TeamXlinkWow that was a close one.01:02
TeamXlinkI had an open can of pop on my desk and went to grab it, I knocked it over and it just missed the computer besides my desk.01:03
* TeamXlink goes to put the cases handle/top back on his pc.01:04
brouschgood morning all11:34
brouschrick_h_: the other day you mentioned being a U-M alumnus? i thought you went to oakland or something11:39
rick_h_brousch: I went to GMI/Kettering for 2 years for MSE, then took a year off, then went back and got a CS from UM Flint, wife is from UM A211:40
rick_h_so I stretch a bit when it comes to OH vs MI since I wasn't no A2 campus11:41
brouschah, flint11:41
rick_h_snap-l: good review of locoocast today: http://paste.mitechie.com/show/404/12:16
brouschi assume you are trying to get an interview with him12:17
brouschre: pyramid12:17
brouschi stumbled across this while wandering in the docs https://docs.pylonsproject.org/podcasts.html12:18
rick_h_brousch: we got one at PyCon with him12:24
rick_h_was good stuff12:24
rick_h_while there we keep chatting about doing a Pyramid podcast together12:24
rick_h_yea, they did one episode12:25
rick_h_and we keep talking about trying to do something12:25
brouschoh, right, i remember that now12:25
brouscheven if you kept it to like 15 minutes, if you did it regularly it could help get out the pyramid word12:25
brouschi think all the django podcasts died12:26
rick_h_doing a podcast is hard12:26
rick_h_especially if you'd rather be coding12:26
snap-lrick_h_: That's awesome. :)13:16
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rick_h_snap-l: yea, kind of cool13:22
Wolfgersame to you Mr. No-alt-text-reading13:57
brouschi read it. i just forgot it by your comment13:58
WolfgerThat was the funniest part of the comic :-p13:58
rick_h_man, scary how different my resume is now vs last time I updated it14:35
brouschut oh14:37
Wolfgernc-guy getting to you, rick_h_?14:47
rick_h_hah, well that's always true14:47
rick_h_had 30min to kill before I head out of here and figured I'd look at what I had14:47
rick_h_it's all PHP and "please someone let me do some python14:48
brouschnow it's all "i'm the most awesome python ninja. you want me, you know you do"14:49
rick_h_well have to find room for open source work, bookie, podcast, talks I've given, etc14:57
jrwrengood luck!14:59
jrwrenit only gets more difficult the older teh get :p14:59
Wolfgerdid everybody call it an early weekend?17:16
jrwrenjust took a lunch17:18
jrwrenabout to go back to some code.17:18
jrwrenCRAZY SWEET shit I'm writing17:18
brouschWolfger: some of these folks are headed to olf17:23
Wolfgeroh, right. I forgot it's OLF weekend17:28
Wolfgerjust usually the chatter picks up at lunchtime, so was questioning if IRCCloud was offline :-p17:28
brouschdoes anyone use that?17:33
WolfgerIt's my only option at work now17:36
brouschdoes it work well for you?17:36
brouschi use it on the chromebook, which is very rare17:36
Wolfgerit works great for me. I love being able to shut the browser down completely, come back, and scroll through the chatter I may have missed.17:37
WolfgerI am sure I will be subscribing when it leaves beta.17:37
WolfgerI like some of the little tweaks it does, too17:38
brouschmy biggest issue with it is that i'm used to pidgin where all of my irc, yim, and gtsalk are in one place17:39
Wolfgerlike when somebody leaves and comes right back (or vice versa) it shows a "just popped in" or "just nipped out" instead of two messages17:39
WolfgerYeah, I can see that... though I never really cared for Pidgin as an IRC client17:40
Wolfgerwhat I like is being able to go from one computer to another and still have the full chat log.17:40
WolfgerI can be in a conversation at work, leave, go home, and pick the convo back up17:41
Wolfgerwhich I guess others do using SSH and screen :-p17:41
brouschyeah, i just log off. if i'm not logged in, i'm not listening17:42
brouschhave you tried it from mobile?17:44
brouschif it has a good mobile interface it might be worth it. andchat is slightly annoying17:44
Wolfgersaves me the hassle of walking in in the middle of a conversation wondering what the heck everybody is talking about. :-)17:44
WolfgerI have not tried it from mobile. I should17:44
brouschspeaking if irccloud. i have 3 invites, anyone want one?17:45
brousch_shut up, brousch, you have no invites, i have them17:45
WolfgerI have them too17:47
brouschhm, https so it's encrypted unlike my regular irc17:54
brouschIs there a mobile version?Not yet but it's high on the wish list. The web app might load in your mobile browser, but we're not done any specific small screen/minimal resources optimisations yet. (iPad tip: two-finger scrolling works)17:58
Wolfgerif I had an iPad I would totally use IRCCloud on it18:00
brousch_it is not loading on my droid18:01
Wolfgeranother nifty feature is that you can archive private chats as well.18:04
brousch_yeah, i just used that18:04
brousch_damn, not loading on opera mobile either18:04
Wolfgertried Dolphin browser?18:06
Wolfger(I would, but no cell signal in the building)18:06
brousch_never heard of it18:06
WolfgerI use Dolphin on my Captivate.18:07
WolfgerHuh. Dolphin is no longer available. But there is now Dolphin HD and Dolphin Mini18:09
brouschno luck18:14
snap-lhello from ohio19:59
brousch_finally made it?20:00
snap-lstill in the car20:01
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rick_h_son of a @#$#@$@#20:44
rick_h_I forgot my power cord!20:44
brousch_so scr00d20:44
rick_h_ummm, yea this sucks20:44
snap-lHello hotel20:44
rick_h_damn, I have both batteries, hopefully full20:44
rick_h_but still20:44
snap-lrick_h_: I have my power adapter20:45
rick_h_damn damn20:45
snap-lwe can scuba.20:45
rick_h_snap-l: thanks, might try that I guess20:45
rick_h_ugh, can't believe I grabed all this gear and left a power cord at home20:45
snap-lI can. :)20:45
snap-lWE have a suite20:45
snap-lso two rooms.20:45
rick_h_oooh, fancy20:45
snap-lYeah, sincewe vacation down here thought I'd splurge20:46
rick_h_ha awesome that is20:46
snap-lI'm using hawesome in a sentence20:47
greg-gsnap-l: you just did.20:53
greg-gin fact, that was a self-referential sentence.20:53
greg-ghave a blast at OLF for me, everyone21:00
snap-lgreg-g: Thanks. How are things out by uoi?21:20
greg-gstarting to get some sort of calmness, yesterday was the in-person meeting for the metadata standard Tech Working Group that I'm coordinating. So, me plus a bunch of people 20 years my senior debating metadata :)21:23
snap-lWow, that sounds like fun21:24
Blazeixwhoa, new http://www.amazon.com redesign21:31
rick_h_yea, heard that was coming21:31
rick_h_boo, I don't have it21:32
Blazeixit's all google colored21:32

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