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pleia2jdeslip: doh, I just realized bart isn't near the solano stroll :)01:00
pleia2jdeslip: is there parking?01:00
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pleia2"Free shuttles run 10AM-7PM from the North Berkeley BART"01:36
pleia2oh, nice :)01:36
pleia210AM isn't really early enough to set up the booth, but maybe MJ can drop me off01:36
jyoOh yeah, I should figure out my transportation as well. :)04:27
jyoOkay so the whole thing is 26 blocks? Where exactly are we?04:33
pleia21223 Solano Ave04:37
philipballewoh hey seidos15:15
philipballewPowers back!16:10
akkInteresting, the Almaden IBM PC club (normally totally Windows-oriented -- I'm on their list because I spoke there once about GIMP) has a speaker on Ubuntu this month. DeForrest Home is the speaker.16:16
nhaines_akk: oh, that's cool.16:51
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nhainespleia2: how's email going today?  :)18:04
grantbowakk: good catch18:48
pleia2nhaines: I hate spam18:55
nhainespleia2: what about spam, spam, eggs, and spam?  That's not got much spam in it.18:58
pleia2I don't eat pork18:58
nhainespleia2: if only bacon weren't so delicious!18:59
pleia2pepperoni is my weakness18:59
rwwI don't like either of those things!18:59
nhainesrww: but you're weird!19:00
akkI like bacon okay, but don't really get why people seem to like it so much more than anything else.19:01
nhainesI ate a chocolate bar once that was fortified with bacon.19:02
akkbacon's usually way too fatty19:02
nhainesakk: I'm telling jono on you!19:23
grantbowbacon fatty? lol19:25
grantbow"So, how's everyone doing today?"19:25
pleia2grantbow: have you seen any zebras yet!?19:27
pleia2I saw an ocelot in phoenix! (it may have been in a zoo)19:27
grantbowyes, first thing I saw was a zebra near the airport but it was dark19:27
grantbowthey were just wandering across the road19:27
grantbowpictures next time19:28
grantbowfinished second day here. I slept most of it.19:28
grantbowpreparations there are for Solano Stroll?19:28
pleia2I think we're all set for the stroll19:29
grantbowgood to hear19:29
akkWow, wild zebras? Too cool!19:32
* grantbow nods19:32
jledbetterawesome grantbow:)19:34
grantbowthanks jledbetter19:34
DarkwingDuckHey grantbow19:47
grantbowhey DarkwingDuck19:50
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raevoli am so bored20:49
philipballewhey! pleia2 your a mamber of the ubuntu beginners. how did you do that?21:35
pleia2philipballew: a long, long time ago they had a process where you apply at team meetings21:35
rwwyeah, you're not a beginner, get out of there21:35
philipballewI was told a few weeks ago I should try to by someone21:35
pleia2it's all sort of fallen apart though21:35
philipballewrww, what am i? what would you say i should do. find another place to volunteer? pleia221:38
rwwphilipballew: I was talking to pleia2 :P21:38
philipballewi have been looking for a good place to help out lately?21:38
rww(and joking)21:39
philipballewthats what i figured! :)21:39
rwwI've barely stepped foot in #ubuntu-beginners, so... :|21:39
pleia2rww: haha, we *help* beginners :)21:39
philipballewrww, i feel like a begginner on here a lot. but in "real life" i am actually pretty good compared to most21:40
rwwthe more I use Ubuntu, the more I realize everyone's a beginner at way over half of Ubuntu.21:40
* bkerensa saw a #ubuntu-beginners meeting once and it wasnt pretty21:41
rwwjust different subsets, so people seem smart to each other :)21:41
philipballewi help people on there. usually at like 1 too 5 am21:41
philipballewwhen most people are being smart and sleeping21:41
rwwI mainly have #ubuntu ops because I'm online when people are asleep :)21:42
* philipballew didnt sleep last night as roaming a city with no power is more fun21:42
rwwI was in a study room until 3am and then slumped back to my dorm room21:42
