sn0w75Hey all, I just dropped in to say: I love what you guys have done with Thunderbird integration into ubuntu 11.10. ^.^00:46
micahgsn0w75: that's chrisccoulson and m_conley_away01:10
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ashams_Hello, I'm trying to fix this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/language-pack-cy/+bug/62884003:05
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 628840 in language-pack-cy "Typo in firefox password preferences" [Undecided,In progress]03:05
ashams_and the mentioned typo is not in the suggested pkg03:06
ashams_I searched for the both words, and even the english translation03:07
ashams_Now I susbect the pkg03:07
ashams_If anyone is researching the bug, please tell me!03:24
ashams_Ok, I gtg, sorry, I'll be here later03:27
joeleskochrisccoulson: Thanks for the info. I was trying the firefox and then switched to the thunderbird after chatting with micahg04:30
joeleskoI really appreicate you explaining why you pull the source code instead of the just the source tars04:32
joeleskoI'm hoping to have a tested version done this weekend04:33
micahgjoelesko: that's great, I hope to be caught up enough by mid-week to review/sponsor it04:34
joeleskomicahg: thanks. I had a bunch of catchup to get seamonkey caught up to where thunderbird is.04:35
joeleskoI looked at the i10 stuff and the unity patches some today and realized it was going to take a little more time.04:37
micahgI know, I think I was the last one to touch it, and that was at the end of natty04:37
joeleskoI plan on starting with what you have for thunderbird and getting that to work. I like how everything is now in the same build package.04:38
micahgpart of the reason I haven't updated it is due to the amount of changes necessary to get it working04:38
micahgyeah, that would be great04:38
joeleskoI understand now after seeing what goes into the other mozilla packages.04:39
joeleskoI'm sure I'll have more questions and I finally found a decent irc client that stays connected.04:40
micahgjoelesko: cool, I used pidgin before, now xchat, once seamonkey's updated, you could use chatzilla :)04:40
joeleskoI think they dropped chatzilla.04:41
joeleskoQuassel is really nice04:41
micahgjoelesko: between chrisccoulson and myself there's usually only a few hours a day where one of us isn't online04:41
micahgat least during the work week04:42
joeleskoI see that. I have time at nights and early mornings and weekends04:42
micahgso, feel free to ask questions whenever, if we're not around, we'll get back to you04:42
* micahg is quite curious to see how seamonkey 2.3.3 does against firefox/thunderbird 604:43
joeleskothanks. this is very helpful to me and  I hope we will get seamonkey back up to date again.04:43
joeleskoThere are 2 reason I like seamonkey so much. 1) everything in one package and program. 2) send this page as email04:45
micahgyeah, I used to pine for Seamonkey catching up with Firefox/Thunderbird due to a lack of RAM, I no longer have that issue, but am still curious as to what the savings would be04:46
joeleskoI'm happy with how fast they are starting to update seamonkey. It used to be way behind compared to Firefox/Thunderbird04:48
micahgI think rapid release is benefitting Seamonkey tremendously04:49
micahgCallek is doing an awesome job cranking out those releases04:49
joeleskoI plan on getting the initial build done without the patches. Once that is done I will need some help understanding what the patches do so I can test them properly.04:50
micahgwell, some of them will be obsolete, some help Seamonkey actually build, some are Ubuntu specific04:50
joeleskoI saw messages a while ago where you were talking about some of the unity intergration.04:51
joeleskoThat sounded like it would be difficult to maintain.04:51
micahgwell, it should be the same code as Firefox/Thunderbird, chrisccoulson would just have to land it 3 places instead of 2 if we succeed in keeping it up to date04:52
micahgmaybe it can make it upstream eventually04:53
joeleskoeventually would be nice04:53
micahgjoelesko: eventually, if you want, we can get you rights to upload seamonkey to the archive for the dev release if you're interested04:54
joeleskothat would be great. thanks.04:57
joeleskoWhat did chrisccoulson mean with "and you'd need to update ALL_LOCALES, SHIPPED_LOCALES and VERSION_FILE to their seamonkey equivalents"04:58
micahgcriteria are:  6+ months of sustained contribution and good working knowledge of the packaging for the package in question04:58
micahgjoelesko: probably variables somewhere in the packaging pointing to the upstream repo04:58
