burnerwhy did both my upgrades to oneiric break nvidia drivers?  if I remove xorg.conf, all is well, but then I'm using nouveau right?  How can I use nvidia?00:22
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Exodusburner, you should install the 'nvidia-current' package01:46
Exodusburner, also, use the nvidia-xconfig tool for anything X.org conf related01:47
einseenaihello, guys, i removed opensuse and windows from my UEFI based Thinkpad laptop and now i can't install opensuse nor ubuntu. grub installation fails while installing with live cd saying it's can install grub-efi to /target/ and after reboot it says No operating system found!!.. i tried to install grub manually with grub-install but it fails saying smth about GPT. please, help!01:47
Exodusburner, on a clean ubuntu install or upgrades, 'nvidia-current' should keep you updated both driver-wise and xorg.conf-wise01:47
einseenaianybody, please?01:50
Exoduseinseenai, no clue, you should give us the output of grub-install01:50
Exodussomething about gpt isn't really useful01:51
einseenaiExodus, i will now. a sec.01:51
einseenaiExodus, i have read somewhere that creating 200mb partition with /boot flag can help, now installed xubuntu and what got is - http://pastebin.com/2tjSTEEL - but the thing is that i get it anyway - do i create /boot or not01:56
ExodusLemme see if I can recall or find anything about this02:02
einseenaiok, thaks a lot02:03
Exoduseinseenai, found this article: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFIBooting02:04
einseenaiExodus, thx, i'll see02:05
escotteinseenai, you need a grub_bios partition for gpt/efi02:05
escotteinseenai, but that is distinct from a /boot02:05
Exoduseinseenai, it's not a step by step article, you don't have to build or compile as it mentions in the first parts, further down there is mention of creating that 100mb partition for gpt02:05
einseenaiExodus, thanks a lot. -)02:05
Exoduseinseenai, np02:06
burnerExodus: what if it's not clean... how do I fix it and regenerate xorg.conf that works with nvidia?02:32
Drakesondpkg-reconfigure console-setup does not actually work for the next boot. what might be wrong?02:32
burnernvidia-xconfig generates and xorg, but I get no display... just a term like screen since lightdm presumably crashes02:32
Exodusburner, xorg.conf isn't necesary for X to lift02:33
Exodusyou can always delete xorg.conf and it'll work02:33
Exodusbut if you delete it, run nvidia-xconfig02:33
Exodusalso, if you have a weird keyboard distribution, that's saved in xorg.conf02:33
Exodusdeleting xorg.conf isn't recommended02:34
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interlocutorhow stabole and feature complete is beta 1 of oneiric?02:52
escottinterlocutor, varies week too week. last week i couldnt gnome-shell would segfault 4/5 times i started it02:53
interlocutorI need to reinstall fresh and it's going to suck installing 11.04 and then having to wipe again when 11.10 hits02:57
interlocutori hear that in place distrobution upgrades on highly customized systems is pretty much a recipie for disaster...02:57
escottand there are a good number of changes from 11.04 to 11.1002:59
interlocutorwell, I'd really like to try for production with beta 1. what are the pitfalls right now?  common bugs? missing features?03:07
interlocutoris there a comprehensive list of all the beta issues right now?03:07
rwwYou want to use a beta in production? Lawd.03:07
interlocutorwell I mean, it's just my development box at home03:08
interlocutorI of course don't want to waste a shitload of time with a botched install, but I really want to avoid installing 11.04, getting settled in, and having to wipe and reinstall a month hence03:08
escottinterlocutor, im not sure of any particular list, still a fair number of segfaults (thankfully nothing keeping me from using it right now). one issue that needs to get ironed out is multiarch for 64bit machines. ia32libs is being ripped out, but things like skype need their libraries to be manually installed03:10
interlocutorI guess I just need to know "how broken" the beta is to make a judgement call on if it's worth the risk03:10
interlocutorhmm ok. and what's the word on upgrading from beta 1 to beta 2 to RC and production? is it usually pretty hairy with ubuntu or is beta1 somewhat polished and likely to upgrade all the way to production ok?03:11
IdleOneinterlocutor: assuming it is working fine right now it is also safe to assume that tomorrow it will be completely broken.03:11
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Exodusinterlocutor, go for it. Nothing inmensily horrible in Beta1. I'm actually running pretty stable atm, reporting this or that bug. A lot of the fundamental libraries are getting near frozen so that provides a good stable base.03:50
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apetrescuAre there any repositories or PPAs for sun-java7-jdk yet? (Rather than the OpenJDK 7?)05:19
marenostrumapetrescu, I doubt that ppa guys are that much fast but I'm not sure.05:23
apetrescuWell, anybody can run a PPA, including Sun05:24
apetrescuIf I can't find any, maybe I'll give packaging it a try05:24
marenostrumA few minutes ago I installed Dillo which was in a ppa befora but I even didn't dearch for 11.10 Beta 1. I compiled from the source.05:27
marenostrum*dearch= search05:27
ActionParsnipHey guys, was there an update yesterday which made crappy intel gpus feel super slick?05:44
cwillu_at_workActionParsnip, possible05:45
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ActionParsnipIts a dell lat D420 and it was stupidly smooth. Was weird but awesome, even under gnome + compiz05:46
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cwillu_at_workthere was a new driver, or new something that took better advantage of the hardware;  could have been that, but I'm fuzzy on the details05:47
ActionParsnipI'll check dpkg.log later :-)05:48
AnAntHello, anyone using Gnome shell on oneiric ?05:50
urlin2uusing it right now.05:51
AnAnturlin2u: did you try installing user-theme extension ?05:51
almoxarifegnome shell here05:51
urlin2uno never heard of it05:51
almoxarifeAnAnt: crashed shell right?05:52
AnAntalmoxarife: no, user-theme doesn't work at all, the error says that there is no main function05:52
micahgAnAnt: there's an FTBFS fix for the new version that needs sponsoring if you're interested05:53
urlin2unot sure I would try as it is a lot of stuff to throw at it.05:54
