally?12:03
debfxeither quilt is more string on the archive builders or there is a bug12:03
kubotudebfx meant: "either quilt is more strict on the archive builders or there is a bug"12:03
rbelem:/ it works here either12:04
rbelemdebfx, do you know who can we poke about that?12:05
rbelemit just built fine here :-/ and i manage to quilt pop -a after the build12:06
debfxrbelem: nope, you could add some debugging stuff and push it to a ppa12:13
debfxlike calling quilt with -v12:14
rbelemdebfx, hum... i didnt think about the ppa12:14
rbelemnice i will do that right now12:14
ScottKLooking at kalzium.13:03
ScottKStill plenty of 4.7.1 to upload.13:03
ScottKNow kamera13:13
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ScottKNow ksaneplugin13:36
debfxapachelogger: now with watch file scanning: http://felix.fobos.de/kubuntu/kubuntu-buildstatus.htm13:50
ScottKLooking at kanagram14:02
Sputhuh. why don't I find a file /etc/NetworkManager/VPN/nm-vpnc-service.name after installing network-manager-vpnc, even thoug dpkg -L claims the file is part of the package?14:23
ScottKWhich release?14:29
ScottKcyphermox_: Any idea where network-manager-vpnc-kde went?  We seem to be missing it in oneiric.14:32
ScottKSput: If I install the package, I have it, so no idea.14:34
debfxScottK: everything collapsed into plasma-widget-nm14:35
ScottKdebfx: Then the recommends of network-manager-vpnc need updating.14:36
ScottKcyphermox_: ^^^ Can you take care of this?14:36
debfxnetwork-manager-openvpn also needs to be updated14:39
ScottKdebfx: Can you help with 4.7.1 uploading.  Still 14 to go and frankly I'm getting tired of it.14:40
cyphermox_ScottK: i saw networkmanagement dropped those, afaict14:42
ScottKcyphermox_: Can you fix the recommends then?14:42
ScottKDoing kdegraphics-thumbnailers14:42
cyphermox_ScottK: it was recommends? I thought those were build by plasma-widget-networkmanagement before14:42
cyphermox_ScottK: I can certainly look at it, will see how far I get14:43
ScottKcyphermox_: They were, buth they were recommended by network-manager-vpnc and network-manager-openvpn, so they need updating.14:43
cyphermox_I think I see what's wrong, debian didn't have these recommends so it may have been dropped14:44
Riddellhmm, all my KDE apps are crashing14:46
Riddellsomething about QCursor14:46
ScottKRiddell: One oneiric?14:48
Riddellon oneiric yes14:48
ScottKNew Qt isn't built yet, so something KDE 4.7.1 related I'd guess.14:48
cyphermox_ScottK: network-manager-vpnc-kde is still recommended by network-manager-vpnc, but nothing provides it14:49
ScottKcyphermox_: Yes.  Exactly.  That's why n-w-vpnc should recommend p-w-nm instead.14:49
ScottKsame with -openvpn14:50
cyphermox_but shouldn't p-w-nm already be installed anyway?14:50
cyphermox_(not that it changes that the recommends need updating)14:50
ScottKYes, but if you install network-manager-vpnc as it is, it'll pull in the Gnome one.14:50
ScottKSince it's an alternate recommends.14:51
cyphermox_oh, right14:51
cyphermox_wondering if I can pull in the latest 0.9.0 tarballs at the same time14:51
ScottKI've got no opinion on that.14:52
ScottKRiddell: We've not had other reports of trouble.  Not sure what to tell you.14:52
Riddellit might be due to me playing around with my libbz2 install come to think of it, I guess kdelibs uses that somewhere14:53
Riddellinstalling suse libraries on an ubuntu system might make things crash14:53
ScottKThat might have something to do with it.14:57
ScottKdebfx: Also, it looks like you might have neglected to update bzr when you uploaded kdenetwork...15:02
SputScottK: yeah, dunno, I also installed the plasma widget, but the file didn't appear15:04
Sput(by now I've just copied the one installed by pptp and s/pptp/vpnc/g'd)15:04
SputI've also installed n-m-v-kde fwiw15:05
debfxScottK: fixed15:11
