magespawntop of the morning to y'all.05:23
superflyhiya magespawn05:34
nuvolario/ mornings05:58
sakhimorning nuvolari 05:59
Kilosmorning all and superfly 06:00
Kiloslo nuvolari sakhi 06:00
Kiloshi magespawn 06:00
Kiloshey scar[w] 06:01
magespawnlook like a nice morning group06:06
superflyhi Kilos, sakhi and scar[w]06:07
superflyWell, apart from the catastrophe that is Kmail+Akonadi+Nepomuk, Kubuntu 11.10 is nice06:08
scar[w]morning superfly06:12
magespawni have a pc with win 2000 on it. generic question what would be the 'best' linux to run?06:15
superflymagespawn: probably one of the lighter distros06:16
magespawnlike puppy or dsl? or are they too light on programs?06:17
superflymagespawn: well, I don't know about a particular distribution, but something based on LXDE or XFCE would be a lot lighter than Gnome or KDE06:19
superflymagespawn: you could also run a tiling DE like xmonad or awesome06:21
nuvolarimornings sakhi , oom Kilos, superfly, scar[w], magespawn 06:21
superflyhi nuvolari06:21
scar[w]morning nuvolari06:22
magespawnhi nuvolari06:22
magespawnty superfly. a starting point is worth a lot.06:23
scar[w]magespawn: Xubuntu uses XFCE where Lubuntu uses LXDE06:23
superflymagespawn: for *really* lightweight, you can use Fluxbox or similar06:24
magespawni think the Xubuntu will be the first try. not going to go too far from what is known for now.06:29
nuvolariye, Openbox is a nice lightweight bare minimal way to go06:35
magespawnwill have a look. the machine only 246 mb of ram.06:49
superflyohi morgs07:13
morgshey superfly 07:13
Kiloscan someone tell me where to get vlc-plugin-esd07:18
Kilos please07:18
Kilosi have this command but page not found it says07:18
Kilos sudo apt-get install vlc vlc-plugin-esd mozilla-plugin-vlc07:18
Kilosand i tried googling but no luck07:19
Kilosit seems to be needed to play .mkv files07:20
superflyKilos: why?07:21
superflyKilos: the vlc-plugin-esd is for sound, not video07:21
superflyand you aren't running esd, so you don't need it07:21
sakhihey superfly how goes?07:21
superflysakhi: alright, and you?07:21
sakhigood thanks07:22
Kilosi googled how to play .mkv files and got lotsa info07:22
Kilosi here the sound but no vid07:22
Kilosand got all plugins in synaptic07:22
superflyKilos: well, that plugin definitely won't help07:22
Kilosian brought me 40g of movies in that stupid format07:23
superflyKilos: also, mkv is just a container, it doesn't dictate what format that video is07:23
Kiloshere is the site that said thats whats needed07:23
Kilosam i missing something07:24
Kilosas usual07:24
superflyoom, what version of Ubuntu are you using?07:25
Kilosmaverick superfly 07:25
superflyKilos: that's 9.10, hey?07:25
Kilosi can see all other videos and even dvds i copied from boets pc07:26
superflyKilos: you need to open the file in VLC, and then go and look that the "codecs information" and see what it says07:26
Kilosok i go try find that ty superfly 07:26
superflyKilos: all that guys is saying is, "if you want to watch mkv files, install VLC"07:27
Kilosoh that esd plugin isnt important07:27
Kilosi looked at other pages and they say use handbrake and other stuff07:28
Kiloshandbrake is a converter looks like that will take over 11 hours per i hours movie07:28
Kilosanother site said you need a media splitter but i dont see one for maverick07:29
Kilosget stuff like how to install ubuntu07:29
Kilosbeen there done that07:29
Kiloshi Squirm \07:29
kbmonkeyhello Kilos and superfly and Squirm 07:31
kbmonkeywhats up07:31
* Squirm looks up07:34
Squirm...white ceiling by the looks of things07:34
Kiloslo0 kb07:34
Kiloslo kbmonkey 07:35
superflyhi kbmonkey, Squirm07:44
octoquadMorning all! What a beautiful day :)09:53
sakhimorning octoquad 09:59
superflyhiya octoquad10:23
Kilos-hi locodir-user 11:00
Kilos-hey octoquad 11:00
Kilos-wb morgs 11:00
octoquadhey sakhi superfly Kilos-11:19
octoquadWhen's the next meet btw?11:19
superflySoftware Freedom Day is happening soon11:20
octoquadcool, what do you guys normally do for that day?11:21
superflylook on softwarefreedomday.org11:21
superflyoctoquad: are you on the ubuntu-za mailing list?11:23
octoquadum, let me check...11:23
octoquadI think i registered with an old e-mail address...11:23
superflyoctoquad: whereabouts are you from?11:24
octoquadin durban11:24
octoquadand you?11:24
octoquadok signed up11:26
