nucc1or could i just jabber on?00:00
Azelphurnucc1: mostly we just do sort of offtopic (as long as it's something the majority of the channel would be interested in) here anyway00:01
nucc1Azelphur, just wondering, has Lovefilm always been an Amazon company?00:01
Azelphurno idea00:01
nucc1or is the UK just not big on trumpeting acquisitions?00:01
nucc1it seems amazon's video service has arrived early afterall00:02
popeyit was bought by amazon00:03
popeyit used to be separate00:03
nucc1yea, i only just noticed the amazon logo on it00:03
nucc1wondering how it didn't make the news00:03
popeyit did00:03
popeyit was ages ago00:03
nucc1hmmm. i read too many US websites then00:03
popeyits confusing because lovefilm bought amazon's dvd rental division00:04
popeythen amazon invested back in lovefilmi00:05
popeythen they bough them00:05
nucc1he e00:06
nucc1anyway, amazon gives me a fuzzy feeling00:07
nucc1so its cool :)00:07
nucc1amazon and google00:07
ali1234does anyone happen to have a nice svg of a tv remote ready for web use?00:09
ali1234something like this except for a tv: http://www.openclipart.org/people/Startright/DVD_Remote_2.svg00:10
ali1234and better looking00:10
ali1234hmm do css classes support multiple inheritance?00:26
ali1234yes, they do00:28
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nucc1ali1234, what do you mean?01:02
ali1234<div class="foo bar">01:02
nucc1that's not multiple inheritance01:02
ali1234where foo and bar are completely unrelated css classes, and the div inherits from both of them01:02
nucc1that's the source of the name "cascade"01:02
nucc1one is applied, then the other is applied,01:02
nucc1over writing the previous if there is conflict01:02
nucc1so, what then is the question?01:03
ali1234is that possible?01:03
ali1234(i already know it is)01:03
nucc1you want to know how it is implemented at the rendering level or something?01:04
ali1234i just wanted to know if it was possible01:04
ali1234and then i found out01:04
ali1234and now i know01:04
nucc1and you said you already knew it was possible01:04
nucc1ah, ok.01:04
ali1234i didn't know when i asked01:04
nucc1your question didn't say "does css support multiple inheritance?"01:04
nucc1it said "how does".01:04
nucc1makes a bit of a difference.01:04
ali1234no, it said "hmm do"01:05
nucc1ali1234, lol. i need to go to sleep.01:05
ali1234not "how do"01:05
nucc1i'm seeing things01:05
nucc1time to play the sims 3 to sleep.01:06
nucc1so long, and thanks for all the fish, fellas!01:07
Azelphurif I've cloned something from a git repo, how do I update to the latest version?01:19
hamitrongit pull?01:24
Azelphurhamitron: ty :P01:26
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HazRPGgrr... its way too early to be waking up o.O06:27
HazRPGmorning all \o06:40
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MooDoohello all06:48
diploMorning all07:10
HazRPGMooDoo, AlanBell, diplo: hey \o :)07:11
lubotu3another contentless ping... sigh...07:40
daubersAwh, poor lubotu3, we love you really07:41
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popeyMorning all!07:50
knightwisehey guyz07:53
diploAnyone give me any ideas why cups would be using 50-60% CPU on  a system ?08:19
diplothings to look for08:19
diplonever worked with cups08:19
JamesTai1Happy Friday, everyone! :D08:19
popeyprobably trying to talk to an offline printer08:19
popeyyes, very much so JamesTai108:19
diploEasy way of listing ?08:20
diploWas guess lpstat but not listing anything08:20
popeyany logs in /var/log growing alarmingly?08:20
diploloads of http 200 ones in cups dir access logs08:21
diplohmm seems normal looking at older ones08:22
bigcalmMorning peeps :)08:25
czajkowskiHappy RWC kick off :D08:25
czajkowskiMooDoo: no movement still08:26
MooDooczajkowski: no nothing, think it's going to have to be induced monday08:26
MooDooczajkowski: hugs, thanks for asking x08:27
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* daubers offers around the crunchies08:49
