FluffyMittensOfDescott, Can you point me in the right direction please.00:00
thomasj73Woohoo!  got E17 desktop env working with wifi.. :) No to load KDE so I can convince the wife the Natty+KDE >= Windows!00:00
escottFluffyMittensOfD, #backtrack-linux apparently it is similar enough to ubuntu that their people end up in here00:00
sam555escott:  someone ran an fsck and can't find the log of what is actually wrong with the hdd00:00
sam555i'm trying to locat the log for such information00:01
kingofswordshi how do i run a .sh file?00:01
exutuxFluffyMittensOfD: ask in #madwifi00:01
kingofswordsdo i have to make it executble?00:01
thomasj73I figure once I get her used to KDE I'll hit her up with Unity :D00:01
dr_williskingofswords:  one way   sh foo.sh   or chmod+x foo.sh  then ./foo.sh00:01
FluffyMittensOfDexutux, I already have.00:01
dr_williskingofswords:  chmod +x foo.sh  then ./foo.sh00:01
kingofswordsdr_willis, thanks00:01
escottsam555, its unclear what you mean by "log" there is a filesystem log which is part of ext3 and ext4 and it will be recovered if there is a unclean umount, but that is done by fsck. if you want to know if the drive is failing look at the smart status in the disk utility or use smartmon-tools00:02
dr_williskingofswords:  dare we ask what this script is doing? :)00:02
kingofswordsdr_willis, do i have to add the path aswell?00:02
MneumonicHi, I have a weird issue.  About halfway through booting my laptop screen dims to 0 brightness and i have to manually use the Fn keys to raise brightness back up.  I know I was able to fix this last time i reinstalled by having some command start at boot that put brightness at max but i dont remember what it is00:02
kingofswordsdr_willis, veetle player00:02
dr_williskingofswords:   ./foo.sh   -> is giving the full path..  so in this example no.00:02
dr_willis /path/to/whatever/foo.sh00:02
escottMneumonic, the command will echo an integer to /sys/something/backlight/brightness00:02
battlehandsIm running the latest 32 bit version of ubuntu, and the bar that has things like: firefox, folder, ubuntu software center, ect... will not hide when Im not mousing over it.  This problem has only been happening today.  Before today, when I wasnt mousing over the bar it would automatically hide.  Can someone help me?00:03
MoruzsaI'm hating these scroll bars in the 11.04 UI. Can I alter that easily?00:03
exutuxFluffyMittensOfD: there is a wiki too https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Madwifi?highlight=%28ManufacturerModel%2900:03
sam555escott: is there a way in the shell to run this disk utility?00:03
dr_willisbattlehands:   You mean the left side Unity Panel?00:03
sdk__Hi folks.00:03
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escottMneumonic, /sys/class/backlight00:03
ZombieRameni'm having problems encoding a file i made in glc, as described here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=182851300:03
sam555escott: I thought that under /var/log there would be a log of the fsck00:03
Mneumonicthat doesn't work00:03
escottsam555, fsck is not logged, it is an interactive process00:04
Mneumonicit does hte command but doesn't adjust the brightness00:04
dr_willisMoruzsa:  check out  http://www.webupd8.org/2011/04/things-to-tweak-fix-after-installing.html00:04
battlehandsdr_willis, i think so00:04
escottsam555, so in terminal fsck /dev/sdX# replacing X# as appropriate sda1 or sdb2 etc00:04
Mneumonicit was an echo command but i can't seem to find the right one00:04
MneumonicI thougth it was like /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video/brightness00:04
Mneumonici have two folders in backlight called acpi_video0 and acpi_video100:05
Mneumonicboth have a brigthness in them and i tried both but the terminal says permission denied00:05
FluffyMittensOfDexutux, I'm aware. I'm confused on what I need to do. There is more documentation to drown in then getting it installed00:05
dr_willisbattlehands:  its known to be a bit buggy.  the compiz 'ccsm' tool has a plugin with settings to tweak its autohide/hide/nothide settings. - I set it to never hide myself.  you could try  the differnt settings and it may start working.00:05
sam555escott: Can I run fsck while people are using the server?00:05
escottMneumonic, echo 99 > /sys/class/.... as identified, just be sure to do it inside a sudo -i terminal00:05
escottsam555, not if the partition is mounted00:05
sam555i see, thanks for the help!!!00:05
dr_willisbattlehands:  or you can reset thepanel back to defaults ->  'unity --reset' or 'unity --reset-icons'00:06
battlehandsdr_willis, in terminal?00:06
dr_willisbattlehands:  where else you going to type in such a command? :) yes in a termianl..00:06
Mneumonicperfect now where do i put it to have it do it in startup00:06
battlehandsdr_willis, that command not found00:06
dr_willisbattlehands:  which command...00:06
Moruzsadr_willis, I just found that link right before you posted it00:06
ben_steindr_willis, you're always here, do you have a day job man ? : ) dr. stein (md)00:06
escottMneumonic, rc.local00:07
battlehandsdr_willis, unit--reset00:07
T0X|Cwhere is the firewall configuration in ubuntu?00:07
Mneumonicthank you so much!00:07
dr_willisben_stein:  when im at work (on third shift) i got my android phone.00:07
T0X|Cand se linux00:07
escottMneumonic, and you dont have to worry about sudo for rc.local00:07
Mneumonicwhere is that00:07
dr_willisbattlehands:   if thats the exact command you used.. you spelt it wrong..00:07
escott!ufw | T0X|C00:07
ubottuT0X|C: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.00:07
ben_steindr_willis, hardcore00:07
battlehandsdr_willis, that worked.  thanks00:07
dr_willisben_stein:  :)00:07
Mneumonicfound it00:08
T0X|Cescott, thanks00:08
exutuxMneumonic: you can use xgamma too00:08
sam555how does one list the partitions in ubuntu?00:09
sam555fdisk ?00:09
escottsam555, cat /proc/partitions is better00:09
sam555escott: thanks again!00:10
sdk__Fdisk -l should do as well :)00:10
FluffyMittensOfD...Alright, well. No help on installing, telling me to go download another flavor when I have a cruddy 30kb connection. Thankyou ubuntu asshats00:10
escottsdk__, unless its a gpt disk00:10
IdleOne!language | FluffyMittensOfD00:10
ubottuFluffyMittensOfD: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:10
sdk__Most of the proc stuffs are not meant to be used directly rather through code00:12
FluffyMittensOfDIt's not like I've been downloading this for DAYS and you go and tell me to go somewhere else.00:12
ben_steinlets joll with the owns ek sa00:13
escottFluffyMittensOfD, we wish you all success in your potentially illegal activity. we just don't want it discussed here00:13
escottsdk__, disks larger than 3TB use a different partition scheme that fdisk doesn't support, so its better to use /proc/partitions where the kernel identifies the partition table and contents00:14
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FluffyMittensOfDescott, no illegal activity, just trying to learn more about this crap.00:14
RB2_notebookIn a multi-boot Win/Linux system, is grub installed to the first drive on the controller or to the linux drive?00:14
sdk__Ahh ok00:14
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escottRB2_notebook, to the mbr of the drive that has the /boot partition generally00:15
escottRB2_notebook, in multidisk systems i recommend manually installing grub to both mbrs and then you dont have to worry about boot order00:16
c4pthi i installed ubuntu to a hardware raid0 stripe i told ubuntu installer to install grub to /dev/mapper/Volume0 (which is my ext4 / ) but it fails how can i get grub or grub2 installed onto my newly installed system?00:16
Ruler69I just installed the ubuntu download on  my windows 7 pc and my screen went blank, can anybody help00:16
sam555what's the command to have fsck run at the computer is booting up?00:16
sam555i want to be able to run fsck on unmounted partitions00:17
exutuxsam555: sudo touch /forcefsck00:17
sam555exutux: thansk!00:17
FluffyMittensOfDok. fuck this cya00:18
escottc4pt, is this fakeraid/biosraid?00:18
c4ptescott, well im using physical raid with my onboard controller but ubuntu detects the raid0 as dmraid00:18
c4ptescott, i thinks its intel storage array raid00:18
c4pt*i think00:19
RB2_notebookescott, thanks.. total confusion is raining because my bios is uefi, but the drives are set to AHCI and it's refusing to install correctly no matter what I do00:19
escottc4pt, intel is fakeraid. im not sure what you might need to do to get things working, but google around for fakeraid00:19
c4ptescott, ok00:19
escottRB2_notebook, exciting. im afraid i don't know much about Uefi00:20
RB2_notebookescott, at this point, I wish it wasn't in the picture. lol00:20
RB2_notebookThe motherboard supports legacy mbr, but nothing is agreeable at the moment. hehe00:21
gizmobayI'm trying to convert a pdf to a png with the convert command. I'm trying to keep the quality high. What value should I put for the -quality switch?00:22
RB2_notebookescott, actually, that's not completely true.. when I boot, I get grub.. but just an error 15. None of the instructions on fixing that error seem to have helped. I guess I'm just assuming it's related to the uefi. Perhaps it's not00:23
crowin1hi ho do i log in as root?00:24
gizmobaynevermind, i just read the pdf into gimp00:24
crowin1how do i log on as root00:24
kld2054SRY DONGEL00:25
crowin1anyone here know how to log on as root please00:25
kld2054sry i dont know00:25
kld2054am new here00:25
crowin1thats cool00:26
kld2054i just today instaled this os00:26
crowin1me too00:26
exutux!root | crowin100:26
ubottucrowin1: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:26
crowin1yes but sudo wont help me00:26
exutuxcrowin1: for what?00:26
crowin1i need to change some files and cannot access unless i am root00:26
exutuxcrowin1: use sudo00:27
exutuxyou can do it00:27
crowin1i am trying to write my interfaces file for networks00:27
robin0800_crowin1, gksudo gedit00:27
crowin1ill try00:28
exutuxcrowin1: xubuntu?00:28
crowin1yes cant gedit lol00:28
exutuxI don't remember which editor xubuntu does use!!00:28
mephist0sharing networking tutorials say nothing about starting firesrarter then allowing connections from host00:29
anadonhow to I get apt-get to retrieve the source for all installed packages?00:29
exutuxcrowin1: which is??00:29
=== bonhoffer_ is now known as bonhoffer
mephist0and ubuntu admins doesnt allow me to edit. even to comment on threads00:30
exutuxcrowin1: mousepad!00:30
ekI got an answer from someone here before that worked and I can't remember (or find) what it was for the life of me...00:30
exutuxcrowin1: gksudo mousepad /etc/network/interfaces00:30
kld2054i want to add the mobile broadband to my connection can you help me00:31
ekSo, anyone know how to get a VIA Technologies, Inc. VT1708/A [Azalia HDAC] sound card to work in Ubuntu (11.04)?00:31
crowin1cannot open folder to access file00:31
exutuxcrowin1: *sudo00:32
robin0800_crowin1, did it prompt for password?00:32
ekI thought I remembered there being something added to the boot line in the loader. But, I've tried everything I've found online and nothing has worked thus far.00:33
exutuxsudo mousepad /etc/network/interfaces00:33
dr_willisek:  it may be mentioned at askubuntu.com or in the forums.00:33
ekdr_willis: Yup. Mentioned many times. All kinds of different things to try. Nothing has worked.00:34
ekI was just curious if anyone here was using the same card/driver and knew off the top of their head how they got it working.00:34
