Auzzikgood day02:49
bananaHello there06:44
nnullwhats going on people11:35
dns53on the couch with my laptop watching a movie11:36
nnullwhats on11:38
dns53i am watching season of the witch VOD off the fetch tv box http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Season_of_the_Witch_(2011_film)11:39
* nnull yawns11:40
sagacimaking a cuppa11:46
Bodman456Anyone here know anything about CentOS?12:39
elkyPossibly the wrong channel to ask. #centos isn't responding?12:40
Bodman4562Let me try that, thanks12:40
benonsoftwareIs it me or are all the items doubled up in http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-au/130/detail/ ?12:58
sagacilooks doubled up13:00
benonsoftwareYeah thats what I thought but then again it could of been my browser :)13:00
head_victimMost likely due to the database error that was recovered13:11
sagacihead_victim, can you remove the dupes?13:12
head_victimI can add agenda items and change all the meeting details but can't see a way to remove the dupes13:13
sagaciyeah, thought it might have been only admins that could remove agenda items13:13
head_victimHmm I'll ask the question of those that know more than I13:14
head_victimIt's to do with the data that was lost and then reinstated from what I'm told13:17
sagacihead_victim, I'm tentatively doing a presentation on Guake for the ubuntu user days, have you thought about doing anything?13:21
head_victimYeah, I'm completely snowed at the moment13:21
head_victimYeah, trying to get a bunch of stuff done around the house and at work and also doing some volunteer work at the courthouse.13:22
head_victimAnd now liasing with the state library to try and get a room for an install fest :D13:23
head_victimI don't really know enough about any one thing to do a session on it either I don't think.13:23
sagaciplus, it'll be on 11am Sunday which was the only decent time - most were around 2-6am 13:24
head_victimsagaci: send something to the list and try a get a few AU'ers along :)13:29
sagaciyeah, just trying to pinpoint a venue for the sydney release party13:30
sagaciit'll happen, just not sure exactly where yet13:30
benonsoftwareHas anyone heard anything about a Melbourne release party?13:30
head_victimYeah, I'm not sure what's happening with Brisbane either.13:30
head_victimbenonsoftware: not as yet, send an email to the list and see if you can get some response13:30
benonsoftwareOk I'll do that tomarrow as I am to tired :)13:31
benonsoftwareSee ya later13:31
sagaciI'm holding it a week before since that's when I'm in Sydney. I'm not necessarily counting on a wifi-enabled venue, it would be nice but if people really need to use the internet they can bring their 3G dongle/solution along, otherwise I can get a pocket wifi if the demand is there13:31
head_victimNight benonsoftware 13:31
head_victimsagaci: yeah I'm thinking just a pub/cafe will work and then a month after that  I will hit up the state library for an installfest13:32
sagaciif you get a few newcomers I'll gladly donate a couple of the official 11.10 install CD if they're available/shipped by then13:33
head_victimI'm hoping we'll be approved by then and we'll get a LoCo shipment of CDs13:33
head_victimI'm still prodding the council to see if we get approved or not13:33
head_victimThe application went in ages ago13:33
head_victimThey've asked a couple of questions about it and I've responded but nothing about how it's going realy.13:34
sagaciyeah, shouldn't you just be going along to the meeting?13:34
sagaciit's just that that's what all the other teams have done13:34
head_victimThe meetings are at crap times and I'm told it's just as easy to do it via the launchpad bug system. 13:35
head_victimBut I'm starting to wonder.13:35
sagaciyeah, two months now :/13:36
head_victimAlright, I'm off for some domestic duties, email the list with the details of your user day presentation and I'll dent/tweet it as well :)13:40
sagaciI used the Ampersand Cafe and Book Store tentatively as a venue for the Sydney release meeting as a placeholder for a venue I was going to choose.. which leads me to believe there was some kind of social event there before, anyone have any recollection of the venue and/or if it would be suitable to use for this upcoming meet?13:58
sagacilooks like it was a december 2006 gathering14:07
sagacinevermind, I'll get the mailing list archive tomorrow and scan through it14:08

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