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jamespagehello - do I need a FFE to get a package removed from the archive?  I need todo some re-jigs first but euca moving out of main means I can do a bit of housekeeping...12:07
dokojamespage, which one?12:18
jamespagedoko: libcommons-fileupload-java-universe - libcommons-fileupload-java is now in universe so we can drop the -universe version and restore its full feature set with a sync from debian12:19
jamespagedoko: Documenting here - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libcommons-fileupload-java/+bug/84554112:20
ubot4Launchpad bug 845541 in solr (Ubuntu) (and 5 other projects) "Remove libcommons-fileupload-java-universe from the Oneiric archive (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New]12:20
dokojamespage, once it's not built anymore it will show up in NBS12:20
cjwatsonremovals don't typically require FFEs anyway, no12:20
dokopitti: FFE above ^^^12:21
dokoso, is ubuntuone-couch now wanted in main?12:23
pittijamespage: this sounds fine, removing duplicate sources is really cleanup and not a feature12:23
jamespagepitti: OK - but I do need a couple of FFE's to support this removal - re-syncs from Debian12:23
jamespagetesting and documenting ATM12:23
pittidoko: it's an rrecommends of deja-dup, so I guess yes12:24
dokopitti, but we did move the rest out of main ...12:25
pittidoko: did we?12:25
pittiI thought it's back12:25
pittiU1 really ought to be in main12:25
pittidesktopcouch, ubuntuone-client etc. are all in main12:25
dokoinsighttoolkit built on powerpc, five more days now on armel ...12:27
pittithat's bigger than kernel and LibO together, isn't it?12:29
pittimust be a helluva tib12:29
dokoahh, bug 84499512:29
ubot4Launchpad bug 844995 in python-couchdb (Ubuntu) (and 4 other projects) "Archive demotion to universe (affects: 1) (heat: 12)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84499512:29
dokopitti: couchdb, not ubuntuone12:31
dokopitti: thanks for taking the ladvd ftbfs ;-P12:42
pittidoko: two tests fail, they look a bit weird (it's trying a chroot() call); if they fail on the buildds as well, I'll have a closer look12:43
pittigearmand built fine here, so I synced Debian's version as there is no delta any more12:43
pittiand I removed python-event; FUBAR, and no rdepends12:43
dokopitti, they did12:43
pittithat should take care of the libevent-1.4-2 ones12:43
pittidoko: ah, interestingly the chroot() one passed on the buildds12:44
pittiso I'll examine the http one12:44
pittidoko: BTW, I followed up to the ptlib/opal bug, asking for other release team member opinions; either we update the whole stack or remove them all12:46
cjwatsonI'd rather not have to remove ekiga frankly12:47
pittime neither12:47
cjwatsonit may be a bit weird and shonky sometimes but it's definitely used12:47
pittiI had used it for years without much problem12:47
pittithese days I prefer empathy, but according to the changelog it's still quite alive12:47
pittiI just don't feel unbiased enough any more to say "let's update it all"12:48
tumbleweedsorry I totally dropped the ball on that, thanks for looking at it. It looked like updating the whole stack would do the trick12:48
pittitumbleweed: yes, I followed up there some hours ago; it took the better part of my morning, but I have all packages ready for upload now12:48
ScottKIt would be good to have Daviey check out the asterix aspect of it.12:48
pittithe main risk here AFAICS is breakig asterisk due to the new spandsp12:49
ScottKFortunately we know someone who's very familiar with the package.12:49
pittithat version is in unstable, of course, so I'd think that asterisk breakage would have been detected there12:49
pittibut better checking twice at this point12:49
dokojamespage,  libcommons-fileupload-java synced12:51
jamespagedoko: thanks12:54
jamespagehrm - although I think that needed a FFE ack from ubuntu-release as its a minor version upgrade12:55
jamespageplus it generates a new -java-doc package for the API documentation which is now in NEW12:56
cjwatsonjamespage: you only need an FFE if there are new features in that minor version upgrade, not just because of the version change12:58
dokojamespage, hmm sorry, had the impression pitti had given one12:58
jamespagecjwatson: ah-ha - I missed that point of detail - thanks for clarifying12:59
cjwatsonpitti: non-binding opinion :-) added to the bug13:01
jamespagedoko: so that sync was OK - my mistake13:01
cjwatson(as in, probably worth giving other people a chance to respond)13:01
jamespagedoko: with that new nugget of information I don't believe the minor version upgrade to libspring-java needs an FFE either - great13:02
jamespagewell at least I tested it well and learn't something new today :-)13:03
pitticjwatson: *nod*13:14
dokopitti: is calling dpkg-gensymbols -c4 really a good idea for an 48h building package like webkit?13:18
pittiwell, wasn't my idea :) but in general I do -c4 in my packages as well13:21
