Soojinok , good to know00:01
Soojinhad me shitting my pants there for a while:)00:01
KM0201Soojin: if you just want a solid color background, just create a "wallpaper" in GIMP or something, and use it as a wallpaper00:03
Soojindo you know if theres any wallpaper randomizer app that works with lubuntu?.00:15
KM0201you mean where it cycles wallpapers?00:15
Soojinwhere you can set per day or per hour00:16
KM0201um, i don't think so.. i know there's one that works w/ Nautilus/Ubuntu... but i highly doubt it works w/ lxde and pcmanfm00:16
KM0201http://forum.lxde.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1558   Soojin00:17
Soojinhmm i'll give that a go , thanks00:19
Unit193IdleOne: Really? ;)00:55
IdleOneUnit193: yeah really00:56
ActionParsnipquiet today10:01
Soojinis there a way to turn off these notifications that various apps output http://i.imgur.com/tbsdO.png16:03
Soojinmplayer does it when i click on a new video file and filezilla does it when a file has been finished16:04
Soojineh never mind , i'm stupid:)16:05
SoojinI thought it was inside lubuntu where you had to tick this off but it seems they all have their own options for turning it off.16:05
silverarrowis anyone using libre office in lubuntu?17:43
silverarrow1does anyone know if the chromium local media player for chromium would work in lubuntu?19:42
silverarrow1apparently JW player is not available for lubuntu19:45
silverarrow1I am looking for a flash player replacer for chromium19:45
Soojinhmm gnome mplayer has a slight habit of locking the pc23:29
Soojinit might be a issue with mplayer in itself though , when it bumps into video clips it doesn't quite like.23:34

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