crowin1restarting thanks guys hope it works00:35
ben_steinis there an easy way to recover email deleted from mut (/var/spool/mail/stein)00:38
crowin11man this is so frustrating, i thought windows was bad00:40
dr_willisYou dont want to get me started on my windows horror stories..00:40
crowin11i cannot for the life of me get this stupid wifi to work00:40
ben_steincrowin11 ms is crap, linux is...heaven00:40
crowin11whatever, keep telling yourself that00:40
rwwlet's not bash other operating systems, please :)00:40
* dr_willis has missed the actual ubuntu support issue00:41
ben_steincrowin11 i work for doctors without borders and manage to connect to the internet even in third world countries, as i am doing right now00:41
rwwdr_willis: broken wifi00:41
ben_steinwith a cdma connection00:41
crowin11i have searched the world over trying to find how to have a wireless connection and have found loads of things to try to no avail00:41
ben_steinso if you cannot connect with wifi you must be an idiot00:41
dr_willisno idea what cdma even is. :)00:41
rwwben_stein: That's not helpful.00:41
crowin11thanks yes im a bleddin idiot00:42
IdleOnePlease get back to actual support.00:42
crowin11im too stupid to be helped00:42
ben_steinsometimes the gui utilities don't work, the command line items seem to be better00:42
neilI am having trouble connecting to a wired network (eth0) when the wifi (eth1) is going... route reports "     *        U     1      0        0 eth0" .... ping says "Destination Host Unreachable" .... what is wrong?00:42
rwwcrowin11: please feel free to ignore problematic comments instead of taking them to heart00:42
crowin11wish i hD YOUR PROBLEM LOL00:42
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crowin11so hard too ignore the truth, yes i am an idiot and no i cannot connect to my wireless router00:43
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest82017
ben_steincrowin11 sometimes the gui utilities don't work, the command line items seem to be better00:43
Guestcrowin11: *to00:44
crowin11honestly i have tried so much i am ready to give up and spend money on ms!!!00:44
dr_willisor spend $$ on a better supported wireless card?00:44
ben_steinfor example, the network manager doesn't connect most cdma and 3g modems but if you use wvdial MOST will work fine with the correct settings00:45
crowin11not that i want to support them, its because i really want to move away from thisw table and wit in a comfy chair00:45
th0rcrowin11: all I have heard from you since I arrived is whining. If you stated a problem clearly, maybe someone could help00:45
Guestcrowin11: you cant get wireless working on Ubuntu?00:45
dr_willisso far the details ive seen are 'my cdma wireless is not working'   but i jus got back. :)00:45
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:45
DaVampsWinok guys, switching video cards from an ON board to a PCI slot video card, and the ubuntu log in isnt showing.00:45
crowin11no i cannot get wireless to work on xubuntu00:45
ben_steindr_willis, no one said cdma wireless is not working00:45
Guestcrowin11: this #ubuntu channel00:46
Guestjoin #xubuntu00:46
dr_willissomeone mentioned cdma earlier..  but i think its time to start the question over from the beginning. :)00:46
crowin11yeah so isnt xubuntu ubuntu with a different gui?00:46
crowin11omk thanks00:46
Guestcrowin11: it's a different distribution00:46
dr_willisxubuntu uses network-manager also dont it?00:46
IdleOnexubuntu is also supported here but yes maybe #xubuntu can be more help.00:46
dr_willisall i really saw was someone wanting to edit a file.. :)00:46
crowin11too many trolls here anyway00:47
Guestplease dont call other users "trolls"00:47
ben_steincrowin11, who's a troll, all i see are people trying to help you00:47
Guestit's calm today00:49
skpl_cuz the air is on fire.00:50
DaVampsWinany know why ubuntu gives no screen after switching from an onboard video to a pci video card00:50
skpl_DaVampsWin, check your bios00:50
DaVampsWinskpl : bios is set to look for any type of card00:50
skpl_oh, nm then00:50
DaVampsWinmade sure of that before booting straight in to ubuntu00:51
sam555is there a way to continue an e2fsck check if it finds an error?00:51
dr_willisDaVampsWin:  do you even see the grub menu/boot screens?00:51
DaVampsWinDr_Willis : that's the last thing i see before the screen go black00:52
sam555also, can fsck be run on sda or sdb?00:52
exutuxsam555: check it by a live cd00:52
sam555or is just about sda1 and sdb100:52
sam555exutux: I"m running a live cd right now and it stopped at this one block, but I wanted to continue from the block without starting from the start00:53
dr_willisDaVampsWin:  get to the grub menu, edit teh boot line and change 'quiet splash' to be 'text'  to get to a console then check things out. or try 'noquiet nosplash'  and perhaps see some boot error messages00:53
vfwsam555: sda1 or sdb1  (you run it on partitions, not  drives)00:53
crossedeyefreakHello. I would like to see a question answered00:53
sam555vfw: I see00:53
dr_willisDaVampsWin:  what was the video chipset befor? what is it now?00:53
exutuxsam555: man fsck may help you using some options00:53
DaVampsWindr_willis : started with an onboard i believe intel chip, now will be using an ati chip00:54
sam555exutux: gotcha00:54
crossedeyefreakBut,, What happens is during install, on the configuring hardware part, it just COMPLETELY shuts down the computer.00:54
dr_willisDaVampsWin:  Get to the console, and install the ati drivers perhaps.00:54
sam555can you run fsck on the swap partition?00:54
vfwsam555: I always use the -y switch00:54
dr_willisDaVampsWin:  or at least try 'startx' from console and look for error messages00:54
vfwsam555: no00:55
DaVampsWindr_willis : apt-get install ati?00:55
sam555vfw: thanks00:55
dr_willisDaVampsWin:  i dont know the pacakge name,00:56
gmachine_24Hi. I'm using 10.04 and along the top horiz menu/task bar I am missing some things - e.g. 'preferences' 'administration' 'places' etc. All I have on the left side of the task bar, in fact is a Firefox logo and question mark.00:56
dr_willisapt-cache search flgrx perhaps...00:56
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto00:56
DaVampsWindr_willis : no prob.. i'll see wht the console gives me for possible errpr00:56
gmachine_24I need to enable these features, please.00:57
TBAY_JohnnyBlazeworst upgrade ever00:58
DaVampsWindr_willis : recovery mode will give me console access?00:58
exutuxDaVampsWin: ctrl+alt+f2..3..n too00:58
DaVampsWinexutux "00:58
dr_willisDaVampsWin:  try it and see. i think so. i always remove that option form my grub menu. :)00:59
dr_willisDaVampsWin:  get to the grub menu, edit teh boot line and change 'quiet splash' to be 'text'  to get to a console then check things out. or try 'noquiet nosplash'  and perhaps see some boot error messages00:59
dr_willisor revovery mode :)00:59
DaVampsWin,exutux : i'm at grub, ctrl + alt + f2 there?00:59
overcluckergmachine_24: find someempty space on the panel, and right click. select add to panel. select "Menu Bar". click Add.00:59
exutuxyou can edit it from there DaVampsWin00:59
DaVampsWingot the command line open now01:00
DaVampsWinwhich file do i need to open and edit the splash ?01:00
exutuxsudo nano /etc/default/grub01:00
gmachine_24overclucker, thanks. I was going to do that but I thought I don't want to make things worse . . . ;) thanks01:01
gmachine_24oh hey, and look, a custom menu bar. :D01:01
exutuxDaVampsWin: but I don't know what you trying to do...01:01
hyperstreamHello, im just wondering, after a few hours(random intervals) of the computer sitting idle(No power saving or screen savers etc) my network manager stops responding. My VPN List has several items in it, how ever it shows a blank window about 1px in height(No listings), if i hit the disconnect button to D/C from my wifi, it does nothing ~ Networking manger is not responding? This has happened for about a month. Is there a fix for this as of yet?01:02
overcluckergmachine_24: if you log in one day and find two menu bars, just right click and remove one.01:02
DaVampsWinexutux : i installed an older ATI video, after grub i get a black screen...01:02
exutuxDaVampsWin: if you need to install drivers, you can do it from there without modify grub01:02
gmachine_24overclucker, right, I was just playing around with it and removed it and moved it to the side so all is well. Thanks again.01:02
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DaVampsWinexutux : after press "c" at grub, its not even allowing me to use "sudo"01:03
exutuxDaVampsWin: ??01:03
exutuxDaVampsWin: boot normally and when you have a blank ( or black :) ) screen switch to tty with ctrl+alt+f201:04
hyperstreamHow would i search a bug listing place for similar issues?01:04
DaVampsWinexutux : i know.. weird. but when i type the command "sudo nano /etc/default/grub" says unknown command "sudo"01:04
DaVampsWinexutux : ok give me a sec01:04
coraxxGuest86831: this is an english only chat :-)01:05
exutuxDaVampsWin: maybe you have some other problems01:05
=== root is now known as Guest38835
Guest86831bu hui01:05
DaVampsWinexutux was working fine before with the onboard bideo01:06
dr_willisDaVampsWin:  the GRUB shell is not bash...01:06
exutuxDaVampsWin: video card issue doesn't matter with sudo issue01:06
dr_willisDaVampsWin:  C at grub = the grub command line for grub commands..  you have not booted your actual os yet.01:06
RB2_notebook\o/ finally fixed grub01:06
dr_willisI think you hit 'e' at grub to edit the grub menu items.01:07
sam555what is the command with fdisk to show the size of each partition?01:07
exutuxsudo fdisk -l01:08
DaVampsWindr_willis : ok, here's what's happened so far. bios is set to read video whereever its connect. the tower has onboard and an older PCI ATI v.card01:09
DaVampsWinafter booting pass grub i cant get a visual screen with ubuntu..01:10
sam555exutux: thanks!01:10
exutuxI don't know why you need edit grub for to switch in consolle01:10
=== bluemoon is now known as Guest47240
DaVampsWinplease forgive my lack of knowledge as i'm only a new learner to ubuntu01:12
dr_willisDaVampsWin:  have you tried the recovery mode grub menu item yet to get to a console?01:13
=== ben_stein is now known as GripeWater
DaVampsWindr_willis : no let me try it now.01:13
LisimbaIs there a way to view everything in /usr/share/icons in one go? I occasionally want to pick an icon and going through them one by one is a bit of a pain, even when they show directly in the open file dialog.01:13
qinHow to mute certain alsa-plugin? man pulseaudio looks foggy.01:13
=== GripeWater is now known as ben_stein
DaVampsWindr_willis : no luck with console thru recovery even with ctrl+atl+f2. go to black screen01:16
dr_willisDaVampsWin:  you could try the Nomodeset option.. check this url.01:17
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:17
dr_willisDaVampsWin:  if nomodeset dosent give you a screen.. id try out some live cd's and see if any of them work.01:18
sam555i'm trying to recover a bad super block on a hdd.  Is this info still relevant from 2005? http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/surviving-a-linux-filesystem-failures.html01:18
soreauDaVampsWin: What model gpu is it?01:20
DaVampsWinsoreau : ati radeon 925001:20
soreauDaVampsWin: Try booting with radeon.modeset=0 or the nomodeset option as dr_willis suggested01:21
dr_willisthe url i gave. shows how to use the options.01:22
