mhall119jcastro: that's what we did with summit last UDS00:06
mhall119only the other way around00:06
* pleia2 thinks nigelb actually ended up with about 2 years of work following UDS :)00:46
mhall119and he's still got 2 years worth, because he's been spending all his time on Launchpad and Mozilla00:46
* akgraner thinks everyone ends up with 2 years of work after every UDS :-P00:47
mhall119just the over-achievers00:47
mhall119the rest of us only the 18 months00:48
akgranermhall119, slacker00:48
mhall119damn right00:48
akgranermhall119,  - Remember I am just a fruit disguised as a vegetable :-P00:49
PendulumI was about to say that I think I'm still working on stuff from UDS a year ago00:50
mhall119I think you're taking the wrong meaning from your own analogy00:50
Pendulumand then I realised I wasn't even joking and I _am_ still working on stuff from UDS a year ago :(00:50
mhall119obviously the tomato was always supposed to be a vegetable, that's what it likes to be, that's what it fits in with, it can't help that it was born a fruit00:50
akgranermhall119,  yeah I am quoting me out of context but I can do that...it's my quote :-P00:50
akgranerPendulum, I am so glad it's not just me :-)00:51
mhall119the geek is the real you00:51
akgranermhall119, shhhhhh - I am not ready to announce that yet...00:51
mhall119man, you're like 2 years too late for that00:51
akgranerdang it...00:52
Pendulumakgraner: I should probably specify I mean Brussels00:52
mhall119that cat's been  out of the bottle for a while now00:52
akgranerPendulum, heck the leadership stuff has been on my list since Dallas - I am glad David is taking the doc and running with it00:52
PendulumI forgot about that00:53
akgranerPendulum, yeah  - I did too...:-P00:53
PendulumI don't think I have anything from Dallas still, other than helping with User Days00:53
Pendulumbut that's a kinda long-term thing anyway00:53
akgranerwhat my forgetfulness - :-)00:54
akgranermhall119, got your paper worked out now?00:54
Pendulumakgraner: UUD. For once not making a joke about you :P00:55
akgranerPendulum, I'm just a sensitive being ya know, hand to make sure...yeah I know - UUD should be long term...00:55
mhall119akgraner: i have an outline00:56
akgranermhall119, sweet!00:57
mhall119i'll be working on the first draft tonight00:57
Pendulumakgraner: would be counterproductive to offend your delicate Southern sensibilities when I'm asking for your help :)00:57
jcastrono way that's the best part!00:57
akgranerjcastro, Bless your heart!  No seriously I mean it...:-)00:58
mhall119shaddup you00:58
mhall119jcastro: there's a 6 month probationary period before you're allowed to start using drawl00:59
jcastrojill referred to it as a "pop" at work00:59
jcastroand they corrected her and told her it was a coke00:59
jcastroeven though it was a pepsi00:59
akgranereverything is coke in the south...00:59
jcastroI told her to lash out and stomp out this grave injustice00:59
mhall119yup, any carbonated drink is a coke00:59
mhall119even clear ones01:00
akgranerpepsi - blasphemy ...01:00
Pendulumakgraner: what about those of us who don't live in the South, but were overexposed to "y'all" so say it anyway?01:02
akgranerPendulum, that is just a beautiful thing!01:03
akgranerand music to my ears01:03
Pendulumakgraner: did I tell you about the girl I went to high school with who in the course of a term got me saying "y'all" just because we had a class together and she was saying it all the time?01:04
akgranereveryone should use y'all and be as sweet as a georgia peach but as poison as the pit :-)01:04
akgranerok I don't mean that :-) but I wanted to use the saying...01:05
mhall119Pendulum: we call that "contaminated"01:05
akgranermhall119, I was thinking "contagious"...01:06
Pendulumso that girl either poisoned me or gave me a virus?01:07
PendulumCan I get rebooted please? :P01:07
Pendulumwell if there's a virus in the system, it only makes sense ;)01:08
* mhall119 needs inspiration01:09
mhall119Pendulum: this ain't some jersey user-space accent01:09
mhall119the south roots you01:09
mhall119you're pwned01:10
akgranermhall119, Bro' Dave used to say - Everything is South of Canada :-)01:11
mhall119cept Russia01:12
mhall119and santa01:12
Pendulumand polar bears01:12