joeleskomicahg: I don't think that will be a problem with the time and contributions as I really like Ubuntu and seamonkey.04:59
micahgjoelesko: I'm not worried, just letting you know05:00
* micahg will also be on the DMB starting Monday hopefully05:03
joeleskochrisccoulson:  could use a little help with the l10n stuff.08:09
joeleskothe 'ka' locales is in the all-locales files, but it does not support a tag for seamonkey.08:11
joeleskoin the config directory there is a file locales.blacklist and I thought I could add it there, but that didn't work08:12
chrisccoulsonhi joelesko08:13
chrisccoulsonwhich branch of seamonkey is this?08:13
joeleskohi chrisccoulson08:13
joeleskoI was working on SEAMONKEY_2_3_3_RELEASE08:13
joeleskoL10N_REPO = http://hg.mozilla.org/releases/l10n/mozilla-release08:13
chrisccoulsonthe script should just omit the ka translations from the tarball if that is the case. is it doing something different?08:14
joeleskoIt gets to ka and then gets an error because there is no tag in it for Seamonkey08:14
chrisccoulson1 second08:15
joeleskoRunning hg update -r SEAMONKEY_2_3_3_RELEASE08:15
joeleskoabort: unknown revision 'SEAMONKEY_2_3_3_RELEASE'!08:15
chrisccoulsoni think i pushed a fix for that yesterday08:15
chrisccoulsonthe intention is that it will just skip ka and omit it from the tarball08:15
chrisccoulsonas it's not actually a shipped locale, that doesn't actually matter08:15
joeleskoThat's what I was hoping for.08:15
chrisccoulson(and we do a check later on to ensure that all locales that are intended to be shipped are actually present in the tarball)08:15
joeleskoAfter the abort, I get ***Checking that required locales are present***08:16
joeleskobe - Yes08:16
chrisccoulsonalthough, that commit contains another unrelated tidy up08:16
chrisccoulsonbut that fixes it08:16
chrisccoulsonthe issue is that we were catching the exception outside of the for loop, which doesn't work :)08:17
joeleskoDo you define DEBIAN_TAG in the rules file?08:19
chrisccoulsonno, i pass that manually when creating a release tarball08:20
chrisccoulsonfor creating the nightlies, we don't pass that08:20
joeleskoin the environment?08:20
chrisccoulsonjoelesko, debian/rules get-orig-source DEBIAN_TAG=SEAMONKEY_2_3_3_RELEASE will work08:21
joeleskoThanks. That makes life much easier08:21
chrisccoulsondo you use LOCAL_BRANCH too?08:21
chrisccoulsonto avoid downloading the whole repo each time ;)08:21
joeleskoYes on LOCAL_BRANCH. I just put  it in the rules for now till I was able to chat with you.08:22
chrisccoulsonah, ok. yeah, that would work08:23
joeleskoI know it needs to be pulled before sending the package up. I will just do a wrapper script.08:25
joeleskochrisccoulson: Now I'm getting: main__.MissingLocaleError: Locale ar is missing from the source tarball08:27
chrisccoulson_joelesko, did you update everything in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/thunderbird/thunderbird-trunk.head/view/head:/debian/build/create-tarball to point to the seamonkey equivalents?08:29
chrisccoulson_(particularly, SHIPPED_LOCALES)08:29
chrisccoulson_it doesn't look like ar is shipped by seamonkey, so you shouldn't see that error08:30
chrisccoulson_heh :)08:33
joeleskoI copied the new create-tarball without changing the parameters08:33
chrisccoulson_ah, that would be why :)08:33
joeleskoI really like that these scripts are in python. Much easier for me.08:34
joeleskoperl has not been one of my favorites08:34
joeleskochrisccoulson_: guess what I have?08:37
joeleskoThat part looks good, now I better get some sleep.08:38
joeleskochrisccoulson_:  thanks for the help08:38
chrisccoulson_joelesko, you're welcome. thanks for working on it :)08:47
Pallavi hello everyone.. in the souce code of remove duplicate mails, which is in javascript, i made a change in it. how do i add it in thunderbird?09:05
Pallavii have started coding, but can't go ahead. please help.09:09
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ashamsHey Guys11:24
ashamsI need help with this bu to fix11:24
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 628840 in language-pack-cy "Typo in firefox password preferences" [Undecided,In progress]11:24
ashamsI can't find the mentioned word, that has the typo11:24
micahgashams: before attempting to fix, you might want to see if it's fixed in Firefox 6 or later11:33
ashamsmicahg: aha, Thanks for the tip, I'll get back to the reporter to see if he can reproduce11:34
ashamsmicahg: Thanks :D11:34
micahgashams: well, Firefox 6 is only in a PPA for Lucid ATM11:35
ashamsmicahg: Yes, you're right, the translation data has been updated after the report :D11:38
ashamsSo, it's nw fixed11:38