soreauDaVampsWin: Also, you may need to disable your onboard graphics in the bios if applicable01:22
DaVampsWincheckin on the nomodeset now01:22
dr_willisYou did plug the video cable into the right port? :)01:22
dr_willis(been there, did that wrongly befor)01:22
DaVampsWindr_willis : yes.. pci to pci.01:22
soreaudr_willis: or the left one ;)01:22
soreauDaVampsWin: he said video cable, not video card01:23
DaVampsWinoopsie.. lol.. its plugged to the stand vga out01:23
soreauDaVampsWin: And does the motherboard have onboard graphics?01:24
angelicaldumbhello there, i have  installed ubuntu 11.04 on a usb drive but when i try to boot system stuck on a flashing cursor screen, what s wrong?01:24
DaVampsWinsoreau : yes.. going to see if i can disable it in the bios01:24
soreauangelicaldumb: Does it sit there forever or how long did you wait?01:25
HiDeHoangelicaldumb:  how have you installed it to usb01:25
sam555can this command work on ubuntu? e2fsck -f -b 8193 /dev/sda301:26
angelicaldumbsoreau, i ve waited more than 5 minutes i guess it s forever01:26
HiDeHoangelicaldumb: also do you know what md5sum is and what its for.01:26
soreausam555: e2fsck should work, yes..01:26
sam555soreau: i just wasn't seeing the -b switch on the man for ubuntu01:26
HiDeHoangelicaldumb: those are the first to things we need to know about.01:27
soreausam555: e2fsck --help ?01:27
angelicaldumbHiDeHo , have installed it using the live cd , i know what md5sum is for , theres nothing wrong with the iso01:27
hyperstreamMy networking manager gui becomes unresponsive, Clicking any button has no effect, all my VPN listings dissapear(leaving a 1px high box.) more networks also dissapears.  RESTARTING network manager does not fix this issue, only a reboot. Is there any information on this at all?01:27
hyperstreamSorry if i said this moments ago, im having connectivity issues.01:28
sam555soreau: got it! thanks01:28
HiDeHoangelicaldumb: ok what os do you currently have on hdd01:28
HiDeHowhat os.01:28
angelicaldumbHiDeHo , i have no hard drive , right know i am using an usb live ubuntu on a fat16 partition01:29
soreauhyperstream: Tried restarting nm-applet?01:29
DaVampsWindr_willis : any extras that i need to change besides nomodeset?01:29
HiDeHoangelicaldumb: did you try to install again. also another thing is you coudl try to install it from your main os on the computer using unetbootin.01:29
hyperstreamsoreau, only network-manager01:29
=== ben_stein is now known as WhatsCuttingEkSa
soreauDaVampsWin: no01:29
HiDeHook no hdd on computer weird.01:29
DaVampsWinok ty.. lets see what this gives me01:30
HiDeHoangelicaldumb: what are you wanting the usb for01:30
hyperstreamsoreau, i will give that a shot right now, not sure if i'll disconnect. Brb01:30
HiDeHoangelicaldumb: oops there i go again sorry not meaning to 101 questions01:30
=== WhatsCuttingEkSa is now known as ben_stein
hyperstreamsoreau, what is the correct way to restart this?01:30
HiDeHoangelicaldumb: do you just need to have a working computer.  till you get a hdd01:31
soreauhyperstream: Probably 'killall nm-applet' and then 'nm-applet' from Alt+F2 run dialog01:31
DaVampsWinyaaaaaaaaaaay nomodeset got me in to ubuntu01:31
angelicaldumbHiDeHo , i want the usb to run ubuntu 11.04 right know its running like a livecd but on an usb pen drive using a fat16 parttion that cant be bigger than 4gb01:31
soreauDaVampsWin: cool. did you disable onboard graphics?01:31
HiDeHoy fat 1601:31
hyperstreamsoreau, you my friend, are the best. a month this issue has been hassling me01:32
DaVampsWinsoreau : not yet, going to reboot and hit the bios to see what i can do01:32
soreauhyperstream: Glad I could help :)01:32
HiDeHoangelicaldumb: ok can i pm you01:32
=== Dion is now known as Guest29630
angelicaldumbHiDeHo , i have tried other formats but fat16 is the only one that works01:32
soreauDaVampsWin: If it's working and 'lspci|grep VGA' looks ok (doesn't show two gpu's) then you should be ok01:32
alex__c2022Is there a way to get html of webview before it loads it?01:33
angelicaldumbHiDeHo , yes yo can01:33
=== Cpudan80_ is now known as Cpudan80
DaVampsWinsoreau : got in to the bios and set the primary graphics as the pci ext.01:34
DaVampsWinsoreau : after that without editing grub, it booting with video all he way to the login.. then i get white daigonal lines. with no show of the login area.01:35
soreauDaVampsWin: Now the kernel option you gave is not persistent. ie. it wont 'stick' across reboots. If it's still a problem without nomodeset, you will have to edit a file to make it persistent01:35
soreauOh cool01:35
ben_stein http://www.frokwon.net/zimroads.jpg01:35
=== bonhoffer_ is now known as bonhoffer
DaVampsWinsoreau : so now is figuring out how to get to log in without nomodeset01:36
TiktalikIs there a way to update my graphics drivers??01:37
michael_phi anyone recomend of getting gnome 301:38
soreauDaVampsWin: What you should know is that your older radeon is one of the lowest supported by the radeon driver (it's an r200 chipset) and the new KMS driver (kernel modesetting) may not work with that card well, or at all01:38
soreauDaVampsWin: So you may have to settle for the old driver by having the radeon driver load without modesetting by default01:38
soreauTiktalik: What problem are you having?01:38
xangua!gnome3 | michael_p01:39
ubottumichael_p: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.01:39
DaVampsWinsoreau : so a perm edit of grub01:39
soreau! gnome3 | michael_p01:39
soreauxangua: Beat me :)01:39
ben_stein http://www.frokwon.net/zimroads.jpg <- check the roads in zimbabwe01:39
soreauDaVampsWin: Well, no.. actually you want to tell your system to load the radeon module with modeset=0 as a paramenter01:39
xangua!ot | ben_stein01:39
ubottuben_stein: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:39
ben_steinxangua what if i hit a pothole while using ubuntu?01:40
DaVampsWinsoreau : ok, sounds a little tricky01:40
soreauDaVampsWin: Though I guess you could have your kernel load with nomodeset (or radeon.modeset=0) but that doesn't make as much sense01:40
=== mint is now known as MissingPerson
michael_pgreat i wont do it until its stable01:41
=== bonhoffer_ is now known as bonhoffer
MissingPersonI'm having trouble with my install of mint, stuck in live CD, trying to backup the files on my home partition to my portable HD, because whenever i start my mint install, my home folder is inaccessible, and a lot of config files don't work from my fedora install01:41
MissingPersonbut whenever i try to, it says permission denied, and trying to set it to open the partition as administrator tells me "cannot do it because we don't know what program to use"01:41
MissingPersoncan anyone help?01:41
xangua!mint | MissingPerson01:42
ubottuMissingPerson: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:42
michael_pi am runing version 2.32101:42
einseenaihello, guys, i removed opensuse and windows from my UEFI based Thinkpad laptop and now i can't install opensuse nor ubuntu. grub installation fails while installing with live cd saying it's can install grub-efi to /target/ and after reboot it says No operating system found!!.. i tried to install grub manually with grub-install but it fails saying smth about GPT. please, help!01:42
MissingPersonxangua: did, no help01:42
soreauDaVampsWin: Try this: Create a file called /etc/modprobe.d/radeon.conf with the contents 'options modeset=0' (without the 'tick' marks)01:43
dylan_hello all01:43
zykotick9MissingPerson, mint isn't supported in ubuntu01:43
MissingPersonzykotick9: and linuxmint-help doesn't answer any questions01:43
DaVampsWinsoreau : let me reboot in to ubuntu with nomodeset so i can do it from there01:43
einseenaianybody, please?01:43
soreauMissingPerson: What he's saying is that we can't help you unless you're using ubuntu01:43
=== Guest82017 is now known as LjL-Temp
xqix9u2veinseenai, i would format the disk beforehand01:43
soreauDaVampsWin: good idea01:44
zykotick9MissingPerson, so pick a distribution that can answer your questions!01:44
DaVampsWinsoreau : i thought so too01:44
einseenaixqix9uv2, already done, many many times01:44
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest6788
MissingPersonsoreau: i'm using a derivative, and i've gotten help in here countless times for mint01:44
xqix9u2vo wow...  cold boot?01:44
soreaueinseenai: Are you wanting to use GPT as your partition type?01:44
einseenaixqix9uv2, what's that?01:45
linuxhi world01:45
soreauMissingPerson: Yes but you're not supposed to ask for help for anything other than ubuntu here01:45
dylan_i am experiencing technical difficulties. im using ubuntu 11.04. for some reason i cannot right click on the desktop, or close folders. i can open folders, but not right click on the files in them. help anyone ?01:45
xqix9u2vsystem off after format01:45
einseenaisoreau, not sure. just want anything to work.01:45
ben_stein http://www.frokwon.net/zimroads.jpg <- check the roads in zimbabwe01:45
ben_steinthis is what almost every road is like01:45
xanguaben_stein: please stop that01:45
soreau! ops | ben_stein01:45
ubottuben_stein: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, or rww!01:45
soreauThird time he;s posted that link01:45
ben_steinis it now01:46
MissingPersonsoreau: oh give me a break here, i'm coming off a bad fedora install, all i want is the computer to start working right again01:46
ben_steinthanks tattle boy]01:46
elkyben_stein, this is not a channel for offtopic talk at all01:46
soreauthanks elky  :P01:46
soreauMissingPerson: No worries..01:47
DaVampsWinsoreau : i'm going ot log IRC on my ubuntu machine, and switch there so i can copy and paste if i need to ..01:47
soreauMissingPerson: If you do not have anything on the hdd you need to keep, you probably want to do a proper wipe on it and start fresh01:47
soreauDaVampsWin: ok01:47
MissingPersonsoreau: i do, i want to keep some of my files in my home partition01:48
ben_steinubuntu is a word from southern africa, so as a zimbabwean it is close to me, although i am "white" so please don't be arrogant01:48
soreauMissingPerson: So back those up from a live session first before you go any further01:48
MissingPersonsoreau: that's what i'm trying to do right now, actually01:48
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau : ok i'm back01:50
soreauMissingPerson: Are you having trouble backing up the data?01:50
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: Alright, for copy/paste, here: <soreau> DaVampsWin: Try this: Create a file called /etc/modprobe.d/radeon.conf with the contents 'options modeset=0' (without the 'tick' marks)01:50
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, any text editor correct01:51
soybeanHey guys, anyone here good with FreeCAD?01:51
Giac0m0hi there01:52
soreauDaVampsWin: Sure, I'd use the default gui editor in gnome since you have X working now with 'sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/radeon.conf'01:52
soreau! anyone | soybean01:52
ubottusoybean: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.01:52
dylan_can anyone give me some advice ?01:52
soreau! anyone | dylan_01:52
ubottudylan_: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.01:52
MissingPersonsoreau: i think i got it, hang with me for a minute, if not i'll keep answering your questions01:52
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, use terminal or the gui?01:53
soreauMissingPerson: No worries, I'll be here for awhile01:53
