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lickalottgents is there a better way to hide a file/folder than placing the . infront of it.  There is a shell discrepancy happening and i can't fix it as the incoming user (system) isn't within my control.  Basically...if i log in locally to the box or get to it via the network (NFS or samba) i can't see the folder unless i use the -a.  If the other user logs in via the network they can see it02:28
lickalottwith a straight ls.  I would like this particular folder to be compeltely hidden from view for any incoming users.02:28
twblickalott: have them run "alias ls"02:33
twbThey probably have explicitly asked for it to be -a by default02:33
twbAnd no, there is no better way, except possibly for something filesystem-specific (that I'm not aware of).02:34
lickalottwas afraid of that....   I've seen this before i.e. changing default shell from bash to csh or tcsh.  Bash will require the -a and tcsh will show it regardless.02:35
twbSorry, I don't support csh/tcsh.02:42
twbBut I think it's probably still an alias, just that e.g. /etc/tcshrc sets it and /etc/bashrc doesn't02:42
lickalotton the phone with one of my guys now having him check02:43
jmarsdenlickalott: Log it from the network, and (a) check what shell you are running, and then (b) see what     alias ls     outputs.02:44
twbYou could just, you know, read the rc files02:46
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lickalottjust hung up the phone.  said he "echo $SHELL" on the machine as the local user and it said csh but in etc/passwd is showed bash.  He is accessing it via NFS with the user that i don't want to see the stuff.  Had him vi .cshrc and strip out all aliases and try again.  he's going to call me in a bit.03:06
twbIMO best solution is to uninstall csh :-)03:15
koolhead11hi all03:47
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makkaI setup Ubuntu Cloud in test environment, and I'm having an SSL issue with the store.  Anyone willing to help with this one:)03:57
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koolhead17neoXsys: hey05:11
neoXsyskoolhead17, Pong05:11
koolhead17how are you doing?05:11
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* Daviey curses Mr Bloom's Nursery.09:17
lynxmanDaviey: morning sir o/09:50
Davieyhey lynxman09:54
jamespageMorning all09:56
jamespageDaviey: should squid-deb-proxy-client work out of the box for installs of oneiric?09:57
jamespageRoAkSoAx, GrueMaster: Notes and a level of automation of what I did yesterday re cobbler/arm/preseeds/sd cards etc...10:03
lynxmanjamespage: squid-deb-proxy-client worked so far for me, although your mileage will vary on the server if you don't use private networks, requires further tweaking10:06
jamespagelynxman: do I need todo anything special? i.e. include flags in a preseed or suchlike?10:07
lynxmanjamespage: I did setup with mvo a couple debconf hooks on low prio for exactly that :)10:07
lynxmanjamespage: although tbh I can't recall the names right now :/10:07
jamespagelynxman: hmm - so they seem to be more about setup once installed10:09
jamespageI want my installer to use it10:09
lynxmanjamespage: you can preset the debconf options before installing the package, that's what I did in orchestra v1.010:09
dori922hey! im making a file server for windows clients, what good to get the windows filesystem working with linux file systems? (Clients will be in different companies/locations so Samba isnt suitible cause it wants workgroups)10:09
lynxmanjamespage: should be easy to do through preseed shouldn't it10:10
jamespagelynxman: one would hope so10:11
lynxmanjamespage: :)10:11
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sgo11Hi, with default installation of apache2 and ubuntu 11.04 natty. the ubuntu doc says ErrorDocument directive can be found in apache2.conf. But I failed to find it. The default 404 error output is also not from /usr/share/apache2/error/* from what I can see. I tried to grep -ir ErrorDocument under /etc/apache2/. no found. I know I can define this in virtual host config file. but I am just wondering which file defines ErrorDocument in default installation?10:15
sgo11 thanks alot.10:15
just-a-visitorhttp://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/mod/core.html#errordocument lists 4 options that Apache can be configured to handle Error Documents.  If it is not defined, the default behaviour is to display a hardcoded error page.10:33