ashamsmicahg: thnx11:39
micahgashams: fixed where?11:39
ashamsmicahg: seems to be upstream11:39
micahgok, please note the version if known so the user can figure out when to expect the fix11:40
ashamsmicahg: he uses lucid11:43
micahgno, I mean the version it's fixed in :)11:43
ashamsmicahg: it's fixed in Oneric, after firfox 6, but it seems that lucid has an old version?11:45
micahgyes, we're still waiting to see what happens with the 3.6.x branch and/or an upstream LTS type release, so you can say confirmed fixed with firefox 7, lucid will eventually get an update, we're just not sure when and to what11:47
ashamsmicahg: So, the problem is not ours now. Ok, I hope we get updates soon.11:53
micahgashams: well, it is ours, but it's on hold :)12:03
ashamsmicahg: Hey, Thank you :D12:18
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chrisccoulsonhmmm, this is where i could really use a working JS debugger :)16:32
joeleskochrisccoulson: good day.16:44
joeleskoHow do you determine what goes into the <project>.install.in file?16:46
joeleskoI have seamonkey building and want to make sure all the files get included. It put all files under the lib directory into the package.16:47
joeleskochrisccoulson: nevermind, I think I got it.17:20
chrisccoulsonjoelesko, sorry, was a bit busy there17:40
chrisccoulsonthe best bet is to probably do a build first, and see what files come out of it17:40
chrisccoulsonbut i imagine it won't be that much different from thunderbird17:40
chrisccoulsonm_conley, i just wrote a small JS module to handle the loading of libraries and lazy binding of symbols with ctypes :)17:42
chrisccoulsonbased a little bit on http://hg.mozilla.org/users/mozilla_kewis.ch/eds-provider/file/2b846300413a/modules/libecal.jsm17:42
m_conleyoh, that's handy17:42
chrisccoulsoni've already got a patch to switch the messagingmenu extension to use it. it cuts the code size down considerably :)17:42
chrisccoulsonit also gives access to an ABI member, so that you can adjust the symbols you load, if you want to support multiple ABI's17:43
chrisccoulsonwhich might be useful for us :)17:44
m_conleyyeah, absolutely!17:44
m_conleynice work! :)17:44
chrisccoulsonm_conley, as an example - http://paste.ubuntu.com/686045/ versus http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~extension-hackers/messagingmenu-extension/trunk/view/head:/modules/LibDbusmenu.jsm17:46
m_conleyOh, that's just lovely17:48
m_conleyyes yes yes17:48
m_conleyneeded this 3 months ago. :)17:48
m_conleyThat's a nice design.17:48
chrisccoulsonm_conley, i'm not sure if you're aware, but if you commit something to bzr which fixes a bug, you can add --fixes lp:###### when you do bzr commit, and launchpad will automatically link the commit to the bug report17:59
m_conleychrisccoulson: oh, that's handy - thanks17:59
m_conleyNo, I wasn't aware. :)17:59
iGadgethi all18:58
iGadgetperhaps I've missed it, but has a decision been made yet on the provided calendar solution for oneiric?18:59
iGadgetwill it be Sunbird? Lighting? Something else?18:59
chrisccoulsonm_conley, what do you think about putting the messagingmenu on to a.m.o?19:21
chrisccoulsonthere's already an older version on there isn't there?19:21
m_conleychrisccoulson: there is, yes19:21
m_conleychrisccoulson: the idea is fine with me.  I'll update it later today.  :)19:22
chrisccoulsonm_conley, thanks19:22
chrisccoulsoni've pushed some more fixes that prevent it from breaking thunderbird if any other libs are missing now :)19:22
chrisccoulsoni noticed when i removed anything other than libunity, i got an empty window  on startup19:23
chrisccoulsonm_conley, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~extension-hackers/messagingmenu-extension/trunk/revision/73 and http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~extension-hackers/messagingmenu-extension/trunk/revision/74 fix that19:23
chrisccoulsonbasically, throwing on a document load handler is bad :)19:23
m_conleyha, yes, makes sense.  :)19:24
micahgiGadget: sunbird isn't maintained upstream, calendaring has been postponed to P AFAIK19:51
iGadgetmicahg: well... that's quite a gamble then. Introducing it in an LTS release without a previous release to iron out all the issues :(20:46
iGadgetanyway... I'm off. 'Night all20:47
micahgiGadget: I just work here :), I don't make the calls20:47
iGadgetI hear 'ya... been there, done that ;)20:48
iGadgetAnyway, I'm looking forward to having T'Bird in Oneiric. Keep up the good work!20:48
iGadget... & g'night!20:49
micahgchrisccoulson: m_conley ^^ that praise is for you :)20:51
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