akgranerhe was referencing yankees frowning on southerns :-) and used that to tell that were Southerns too01:13
akgranerdang I can't spell you know what I mean01:13
mhall119I grew up in Miami, then when I was in middle school we move north and got into "the south"01:13
mhall119damn I'm loving U102:08
mhall119akgraner: http://ubuntuone.com/1WdwMZgPBQcs64Qjqtvksx02:08
mhall119start of a draft of an essay02:08
mhall119damn, I'm not going to keep this under 5 pages02:53
* jussi01_ hugs akgraner warmly!!!04:04
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dpmmorning all05:14
ejatmorning dpm06:02
dholbachgood morning06:56
dpmmorning dholbach07:16
dpmhey ejat07:16
nigelb*Yawn* Morning07:16
* ejat hey back to dpm07:17
dpmmorning nigelb07:20
nigelbSleeping at 5 am wasn't great :)07:20
dholbachhey dpm07:20
nigelbHey dholbach :)07:21
dholbachhi nigelb07:22
kim0morning all08:00
czajkowskiday of the RWC :d08:16
popeythe what?08:20
ejatrugby world cup i guess :)08:24
czajkowskipopey: I even did a blog post in its honour yesterday08:26
* popey was of course trolling08:29
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coraxxI think a more worked-out procedure in regards to people who wants to _learn_ how to contribute could be a good thing to develop in the Ubuntu Community. So more and more who have some knowledge of programming can contribute. AND also, so we can get people involved who have hardware that is unsupported...have them run software that can analyze it, for reverse-enginering.13:14
dpmnigelb, we've got an extra uadw session at 21:00 - would you mind updating the classroom calendar? the speaker's nick is donaldcarr_work13:17
nigelbdpm: sure13:19
dpmthanks nigelb :)13:20
nigelbHrm, the logs look odd. Will fix when I get home. In the middle of work right now :)13:21
czajkowskihttp://youtu.be/bMltvlqEM54  :D13:23
jcastronigelb: http://i.stack.imgur.com/N024Y.png15:29
jcastrosomeone made you an ad15:29
nigelbjcastro: woah.15:29
nigelbjcastro: Where'd you find it?15:30
jcastrohtorque made it15:30
jcastrohe's a legend15:30
nigelbThat name sounds very familiar from somewhere.15:30
nigelbAh, yes, #launchpad.15:32
jcastrohe's unity bug hero #115:32
jcastroor, top 515:32
nigelbpleia2: ^^ :)15:33
jcastroI think om26er is #115:33
nigelbom26er should be.15:33
nigelbHe was a legend when I was in bug squad15:33
nigelbSo, I'm thinking of buying the HTC Wildfire S or Samsung Galaxy Ace15:34
nigelbAnyone have any thoughts? :)15:34
jcastroI am waiting for the new nexus15:34
jcastrobeen saving pennies15:34
nigelbI've been saving up any Android phone.15:35
jcastroMy plan is "every other nexus"15:35
jcastroI have the One, skipped the S15:35
jcastroplus it's android, so no matter how new the phone is the battery always only lasts one day15:36
nigelbThe Nexus one is a bit out of my price range15:36
jcastroI was going to just give mine away15:36
jcastroyou want it?15:36
jcastrothe resale on used androids is so horrible15:36
nigelbHow are you gonna get it to me? :)15:37
jcastrowhat, they don't have boxes and shipping in india?15:37
nigelboh, well.15:37
nigelbI'll take it :D15:37
jcastrohah, I'll send you the awesome extended battery I got15:37
jcastroit turns the thing into a monster15:37
nigelbThere's apparently a company which makes monster batteries for android.15:37
jcastroyep, I have one15:38
nigelbI helped organize an Android event in the city, so there was this session where people came out with rants about android15:38
nigelbAnd other people suggest solutions to the rants15:38
jcastroI get visibly angry when talking about android15:38
nigelbI still don't like that android doesn't always "just work"15:40
jcastrothe camera is the worse15:45
jcastroit crashes on me all the time for no reason15:45
nigelbA friend bought a Desire and it crashed on him every few hours.15:46
nigelbHe eventually had to get it replaced.15:46
nigelbWHY can't Android vendors be better.15:47
jcastrothe problem is people think android can fix vendors15:48
jcastrowhich is a nice dream15:48
jcastrobut carriers and phone people will always screw you15:48
jcastrovanilla nexus ftw.15:48
nigelbAmen to that.15:48
mhall119that's why the iphone was such a hit15:48
jcastroa mid/low range android is as horrible as any other crap phone before android15:48