sgo11just-a-visitor, ok. thanks a lot. I think it displays the hardcoded error page. no wonder I can not find it.10:40
Davieyjamespage: It should.. yes.. but a number of people have reported woe10:48
jamespageDaviey: not working so well for me either10:48
Davieyjamespage: Hmm, do you have squid-deb-proxy server component on your network?10:52
jamespageDaviey: yes10:52
Davieyadvertises itself via avahi10:53
DavieyI wonder if avahi doesn't work properly on arm10:53
jamespageDaviey: might be - I'll try a x86 install instead10:54
jamespageDaviey; hrm - might be a clue - base-installer: warning: /usr/lib/base-installer.d/80squid-deb-proxy-client returned error code 110:56
jamespageDaviey: I had to enable is using early_command10:58
jamespageand its still in universe so had to turn that on for udeb as well10:58
jamespageguess that might not be right?11:00
jamespageit works fine if I install on the server after is been installed11:00
jamespagei.e. squid-deb-proxy-client11:01
Davieyjamespage: Need to check if it is seeded11:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #845536 in rabbitmq-server (main) "rabbitmq user showed as being logged in" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84553612:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #845541 in solr (universe) "Remove libcommons-fileupload-java-universe from the Oneiric archive" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84554112:21
tp43How do you setup the mail server?13:17
ikoniathat's quite a wide question13:18
BlinnyRecently upgraded from 8.04.4 to 10.04.3. I'm experiencing a phenomena where a NIS slave will not bind to an NIS master if network-manager service is started. If I stop the service, suddenly NIS will bind and start. Anyone know the cause of this problem off-hand?13:18
ikoniatp43: you need to work out what stlye of mail setup you want, then what software you need/want to do that13:18
tp43I am gonna install xmail and see what happens13:18
ikoniaBlinny: can you bind after you start network manager ?13:18
Blinnyikonia: No.13:18
Picitp43: Have you seen https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/email-services.html ?13:18
ikoniaBlinny: does network manage keep the same IP address as when you are not using network manager?13:19
Blinnyikonia: Yes.13:19
ikoniaBlinny: so is network manager set for a static IP ?13:19
Blinnyikonia: I can tell no difference in ifconfig or resolv.conf13:19
Blinnyikonia: I have not historically used network-manager. However, the IPs of the NICs do not change.13:19
ikoniaBlinny: is network manager setup to use a static IP - or a dhcp ip13:20
Blinnyikonia: I am from the Slackware 1.x world so I don't know much about network manager, just manual configuration using etc/network/interfaces . This is also a headless server so I don't do a lot of app stuff. Where are network manager's config files found?13:21
ikoniaBlinny: why are you using network manager ?13:21
Blinnyikonia: Believe me, I don't want to!13:21
ikoniaBlinny: if you have put the details in network/interfaces it will conflict with network manager13:21
tp43Pici, thx13:21
ikoniaBlinny: ok, so disable it13:21
Blinnyikonia: Brilliant. Can I purge?13:21
ikoniaBlinny: that's the issue, your probably creating a conflict13:22
ikoniaBlinny: if you're not wanting to use it, remove/disable it13:22
BlinnyI do have three other servers that have network-manager but don't have this NIS problem. I had thought I'd shelved/disabled. It's not listed in sysv-rc-conf but the change to upstart probably causing it to become active.13:22
BlinnyIs network-manager started by udev? What is the preferred method of disabling?13:22
ikoniaBlinny: is this machine running a desktop by any chance ?13:24
BlinnyI think upstart uses /etc/init/*.conf files. Ah after dbus.13:24
Blinnyikonia: This is a LTSP machine, so yes.13:24
Blinnyubuntu-desktop is installed.13:24
tp43oooh, I need an mta13:24
Blinnytp43: I've had great luck with postfix.13:25
Blinnytp43: YMMV13:25
tp43Blinny, hmm, I just went with exim413:25
Blinnytp43: A good starting place.13:25
ikoniaBlinny: ok, so you may want to just disable it on the desktop, that's the easy way13:25
Blinnyikonia: At the server console?13:26
Blinnyikonia: Since NetworkManager seems to be The New Way To Go, I'm worried about purging it due to future dependencies.13:26
