mneptokah, 'tis in the kernel itself.00:00
cwillu_at_workI don't feel the problem is offering it, but offering it as a "supported target" rather than "for experimental use"00:00
cwillu_at_work!info btrfs-tools00:00
ubottubtrfs-tools (source: btrfs-tools): Checksumming Copy on Write Filesystem utilities. In component main, is optional. Version 0.19+20100601-3ubuntu2 (natty), package size 677 kB, installed size 1352 kB00:00
cwillu_at_workis also a year out of date :p00:00
mneptokthe Ubuntu kernel is compiled with btrfs support built-in. this means anyone experiencing issues can get a support contract from Canonical and have a guarantee that the company will fix their problems.00:01
elkyGiven the kinds of things that debut on LTS releases, nothing surprises me anymore.00:01
rwwooo, maybe btrfs by default is the ridiculous inclusion for 12.0400:01
cwillu_at_workwell, that was all.  I'll be sure to point any ubuntu users at a canonical support contract :p00:03
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ubottusoreau called the ops in #ubuntu (ben_stein)01:45
ubottusoreau called the ops in #ubuntu (ben_stein)02:03
ubottuxangua called the ops in #ubuntu (ben_stein)02:03
rwwdealing with ^02:04
rwwor I guess elky can :P02:04
elkyincoming possibly02:04
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ubottuIn #ubuntu-irc, rww said: !forget alsa-source04:44
rwwubottu: </304:44
ubottuThe operation succeeded.04:45
MyrttiI just give up07:07
rwwdon't say that. I said that and they went and opered me07:07
Myrttiyeah well they know if similar thing is done to me I'll buckle under the weight07:08
bazhang<tuxlinginx> auronandace: to dive after osama, isn't it obvious08:58
MyrttiI'm just seeing asdjaputra giving weird instructions in #u about www-data and /var/www09:11
bazhanghe's all over the place09:11
Myrttiam I interpreting it right as weird, or do I need more coffee?09:11
bazhangwell both09:12
bazhangright, and more coffee09:12
* Tm_T hides09:12
MyrttiI think he's muddled the water so bad now I can't help the situation09:12
oCeanoh my, that's quite a mess09:15
bazhang<transformers_> where is the girls ? in #kubuntu09:17
bazhangfor five nanoseconds09:36
oCeanquo vadis ubottu09:49
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Mamaroktransformers in #kubuntu should be watched, I'm in the middle of a translation10:26
Mamarokikonia: I'm more worried about him posting erotic stuff in these websites, as he announced earlier10:32
ikoniayes, as am I10:32
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ikonia@mark #ubuntu hideho - a known problem user, asking questions in ubuntu thinking he knows better then mocking the advice he gets (which was correct) in #puppylinux11:50
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:50
Tm_Terr, mocking or the advice was correct? (:12:05
ikoniaTm_T: yes, he's THAT stupid12:11
marienzwas that Lars again?12:22
marienzerr, wait, puppy. Nevermind, wrong distro.12:22
ikoniaha ha12:23
Piciwhich is better, puppy or ubuntu?12:23
ikonianot lars, another long term fool but with different motives12:23
ikoniaPici: you won't believe it but that question was part of his troll in #puppylinux12:23
elkysounds like the guy who comes into a lug channel i'm in and talks about how puppylinux is the most secure linux because it lets you be root.12:29
ikoniaelky: I'm sure you remember him as meowbuntu12:29
Tm_Toh, this case12:29
ikoniahe knows nothing and everything he says is "fact"12:30
elkyremember the nick, not the actions12:30
bazhangitsmeagain et al12:30
elkyoh. him.12:30
ikoniathat's him12:30
ikoniahe has to change his nickname as once everyone relaises how stupid he is in terms of linux experience he's mocked out of the channel12:30
elkyi don't remember sacrificing baby seals. what did we do to earn this?12:30
ikoniahe was on a long long term ban due to his behaviour, I removed it, so he's come back12:30
ikoniathat's all12:31
elkysounds like it's time it went back on12:31
ikoniaI'd spoke to him a while ago and hoped it had changed, so removed the ban12:31
ikoniaI was wrong, so put it back on12:31
Picibazhang: thanks12:35
bazhangPici, bit unlike iceroot to get so offtopic12:38
ikoniaKoheleth: hi15:11
Kohelethbit harsh15:11
ikoniaKoheleth: I suggest you come back in 24 hours when you are sobre and we'll remove the ban15:11
Kohelethok, what have I done wrong?15:12
Kohelethjust having a laugh in off topic15:12
ikoniaKoheleth: well, drunk people can't control themselves and you comaplining about being drunk isn't really something we want to see15:12
ikoniaKoheleth: so I suggest you come back when you are sober and participate normally15:12