almoxarifeAnAnt: I tried numerous times to install and run alt-menu extension, and everytime I lose the shell05:54
bullgard4How does GNOME 3 call the top line of the display image?05:54
AnAntmicahg: is there an LP ?05:54
micahgAnAnt: https://code.launchpad.net/~jbicha/ubuntu/oneiric/gnome-shell/
almoxarifemicahg: I am using another lp/ppa, is your link working for you?05:56
micahgalmoxarife: that's not for a PPA, but for a merge proposal which AnAnt could sponsor if he choosed to05:57
almoxarifemicahg: got you, I do wish there was a rating system for the ppa's05:58
jbichaalmoxarife: the GNOME Shell extensions aren't really supported in Oneiric, you may need a newer GNOME Shell or a newer extension05:58
AnAntmicahg: I will need sometime to update pbuilder, build & test though05:59
almoxarifejbicha: I am at the mercy of the ppa I chose for how new or bug free my shell is05:59
micahgAnAnt: no problem, idk if it will fix your issue, just letting you know it's there06:00
AnAntmicahg: no, that doesn't seem a fix for my issue06:00
micahgAnAnt: I meant the new upstream version06:00
jbichaalmoxarife: GNOME is working on making extensions better, there will be a website you can install them with, no need for a PPA06:01
AnAntone problem I see with extensions is that the shell-version field (in metadata.json) should match the installed gnome-shell version, which means that for every gnome-shell update , the extension will need a rebuild06:02
rwwit's firefox all over again06:04
jbichaanother problem is that installed extensions are activated by default for all users (that in fact is why Debian hasn't packaged them yet)06:04
AnAntmicahg: 3.1.91 ?06:05
micahgAnAnt:, current binaries are 3.1.406:05
AnAntmicahg: the new upstream is 3.1.9106:06
jbichaAnAnt: GNOME Shell now depends on caribou so we're waiting for that to get into the Ubuntu repositories06:07
jbicha3.1.91 isn't much different than 3.1.9006:07
bullgard4How does GNOME 3 call the top line of the display image?06:10
AnAntmicahg: is anyone working on caribou ?06:14
AnAntjbicha: oh, you're patch author !06:15
micahgAnAnt: idk, ask jbicha, he's a member of the -desktop team06:15
AnAntjbicha: ^06:15
jbichaAnAnt: yes, ricotz and some Debian developers have been working on it06:15
jbichaI couldn't get the most recent version to run in Ubuntu or Fedora though so I'm not sure how soon it will be allowed in the Ubuntu archives06:16
jbichaalthough we don't need caribou to actually work, just that it's installed...06:17
AnAntjbicha: so, how can I change the Gtk3 theme ?06:39
jbichaAnAnt: use gnome-tweak-tool06:39
urlin2ufound a tweak to set the applications to a acceptable size. http://imagebin.org/17170006:40
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bullgard4How does GNOME 3 call the top row of the display image?07:28
topylibullgard4: iirc it's still 'the panel'07:45
bullgard4topyli: Ah! Thank you.07:46
bullgard4topyli: Fedora project used the term »top bar«.07:47
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AnAntmicahg: does that patch close any LP bug ?08:03
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rigvedhi everyone. after the recent update to power, my power settings were reset to defaults (suspend after 30 minutes of inactivity). is this a bug or was this done on purpose?09:11
survivor_6699i installed ubuntu 11.10 beta. and upon that gnome-shell. Now i wan to remove everything about unity safely. How can i do that? Thank you!09:24
Stanley00survivor_6699: I never done that before, but you can try apt-get remove unity, hope it works...09:27
Stanley00survivor_6699: I think if you dont like unity, install from alternate CD, and then install gnome-shell is better.09:28
survivor_6699Stanley00 i try to remove unity. It removes but i can see many packages about unity installed on software center. When i remove them too, i can not even open the login screen :( (I am not at position to install from alternate cd).09:30
Stanley00survivor_6699: apt-get remove unity, and then apt-get auto remove is safer,09:32
Stanley00survivor_6699: I rarely use Ubuntu Software Center actually ;)09:32
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lenios__annoying... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/likewise-open/+bug/84547709:56
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ebischoffhi people, i'm now beta testing oneiric on my two computers, everything fine so far10:23
ebischoffjust a small (minor) problem : in kmail 4.7.1, the filters don't seem to work anymore. Does that ring any bell?10:24
rigvedebischoff: check if there is a bug already filed against this. if not, then consider filing one yourself.10:26
ebischoffi already checked and did not find, but i thought it would be a good idea to ask here, because i might have missed the bug report while searching10:27
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bullgard4rigved: My power settings have not been changed during the two recent distant-upgrades via UpdateManager. So I believe this is an error in your computer. and you should report it to Launchpad.10:57
kjeldahlOk, decided to install Oneiric beta from scratch (again). On boot from the usb, the "friendly" install dvd mounts my old root, and is not able to umount it during installation. Any easy way to tell it to not touch the old harddisk, except for actually install to it?10:57
bullgard4kjeldahl: You need to differentiate between harddisk and "partition".  All Ubuntu installers allow you to select by hand the partitions where to install your new Ubuntu.11:03
bullgard4What does "leagacy" mean in the path /lib/modules/
Lynoureiwlegacy is the module name.11:06
bullgard4Lynoure: What module do you speak about?11:07
kjeldahlbullgard4: I think I'm mixing up my hd and usb stick during install. When I'm prompted to use the whole harddisk and tell it to go ahead and I'm pretty sure it's on the harddisk because it shows 500gb available... But it keeps telling me it is having trouble umounting filesystems necessary for installing, which made me believe it actually mounted my old harddisk. When I nuked the root partition, my usb didn't boot, so I guess my11:07
kjeldahlassumptions about what root actually was/is was wrong. But then I have no clue why it is having trouble umounting a disk which is not even in use. It may be something else though, I'll dig deeper..11:07
Lynourebullgard4: the one in your path.11:07
bullgard4Lynoure: In my path there are drectories and no modules.11:08