ben_steinDefinately, just like here mom. I was in a car accident on Saturday,01:53
ben_steinluckily the cops are on my side and my insurance is covering the01:53
soybeanlooking for help changing units in FreeCAD.  The dialog relating to this function is grey'd out and unaccessible01:53
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: Use terminal to run the command to open the text editor01:53
ben_steinoops . sorry01:53
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, i currently have gedit open thru the menu01:53
beachedhow do I get the who command to auto update01:53
soreauben_stein: What part of Off Topic don't you understand?01:53
soybeanif not i'll just say f it and make my mm's inches lol01:54
ben_steinsoreau, that wasn't for this room01:54
ben_steinit was a mistake due to cut and paste01:54
soreaubeached: I thought it searched at run time01:54
beachedbut I want it to autorefresh01:54
Giac0m0Guy's, I'm trying to test my firewall from my local machine. So what I did is setup a nc server socket. Now if I connect normally to this socket (nc <ip> <port>) my system connects (i guess) via the loopback interface. Any possibilities that I can simulate a external incomming connection from my own machine?01:54
beachedso i dont have to keep updating it01:54
soreauben_stein: No, it's not alright. If you don't have any business here, then leave01:54
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, ok the content are now save it where?01:55
beachedi want to leave terminal running with who auto updating every 10 secs or somthing like that01:55
soreauGiac0m0: You'll probably get better results in ##networking for that one01:55
dr_willisbeached:  'watch who'01:55
beachedty sir01:55
Giac0m0soreau, thanks mate01:55
MissingPersonsoreau: looks good, it's starting to transfer, and i'm right in assuming a portable ntfs partition will not keep permissions intact?01:55
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: What?01:55
vicsarsoreau, there is no need to be a prick to others01:56
soreauMissingPerson: Correct01:56
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, where do i need to save the raedon.conf01:56
vicsari.e ben_einstein01:56
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: In /etc/modprobe.d/01:56
MissingPersonsoreau: alright, thanks, really appreciate it01:56
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, ok.. saving01:56
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: The command to open the text editor I gave should already have opened the right file01:56
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: So you can just Ctrl+S to save and Ctrl+Q to quit01:56
ben_stein soreau i use this channel for gnu/linux/ubuntu support as we use ubuntu as our main os for doctors without borders (medecins sans frontieres) in zimbabwe01:57
ben_steinso what's your problem01:57
soreauben_stein: That has nothing to do with ubuntu01:57
nac-godfatheryeah, really, good to know01:57
soreauYou're completely and repeatedly offtopic01:57
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, raedon.conf that the correct name01:58
soreauben_stein: But you're not getting or giving support01:58
soreauben_stein: so you have no business here01:58
nac-godfathermaybe someone can help me get two wifi interfaces connected to different ap's successfully.01:58
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: yes01:58
soreaunac-godfather: sure01:58
ben_steinsoreau, this channel has helped us so many times man,01:58
soreauben_stein: And you're disrupting it now, with your offtopic comments01:59
soreauso please stop01:59
vicsarsoreau. you are the one disrupting. Plus, there is no way for you to know if he is in a private chat with someone02:00
zykotick9vicsar, very poor reply - picking a fight with an OP can only lead to one thing.02:00
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, can i use nano to do this as well?02:00
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: Yes you can..02:01
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: what is the problem?02:01
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, tryin to run gedit and save wont allow me to .. so i need to sudo02:01
quemanyone who's used duply here?02:01
DaVamps-Ubuntudesktop/gui gedit isnt save properly02:01
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: I gave you the command to run from terminal..02:02
vicsarAm not picking a fight here, just giving a humble opinion.02:02
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, repost plz.02:02
soreau<soreau> DaVampsWin: Sure, I'd use the default gui editor in gnome since you have X working now with 'sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/radeon.conf'02:02
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: ^^02:02
ben_steinsoreau is a troll02:02
ben_steinbegone with yee, vile cretin02:02
soreau! ops | ben_stein02:03
ubottuben_stein: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, or rww!02:03
xangua!ops | ben_stein02:03
zykotick9ben_stein, cya02:03
vicsaranyways lets be nice and if there is anything i can do to help. i will02:03
ben_steinoh, really02:03
rww!behelpful | ben_stein02:03
ubottuben_stein: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.02:03
=== ben_stein is now known as MedDev
MonkeyDustwill someone kick ben-stein and/or soreau pls02:04
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, ok file created and saved02:04
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: Now make sure to check it with 'cat /etc/modprobe.d/radeon,conf'02:04
soreauerm, typoed there02:04
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: Now make sure to check it with 'cat /etc/modprobe.d/radeon.conf'02:05
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, all good i read thru typoes.. and it showed exact what is in the file02:05
Giac0m0soreau, in case you were wondering.... it is not possible02:06
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: Cool, no try rebooting02:06
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, ok.. hopefully brb02:06
soreauGiac0m0: If Tramp says it isn't happening, then it's not ;)02:07
furyoshonenAre there any known errors in Ubuntu that would cause DSL PPPoe connections to disconnect and not be able to reconnect?02:07
Giac0m0haha that is good to know. Than I can stop my search for a solution :P02:09
Giac0m0soreau, i'll have to look for an other solution then haha02:09
soreauGiac0m0: Curious, what are you ultimately trying to accomplish?02:10
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, didnt work, white stripped screen02:10
Giac0m0just a simple firewall test. nothing fancy. But it is also handy when devoping02:11
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: Darn it :P02:11
Giac0m0soreau, just a simple firewall test. nothing fancy. But it is also handy when devoping.02:11
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, all good.. i'm up to try anything02:11
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: Well I guess you can try editing /etc/default/grub then, and subsequently running update-grub2 as root02:12
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: And for good measure since it didn't work, rm -rf /etc/modprobe.d/radeon.conf (do not typo this command)02:12
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, can i do that within ubuntu02:12
hyperstreamGiac0m0, are you trying to test if ports are open etc from outside your network?(internet/WAN)02:12
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: Absolutely02:13
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: Some thing, just editing a text file02:13
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, doing cat will tell me that the file isnt there right02:14
DaVamps-Ubuntucat /etc/modprobe.d/raedon.conf02:15
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, yes.. file has been deleted02:16
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: Yes, after you remove it02:16
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, would it be a wise idea to see if i can get the linux drivers for my card while in ubuntu now?02:16
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: Now 'gksu gedit /etc/default/grub' and edit GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT to just add radeon.modeset=0 or nomodeset to the options there02:17
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: After saving the file, run 'sudo update-grub2' to apply the changes, then reboot to test02:17
bjvQ: Is there a GUI tool to edit/create custom Launchers for Unity?   alacarte is ~20Megs of extra packages and I am not sure it will do what i want..02:18
bjv/usr/share/applications and .desktop files are all just freedesktop.org stuff, right?02:18
ruysaludos hermanos02:19
ruybuenas noches02:19
escottbjv, yes freedesktop houses the standards (such as they are)02:20
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, in qoutes after or included in the quotes already present?02:20
bjvescott: does Ubuntu package a GUI tool to create launchers for it, though?02:20
bjvno luck searching (found alacarte)02:21
escottbjv, the main one is alacarte. i dont know of any others02:21
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: Included in the quotes. So "quiet splash" would become "quiet splash radeon.modeset=0"02:21
theadminbjv: lxmed is a desktop-independent menu editor02:21
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, thanks02:21
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: These are your default kernel parameters. Don't typo or it wont work02:22
theadminbjv: Originally designed for LXDE, but I got it working with Xfce and Openbox so02:22
MonkeyDust!ops > MonkeyDust02:22
ubottuMonkeyDust, please see my private message02:22
theadmin!msgthebot | MonkeyDust02:22
ubottuMonkeyDust: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".02:22
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: I have to run out for a bit, should be back in a bit02:22
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash radeon.modeset=0" correct02:23
bjvtheadmin: *looks into lxde-core.   That sounds like what im after.   i'd searched and all i found was http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9910899&postcount=402:23
bjvsome guy whos just like: "oh yeah, just edit this, then open gconf that, then create another folder where"02:24
bjvwith no links or sources on where he's getting these unity instructions for launcher creation.02:24
=== Giac0m0 is now known as Giac0m0|AFK
theadminbjv: I think it just uses stuff in /usr/share/applications, ~/.local/share/applications and a few other places maybe02:24
zykotick9bjv, assuming lxmed really is cross-DM, i highly doubt it would work for Unity (but I have 0 evidence)02:25
bjvzykotick9: i use nokia Maemo which is mostly .desktop's everywhere and /usr/share/application stuff02:26
bjvso it all sounded sort of like boilerplate freedesktop stuff.02:26
zykotick9bjv, does Unity use either?02:26
bjvaccording to this guy, yeah  http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9910899&postcount=402:26
bjvonly instructions i could find on adding custom launchers to unity02:27
escottbjv, it was my impression that unity still uses the launchers02:28
sgo11hi, for apache2, I read ubuntu 11.04 doc, it says 'ErrorDocument' directive can be found under apache2.conf. and Alias directive direct error msg in apache2.conf. but none of them can be found under apache2.conf. the doc is totally incorrect. where can I find the ErrorDocument setup? thanks.02:29
