* wrst attempts to "fix" vista01:46
Unit193Oh, installing Lubuntu? Awesome!01:47
wrstno Unit193 they want it fixed...01:47
Unit193So... Windows 7 or XP being installed then? ;)01:48
wrstno Unit193they want vista fixed :\02:09
Unit193So, what's up with it anyway?02:19
wrstnothing best I can tell other than norton had expired02:29
wrstso Unit193 naturally it has a virus... :\02:29
Unit193I do not like Norton. MBAM it yet?02:29
orangeninjaAvira is nice and not such a resource hog.02:32
orangeninjawrst: I too have "fixed" about 4 virus/malware screwed computers since Febuary.02:37
wrsti hate norton.. but its late it will live one more day before i mess with it good night all02:43
Unit193MBAM is awesome on infected computers though02:51
Unit193Avira is also what I'd currently recommend too02:51
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wrstaverage_guy: you having fun with your connection?13:58
average_guyhehe.. yeah. Setting up new system13:59
average_guygot arch working last night wrst13:59
average_guyI think debian runs faster tho14:00
wrstcool average_guy14:04
wrstand debian could they are neck in neck and probably depends on what works best with hardware14:04
average_guyInstalling arch is a good experience though.  I am learning linux still, and installing arch taught me a lot about where configuration details are stored14:18
average_guythe arch documentation is superb14:18
wrstit is good experience but not for everyone as a user, and the documentation is wonderful14:29
wrstif you had ubuntu's ease of use with arch's documentation... well it sure would help out14:29
cyberangerwrst: if you had any distro with good documentation, it'd be easier than ubuntu I think19:55
wrstcyberanger: yeah but if ubuntu had good documentation it would beat the pants off about anything that sorta irritates me19:56
wrstthat there seems to be no real effort19:56
cyberangerI mean, nobody just sticks to stock (well, unless your using tails, backtrack or so on, from a live disc, but that's a special case)19:57
cyberangerwell, it's on the meeting list (I'm having to write it well in advance of the meeting, in case I can't make it, but I think I can)19:57
wrstcyberanger: for the first time I'm kinda excited about an ubuntu release20:07
wrst11.10's unity is going to be decent which is a vast improvement over the major suckdom that was 11.0420:07
cyberangerwhich is funny considering I was excited till the last one20:08
wrstwell that last one for desktop was awful20:09
wrstworse GUI ever20:09
wrstwell maybe not the last one20:09
wrstbut the underlying base was good in 11.04 the gui was just horrible20:15
cyberangeryeah, been using the base for openbox & a server or two (but more servers are debian now)20:24
wrstyeah i need to try that20:26

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