BlinnyPerhaps my worry is unfounded.13:26
ikoniaBlinny: why ?13:27
ikoniathere is no need to worry13:28
BlinnySo purge it is! I have a few laptops and I've found networkmanager nice for handling wireless but for normal servers, I'll be glad to see it go.13:28
BlinnyThe package is network-manager?13:28
ikonianetwork manager is great for a desktop, I think it's a really useful tool, especially for things such as multiple wireless networks, however if you're setting the info in /etc/network/interfaces, you're creating a conflict, use one or the other13:30
Blinnyikonia: Thank you. Cheers mate.13:31
BlinnyAnother NIS question: I have one master and three slave+clients. When the client couldn't bind to the master, it would not answer queries as a slave. I understand this is why a slave setup exists, so I'm assuming I have something wrong in my config. Does this sound right?13:32
sorenWow, NIS? I haven't seen a NIS setup in a decade or so.13:33
BlinnyLDAP gave me nightmares about 6 years ago and I've never recovered. Some day I'll give another crack at 389 Dir. Server.13:34
BlinnyOK. network-manager removed on 3 servers.13:35
ikoniaBlinny: it depends if it is "current" in terms of it's maps13:35
BlinnyDoes that require a normal start-up w/ bind, then connection lost? I.E. maps aren't cached across reboot?13:36
zuljamespage: ping13:39
jamespagehey zul13:39
zuljamespage: so you know that bug you opened when running four lxc instances are you using nbd?13:40
jamespagezul: maybe - is that something I would have set explicitly? I just installed nova-compute-lxc on an all-in-one install13:41
zulno it should just modprobe nbd13:42
zuljamespage: and which version are you using as well13:42
jamespageof nova?13:42
jamespagezul: I've torn down the system now but its was a fresh install on the date I reported the bug13:43
* jamespage must remember to use ubuntu-bug13:44
zuljamespage: okie dokie...im going to roll a new one today once it is in the archive can you retest because im running with -n 2 and i cant reproduce it13:46
jamespagezul: OK - will13:46
jamespagethere was something a little odd about the way I setup the system when I saw that issue13:47
jamespageI started with nova-compute-kvm13:47
jamespageand then switched to nova-compute-lxc13:47
jamespagenot sure that would make a difference13:47
zuljamespage: ah ok...yeah the configuration file is different13:47
jamespagezul: well I gave it all a good kick before I tried to start any lxc instances13:48
jamespagei.e. rebooted13:48
BlinnyUsing Lucid, openswan fails to start on boot. One must manually do 'service openswan restart' (not start), I believe because of a locking issue, but may be related to using sysvinit rather than upstart. Anyone use openswan for ipsec or know of this issue? I may try to create /etc/init/openswan.conf and change the job to upstart to see if that helps, but this will be my first.14:32
GrueMasterjamespage: I'm looking over your pad now.  One thing I noticed is the mac address setting.  Is that required for cobbler?  Also, you shouldn't need to set the omapfb stuff for headless install.14:52
jamespageGrueMaster: so cobbler uses it to set a specific netboot install target for the server - rather than picking up the generic netboot menu including x86 stuff14:54
GrueMasterI haven't used cobbler, so didn't know.14:54
jamespageGrueMaster: if you can give me a better set of kernel options for the headless install much appreciated - I think I got those from here:14:54
jamespagezul: I just setup my lxc nova all-in-one15:04
jamespagewhen I terminate my lxc instances I get a load of qemu-nbd processes hanging around for them - which does not look right to me15:05
zuljamespage: known bug...i have a branch that fixes it15:05
jamespagezul: coolio15:05
zulyay collectd-server ensemble fomula works15:09
zulnow for the web part15:09
cjwatsonGrueMaster: (from a few days back) I might just be getting old, but I don't remember mentioning an IPv6 test suite at all - are you sure that was me?15:29
cjwatsonGrueMaster: unless it was the tunnelbroker.net certification program15:30
GrueMastercjwatson: I never suggested that it was you.  Others did.15:30
GrueMasterThe only thing I have seen for full ipv6 testing is from http://tahi.org, but it is software written for BSD.15:31
GrueMasterOther than that, there are web sites that will check your ipv6 connectivity, but I feel that isn't enough to check the entire stack (dhcp6, dns6, etc).15:32