octoquadIf you guys need help with HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL give me a shout11:26
Kilos-nuvolari, here another durbanite to join you guys11:36
superflyoctoquad: sorry, I'm at work, I can't always answer ;-)11:36
superflyoctoquad: I'm from Cape Town11:37
superflyoh, and octoquad, I moved away from PHP, to a real programming language, Python.11:37
* Squirm2 eyes Maaz 11:38
Squirm2wrong window11:39
octoquadsuperfly, that's my next step, I read about two chapters from my Python 3 book.11:40
Squirm2haven't even seen python 311:40
superflyoctoquad: www.byteofpython.info11:40
superflyoctoquad: but first read up on Python 2 - Python 3 is hardly used11:40
octoquadyeah but a lot of the python 2 scripts can be converted to 3. There's a script for that.11:42
octoquadin ruby devs here? That's another one I would like to get into especially with rails11:45
octoquadin = any11:45
morgspython scripts can be converted to 3, but... something the size of Django... is going to live on Python2 for quite a while yet.11:46
morgsAnother +1 for python, BTW11:46
superflyoctoquad: unless you're making insignificantly sized applications, don't bother with RoR - it doesn't scale11:53
drubinsuperfly: how does Django scale better?11:56
drubinor any of the python frameworks for that matter11:56
superflydrubin: well, I have my own thoughts on Django, but Dropbox is written in Python/Pylons, and I'd say they seem OK11:58
drubinsuperfly: twitter was written in RoR11:58
superflydrubin: yes, and they had scalability issues, which is why the only thing left running RoR at Twitter is their web frontend11:58
drubinI am sorry but I don't by that argument11:59
drubinsuperfly: I wonder how much of the backend of Dropbox is still written in python?11:59
drubinsuperfly: facebooks front end is still php12:01
octoquadFacebook is working with Joyent to support Rails apps on their platform.12:02
octoquadfrom the above link i posted12:02
octoquadand its old. Article written in 200812:02
superflydrubin: yes, but PHP does scale12:03
octoquadit's been around longer than RoR12:04
morgsdrubin: we make Django scale by using nginx, haproxy, memcached, and in general trying not to touch the database unnecessarily. Those are all pretty language-agnostic.12:05
drubinmorgs: that was my point12:05
* morgs kicks off an oneiric upgrade on a spare machine12:05
superflymorgs: what do you use to run Django on nginx?12:05
morgssuperfly: used to use fcgi, now uwsgi12:06
superflymorgs, drubin: I had to reverse proxy nginx<->apache+mod_wsgi for a django to make it not kill my server12:06
superflywhere my Pylons apps running on mod_wsgi were fine12:06
superfly*a django app12:06
morgssuperfly: or gunicorn - on some sites12:07
drubinsuperfly: My point was that octoquad possibly doesn't need twitter scale12:08
morgssuperfly: I'm not the best person for the details on this - I get a bit abstracted away from the code these days - but we've run some load tests12:08
superflydrubin: that was my point too12:08
morgseven plone can scale if you put enough reverse proxy/cache in front of it... :-P12:09
superflyscaling in my eyes means not throwing more hardware and apps at it12:10
morgsas my CS prof once said, even on a Pentium, a bubble sort is still a bad idea12:13
superflymorgs: have you read this? http://blog.dscpl.com.au/search/label/nginx12:15
superflywhoops, let's get the actual url12:16
superflymorgs: http://blog.dscpl.com.au/2009/05/blocking-requests-and-nginx-version-of.html12:16
morgsbye Vhata12:16
morgssuperfly: we only started using uwsgi lately when it got into the upstream nginx. We're using our own nginx package anyway, as we have a nifty mobile handset detector in lua which checks the user agent against wurfl in redis to know if it's a low, mid or high end phone12:18
superflyok, cool12:18
superflymorgs: I don't think uWSGI and mod_wsgi for nginx are the same12:19
superflythat's just a good blog post for thinking about how your server handles Python apps12:20
Vhatadrubin, morgs, highvoltage: why are we being sent random requests for packaging help?13:12
morgsVhata: ?13:13
Vhatacheck your mail13:13
drubinVhata: yes13:16
drubinnot really sure where he picked up your details though13:16
highvoltageI think I might have accidentally deleted it13:16
morgsVhata: checked various mailboxes, nothing found. Who sent it?13:16
drubinintersting enough he left off the one person that might have actually helped packaged it13:17
