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twblilstevie: I bought a TF101 (yaaaay!)  Should I update to the latest android firmware before attempting to switch it to debian?07:51
lilstevietwb: probably not :p you will end up blowing away everything on the fs and need to redo that stuff anyway08:19
twb$coworker said he thought it might have important fixes for the keyboard part or something08:21
twb(He bought a 16G one from RUC a few months ago, and followed your stuff to put Ubuntu on it last week.)08:21
lilsteviewell are you going pure linux, or dualboot08:22
twbI don't care about android08:22
lilsteviecause things like prime include dock firmware updates08:22
twbYeah, I think he is running prime08:22
lilstevieto be honest dock firmware updates really are to benefit android08:23
twbI mean MAYBE it'd be useful to not blow away android on day one, but I kinda doubt I'll ever use it08:23
twbIt's not like I ever used windows or vxworks on my netbooks and routers08:23
* twb thinks -- I probably shouldn't be drinking either08:24
lilstevieheh, I don't have android on my device08:27
twbGood man08:28
twbBleh, I forgot I have to get pppd working with this 3G dongle before I'm allowed to play with my transformer08:41
sorenI have a Pandaboard rev A3. http://www.omappedia.org/wiki/Prebuilt_ubuntu_binaries only mentions up to A2. What to do?08:43
lilsteviesoren: it doesn't really matter08:49
lilsteviesoren: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OmapNetbook only has one image08:50
lilstevieand the only difference between the A2 and A3 is the CPU has been updated for ES2.208:51
sorenI'm installing the headless image on an SD card right now. I don't have a serial cable handy. I don't suppose that image comes with any sort of networked access (ssh or even telnet)?08:54
lilsteviethat I don't know I don't have a panda, nor have I used the headless image before08:56
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twbOK, got the 3g doodad working, back to transformer09:58
* twb digs up pile of napkins from last week when we were talking about this09:58
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twbOK, so step #1 of flashing it is to find a copy of the nvflash ELF binary that can be trusted, i.e. download it myself from nvidia.com rather than "some forum post"10:07
twbIs that achievable?  AIUI it's only available bundled in their dev board SDK, but I'm happy to download 200MB of zip file to get a trusted version of that one binary.10:07
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lilstevietwb: it is in the L4T pack10:15
lilsteviewhich isn't that big10:15
twbDo you have the exact URL on you?10:15
twbOtherwise I'll wade through their search page10:15
twbFFS, all the ddg.gg hits are 404d10:18
lilsteviedriver package has nvflash binary10:18
twbMan, 10MB, why do all these forum weenies keep reposting it10:20
twbIt's like those bt users who put a bunch of .rar's in another rar10:21
ogra_there is a deb of that driver (not sure it will work on your kernel thrugh)10:21
twbWell, eventually I'd like to run stock Debian armhf kernel with as few device-specific patches as possible, but for now I was just going to git clone lilstevie's tegralinux one and compile that10:23
lilstevietwb: well I begrudgingly package it, if I didn't I would have a bunch of people continually complaining that my pack doesn't work10:23
lilstevietwb: which one, my repo has 2 :)10:24
lilstevieone is L4T driver compatible but only works with u-boot10:24
twbDunno, I was gonna ask you once I was confident I had nvflash working and metastrap was chugging away building a btrfs debian sid armhf rootfs :P10:24
twbOh, I can replace the bootloader with uboot?10:24
* twb like uboot10:24
lilstevieyes, but u-boot is in its infancy10:25
twbMeaning that it isn't production-ready for this device?10:25
lilstevieit is missing some stuff :p10:26
twbI mean, I'd like to minimize my use of non-free software, but at the same time I don't want to brick it or not be able to e.g. use the screen10:26
lilstevieAPX is always there10:27
twbThat's the stage 1 bootloader?10:27
twbIt would be nice if I could interactively pick which kernel to boot and whether to pass "single" to it, but I'm assuming that's... nontrivial at the moment.10:28
lilsteviewell you could do that with the standard bootloader10:29
twbOh, OK.  I thought that only had two options "normal boot" and "recovery boot"10:29
lilstevieby adding single to the recovery kernel :p10:29
twbYeah, that's plan B10:29
twbtwo kernels plus single vs. no single means four cases not two :P10:30
lilstevieif we can get the GPIO driver to co-operate with u-boot it would be trivial10:30
lilsteviebut at the moment it is non-functional10:30
twbThat ac100 PPA has a main and restricted in pool/, but only a main in dists/.10:30
lilstevieogra_: doing 'dhclient -r;dhclient wlan0' seems to add the route, RE: network manager not setting the default route for me in oneiric10:32
ogra_did you file an NM bug ?10:33
lilstevienot yet10:33
lilsteviewas about to do that, only hit me today to try renew the lease10:33
ogra_twb, go to the package details,. thats a launchpad bug (the package has "restricted" in the control file, LP doesnt really have a concept for restricted packages)10:45
twbwas just mentioning it fyi10:46
ogra_yeah, its known :(10:47
ogra_for the P release we will hopefully have the driver in the actual archive :(10:47
