Cheri703husband got a job! so now we will both be starting jobs on tuesday!01:56
Unit193Awesome! Congrats!01:56
Unit193Well, to him01:56
Cheri703very excited01:56
Cheri703oh, also, he is going to try kubuntu for a while :)01:57
Unit193So that's the one he tried?01:57
Unit193Oh, you timed out after I PM'd last night, did you happen to see it and how bad I failed? :P01:59
skellatThe team here at Erie Looking Productions finally register (#960 & #961).  We should be heading out around 5:30 AM with intent to be on time for the opening of UbuCon.  Due to "day job" constraints, Friday is the only day we can be in Columbus.02:15
Cheri703didn't look yet02:15
Cheri703skellat: I can't make it down :(02:15
skellatThat works02:15
skellatI dunno02:15
* Cheri703 is bummed02:16
skellatDo you need a ride or do you have work constraints?02:16
Cheri703well, some of both, not work per se, but "about to start working a "real" job for the first time in a WHILE so need to do a bunch of running around to get things/prep"02:16
skellatI don't know how unfettered ELP will be02:17
skellatI will have a legal pad and pen with me as it is.  There will be an essay...I just haven't written it yet.  I did just a hair under 40 hours this week which isn't bad considering I'm merely a part-timer at work.02:18
Cheri703I mean up here, so it is just better that I don't go down to cbus :/02:18
skellatThere will be a podcast to enjoy02:18
Cheri703definitely :)02:19
skellatThe theme for the essay is probably going to involve one thing I introduced in BC42 about how young Ubuntu is compared to something like 9/11.  Debian was around then but Ubuntu wasn't.  We don't have a lot of permanence in the tech realm.  With the firing of Carol Bartz at Yahoo and with them effectively being up for sale, a bulwark of the Internet that consumers have known for years may yet disappear.02:20
skellatI'll probably think about where I'll take such more on the 3-4 hour drive down02:20
skellatUnit193: Will you be seeing me at the event in the flesh?02:21
Unit193skellat: No I will not, I will flee the state02:22
skellatUnit193: Where to?02:22
skellatWell, I've got some more prep here for how we're going to proceed with the abbreviated trip.  Have a good night y'all...02:23
Unit193Very much so! I'm glad I'm missing it for this and not something lame ;P02:23
dzhoCheri703: you not coming Friday, or not at all?02:43
Cheri703can't come at all :/02:43
Cheri703really wanted to02:43
Cheri703just too much stuff going on02:43
Guest46011Where can I get info on the podcast for tm? I lost the page for the event it's self...03:45
=== Guest46011 is now known as kernellitke
kernellitkeAny one still around?  I tired to say hi earlyer and got no responce03:49
kernellitkeUnit193?  I think I talked to you maybe the other day came in as locdir or what ever the cleint had me as defualt...03:50
Unit193Well, I am03:50
kernellitkeI was woundering about the podcast that will be happening at ubucon and he linux fest, I wont be able to make it and was wanting to get info on how to tune in atleast to the podcast03:51
Unit193It;s all here http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/burningcircle (or will be that is)03:52
kernellitkeso was it you I was talking to the other day about joing the group and ect?03:52
kernellitkeAh and thanks for the link I am still trying to get to knwo my self around here...03:53
kernellitkeor my way around so to say...03:53
Unit193Well, it was me and Cheri, IIRC03:54
kernellitkeah ok well they let me join and did not ask me any questions03:54
Cheri703I'm around...mostly :) if I can answer any questions03:54
kernellitkeIt feels good to be part of the team...03:54
Unit193Still on the webchat? We need to get you on a client ;)03:54
kernellitkeI know as soon as I get back to my place still awaiting to get home lol03:55
kernellitkesorry if it is causing any problems lol03:55
Unit193Na, just messing with you03:55
kernellitkeleads me to another question should I regustar a name on this server?03:56
kernellitkeregister sorry03:57
Unit193Might as well if you are going to use IRC much at all03:57
kernellitkek can I do that through this web cleint or do I need to go to a site to do so?03:57
Unit193Information about registering your nickname:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select  your nickname.03:58
Unit193/msg NickServ register email password03:59
kernellitkekk will in a minute thanks03:59
Unit193Woops, password THEN email04:00
Unit193http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup too if you need it04:00
kernellitkeah kk thanks for the help....04:00
kernellitkehow often do you all do tomorrows event?04:01
kernellitkeis it just yearly04:01
Unit193Once a year04:03
kernellitkekk I notice there are sometimes local things that go on let me check here I want to ask you guys about one if I can find it...04:03
kernellitkeno but this:  Cincinnati Ubuntu Hour04:04
kernellitkewhat are those04:04
Unit193That's where we meet and greet ;)  We go to a local place and talk for an hour, very relaxed and about (mostly) anything04:05
