idnaruh, so, I don't want to be That Guy, but this new font seems really terrible00:00
idnarkerning and hinting / smoothing seem totally out of whack, at least at the resolutions I have available to me00:00
wgrantidnar: Using a recent version of Firefox?00:02
mwhudsonidnar: a change landed to improve things on ff overnight00:02
wgrantOh look, it's deployable.00:03
wgrantLet's deploy it.00:03
idnarwgrant: I'm running latest Aurora on OS X, and a recentish Aurora on Linux00:03
wgrantFirefox 6 and Chromium anything seem to fall back to a sensible font OK.00:04
wgrantBut Firefox 7 and later don't.00:04
wgrantNot sure if it's a bug.00:04
idnarhmm, why would they fall back?00:05
wgrantWe are only providing the medium weight, when we use bold and italic and bold-italic variants.00:05
idnarah, I see00:05
wgrantThe terrible font you see is probably the medium variant being scaled to bold.00:05
idnaryeha, the non-medium weights are really awful00:05
idnarthe kerning seems off even for medium weight, though00:06
wgrantHmm. How does font.ubuntu.com look?00:06
wgrantI don't have an OS X machine, but it looks mostly fine on Windows for me.00:07
wgrantAs fine as Windows browser rendering tends to be.00:07
idnarfont.ubuntu.com looks fine, but I can't seem to go smaller than 16 there00:07
wgrantWhat about the body text?00:07
wgrantBelow the selectors.00:08
wgrantThat's the same font, but smaller.00:08
idnarthat seems to have the same problem00:08
idnaron my laptop which has a higher display resolution (as in dpi), it looks better, but spacing still seems weird00:09
idnarsmall clip from my desktop machine (running Debian / Aurora): http://bucket.mithrandi.net/launchpad-font.png00:09
wgrantUrgh, that's awful.00:11
* wgrant hacks around in dconf, since GNOME 3 has removed the DPI option.00:12
lifelessdo they hardcode 72dpi full stop, or actually trust the X metrics now ?00:13
lifelesscause 72dpi on a 144dpi screen is awful00:13
wgrantThey used to hardcode 96dpi.00:13
wgrantIt *seems* to be smaller now.00:14
idnarGNOME on my system uses the X metrics00:14
wgrantYou might think that, but you could well be wrong :)00:14
wgrantFor ages it completely ignored them.00:15
idnarresolution is 85dpi in GNOME, but xdpyinfo reports 95x94 dpi00:15
wgrantThen it used them for a while.00:15
wgrantThen it stopped.00:15
wgrantWhat if you zoom up one level in Firefox?00:15
idnarit looks different, but still not great00:16
idnarI think I need to restart Firefox for my font rendering to be completely fixed now that I've fiddled with the dpi settings00:16
idnarfwiw, in Chrome 15 (dev channel), I seem to get Ubuntu used for bold / italic text, same as in Firefox00:17
StevenKwgrant: Is this the fix that nigelb did that isn't deployed?00:17
wgrantOdd, Chrome 13 on both Windows and Linux works OK.00:17
wgrantStevenK: Yes.00:17
idnarhmmm, Firefox seems to be ignoring GNOME font rendering settings completely00:19
idnarso that made no difference00:19
idnarignoring them for the content rendering, I mean (the UI chrome *is* affected)00:20
wgrantpeople.canonical.com/~wgrant/fonts-seem-ok.png is what it looks like for me when it's that small.00:20
wgrantBah, Firefox now has Chromium disease.00:20
wgrantWho needs URI schemes anyway.00:20
idnarit tries to put the scheme back in for you when you copy, but fails a lot of the time00:21
wgrantYeah, the second time I copied it worked.00:21
lifelessusers don't understand uris00:25
wgrantidnar: Is Chrome's rendering any better, ignoring the weight issue?00:26
idnarit seems about the same as Firefox (on my laptop, running OS X)00:29
idnarFirefox: http://mithrandi.smugmug.com/Other/Scratch/i-nFJGWXP/0/O/Screen-Shot-2011-09-09-at.png00:30
idnarChrome: http://mithrandi.smugmug.com/Other/Scratch/i-nsHg9cR/0/O/Screen-Shot-2011-09-09-at.png00:30
idnaryou can see that it's not rendered the same way, but I'm not sure it's any better or worse00:30
wgrantIt seems yto be almost correctly kerned and hinted, but it's really really heavy.00:31
wgrantHow odd.00:31
wgrantSince that page has all the variants.00:31
wgrantidnar: lenny, wheezy or sid?00:33
idnarsid on my desktop00:33
wgrantI don't have a recent desktop Debian VM around. I shall install one and try stuff out.00:36