twblilstevie: awesome, that version of nvflash is 1) statically linked; and 2) has --help.  Much nicer than "doesn't run at all" old version from <wherever> that I was looking at last time10:48
twb(static linking = works without a 32-bit userland)10:48
lilstevietwb: hmm, well the one in my package is from that dump10:49
lilsteviethe other one floating around is the asus one10:50
twbOK, this is weird11:00
twbI connect the keyboard (dock) 40-pin connector to my laptop, and lsusb can see two devices on it -- both ASUS vendor USB ID, one is a broadcom bluetooth device11:00
twbAh, nm11:03
twbthe bluetooth is just the onboard bluetooth in my netbook11:03
twbGods, that 40pin cable is flimsy11:04
twbOK, why isn't this working?11:11
twbRunning nvflash as root seems like the coward's way out; I'd rather just have udev make the tf world-writable or so.11:12
ogra_i think nvflash uses raw device access, you need root11:15
twbSurely if I have write access to /dev/foo, that is "raw device access"11:15
twbThe only related superuser capability I can see is CAP_SYS_RAWIO11:17
twbAnd that looks to be for something else11:17
ogra_well, i havent seen anyone getting nvflash to work without root in the 1.5 years i work with nvflash :)11:17
ogra_if yuo find a way, tell me :)11:17
twbOK, I did this11:18
twbchgrp -Rh twb /dev/bus/usb/*11:18
twbNow I get a different error11:18
twbUSB device not found25511:18
twbMaybe I need to plug the 40pin into the table directly instead of the dock?11:18
* ogra_ never had to modify anything to flash his ac10011:18
twbbtw same error running it as root11:19
ogra_plugging and running nvflash just works11:19
twbogra_: running as root I bet tho11:19
twbI try to be a bit paranoid :P11:19
ogra_i only use nvflash for new ac100's anyway though11:19
ogra_after the first flashing i can flash from userspace11:19
twbyeah openwrt is like that too11:20
twblilstevie: do I need to do something special to put the TF into guest most?11:21
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twbhmm, there is some little "asus sync" thing on the tf's screen11:22
twbANd another "usb debugging connected"11:23
twbGrmph, I'm not having any joy getting nvflash to see it11:41
twbMaybe I should read the docs more than just --help11:41
twbHmm, gentoo's tegra2 page says "To power on the board, you need to press *BOTH* the Force Recovery and the Power on buttons until the LEDs power up. Then execute the following command to flash the bootloader."11:44
twbOK, booting while holding the volume down gives "safe mode"11:46
lilstevieok back11:46
lilsteviesorry disconnected for a sec11:46
twblilstevie: short version: I'm trying to make "./nvflash --getbct" do something useful11:47
lilstevieyou should get error 0x4 if you invoke nvflash like that :p11:47
lilstevieyeah you cant11:47
lilsteviethe tf is an SBK locked device11:47
lilstevieyou need to use the --sbk option11:47
lilstevieand with that you also need to specify --bl --bct and --config11:48
twblilstevie: first of all, do I need to do anything on the TF to put it into "upgrade mode" or anything?11:48
lilstevievol up plus power on boot will put it in APX11:49
twbAnd I need to do that?11:49
lilstevieneed to do which?11:50
lilstevieput the tablet in APX?11:50
twbDo I need to put it into APX mode to use nvflash11:50
lilstevienvflash is for communicating with apx11:51
twbgoddammit, now it isn't turning on at all11:53
twbok here we go11:54
twbIt seems like from off I can't just hold both vol+ and power and have it boot11:55
twbDo i get any visual feedback when it goes into APX?11:56
twbAnswer is no, the screen is off, but lsusb suddenly sees an nvidia device11:58
twbogra_: you can use nvflash as non-root user provided you have write access to the block device.11:59
ogra_which you usually dont :)12:00
twbogra_: but what this means is that you wrie a udev rule to say something like GROUP=disk12:00
twbThen instead of running it as root, you run it as a non-root user who is in the disk group12:00
ogra_thats more of a security hole than using root12:00
twbYes, well, you know what I mean.12:01
ogra_the disk group should never be used for users12:01
twbIf you want use polkit or something to hand it to the user on the local screen or whatever12:01
* ogra_ -> off for a phone conf12:01
lilstevielater ogra_12:01
twblsusb can't see it anymore after doing that bct (which did finally fail with error 4)12:02
lilstevieyep that is cause of SBK12:02
lilstevieerror 0x4 is when the command is invalid12:02
twbDoes it quit APX on the first command, or the first bad command?12:03
lilsteviewhich in the case of these SBK locked devices that means the command is incorrectly encrypted12:03
lilstevieit shuts down USB communication, only on incorrect bootrom commands12:04
lilsteviebut when you use an SBK locked device you need to upload the miniloader (built in to nvflash) and bootloader to get interactive12:04
lilstevieat which point commands are no longer encrypted anyway12:05
twbOK, the SBK in your forum post (ending in 98) works for me, yay.12:05
lilstevieawesome :D12:05
twbSo now I have a working nvflash I need to learn how to use it.12:06
twbFirst goal is to make a complete dump of all the data on there to begin with, just in case I ever want to put it back12:06
lilstevieok, well best thing is to pass it create, and just configure the flash config12:06