card3may be...02:30
hyperstreamsgo11, try /etc/apache2/conf.d/localized-error-pages ?02:30
hyperstreamsgo11, not sure, my apache2 setup is far from default :)02:31
agkdomoloving everything about ubuntu, i just wonder is there an alternative to itunes? only thing i deeply miss from windows.02:31
=== haji is now known as Guest24080
agkdomomainly genius playlist02:31
theadminagkdomo: We haz rhythmbox, but I don't know if it's decent enough02:31
card3who can ping
theadminagkdomo: You can try running the Windows version of itunes on Linux with Wine02:31
card3is ping right?02:31
hyperstreamcard3, working.02:32
zrutyHow can Imake nautilus start up in a specified directory?02:32
card3rstream> card3, working.02:32
card3[06:32] <zruty>02:32
theadmincard3: https://pzt.me/15r802:32
card3I`m learning konversation)02:32
zykotick9card3, lol is that the lamest DDOS attack ever?  Ya it's working here as well.02:32
card3no DDOS02:33
card3it`s my serv)02:33
card3I can`t ping it)02:33
escottzruty, nautilus /directory/path is that what you want02:33
card3see whois card302:33
dr_williszruty:  nautilus /path/to/load02:33
sgo11hyperstream, thanks a lot for the reply. the document you mentioned does have those directives, but they are all comment out. that means they are not being used. any other places?02:33
zrutyescott: dr_willis: I will try that... moment...02:34
chalcedonygreetings dr_willis :))02:34
hyperstreamsgo11, i think its customer per site-available perhaps02:34
hyperstreamsgo11, sorry a little high here, its per site-available perhaps *02:34
zrutyescott: dr_willis: Seems to work! Great! Thanks!02:35
hyperstreamsgo11, give me a sec, jumping on my india box.02:35
sgo11hyperstream, thanks a lot. i checked virtual-host config, not there. :)02:36
card3How I can give internet on ubuntu server 10.04.3. Internet connect on eth0. I have 2 ethernet interfaices.02:37
hyperstreamsgo11, ISPConfig3 (what i use to manage my webserver) seems to add ErrorDocument directives to its own file, which is located in sites-*/site.com02:37
card3so how?02:38
hyperstreamcard3, This isnt a demand and get answers place. Be patient.02:38
hyperstreamcard3, simply because no one here is getting paid to assist others, its a community effort :)02:39
sgo11hyperstream, do you mean virtual host config files under sites-available/ ? the default setup only has default and default-ssl. they both do not have this ErrorDocument directive. I am just learning apache2. the doc is just incorrect. I am wondering how apache2 with default setup read the ErrorDocument Directive.02:39
card3and configure eth isn`t community help? (02:39
theadmincard3: Well, not everyone can help here.02:40
card3I see)02:40
theadmincard3: Actually, "sudo ip link set eth0 up ; sudo dhcpcd eth0"02:40
dr_williscard3:  rephrase the question. its a little vague02:40
card3dr_willis a server connected to the Internet. the server has two network devices.02:42
card3I wantto connect D-Link DIR-300 with server02:42
vfw___!ics card302:42
theadmin!ics | card302:43
ubottucard3: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing02:43
=== James123 is now known as hexhelent
dr_williscard3:  you are asking how to nake the server share its cinection?02:43
=== hexhelent is now known as hexelent
card3dr_willis yep)02:44
card3dr_willis  maybe squid?02:44
=== Guest6788 is now known as LjL-Temp
vfw___card3: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing02:44
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card3I see02:45
card3I`m reading)02:45
dhyecard3 for internet sharing use firewall to configure it and use squid to managae it02:45
administrator_so cool02:45
theadmincard3: You're misusing the backtick for an apostrophe.02:45
hyperstreamsgo11, two ticks02:45
card3theadmin what do you mean?02:46
escottcard3, be careful using ` in a terminal whatever is between ` gets executed. things in ' are quoted (and not interpreted)02:47
hyperstreamcard3, ` isnt the same as ' :) I`m is wrong, its I'm02:47
theadmincard3: ', not `. Are you Russian, by the way? The way you write leads me to this guess :P02:47
card3dhye firewall - ufw or iptables?02:47
card3theadmin yes)02:47
hyperstreamtheadmin, explains it :)02:47
theadmincard3: You may join #ubuntu-ru for better help02:47
card3theadmin I have so bad English? (02:48
theadmincard3: It's acceptable, but not really clear either.02:48
hyperstreamcard3, your English is fairly good :) Sometimes a little confusing.02:48
symaxianWhat would keep apache from listing symbolic links?02:48
theadmincard3: It's just you might find it more easy to read help in your own language, unless you are really fluent with English02:48
dhyecard3, http://lindesk.com/2007/04/internet-connection-sharing-using-iptables/02:48
soreauDaVampsWin: Yes, that's correct.02:49
card3no no no)) no iptables to one hour )02:49
escottsymaxian, a secure apache install probably shouldn't be traversing symlinks, so they are likely disabled completely02:49
soreauDaVampsWin: Did you run update-grub2 and reboot to try it?02:49
onatshi guys02:49
card3at #ubuntu-ru everyone is silent =)02:50
onatsanyone here using landscape?02:50
card36-50 AM)02:50
escottonats, yes02:50
theadmincard3: Yes it is, so? I'm awake :P02:50
soreau! ask | card302:50
ubottucard3: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:50
onatsescott, hosted or on-premise?02:50
* theadmin thinks waking up at 4am never does anyone any good tho02:51
card3theadmin I`m too )02:51
escottonats, sorry i thought you mean landscape like xrandr... not sure what you mean02:51
onatsescott, its themangement utility by canonical for ubuntu desktops02:51
interlocutorHow stable is beta 1 of oneiric?02:51
Meshezabeelapt is showing up in my /media directory, is this normal?02:51
theadmin!ubuntu+1 | interlocutor02:52
ubottuinterlocutor: Oneiric Ocelot is the codename for Ubuntu 11.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+102:52
soreau! oneircic | interlocutor02:52
theadminMeshezabeel: Package CD?02:52
Meshezabeeltheadmin: sorry, don't understand the question, I have a DVD in my drive, which is a video dvd, I don't have an ubuntu cd in the drive02:53
koshieFinalRelizI want to import my Firefox preference to Chromium, that's possible ?02:53
wildbat1hmmm ~ anyone tried bcache on ubuntu ~ i am interested in its performer ~ is it worth it (so i may just go get a SSD) ?02:53
koshieFinalRelizDon't import bookmarks02:53
koshieFinalRelizbut password, history and stuff like that.02:53
theadminMeshezabeel: Well, then it probably remained from the time you did have one there.02:54
card3anyone mada game hosting on ubuntu?02:54
theadminMeshezabeel: You probably should take it out of your sources.list and rmdir02:54
koshieFinalRelizcard3, hi, ask :)02:54
Meshezabeeltheadmin: okay, thanks, I will check that out02:54
HSPRunning Ubuntu 11.04 with Compiz.  Anyone had experience with windows opening and (a) not remembering size & position (b) being shifted off screen partially and sometimes behind the panel?02:56
HSPThis seems to happen mostly (if not only) with evince02:56
sstchurUbuntu 11 here, and wanting to get setup with ruby on rails 3, but it seems that via apt-get, I'm given rails 2.3.5.  I've found a few articles online searching, but no really clear guides on how best to get setup with rails 3.  Or this a question for a ruby channel instead?  Advice appreciated02:58
interlocutori hear that in place distrobution upgrades on highly customized systems is pretty much a recipie for disaster...is this true?  Like if I installed 11.04 today, then customized it to hell, and then did idst-upgrade to 11.10, would I be risking it?02:58
theadmininterlocutor: Yes.02:59
nac-godfatherAny good movie recommendations for tonights torrents?02:59
theadmininterlocutor: It pulls any and all default apps that are in 11.10...02:59
theadmininterlocutor: No fun02:59
theadminnac-godfather: Offtopic02:59
interlocutorsstchur, DO NOT USE anything from the repos for ruby03:00
nac-godfathertheadmin:  "nac-godfather:  Offtopic"  Offtopic03:00
interlocutorget RVM and do it right03:00
theadminnac-godfather: This is not a chat channel, nor is it a piracy channel.03:00
nac-godfatheryeah, don't even touch your ruby, is my opinion, I just messed mine up royally the other night trying to update03:00
sstchurinterlocutor, ok, I've read a bit about RVM and gave it a shot, yesterday but it was such a disaster -- I royally screwed things up03:01
interlocutorRVM is a wonderful thing03:01
interlocutorRVM is easy, just follow the guides03:01
interlocutoreverything is self-contained, so you can't screw up that badly03:01
theadmininterlocutor: What's so wrong with "sudo gem install rails" >.<03:01
nac-godfatheryeah, tell me that after you get the never-ending yaml warnings after an upgrade with rvm03:01
sstchurinterlocutor, does one need to first remove everything that was installed with apt-get?03:01
dave__warning: possible political question.  why did ubuntu switch to Unity over GNOME in 11.04?03:01
theadmindave__: Cause Unity is more netbook-friendly and it's also a Canonical software03:02
sstchurinterlocutor, this is my confusion?  the RVM guides don't seem to clearly explain all what you need to get started03:02
sstchurfor instance, when I tried the curl command which was supposed to run the install script, nothing happened03:02
interlocutorwell, do you have curl installed?03:02
HSPdave_: Unity is used also because Gnome 2 is being phased out03:02
escottdave__, they already had something developed with the netbook remix so they decided to extend it rather than use gnome3 which wasnt on their timeline03:03
sstchurshould I apt-get remove rails before I start with RVM?03:03
hyperstreamdave__, you dislike unity ? :) I hated at first, took me a week to get used to - much quicker. i like the idea of searching for everything rather than mousing stuff. Nerd much :x03:03
z3ro3xI followed the directions from the following URL to get ipv6 up and running.  My DSL provider gives me a dynamic IP.  Is there a simple solution to have my IPv4 address automatically updated with Hurricane Electric?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv6#Get_connected_with_Hurricane_Electric03:03
dave__i see the plot thickens03:03
interlocutorhttp://www.christopherirish.com/2010/08/25/how-to-install-rvm-on-ubuntu-10-04/ follow that for RVM03:03
theadminhyperstream: You may like Launchy, which allows you to search not only for all apps you have but also any files in specified directories :)03:04
sstchurthat is also applicable for ubuntu 11?03:04
interlocutoryes, perfectly03:04
hyperstreamtheadmin, ooOoo thanks, i'll have to check it out :)03:04
interlocutorsstchur: here's a better one! http://blog.dcxn.com/2011/06/20/setting-up-rvm-on-ubuntu-11-04/03:05
sstchurinterlocutor, thanks, I will give it a go03:05
[THC]AcidRainok. need a little help. when linux boots. i think grub is trying to mount my 2 external drives03:05
interlocutoryep, and here's the one I used03:05
[THC]AcidRainhow do i get them to mount when computer loads?03:06
dave__theadmin, hyperstream, HSP :  its not that i dont like unity, i was just curious if somebody at GNOME pissed off somebody at ubuntu (canonical)03:06
dave__i find gnome works fine03:06
[THC]AcidRainor... perhaps i think its trying to boot from them. i started having this issue after a bios upgrade03:06
dave__maybe unity has performance increases?03:06
theadmindave__: If you've seen Gnome3 you wouldn't think so.03:06