czajkowskino talking08:49
czajkowskitonga are up08:49
bigcalmpopey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azEOeTX1LqM08:55
* popey kicks czajkowski to #rwcloners09:07
MooDoopopey: oi no passing forward09:08
* Gary tickles elvis09:11
MartijnVdSGary: ♫ Calling Elvis?09:12
Garywell, I meant popey09:12
Garybut typo'd09:12
bigcalmAll the keys are right net to each other09:13
MyrttiI wish all twitter clients had filters09:13
bigcalmEasy mistake09:13
bigcalmMyrtti: not a rugger fan?09:13
Myrttibigcalm: as a Finn it's one of the sports that I've never had any touch with09:14
Myrttithat and cricket09:14
Myrttibut there are a lot of other tags and things that I'd like to filter09:14
MyrttiI wish I remembered the name of this one Twitter client I saw mentioned few weeks back09:15
daubersWoot! Easyradio transcievers have arrives09:20
* daubers does like how quick CPC are09:20
bigcalmMyrtti: that's understandable. But why do I love winter sports so much when we never get enough snow to practice them here?09:23
christelcricket is the meaning of life!09:24
christel(and you can do ice cricket in estonia)09:24
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:24
czajkowskichristel: watching ITv1?09:25
brobostigonmorning MooDoo09:25
MooDooand christel you're nuts, cricket is boring :p09:25
christelof course!09:25
daubers\o/ cricket09:26
christelMooDoo: is not.09:26
Mezcricket ftw.09:26
* Mez has seen every test match @ Edgbaston in the last 3 years09:27
christel<3 Mez09:27
MezExcept for the ones where I've had to go to hospital.09:27
MezBenefits and downfalls of being a volunteer on the Ambulances.09:28
christeldo you frequently have to go to hospital when there's a test match?09:28
christeloh i see!09:28
MezThough, soon I'll be the one sitting in the room with the view (and all the cameras) rather than on the mabulace!)09:28
dutchieAlanBell: woo keble :)09:41
TheOpenSourcererdutchie - nice college :-)09:42
dutchieTheOpenSourcerer: thanks :) sample the bar at all?09:42
TheOpenSourcererDidn't see the bar.09:42
TheOpenSourcererHad a very nice dinner in the hall though.09:42
dutchiethe bar is the "flying saucer" in the middle09:43
TheOpenSourcererNice internet access too09:43
dutchieyep :D09:43
TheOpenSourcerererm - which quad?09:43
hoovergood morning all09:43
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oimonmy chewbacca pen is out of ink :(09:50
MartijnVdSWell 34 years IS a long time for a pen09:51
oimonwhat to take to the important meeting :(09:51
oimonmaybe stick my sponge tux on a pen09:51
MartijnVdSoimon: I have some chewy pens... or ones I've chewed on09:52
kirrusoimon: you have a sponge tux? Where from? Is it child-safe?09:52
gordi really don't understand what all these shuffle options mean in banshee09:58
gordshuffle by rating?09:58
davmor2morning all09:59
czajkowskiit's banshee it's horrible.10:00
diplogord: You can get ratings on which songs you have listened to the most etc10:00
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diploso can get it shuffle by that i guess10:00
gorddiplo, what does that actually mean?10:01
gordi know you can get ratings10:01
gordbut what does "shuffle by ratings" do?10:01
gordshuffle by score?10:01
diploplays tracks based on say how much/often you have played a track10:01
diploI always shuffle by artist though so can't say ive put it to good use10:02
diploI don't want to listen to stuff i've listen to lots10:02
gordwhat does shuffle by artist mean?!10:02
diploLike a varied taste :)10:02
gordwhat was wrong with just "shuffle"10:02
davmor2diplo: but then you can set ratings too so does it include them or not?10:02
diplogord: I would prefer just shuffle tbh, I did go looking for it10:03
daubersgord: You need to find a banshee dev named Basil, then you can go to him and say "But what does it all mean Basil?"10:03
diploBut banshee hasgot buggy of late i've had to stop using it10:03
diplokeeps crashing for me10:03