exarkunlifeless: I have an aversion to destroying data.  I suppose I don't really need them, but I would feel better hiding them than removing them.00:37
wgrantidnar: http://people.canonical.com/~wgrant/lp-fonts/firefox-win/lp.png http://people.canonical.com/~wgrant/lp-fonts/firefox-win/font.ubuntu.com.png are Firefox 6 on Windows. Not fantastic, but I never really liked Windows font rendering anyway.00:49
wgrantWheezy is still installing...00:49
wgrantAlso, you can see the latest font changes on qastaging.launchpad.net.00:53
lifelessexarkun: do you want to hide the release as well ?01:46
lifelessexarkun: if not, could you expand on why ?01:46
exarkunSure, hiding the release sounds good.01:46
lifelessI believe there is a checkbox for that01:47
lifelessI would expect it to hide the downloads associated with the release too01:47
* exarkun looks around01:47
exarkunI see an "Active" checkbox for a milestone01:49
lifelessmmm no, thats related to whether bugs can be targeted01:49
* lifeless has a poke01:50
lifelessexarkun: looks like I'm wrong and we don't support this01:51
exarkunthanks for checking01:51
lifelessexarkun: I suggest filing a bug noting that you can't hide releases/downloads - including a reason why you want to hide-but-not-delete them.01:51
exarkunI'm not sure I can give a reason for wanting to hide but not delete them.01:52
lifelessif its hidden we have to answer questions like 'who can see hidden $thing' and 'who can unhide them again'01:52
exarkunYea, understandable.01:53
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wgrantWe're about to go down for a couple of minutes for a database upgrade.08:42
wgrantAnd we're back.08:45
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geserwgrant: Hi, an user in #ubuntu-packaging is asking why his packages in his PPA are in pending (not published yet)10:07
geserI'm guessing it's about https://launchpad.net/~ambrop7/+archive/badvpn/+packages10:07
ambro718Hi. How long is it supposed for a PPA package to get over "pending publication"? My package finished building 7 hours ago and it's still pending.10:09
wgrantHmm, that's not good. Let me check some logs.10:10
ambro718this is the package in question https://launchpad.net/~ambrop7/+archive/badvpn/+packages10:10
wgrantambro718: You don't see any warnings at the top of https://launchpad.net/~ambrop7/+archive/badvpn?10:10
ambro718wgrant: warnings? no.10:11
ambro718I did once accidentally delete the PPA but then re-enabled it; could that have left it in a strange state?10:11
wgrantIt should still work, but yes, it will bein a strange state.10:12
wgrantambro718: https://launchpad.net/~ambrop7/+archive/badvpn/+edit, check that the Publish flag is enabled.10:12
wgrantambro718: But don't rely on undeleting PPAs.10:12
wgrantThat it works at all is a bug.10:12
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ambro718wgrant: thanks' I checked that flag10:13
ambro718why is my PPA not building for ARM? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas says that it's supported, and my control file has Architecture: any10:24
bigjoolsambro718: because you need special permission to use ARM10:25
ambro718bigjools: ah, ok. Don't really need it yet, just asking.10:25
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ambro718how is PPA building for ARM? does it use actual ARM hardware, or emulation?10:26
bigjoolsactual hardware10:26
ambro718and which hardware is fast enough for that?10:27
bigjoolsnone of them? :)10:27
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geserwhen I try to view the "inline" package details on a source package in LP, I get a "Failed to fetch package details". Is this known?10:48
geserwith Firebug I see a request for +listing-archive-extra which gives a 40410:49
gesere.g https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-dev-tools/+sourcepub/1931343/+listing-archive-extra10:49
geserwhen trying to expand 0.129 on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-dev-tools/+index10:50
lifelessgeser: I believe there is a bug10:50
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wgrantgeser: It works for me. DO you have an archive_context_url set in LP.cache down near the bottom of the page?11:38
bigjoolsworks for me too11:41
bigjoolsand woo, it closed bugs.  My code works!11:42
wgrantbigjools: Excellent.11:45
nigelbbigjools: \o/11:47