philipballewI have no school today. all classed canceled accross all of san diego!!!21:43
* philipballew partyin partyin yeah!21:43
philipballewyour area has been nice though lately i hear21:44
raevolpleia2: i heard you were an xubuntu user?22:15
rwwI'm on Unity right now. I feel so mainstream :<22:17
raevolhow is it?22:18
rwwfine, if I don't plug a second monitor in. if I do, compiz gets unhappy.22:18
rwwcan't be bothered filing a bug about it, going to see if oneiric fixes it in a few months22:18
raevoli've been meaning to try it, but haven't mustered the motivation22:18
raevoli'm super excited for lightdm22:22
rwwWhy? It's like gdm except with less features :P22:25
nhainesrww: they have lots of nice Unity enhancements in oneiric.22:26
rwwnhaines: yeah, I'm figuring between that and Xorg updates...22:26
nhainesrww: in fact, natty-updates include some Unity fixes for multimonitor setups.22:27
nhainesI ran dual monitors for my Ubuntu Community Week presentation.  Was suboptimal.  :)22:27
raevoli dunno i just am excited for lightdm :P i miss back when i used slim on debian22:28
rwwnhaines: If I had to guess, I'd say it's a compiz <-> Xorg graphics glitch, rather than specifically a Unity UI bug22:28
raevoldown with compiz :P22:28
nhainesraevol: lightdm is great except they had to load GTK drivers, reimplement accessibility and localization stuffs.22:29
nhainesWhen they're finished, they'll just have gdm again.22:29
nhainesBut minus all of the lessons learned writing gdm.22:29
pleia2raevol: yep, xubuntu22:30
raevolme too, xubuntu22:30
raevolnhaines: hmm i see22:30
rwwnhaines: exactly22:31
akkI wondered about that ... how it was lighter weight if it had a similar feature set.22:32
nhainesAt least unity-greeter on lightdm is pretty.  Except the input fields are sort of wonky.22:32
akkIf you're worried about gdm being too heavyweight, why use a dm at all?22:33
nhainesNo insertion point (cursor) and your password just disappears when you hit enter.22:33
nhainesakk: because 'startx' is scary.  :)22:33
rwwand why not refactor the problematic parts of gdm instead of starting from scratch?22:33
nhainesrww: because of reasons.22:33
akkBecause it's way more fun to start from scratch than to try to figure out someone else's ugly broken code?22:36
nhainesakk: that might be it.  :)22:36
jyopleia2: Burned 60+ CDs for Sunday.22:49
pleia2jyo: yay! thank you22:49
jyoNow I need to print and fold 60+ cases. :)22:49
pleia2jyo: actually I have a bunch22:50
pleia2and I need to use them soon because they go obsolete soon22:50
pleia2so if you just want to bring the CDs I think we'll be good22:50
pleia2we can fold while we're there  at the booth :)22:50
grantbowpleia2 I burned a bunch of CDs for Sunday as well. They are in a box getting delivered to Ian Lynn today.23:20
pleia2grantbow: cool, thanks :)23:20
bkerensaSomehow it seems cheaper to go to a CD printer and have them make labels and burn cds with Ubuntu then to buy from the Canonical store23:26
pleia2cheaper still to have volunteers from the loco burn a bunch and use sleeves we designed: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-california/+junk/2010branding-sleeves23:27
nhainesCD fabrication requires an economy of scale that doesn't economically exist for us.  :)23:28
* pleia2 nods23:28
pleia2the pennsylvania loco had a team member with a huge burning machine that would burn like 100 cds at a time, but he didn't buy it for the loco, it was a work thing I think :)23:28
grantbowthe quick cycles are why suse pulled their box sets from shelves years back23:29
grantbowErnie wanted to build a burn machine for the loco. I would too.23:30
nhainespleia2: you're right, I don't trust that philipballew either.23:39
philipballewphilipballew, is a real loser :)23:41
pleia2philipballew is my BFF this week because he blogged about the san diego jam23:41
pleia2(hehe, "BFF this week")23:41
philipballewyou used it or something :)23:42