lilstevieok ./nvflash -r --download <partition ID> <filename>12:06
twbShouldn't I get the partition table first? :-)  I don't know /a priori/ what partition IDs there are12:07
lilsteviewell you could do that :p12:08
lilsteviebut why reinvent the wheel12:08
twbBecause I trust a dump I make myself more than "what some guy told me"12:09
twbSame reason I wanted to get nvflash direct from nvidia.com12:09
twb(No offense intended, I'm just a paranoid sysadmin.)12:09
lilstevienono I mean for flash.cfg and bct12:09
twbSo presumably you can't just say "nvflash, please fetch flash.cfg and bct from my device, and write it to a file" ?12:10
lilsteviewhat you get is a basic information12:10
twbOK, then I fall back to plan B, which is using the prepared version you linked to :-)12:10
lilsteviewhich you then need to work on12:10
lilstevieand bct is something that is not really easy to get :p12:11
lilstevieon device it is encrypted12:11
twbYeah but symmetrically -- you have the shared secret :-P12:11
twbAlso this is the 32GB version -- does that matter?12:11
lilstevieflash.cfg is universal12:12
twbDoes it matter for bct?12:12
lilsteviethe 0x808 partition ID fills to end of partition12:12
twbOK, awesome12:12
lilstevieand no bct is config data for the tegra2 cpu not the emmc controller12:12
twbOoooh right12:13
lilstevieand er, partition attribute to end of flash*12:13
twbI am used to in uboot sheevaplug where IIRC your "partition table" is basically half a dozen disk offsets and to boot you say "jump to block XXX of the MTD and start executing whatever you find there"12:14
twbI thought bct was that stuff12:14
twbafk getting caffeine12:14
twbthanks for all your help btw12:14
lilstevieon sheeva bct is in the SPI IIRC12:14
lilstevieheh that was quick :p12:18
twbgot a coffee machine in the office12:19
twbAh, OK, I got bct mixed up with these .cfg files in your linux-flash-kit.tar.gz12:20
lilstevieyeah the cfg files are the partition12:22
twbIs flash/default.cfg the flash.cfg that matches a brand new tf?12:22
twbYou know, it just occurred to me that if nvflash wants to write to a file instead of stdout, I won't have space to write it on my netbook12:23
twbI was planning more like dd if=/dev/sda1 | gzip >sda1.orig.gz12:23
lilstevienvflash normally writes out to stdout12:23
lilstevieoh wait you mean for the backups?12:23
twbe.g. --getbct wants me to provide --bct-file or so12:24
lilsteviethe partition with UDA is the emmc12:24
lilsteviewell, the "emmc to android"12:24
lilsteviethe rest of your backup isn't that big12:25
lilsteviedon't need to back up PT, USP12:26
lilsteviePT is generated at nvflash --create12:26
lilstevieUSP is the "staging" partition that blobs are written to from android12:26
lilsteviefor OTA updates12:27
twbIs android using ext3 or 4?12:27
twbBecause default.cfg says 3, but the licenses page in android on the device, says ext412:27
lilstevieit is ext3 for nvflash12:28
lilsteviebecause nvflash doesn't know or understand the difference12:28
twbYeah, I guess nvflash doesn't distinguish.12:28
twbWish I knew what it actually did different for "ext3" vs "basic"12:28
twbWhat lives in MSC?12:28
lilstevieas for ext3 vs basic12:29
lilstevieit writes it differently12:29
lilsteviebasic just does a 1:1 raw write12:29
lilsteviebut MSC I guess really does not need to be backed up either12:29
twbWhereas ext3 only writes active blocks?12:30
lilsteviesomething like that yeah :)12:30
twbYeah, cool.12:30
lilsteviestill takes a full image, but only writes the ones that have content12:30
twbEven if I completely hose the UDA partition, I can still drop into APX and upload a new one, right?12:30
twbBecause I plan to use btrfs :-)12:30
lilstevieeven easier12:30
lilstevieUDA is "User DAra"12:30
lilstevieso like in android, drop to CWM and do a factory reset12:31
twb"honolabaru data-san"12:31
twbCWM is the rescue partition?12:32
twbLike, the rescue mode uses a completelt separate root= filesystem?12:32
lilstevieCWM is Clockwork Recovery Mod12:32
lilstevieandroid recovery doesn't use a root= perse12:32
lilstevieper se*12:32
lilsteviethe initrd is /12:33
lilstevieand things like /system get mounted atop it12:33
lilstevieandroid doesn't pivot_root12:33
twbChrist, that's... unnervin12:33
twbI mean I work with some elaborate initramfs's, but nothing like android or splashtop12:34
lilsteviewell android has its base set of tools in the initrd as well as the init info12:35
lilsteviebut the android system itself gets mounted into /system12:35
lilstevieI certainly don't consider it "normal"12:35
twbSilly embedded devs :P12:36
lilsteviethe bootimg is really just a zImage squished up with an initrd, + a custom header with some information for the bootloader12:37
twbYeah, that's how devicevm does it for their splashtop images, too12:38
lilstevienot all android devices follow that though12:38
lilsteviesamsung don't12:38
twbWhen you compile the kernel you can even say "my ramdisk is that dir over there, tack it onto the end of the zimage"12:38
lilsteviethey use an initramfs compiled when you compile the kernel12:39
lilstevieusing the proper zImage packing method12:39
lilsteviebecause they use a partition called params12:39
lilsteviesamsung use a u-boot based bootloader though12:39
twbSo: ASUS are doing it wrong, film at 1112:40
lilstevieparam.lfs is an j4fs filesystem with a param.blk which acts as nvram12:40