Lynourebullgard4: just tried to answer your question, that is.11:08
Lynourebullgard4: you asked what "legacy" means there.11:08
bullgard4Lynoure: Yes I did. And you gave a wrong answer. Because in a path there are no modules but directories.11:09
Lynourebullgard4: it's part of the module name.11:09
bullgard4Lynoure: The name of what module?11:10
Lynourebullgard4: as confusing as this might sound, /lib/modules/ is the directory for a kernel module for wireless networking, for kernel version But never mind me, if it feels too confusing.11:11
Lynourebullgard4: iw stands for Intel Wireless (and it is for chipsets 3945ABG/BG, 4965AGN)11:13
AdysThe hell is this?11:15
bullgard4kjeldahl: What is the output of your Ubuntu install DVD for the command '~$ df -h'?11:15
Lynourebullgard4: I don't know for sure why they named it that way, prebably because it is superceded by iwlwifi11:15
bullgard4Lynoure: Ok. Thank you very much for your help.11:16
kjeldahlbullgard4: Nevermind, looks like some issue with the USB stick. After I nuked the partition on it manually and recreated it, things look and work a bit different, so I'm suspecting my USB wasn't completely installed correctly (it had an alpha that I assumed usb-creator would overwrite correctly, but it looks like that did not happen).11:16
kjeldahlbullgard4: Works better now; "formatting ...". Thanks for trying to help anyway.11:17
bullgard4kjeldahl: Enjoy Ubuntu!11:17
kjeldahlbullgard4: Always have, despite always keeping hitting myself in the head trying to throw the latest hardware at it... :-)11:18
bullgard4kjeldahl: It is wise to wait installing new software releases.11:20
bullgard4This will resuclt in much less work.11:20
kjeldahlbullgard4: Unfortunately, that is not a cure for getting Ubuntu to run on Sandy Bridge laptops. Either you pollute the old release with new kernels and drivers, or you venture installing pre-release software. I'm thankful for Ubuntu, not so much for the support given by Intel, Nvidia and AMD...11:21
kjeldahlUh oh; "installer crashed". Just when I finally thought I had it nailed..11:24
ActionParsnipkjeldahl: did you md5 test the iso you downloaded?11:25
kjeldahlActionParsnip: Just did; matches fine.11:26
ActionParsnipkjeldahl: i suggest you do it BEFORE so you know the data is not corrupted.11:27
Lynourekjeldahl: on one laptop I got installer crash quite late... and seemed to work fine still (crashed on looking for packages to remove, and the cd was fine)11:28
Rods_TigerHiya all. I'm still getting the effect on my usbflashdrive installation whereby it boots as far as checking battery, then never makes it to the GUI. If I go to tty1 sometimes the control+alt+f1 keys work, sometimes not and I have to restart. If they work I can log in and type startx and everything's fine.11:28
Lynourekjeldahl: so makes sense to check at what point it crashed, even if you are not interested in submitting a bug.11:28
kjeldahlLynoure: Yes, might be. ubuntu-bug says "Problem already known", so I doubt it's my specific installation. Looks like it's apport (needs and upgrade).11:31
Lynourekjeldahl: oh, that's good.11:34
lcbHi. after a daily fresh install about 12 hrs ago i can't get apt-get update 100%, it stays on "waiting for linux headers" so no updates or installs are possible. How can i solve this?11:37
Rods_TigerAlso, I briefly let some of my students explore the current oneiric as I had it installed, just to introduce them to an OS they're not used to. Their opinion of it was that it was interesting, but limited because it only has seven apps. Not one of them ever found any more than that, some only found four!11:37
bullgard4lcb: Probably just sit and wait and try later again. --  If you need a more precise answer then report exactloy what command you have issued and what exact error message did you obgtain.11:42
kjeldahlLynoure: Upgrading just apport obviously wasn't enough. Trying a full upgrade before launching the installer again now.11:47
lcbbullgard4, i had to leave it and run a live media to come here exactly because I CAN'T update 100% nor install any apps,  as i said. I wouldn't point this out for no reason. About 12 hrs ago did the same, even after changing the repos from my country to 'main'. About the command, bullgard4, normally is 'apt-get update', but nor even from the graphical app worked.11:48
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lcbI should correct "waiting for linux headers" to  "waiting for headers". different matter...12:07
gnomiefolk tend to forget unity as well as gnome3 have been rewritten from the ground up and mashed together into what is ubuntu 11.10. both of which are still under heavy development. it shouldnt be surprising this 'beta is less polished than in previous versions'12:12
kjeldahlLooks like a partial upgrade (full one failed due to diskspace issues with the ramdisk I guess) and retrying the installer manages to get past the "installed crashed" issue.12:16
bullgard4The situation which you describe most often resluts from a transitory inconsistent state of your repository. This sometimes happens even in the 'main' repository.  All I can advise is that you try updating and downloading a few hours later again.12:19
bullgard4lcb: The situation which you describe most often resluts from a transitory inconsistent state of your repository. This sometimes happens even in the 'main' repository.  All I can advise is that you try updating and downloading a few hours later again.12:20
bullgard4lcb: Please read what <gnomie> has written 9 minutes ago.12:21
lcbbullgard4, " transitory inconsistent state of *repository" are for seconds, minutes, not hours, as in this case 12. As per what gnomie wrote, I'm not using unity nor gnome. For the rest you wrote... common sense12:29
bullgard4lcb: I myself have experienced " transitory inconsistent state of *repository" for hours. The maximum was more than 2 days.12:30
lcbas yourself probably experience at this time someone who is not complaining for anything, only looking for a way to solve this, besides, for common sense matters i'ld use #ubuntu or #newbees12:31
necreois it normal for the installer to crash? :/12:36
necreowhere can I check what went wrong12:36
necreoit fails at the checking packages to remove step12:36
PrettoToday's update remove unity, and is not able to install it again, it complains about packages dependencies12:37
Prettodoes anyone faced that too?12:37
necreomaybe thats why my install fails then12:37
necreoI enabled updates while installing12:37