kernellitkecool I will have to attend one of those then as soon as I can04:07
kernellitkeand what is the ReLoco?04:07
Cheri703Unit193: this is that video I was telling you about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxiSP_ch_oI04:07
Unit193Really Local Community, the people that go to Ubuntu Hours04:07
Unit193Cheri703: Alright, I'll get it in a sec04:07
kernellitkeCool thanks04:09
kernellitkeI will try to read more about the group and how it works tonight... Are there any projects or things the group works on?04:10
Cheri703not specifically at the moment04:10
Cheri703kernellitke: do you mind if I ask your gender?04:11
kernellitkeNo I do not care, I am a male, 27 from Northern Ky... Why do you ask?04:13
Cheri703ah, ok :)04:14
Cheri703I try to point new women to the Ubuntu women project :)04:14
kernellitkeall I am sorry lol04:15
kernellitkeI told a freind of mines wife about that project the other day.... She looked at me blankly because she had no concept of what Ubuntu is lol04:16
kernellitkeBut she was happy to see that it had a wemons group once I told her and she thought that was a good idea lol04:17
Cheri703yeah, it is to help encourage women to participate in the community and contributing :)04:18
kernellitkeThat is good :)04:22
kernellitkeAtleast I know you did not think I was a women by my typing or something lol...04:26
Cheri703nah, I just ask, because most screen names give no indication :)04:27
* Unit193 thinks ^^ might ;)04:28
kernellitkeThus is true..  I am just teasing around though...04:29
kernellitkehuh lol04:29
kernellitkeI am working on a couple of project to help promote ubuntu.... Currently I am working on user video tutorails.... Since most tutorails I see how there take you into using command line and things... I think it will help new people get a feel for it04:30
* Unit193 thinks he already asked what Ubuntu flavor kernellitke used04:33
kernellitkeNot for sure if you did but I use  EduUbuntu... I use it for a small educational group me and my freinds work on together on the side...04:34
Cheri703I'm off to bed :) have a good night folks04:34
Unit193Cheri703: Adios and have a good rest04:34
kernellitkeyou too...04:34
kernellitkeWhat flavor do you use Unit193?04:44
Unit193Xubuntu and Lubuntu04:45
kernellitkeNever really heard of Lubuntu what is it about?04:46
Unit193LXDE :D04:47
Unit193Very lightweight, yes04:50
kernellitkeindeed I think at one point I was palying with a kubuntu because it was suspose to be light weight but I could not not get it installed on a old windows 95 box so...04:52
Unit193Kubuntu is really not lightweight, it's heavy weight :P  Lubuntu will run on old/slow stuff or really new and fast ;)04:55
Unit193CPU~Single core Celeron (Mendocino) (-UP-) clocked at 498.429 Mhz Kernel~2.6.38-11-generic i686 Up~4 days Mem~217.1/495.1MB HDD~20.2GB(26.2% used) Procs~141 Client~Irssi 0.8.15 inxi~1.7.704:55
kernellitkeI do not know enough about it that is another reason I wanted to join the goup in learn lol04:57
kernellitkeI assume it was cause I googled it and that is what people in diffrent forums where saying...04:57
kernellitkeI dl it and compared it to ubuntu the dl the file sizes where diffrent the kubuntu being smaller05:00
Unit193Well, it's really different05:00
kernellitkebut i will have to give this one a try05:00
kernellitkeI like to get the old machines working05:00
Unit193My best computer still isn't all that great :/05:01
kernellitkeI like to setup and start dristibuting machines by giving them away or selling them at cost for peoples kids to learn on... Used machines fix them up and stuff...05:02
kernellitkeYeah I just built my self a new machine after letting go of my old p4 single core processor I had it for like 8 years and even when I let it go it worked good still05:04
Unit193^^ Main computer05:05
kernellitkejust was not keeping up with new games, and windows 7 Bluh... It would run it but crash on cerntain video codecs and hte processor was always max out05:05
kernellitkeyeah it was a p4 3.2 ghz, 2.5 gigs of ddr ram @800mhz, Intel 945 chip set bus at 800mhz, and some sort nvida geforce graphics card that had 512mb of video memory... 500gb hd05:07
Unit193Nevermind, that's better :P05:10
kernellitkeThen I finally grabbed a old case laying around got a asrrock n68c mother board 1,000mhz front side bus, aamd athlon II 3.0ghz dual core processor Iwith a 2mb l2 cache and 512kb l1, along with 4.00 ghz of ddr3 1066mhz ram05:20
kernellitkeand ported over my 500gb sata drive05:20
kernellitkeworks great and got it all for like 130.00 dollars new05:21
kernellitkeIt makes me so mad cause there are so many people that where gripping about how the board lacks cause it has only 1,000 mhz front side bus and bluh bluh but really I do not get it for a 130.00 dollars it plays nice games and all video formats I need with no problems and works alsome with EduUbuntu 11.0405:22
kernellitkeI well I sort of also ported over a freind of mines old ati video card to use with it but still ram , processor and boared at that raiting for 130.00 dollars I do not get how people can complain lol05:24
