anonop05hi, i have a problem. you videos lag when opened in fullscreen on ubuntu 11.0404:40
holsteinanonop05: i think most folk just dont full screen view04:42
holsteinyou can try changing video drivers04:42
anonop05video drivers on ubuntu 11.04 for me are horrible04:43
holsteinyou can run 11.1004:43
holsteinim using 10.0404:43
anonop0511.10 is very slow on my system04:43
anonop051.6Ghz single core processor04:43
holsteinyouve check since beta?04:43
anonop05installed it too04:44
anonop05and when you say "change" video drivers, what do you mean?04:46
holsteinassuming you have optional drivers to try04:47
holsteinyou can always try the vesa driver04:47
holsteindisable compiz04:47
holsteinenable compiz04:47
holsteintry a proprietary driver, or an open one04:47
anonop05how do i install vesa drivers?04:49
holsteinthe way i do it is with a custom xorg.conf04:50
anonop05soooo how do i do that? srry for being a total newb04:50
holsteinanonop05: i usually try a knoppix live CD04:50
holsteincopy the xorg.conf from there, and edit it a bit04:51
holsteinspecifying the vesa driver04:51
holsteini mean, if i were you anonop05 , i would either switch hardware, or just tolerate it04:51
holsteintypically, if ubuntu can support hardware, it will04:51
anonop05thanks for the help04:52
holsteini would try a few live CD's and make note of the drivers being used04:52
holsteindrivers and kernels04:52
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Sidewinder1Mornin' s-fox14:14
s-foxGood evening Sidewinder1 .14:14
s-foxHow are you ?14:14
Sidewinder1Fine, thanx, and you?14:15
s-foxI am fine thank you.14:16
Daniel0108hey, I need jack for ardour, but only alsa works for me. Any suggestions?14:18
Daniel0108*it doesn't work when I use jack, it just works with alsa-only14:20
holsteinDaniel0108: ?14:20
holsteinpulse suspends, and you will be using alsa with JACK more than likely14:20
holsteini use the firewire driver now, and i used to use the freebob one14:21
Daniel0108holstein: Sound works without jack, but when I start jackd, it stops working14:21
holsteinyou can see in JACK 'setup' the driver selection14:21
Daniel0108I know14:21
Daniel0108shall I try all the drivers?14:21
holsteinDaniel0108: what device?14:21
holsteinsome internal card?14:21
Daniel0108holstein: yeah14:22
holsteinDaniel0108: what i suggest is, *temporarily* start jack from the terminal14:22
holsteingksudo qjackctl14:22
holsteingo to 'setup'14:22
holsteinframes/period 51214:23
holsteinsample rate 44.114:23
holsteinperiods/buffer 314:23
Daniel0108there is no periods/buffer14:24
holsteinDaniel0108: the other settings should be as-is14:24
holsteinDaniel0108: ?14:24
Daniel0108oh wait14:24
holsteinits under sample rate14:24
Daniel0108sorry, now I'm on alsa ;)14:24
Daniel0108I tried something14:24
holsteinthe realtime box on the left, is that checked?14:24
Daniel0108still does not work, I am testing it with "espeak" and it returns: ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:1018:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave14:24
holsteinDaniel0108: ?14:24
holsteindont hit start yet14:25
holsteinwe are still configuring14:25
Daniel0108holstein: yes, the realtime box is checked14:25
Daniel0108oh, sorry14:25
holsteindont test with espeak14:25
holsteintest with yoshimi14:25
holsteinyoshimi or audacious14:25
holsteinDaniel0108: audacious is easy enough14:25
holsteinBUT, we'll need to get JACK started and running first as root14:26
Daniel0108okay, the realtime box is checked, holstein14:26
holsteinDaniel0108: you see on the right side...14:26
holsteinis that 'default' ?14:26
holsteindriver is alsa14:26
holsteindid you mess with anything else there?14:27
Daniel0108not really14:27
holsteinclose setup14:27
holsteinand hit the start button14:27
holsteinyou should see some flashing green lights14:27
holsteinideally you dont want xruns14:27
holsteinbut, you might get a few with that internal card14:27
holsteinSO, do you have audacious installed?14:28
holsteinVLC has a JACK plugin too...14:28
Daniel0108I'm installing it14:28
holsteinyou'll need to run it *temporarily* as root too for this test14:29
Daniel0108I want to use ardour, btw ;)14:29
holsteinsure... after you get jack running as normal user, ardour will "just work"14:29
Daniel0108yeah, I know, just wanted to point that out ;)14:29
Daniel0108okay, opened audacious14:30
holsteinget a file playing in there14:30
holsteinthen, go back to the jack window14:30
holsteinhit 'connect'14:30
holsteinyou'll see readables and writables14:30
holsteinyou should see on the right side your cards speaker outputs14:30
holsteinand on the left side, audacious's outputs14:31
Daniel0108yes, playback_1 and playback_214:31
Daniel0108capture_1 and capture_2 on the left side14:31
holsteinyou can hit the little plus signs (+)14:31
holsteinDaniel0108: yup, thats your sound cards ins and outs14:31
Daniel0108no, there are no more plus signs14:31
holsteinDaniel0108: i forget how adacious is, but i think you need to go in and tell it to use JACK14:32
Daniel0108I pressed the plus sign on "system"14:32
holsteinyou'll need to do that for most apps *when* they have JACK support14:32
holsteinDaniel0108: also, you have to have a file playing in audacious for it to present itself to JACK14:32
holsteinthen, you come to this 'connect' window, and you should see audacious on the left side with 2 outputs that you can route to playback on the right side14:33
Daniel0108okay, I changed output to "JACK output plugin", but when I hit the play button now, it doesn't do anything14:33
Daniel0108holstein: ^14:33
holsteinDaniel0108: you might need to restart audacious14:33
holsteinnot jack though14:34