cjwatsonah, ok, well, I was replying to:15:33
cjwatson19:19 <GrueMaster> cjwatson: Ping.  Do you remember the name of the IPv6 test suite you mentioned at UDS?15:33
GrueMasterI was told in other channels that you had said something.15:34
cjwatsonGrueMaster: you should probably talk with stgraber if you aren't already, as he's working on some things along those lines15:34
GrueMasterMight be easier just to send an email to ubuntu-dev or warthogs.  I don't have time to bounce from one dev to another like this.15:36
GrueMaster( I think you were the third person I was pointed to).15:37
dori922is rssh still good to use to allow FTP and block SSH?15:40
patdk-wkallow sftp?15:49
hggdhDaviey: the dialog on -devel between CJ and CR may interest you folks16:12
hggdhDaviey: basically, a chance of finding oneself with a server that does not pxe-boot on default is probably resolved16:13
rDx3I'd like to understand why my init.d program (thin) start successfully from the console but not at boot time. Any clues to help me on that?16:13
uvirtbotNew bug: #845764 in libvirt (main) "continuous respawning of libvirt-bin with LXC/ARM/nova-compute" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84576416:16
jmarsdenrDx3: $PATH may not be the same.  In general, the environment will be different, but $PATH is probably the most likely cause.16:18
jamespagezul: ^^ this rings a bell with something you saw during the openstack sprint16:19
rDx3thank jmarsden, do you mean the path in the init.d file? I think it was created directly from thin server. how do I check that?16:20
lajjrkim0 are you online??16:20
kim0lajjr: yes I am16:21
lajjrI have a ??16:21
jmarsdenrDx3: I can't walk you through troubleshooting a script right now, no time.  you can echo $PATH to see what the value of PATH is.16:21
kim0lajjr: shoot :)16:21
jmarsdenrDx3: I'm about to leave for work...16:21
rDx3jmarsden: ok thanks16:22
lajjrI completed the security ones and there are done..16:22
kim0lajjr: you are awesome :)16:22
lajjrOn the next ones can I combine those chapters as one for a view, they will still be separate. in real form in guide just in the review branch??16:24
kim0lajjr: It's probably best to keep a review per chapter (not sub-chapter) .. Having one review include two full chapters might not be a good idea, since the reviewer might not be confident on both topics16:25
lajjrOK great just checking I made a chapter 13 branch and a 14 branch just have to push in a little bit..16:26
kim0lajjr: awesome :) keep me coming .. Thanks man, it's really appreciated16:28
lajjrkim0,  I got them and they are separate, just didn't want to make a mistake by putting them together.16:28
* kim0 nods16:28
lajjrnp Thank You kim016:29
zuljamespage: werid16:32
jamespagezul: potential regression?16:33
zuljamespage: could be i would have to double check16:34
rDx3how do I know under witch user a startup script is run?16:35
jamespagemorning SpamapS16:38
jamespageSpamapS: zookeeper in Debian now contains the Ubuntu changes you made - do you want to re-sync as general housekeeping or leave it until next release?16:39
SpamapSjamespage: let it sync next release. :)16:41
SpamapSjamespage: but thanks for the heads up :)16:41
jamespageSpamapS: that was my thinking to :-)16:41
Davieyhggdh: nice16:44
zuljamespage: effing16:51
jamespagezul: same thing or something new?16:51
zulsame thing16:51
zulim going to go nuts16:51
pedrocrI just installed ubuntu server 11.04 on a new machine and grub failed to install on the raid array. I have a 4 disk RAID1 for / and a 4 disk RAID6 for /home18:02
pedrocrthe machine is unbootable, how do I use the rescue disk to boot it and try and install grub again?18:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #845871 in qemu-kvm (main) "qemu-common cannot be installed because of unsatisfied dependency" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84587118:22
RoAkSoAxhallyn: ping18:34
hallynRoAkSoAx: yo18:37
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sorenDaviey, zul: How are those fixes for LXC coming along?19:53
sorenOpenstack+LXC, I mean.19:53
zulsoren: i have a branch that fixes the shutdown issues, so its going pretty good20:04
genii-aroundPerhaps someone may know here.. token-bucket filter documentation for minburst says "To calculate the maximum possible peakrate, multiply the configured mtu by 100 (or more correctly, HZ, which is 100 on intel, 1024 on Alpha)"... are they talking about bus speed or what?20:06