twbAt least it's not using a damn graphical EFI BIOS like these new x86-64 motherboards I got last week12:40
lilstevieI'm used to EFI tbh12:40
lilstevieall my computers have EFI12:41
lilsteviewell AppleEFI12:41
twb"Sorry, we only support huge yelling bouncing icons, not text.  This way is TEH FUTURE"12:41
twbI am referring to MSI ClickBIOS12:41
lilstevieneed something like rEFIt12:41
twbLast time I touched Apple it was still using OpenFirmware, which I still looooove12:42
lilstevieOF was win12:42
lilstevieI miss OF12:42
twbAnd POWER beats x86-6412:42
lilsteviehands down12:42
lilsteviethats why my file server is an xbox360 :p12:43
twbI'm not happy about ARM's royalty model either, but they've pretty much won the embedded space12:43
lilstevieusing the JTAG hack ofc12:43
lilstevieARM may have a shoddy royalty model, but their processors are win in the embedded space12:43
lilstevieI couldn't imagine going back to MIPS or the likes12:44
twbAlthough I think they should probably ditch thumb and jazelle and stuff and just bake one ISA into any given core12:44
lilsteviethumb does have its benefits12:44
twblilstevie: Forth is best for microcontrollers tho12:44
twbREPL FTW12:44
twbYou said MSC is for tags -- what are tags?12:45
lilsteviewell like bootloader args12:45
lilsteviekinda what I was trying to say, but a bit more complex12:46
lilsteviethey also serve as tags for telling recovery to do certain actions12:46
lilsteviemost common use though is a file called recovery tells the bootloader to boot straight into recovery12:47
twbOh, OK12:49
twbSo kinda like a combination of nvram, syslinux.cfg and /forcefsck12:50
lilsteviejust done very wrong12:50
lilstevieI hate the bootloader12:51
twbOne day12:51
twbOne day we will have coreboot on the PROM12:51
lilstevieI'd love to see UEFI :p12:51
twbAnd it will not load seabios or refit, it will load the openfirmware implementation that sun dumped into coreboot just before oracle ate them.12:51
twbEFI... saying "DOS 6 like UI!" as if that's a good thing12:52
twbAnd it is, man, it even has commands like "dir"12:52
twbAnd you run "if" at the prompt and it says "error: only works in batch scripts"12:53
twbRuh roh12:54
twb./nvflash --read UDA /dev/stdout  --sbk 0x1682CCD8 0x8A1A43EA 0xA532EEB6 0xECFE1D98 | file - # <-- hung12:54
lilstevieok have you already uploaded the bl and stuff?12:56
lilsteviealso by ID I mean the numerical ID12:56
lilstevieyou need to put it into bootloader update mode12:56
lilstevieapx wont listen to many commands when an SBK is set12:57
twbDo I do that with ./nvflash --bl --sbk ...; and then it's in bootloader update mode until next reboot?12:57
twbAh, I need a bootloader.bin?12:58
lilstevieand you also need a bct12:59
twbI notice the bootloader.bin you supply doesn't match any of the ones in tegra-linux-12.alpha.1.012:59
lilstevieit is an asus one13:00
twbHum.  Can I d/l that from foo.asus.com? :-)13:00
lilsteviein the dlupdate you need to extract a file called "blob"13:01
twbGot the URL handy?13:01
lilstevieno sorry13:01
twbIs it the stuff labelled "firmware", like 200MB dl file?13:06
twbDamn page needs js, and isn't working even in my fallback js-capable browser :-/13:10
twbOK, reverse-engineered their js13:17
twbIt's EeePAD/TF101/UpdateLauncher_US_epaduser8659.zip, just need the hostname...13:21
twbWhich is in http://support.asus.com/js/Download.js13:22
twbBam: http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/EeePAD/TF101/UpdateLauncher_US_epaduser8659.zip13:23
* twb closes Xorg again13:24
twblilstevie: FYI, the md5sum of blob also doesn't match yours13:37
lilstevieoh right you are doing an md5 of the entire blob13:38
* twb sighs13:38
twbLemem guess another yak to shave13:38
lilsteviethat blob is 4 or 5 partitions worth od data13:38
twbOh, stupid me, the blob is the whole thing13:38
lilstevienot the whole thing13:38
lilsteviebut it is the partitions EBT(bootloader) PT(tegraparts pt) SOS(recovery kernel) LNX(normal boot kernel) at minimum13:39
lilsteviealso there are multiple versions of the bootloader13:40
lilstevieso md5 may not match13:40
lilsteviethere are at least 7 versions13:40
twbI might as well use the latest one from that blob tho, right?13:41
lilsteviebut only 3 are visually noticeable13:41
lilstevieyeah, well, doesn't really matter :p13:41
lilstevieonly thing with the newest is that to boot from root=/dev/mmcblk1p* you need to add a rootwait13:41
lilsteviethat is the microsd13:42
twbOh, no, I only care about booting from eMMC13:42
lilstevieyeah :p13:43
twbExcept if I completely brick it, in which case SD isn't gonna work either13:43
lilstevieyou can't completely brick :)13:45
lilstevieAPX is always there13:45
twbApparently OMAP on the ROM has enough smarts to boot off a FAT16 SD card, no matter what13:46
twbWhich is pretty nice, even if you have to carefully align the CHS and shite13:46
twb*Apparently on OMAP boards the ROM13:46
lilstevietegra2 does too13:47
lilstevietegra2 can change boot devices13:49
lilsteviebut in our case the reason it drops back to APX is because the tegra2 only has the eMMC configured as a boot device13:50
twbOK, so which blobunpack result is bootloader.bin ?13:51
twbHa, so it's not an AmigaOS bitmap font :P13:52
lilsteviethey are named for the partition code13:52
lilstevieso EBT refers to EBT in the flash.cfg13:53
twbOK, so now I have a bootloader.bin that I can trace back to asus.com, and a bct from "some guy", and I need to load these in using -bl13:57