Daniel0108ERR: bio2jack.c::JACK_OpenDevice(1021) jack server not running?14:34
Daniel0108holstein: ^14:34
holsteinDaniel0108: where is that error?14:34
holsteinyou are running gksudo audacious ?14:34
Daniel0108yes, I restarted it, now when I hit play I get "snd_pcm_hw_params failed: Input/output error."14:35
holsteinwell, lets skip this for a minute14:35
holsteinDaniel0108: close audacious14:36
holsteinDaniel0108: close 'connect'14:36
holsteinhit the stop button14:36
holstein^ on JACK14:36
holsteinclose that, and reopen JACK as normal user14:36
holsteinqjackctl... jack control14:36
holsteinthe GUI front end...14:36
holsteinhit start again, and make sure all is well14:37
Daniel0108yeah, I know14:37
Daniel0108the default user jack was already running14:37
holsteinyeah, sometimes you can have failed attempts somewhere running14:37
holsteinyou might want to restart the machine, or poke around in top or whatever and kill all JACK's14:37
Daniel0108yeah, it works now :D14:38
Daniel0108now I'll test ardour14:38
holsteinDaniel0108: SO, you have JACK running as normal user? and audacious is playing through it?14:38
holsteinwhat about xruns?14:38
holsteinany red #'s in the jack window?14:38
Daniel0108no red #'s14:38
holsteinDaniel0108: you might get some14:38
holsteinIF you do14:38
Daniel0108now I'll try ardour14:39
holsteinyou relax the settings14:39
holsteinin setup... maybe frames/period 1024 for example instead of 51214:39
holsteinif you dont, thats great :)14:39
Daniel0108ah, okay14:39
holsteinusually internal sound cards are not latency-friendly14:39
holsteinanyways... ardour'll present all kinds of things to JACK14:40
holsteineach track you make14:40
holsteinyou can use JACK 'connect' or ardour for the connection14:40
holsteinDaniel0108: las over in #ardour is amazingly helpful too :)14:40
Daniel0108holstein: I just need it to start an application with OSC support ;)14:41
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holsteinalso, if im not around, #opensourcemusicians14:41
Daniel0108okay, thank you14:41
holsteinJACK is not rocket science, but its not many steps away ;)14:41
Daniel0108holstein: I'm not very experienced with audio, lol. I just do coding, coding, coding. thank you :)14:42
holsteinDaniel0108: anytime... its the small niche im experienced with, and im happy to help14:42
Daniel0108holstein: now I just need to find out how OSC on Ardour works, I got it to listen to a port, but the application needs OSC send and receive ports14:44
holsteinyeah, ardour 3 is improving that a bit AFAIK14:44
Daniel0108holstein: I have ardour 3 :p14:44
holsteinunfortunately, i havent needed to set that up yet14:44
holsteinare you setting up a control surface?14:45
Daniel0108holstein: yeah14:45
holsteinCOOL :)14:45
holsteinDaniel0108: couple folks in #opensourcemusicians have set that up14:45
Daniel0108holstein: I am trying to test this application: https://github.com/grmcom/TouchLive14:45
holsteinone guy set up a bot that we talked to14:46
holstein!stop !start... whatever14:46
ubot2`holstein: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:46
holsteinthat controlled ardour :)14:46
holsteini have more analog gear to get into the box... http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1172535/pictures/IMG_20110715_193438.jpg14:47
Daniel0108wow, cool, holstein14:47
Daniel0108I'm usually a CLI dev and don't even do audio, lol14:48
holsteini wish i had more coding expereince... thats what ubuntustudio really needs14:48
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philipballewwhats a good way to record audio right off my sound card16:47
escottphilipballew, arecord is the most basic17:19
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OoberbuntuHello (echo, echo,echo)23:38
OoberbuntuAnyone here, (here, here, here)23:38
ubot2`Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)23:38
OoberbuntuOk everyone must be in private mode. I just wanted to know if anyone here could tell me why there are no MD5's or other hash counts on the Ubuntu site.23:39
holsteinOoberbuntu: what are you looking for?23:40
pleia2Ooberbuntu: what release are you looking for?23:40
OoberbuntuMD5 hashes for the ubuntu downloads23:40
Ooberbuntu11.04 i38623:41
OoberbuntuThaks a lot. I don't know why there is not link, at least that cound find, to that page on the main Ubuntu download page.23:44
holsteinOoberbuntu: i think its becuase if you dig a little you can find it23:44
pleia2I think they want to make the main download page as simple as possible for new users, and terms like "MD5" are unfamiliar and intimidating23:44
holsteinwhy bother when most folk dont want/need23:44
OoberbuntuThats, why. I lost my shovel.23:45
OoberbuntuI know the server seams pretty fast and conectinos seam more stable, more than some other distros that host thier own, and probably don't have as much ploblem with corrupted files either23:47
starcraftmanOoberbuntu: can always use torrent, checks itself upon completion with most clients. Just an alternative :)23:48
philipballewwhat does this guy or girl need?23:51
OoberbuntuJust too bad torrents arn't as fast when you want a new os file in 10-12 minutes and are impatient.23:52
philipballewtorrents are faster23:52
OoberbuntuMaybe if their set up right (by a veteran pc Zen GOd) but my torrent maching wan't running an old 1100 mhrz amd duron even when i read through all documentation and was o nroad runner getting down speads of 20-30MB7s23:55
Ooberbuntumaybe utorrent is a bottleneck but I doubt that. I think Time Warner Cable i nNE .Ohio throttles , especially torrents23:56

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