ephanI think my country's translating team is a bit dead10:04
ephanI contacted them and got no response10:04
dpmwell, can't get response from us staying in the channel only 7 min...10:33
TLEdpm: it doesn't really matter how many times that happen, it keeps being annoying10:53
dpmyeah :)11:06
sagacihi, along with that localisation blueprint, I was just thinking that it'd be an awful lot of work/effort for something like the en_AU team to have a specialised ISO - but I was just wondering if it would be better remedied for us to have something like an ubuntu-au package that had translations, -au artwork, documentation that could be installable via ubiquity or prompted on the desktop14:47
dpmsagaci, I'd recommend you to talk to skaet, who's currently working on that blueprint14:54

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