gnomielcb: it is useful to specify which DE you're on when reporting or commenting. then again, kubuntu [at the moment] is not the first thing i think about when i read the screen here. furthermore, there is quite a lot of new things in development for kde as well ...12:38
kjeldahlnecreo: I got around by doing an upgrade before starting the installer. It will fail on out of diskspace, but seems to get enough updates in for the installer to run successfully.12:38
necreoso an apt-get update and upgrade before starting installer?12:38
necreothanks, will let you know :)12:39
bullgard4necreo: It is not normal. But my experience is that Ubuntu installers crash more often than other Ubuntu programs. Hopefully the installer wrote a log in /var/log/installer .12:40
necreowill see in 10min12:41
necreoafter it installed its updates12:41
BluesKajHiyas all12:44
gnomiei guess he wasn't on kubuntu either12:44
* gnomie sighs12:44
gnomietoo many questions..12:45
* gnomie ponders12:45
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ActionParsnipnecreo: or just: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install ubiquity12:54
necreothat one crashed ActionParsnip12:55
necreoI got 2 popups each one telling me it crashed12:55
necreoupdate is almost complete12:55
necreowill retry12:55
ActionParsnipnecreo: was the ISO tested as ok?12:55
necreoyea iso is fine12:56
ActionParsnipnecreo: oh, that'll be why then ;)12:56
necreoit didnt even burn it12:56
necreoon a usb stick12:56
ActionParsnipISO still needs verifying before putting on USB12:56
necreos/it/I/ , yes it verified alright12:56
necreojust saying there wont be burn error12:56
ActionParsnipoh definately. USB is also faster12:57
necreoand re-usable12:57
mongyI like to verify after being put on stick also13:00
ActionParsnipmight make a pxe server, just for kicks13:00
necreoseems to work fine now, thanks Kjel13:04
Prettoany notice about the last update that removed unity and doesnt let you to reinstall unity again?13:13
ActionParsnipPretto: remove as in uninstall?13:14
PrettoActionParsnip: yes13:14
ActionParsnipPretto: freaky, not seen that. What time (and time zone) did you update13:15
PrettoActionParsnip: the update removed unity, I only get GNOME in lightdm, and when I try to install unity it complains about dependencies that will not be installed13:15
PrettoActionParsnip: (GMT - 3:00), I updated about  40 minutes ago13:16
ActionParsnipPretto: what is the dependency warning?13:17
ActionParsnipPretto: ahh, last I updated was 23:00 GMT13:17
PrettoActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/685913/13:18
ActionParsnipPretto: found this:http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/packages/show/32421213:20
ActionParsnipPretto: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppa/ubuntu-desktop_ppa13:20
PrettoActionParsnip: I think the problem must be fixed from the repos13:22
ActionParsnipPretto: nice13:22
PrettoActionParsnip: I am  just waiting to the next update, from now I have no decoration, nor unity13:24
ActionParsnipPretto: i'm sure it will resolve, have bugs been reported13:26
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gekkerhi all, have a problem with oneiric not rebooting unless I delete /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket14:24
gekkerthis is after I upgraded, works great on my other system14:26
gekkeralso, it hangs on shutdown from the UI, or restart14:26
escottnow that we are out of "Beta UI" and into the Quality portion of the release schedule is it unreasonable to expect that the daily updates won't break gnome-shell14:31
mirandaimdoes unity display gnome menus (.desktop files) that have 32x32 .png icons?14:45
mirandaimand are they picked from /usr/share/applications14:46
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gnomiewebupd8 update-indicator works but it does not integrate with update-manager, it uses apt instead  :-/  there is even a typo in its About note14:55
* gnomie chuckles a bit14:55
gnomieoh well. at least i get updates notifications nau14:57
gnomienot that i want to update today after all the breakage anyway14:57
gnomieand i mean, visually; if i didn't manually check power/settings button [is there even proper name for it?] i wouldnt know if there were updates. it actually reported 'new updates available' AFTER i manually checked.15:02
* gnomie shakes head15:02
gnomiethere was also a crash while adding a ppa via software-sources. apport couldn't collect any info on it though.15:08
gnomiei did get to add the ppa in question but it complained the key was borked. so i removed it and added it via terminal, no issues..15:10
SaammIs this possible to map tab key for quickly cycling between lenses in dash menu?15:29
drehdzhas anyone tried the proprietary ATI drivers yet?15:36
rumpe1drehdz, i try to resist :)15:38
msiemonHello I have a strange issue when I upgraded to 11.10 b115:38
msiemonI no longer have a power button in the upper right hand corner15:38
rumpe1msiemon, it's beta, strange is normal15:38
rumpe1msiemon, file a bug-report15:39
msiemonrumpel: yeah but I don't expect missing functionality15:39
msiemonrumpel: Ok how do I do that? (noob)15:39
rumpe1msiemon, it's a beta-version: the remaining time till release is mainly for bug-fixes afaik15:40
drehdzI tried them 2 days ago and was left with an unbootable system, but I really want that acceleration15:40
msiemonrumpel: Is there a report bug button somewhere?15:41
rumpe1msiemon, you could first check launchpad, if your bug is already registered15:41
rumpe1msiemon, maybe there's also a workaround mentioned15:42
msiemonrumpel:  I poked around in there a little bit and of course used the best friend google search have found no results so far15:43
msiemonI'll look around a bit more15:43
rumpe1msiemon, you know some workarounds?15:44
Jcook_5xDataI update today one thing that scared was it removed the package Unity & libunity-core.**. I try to reinstall unity package but I receive this message. http://pastebin.com/vF8F0MTu15:45
msiemonrumpel:  Is there some command that one could issue to reset the top panel to defaults15:45
rumpe1msiemon, unity? gnome-fallback? gnome-shell? xfce?...15:45
gnomiemsiemon: try: unity --reset15:46
msiemonrumpel:  Thankfully I didn't upgrade me actual 11.04 laptop.  The problem lies in a virtualbox virtual machine upgraded from 11.0415:46
rumpe1msiemon, for gnome maybe "gconftool – -recursive-unset /apps/panel"15:46