dhyesstchur, to install rails, first install ruby, get latest ruby version then install it, to install rails simply execute gem install rails03:06
sstchurOn a completely unrelated note, I have a Samsung QX410 and while the touchpad works in Ubuntu, the inability to disable touchpad while typing is driving me crazy -- anyone know a solution for this (besides manually hitting fn+f10 to disable/enable touchpad)?03:06
sstchurdhye, but taht will give me rails 2.3.5 wont it?03:06
escottdave__, gnome3 and unity are very similar03:06
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hyperstreamdave__, i admit, im also using gnome at current. Waiting on one piece of software i use to support unity :). Its due any time :)03:07
hyperstreamdave__, VPNAutoconnect hasnt been updated to be exact :)03:07
HSPdave__:nah, it's about making Ubuntu more modern (I guess) and appealing to the younger folks (I guess) and to make the UI more friendly.  I like old Gnome personally03:07
[THC]AcidRain/dev/sda1   *           1        9338    75005952   83  Linux03:07
dave__theadmin, i see...im about to find out as just installed it for my parents (updating their jaunty jackalope)03:07
[THC]AcidRainit says it will boot from my internal drive03:07
nac-godfatherI love how this wireless keyboard only works for about a day, before I need to change the batteries again.  Distance to usb dongle, about 2 feet.03:07
bsmith093i have the broadcom 4312 chipset wifi card, can i use b43 or not,ive looked around angd getting contradictory answers, if yes, then what kernel do i need and what commands do i run?03:08
bsmith093the bcm4312 chipset03:08
[THC]AcidRainhow do i remove menu items from places?03:09
dave__hyperstream, lol yea i was going to guess something with the network manager in general03:09
BashAre there any dangers with allocating a partition from a NTFS one, installing ubuntu onto it when I already have Windows 7 installed on another hard-drive? (and want to dual-boot?)03:09
theadminbsmith093: You probably would rather want broadcom-wl, b43 is somewhat old03:09
dave__HSP, i will give it a shot, though im sure my parents are going to be bitching as they just started to figure out their way around GNOME03:10
theadminBash: Defragment the NTFS partition, run a chkdsk /f on it, after which resize it and create an ext4 partition in the resulting space to install Ubuntu on.03:10
HSPBash: Dual boot implies two OSs on the same drive.  Do you have two drives or a single drive with multiple OSs?03:10
wildbat1Bash: not much ~ i did alot NTFS resize and moving be4.03:10
bsmith093i would like to enable monitor mode, which one does that, im running kernel 2.6.32-33-generic lucid03:10
BashHSP: Multiple drives.03:10
Bashtheadmin: The installer can handle that after chkdsk?03:11
HSPdave__: They won't bitch about no viruses.  Where I work, we run mostly Windows and drive-by downloads, scareware, etc. are continuously plaguing our PCs03:11
theadminBash: Sure, but you might also want to resize the partition from within Windows if you have win7. It's much faster.03:11
theadminEither way, I gtg.03:12
bsmith093currently\, according to network manager, im running the "wl" driver, not the "broadcom-wl" driver, if ther's a difference03:12
Bashtheadmin: Right. But there's no huge risk when installing ubuntu with it overwriting MBR as in the old days?03:12
bsmith093so is there a driver for lucid, that supports the bcm4312 monitoring mode, and the other things?03:13
dave__HSP: true i have had them on since about 2007 and honestly, no real problems.  plus i dont have to worry about them downloading some bat or exe and running it on "accident"03:13
HSPBash: then you probably won't dual-boot.... unless you have two drives in a single system, but in that case your BIOS is going to set one as the default boot device.  I suppose if that were the case you could install Ubuntu on one drive and edit the Grub config to have one of the menu items be Win7 on the other drive03:13
sstchurinterlocutor, <sigh> that guide doesn't work03:13
wildbat1Bash: the installation will have option that where you want GURB install, just keep eyes open :>03:14
dhyesstchur, yes it is, but you van install manuall of rails depend which version do you want03:14
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HSPdave__: my kids use Linux Mint Debian for that very reason.  Every OS has it's issues and I've got complaints about Linux for sure but I still love it for a lot of reasons.03:14
sstchurdhye, how do I specify the version of rails?03:14
interlocutorsstchur: you're probably thinking that RVM is install and forget, you have to USE the environment03:14
interlocutoryou actually run your apps inside an RVM environment03:15
[THC]AcidRainok im getting an error saying the mount point does not exist. how do i remove the mountpoint so i can readd it?03:15
interlocutorI think you need to do some more reading03:15
escott[THC]AcidRain, mountpoint is the directory that you attach to. you need to mkdir the mountpoint03:15
dave__general question though:  my dad is into video editing.  now he is currently using "cinelerra-cv" suite.  im kinda done with it.  anybody know any other good opensource video editing software for linux?03:15
BashHSP: Right, maybe dual-boot is the wrong word for it, but wondering if I can install ubuntu onto a drive and select that drive to be main boot drive, in which I point Grub to the Windows drive, (without mucking up the MBR)03:15
sstchurinterlocutor, i'm just trying to install the dependencies (1st step)03:15
interlocutorOr, find a distro that isn't based off of Debians Ruby packages03:15
dhyesstchur, goto http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=307 , theres lso standalone package of rails03:15
[THC]AcidRainescott, but its already listed. i know for a fact that the directory is not there. but i think this has somethign to do with grub not loading properly while my other drives are hooked up at boot03:16
interlocutorbtw sstchur, you might try #rubyonrails :)03:16
sstchurUnable to locate package lib1g03:16
[THC]AcidRainbecause its like the mount point is being created 2 times03:16
sstchurok, i will try that03:16
escottBash, if you have two drives yes, install grub to drive b and set b to be the boot disk03:16
Bashescott: Just so I'm 100% clear, IF I were to remove that drive in the future, would Win7 still be bootable as usual?03:17
HSPBash: I'm sure that would work but I've never installed Ubuntu in that particular configuration.  The Ubuntu installer probably won't auto-configure dual boot for you.  But, yes, you should be able to make the Ubuntu drive the default boot device (boot order) and configure Grub with an entry for the Windows drive.03:17
escottBash, yes if you don't overwrite the mbr of the windows disk then removing the ubuntu disk will leave you with an mbr that would load windows.03:17
[THC]AcidRainman wtf. i just want my system to boot when i tell it to03:17
interlocutorcan anyone comment on opensource ATI drivers vs FGLRX performance?03:17
DaVampsWinsoreau : after that edit.. i was able to reboot right to the ubuntu login..03:17
escottBash, but you may want to manually install grub to make sure that it doesnt touch the windows drive mbr03:18
hyperstream[THC]AcidRain, it boots when you press power button this isnt enough ?!03:18
[THC]AcidRainhyperstream, no it doesnt do that lol03:18
escottBash, or yank the windows drive, install ubuntu, the replug the windows disk and rerun grub-mkconfig03:18
[THC]AcidRain/dev/sdf1 is set to a boot disk. how to i remove this?03:19
escott[THC]AcidRain, the bootable flag usually doesn't matter, but you could remove it with fdisk03:19
Bashescott: I think that might be the safest bet, yeah. Thanks!03:19
escott!es | mostrador03:20
ubottumostrador: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:20
[THC]AcidRainescott, i think this is what i have to do03:20
[THC]AcidRainright now my external hdds wont even mount. this seems to be an issue everytime i turn my box on03:21
[THC]AcidRaini get operation already pending03:22
fluffyI need some help getting a BCM4311 working.03:22
[THC]AcidRainits trying to mount the device 2 tims :/03:22
urlin2u[THC]AcidRain, what types of partitions, are they in the fsat?03:22
[THC]AcidRainurlin2u, no. ext3 or 4 i cant remember03:23
makkaI setup Ubuntu Cloud in test environment, and I'm having an SSL issue with the store.  Anyone willing to help with this one:)03:23
fluffyCan I get some help with getting my BCM4311 wireless card working?03:24
soreau! broadcom | fluffy03:24
ubottufluffy: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:24
HiDeHoubuntu is still a grat os.03:24
HiDeHonow i realise that i can choose gnome or unity lol03:24
NisstyreI would tend to disagree with that viewpoint03:24
bsmith093im trying to remov wl and install b43 to get montioring mode working on my bcm4312 wifi card, how do i do that?03:25
soreauHiDeHo: unity runs in gnome.. you have the option of that or 'classic gnome' which is just without unity03:25
HiDeHomay i ask if there is a version of ubuntu like 8.04 that works on old computers.03:25
[THC]AcidRainurlin2u, i think my grub problem is that both my external drives are set as a boot drive. and somehow its bypassing my bios and making it try to boot from them first, because when they are hooked up. it makes me chose which version of grub or w/e to try and boot with. and i select something and the logo screen font is all small and ugly looking. if i unplug both of them, it seems to boot up normal.03:25
soreau! broadcom | bsmith09303:25
ubottubsmith093: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:25
urlin2ubsmith093, look at the link for fluffy03:25
HSPHiDeHo: How old and slow is the computer you're talking about?03:26
bsmith093urlin2u: fluffy?03:26
xanguaunity runs on top og gnome HiDeHo03:26
HiDeHoyes soreau i found that out03:26
xangua!lubuntu | HiDeHo03:26
ubottuHiDeHo: lubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.03:26
fluffybsmith093, yeah. The STA drivers are installed already03:26
[THC]AcidRainurlin2u, another issue. is that my mountpoint is /media/Server2, and there are 2 of those exact same mountpoints. but when i delete 1, the other one still says its there, but i cant remove it03:26
urlin2u[THC]AcidRain, you would have to have grub in their mbr's the boot flag is not a issue.03:26
fluffybsmith093, The wireless just isn't working.03:26
HiDeHop4 1.8hz cpu and 512 ram03:26
makkafluffy: I had this same issue with my HP laptop.  I'm not sure what you've done to this point.  But what worked for me was while I installed ubuntu03:26
[THC]AcidRainurlin2u, well the issue is i DONT want to boot from them at all. i want to boot from my internal hdd03:27
bsmith093fluffy:  could i get that link, i just joined and dont see it03:27
HSPHiDeHo: Yeah, ubottu is correct03:27
HiDeHoubuntu 8.04 was the best ubuntu os for it. pitty my computer broak and i lost al updates and customising on it03:27
soreau! broadcom | bsmith09303:27
ubottubsmith093: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:27
urlin2u!broadcom | bsmith09303:27
makkafluffy: I connect my laptop to my router with a patch cable03:27
HiDeHoHSP: ubotto ?????03:27
urlin2u! broadcom bsmith09303:27
deadaimI installed the live cd on a usb stick and I actually want to do some development on it.  I'm trying to install rails 3.0, but only rails 2.5 is available through the ubuntu software center.  Why is it that the ubuntu software center has older packages in my livecd usb stick?03:27
