akgranerUbuntu Banner and table cover just showed up:-)21:01
akgranerWe'll have Ubuntu identifiers for events now :-)  woo hoo!21:01
akgranerholstein, I know right21:28
akgranerI'll hang it up and spread out the table cover and send a pic to the mailing list21:29
akgranerNext time I come to Asheville - I'll see if I can't pass them off to you21:29
akgranerMr. Contacts man...21:29
akgranerwe are all caught up now so you should get the email saying when you can order the CD's21:30
akgranerlet me know if you have questions and we'll get it sorted :-)21:30
BugeyeDhi all. just curious ... is there any way a sysadmin with related python experience could _really_ contribute? most projects i've been affiliated with required C for any real contribution.23:54

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