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cyphermox_fyi, I'd like to upload the release tarballs of 0.9.0 for the different vpn plugins (vpnc, openconnect). They are all just bugfix. mostly making sure all strings are translatable (the translations should already be available, just not getting used in code)15:51
cyphermox_openvpn needs an update too bug that one will get a UIFE, since there is one extra combo15:52
ScottKlamont: Are you around?  I've got a problem that might need some of your help to diagnose.16:41
lamontI mean, wassup?16:44
ScottKkde-runtime FTBFS because patches wouldn't unapply.16:44
ScottKIt works fine for everyone locally.16:44
ScottKTried the same package in a PPA an it magically built on i386, but failed on amd64.16:45
lamontbzr branch lp:~lamont/launchpad-buildd/chroot-scripts; chroot-scripts/make-chroot.sh -d oneiric --lp16:45
lamontthat is most strange16:45
ScottKSo I was wondering if you had some way to capture the debris of the build and examine it's entrails?16:46
lamontnot trivially16:46
lamontand certainly not expostfacto16:47
ScottKRight, but if you were prepared, we could retry it.16:47
ScottKI'll suggest someone try to replicate it with your sbuild branch first.16:47
lamontthat branch just gives you a launchpad build-chroot as it should exist after dist-upgrade16:48
ScottKIf you get bored, the PPA version of the 'bad' thing in question is https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-active/+archive/ppa/+sourcepub/1932597/+listing-archive-extra16:49
lamontok.  I see boredom coming sometime in 2040 at this rate16:50
ScottKOK.  Just checking.16:50
lamontScottK: if it's still not solved on monday, poke me and we'll figure out a time (prolly wednesdayish) to work on it17:06
ScottKlamont: Thanks.17:06
skaetlamont,  is there an ETA on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gradle/+bug/79676917:16
ubot4Launchpad bug 796769 in gradle (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 1 other project) "gradle needs a manual build using the unstable binaries (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [High,Confirmed]17:16
micahgskaet: re firefox for beta 2, chrisccoulson and I were discussing yesterday with upstream, it seems that we'll be shipping the final beta for Firefox/Thunderbird 7 for beta 2 and uploading the release builds once the freeze is lifted (Firefox/Thunderbird 7 final is what oneiric will hopefully ship with)17:22
micahgshould be minimal if any changes from final beta to release17:23
micahgskaet: did you miss my notes before?17:43
skaetmicahg, yes, appear to have.   Changing rooms at the conference.17:43
lamontskaet: deej bootstrapped it yesterday17:43
micahgah, well, this can wait till, monday, but wanted to give you a heads up17:44
micahg[12:22] <micahg> skaet: re firefox for beta 2, chrisccoulson and I were discussing yesterday with upstream, it seems that we'll be shipping the final beta for Firefox/Thunderbird 7 for beta 2 and uploading the release builds once the freeze is lifted (Firefox/Thunderbird 7 final is what oneiric will hopefully ship with)17:44
micahg[12:23] <micahg> should be minimal if any changes from final beta to release17:44
lamontskaet: all of which is to say "I have no clue why the bug should have been assigned to me"17:44
skaetlamont,  it was one of a set from a while back.   entropy I imagine.   If deej has done it,  would be good if the status can be updated.  :)17:45
lamontyeah, I'll go kill the bug17:45
skaetlamont,  Thanks!17:46
lamontno worries.17:46
skaetmicahg,  thanks for the head's up.  When will the version for beta 2 be landing?17:47
lamontskaet: as a heads up, syowa is going to retire early next week.  it has served us well as syncproxy.ubuntu.com these past 7+ years or so.17:47
micahgskaet: chrisccoulson might have a better idea, my guess is either day before or day of beta 2 freeze17:47
skaetlamont,  earlier is better than later in the week.17:48
lamontskaet: that is a major point in why I'm not rushing to finish it today. :p17:48
* skaet trying to minimize opportunities for murphy around beta freeze.17:48
skaetlamont,  :)  indeed.17:49
lamontOTOH, the announcement to the mirror community will go out todayish, and I expect that "early" == tuesday17:49
skaetlamont,  that should work out ok.  We have wednesday to recover then before beta freeze.  :)17:50
lamontoh, it only affects things mirroring.  nothing big or anything. :(17:51
lamontactually only about a dozen or two boxes where we don't have total control.17:51
lamontOTOH, not replacing syowa is even worse in its expected consequences17:51
skaetmicahg:  thanks I'll follow up with you and chriscoulson on monday then.17:51
skaetlamont,  starting to show its age, huh?17:52
lamontthat's a polite way to say it17:53
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ScottKlamont: I got the problem sorted.  It'd be nice if when dh_quilt can't unapply the patch it'd actually say that instead of just error in the build log.  Thanks for the offer.23:47

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