fluffymakka, thats all? How do you think I'm online right now?03:27
makkafluffy: i was then able to download the 3rd party driver03:28
HSPHiDeHo: Use Lubuntu03:28
xangua!latest | deadaim03:28
ubottudeadaim: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.03:28
fluffymakka, which 3rd party driver did you get?03:28
deadaimubottu: In my ubuntu installation on my laptop, I'm able to get rails 3.0 without a problem.03:28
ubottudeadaim: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:28
HiDeHo\i always thought ubuntu could have maintained ubuntu 8.04 as an old computer support.  kernels no longer support old hardware03:28
soreaudeadaim: Are they the same version of ubuntu?03:29
makkafluffy: I don't remember off the top of my head, i was prompted to install it, when I finished install ubuntu03:29
[THC]AcidRainmount: /dev/sdf1 already mounted or /media/Server2 busy.mount: according to mtab, /dev/sdf1 is already mounted on /media/Server203:29
deadaimsoreau: i believe so.  I downloaded the latest ubuntu iso and put it o nthe usb stick.03:29
soreauHiDeHo: Sure it does. What hardware are you referring to?03:29
SIFTUHiDeHo: you think the kernels dropped support for hardware?03:29
[THC]AcidRainit seems what i have is 2 shortcuts to mounting the drive manually03:29
fluffymakka, :-(03:29
HSPHiDeHo:  All good things come to an end.  Even old computers and OSs.  Lubuntu probably supports yours though.  What type of computer is it?03:29
soreaudeadaim: Did you update your repo lists and packages?03:30
urlin2u[THC]AcidRain, i order to not have this be a 20 questions and guess lets run the boot script. Pastebin the RESULTS.txt03:30
subterfugeProblem = randomly not booting from USB and USB not showing up in BIOS -- Settings = Using 11.04, Installed /boot to a USB Drive, Installed everything else in encrypted volume(s)03:30
HiDeHosoreau: nope its common linux knowledge that new kernels in any linux os dont support old hardware.  a simple google serch will reveal that.03:30
soreausubterfuge: Sounds like a problem with your system and/or bios03:30
[THC]AcidRainwhoah your tripping me out. what boot command?03:30
HSPsubterfuge: maybe your USB drive is going bad.  You talking about a USB stick?03:30
soreauHiDeHo: That's simply not true03:31
SIFTUHiDeHo: lol03:31
arckanjoI hated the new CUPs "Common Unix Print Service"03:31
subterfugeHSP: Stick is new and seems to be ok on all other systems03:31
HiDeHosoreau: that is why os like puppylinux have versions with older kernels for older hardware.  runs better. support old graphicls cards better etc03:31
HiDeHowell its true in my experance .03:32
deadaimsoreau: hmm03:32
fluffyCan someone help guide me a bit on this bcm4311 issue?03:32
HSPHiDeHo: Older hardware might be even better supported.  I've run into ACPI issues on a very old Dell Inspiron 2400 but everything else worked from the start03:32
subterfugesoreau: that was my first thought however booting from live cd and then checking the drives performance then rebooting seemed to fix it03:32
makkafluffy: sorry if that wasn't much help.  I tried using the steps in forums, and it just didn't work.  So that's when I decided to start from scratch, and plug directly into my network03:32
deadaimsoreau: I think I need to do further investigation in how I installed rails on my laptop..03:32
HiDeHomy p4 will no longer run ubuntu. slowly each version after 8.04 got worse and worse.03:32
urlin2u[THC]AcidRain, first tab the nics second read the post.03:32
soreaudeadaim: Check your ubuntu version(s) with 'lsb_release -a'03:32
HiDeHoHSP: exactly very old computers have issues03:32
soreauHiDeHo: Ican run latest ubuntu on my P4 just fine03:33
SIFTUHiDeHo: thats probably because you are trying gnome with 512Mb of RAM03:33
HSPHiDeHo: In what way won't your p4 run Ubuntu?03:33
urlin2u[THC]AcidRain, sorry here is the link. http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/03:33
xanguaHiDeHo: stop nonsence, my p4 runs lucid and up, we already told you to try Lubuntu if you hace few resources ;)03:33
deadaimsoreau: ok, thanks!03:33
fluffymakka, It's ok. I'm trying to work it out on my own, but I'm not that good at troubleshooting linux03:33
HiDeHowith ubuntu i have noticed that on my old computer it dont run as not enough ram, cpu, and other things.03:33
muktiI cannot get a power usage estimate with powertop. It shows "no ACPI power usage estimate available". Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?03:33
HiDeHomy nower laptop is ok03:33
arckanjoI hate the new CUPs "Common Unix Print Service"03:34
SIFTUHiDeHo: that has nothing to do with a kernel version03:34
HSPHiDeHo: Use Lubuntu or some other light weight Linux, or buy a new computer - simple.03:34
HiDeHoSIFTU: see issues 512 mb ram gnome clames to run in it.03:34
escottarckanjo, CUPS is something like 10 years old03:34
soreauHiDeHo: Sure, if you have a very small amount of ram ie. < 256, it could be a problem03:34
HiDeHoyet gnome in 8.04 flawless03:34
soreauHiDeHo: 512MB ram should work fine03:34
SIFTUHiDeHo: it will stuggle with 512Mb.. run lubuntu as suggested03:34
makkafluffy: Yeah I've only had issues with Broadcom wireless cards.03:35
HiDeHoi have tryed the lightweightversions of ubuntu none work liek 8.0403:35
fluffymakka, The website given tell me to reinstall the bcmwl kernel source03:35
bsmith093when i went to install the firmware-b43-installer package that the ubuntu docs recommended, this happened : sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer03:35
HiDeHosoreau: i know but not03:35
[THC]AcidRainurlin2u, http://pastebin.com/Ei0u3Hy403:35
muktiI figured it out, powertop doesn't work on AC power (incase anyone was wondering)03:35
HSPHiDeHo: You're making me want to go read some old BOFH :)03:35
arckanjobefore the white version, I dont remember the number was fantastic, but now :(03:35
HiDeHoHSP: y03:36
[THC]AcidRainurlin2u, sda1 is supposed to be my boot partition. or at least it was before bios upgrade03:36
bsmith093pardon me i meant this : sudo dpkg -i firmware*03:36
bsmith093(Reading database ... 243715 files and directories currently installed.)03:36
bsmith093Preparing to replace firmware-b43-installer (using firmware-b43-installer_4.150.10.5-4_all.deb) ...03:36
bsmith093Unpacking replacement firmware-b43-installer ...03:36
bsmith093Setting up firmware-b43-installer ( ...03:36
FloodBot1bsmith093: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:36
bsmith093Not supported low-power chip with PCI id 14e4:4315!03:36
HiDeHoits just my experance of ubuntu on my old computer03:36
fluffymakka, I'll restart and let you know03:37
hyperstreambsmith093, anything over 2 lines, best to put it into  a pastebin of sorts then provide a link03:37
soreaubsmith093: What does 'lspci|grep Network' report it as?03:37
bsmith093b43 problems03:37
bsmith093soreau: 06:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g (rev 01)03:38
makkafluffy: have you tried looking for driver in software center?  Ok kool.  If I had more time tonight, Id reinstall ubuntu and guide you through what i did to get it to work03:38
muktiI have another question now. Where is my bootloader config file located? /etc/default/grub ?03:38
soreaubsmith093: Does 'lspci -nn|grep Network' show 14e4:4315?03:39
escottmukti, that file is used by grub-mkconfig to make /boot/grub/grub.conf03:39
bsmith09306:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g [14e4:431503:39
soreaubsmith093: Well it's telling you that chip is not supported by the driver03:39
edbianbsmith093: I can get that card working03:39
makkaAnyone here have experience with setting up Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud?03:40
edbianbsmith093: I'm very good with bcm43xx03:40
soreauNot sure where to go form there03:40
soreauedbian: !03:40
edbiansoreau: hi :)03:40
edbiangood timing?03:40
* soreau is not03:40
muktiescott: is /boot/grub/grub.conf the default config file for grub?03:40
edbianbsmith093: hi03:40
soreauedbian: s/good/perfect ;)03:40
escottmukti, yes03:40
urlin2u[THC]AcidRain, So both externals are ext3 one is /media/Server2 the other is /media/Server the second is the one not mounting, both are in the fstab. So why if there external do you want them in fstab?03:40
bsmith093edbian: you sure you can, then have at it, because i really want the full capabilites of this card.03:40
escottmukti, but you dont want to edit that file as it is a generated file. make your customizations to /etc/grub.d03:41
edbianbsmith093: are you online?03:41
edbianbsmith093: What drivers have you tried?03:41
muktiescott: okay03:41
[THC]AcidRainurlin2u, well i was in here about 2 months ago and yall said to have them auto mount at boot and to put them in fstab was the only way to ensure that the mounted at the proper location...03:41
bsmith093wl, is eorking but i cant get monitoring mode to activate03:41
soreaumukti: Technically, you're not supposed to edit that file though. The recommended way is to edit /etc/default/grub and/or /etc/grub/* then run update-grub2 as root so it takes those options and builds a grub.conf file and installs it in /boot/grub/ for you03:41
sstchuranyone know how to auto disable the touchpad while typing on a Samsung QX410?03:42
edbianbsmith093: I'm not sure what monitoring mode is or if it works with b43 driver.  I suggest we try the b43 driver. Likely, if it doesn't work in wl or b43 there is little hope it will work at all.  I don't think there are any other linux drivers for this code.03:42
uns0b1ll_greetings free nation03:42
arckanjoguys, do you know, way when I using Putty from Windows, in Ubuntu has to much lag, but if I put my IP Adress, on /etc/hosts well it be verry fest03:42
muktisoreau: okay, thanks I'll edit that03:42
edbianfor this card*03:42
urlin2u[THC]AcidRain, so are these for p2p, a external will mount without fstab automatically with read and write if set up that way.03:42
semitoneshow to you unzip a .bz?03:42
semitonesin terminal03:42
xanguasstchur: on mouse settings ;)03:42
uns0b1ll_my resolution dropped to 1024x768 for some odd reason03:42
bsmith093edbian: ok so b43 then? how?03:43
soreauhi uns0b1ll_03:43
uns0b1ll_and monitor unknown03:43
soreauuns0b1ll_: What graphics card?03:43
uns0b1ll_soreau, greets03:43
sstchurxangua: there is no tab for touchpad in my mouse settings, even though the touchpad seems to mostly work03:43
[THC]AcidRainurlin2u, im not sure what you are saying? i have read and write... but it still doesnt mount where i tell it to03:43
edbianbsmith093: yep: sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter and sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer03:43
sstchur(tap, drag, etc...)03:43
uns0b1ll_soreau, nvidia g280 i think03:43
edbianbsmith093: That installs the packages for the firmware (and an extractor for the firmware)03:43
soreauuns0b1ll_: How did you install the driver for it initially?03:43
HiDeHolubuntu well ok i might03:43
bsmith093firmware-b43-installer does not exist03:44
edbianbsmith093: Tell me if you get any errors.  A particular error (about lp-phy is likely)03:44
HiDeHoxubuntu xfce is nicer03:44
uns0b1ll_soreau, through snapmanger i think03:44
HiDeHowill tr again both then lol03:44
edbianbsmith093: Are you using 11.04 ?03:44
soreau!info firmware-b43-installer03:44
ubottufirmware-b43-installer (source: b43-fwcutter (1:013-3)): Installer package for firmware for the b43 driver. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (natty), package size 3 kB, installed size 48 kB03:44
bsmith093edbian:  yes03:44