msiemongnomie:  I'll try unity --reset now15:46
Jcook_5xDatamsiemon, if all else fail you can reset back to default  deleting .config/compiz-1 .cache/compizconfig-1 .cache/unity and .compiz-115:48
gnomiemsiemon: remember to log out/in for changes to take effect15:49
msiemonrumpel:  I'm using the default unity sorry I didn't mention that sooner15:49
rumpe1"Sorry, the program gtk-logout-helper" closed unexpectedly"  is popping up about every two minutes... maybe i have some similar bug (gnome-fallback)15:50
msiemonI actually like unity am excited about most of the changes to this version15:50
msiemonIs there an easy way to save the contents of this IRC page?15:51
rumpe1unity is not bad, gnome-shell either ... but i really like the new lightdm login manager :)15:51
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Jcook_5xDataYea it take some getting use to I really like gnome 3 but they change are very welcome15:51
Jcook_5xDataout of gnome3 & unity it the only one to I can play starcraft2 with without some funky scrolling problem15:53
msiemonjcook:  I loaded gnome 3 onto my 11.04 virtualbox machine and hosed it.  I have also tried both boot disks in a virtualbox and on real hardware but all have been terribly unstable15:53
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rumpe1it took me two days to install the beta :D15:53
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Jcook_5xDatamsiemon, there was a problem with VB and gnome 3 I think they fixed it now you may want to check your vrs15:54
msiemonrumpel:  I had this 11.04 virtualbox that I don't use anymore since I was able to load it on physical hardware just issued the upgrade and it worked fine other then no power button on panel.15:55
msiemonI do find it a bit weird getting used to the Ubuntu button not being in the top left corner though15:56
rumpe1msiemon, i never really liked the apt-get dist-upgrade ... you never know, if the package-manager or the new version causes future trouble15:57
msiemonrumpel:  Yeah I know at least when it comes to cough windows cough I will never perform an upgrade.  I always fresh install I have had less trouble upgrading Ubuntu15:58
rumpe1msiemon, i used it two times and both times there were some minor bugs like your problem, which disappeared, when i reinstalled fresh.15:59
msiemonrumpel:  Yeah I was just being lazy didn't want to create a new virtual machine just for the Beta.  Although maybe I will at this point although I'll try resetting the compiz file before I go that far16:00
rumpe1msiemon, why not add a new vm with a fresh install to compare them? Shouldn't take long or do you have some special setting?16:01
msiemonrumpel:  No it doesn't take that long at all usually use default settings.  Like I said lazy  : * )16:02
msiemonrumpel: That would be a good ideal I'll probably try that since I already downloaded the full installer for the beta.16:03
bobweaveris there anyone awake16:04
ikoniaI've told you what to do to resolve it16:05
bobweavermount live dvd ?16:05
ikoniaput your network configuration in /etc/network/interfaces, this will get your machine back on the network16:05
ikoniafrom that point you can use the package manager to install whatever you removed16:05
bobweaversoi I just put eth0 and wlan0 back in16:06
bobweaverthen a ifconfig eth0 up  ?16:06
ikoniaI'd just use eth0 on a wired connection (easier) as a temporary fix16:06
ikoniathen once you've installed the missing packages, remove it, and go back to using network manager16:06
bobweaverhow to install with no network ?16:06
bobweaversorry never done this16:07
ikoniayou configure the network, as I've just told you16:07
ikoniathat gives you network and allows you to install16:07
bobweaverI will let you know how it works out16:07
bobweaverrealy v.cool16:08
bobweaverI am all bunent out been up working for 40 + hrs16:08
bobweaverikonia: I add eth0 and did a sudo ifconfig up still nothign16:15
bobweaverifconfig sees it16:15
ikoniathat's not how you use that file.16:15
ikoniabobweaver: there is a guide on the wiki on how to setup networking without network manager16:16
bobweaverbut I still have no net16:16
bobweaverI am on  phone16:16
ikoniareally, it says you're using quassel16:17
ikoniawhat phone has a quassel client ?16:18
IdleOnequassel has a mobile client16:18
ikoniaon which phones (I want it)16:19
IdleOnenot sure16:19
IdleOnecheck out the site16:19
IdleOneikonia: android16:21
ikoniabobweaver: you can just do ifconfig eth0 address netmask
ikoniabobweaver: replacing the correct ip details16:21
ikoniathen ifconfig eth0 ip16:21
ikoniaif you need to add a route, route add default
ikoniaagain replacing with the correct ip details16:22
ikoniano point in me giving you an example file as you won't be able to read it on your phone16:22
IdleOnefrom my quick googles16:22
bobweaverIdleOne: you use google hack for that ?16:23
IdleOneno idea16:23
bobweaverinurl:wiki siteubuntu.com text:how to connect to internet with no network manager16:24
bobweaverthat is what I look up to find nothing16:25
bobweaverinurl:wiki site:ubuntu.com text:how to connect to internet with no network manager16:25
ikoniabobweaver: just do what I gave you, that should work16:25
ikoniabobweaver: or try ifconfig eth0 netmask
ikoniadepends on your ifconfig version, I'm sure ubuntu uses a later version16:26
ikoniareplace the ip information with your own.16:26
bobweaverI need to look at interface file again16:28
ikoniawhy ?16:28
ikoniathe command I've given you doesn't need it16:28
bobweaverI get error16:28
bobweaver ifconfig eth0 netmask  <- is good16:29
bobweaverwith my ip16:29
bobweaverbut then a sudo ifup eth0  I get error16:29
bobweaverthat it cant read interface file16:29
bobweaverI must have out the eth0 in the wrong place16:29
ikoniabobweaver: I didn't say do ifup16:30
ikoniabobweaver: I said do "ifconfig eth0 up"16:30
bobweaverstill nothing16:31
ikoniawhat do you mean, still nothing ?16:31
bobweaverthis all started when I installed arping16:31
ikoniawhat are you expecting to happen16:32
bobweaverI try to install still getting 40416:32
ikoniaof course you do16:32
ikoniayou've not setup the gateway, or the name servers yet16:32
blizzowIs anyone else having issues with super long logins on oneiric?  I can wait 5-10 minutes before I get to a working desktop.16:32
bobweaverok this is what I have done thanks for the help also :)16:33
ikoniawhat do you mean, shit is what you've done ?16:33
bobweaver1 put eth0 in /etc/network/interfaces16:33
