gary_posterIn a fit of excitement, I will announce our call approximately at the time I intend to do so:12:28
gary_posterbac benji gmb, call in 2!12:28
bacfrom stub: Todays rollout was a success. The update process went smoothly.12:36
gary_postercool bac.  emacs question: I think I am using standard emacs Python mode rather than Python(/barry?)-provided emacs mode.  Do you have an opinion as to whether I should switch to the one on LP?14:38
bacgary_poster: i'm using standard.  you have a link to barry's?14:39
gary_posterbac https://launchpad.net/python-mode14:40
bacgary_poster: by standard, i meant the one installed on ubuntu by default-ish14:42
bacii  python-mode                               1:5.1.0-1                                         Python mode for GNU Emacs and XEmacs14:42
bacthis is the one maintained by barry afaict14:43
* gary_poster looks14:43
gary_posterbac, cool, yeah, didn't have.  trying, thanks14:44
gary_posterGimme a C!14:59
gary_posterGimme an H!14:59
gary_posterGimme an R!14:59
gary_posterWhat's that spell?14:59
gary_posterI said, what's that spell?15:00
gary_posterThe rotation schedule page has an ominous change: "Build Farm"15:03
* gary_poster wonders if he can pretend he doesn't see this.15:03
gary_posterbac, we have this request.  Do you happen to know if (1) we can do this and (2) if this is something I ask LOSAs to do?15:18
gary_poster"Project https://launchpad.net/percona-benchmark is commercial.15:18
gary_posterPlease make all branches private by default"15:18
bacgary_poster: we can do it15:28
bacat least i can15:28
bacwe need to know the team they'd like to give access15:29
gary_posterah, great, cool bac.  I'll ask that information, and hopefully you can see the anwer when you get to CHR15:29
bacgary_poster: ok.  fwiw this is the guy who had the problem i worked on yesterday15:30
gary_posteroh ok bac.  thanks15:30
gary_posterProject https://launchpad.net/percona-benchmark should default to percona-dev team for access.  If you set that up now, I'll close the ticket15:58
gary_posteroof, CHR was more involved than usual16:08
bacgary_poster: i'm just curious, if you go to https://code.launchpad.net/percona-benchmark do you see "Define branch visibility"?16:15
* gary_poster looks16:16
gary_posterno, bac16:17
bacgary_poster: ok, just checking.  i'll take care of it now16:17
gary_posterthanks bac16:17
bacgary_poster: done.  i note they already have a branch up which was not retroactively made private16:19
bacbranch visibility only applies to new branches16:19
gary_posterok thanks bac.16:19
gary_postercan he make that one private himself, bac?16:19
bacgary_poster: i'm unsure16:20
bacgary_poster: i cannot do it for him16:20
gary_posterok thanks bac16:20
gary_posterCHR ended up taking 2 hours17:27
bacgary_poster: POTUS announces visit to RTP on wednesday.19:19
bachope that doesn't mess up my flight out.  :(19:19
gary_posterbac, eek, was driving out that day too19:20
bacgary_poster: which direction?  W on 40?19:21
gary_posterbac, north, and because of this, probably will go E and then N on 9519:21
gary_postermight have gone that way anyway, but def will now19:22
baci'd like to think AF1 landing wouldn't be too disruptive.  i'm sure they park it somewhere remote, unload the motorcade, and scurry off.  </overlyoptimistic>19:23
gary_postermaybe so19:48
bacword is, it shouldn't be too disruptive.  but, as long as he's on the ground nothing takes off, lands, or taxis19:48
bacchr -- should be easy19:59
bacchr done.  gary_poster you must've done all the heavy lifting20:16
gary_postercool, bac20:16
gary_posteryou did it on Monday20:16
* bac -> cycling. bb later20:16

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