tgm4883nooneami, enable it an upgrade?00:37
nooneamitgm4883: I could do that, but checking to see if anyone has had good/bad experiences with moving to it yet. Since it is still pre-release.00:42
tgm4883nooneami, not sure, I'm not on it01:13
dekarl_afknooneami: if you have to ask that it's better to stay away from master until it's released... It's broken / fixed on and off so you have to watch closely when to upgrade and can gain/lose various functions anytime.03:44
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louisdkHi. I've reported a bug 2 months ago (814105) however nobody has reacted on it yet. How can I get someone to look at it? It would be nice if is was fixed before the release of Mythbuntu 11.10.16:43
tgm4883louisdk, hmm, that looks like it might be a mythtv bug, but I don't know enough about that feature to diagnose16:46
louisdkI'll install Mythtv under Debian testing and see how mythnetvision works there.17:07
tgm4883louisdk, ok, I've attempted asking in #mythtv-users, but haven't gotten a response17:08
louisdktogm4883, Okey. Thanks.17:24
OnigiriIs there some way with the livecd to determine if my receiver with a firewire port is going to work before I install the os on the machine?23:29
OnigiriSince I'd rather not buy an extra hard drive just to see if it will work.23:29

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