mhall119Apple was better at screwing over carriers than carriers were at screwing over vendors15:49
nigelbAnd, iPhone works out the box!15:49
jcastrothe notable exception is the optimus from LG. I got one for jill, it was $200 (and that's the full price), and it's vanilla android + swype (which is awesome)15:49
jcastroit's like the perfect cheap phone15:49
nigelbIf there's a problem Apply will just replace it for you.15:49
dholbachI'll call it a day - have a great weekend everyone!16:33
Pendulumdholbach: you too!16:34
dholbachbye :)16:34
jcastrohey jono17:00
jonohey jcastro17:00
jcastrono changes to track leads?17:00
jcastroI ask because I got the rooms17:00
jcastroand we have the track names17:00
jonojcastro, just figuring that out now17:00
jcastrothere's nothing stopping us from starting scheduling like, right now if you want17:01
jonojcastro, indeed17:01
jonoI don't think we need to quite yet17:01
jcastrook lmk, I can send the mail whenever17:01
jonolet me finalize the tracks first17:01
* jcastro nods17:01
jonothanks, bro17:01
nigelbjcastro: srsly, start now!17:02
nigelbOh, is it Blueprints time already?17:02
jcastrowell, irregardless people have already started submitting blueprints17:02
jcastrosomeone started a few weeks ago17:02
* popey larts jcastro 17:02
jcastrohi popey17:02
nigelbThis way jono and other track leads gets more time to get more MPs17:02
popeythinking having irregardless on hilight isnt wise17:03
jcastrooh, sorry17:03
jcastroI butcher the queen's english17:03
popeyPip pip!17:03
nigelbjcastro: have you seen smbc lately/17:03
nigelbsorry, theoatmeal17:03
nigelblast one17:03
jcastroI bought his book17:04
nigelbthis is not what I meant17:04
nigelbsecond last17:04
jcastropopey: speaking about the queen's english, I was watching the Naked Gun and thought of you17:05
akgranerjcastro, week has been crazy for me :-) (ok so what else is new) but what still needs to be done for open week  - anything in particular you need me to do?17:14
jcastrojust finding people really17:15
nigelbI volunteered for that.17:15
nigelbjcastro: what kind of talks are you looking for?17:15
jcastroopen week talks17:21
jcastrogeneral usery thing17:21
jcastroer, things17:21
mhall119akgraner: did you see my start of an essay?17:25
popeyjcastro: is there someone British in Naked Gun?17:29
jcastrowith the queen mostly17:29
jcastroand he's announcing his plan17:30
jcastroand he's like "... and although the idea of having a queen might be silly to us ..."17:30
jcastrocracks me off every time17:30
jcastroer, up17:30
* mhall119 thinks you're cracked off17:30
popeyah yes17:30
mhall119jono: we have an RT in with IS to get some monitoring setup on the summit server, since we keep getting out of memory errors on it, is there any way you can escalate that?17:31
mhall119rt 1789517:31
pleia2jcastro: that user days badge rocks!17:42
* pleia2 adds to "promoting" section of UUD wiki17:43
jcastroeasy to modify too17:43
jcastrofor next cycle you just swap out the middle17:43
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays#Promoting :)17:45
jcastrohey nigelb19:00
jcastroor it might be mhall119 or cjohnston19:00
nigelbjcastro: whats up?19:00
jcastrocan we run that script that populates the slots and days and all that stuff?19:00
nigelbyeah, go ahead19:01
nigelbmhall119: ^ get it done!19:01
nigelbHrm, this nice. Only mhall119 has active access :D19:01
mhall119it's not me19:07
mhall119what are we talking about?19:07
nigelbmhall119: init-slots for summit19:08
mhall119wait, why am I doing this?19:08
nigelbbecause you have access?19:08
mhall119not a good reason19:08
nigelbbecause you're awesome and helpful and kind19:08
nigelbmhall119: ^19:09
nigelbif that helps :D19:09
akgranerjcastro, we need a badge for Open Week :-) (yeah I know we talked about it last cycle)19:36
akgranerok  - I mean logo as well :-) but that works too :-P19:37
akgranerhow'd I miss that...:-/19:37
jcastrosomeone just needs to put the thing inside a bubble or something19:38
jcastrothis one is my favorite19:38
mhall119nigelb: flattery will get you nowhere19:40
jcastrosummit. The only thing where people cheer when it's someone else's job to fix something19:41
jcastro"whew, I am glad I don't have access to that machine!"19:41