lilstevietwb: not really "some guy" :p the guy who gave the tf root, and who got the sbk for nvflash in the first place :p14:07
lilsteviedoubting the bct is as good as doubting the sbk :p14:07
lilstevielook at the command line given in the scripts from the androidroot pack14:07
lilstevieremove --create and --go14:07
lilstevieand add --sync14:07
lilsteviethat will get you into interactive mode14:08
lilstevie-r is required for each command14:08
lilstevieafter the sync that is14:08
lilstevieas it is resume14:08
twbI know what you mean, but I see a difference between a hash and a blob14:08
lilstevieand --download reads the partition14:08
lilstevietwb: unfortunantly you hit a chicken and egg situation14:09
lilstevieyou can't extract the bct without first uploading one14:09
twbYeah, I realize that14:09
twbEr, no I didn't realize *that*, but oK14:09
lilstevieit is based off the asus service center one14:09
lilsteviebut regenerated14:09
lilstevieusing cros bct tools14:09
twbIs -r the same as --read ?14:10
twbOh resume14:10
lilstevie-r is resume14:10
twbMy brain hurts14:10
lilstevienvflash is a bitch14:10
twbHang on surely for backing up the original partitions I want --read not --download14:11
lilstevieand sorry made a mistake up there :p14:11
lilsteviethat is the mistake :p14:11
lilstevieI'm so used to uploading I automagically went for it :p14:11
twbSo ./nvflash --sbk 0x1682CCD8 0x8A1A43EA 0xA532EEB6 0xECFE1D98 --bl bootloader.bin --bct transformer.bct --sync -r --read 6 orig.vmlinuz14:11
twbThat will backup the original LNX partition?14:11
twb(I figure I should test with the small partition first, not UDA)14:12
lilstevieyou need --setbct in there14:12
lilstevieand not the -r --read 6 orig.vmlinuz14:12
lilsteviethe -r --read comes after the first command14:13
twbSo the order of the arguments matters?14:13
lilsteviewell it is more that they are seperate commands14:13
lilsteviesync throws it into "phone update mode" from the bootloader14:14
twbOK hang on, separate commands within a single invocation of nvflash, or separate invocations of nvflash?14:14
lilsteviethen once it is in that mode, ./nvflash -r --read 6 boot.img14:14
lilstevieseperate invocations of nvflash14:14
twb./nvflash --sbk 0x1682CCD8 0x8A1A43EA 0xA532EEB6 0xECFE1D98 --bl bootloader.bin --bct transformer.bct --sync --setbct14:14
twb^^ that's just sitting there14:14
lilstevieorder probably matters14:15
twbAnd dmesg just whinged because nvflash has been in D state for 2 min :P14:15
twbI can fix that by just replugging the USB, tho14:16
lilstevieand rebooting the tablet14:16
twbThat's plan B14:16
* twb does that now14:16
lilstevieyou will need to reboot the tablet anyway14:16
lilstevie./nvflash --bct transformer.bct --setbct --configfile flash.cfg --bl bootloader.bin --odmdata 0x300d8011 --sbk 0x1682CCD8 0x8A1A43EA 0xA532EEB6 0xECFE1D98 --sync14:17
lilsteviethat should be the command14:17
lilstevienvflash is really badly coded14:17
twbWhat's the odmdata for14:17
lilstevieodmdata is mode device specific configs14:18
lilsteviesets how much ram, and video output et al14:18
lilstevieit is a standard odmdata though14:18
twbAs in settings baked into the nvflash binary?14:18
twboh ok14:18
lilstevieflags for the processor14:18
twbI got something on the screen14:20
twb"!!!!!!device update sucesss!!!!!!!"14:24
twbObviously the ASUS engineers are pretty excitable14:24
lilstevienvidia engineers*14:24
twbSo once I have done that BCT/BL upload, I just say "./nvflash -r 6 orig.vmlinuz" ?  I don't need any of the SBK and stuff until the next reboot?14:25
lilstevie-r --read and yeah14:28
lilsteviealso it isnt really a vmlinuz :p14:28
twborig.zImage then?14:29
twbIs that the combined header/kernel/ramdisk thing that abootimg generates?14:30
twbSomeone should teach libmagic to recognize it.14:32
phhwhat about you N14:34
twbphh: sorry, are you talking to me?14:34
=== davidm` is now known as davidm
twbOK, I pissed it off14:37
twbJust to see what would happen I tried a named --read, and now it doesn't want to -r14:37
* twb reboots TF14:37
twblilstevie: how come you said to backup UDA, when the one in default.cfg with a filename is APP ?14:41
twbPresumably APP is the OS, and UDA is initially an empty ext414:41
lilstevieI said you shouldn't need to back up UDA :p14:42
twbOh I misread then14:42
lilsteviebut make sure you back up BAK14:43
* twb thinks: if there's already an immutable OS (APP) and a mutable user data (UDA) partition, instead of a single unified btrfs filesystem, I could/should use debian live to make a squashfs APP, and use aufs to merge that with a mutable btrfs UDA14:43
twbSame as I would for a live USB key14:43
twbAnd then when upgrading, I upload the new test squashfs to SOS, and if it works, I use that until the next upgrade, when I upload to APP again, and go on flip-flopping between the two14:44
twbI rolled out that approach (except with ext instead of btrfs) for a kiosk in a retirement village, it was pretty robust14:45
twbOh, and "restore factory defaults" is just to use a tmpfs instead of btrfs in the union :-)14:45
twblilstevie: what kernel version is your git tree at?  .39?14:48
twbabout .38 (IIRC) or better will mean I can use XZ compression for the squashfs, which is like 40% better than gzip14:49
lilstevie.38 for u-boot14:49
lilstevie.36 for standard bootloader14:49
* twb checks when SQUASHFS_COMP_XZ hit14:50