Riddellnepomuk strigi search is failing for me since KDE 4.7.0 was installed (on natty, now on oneiric), does it work for others?15:15
Sputby the way, is it possible to install a more recent kernel in kubuntu natty without breaking other things? .38 can't resume on a T41015:18
Sputat least not on mine15:18
jussiSput: sure ie15:19
jussiI have 39 at work15:19
Sputjussi: self-compiled, or is there a PPA or something?15:19
SputI'm new to binary distros :)15:19
jussiif you go to #ubuntu-kernel and ask nicely they will tell you the PPA location15:20
Sputk, thx15:20
jussior wait till monday and Ill go to work and tell you15:20
nigelbjussi: 39?15:20
jussinigelb: yeah, think so. fixes most of my x problems. DOnt actually remember.15:21
jussiTwas an RC.15:21
nigelbah, kernel rev15:21
Sputjussi, well, just googling for "kubuntu kernel ppa" helped, I wonder why I didn't get that idea earlier :)15:27
jussiSput: :D15:27
jussiSput: your new to the binary ways15:27
Sputjussi: mmmh, or not. webpage claims .39 is the newest for natty, but apt-get install linux just installs .3815:29
jussiSput: did you apt-get update ?15:29
jussihrm, I thought it was linux-image but I am tired and confused right now, so could be way off the beaten track15:30
Sputyeah, that's also the "newest version" with .3815:31
jussiRiddell: !!!! :D15:32
Sputah, the comments say that too15:32
Sputppa:canonical-kernel-team is recommended15:32
jussiwell then :)15:32
Sputmeh, that too only ships .3815:33
Sputah well :)15:33
ScottKdebfx: Thanks.15:49
cyphermox_ScottK: working on the updates, vpnc is ready, but it will take a day or two to get the others done (because I'll update to 0.9.0 were required, since it fixes translatability of strings for the gnome ui bits)15:53
ScottKcyphermox_: No rush.  Just need to make sure it's fixed for release.15:53
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* Quintasan looks at kwordquiz16:10
CIA-130[kwordquiz] Michal Zajac * 6 * debian/changelog releasing version 4:4.7.1-0ubuntu116:15
* ScottK goes for kross-interpreters16:18
rbelemdebfx, https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-active/+archive/ppa/+packages16:25
rbelemQuintasan, ^16:25
rbelemit failed in amd64 o.O16:26
rbelembut worked with i38616:27
* rbelem goes to lunch16:29
muntiKubuwhy is krita dependent on kspread?16:45
muntiKubuseems redundant if I have libreoffice?16:46
muntiKubuif ever it needs a spreadsheet? which makes no sense16:47
ScottKrbelem, Quintasan, debfx: lamont suggest trying to build locally using the sbuild in use on the buildds: bzr branch lp:~lamont/launchpad-buildd/chroot-scripts; chroot-scripts/make-chroot.sh -d oneiric --lp16:48
ScottKmuntiKubu: We really haven't done much with koffice this cycle.  We're mostly waiting for Calligra to have a release.16:51
muntiKubuScottK: I just want krita not kspread16:53
ScottKI don't know enough about koffice myself to know if there's a good reason for it to be that way or not.16:53
muntiKubuScottK never mind, thanks anyway, 16:55
apacheloggerRiddell, ScottK: do you have insight if we have someone from upstream Qt and KDE attend UDS? other than alex that is17:03
ScottKI don't.17:03
afiestasapachelogger: I'm not good enough for you?17:06
* apachelogger touches afiestas inappropriately to demonstrate his love17:06
apacheloggerafiestas: I was just thinking ... if no other upstream has announced their attendance yet, we should identify a topic that should act as primary "theme" for UDS and invite someone from upstream who works on related stuff17:08
ScottKrbelem: I would try uploading another package to your PPA.  This time swap around the series files so the active patches are used on the first build and the base set of patches is used on the second.17:08