davmor2gord: we should start up a bring back rhythmbox group10:03
diploI'm actually using rythmbox againa tm10:03
diploagain atm*10:03
diploWas debating giving clementine a go10:03
* daubers just uses spotify10:03
diploMy line is so shite here i am scared to10:04
gorddavmor2, i did got back to rb :) but now we have the music scope in unity powered by banshee so i have gone to banshee again10:04
diplo :(10:04
gordif banshee can just stop playing tricks on me, i'll be fine10:04
davmor2gord: that could be ported across with a little effort I'm sure :)10:06
davmor2banshee is just wrong and yet there are loads that love it10:06
davmor2banshee still gives me 2 copies of any cd I rip10:07
gorddavmor2, if you want to write one :)10:07
davmor2banshee still sucks internet radio play back to the point that I got a digital radio10:07
davmor2prods czajkowski oi stop with the flooding twitter you ;)  any one would think you liked rugby or something10:10
gordbanshee doesn't seem to want to play my mega-drive music even though it uses gstreamer though, hrm10:10
gordi mean. i am not a nerd who listens to video game music from the 90's all day10:11
davmor2gord: yes you are10:11
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gordshouldn't of put this packet of custard creams on my desk.10:13
czajkowskidavmor2: shrup ya pup10:15
davmor2gord: what packet of custard creams10:15
czajkowskibusy watching tv stop making here light up10:15
davmor2czajkowski: okay10:15
bigcalmczajkowski: game is over, you can resume beating people up in here :)10:20
davmor2MooDoo: Any news yet?10:21
MooDoodavmor2: no, don't think anything will happen till monday now10:22
davmor2MooDoo: :(10:22
czajkowskiok game over I can come back now10:22
davmor2czajkowski: we don't want to talk to you now though whens the next game start so we know when to annoy you again?10:23
czajkowskitomorrow morning10:23
czajkowskiireland games are all weekend games ;)10:23
davmor2meh might have to talk to czajkowski before then, then :(10:24
czajkowski /ignore davmor2 peace and quiet10:25
daubersczajkowski: How're you going to cope when you have to work while the RWC is on?10:26
davmor2czajkowski: tickles czajkowski till she stops ignoring him :P10:26
czajkowskidaubers: all ireland games are on at the weekend :)10:27
bigcalmEclipse is weird when it comes to highlighting errors in code: http://discworld.cuth.eu/dump/eclipse_error_in_code.png10:28
davmor2hey gord whats the name for the indicator that was session and now does settings?10:28
gorddavmor2, still session10:28
davmor2gord:  ta10:29
popeyAzelphur: bravo down?10:43
dauberssomeone make it lunch time10:47
* daubers is hungry10:47
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czajkowskieaten too much popcorn10:53
czajkowskimixture of sweet and salt10:54
czajkowskiadd some ginger beer10:54
kirrusdaubers: it's lunch time11:04
dauberskirrus: \o/11:14
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andrewebdevwho provides the music for ubuntu one music store again? Is it 7digital?12:32
andrewebdevinteresting, thx popey12:34
andrewebdevso in theory I can purchase a song on ubuntu one music store, and should be able to download that track on my tablet from the 7digital app directly12:36
bigcalmI would have thought that U1 is a reseller12:38
bigcalmYou wouldn't expect to be able to use a Demon ADSL account on BT's ADSL12:39
davmor2andrewebdev: what tablet is it?12:42
popeythere is a U1MS app for tablets isnt there?12:44
davmor2popey: that's why I was asking as long as it isn't the hp tablet you should be able to install the music app12:48
oimoni just realised that the hp touchpad adverts were done by that hideous bearded lady russell brand. ugh12:49
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oimonkirrus: just saw your message. yes, it is a squishy stress toy tux13:14
oimonalso have various tux soft toys etc13:14
oimonfrom the good old days of when there were linuxcon and companies made marketing toys13:15