lilsteviealso no aufs14:50
twbOh yeah, damn.  I remember now aufs all the union filesystems are out-of-tree14:51
twbCan I tell nvflash not to flood my I/O bus printing "\ 228249600/536870912 bytes received" as fast as it can?14:51
twbMaybe I can at least 2>/dev/null14:52
lilstevieunder a "normal" shell it updates over the top of itself :p14:52
lilstevieyeah probably14:52
twbYes but it's doing so so fast, and screen can't keep up14:53
twbIt would probably be fine running directly in fbcon but not in screen14:53
twbyeah 2>/dev/null is fine14:53
twbI wish val aurora had time to get "proper" union mounts into mainline14:55
twb2>/dev/null isn't working, either ^C'ing the previous run pissed it off, or it can't handle 2>/dev/null14:56
twbI'll try running outside of screen14:56
twbYeah that's much faster, it's done 100MB in a few seconds14:58
twbAaaand now it's stopped because the netbook's SSD's buffer is full :P14:59
twbnetbook is running btrfs w/ block-level gzip compression, on an ssd15:01
twbI/O is not its forté15:01
twb(-tbtrfs -ocompress=lzo wasn't available when I set it up)15:01
twbWOW, nice, e2fsck on the APP partition says 0.0% fragmented15:02
twbWhich is why resize2fs -M finished in O(1) time15:03
lilsteviewell it is only marked ro15:03
twbYeah but it means they did a good job setting up the original filesystem.15:04
twbIf you just make an ext3 and loopback mount it and copy the chroot in, then do some finishing touches, it's not that well packed15:04
twbAh, so SOS is just a small rescue boot.img, not a complete second rootfs15:05
lilstevietwb: mine is 0.2% fragmented by doing that15:08
lilstevieyeah :p if you read that before you would have seen that :p15:09
twbThis probably won't interest you, but http://paste.debian.net/129033/15:15
lilstevieheh, nice little comparison15:18
twblilstevie: are you in .nz?15:18
twbMust be late; it's 1AM here in melbourne, and I'm going home.15:19
twbHopefully tomorrow I'll find time to actually roll a kernel and rootfs :-P15:19
lilstevieI'm in melbourne :p15:19
twbAh, okies15:19
twbThen I definitely will need to buy you some beers after all this15:20
lilsteviejust grew up in nz :)15:20
twbI'm at cyber.com.au, in Burnley (basically Richmond)15:20
lilstevieah nice15:20
lilstevieI'm a student at VU :p15:20
twbAre you likely to be around tomorrow?15:20
twbin irc I mean15:20
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RoAkSoAxhi Guys, I was wondering if any of you have PXE booted a pandaboard lately16:27
RoAkSoAxas I now keep getting an error when trying to partition16:27
GrueMasterRoAkSoAx: I do it daily.  What is the issue you are seeing?16:27
RoAkSoAxGrueMaster: http://me.roaksoax.com/arm.png16:29
GrueMasterSounds like a preseed issue, not a pxe issue.16:29
RoAkSoAxGrueMaster: right, though I've been using the same exact preseed I was using before and I didn't have the error16:30
RoAkSoAxGrueMaster: http://paste.ubuntu.com/686003/16:30
RoAkSoAxGrueMaster: http://paste.ubuntu.com/686004/16:31
GrueMasterAre you trying to netinstall to SD?16:31
RoAkSoAxGrueMaster: yes16:32
GrueMasterI don't think that works.  There are still issues with SD partitioning in partman for d-i.16:32
GrueMaster(although the bug I filed keeps getting marked as invalid w/o explanation.)16:33
RoAkSoAxGrueMaster: might be that, but again, I'm using the same preseed file I used before and that worked16:34
GrueMasterFor performance reasons, I suggest doing netinstall to USB drive (leaving SD for boot).16:34
RoAkSoAxGrueMaster: the SD card has two partitions, the boot and rootfs16:34
RoAkSoAxGrueMaster: yeah, I guess I'll end up doing that. Thanks16:34
GrueMasterHmm.  Not sure then.  Maybe you need to remove the root= line from your boot cmdline until after netinstall.16:34
RoAkSoAxGrueMaster: did that already16:34
GrueMasterI can try it later today (maybe).  All 6 of my pandas are currently tied up with CEPH cluster testing atm (which I am still trying to figure out).16:37
RoAkSoAxGrueMaster: cool, If you get the chance just let me know. Thanks16:39
GrueMasterWill do.16:39
CocoaGeekI installed arm-linux-gnueabi-g++-4.4 on an Ubuntu 11.04 x64, but when I compile some code I get this error: invalid 'asm': invalid operand for code 'w'18:45
CocoaGeekI'm guessing that maybe I'm missing some include files specific to ARM …18:46
CocoaGeekany suggestions?18:46
CocoaGeekthe error is on a line that contains a call to htons()18:47
jhobbspost some info about how to reproduce it on paste.ubuntu.com18:50
jkridner_we are looking at doing another BeagleBoard revision (geared toward the lower end with more hardware expansion) and are debating ferociously amongst ourselves if distro vendors would care if you needed a different (incompatible) bootloader for SD card images made for this new version board.  how big of a deal would that be?18:51
GrueMasterjkridner_: It would be a very big deal.  This would mean that we would have to build yet another omap image, and it would be very confusing to users.18:53
GrueMasterCocoaGeek: This is a question best asked on #linaro I think.18:53
CocoaGeekthanks GrueMaster18:54
jkridner_GrueMaster: if the solution was to add an extra MLO-like file to the SD card image, would that be sufficient?18:54
GrueMasterjkridner_: Linaro is currently building MLO from u-boot.  This would likely require a new u-boot package, plus a new image to support for our preinstalled images.18:55
