bkerensavalorie: How do I get Kubuntu CD's and stickers to have at the PuppetConf Ubuntu Booth?00:57
valorieyou might ask in #kubunu-devel01:05
valorieI've not ever been able to get them, but they might be available somewhere01:05
valoriehey, I wanted to ask you for a favor -- how do I get in touch with O'Reilly to beg for some prizes?01:06
valoriewe are looking for stuff for our Ada Lovelace competition for UW01:06
valorieand I foolishly agreed to get it01:06
valorieyou got stuff from them, right?01:07
bkerensamarsee@oreilly.com 01:28
bkerensaalso let me find her assistants e-mail01:28
bkerensavalorie: I would e-mail marsee@oreilly.com and CC: kc@oreilly.com01:30
bkerensajust make a list01:30
bkerensaand request them and they should send them too you01:30
valorieoooo, I guess I'll have to look at the catalog02:19
valoriealthough I'd rather get coupons I think02:20
valorieso the women can choose what they like02:20
valoriethank you02:20
bkerensaoh in that case02:41
bkerensavalorie: E-mail and ask for their ebook coupons02:41
valoriethat's the choice?02:42
valoriespecific books or ebooks?02:42
valoriebecause those coupons float around everywhere02:42
valorieI guess I'll provide some links to them and let them decide what's best02:44
bkerensavalorie: Hmm maybe they might offer gift certificates? I would just e-mail and see what they can offer ( I have one of their cellphone numbers somewhere I will look for it tomorrow02:52
valorieemail is good02:54
valoriewe have a month02:54

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