czajkowskihttp://youtu.be/bMltvlqEM54  :D13:23
oimonhttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/picturegalleries/howaboutthat/8752199/Transcript-of-first-robot-to-robot-conversation.html << this reminds me of my phone calls to virgin media13:23
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davmor2oimon: it is13:55
oimondavmor2: i thought you said you were a robot14:10
davmor2oimon: no you said you were14:10
oimonyour mum's a robot14:10
davmor2oimon: hey laser lips your momma was a snow blower14:11
Hippychickrobots! eeeep14:11
oimoni am a unicorn14:12
davmor2so czajkowski how much are Ireland gonna lose by this time?14:14
MooDoodavmor2: watch what you say, last time it cost me a beer.14:28
davmor2MooDoo: I wasn't gonna bring that up as you still owe it ;)  but England Beat Ireland the other week the only thing you can think is that one team was fluky last time14:30
MooDoodavmor2: yes your right and as soon as i get czajkowski in a pub, i'll purchase her said pint.14:30
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bigcalmhttps://twitter.com/#!/DEVOPS_BORAT/status/112178188913868800 # bwuhahahaha15:08
AlanBelltonytiger: hello!15:19
oimonguys, seen this? touchpad in pc world http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/hewletpack-touchpad-32gb-tablet-pc-touchpad-case-wireless-charging-dock-11342081-pdt.html15:21
tonytigerAlanBell: hi...15:28
Azelphurpopey: back again, seems my automagical 5am update didn't quite work15:29
Azelphuralthough no reason as to why \o/15:29
AzelphurIt's up now15:29
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bigcalmGotta love how copy/pasting over synergy crashes firefox15:54
BigRedSDownloading an ISO from Ubuntu.com, what changes when I choose 'Windows', 'Mac' or 'Linux'?15:55
BigRedSOh, wait15:55
BigRedSI'm reading how to burn15:55
BigRedSI sat there confused for an embarrasingly long time, wondering what on earth would change15:57
oimonburn looks like bum in some fonts16:01
suprengranyone know wtf the  get-iplayer "download rate"  [e.g. 148010.515 kB / 1510.64 sec] translates to?16:14
davmor2suprengr: it means it downloaded that much in that many seconds iirc16:15
bigcalm8 bits in a byte, divide it by 8 and then 1024 to get MB16:15
bigcalmIgnore that16:16
bigcalmJust divide by 1024 to get MB16:16
suprengrcheers... davmor2 & bigcalm ;)16:16
gordno minecraft to play with on the weekend then? oh wells16:18
gordoh wrong channel16:19
gordahh screw it its basically the same channel16:19
* AlanBell wonders how bigcalm is getting on with the minecraft extensions to ubuntu-uk.org16:19
bigcalmAlanBell: been too busy to write anything more than notes of things to include. I will be adding content this weekend16:20
bigcalmPossibly including screenshots16:20
bigcalmAlanBell: if you have any ideas of what to include on the page, add a note to it :)16:21
AlanBelliframe of the map16:21
bigcalmDunno, there's 2 servers atm and will increase to 3 later16:21
* suprengr suggests adding a Ubuntu-UK section to Ubuntu Software Centre...16:23
suprengranyone able to guess what it could include? ;)16:24
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AlanBellnot to mention here of course18:16
czajkowskihttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-14858056  lovely my new employer....18:27
czajkowskiAlanBell: oi oi howdy doody18:38
AlanBello/ czajkowski18:42
davmor2AlanBell: are you trying to prove you are Omnipresent or something?18:43
AlanBellI don't think I need to prove that18:47
davmor2AlanBell: Well if you start getting illusions of omnipotence on top of it I think we need to pull you down a peg or two at that point :)18:50
AlanBellpeople send me spam all the time about cures for omnipotence18:51
* czajkowski kicks davmor2 18:51
davmor2czajkowski: a little to the left that's my desk leg you're kicking18:52
davmor2AlanBell: haha18:52