highvoltageah there it is13:18
highvoltagemy guess is that he got the details somewhere from an ubuntu-za page/list/something13:19
Vhatamorgs: To: morgan@ubuntu.com13:21
Vhatamorgs: From: Dash Shendy <neuromancer@dash.za.net>13:21
morgsVhata: thanks, hmm, not found. Perhaps my @ubuntu.com alias is forwarding to an old address from before it was launchpad-managed.13:22
highvoltagewant me to reply?13:28
Vhatayes please13:30
highvoltagemorgs: <morgan@mcode.co.za> (expanded from <morgan@ubuntu.com>): Host or domain name not found. Name service error for name=mcode.co.za type=A: Host not found13:36
Vhataco.za.10800INSOAns.coza.net.za. this-is-probably-not-the-email-address-you-are-looking-for.co.za. 1110909063 28800 7200 2592000 2880013:40
* morgs goes to look for #canonical-sysadmin or something13:41
morgs"Your Ubuntu membership will expire in 2 years. You'll recive an automatic email for renove, then your Ubuntu email will be for always."13:43
morgsMaybe I didn't "renove"13:43
* morgs mails rt@ubuntu.com13:46
drubinmorgs: you aren't a member of ubuntumembers any more13:47
morgsdrubin: orly13:48
* morgs checks13:48
drubinit expired13:48
drubinhighvoltage: can we re-approve him with out a meeting?13:48
morgsrats, then I definitely forgot to "renove"13:48
highvoltagedrubin: yes, just put in the comment that he didn't get the email notification for renewal and that he requested renewal (assuming he did so)13:49
morgsplus, the page lies - I've extended my membership before, so it clearly isn't "for always"13:49
morgswow, you guys have sudo powers these days13:49
drubin"Morgan Collett is already approved as a member of the team."13:49
drubintheir stupid picker is broken13:49
highvoltageMorgan Collett 2007-03-20 - 2013-09-08: Approved13:51
morgsja, the mail problem is because I got my @ubuntu mail before membership - so it's probably in some other aliases file before it hits launchpad13:51
superflydash shendy?14:25
superflyVhata, highvoltage, morgs: at a guess, based on a short working stint with Dash, he got your details from some DNS records or somesuch other weird place14:26
octoquadcheers guys, have a great weekend!14:44
=== nlsthzn_ is now known as nlsthzn_work
VhataDNS records?15:33
tumbleweedthat's a pretty wierd place to find someone to help you with packaging15:40
Vhatamore did you 'recive' an automatic email?15:45
Vhataerr.  morgs.  he's gone.  tab-completion fail.15:45
tumbleweedexpiriing membership e-mails were broken for a while15:53
Kilosevenening everyone17:45
Kilosevening as well17:45
superflyhi Kilos17:45
Kilosworked out how to fix them movies superfly 17:54
Kilosuse mmc to convert them to .mpg then they play lekker with vlc17:55
Kilosbut takes like 4 hours per movie17:55
Kilosthey no actually movies but the series Stargate 17:57
Kiloshiya nlsthzn howzit there17:58
KilosMaaz, coffee on18:17
* Maaz flips the salt-timer18:17
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!18:21
KilosMaaz, dankie man18:22
MaazGroot plesier my vriend18:22
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:40
nlsthzn_workMaaz: tell kilos, sorry I missed you online tonight uncle Kilos, I was @ work and you pinged the wrong account :p19:46
Maaznlsthzn_work: I don't know who kilos, is. Say 'kilos, on freenode' and I'll take your word that kilos, exists19:46
nlsthzn_workMaaz: tell Kilos, sorry I missed you online tonight uncle Kilos, I was @ work and you pinged the wrong account :p19:46
Maaznlsthzn_work: I don't know who Kilos, is. Say 'Kilos, on freenode' and I'll take your word that Kilos, exists19:46
nlsthzn_workMaaz: tell Kilos on freenode, sorry I missed you online tonight uncle Kilos, I was @ work and you pinged the wrong account :p19:46
Maaznlsthzn_work: Got it, I'll tell Kilos on freenode19:46
nlsthzn_workSheese :p19:46
JabberwockyA19Maaz: coffee20:40
MaazJabberwockyA19: What?20:40
JabberwockyA19Maaz: coffee please20:41
MaazJabberwockyA19: There isn't a pot on20:41
superflyhi JabberwockyA19, how's your beta going?21:29
superflynlsthzn_work: the coma21:29
superfly"I don't know who kilos, is." <- see the comma?21:30
nlsthzn_worksuperfly: oh crap lol... didn't see that >.<21:30
JabberwockyA19loving oneiric, just about to start mirrorbuild.sh and go to bed21:30
* nlsthzn_work is back on natty... will give the cat another spin once it releases :)21:30

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