ikoniaI told you not to do this16:34
Piciikonia: mind the language please. :/16:34
bobweaverso take eth0 out of etc/network /interfaces16:34
ikoniaI didn't type that16:34
ikoniaI have no idea how that happened, apologies16:34
bobweaverok it is out16:35
blizzowikonia must be from #solaris :)16:35
ikoniaI may have hit my right mouse button, I am in solairs and that is hlighted at th emoment16:35
ikoniasolaris even16:35
bobweaverall that is in there is <auto lo iface lo inet loopback >16:36
BluesKajbobweaver, why not try this tutorial ,  http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/16:36
ikoniabobweaver: I've tol dyou how to bring the interface up16:36
ikoniaBluesKaj: he's on a phone and can't read urls16:36
BluesKajok bobweaver ., nevermind :)16:37
atrus`i'm reliably getting a "BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>" "deb-src http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ oneiric restricted main multiverse universe". google led to some launchpad bugs which didn't seem to help. should i be concerned?16:37
atrus`(i'm running natty, but rebuilding some oneric packages)16:38
ikoniaatrus`: looks like your keys are different16:38
jtaylortry a different mirror16:38
gnomietry the terminal.. software-sources already glitched out on me today16:39
atrus`this is on the terminal, with apt-get update16:39
blizzowikonia: that's hilarious.  I didn't even look to see what rooms you were in.16:39
atrus`i'd think us.archive.ubuntu.com would be the definitive mirror to try...16:39
ikoniablizzow: the last line, I was following that conversation16:39
jtayloror wait until the next update16:40
atrus`i've been getting this for a couple weeks16:40
jtaylorare you using a proxy?16:40
bobweaverok saved file then  sudo ifconfig etho <default gateway> netmask <netmask#> then sudo ifconfig eth0 up16:41
bobweaverwhat is next16:41
ikoniabobweaver: no16:41
ikoniabobweaver: not default gateway, ip address16:41
bobweaveroh so I ok16:42
bobweaver ok  * :)16:42
bobweaverstill 40416:43
ikoniabobweaver: come on16:43
ikoniaI just told you it won't work because you've not setup a gateway or DNS yet16:43
ikoniaI can't be bothered with this, if you're not going to listen I'll help someone else16:43
bobweaveri am listening what is next16:44
bobweaverI am sorry if it does not seem like it i have been up for over 40 hrs16:45
bobweaverI am trying my hardest :)16:45
atrus`jtaylor: there's a transparent one, but it's the same as the one for natty, which isn't complaining16:46
atrus`routing around the proxy doesn't help.16:47
gnomiebobweaver: sounds like you need a break. let it sit for a while. you might realize what you need to do after a good nap16:48
bobweavergnomie: I cant dead line16:48
bobweaverI have coffee :)16:49
gnomiesuit yourself then16:49
bobweavergnomie:  i should have thought about that before  :)16:49
jtaylorthe signature on that mirror is fine, either you have something old cached or someone is messing with your connection16:50
bobweaverit is great advice thou16:50
gnomiebobweaver: i call it the 'eureka syndrome'16:50
atrus`jtaylor: switching to another mirror does help, which makes me think it's a cache issue on this machine.16:51
bobweaver\0/ <- eureka  is comming16:51
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atrus`yeah, the launchpad bugs suggest clearing some apt-related stuff out of /var/, but i haven't stumbled on the right one yet.16:55
bobweaverEureka \o/17:01
Jcook_5xDataI upgrade today one thing that scared me was it removed the package Unity & libunity-core.**. I try to reinstall unity package but I receive this message. http://pastebin.com/vF8F0MTu17:01
bobweaversudo ifconfig eth0 up then ifconfig dhclient eth017:01
ikoniaJcook_5xData: did the upgrade work properly ?17:02
ikoniaJcook_5xData: as in did it complete and then this is something you're doing, or is this part of the upgrade17:02
Jcook_5xDataikonia, it did complete correctly I mean it do bomb or give any warnings17:03
ikoniaJcook_5xData: could you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list please17:04
Jcook_5xDataikonia, I not sure it some thing to worry about but unity would seem to a important package17:04
Jcook_5xDataikonia, http://pastebin.com/MDeAZx3617:05
ikoniaJcook_5xData: well that all looks good17:06
ikoniaJcook_5xData: do you have any ppa's or 3rd party repos installed ?17:06
h00kHey, unity killed itself for me.17:07
h00ker, by killed, I meant removed.17:08
ikoniadid it really ?17:08
h00kIt really did :(17:08
PiciThats why you should look at what your upgrades are doing before doing it.17:08
h00kIt's true, glad I caught it ;)17:09
h00kand autoremoves, too.17:09
Jcook_5xDataikonia, not now17:09
ikoniaJcook_5xData: did you have before the upgrade ?17:09
ikoniaJcook_5xData: can you actually install libunity-core-4.0-4 package ?17:10
ikoniaJcook_5xData: (do a sudo apt-get update) before doing anything else17:10
gnomieh00k: yer the second one coming up with that .. o.017:11
h00kgnomie: I'm pretty cool.17:12
* gnomie holds back updating for today17:12
* h00k does more updates17:12
gnomieyou sure need them17:12
h00kYeah, it's all good now. It was a super-easy fix.17:13
bobweaverI have a different question if I install wicd it asks what usr what to be assed to the netdev group me and postgres are listed should I add  both? what is netdav ?17:13
Jcook_5xDatasudo apt-get upgrade run fine - no updates - I had ppa for icons that it I think - if I try to install libunity-core it said it needs libnux-1.0-0 but it installed17:14
ikoniaJcook_5xData: what happens if you try to install libnux-1.0-017:14
Jcook_5xDatalibnux-1.0-0 is already the newest version.17:16
ikoniathat's odd, so I wonder why that dependencies going to be met17:16
avinashhmHi friends, i am trying to install 'wine' on ubuntu 10.10 .. its failing with some wicked errors .. seems like not able to fetch data .. more logs @ http://paste.ubuntu.com/686030/ .. can some one pls help .. thanks17:16
Jcook_5xDataThe following packages have unmet dependencies:  libunity-core-4.0-4 : Depends: libnux-1.0-0 (< 1.6.2) but 1.8.0-0ubuntu1 is to be installed E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.17:18
ikoniaavinashhm: this channel is for ubuntu 11.10 support discussion only17:18
ikoniaavinashhm: please ask in #ubuntu17:18
ikoniaJcook_5xData: ahhh17:19
ikoniaJcook_5xData: it wants 1.62 or greater, do "dpkg -l | grep libnux-1.0-0" see what version you actually have17:19
avinashhmikonia, ok .. thanks17:19