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kvarleyIs there a way to retrive my password. I have Ubuntu on my netbook set to automatic login but I can't remember my password :/19:10
Azelphurkvarley: I believe Ubuntu only stores the password encrypted, so short of having a supercomputer (I have one in my spare bedroom if your that desperate :D) you can't19:11
Azelphurkvarley: you can reset your password, though.19:11
exobuzzgood evening from http://www.sunrisedemoparty.co.uk/19:11
kvarleyAzelphur: How can I reset it?19:13
Azelphurkvarley: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword19:13
Azelphuryw :)19:14
AlanBellexobuzz: awesome19:14
Myrttisay hello to dotwaffle if you see him19:20
Myrttiwell you should really19:20
kvarleyAzelphur: It throwns Authentication token manipulation error19:26
Azelphurwhat does?19:27
popeyEvening all!19:28
Azelphurpopey: my automagical update script failed on bravo for some reason, sorted now :)19:28
kvarleyAzelphur: The passwd reset attempt19:28
Azelphurkvarley: so you type passwd user and it says Authentication token manipulation error?19:29
kvarleyAzelphur: Yeah, fixed, it was the wrong root session19:32
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Azelphurgrr, pidgin is really winding me up20:02
Azelphurexcess flood for no reason every few minutes :/20:02
MartijnVdSQI in 5 :)20:55
brobostigonbbc1 or bbc2?20:56
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MartijnVdSor hd20:57
MartijnVdSor 4?20:57
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MartijnVdSbrobostigon: http://www.bbc.co.uk/tv/guide/ :)20:57
MartijnVdSMyrtti: ooh, liquorice allsorts21:07
MartijnVdSMyrtti: we call that "Engelse drop" in Dutch :)21:08
MyrttiEnglish licorice here21:10
MartijnVdSwell yes, that translates to that :)21:11
LaneyI had Dutch drop before: ♥21:17
LaneyDon't think anyone else who tried it enjoyed the experience though21:17
MartijnVdSLaney: lots of people I know love it ;)21:18
Myrttimmmm salmiakki21:23
Myrttisalty fish, right?21:23
j0nrhey folks....how would I install ATI drivers on a server edition?21:55
brobostigonwhy would you want to?21:55
brobostigonwhats the point?21:55
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j0nrto run xbmc brobostigon22:00
j0nrmedia centre thingy22:01
Azelphurj0nr: sounds like you want to install the ubuntu-desktop package22:01
j0nrso I have a machine running as a file server, which I would like to run xbmc on...22:01
Azelphurif you want a gui and stuff22:01
brobostigonumm, i would add them with aptitude like normal, and then set in xorg.conf, to use those drivers.22:01
j0nrAzelphur: not really22:01
j0nrbrobostigon: not sure what I am looking for though, driver wise22:01
j0nrthe AMD website doesn't seem to help. it says to refer to the dell website22:02
brobostigonj0nr: if memory serves,, there is a specific, xorg ati driver package.22:02
j0nrand the dell website doesn't support linux22:03
j0nrI think I want the ati catalyst...?22:04
brobostigonhttp://packages.debian.org/sid/xserver-xorg-video-radeon http://packages.debian.org/sid/xserver-xorg-video-ati22:06
brobostigonthose were the two i had in mind.22:06
j0nrwhat about this page brobostigon https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver22:07
j0nrIt talks about the 'Radeon' driver, it mentions my card, but it doesn't actually say how to get it22:07
brobostigonj0nr: you see the package i mentioned above, the radeon package, find that in ubuntu, it should be exactly the ame, in ubuntu.22:08
j0nrah, nice one brobostigon ! :)22:08
brobostigonj0nr: more or less, debian and ubuntu are equal. kindof.22:09
brobostigonj0nr: you might have to specify, for xorg to use that drivers, in xorg's config's.22:11
kirrusErm.. does anyone know why Ubuntu have just locked out access to some ips?22:19
kirrussorry, to apt repos?22:19
kirrusI'm getting a shed-load of 403s on my lucid box now22:19
kirrushuh, looks to be just me. I think this is a case of pebkac and tiredness22:20
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