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troy_sThat icon set I assume is the new Ubuntu look correct?18:51
troy_sProps if it is. Which I'm willing to bet it is. ;)18:51
troy_sthorwil: Confirm or deny?18:52
thorwiltroy_s: in that case, i pick "or"18:53
troy_sthorwil: Hrm. You have seen it yes?18:53
troy_sthorwil: Little bit of fluke, but I'm willing to wager money it's the target.18:53
troy_sLet's see if the bet turns out correct.18:54
troy_sThe folder perpetuates that sort of legacy looking folder that I've never been a huge fan of, but alas, all in all quite tight if you look at the forest.18:55
thorwilthe folders look blurry18:55
troy_sthorwil: Your eyes are crossed.18:56
troy_sthorwil: Pretty sure there will be much blah blah blah once they are released.18:57
thorwilthat stuff makes me as excited as a tree in the forrest18:58
troy_sthorwil: Well... I guess I'd call the overall thing quite positve. Can't see any other way to describe it.18:58
troy_sI could probably say that "Egads they kept that damn rounded corner folder donkey from the early era" but that's really probably a minor bump.18:59
troy_sThe postage stamp, albeit more mimesis of the banned-in-court variety, is well crafted.18:59
troy_sAt least there is some semblance of craftsmanship in there. That's got to be positive thorwil, no?19:00
thorwilback when i experimented with translucent orange folders, i found it very hard to avoid dirty colors due the other side of the folder pretty much having to be grayish. this problem hasn't been solved, here19:00
troy_sthorwil: That and the linear light fact unless you properly deal with it in compositing. You can never properly compose in sRGB.19:00
thorwilsure, everything that is not a folder looks much more convincing19:00
troy_sthorwil: But really, still feels like a moot point. Would it be nice if there was some interesting design approach to abandon 1960 office folders? Hell yes. Will we see it? Uh... no.19:01
troy_sthorwil: I suspect Voldemort had a sizable impact on the look of that default folder.19:01
troy_sthorwil: It's got cliche and similar trends going on.19:02
troy_sthorwil: Cliche and tack.19:02
troy_sthorwil: The earmarks of Voldemort.19:02
troy_sthorwil: But again, as a whole, I can't see how you could make a case against it.19:02
troy_sthorwil: It's a vast leap forward from that outline, outline, outline, inset, outline, outline, outline, HUGE OUTLINE uh... project that shall remain nameless.19:03
thorwiltroy_s: you can dance a tango around naming it, i guess everyone here knows who, anyway ;)19:03
troy_sthorwil: There are actually people that prefer the old brown paper bag icon too. _That_ utterly shocks me. But alas, I suppose that is more proof that the culture of aesthetic is pretty much busted.19:04
troy_sthorwil: Cute though. I wonder if it is the set. That's where my money is. Too many overlaps.19:04
troy_sthorwil: Don't get it.19:26
troy_sthorwil: At all.19:26
troy_sthorwil: Head smack dont-get-it.19:27
thorwiltroy_s: late in the video, they mention the setup causes a double image of the pen, so you see it both on the paper and in the open slot19:28
troy_sthorwil: I just am struck by the lack of "Why the hell"19:28
troy_sthorwil: Don't get it. At all.19:28
thorwilartistically, it's just tracing. but an interesting experiment regarding perception. if only that would be explained better, instead of this comment-salad19:31
troy_sthorwil: I guess I don't get it because it tends toward some notion that physiological mimesis is bliss, which in my estimation is just pure tripe. You get it a bit with motion pictures and such where some people become zealots of the 50mm lens to replicate the sensation of view blah blah.19:32
troy_sthorwil: Just makes me ill when I read that cruft or see the bubbling of it.19:32
thorwiltroy_s: but, but ... physiological mimesis is the bee's knee! pure awesome, with only one down-side: not enough double outlines!!19:34
troy_sthorwil: Lulz.19:35
troy_sthorwil: Just take a photo and kill yourself.19:35
troy_sthorwil: Be done with it.19:35
troy_sthorwil: Yay bliss.19:35

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