DavieyIs it viable to try to replicate a local instance of just the buildd part of soyuz to test some build failures? (They are working in sbuild/pbuilder)11:48
bigjoolsit's not easy but possible.11:48
DavieyHmm, thanks bigjools11:51
StevenKDaviey: What sort of failures?11:56
StevenKIf it works under sbuild, it ought to build ...11:56
bigjoolscould be a Xen bug11:57
wgrantStevenK: Well, if it works under our 7 year old fork of sbuild...11:58
StevenKYes, we should fix that.11:58
StevenKbigjools kept threatning me with it, but now I'm IMMUNE11:58
geserwgrant: http://paste.ubuntu.com/685895/ for the LP.cache line from that page11:58
geserwgrant: does it load for you when you aren't logged-in?11:59
geserI retried it after logging in and it works but not when I'm not logout again11:59
wgrantgeser: Ahhh.11:59
wgrantYes, that would be it. The cache has some odd behaviour for anonymous users. Could you file a bug, please?12:00
DavieyStevenK: bug 83107312:01
ubot5Launchpad bug 831073 in jack-tools (Ubuntu Oneiric) "jack-tools version 0.0.2-7ubuntu1 failed to build in oneiric" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83107312:01
DavieyStevenK: it's like it's using a different pwd to what sbuild and pbuilder does.12:01
Daviey(note, this is multiple upstream tarball package - so my thought is that the buildd's are not handling this correctly)12:01
wgrantAnd the award for most useless named component orig tarballs goes to...12:03
bigjoolsStevenK: it's in Perl.  You know Perl.  Ergo ...12:03
StevenKThat's like saying "There's a bug in the kernel. It's in C. You know C. Ergo ..."12:04
bigjoolsPerl - for masochists everywhere.12:04
StevenKWhich is an utter fallacy12:04
* bigjools wins this round of trolling12:04
StevenKJust because I know Perl doesn't mean I want to spend two weeks stabbing myself with sbuild's particular idiocy12:04
DavieyStevenK: Hmm, the kernel comment is infact valid.  Kernel 4.0 will be written in Go, yaknow.12:05
bigjoolsand on that happy note, I head to lunch12:05
StevenKDaviey: I was already holding daggers to hold sbuild back. Tell me does it hurt when I do this ...12:05
SpadsStevenK: "Never admit to anyone that you know how to write sendmail rules or TROFF macros" -- Marshall "Kirk" McKusick12:06
StevenKSpads: So we should add regexs and Perl to that list?12:06
StevenKThey fall under the same line noise as sendmail rules.12:07
SpadsStevenK: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1732348/regex-match-open-tags-except-xhtml-self-contained-tags/1732454#173245412:07
SpadsBest Of The Web.12:09
StevenKDaviey: Did it only fail on amd64?12:12
StevenKDaviey: Perhaps it is wanting some file that is only built in an arch-indep target12:12
geserwgrant: bug 845544, do you need any other data?12:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 845544 in Launchpad itself "Inline publishing details on the source package page don't load when I'm not logged in" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84554412:13
wgrantgeser: That's fine, thanks.12:13
wgrantDaviey: I wonder if you need to build-depend on automake.12:14
wgrantDaviey: I can reproduce not quite the same error, but a similar one, by removing automake -- you depend on automake1.7, but automake was providing aclocal here.12:14
wgrantAnd you see the build log complaining about aclocal being missing.12:15
wgrantDaviey: One thing you could try is building in the same chroot that LP uses.12:15
wgrantDaviey: You can see the URL at https://launchpad.net/api/devel/ubuntu/oneiric/i38612:15
DavieyStevenK: no, failed for all12:41
Davieywgrant: Yeah, will try that.12:42
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rodrigohi! I couldn't find I working way in the docs about how to add a tag to a bug report using a link, can someone help me with it? THANKS!!23:49
rodrigosomething like +filebug?field.tag=doc23:50
wgrantrodrigo: field.tags=doc23:52
rodrigowgrant, jojojo! I can't believe it...23:52
rodrigowgrant, THANKS!23:53
rodrigowgrant, and for the description field?23:54
wgrantrodrigo: It should be field.description, but it seems it's actually field.comment.23:55
rodrigowgrant, THANKS A LOT! I coudn't believe that I was stuck because of a typo...23:56
rodrigowgrant, thanks again!.23:57

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