infinityjkridner_: Is it completely infeasible to have an MLO that works for both? :/18:55
jkridner_I'm not sure as the device on the new board seems to have a different internal memory address.  I'm trying to find a work-around.18:56
GrueMasterDevice lookup table in MLO?  It would be cleaner.18:57
jkridner_One of my challenges has been to articulate the need for having a single MLO file for both.  Most of the people I interact with to help me do board bring-up don't seem to feel it is necessary/useful.18:57
prpplaguejkridner_: hehe18:57
prpplaguejkridner_: the joys of developing in a vaccum18:57
infinityThose people need to work with random community people who don't want to have to know their exact board revision to make it work.18:57
CocoaGeekjhobbs: sorry, were you talking to me?18:57
jkridner_One challenge is that the load address and start address are encoded in the MLO file.  I'm looking at possibly using an on-board I2C EEPROM to load enough code to get around this issue.18:58
infinityjkridner_: We all realise that the ARM SoC world has been very used to having a new bootloader for every single SoC, board, revision, and moon phase, but I'm not sure anyone thinks that perpetuating this madness is a good idea.18:58
jkridner_I'm trying to figure out if BeagleBoard can go about it differently.  It is a challenge.  I'm the one being told that I'm mad.18:59
jkridner_is there a log of this conversation?  I want to share it with the bring-up team.19:00
prpplaguejkridner_: there are plenty of things that can be done, the problem is getting a solid acceptable solution that fits with the legacy existing beagle designs19:00
prpplaguejkridner_: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/19:00
prpplaguejkridner_: i already did this battle for the pandaboard and some of the other omap4430 based dev platforms19:01
jkridner_prpplague: what I care about is providing a reference that is backwards compatible with BeagleBoard and BeagleBoard-xM.  I can't do anything about legacy code running on newer platforms, but I can ask people to upgrade.19:01
jkridner_prpplague: I'm a persistent nag who is used to getting my way. :)19:01
infinityjkridner_: The bottom line for Ubuntu here is that if you hand us a new board-specific MLO, we'll happily ship it in the archive, but we won't build Yet Another OMAP image.19:02
prpplaguejkridner_: if you think we call you nag, maybe it is best you not know what we call you in reality.........19:02
* prpplague jokes with jkridner_ 19:02
infinityjkridner_: So, we'll have installers for Beagle and XM, but not for this NG thing.19:02
infinityjkridner_: Which, from my experience, can reall cut down on the community actually using the board.  Oddly enough, some people don't like having to sort out how to boot a system just to use it.19:03
GrueMasterjkridner_: It is my understanding that MLO needs to fit in 64k.  It is currently 34k.  I think this can be accomplished with lookup tables within the same binary.19:03
jkridner_infinity: but, if the new MLO worked with this NG thing *and* Beagle and XM, would you replace the MLO such that your image booted with all 3?19:03
infinityjkridner_: You bet.19:03
infinityjkridner_: That would be the ideal outcome.19:03
prpplaguejkridner_: basically you;d want to have u-boot generate a SPL image that would be usable19:04
prpplaguejkridner_: on all three19:04
prpplaguejkridner_: it is doable, but takes some planning and testing19:04
GrueMasterjkridner_: You should work with jcrigby from linaro.  He has been doing some interesting work with u-boot, like getting x-loader/MLO back into the u-boot tree.19:04
GrueMasterGive me hardware and I can add it to my testing.  :)19:05
infinityIf you get any more hardware, your desk will collapse.19:05
jkridner_prpplague: It is worth money to me if you can make it work. ;-)19:06
prpplaguejkridner_: same as GrueMaster ..... i'd need hardware19:06
jkridner_GrueMaster: will do!  send me shipping info to jkridner at beagleboard (.org).19:06
jkridner_ditto prpplgague, but I know where to find you.19:07
GrueMasterinfinity: I have a 1/3 empty industrial rack cabinet in the basement.  Space isn't an issue.19:07
CocoaGeekbummer, I had -I/usr/include in the makefile …. ooopsy. Thanks to mkedwards on #linaro19:08
infinityWait, wait.  People are giving away toys?19:08
jkridner_toys for promises of work.  output will be remembered. :)19:10
infinityjkridner_: Well, screw that! ;)19:18
infinityjkridner_: (But please do send one to GrueMaster, his testing is pretty invaluable)19:18
jkridner_I will indeed.19:18
infinityjkridner_: And if you're not already, do talk to jcrigby about this.19:18
* GrueMaster blushes.19:18
infinityjkridner_: His work on the omap4 u-boot/mlo madness might be quite helpful in providing a way forward.19:19
jkridner_if he'll chime in, it'd be good, but I'll check back at other times for him.19:19
prpplagueinfinity: we must be talking about a different GrueMaster , the one i know is nothing but trouble19:19
* prpplague points to GrueMaster 19:20
prpplaguejkridner_: basically what we are talking about is a "bios" for omap series19:20
GrueMasterWhat?  Me cause trouble?  I just find the bugs that annoy engineers to no end.  :P19:20
GrueMasterYes!  I have 6 pandas running in a cluster filesystem configuration.  How cool is that?19:22
jhobbswhat filesystem are you using?19:22
GrueMasterceph for this test.  Next will be GVFS.19:23
