dholbachgood morning06:57
czajkowskiAloha 08:19
trinikronoalo o/09:11
paultagdholbach: RE yesterday, I only saw you asking about the w.u.c/BuildingCommunity/RunningReleaseParty after you left -- despite the clunky name, that's the current link11:13
dholbachpaultag, excellent - thanks :)11:13
dholbachI linked to in my development update blogpost11:13
paultagah, sure sure11:13
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mhall119bonjour and good morning11:53
mhall119hey paultag, did you see http://www.stgraber.org/2011/09/08/install-multiple-version-of-the-same-package-and-avoid-filesystem-conflicts/12:46
paultagmhall119: no, but it looks cute12:49
mhall119stgraber does some cool stuff12:54
head_victimAnyone already aware of some loco.u.c meetings that occured in the past having duplicated the agenda?13:13
mhall119head_victim: yes13:16
mhall119I sent a couple emails to loco-contacts about it13:16
head_victimAh not actual meetings, agenda items within the one meeting13:16
head_victimUnless I read the email wrong13:16
mhall119we lost about a week's worth of data, and when restorting it some things were duplicated13:16
head_victimI figured it would be related. Sorry I thought it only duped meetings and events not items within the one event. It's no biggie just was asked the question so I thought I'd confirm it.13:17
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