* cjwatson has about his fifteenth go at this partman-crypto patch11:41
cjwatsonon the upside I think the code change is now getting smaller11:41
cjwatsonoho!  a correct /etc/crypttab.  progress12:45
CIA-117partman-crypto: cjwatson * r715 ubuntu/ (79 files in 8 dirs):13:15
CIA-117partman-crypto: Add an "Activate existing encrypted volumes" option to the13:15
CIA-117partman-crypto: partman-crypto main menu. If selected, this searches for existing13:15
CIA-117partman-crypto: volumes, and for each one prompts for its passphrase and attempts to13:15
CIA-117partman-crypto: open it; it then returns directly to the partitioning menu (closes:13:15
CIA-117partman-crypto: #451535, LP: #420080).13:15
CIA-117partman-crypto: cjwatson * r716 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 47ubuntu313:16
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