kernellitkeAny one around?12:46
jacobi'm up12:46
jacobgrabbing some things, then heading down to the convention center12:47
paultagI want to go :(12:50
paultagjacob: please give my love to everyone12:50
jacobwill do paultag :P12:50
jacobpaultag: be there at all for the main event tomorrow?12:51
paultagjacob: no :( - work really mussed up any chance of me getting out12:51
paultagjacob: I'm pissedf12:51
paultagpissed 812:52
paultag* *12:52
jacobpaultag: that's too bad. :< well i'll let you know how it goes12:52
jacob(back in about 20 mins)12:52
paultagjacob: please do -- I miss ya'll muchly12:53
kernellitkeopps srorry I walked away there for a minute12:55
kernellitkeI hope you all have fun down there12:55
=== kernellitke is now known as KernelLitke
KernelLitkeI was looking at the Cincinnati Ubuntu Hour and I notice the location is listed as:  "The closest Skyline Chili to everyone"  When do they determine which is the closest?13:02
paultagKernelLitke: Hahaha, good question13:03
paultagI have no idea13:03
paultagKernelLitke: You must be new - I'm Paul. Well met :)13:03
paultagKernelLitke: How did you find Ubuntu Ohio? (Just out of wonderment)13:03
KernelLitkeYes I am new13:06
paultagAre you the one from DeviantArt?13:06
KernelLitkeno no13:07
paultagOh, righto. We had someone on DA who was from Cinci as well13:07
paultagDoc-mo invited him/her over13:07
KernelLitkeI came across the loco wanting to get involved in learning more about linux and helping promote ubuntu13:07
paultagwoot! :)13:08
KernelLitkeI am actually from Northern Ky lol  But I tried to join there loco and never got a respnce well actually after 2 months I got a letter in from there group owner13:08
paultaggotcha :)13:09
KernelLitketelling me how great it would be to have me and he liked my hobby ubuntu projects and my interest in ubuntu and would love to have me but here never did ummm add me lol13:09
paultagLoCoHiO it is13:09
KernelLitkeso I said forget it and came across your guys chat and asked if I could join no one seem to care and I applied and got accepted13:10
KernelLitkeI do not think there as active nore mess with ubuntu as much as you guys.. I think they are into mostly other linux names so...13:11
KernelLitkeAnd this is easyer for me since cincinnati is like 10 to 15 mins from my house vs ky loco which I think is more in louisville13:12
paultagnice :)13:12
jacobrandom question -- anyone remember if the parking lots near the CC take credit cards? otherwise i need to find an ATM :P13:13
KernelLitkeplus since my vehichle is being overalled in my yard again.... ohio offers more public transit options for meetings you all do and such13:13
paultagKernelLitke: yar13:13
paultagjacob: erm, hum13:13
paultagjacob: I took the buss the first year (Oh yeah! REGENCY!), and walked the second year13:14
KernelLitkesince hince to why I was trying to figure out how they decide what skyline they meet at in cincinnati so I know how to get there ahead of time lol13:14
jacobhaha, regency.13:14
paultagKernelLitke: might want to as TheErk13:14
KernelLitkewho is he?13:14
paultagThaErk or whatever13:14
jacobi remember the north lot is $3, but can't remember if there were CC's accepted. might as well stop by the credit union on the way anyway13:15
paultagKernelLitke: Cinci ReLoCo lead13:15
paultaglet me find the fb page13:15
KernelLitkeCool, will do then, thanks for the info Paultag!13:16
paultagKernelLitke: ericjcook@live.com / http://www.facebook.com/ericjcook?sk=info13:16
paultagKernelLitke: sure thing!13:16
paultagwhy the fuck does he have a live email13:16
paultagfucking eric13:16
KernelLitkewow that is creppy I have a eric cook who is my cuz, lol  And the one who I was 15 that got me in to computers...13:17
paultagthat'd be great13:18
paultagKernelLitke: eric is a really fucking odd guy, I love him to death, but he's an odd feller13:18
KernelLitkeWhat makes the dude odd?13:19
paultagKernelLitke: http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/21973_1077209308244_1766607092_157631_1868990_n.jpg13:19
paultagKernelLitke: he's just funny13:19
KernelLitkelol... The dude does look like a funny charecter lol.... It will be cool to meet him13:20
KernelLitkeWaht loco are you from paultag?13:20
paultagKernelLitke: I was in the NEO LoCo - Cleveland13:21
paultagKernelLitke: but now i'm in ubuntu-us-ma13:21
KernelLitkeah cool13:21
canthus13Whee... Looks like we'll get in to linuxfest sometime this afternoon after my wife gets out of class.13:37
KernelLitke:) have fun there canthus13...  get the tee shirt lol13:54
canthus13I'll try.13:54
canthus13This year I should get in early enough on saturday to actually get decent swag. :)13:55
KernelLitkenice :)13:55
KernelLitkeWell I am going afk, got to the store and to take care of a few things see you all latter... peace14:05
* canthus14 just got into Columbus. We're going to the pre-party. :)21:24
thafreakcanthus14: see you tomorrow22:00
canthus14I'm already here.... Wondering where the hyatt is.22:01
_bbbi'll see you in hell22:38

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