Jcook_5xDatalibnux-1.0-0                           1.8.0-0ubuntu1                                 Visual rendering toolkit for real-time applications - shared lib17:20
kjeldahlAnybody know how to get rid of the default window auto-raise?17:20
kjeldahl(on Oneiric beta..)17:20
ikoniaJcook_5xData: so thats greater than 1.6.2 so it should not be a problem17:20
bobweaverthese are the three things that are bothering me about kubuntu 11.10 one I can use menu to shut down Have to do a sudo reboot. two I keep on getting D-Bus errors three It is 500xs more clear and clean real real good job on that part17:21
bobweaverJcook_5xData: what happens when you install 2d ubity still get error ?17:24
bobweaverJcook_5xData: what happens when you install 2d unity* still get error ?17:24
bobweaversudo apt-get install unity2d17:25
ikoniahow is that going to change this package conflict ?17:25
bobweaverI wonder if it is repo end or not17:25
ikoniarepo end ?17:25
ikoniakey ?17:25
ikoniathere is no key error17:25
ikoniait's complaining that a package dependency is not met,17:25
bobweaverthere is no key when using repo17:25
ikoniawhat are you talking about17:25
ikoniano key17:25
bobweaverwhen ever I get a new repo I have to get key to itt17:26
ikoniathen you would get a key error saying "cannot find key" or words to that effect17:26
ikoniathis error is saying a dependency is not met17:26
Jcook_5xDataE: Unable to locate package unity2d17:26
bobweaverumm Oo17:27
ikoniaJcook_5xData: don't install stuff you don't need, it's a pointless test17:27
bobweaverlsb_release -a <- normal ?17:28
ikonia!info libnux-1.0-017:28
Jcook_5xDataikonia, try :)17:28
ubottulibnux-1.0-0 (source: nux): Visual rendering toolkit for real-time applications - shared lib. In component main, is optional. Version 1.6.0-0ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 1019 kB, installed size 2948 kB17:28
ikoniaJcook_5xData: ahhh look17:28
ikoniaJcook_5xData: there is hte issue17:28
ikoniaJcook_5xData: the version from 11.10 should be 1.617:28
ikoniayou have 1.8 from somewhere17:28
ikoniaJcook_5xData: that must have been from one of the external/3rd party ones17:29
ikoniaJcook_5xData: can you remove that package without breaking anything ?17:29
Jcook_5xDatayou know wounder if it was pull down with gnome317:29
ikoniadid you get gnome3 from an external place ?17:29
h00kOh look, Empathy was uninstalled, too.17:30
abbiyaocelot user here and the recent partial upgrade removed the unity and i am left with unloadable gnome 3...OMG help..?17:30
Jcook_5xDatanope just sudo apt-get install gnome-shell17:31
ikoniafrom where17:31
ikoniawhere did you get gnome-shell, what repo17:31
Jcook_5xDataI remove unless it cached a old ppa for ubuntu repo17:32
abbiyajcoook..is it from gnome3 ppa17:32
ikoniaJcook_5xData: ok - so when I asked if you had used any PPA's and you said "yes, just for fonts" that was wrong17:32
ikoniathe answer was "yes, I used the gnome3 PPA for 11.04"17:32
Jcook_5xDataunway I did removed libnux and I was able to install unity17:32
ikoniathere we go17:32
ikoniaJcook_5xData: in future, please try to think about the answer you give17:33
ikoniaJcook_5xData: it makes it easier17:33
abbiyawill ocelot drop the support for unity ?17:34
Jcook_5xDatayes and no I had them. I removed and purge them before the upgrade to 11.10. anyways Thank you for your help. I am glade I did not have to reinstall17:34
jtaylorabbiya: no, and be careful with partial upgrades, if they remove core components don't do them!17:35
jtaylorread the sticky thread in the ocelot forum for more info17:35
abbiyai lost the unity17:35
abbiyawhat to do17:35
jtaylorbest bet at fixing it is waiting until the archive is conistent again and reinstall what was removed17:36
visionofarunHi all, I did a dist upgrade to 11.10 beta (64 bit). I can't run Skype now. It says: skype: error while loading shared libraries: libXss.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory17:37
Jcook_5xDatavisionofarun, can you reinstall it17:38
visionofarunI tried. No luck. Same error. http://codepad.org/rjFYareD17:39
visionofarunJcook_5xData: ^17:39
visionofarunHas the upgrade broken packages for anyone else?17:40
jtaylorvisionofarun: enable multiarch and install 32 bit skype17:42
visionofarunjtaylor: thanks, let me try that.17:42
Jcook_5xDatacan you install libxss 'sudo apt-get install libxss'17:42
jtaylorinstalling the 32 bit version will pull xss17:43
visionofarunI did this"echo foreign-architecture i386 | sudo tee /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch" and tried installing skype. No luck. Am i missing something?17:47
jtaylorhave yo updated?17:47
visionofarunyou mean, after tee'ing?17:48
jtaylorskype from the natty partner repository?17:48
visionofarunI din.t17:48
visionofarunI'm updating now.. in progress..17:50
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visionofarunsudo apt-get install skype:i38617:56
visionofarunPackage skype:i386 is not available, but is referred to by another package.17:56
visionofarunThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source17:56
jtaylorfrom which source are you getting skype?17:56
jtaylorbut it doesn't really matter you can also install the libraries manually17:56
jtaylorlibxss1:i386 libqtcore4:i386 libqtgui4:i396 and libqtdbus:i38617:57
visionofarunSure, let me try that.17:57
visionofarunah, its gonna download more than 25 MB.. that's too much for my slow network..18:00
visionofarunI guess, I'll give it a try later..18:00
visionofarunGood bye skype, for now.18:00
visionofarunjtaylor: thanks for your help, buddy.18:01
bullgard4Can you confirm that Ubuntu Oneiric does not provide the Jitsi VoiP client.18:03
gnomiebullgard4: software center came up black for 'jitsi' here18:06
gnomieam on 64bit, if it matters18:06
bullgard4gnomie: Thank you very much for your help.18:07
gnomietoo much caffeine18:07
ovidiusHi. I updated from Natty to Oneric beta 1(64bit) on my notebook with AMD Turion and AMD Radeon HD 5470 and Radeon HD 4200. After to update fglrx driver didn't work anymore. I tried deinstalling and reinstalling it, but it didn't help.  Manual install of the driver from AMD's website didn't work either.  What should I try next?18:09
BrandonBoltonHello all, what is the deference between the install DVD and install CD?18:23
jtaylormore installed by default18:24
milazHi all!18:24
BrandonBoltonjtaylor: Thank you.18:25
milazIn new Ubuntu Software Center, does anybody have active "Install" button?18:27