KohelethI have done anything wrong tho15:12
Kohelethnot rude or anything15:13
ikoniaKoheleth: I've just explained that15:13
ikoniaKoheleth: you're welcome back in 24 hours when you've sobered up15:13
Kohelethjust having a laugh as I hemp Ubuntu with 11.1015:13
ikoniaKoheleth: speak to you in 24 hours, bye15:13
Kohelethyour wrong15:13
ikoniaok, we'll discuss it in 24 hours15:14
Kohelethdrunk tomorrow as well ;)15:14
ikoniaplease come back in 24 hours and I'll remove the ban, and we'll discuss it if you want to15:14
ikoniaKoheleth: ok, then come back in 36 hours15:14
Kohelethbad day for you eh15:14
ikonianot at all15:14
ikoniaKoheleth: speak to you in 36 hours15:15
Kohelethpower eh15:15
KohelethI did not reply after nope15:15
ikoniaKoheleth: we'll discuss it in 36 hours, this is the last time I'll say it15:15
ikoniaok, bye15:16
KohelethI have done nothing wrong15:16
Kohelethjust chat in off topic15:16
ikoniaplease leave this channel and come back in 36 hours15:16
Kohelethikonia:  give it a break15:16
ikoniaKoheleth: you're drunk - come back in 36 hours15:16
ikoniadrunk on IRC is not something we want in the channels15:16
KohelethHow do you know I am drunk, tryping seems ok15:17
ikoniayou told me you are drunk15:17
ikoniayou bragged about it15:17
ikoniaso, speak to you in 36 hours, please leave now.15:17
KohelethI am also a shemale who is randy as hell, you believe that?$15:17
ikoniathat doesn't have an effect on the chanel15:18
Kohelethgive me a break15:18
ikoniaKoheleth: if you're telling lies about being drunk, that's your own issue15:18
ikoniawe are done now. bye15:18
Kohelethwhat subjects have I talked about tho have been a cause od offense,15:18
ikoniaKoheleth: I'm discussing this any more with you while you are drunk.15:19
KohelethIts about the 5th time ypu have finished with me15:19
KohelethI am not drunk15:19
ikoniaKoheleth: then you shouldn't lie and pretend/act like you are15:19
Kohelethjust having a laugh15:19
IdleOneKoheleth: your general behavior in the channel and tendency to be annoying is what you did wrong. Please take a 36 hour break like ikonia has asked and think about how you can better fit into #ubuntu-offtopic.15:19
Kohelethsry anyway15:19
IdleOneKoheleth: Please part now.15:20
KohelethI use Ubuntu, helping 11.10 what else you want me to do fo to fedora or suse or something?15:20
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-offtopic Koheleth removed for being drunk, claimed not to be drunk, so started pm'ing abuse in pm to me15:24
ubottuThe operation succeeded.15:24
mneptok-.-. --- --- .-..15:50
mneptokben_stein: you were banned from Ubuntu yesterday, and asked to join here if you had questions17:23
mneptokben_stein: connecting with a different hostmask and re-joining is considered ban evasion, and is against Freenode policy17:23
ben_steinit was unintentional17:24
ben_steini shall leave then17:24
mneptokso, would you like to diiscuss the reasons for the ban?17:24
mneptokuh ... okee17:24
Myrttihi alkafoo, how may we help you?17:25
mneptok11:25 [Freenode] [msg(ben_stein)] if you would like to discuss the ban, you can do so in #ubuntu-ops at any time17:26
alkafooI was curious about how long ben_stein's ban was17:26
mneptok11:25 [Freenode] [msg(ben_stein)] but i have to go perform banking missions. bleh.17:26
mneptokalkafoo: not something we discuss except with ben_stein17:26
alkafoobut presumably it was set to expire?17:26
mneptokalkafoo: and please ask me befoe PMing17:26
h00kalkafoo: that's something we discuss with ben_stein17:27
alkafooI'll try to remember to, should I want to talk to you about something again17:27
mneptokalkafoo: anything else? we have a "no idling" policy.17:27
alkafooh00k: okay17:27
alkafoonope, that's all I was curious about17:27
* mneptok goes to perform said banking missions17:28
rwwSomeone just PM spammed me because I permabanned them from #ubuntu-offtopic. They didn't happen to mention who the heck they are. This seems a bit useless of them.18:45
Picitsk tsk18:46
Jordan_Urww: Obviously you should just know who someone as clearly important as they are is.18:55
IdleOneare as is was they18:56
mneptokthey are as it is was18:57
Jordan_UI believe my sentence was correct, if not clear.18:57
Piciclear as mud18:58
IdleOneit was and is correct as is18:58
rwwI read it fine :(18:58
PiciI can read it fine too, it just doesn't make sense.18:58
mneptokwhy the trailing "is?"18:58
Jordan_UBecause rww should know who this important person is.18:59
IdleOneand was18:59
mneptok"you should just know someone who, as clearly important as they are, is."18:59