jcastrowe need taglines for this kind of stuff for the lp pages19:42
jcastroSummit - Proof that people who write init replacements shouldn't write calendar applications19:42
jcastroSummit - Because you hate yourself19:42
jcastroSummit - Because that whole open source things makes it better is a total lie.19:42
nigelbmhall119: :D19:43
jcastroj/k even with the memory thing it's still running way awesomer than it used to19:43
nigelbjcastro: Hey, we made it better in 6 months. Cheers to mhall119 and cjohnston :)19:43
pleia2nigelb: go to bed!19:43
nigelbMy sleep is so messed up!19:43
jcastropost-beta insomnia!19:44
nigelbIts mostly sysadmin insomnia19:44
nigelbIn other good news, 15 launchpad branches to-date now.19:44
pleia2lol sysadmin insomnia19:44
nigelbtis true!19:45
AlanBellit is always funny talking to the barely concious American sysadmins online at breakfast time19:46
nigelbEven funnier is talking to barely conscious Indian sysadmins after an all-nighter19:46
pleia2it's not funny being a barely concious American sysadmin who is online during AlanBell's breakfast time19:46
pleia2(hurricanes ftl)19:47
nigelbWhat is this mod_security and why does my CEO think its *awesome* and he needs it yesterday :/19:47
pleia2nigelb: it is actually awesome19:47
nigelbpleia2: It is? oh.19:47
nigelbDammit. Now I'll end up reading about it for another hour.19:48
jcastroyou know what is awesome and I've been reading about lately19:50
nigelbjcastro: lol.19:52
nigelbMozilla All-hands is on Monday.19:52
nigelbGuess what date most employees fly into US?19:52
nigelbBadly timed. That's going to be one sucky travel :)19:53
jcastroman I hope the airports don't get all nuts19:57
jcastroI hear soon we'll be able to keep our shoes on!19:58
Pendulumjcastro: the only good thing I can definitely say about summit is that it's the only place I've actually ever successfully submitted a patch ;-)20:12
Pendulum(so the only place code I've written exists to the public)20:12
jcastroso I ordered a new camera with dual microphones for noise cancellation20:12
akgranerjcastro, sweet!20:13
Pendulumnice :)20:13
nigelbwow, nice20:13
nigelbbtw, anyone has wireless mics they use with Ubuntu?20:13
nigelbI remember someone telling me about them20:13
akgranerI have wireless headset...but not stand alone mics20:15
nigelbakgraner: that works as well20:15
akgranerone sec I'll get you the link20:15
jcastrobleutooth ones work20:18
akgranerLogitech 68983 LOG981000068 - ClearChat PC Wireless Headset - http://www.amazon.com/LOG981000068-ClearChat-PC-Wireless-Headset/dp/B002U3JP3I20:18
akgranerI like the wireless ones b/c I can get up and walk around if I use the wired ones then I forget and that's not pretty...20:19
nigelbI suck at sleeping :/20:56
jonoduanedesign, all set?20:57
jonoSkype work?20:57
akgranerwoo hoo - Ubuntu Banner just shower up... I wonder if Pete would cringe if he comes home and I have it hanging up in the house...21:03
akgranernot shower... dang it21:03
jonoduanedesign, you there?21:03
jonocall time21:03
Piciakgraner: so that means you're going to do it?21:04
* jono kicks in the five minute rule21:04
mhall119I was gonna say, that's improper use of a banner21:04
nigelbjono: technically 5 minutes is over :P21:04
akgranerPici :-)21:04
akgranerI gotta take a pic for the team ya know21:04
mhall119nigelb: he's on California time, it's different21:04
nigelbslower? :P21:04
cjohnstonjust like a new york minute is different than everyone elses minute, right mhall119 ?21:06
nigelbgreg-g: I was just about to wonder if anyone heard anything about you ;)21:16
greg-gnigelb: wait, what did I do? :)21:17
nigelbgreg-g: well, post the move. I just saw an fb post :)21:17
greg-gahhhh, gotcha21:18
cjohnstoninteresting track names21:18
nigelbjcastro: we need to do the css fixing dance again :(21:21
jcastrogreg-g: your craigslist post is awesome21:21
nigelb<style>.loco-columns {height: 2em;}</style>21:22
nigelbon http://uds.ubuntu.com/tracks/21:22
greg-gjcastro: thanks :) Carrie mostly wrote it21:22
jcastronigelb: ok refresh21:24
jcastrodoesn't look quite right21:24
nigelblooks better, but not yet okay :(21:25
nigelbjcastro: can't do much. But at least its much better than before.21:26
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