apacheloggerlike last uds it would have been good to have one of the active consiprer on site to give them a beatin etc ^^17:08
afiestaswell rbelem is comming too17:08
afiestasI consider him upstream too :p17:08
apacheloggerno one considers me upstream17:09
* apachelogger waves fist17:09
afiestaslast uds we had an active developer ? who?17:11
apacheloggerit would have been cool if we had one17:11
ScottKafiestas: You were our Active expert.17:28
afiestasScottK: well expert... I did what I could xD17:30
ScottKafiestas: You did great.17:30
afiestasthough if you find Active important I can prepare myself better this time17:30
ScottKNow if rbelem can just make kde-runtime build we could have something ...17:30
ScottKI think we do.17:30
afiestasIs Kubuntu tablet going to be released with 11.10 ?17:31
ScottKDepends on rbelem fixing -runtime.17:32
ScottK(No pressure)17:32
apacheloggerand ScottK making someone do the image :P17:32
apacheloggerScottK: what is broken with runtime?17:32
ScottKapachelogger: FTBFS.  Weird patching problem.17:32
* apachelogger has a serious concern about all the versions we are supposed to maintain17:32
apacheloggerScottK: meh17:32
afiestaswhat's wrong with runtime?17:32
ScottKSee the build log.  It's very mysterious (and not related to the upstream code) https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-runtime/4:4.7.1-0ubuntu1/+build/2773959/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-oneiric-i386.kde-runtime_4%3A4.7.1-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz17:33
afiestasrolf, quassel sent the last 5 msg in a row17:33
afiestasScottK: can't find the error in there17:35
afiestasruntime seems to be installing stuff?17:35
ScottKIt's some kind of weird patch issue.17:36
ScottKIt works fine locally which is why it's hard to figure out.17:36
afiestasScottK: what is FTBFS?17:38
ScottKfailed to build from source.17:38
afiestasfrom where can I get a list of patches for that kde-runtime?17:38
afiestasiirc active is using a "forked" kde-runtime isn't it?17:39
ScottKIt is.17:39
ScottKSo we build once with regular runtime and then build again with the active patches.17:39
ScottKafiestas: Are you on Kubuntu and if so, which release?17:40
afiestasScottK: I'm not but I'm already downloading beta117:41
ScottKOnce you're on that, apt-get source kde-runtime will get you this package.17:41
afiestaswoudn't be better to have kde-runtime-active or something like that?17:42
debfxyeah adding a kde-runtime-active source package with the same upstream tarball would be a good workaround :)17:45
debfxand would also rule out the possibility that active patches leak into the non-active package17:48
ScottKI had a hunch about it which I just uploaded to my PPA.17:50
ScottKWe should know in a bit if I was right.17:50
afiestasin theory, kubuntu will be updating to minor versions right?17:56
afiestasI pushed a couple of important patches that will be released with 4.7.217:56
afiestasone of them basically makes "INotify" work for KDE17:56
afiestas(makes KDirWatch work in Kernel 3.0)17:56
apacheloggeroh, it was broken?17:57
apacheloggerafiestas: oneiric ought to ship with .2 IIRC17:57
afiestasapachelogger: it was unless your kernel is named 3.0.017:58
afiestasif it is 3.0, then it was17:58
debfxapachelogger: .2 release is after FinalFreeze17:59
apacheloggerwho made up that ridiciolous schedule?17:59
afiestasthen you may want to backport those 2 patches I'm talking about18:01
afiestaslet me check the commits18:01
ScottKapachelogger: No.  It'll ship with .118:02
ScottKWe just miss.18:02
apacheloggernot even if we upload after tagging?18:02
afiestaskde-runtime: b50bbd77572a2e20709fbb40274aface8314b4eb and d769c74a5cab576e124666174a0b2bc5e2af8cde18:03
afiestaskdelibs: 7df5a79fb9f09e4a4a80cd541cc478b5fa6df00f18:03
ScottKWe might upload to -proposed before release.18:03
afiestasthey both are quite annoying18:03