zulsoren: i have to buy a new chair tonight though so ill have more fixes tonight hopefully20:09
sorenzul: Are your patches on LP somewhere?20:11
zulsoren: https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/nova/nova-fix-lxc-shutdown20:12
sorenzul: ta20:13
zulsoren: no worries20:13
genii-aroundAh, nvm, is kernel ticks20:16
rDx3glebihan: just to let you know that I finally solved the problem thanks for your precious directions21:00
glebihanrDx3, great :) glad I could be of some help21:09
mister_bubbleshi guys21:29
mister_bubblesi can't start mysqld on ubuntu21:29
mister_bubblesno pid file, no sock file, but it either claims it's already started or gives me weird errors21:29
mister_bubblesany ideas?21:29
genii-aroundmister_bubbles: What command are you using to try and start it?21:32
genii-aroundeg: upstart method or sysvinit21:33
mister_bubblesservice mysql start21:35
mister_bubblesand start mysql21:35
mister_bubblesand  /etc/init.d/mysql start21:36
genii-aroundmister_bubbles: If you use a particular method to start it, use that method to stop or restart it. Otherwise it gets confused because the one method has no record of the pid or sock file the other method uses21:37
mister_bubblesi've tried all the methods 5 times21:39
mister_bubblesnone of them do anything :(21:39
genii-aroundeg: if you use start <something> then don't use /etc/init.d/<something>21:40
smoserhallyn, around ?21:44
smosernever mind21:44
genii-aroundstart <service>  ....  stop <service>  means upstart knows <service> is running, what it's pid and how to handle.  /etc/init.d/<service> start ... /etc/init.d/<service> stop means sysvinit knows those things. But if you start/stop <service>  then: /etc/init.d/<service> start/stop   then it won't work21:44
mister_bubblesi originally killed the job using 'kill <pid>'21:47
sms_What would be a good way to edit the filesystem remotely from a win7 pc? root ftp isn't I hear :)21:49
genii-aroundsms_: Putty ssh client for windows21:50
sms_but I can't copy files from the w7 with putty or can I?21:51
sms_I mean move files to the server21:52
j0nrhi, how can I install ATI drivers on server edition please? This is for a laptop running server edition that will also run XBMC21:52
genii-aroundsms_: Ah. You said "edit" :) For scp under windows you can use PSCP , same place you get PuTTY from21:53
sms_oo thanks :)21:54
genii-aroundsms_: You're welcome21:54
uvirtbotNew bug: #846057 in cloud-init (main) "cloud-init on oneiric does not honor "ubuntu-pass=*"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84605721:56
mister_bubblesmy /etc/init.d/mysql start just hangs forever22:06
mister_bubblesany ideas?22:06
ikoniamister_bubbles: try starting mysqld manually, or read the log file22:12
mister_bubblesthere's nothing in the log files22:12
mister_bubblesneither error.log nor syslog22:12
mister_bubblesjust termination notice and respawn notice22:12
mister_bubblesand i tried starting it manually in every way known to me (/etc/init.d/mysql start, service mysql start, start mysql)22:13
mister_bubblesit just hangs there22:13
mister_bubblesor do you have another way of starting it manually?22:13
mister_bubbleshu, interesting. when I do just 'mysqld', I get:22:14
mister_bubbles110909 15:14:02 [Warning] The syntax '--log_slow_queries' is deprecated and will be removed in MySQL 7.0. Please use '--slow_query_log'/'--slow_query_log_file' instead.22:14
mister_bubbles110909 15:14:02 [Warning] Can't create test file /mysql/mysql/ip-10-114-95-171.lower-test22:14
mister_bubbles110909 15:14:02 [Warning] Can't create test file /mysql/mysql/ip-10-114-95-171.lower-test22:14
mister_bubblesmysqld: Can't change dir to '/mysql/mysql/' (Errcode: 2)22:14
mister_bubbles110909 15:14:02 [ERROR] Aborting22:14
mister_bubbles110909 15:14:02 [Note] mysqld: Shutdown complete22:14
ikoniamister_bubbles: look at the init script and how it launches mysqld_safe22:16
mister_bubblesit does 'start mysql'22:25
mister_bubbleswhich gives me: start: Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.10" (uid=1000 pid=9616 comm="start) interface="com.ubuntu.Upstart0_6.Job" member="Start" error name="(unset)" requested_reply=0 destination="com.ubuntu.Upstart" (uid=0 pid=1 comm="/sbin/init"))22:25
ikoniamister_bubbles: that's using the upstart script22:27