ovidiusovidius: Pointing myself at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/827120 . In case anyone else overlooked it as well.18:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 827120 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "FGLRX package does not disable radeon modesetting and prevents X from starting." [Undecided,Confirmed]18:33
BluesKajbbl...need to takre a nap18:33
BigWhaledbus-daemon is jumping to 99% CPU usage and it might be related with Firefox, but I can't confirm it. Is there a log for dbus? Or something I could look into?18:36
zonkersdo you guys think blue bubble will be supported for ubuntu?18:37
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AnAntjbicha: building19:39
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AnAntjbicha: perfect, it works19:58
necreois it known that ccsm is broken?20:02
necreoI cant change any setting and it keeps saying the program crashed20:03
jbichaAnAnt: oh hi, I didn't recognize your irc nick20:09
FernandoMiguelthat's what she said20:10
AnAntjbicha: uploaded20:10
necreois ccsm broken in the beta?20:10
FernandoMiguelnecreo: wfm20:11
necreoah works for me20:12
necreodid you update lately?20:12
FernandoMigueldoing upgrades now20:15
zonkerswow, did updates and unity is gone20:17
necreosome hours ago someone else experienced that20:18
zonkersnow what?20:18
zonkersi was hoping for better20:18
necreoPretto > ActionParsnip: I am  just waiting to the next update, from now I have no decoration, nor unity20:18
kjeldahlMaybe just try "apt-get install unity" again? That solved it for me after one failed upgrade.20:18
necreoah kjeldahl, thanks it worked20:18
necreoif only I could set up compiz, I miss some features :(20:19
kjeldahlCool. What about "apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager; ccsm"?20:19
robin0800necreo, you could try confity20:20
zonkerskjeldahl:  nope still failed to load ubuntu20:21
necreokjeldahl: I did that, that thing crashes20:21
necreoconfity? something new?20:21
kjeldahlYes, I'm getting quite a few crashes as well. But with some nudging most things work eventually...20:22
zonkersi'm waiting until the next beta at this point20:23
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AnAntjbicha: do you know about developing gnome-shell extensions ?20:36
jbichaAnAnt: not much, you can look around the gnoem-shell-extensions git directory20:48
jbichaand there's supposed to be a web frontend coming online soon so extensions won't need to be packaged, any user can just download the ones they want20:49
jbichaAnAnt: sabily will still use Unity, right?20:49
AnAntjbicha: well, many wanted to use Gnome shell in the previous cycle. So probably that's what will be done this cycle20:50
jbichahmm, you might have the first Oneiric GNOME Shell remix then which might get you a few extra users20:51
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AnAntI find gnome-shell faster & more stable that unity21:05
mongyif only it were any good. :(21:09
mongyxfce all the way baby21:09
necreoI like unity, way better than before for me21:44
necreobtw isnt this default background the same as in 10.10?21:44
drehdzI have the strangest issue.  Sometimes for no reason i cannot get focus of a window with the mouse.  It's like the window isnt even there, I will grab icons behind it instead.  However i can get focus using the launcher on the left and work in the window, but I cannot close it or move it anymore.  anyone else?21:45
jbichanecreo: no, but it's intentionally similar21:50
necreowhy's that?21:50
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jbichanecreo: bug 83399021:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 833990 in ubuntu-wallpapers (Ubuntu) "UIFe: Incremental tweaks to default wallpaper for Ubuntu 11.10" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83399021:58
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rojanuin my home folder there files like "????????? ? ? ? ?                ? exercize 1.csv" and I can't change owner nor permissions22:01
rojanuis this a bug?22:01
ikoniawhere did they come from ?22:01
rojanuthis files were in my home folder already22:02
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ikoniai can't see it as a bug, is it possible they are recovered files from an earlier date22:04
ikoniaor something your forgot to format the partition with /home on22:04
rojanuikonia: this aren't recovered files.22:05
rojanufor example: .ssh folder is owned by my but files within are owned by ?22:05
ikoniaif it where a bug I'd expect it to be on a lot more installs, and looking at the names on them they look like recovered files22:05
rojanuOK, by changing permissions to 777 and then changing owner seems to be working22:08
necreodoes banshee feel crashy to anyone else?22:18
necreooften stops responding22:18
kjeldahlYes, I've experienced that as well.22:20
kjeldahlUnfortunately, the old Rhytmbox isn't brilliant either...22:30
FernandoMiguelfreaking X always freezing :\22:31
FernandoMiguelhave I told you how this is the worse cycle EVAR??22:31
FernandoMiguelanyone read that post from segphault about rolling Ubuntu ?22:32
ikoniaFernandoMiguel: no-one who cares about your rants22:37
ikoniayou're using a development version, be prepared for it to break22:37
FernandoMiguelikonia: I am! but it still gets me annoyed22:38
ikoniathen keep it to yourself22:38
FernandoMiguelisn't the point of this # do discuss current state and future of devel Ubuntu?22:39
FernandoMiguelI am stating the obvious... it's no where good22:39
ikoniadiscuss yes, ranting no22:39
BigWhaleIf I had a nickel every time... well, I'd have a lot of nickels!22:42
BigWhalewhat happens if I kill dbus-daemon?22:43
BrandonBoltonHello, I am having trouble making a bootable USB with the 11.10 beta 1 image. I am using gparted to format the drive to FAT32 and create the disk through unetbootin. Am I doing something wrong? That is how I always have made a bootable USB.22:47
BigWhaleok nothing good happens if I restart dbus... I should have known that :>22:47
kjeldahlBrandonBolton: What about usb-creator-gtk or similar?22:48
BrandonBoltonkjeldahl: I have not tried that, but I will format it again and see if it works.22:48
kjeldahlBrandonBolton: No need to; it does everything needed...22:49
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ubuntuweeeeee__ikonia, eat shat and die beech23:10
ubuntuweeeeee__ikonia, sucks gaaay deeek23:10
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