ScottKyofel_: ^^^ can you cherrypick those and commit them in bzr?18:03
apacheloggerScottK: that'd be an option18:03
ScottKSomeone should upload 4.6.5 to natt-proposed.18:04
afiestaso cool kubuntu images are now hybrid18:05
* afiestas happy :D18:05
apacheloggerhybrid of what?18:05
afiestasdd is enough to put them in a usb18:06
ScottKOK.  It's a quilt/dh_quilt problem.18:20
rbelemafiestas, :-D18:21
rbelemScottK, do you have an idea what the runtime problem could be?18:22
ScottKIt's not the patch.  See my ppa.  I shifted it around and it failed on a different patch.18:22
rbelemScottK, same on my ppa18:23
rbelemo.O weird18:23
debfxrbelem, ScottK: so what do you think about separating the kde-runtime/-active source packages?18:23
ScottKGive me a few minutes here.18:24
ScottKI think I might have a solution.18:24
ScottKI agree that's a good fallback.18:24
* rbelem nods18:24
* afiestas going to install kubuntu beta, and then going jogging18:38
ScottKUploaded another try to my PPA.18:44
afiestasalways surprised to see how well and fast kubuntu installs :)19:14
* rbelem pokes ScottK 19:27
ScottKrbelem: It's trying to do the build twice https://launchpadlibrarian.net/79453330/buildlog_ubuntu-oneiric-amd64.kde-runtime_4%3A4.7.1-0ubuntu1%2Bppa2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz19:28
ScottKThat's why the patching fails, I think.19:28
ScottKI think I have it figured.19:31
Riddellapachelogger: fregl maybe?19:35
* rbelem looks19:39
rbelemScottK, so we just need to remove from the series-active the patches that are alrady applied?19:41
ScottKI think I got it.19:42
ScottKGive me just a moment.19:42
ScottKrbelem: Keep an eye on my PPA. Gotta run19:45
rbelemScottK, oki :-)19:48
debfxScottK: I think it would be more sane to just collapse dh_auto_{configure,build,install} into one20:18
bulldog98ScottK: I’m sorry, but I can’t do testing, my graphics card (main pc) went away I think, but I’m not entirly sure20:21
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rbelemdebfx, ScottK, yeeepeee :-D it worked20:48
ScottKdebfx: Today I'll settle for working, but feel free to improve it.20:48
* rbelem packs his stuff to go home20:53
ScottKIt would be nice to figure out why it builds twice.20:54
yofelScottK: I can take a look at the kdelibs part, but I would prefer whoever is working on runtime currenty to look at the others20:55
CIA-130[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kdelibs] Philip Muškovac * 378 * debian/ (3 files in 2 dirs) Import upstream commit 7df5a79fb9f09e4a4a80cd541cc478b5fa6df00f as kubuntu_fix-kdirwatch-when-using-kernel-3.0.diff to fix the version checking for INotify.21:08
afiestashey, testing some of the basics in 11.10 I'm having some problems21:49
afiestasthe software center takes a few seconds to start, and when it does it is empty for some more seconds21:49
afiestasalso, I added the spotify repo via GUI and somehow it was not added well, I had to remove it from sources and add it again21:50
afiestasalso, I don find a way to update the system21:50
* micahg wishes qt4-x11 behaved with -jX21:52
* rbelem pokes afiestas 22:08
afiestasrbelem: yay22:13
rbelemafiestas, i made some code22:14
rbelemafiestas, could you take a look on that?22:14
afiestasrbelem: right now I'm using 4.7 stable so can't test it22:14
afiestasthough yes, I can take a look at the code22:14
rbelemafiestas, oki22:15
rbelemafiestas, you can install project neon later22:15
rbelemafiestas, i'm using that as development and test environment 22:15
afiestasI'd like to build stuff myself 22:16
afiestasthough considering how fast kubuntu 11.10 runs... I'm thinking on sticking with 4.7.1 for a while xd22:16
rbelemafiestas, :-)22:17
ScottKafiestas: The slow start/empty index is known.  I think a fix is planned.22:20
ScottKmicahg: It does, doesn't it?22:20