GrueMasterIt's a tad slow.  USB<>SATA and only 100mb ethernet, but still....19:23
* GrueMaster idly thinks about cell phone clusters.19:26
prpplagueGrueMaster: probably going to spin a second version of the bamboo with internal mounts for a 2.5 sata drive19:26
GrueMasterNice.  Is the sata more native or usb?19:27
GrueMasterAlso, I have had problems with the panda providing enough power for my usb drives.19:27
GrueMaster(could be the drive cases).19:27
prpplagueGrueMaster: no it would be usb based, but we would have a secondary power rail for the usb hard drive so no worries on power19:28
prpplagueGrueMaster: rob clark is pushing for the new case19:28
GrueMasterHow soon unitl it is released?  I don't think I have seen an order option for it yet (but I haven't looked in over a month).19:29
prpplagueGrueMaster: probably not until jan, we have to see how the bamboo sells first19:31
prpplagueGrueMaster: bamboo should be available 1st week in november19:31
GrueMasterCool.  Look forward to seeing it in the wild.19:31
prpplagueGrueMaster: we keep debating on the color19:32
prpplagueGrueMaster: i think we've decided on matte black19:32
prpplagueGrueMaster: but i think green would have been cool19:32
GrueMasterAdd a color "kit" option and ship a can of model paint.19:33
prpplaguecircuitco is going to offer the pandaboard with the bamboo case and pcb pre-assembled19:33
GrueMasterprpplague: I doubt it will fit my mini-cluster.  http://members.dsl-only.net/~tdavis/Panda-rack.jpg19:42
prpplagueGrueMaster: bamboo cases are stackable19:42
prpplagueGrueMaster: bamboo also adds an additional sd/mmc slot19:44
jcrigbyjkridner_, I sent you an email, we can go from there20:13
jcrigbyjkridner_, btw infinity was too kind on the MLO from u-boot.  Aneesh V at TI did all that work, I just sorta watched.20:14
jkridner_hi jcrigby.20:18
jkridner_I'll take a look at the e-mail and come back.20:18
infinityjcrigby: I didn't say you did all the work, just that you (appear to) know what's going on. ;)20:27
jcrigbyinfinity, ok20:28
jcrigbythats fair20:28
jkridner_in my response e-mail, should I copy anyone besides jcrigby and prpplague and those already on the e-mail chain?20:36
prpplaguejkridner_: don't forget aneesh20:36
prpplagueGrueMaster: hope you don't mind, i didn't think about asking until i had clicked the upload, i posted your pandaboard minicluster pic on my google+ account20:58
jkridner_what is the rest of aneesh's name?20:59
jkridner_or, some part of it so I can look up an e-mail addres.21:00
jkridner_aneesh v?21:00
prpplaguejkridner_: yea21:01
jkridner_prpplague: don't you worry about loggers sending spam when you post e-mail addresses?21:01
prpplaguejkridner_: i've not had any major issues with it21:02
SysTomAnyone running arm on something like a pandaboard?21:07
prpplagueSysTom: running arm?21:10
SysTomYeah, OMAP421:10
prpplagueSysTom: there are several ubuntu builds specifically for arm based devices such as the pandaboard and beagleboard, assuming that is what you are asking21:11
SysTomYeah, I'm just having a dig around now :)21:11
SysTomThinking about putting Ubuntu-server on this pandaboard...21:11
SysTomDesktop seems rather I/O limited with the SD card21:11
SysTomHmmm, which versions *don't* require a serial cable, as I don't have one spare currently21:18
prpplagueSysTom: if you plan on doing any serious development on the pandaboard, the purchase of a cable would be wise21:19
SysTomSeems that way, I just wanted to get something up and running tonight to play with21:20
GrueMasterprpplague: Cool with me.  I posted it on my facebook.21:29
prpplaguecooloney: hey hey21:45
GrueMasterSysTom: The server image is just as slow as the desktop on SD when it comes to I/O.21:52
GrueMasterAnd the desktop image is better suited for non-serial console work.21:54
SysTomOkay, good to know- I'll give that a go first21:54
SysTomJust trying to set this SD card up properly21:54
SysTom... shouldn't be difficult right *rolleyes*21:54
prpplagueSysTom: if embedded linux was easy, they'd pay day-laborers to do the work21:56
GrueMasterThere is an issue where flash-kernel doesn't properly sync during the preinstall boot through oem-config, but it usually passes on the second time through.21:56
SysTomprpplague: heh21:56
GrueMasterprpplague: People get paid to work on this?  :P21:56
SysTomI just wanted to get something vaguely up and running tonight21:57
SysTomStuck on preparing the SD, ... might just head to bed :D21:57
prpplagueGrueMaster: that;s what i hear21:57
GrueMasterSysTom: If you have a usb keyboard and a HDMI or DVI monitor, desktop is your best bet.21:57
SysTomI do21:57
GrueMasterThe SD needs to be 4G or greater.21:57
SysTomI've got an 8GB SD card (with something already on it)21:58
GrueMaster8G seems to be the sweet spot.21:58
SysTomIn an ubuntu live environment now trying to get it sorted21:58
SysTom...and I'm downloading that as we speak21:58
GrueMasterMake sure you back up your existing stuff on the 8G.  You will be blasting it away with this image.21:58
SysTomThat's fine, I don't need it (it was a spare SD card)21:59
infinity"Blasting" makes writing to SD sound so much speedier and cool than it really is.21:59
infinity"Trickling" might be more appropriate.21:59
SysTomI *will* be making noises when it's flashing21:59
SysTomThink Star Wars.21:59
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