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ropetinMornin' all13:14
ropetinAnyone have experience using Google Voice from the CLI?13:14
maxolasersquadropetin: I don't think there are any CLI hooks to GV.14:16
ropetinmaxolasersquad: I've found some python and perl modules that hook into the API, but nothing that does what I need it to14:24
maxolasersquadropetin: That hook into the GV APIs?14:36
maxolasersquadGoogle does have some awesome CLI tools, but none for GV, that I know of.14:36
maxolasersquadI would love to be able to text from the cl.14:36
maxolasersquadEven better, desktop notifications when I get a call.14:37
ropetinExactly, I want to send and receive texts from the CLI so I can automate some stuff14:40
maxolasersquadYeah, I'd like that too, but Google hasn't released anything of the sort.15:02
maxolasersquadYou could try http://github.com/justquick/python-googlevoice/15:03
maxolasersquadWhich apparently takes one to http://code.google.com/p/pygooglevoice/15:05
maxolasersquadropetin: I just installed the pygooglevoice and it seems to work really well.15:21
ropetinmaxolasersquad: I tried that a couple of days ago but got authentication issues15:23
ropetinI think it might be two factor authentication related15:24
ropetinDO you have that enabled on your account?15:24
maxolasersquadI do not.15:25
ropetinHmmm, I might have to disable it and give it a go again15:27
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DammitJimhttp://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=283397&csid=ITD&body=MAIN does something like that come with a tuner? 18:52
jpughDammitJim: it's a tv...it better come with a tv tuner18:55
jpughDammitJim: vs a monitor which has no tuner18:55
DammitJimjpugh, that's why I'm confused... I remember the first plasma/LCD TVs that used to come w/o a tuner18:56
jpughthen they were not tv's18:56
DammitJimlol... that's what I thought18:56
jpughwell...seems I cannot send anymore?19:03
DammitJimsend what?19:03
DammitJimhey, anyone know of any .NET developers?19:03
DammitJimI know, wrong channel...19:03
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DammitJimwhat is this? change in personalities?19:14
maxolasersquadWoot!  The pizza has arrived everyone.19:23
DammitJimman, how can I be hungry after eating 4 Rivers?19:25
DammitJimI must have worms or somethign19:25
maxolasersquadI just finished off an American-sized bento box with Tampura, but I think I could down at least one slice.19:27
DammitJimLOL... where from?19:28
maxolasersquadA local place called Azu.19:29
ropetinAwesome, my irssi install was able to correctly handle those unicode characters19:34
maxolasersquadUbuntu seems well equipped to handle any Unicode characters thrown at it.19:35
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