ScottKOK.  In the absence of someone else uploading -runtime, I'm doing it now.22:21
* rbelem hugs ScottK22:22
BarkingFishEvening guys22:25
BarkingFishyofel, are you free for a sec?  22:25
yofelBarkingFish: yep22:25
BarkingFishThanks 22:25
BarkingFishYou suggested with regards to this issue with pull-*-source that I should file it as a bug?  My question's been turned into one, and Stefano Rivera has uploaded a version for me to try.  It's on a bazaar branch, and I don't know how to check it out to test it.22:27
BarkingFishCould you help me with getting the branch so I can see whether it's quiet enough to solve the issue please?22:28
yofelBarkingFish: start with 'bzr co lp:~stefanor/ubuntu-dev-tools/progressbar-845787'22:30
BarkingFishok, it's doing that now.  Is this similar to svn?22:31
rbelemScottK, tomorrow i will push the plasma-mobile and s-l-c changes :-)22:31
yofelco does the same thing as in svn22:32
BarkingFishok, looks like it's finished22:32
yofeland creates a bound branch (you don't have commit rights for this branch though)22:32
BarkingFishonly stefano does22:33
BarkingFishright, I've got a folder now, progressbar-845787 - what do I do next? Do i have to build it?22:34
yofelyou don't, it's python22:34
yofelBarkingFish: sudo cp progressbar-845787/ubuntutools/archive.py /usr/share/pyshared/ubuntutools/archive.py22:34
yofelshould be enough22:35
yofelBarkingFish: python is an intepreted language, nothing to compile. (Although modules do get compiled at first run)22:35
BarkingFishright, well that revision is failing to work.22:35
BarkingFishI'll pastebin out what it's saying, looks like a bug in the python22:36
yofelhm, WFM actually22:36
yofelBarkingFish: are you on natty or oneiric?22:37
yofelah, that'll be the problem then, devscripts and ubuntu-dev-tools too old22:38
yofelthe progressbar works fine here though22:38
BarkingFishno more periods infesting the screen like roaches in a dive bar?22:38
yofelnope, only a progressbar for the files that get downloaded, which vanishes after they're done22:39
afiestasScottK: yofel the KDirPatch is not needed since Kubuntu has 3.0.0 as kernel22:42
afiestasinstead of 3.022:42
afiestasa lot of distributions did that to avoid problems like the one in KDirWatch22:42
micahgScottK: I remember last time I tried I had issues23:00
BarkingFishyofel - that revision is wonderful! I'm in pm with tumbleweed (stefano) right now, and i've asked him to merge it in, he's just waiting on acknowledgement from the other person who works on ubuntu dev tools23:03
ScottKafiestas: It doesn't hurt anything does it?23:05
ScottKmicahg: I build it -j5 with 4 armel boxes using icecc in about 12 hours.23:06
ScottKBarkingFish: plee-the-bear is not as bad off as you think.23:06
micahgah, ok, will try it again, maybe it was the space issue last time (it's nice to build it in RAM :))23:06
BarkingFishit looked like it here, I had errors living inside errors on top of the apartments built on those errors, ScottK - it looked like a lost cause here.23:07
ScottKBarkingFish: Look at Upstream svn revison 4656 - it's on sourceforge.23:08
ScottKIt doesn't apply cleanly to our version, but it ought to be enough to get you started.23:09
afiestasScottK: it should not23:09
ScottKBarkingFish: There is also the start of a patch in the Debian BTS.23:09
BarkingFishok, i'll have a peek in a few moments.23:11
* yofel is off to bed, good night23:16
BarkingFishnight yofel - see you later tonight.23:18
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ScottKOK, test building runtime with afiestas' cherrypicks ...23:31
ScottKapachelogger: Did shadeslayer finish with prepping qtwebkit before he ran off?23:59
ScottKcollect2: ld terminated with signal 11 [Segmentation fault]23:59

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