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cjohnstonnigelb: why do you want me to give a lightning talk so bad14:05
nigelbcjohnston: No, I want someone to give a lighting talk, Its either you or Mike. BUt if you don't want to do its, its fine14:06
nigelbThe original intent was to show that we did put into summit during times that UDS is not happening ;)14:07
cjohnstonthe question wasnt me, the question was the talk14:07
cjohnstonyou mean like the work we have done between uds-o and uds-p?14:07
cjohnstonon that rt, i think we want to try to get it moved to a deadline of sooner than 10-114:10
mhall119nigelb: cjohnston: Ronnie: daker: I'm starting to put together a list of technologies for web developers in Ubuntu, please add whatever you can think of to the list: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WebDevelopers14:29
mhall119newz2000: ^^14:30
mhall119I'm thinking of leaving out the community and services sections, as they're really only specific to people making ubuntu-related websites14:33
newz2000I was working on some CSS3 stuff last night and said to myself, This should really be in version control.14:37
newz2000You'll never guess what happened next.14:37
* newz2000 now really wishes it was in version control14:37
mhall119you accidentally deleted it all?14:37
newz2000not all14:37
newz2000but I deleted something and now it's foobar'd14:38
mhall119that's always how it goes14:38
* newz2000 would love to be able to do bzr diff to see what changed14:38
mhall119it's almost worth it ot make a script that use inotify and convert any new directory under ~/projects into a bzr branch, and do bzr commit on every save14:39
dakermhall119, ok14:53
nigelbnewz2000: use an etherpad!14:59
nigelboh, wait14:59
nigelbHah. version controll++14:59
nigelbnewz2000: Were you able to fix that wrapping?15:02
cjohnstonmhall119: when do you think you can push a new summit release15:06
mhall119cjohnston: from trunk?15:11
nigelbDid we at some point merge into trunk from the stable branch?15:12
mhall119yeah, trunk isn't missing anything from 1.x15:14
cjohnstonafaik trunk is stable too15:15
mhall119yeah, but it has the migration history cleared, so it'll be a non-trivial deployment15:15
cjohnstonso we need to get it done so we have plenty of time to fix any issues that may arrise15:16
mhall119find me an extra 3 hours15:16
cjohnston0000 - 0300 tomorrow morning15:16
mhall119I'll be sleeping15:17
cjohnstonno you wont.. thats why itll be extra15:17
nigelbmhall119: We can arrange an alarm with your kids if you wish :P15:19
nigelbThat seems to be how you're waking up these days :P15:19
mhall119nigelb: my kids will both be at a sleepover tonight, so you can set an alarm with them all you want :)15:21
nigelbmhall119: well played15:21
cjohnstoni still know where you live15:22
newz2000nigelb: still on my todo list16:09
nigelbnewz2000: can I help in anyway?16:09
nigelbIs the code around that I could give you an MP?16:09
newz2000let me look16:09
newz2000nigelb: lp:~newz/+junk/light-wiki/ (I think)16:10
nigelbnewz2000: gah, can't MP to +junk :(16:11
newz2000nigelb: let me look and see if it's elsewhere16:11
nigelbokay :)16:11
newz2000(it should be)16:11
newz2000nigelb: try this: lp:~newz/canonical-webmonkeys/light-wiki-theme16:14
newz2000I'll set that up so that we can push properly16:15
newz2000nigelb: ok, I've made it a series now: lp:canonical-webmonkeys/light-wiki-theme16:25
nigelboh, excellent.16:25
nigelblet me get you that MP.16:25

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