Gerty_Goood to know.00:00
bkerensaClear works good depending on a few factors00:02
bkerensa1. You must be in good range and 2. Nobody must be using the same tower00:03
thefinn93pretty much00:05
thefinn93we had that, except in the evening00:05
thefinn93when everyone was using the tower00:05
thefinn93so it was basically unusable00:05
bkerensaIf anyone wants to go to Intel and tour the Jones Farm facilities let me know01:44
bkerensaI'm arranging a Tour plus I have a family member who works there so yeah :P01:44
* bkerensa will probably get a private tour seperate from everyone else01:44
bkerensadinner... ttyl guys03:13
bkerensahi cosmicpizza19:34
cosmicpizzahi there19:35
cosmicpizzahowdy ?19:35
Brian_Hgot my hp touchpad today!19:35
Brian_Hnow to play with android19:35
tgm4883Brian_H, sweet19:35
tgm4883where from?19:36
Brian_Hthe internet! lol19:36
Brian_Hsome guy on ebay had like 10 of em19:36
Brian_Hso I got 2 1 for me 1 for my buddy19:36
Brian_Hthing is kinda heavy, but I guess that means its prolly pretty sturdy19:37
* bkerensa likes the Lenovo IdeaPad K119:43
tgm4883I haven't looked for one in awhile19:43
tgm4883My wife wants a tablet, but she has a mini 9 right now so there's no rush19:44
bkerensaBrian_H: How much time do you need to arrange funding/payment for banner?19:56
bkerensaBrian_H: I begin setup of our booth at PuppetConf on Thursday next week but the conference doesnt launch until the 19th..... I think it only takes two business days for the banner to be made19:57
bkerensaMight be cutting it close19:57
* bkerensa might get to check out the new Amazon Kindle :D19:59
Brian_Hbkerensa: just a week or so would be nice21:01
Brian_HIf we have to I can make it sooner, but depending on how we get the capital to you will effect the process :)21:03
bkerensaBrian_H: Briefcases of money work for me ;021:13
bkerensaBrian_H: Lets touch base on Monday and we can work out the logistics and have look at a final proof21:13
* bkerensa was notably joking 21:17
Brian_H:) ok lol21:38
Brian_Hsorry playing with the touch pad21:38
Brian_Hwebos seems to be good for browsing and thats about it :p21:38
bkerensaBrian_H: You can put optware/preware on WebOS to do more21:39
Brian_Hhmmm might have to check it out21:42
Brian_Hthey dropped the code for android to run on it :D just no video drivers so its choppy I guess21:42
bkerensaBrian_H: http://i.imgur.com/DLFRX.png <-- Final Proof23:49
Brian_Hnice the linbit looks a bit fuzzy is that due to the graphic I sent? or just the saved image?23:50
bkerensatrue true let me double check I will have a final final proof on monday23:50
Brian_Hok kick ass :)23:51
Brian_Hthat thing is awesome23:51
Brian_HI like it23:51
bkerensaand far under the cost we talked about23:51
Brian_Hwell in that case I can bring you a paper bag full of loot23:52
Brian_Hif you give us the heads up too we will post the events on our twitter/etc accounts23:53
bkerensaWill do23:53
Brian_Hok going to pack it up see ya all when I get back online :)23:56

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