* philipballew is always out of the loop :)23:43
nhainesphilipballew: the joke is that (you can check the logs) no one was talking about you at all before you got here.  :)23:44
nhaines(in fact, we were talking about making Ubuntu CDs economically.)23:45
pleia2I am still excited about grantbow seeing zebras23:45
pleia2I'm telling everyone23:45
* philipballew left his 100 pack of cd's at scale I hope they went to good use. I saw a zebra at the zoo here once. very nice23:46
pleia2philipballew: the ones that weren't given away at scale were given away at the noisebridge hackerspace, presumably all went to good use :)23:46
pleia2at least I didn't see any ISO castles23:46
philipballewexcellent :) i have 2 in my dorm room. what does iso stand for?23:47
philipballewI had a job interview for a network maintainer for the school and they kept asking my computer acronyms like iso. that was one i did not know23:47
pleia2I suppose the proper term would be CDs23:47
rwwISO refers to the fact that proper .iso files are ISO-9660 file systems23:48
rwwInternational Standards Organization23:48
nhainesISO is a CD image, it refers to the fact that CDs use ISO-9660 as their file system.23:48
nhainesrww: get out of my head!23:48
* philipballew was the only person when asked to name computer parts named raid cards. and even know what raid does23:48
rwwwell, International Organization for Standardization23:48
philipballewthere is a organization for everything.23:49
philipballewthere is even a organization that determines wifi standards as well23:49
rwwsomeone's got to23:50
bkerensapleia2: http://i.imgur.com/DLFRX.png <-- Our banner (proof)23:50
pleia2bkerensa: nice :)23:50
philipballewi'll take the job. i will mandate all essid's be called phil23:50
nhainesbkerensa: Ubuntu font? :)23:50
philipballew"did you connect to phil yet? " "hold on a sec"23:51
bkerensanhaines: Unfortunately Staples Banner Designer software does not offer that23:51
bkerensathats just a mock up23:51
* bkerensa is gonna use Ubuntu font when he does it in gimp23:52
nhainesbkerensa: another good reason to use PDF.  ;)23:52
philipballewa local place would do it23:52
nhainesNoo!  Inkscape!23:52
bkerensanhaines: Nooo23:52
pleia2yeah you want inkscape so you can do vector23:52
bkerensaInkscape annoys me :P23:52
nhainesIt is your destiny.23:52
* nhaines breathes.23:52
bkerensaI cant do Inkscape23:52
pleia2ours was sent to the printer as a massive pdf exported from svg23:52
bkerensaany volunteers?23:52
bkerensaeveryone in our loco is coders :D23:52
philipballewdo it all in blender bkerensa23:52
nhainesneeds more lens flare.23:53
pleia2if I can do inkscape anyone can23:53
pleia2nhaines: hahaha23:53
bkerensapleia2: This is totally not sexist but Women generally are more artistic then men23:53
bkerensathat or I just lack the ability23:54
philipballewall the women in my woodshop class's in hs kept putting out better things then me.23:54
bkerensamy wooden bowl I made in woodshop was horrid23:54
philipballewthe ceramic tux penguin made in ceramics in hs though   AWESOME!!!!23:55
bkerensaI guess the issue I have with Inkscape is selecting layers23:55
bkerensaNot as easy as Gimp23:55
pleia2bkerensa: haha, I like pink but I do NOT fulfill that stereotype23:55
* pleia2 useless at art, can't even match clothes23:55
bkerensaah jeez getting paged23:56
nhainesbkerensa: good news then because Inkscape doesn't have layers!  :D23:56
* philipballew wore a pink shirt yesterday23:56
bkerensanhaines: Ok elements or whatever? How do I select between a text element and a shape/image etc?23:57
pleia2click on it23:57
nhaines^^ this23:58
philipballewjust make it all in mircosoft publisher bkerensa :)23:58
pleia2now I'm really going to talk about philipballew behind his back23:59
pleia2(does publisher even exist anymore?)23:59
philipballewi was criticized last week for not knowing active directory. or .net23:59

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