rwws/someone who/who someone/19:00
Myrttiit's good that the native speakers are having trouble19:00
mneptokmy wife just remotely triggered my "Pedant Jerk" electric ankle bracelet19:00
MyrttiI don't feel inferior now19:00
rwwMyrtti: I'm not having trouble. BOW DOWN TO MEEEEEE19:00
mneptokrww: your shoe's untied.19:01
rwwi'm not wearing shoes :,19:01
mneptokthat's why it's untied.19:01
IdleOneget your feet off the table.19:01
Jordan_Urww: All of the shoes you are wearing are untied. And likely the ones you aren't wearing too.19:01
Myrttiapart from popey19:02
Myrttiand elky19:02
Piciand ubottu19:02
rwwIdleOne: I'm still in bed :(19:02
IdleOnelazy much?19:03
rwwIdleOne: yes.19:03
IdleOneyou schooling full time now?19:03
rwwIdleOne: yup. no class on Fridays :D19:03
Myrttialso: MARMITE19:03
IdleOnegreat day to have off19:03
* popey cuddles Myrtti 19:28
mneptokhey! none of that! i laid first claim!19:30
mneptokMyrtti, popey is MINE19:30
rwwmneptok: boys are not land :(19:30
* mneptok puts popey back in the gunnysack19:31
mneptokrww: the New mexico state flag sticking out of popeys chest would say otherwise19:31
Myrttimneptok: I lubs you too19:32
* mneptok purrs contentedly19:33
mneptokMyrtti: if you ever want to cure yourself of such affections, let's meet in person ;)19:33
popeyNow now ladies, there's plenty of popey to go round.19:44
popeyMore to people who feed me vodka of course..19:44
mneptokpopey: i don't know who you are, but what have you done with the real salmiakkikossu-hating popey?19:45
* Myrtti makes a mental note of packing tar schnapps in her bag for next UK trip19:45
* popey googl0rs19:46
popey"I drank tar schnapps. Yes, tar. Very bacon like.19:46
popeyRuh Roh!19:46
Myrttiwe had a bbq in the summer with loads of NSN people from all over the world, and they seemed to like it19:46
Myrttimuch more so than salmari19:46
popeymust be good then!19:47
* rww turns his head upside down19:47
* Pici turns his monitor upside down19:48
* Myrtti turns his computer upside down19:48
rwwI KNEW IT19:48
pleia2mneptok: that won't do, it's full19:49
mneptokpleia2: the IV drip is somewhat slow19:49
mneptokpleia2: http://www.taurususa.com/product-details.cfm?id=717&category=Pistol&toggle=&breadcrumbseries=19:51
* mneptok saw that at the gun shop, and *almost* said "f* it. i know she'll buy it off me."19:52
mneptokit's cute. it's pink. it's deadly.  <--- title of you memoirs?19:59
pleia2mneptok :)20:02
Myrttimmmm brain food20:03
Myrttithere we go20:04
Myrttidistracted by döner kebab20:04
Myrttialso, may I suggest for friends of salmari, Fisu: vodka and Fisherman's friend20:05
Picisilly users20:51
mneptoksilly users. kicks are for kids!22:30
ubuntuweeeeee__ikonia keeps gayly hitting on me and kicking me from a channel23:03
ubuntuweeeeee__i don't want him to suck me thats gay23:04
bazhangubuntuweeeeee__, better not ban evade then23:04
ikoniabazhang: ignore, I'll get someone to remove him, it's a pointless discussion23:04
ubuntuweeeeee__ban me all you want23:04
ubuntuweeeeee__i can come back all i want23:04
ikoniaI don't think so23:04
ubuntuweeeeee__i shall now forever bother you23:04
ubuntuweeeeee__you banned me 4 times23:05
ubuntuweeeeee__i'm still back?23:05
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!23:05
ubottubazhang called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()23:05
ikoniaI'd put the ban I put in #ubuntu for a short while23:06
mneptokwant me to call SWBell and report the abuse? costs me nothing but time.23:06
ikoniamneptok: it will go in 15 minutes, it's not a long term issue23:07
ikoniajust a kid acting up23:07
ikoniait's not like bacta or someone who's persistant23:07
IdleOnemneptok: might be worth asking them to call and speak to his mommy about the report of abuse they received from IRC23:08
IdleOnethat would scare him lol23:08
mneptoklet's see if we can get someone's TV privileges revoked23:09
IdleOneThis is why you dfon't let your kids have computers in their room.23:11
mneptokugh. it's all AT&T.23:11
mneptokit will take me 30 minutes just to find someone that knows what an IP address is23:11
mneptokfaster pussycat! thrill! thrill!23:15
IdleOneyou miss out on a lot of insults mneptok23:37
IdleOneshould join us in our super not-so-secret channel23:37
bazhangikonia, nonsense is de rigeur in there23:44
ikoniaI'm certainly not pusing more in there23:45
bazhangbetter there than the main channel.23:45
ikoniabetter just gone23:45
bazhangrww the madonna troll23:46
ikoniabeing a fool in #gentoo too23:46
ikoniaand ##windows23:46
bazhangmultiple channels trolling23:46

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