ikoniamister_bubbles: I suggested starting it manually, but using the same method of launching mysqld_safe22:27
mister_bubbleswell, how do i manually start it?22:29
ikoniaread the init script and see how it launches mysqld follow that through manually22:30
mister_bubblesthat's what i just did22:30
mister_bubblesit uses start22:30
mister_bubbleswhen I type mysqld_safe, i get: 110909 15:30:25 mysqld_safe Logging to syslog.22:31
mister_bubbles110909 15:30:25 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /mysql/mysql22:31
mister_bubbles110909 15:30:26 mysqld_safe mysqld from pid file /mysql/mysql/ip-10-114-95-171.pid ended22:31
mister_bubblesbut then its not running with ps aux22:31
ikoniamister_bubbles: is your database in /mysql/mysql ?22:31
mister_bubblesi guess so, i don't know22:31
ikoniamister_bubbles: checking is a good start.....22:31
mister_bubblesmy.cnf -> datadir says so22:32
mister_bubblesis that the right one?22:32
ikoniamister_bubbles: the data dir is /mysql ?22:32
mister_bubblesit is /mysql/mysql22:32
ikoniamister_bubbles: so are your databases there ?22:32
ikonia(ubuntu doesn't put them in /mysql/mysql by default so someones changed that)22:33
mister_bubblesthere are some files there22:39
mister_bubbleswhere are they usually?22:39
mister_bubblesthere's some ib_logfiles and ibdata and stuff22:39
ikoniaso there is some data there, who setup this machine ?22:40
mister_bubblesi don't know, somebody in the company i guess22:40
ikoniamister_bubbles: look for some MYD or MYI files in there22:41
mister_bubblesno, nothing22:43
mister_bubblestheres debian-5.1.flag, ibdata1, ib_logfile0, ib_logfile1, mysql folder (empty) and mysql_upgrade_info22:43
ikoniamister_bubbles: that's why it's not starting up22:43
ikoniamister_bubbles: or at least one of the problems, no database files in there22:43
mister_bubbleshow are they called? myd?22:44
mister_bubblesmaybe i shall find for themn22:44
ikoniaI've just told you the extensions22:44
mister_bubblesfind / finds no such thing22:46
mister_bubblesneither myd nor myi22:46
ikonialook at the case22:46
mister_bubblesthere are some in /mnt/mysql/msql22:46
ikoniawhat an odd place22:48
mister_bubblesi changed the path in my.cnf to /mnt/mysql/mysql, still doesn't start22:49
ikoniamister_bubbles: what's the error this time22:49
mister_bubbles110909 15:47:49 mysqld_safe Logging to syslog.22:50
mister_bubbles110909 15:47:49 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /mnt/mysql/mysql22:50
mister_bubbles110909 15:47:49 mysqld_safe mysqld from pid file /mnt/mysql/mysql/ip-10-114-95-171.pid ended22:50
mister_bubblessame as last time but with /mnt in front22:50
ikoniahang on - please show me the output of ls -la /mnt/mysql/mysql22:50
ikonia(use a pastebin)22:50
ikoniamister_bubbles: it's the wrong dir, thats the data dir for the mysql database specfically22:53
ikoniamister_bubbles: try /mnt/mysql22:53
ikoniamister_bubbles: the person who set this up needs shooting22:53
mister_bubbleswhys, whats wrong?22:54
ikoniamister_bubbles: that's a better directory22:54
mister_bubblesso you have any ideas why it won't start?22:57
ikoniapaste the current error please.22:58
mister_bubbleswell, when i do what? mysqld_safe?22:58
mister_bubbles110909 15:59:05 mysqld_safe Logging to syslog.22:59
mister_bubbles110909 15:59:05 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /mnt/mysql/mysql22:59
mister_bubbles110909 15:59:05 mysqld_safe mysqld from pid file /mnt/mysql/mysql/ip-10-114-95-171.pid ended22:59
ikoniamister_bubbles: I told you to change the directory23:00
ikoniamister_bubbles: it should be /mnt/mysql23:00
mister_bubblesah you mean trying it in the config23:01
mister_bubblesok doing that now, sec23:01
mister_bubblesyay, it's running :D23:01
mister_bubblesbut the DB is kinda weird23:02
mister_bubblesi think it's the wrong one23:02
ikoniathat's up to the guy who maintained the server23:02
ikoniabut I'd shoot him for that mess23:02
Davieysoren: There seems to have been some fixes landed in Essex already that haven't been proposed to Diablo.23:03
=== [1]MarcelT3 is now known as MarcelT3
uvirtbotNew bug: #846104 in mysql-5.1 (main) "package mysql-client-5.1 (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/bin/mysql_client_test', which is also in package mysql-bench 5.0.92-2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84610423:36

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