edbianbsmith093: Enable the multiverse repo in synaptic03:44
urlin2u[THC]AcidRain, well they have different mount names one is /media/Server2  the other /media/Server  did you knkw this?03:44
soreaubsmith093: Make sure your multiverse repo is enabled and you're up to date03:44
edbianbsmith093: yes, sudo apt-get update wouldn't hurt anything03:44
[THC]AcidRainurlin2u, well they are 2 different drives.,..03:45
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bsmith093edbian:  oh, wiat no im using 10.04 lucid03:45
edbianbsmith093: there we go :)03:45
urlin2u[THC]AcidRain, right but I belive you said they had identical mount names.03:45
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[THC]AcidRainurlin2u, no no no. each 1 has 2 identical mount names it appears lol03:46
edbianbsmith093: sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter    (the firmware is in there now instead of 2 packages)03:46
fluffymakka, Nothing yet.03:46
[THC]AcidRainim not sure what im saying. when i plug 1 in. each 1 mounts to the same location 2 times03:46
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=== almostroot is now known as almostroot_
makkafluffy: have you tried looking for driver in software center?  If I had more time tonight, Id reinstall ubuntu and guide you through what i did to get it to work03:46
fluffyedbian, What are you talking about? I'm trying to get my bcm4311 working03:46
urlin2u[THC]AcidRain, this is your fstab UUID=1d112679-6e31-481f-86eb-f7ec25756183       /media/Server2  ext3    user,defaults   0       003:46
urlin2uUUID=011e9f71-c1ce-4524-a93d-6f033a956612       /media/Server   ext303:46
=== almostroot_ is now known as almostroot
edbianfluffy: I can get that card to work :)  Are you on 11.04 ?03:47
fluffyedbian, Yes.03:47
[THC]AcidRainurlin2u, right03:47
fluffymakka, Ok.03:47
makkafluffy: yeah I'm no help in this one03:47
edbianfluffy: sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer and sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter03:47
edbianmakka: :(03:47
bsmith093edbian: ok b43-fwcutter is installed03:48
fluffyedbian, Done03:48
bsmith093now how do i get rid of or turn off wl03:48
edbianbsmith093: fluffy sudo modprobe b4303:49
urlin2u[THC]AcidRain, one is /media/Server2 the other /media/Server  if you removed I'm not sure what may be a problem. Since the /media/Server  is not mounting try opening the fstab and commenting it out and reboot ansd see if it mounts like a external will automatically, easier to get it to mount this way for a test.03:49
fluffyedbian, Done03:49
edbianbsmith093: you might want to sudo modprobe -r wl   and then sudo modprobe b43  but it isn't strictly necessary.03:49
edbianfluffy: your wifi card is now working03:49
* edbian helps 2 people at once like a baws03:49
fluffyedbian, Holy vagina grapes03:49
edbianfluffy: ha03:50
edbianthat's inappropriate but I find it funny personally03:50
mneptokfluffy: keep it G-rated03:50
[THC]AcidRainurlin2u, im saying with /media/server in fstab. it shows up in places->Server.       places->Server (2 times)03:50
makkaedbian: nice job!03:50
edbianmakka: thanks :)03:50
bsmith093edbian:  done now what03:50
edbianbsmith093: your wifi card is now working03:50
bsmith093yay driver: b43 thanks so much03:51
fluffyI'm going to grab my other 11.04 installs and apply that03:51
fluffyedbian, Thankyou very much.03:51
edbianbsmith093: You can double check by looking at the output of sudo lspci -k    (to make sure it's using b43 and not wl)03:51
edbianbsmith093: sure03:51
edbianfluffy: sure03:51
edbianfluffy: sure :)03:51
[THC]AcidRain/dev/sdf1                                  /media/Server2  ext3  owner,errors=remount-ro,users,user  0  0   this is my new fstab using storage device manager03:51
[THC]AcidRainit seems to only list the mount points in places ONE time as well!03:51
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fiberHi, recently I've been having the problem that every time I login to GDM I get a kernel panic.  This has only been happening for about 2 or 3 days now (until just 20min ago it was spuratic, now it happens all the time), so I blame it on an update.  Does anyone know about this issue or know any solutions?  As I said, I'm logged into tty1 so my research abilities are slightly diminished.03:52
[THC]AcidRainbut i know the problem is when the drive changes its name to something like /dev/sdb1 then fstab will mess up03:52
escott[THC]AcidRain, thats what the UUID is for. you should have the UUID listed in blkid instead of the device path03:52
arckanjoWow its raining a lot here! dear God!03:52
edbianfiber: my first thought / suggestion: use an older kernel (assuming you have one)03:52
[THC]AcidRainescott, right03:52
=== Nicolus is now known as c_nick
urlin2u[THC]AcidRain, So when you were advised to put them in fstab was it to have them do what just be available?03:53
fiberedbian: I'm currently using 2.6.38-11-generic... has this been updated recently? my grub boot menu only shows this one so i don't think it has changed recently03:53
edbianfiber: Not sure what you mean by 'updated recently'.  When the kernel is updated they increase the version number.  Ubuntu does not use the LATEST kernel but you are using the latest kernel ubuntu offers03:55
fluffyedbian, Now, how do I get this to start automatically?03:55
fiberedbian: also, my kern.log.1 shows a lot of "Short CCK"... is this shed any light on the issue?03:55
[THC]AcidRainurlin2u, right. well to be available because they wouldnt auto mount03:55
edbianfluffy: it will from now on03:55
urlin2u[THC]AcidRain, as it is the one not mounting isn't giving any info in the script, so it may need a fdsk or the uuid is wrong, could be a number of reasons.03:55
edbianfiber: I am researching that error.03:55
fluffyedbian, It didn't on this boot, let me get this figured out.03:55
fiberedbian: right... i'm currently just doing the stable branch of the standard ubuntu repositories. i don't think the kernel has been updated recently on this branch (i read the update logs and generally take note of kernel upgrades)03:56
edbianfluffy: or really?  pastebin the output of sudo lspci -k03:56
urlin2u[THC]AcidRain, strange a external should be available in computer or the home left panel, or on the desktop, if not in fstab.03:56
fluffythe STA driver was still installed.03:56
edbianfiber: if the kernel was updated you'd have an old version and an new version03:56
edbianfluffy: gotta remove that.  Do you know how?03:56
fluffyedbian, The STA driver was still installed. yep03:57
edbianfiber: that error is common and vague.  I don't think it has anything to do with the kernel panics.  Perhaps you can find some other error messages?03:57
[THC]AcidRainurlin2u, the issue seems to happen when i add the uuid into fstab03:58
urlin2u[THC]AcidRain, if you run sudo blkid does the uuid show for the one not mounting? If so check it is the same as the fstab on the script.03:58
[THC]AcidRainif i leave it as the /dev/sdf1 it works fine03:58
[THC]AcidRainurlin2u, it is. i already checked03:58
urlin2u[THC]AcidRain, set fast as the partitions like the Ubuntu partition.03:59
fiberedbian: no, I can't seem to find anything03:59
[THC]AcidRainurlin2u, hang on. rebooting03:59
edbianfiber: mmm, I'm not sure.  Kernel panics suck03:59
fiberedbian: i'm looking in /var/log/kern.log.1, anywhere else? i grep'd all of /var/log for "panic" but didn't find anything03:59
edbianfiber: /var/log/dmesg04:00
edbianfiber: but likely we won't see the error until the kernel panic has happened.  Obviously at that point you can't read the logs anymore04:00
fr0stedhey all04:01
ghfghf7can someone explain this to me? i am trying to install ubuntu 11.04 w/ a live cd:   Can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs) on //filesystem.squashfs .04:01
soreaughfghf7: Did you check the md5sum of the image you downloaded?04:01
fiberedbian: there is an error that says "[drm] MTRR allocation failed. Graphics performance may suffer"... everything before that seems just peachy04:02
soreaughfghf7: Did you run the cd checker from the boot menu?04:02
fiberedbian: let me try restarting and using an older kernel04:02
ghfghf7(noob) my what?04:02
ghfghf7no how do i do that >.>04:02
soreaughfghf7: When the cd first loads, there is a little running man at the bottom and what looks like a battery meter. Press Esc there04:03
edbianfiber: The cck error has to do with the wifi driver brcm80211   try getting rid of that04:03
ghfghf7okay ill try that04:03
soreaughfghf7: Then run the built in cd check utility and see if there are any errors04:03
fluffy_edbian, it does start up automatically now, just have to remember to use the FN key to turn on wifi04:03
edbianfluffy_: yep :)04:03
DaVampsWinsureau.. i got it to boot to login with that edit04:04
soreauDaVampsWin: Cool deal04:04
DaVampsWinsoreau : so what can i do now to get it so i dont need that edit and the card works04:05
=== jussi01_ is now known as jussi
fiberedbian, so... i couldn't get grub's menu to come up but I decided to try logging into ubuntu classic and that worked04:06
fiberedbian, so the problem is just with unity04:06
edbianfiber: a-ha!  (why are we trying to get the grub menu?)04:07
fiberedbian, to use an older kernel04:07
edbianfiber: a-ah   (press shift at the critical moment to get the grub menu)04:07
DaVampsWinsoreau : would now be the time to install the linux drivers for that card04:09
soreauDaVampsWin: The drivers are already installed04:09
fiberedbian, do you think i should reboot and try unity with an older kernel?04:09
edbianfiber: It's worth a shot.  However I do not know how to install an older kernel if you don't already have one04:10
soreauDaVampsWin: The proprietary drivers do not support your card (and haven't for about 3 years now) so don't install it. It will only break the open radeon driver04:10
DaVampsWinsoreau : propreitary = from ati, open radeon = from linux dev04:11
fiberedbian, i'm assuming i can just install the "linux-image-2.6.38-10-generic" package04:11
froeshi guys, i am in need of some help with a shellscript. it should kill a process and all its childs, but awk is not hlping me. gets $1 and $2 from ps as arrays with linebreaks. can anyone help ? http://pastebin.com/dqMzKrjW04:11
soreauDaVampsWin: Yes, proprietary = the driver from AMD website / catalyst / fglrx. The open radeon driver is the one that is included with the kernel and the one you're currently using04:11
fiberedbian, alright... let's give this a whirl!04:12
edbianfiber: oh yes, probably.  Didn't know that was a package04:12
edbianfiber: :)04:12
* edbian whirling...04:12
DaVampsWinsoreau :ok, and the card's specs will work as it is. all 256 memory and such with the OD's right04:12
soreauDaVampsWin: OD's?04:12
DaVampsWinsoreau : Open Drivers04:13
RoastedIs there a trick to getting adobe reader to be the default for pdfs? For some reason, it's not in my open with menu, and inkscape opens every. single. time.04:13
soreauDaVampsWin: What is the last line of 'sudo apt-get install mesa-utils && glxinfo|grep renderer'?04:13
DaVampsWinsoreau : let me look04:13
escottRoasted, usually right click/open with and eventually say do this every time04:14
masterosokI am trying to get gnome running on my Ubuntu chroot I have setup on my HP Touchpad. I cant seem to get it to lauch and was wondering if anyone could help me04:14
Roastedescott, problem is, reader isnt listed. anywhere.04:15
GhostWolfhi hope im in the proper place, but im having an issue to view my vista shared folder in ubuntu 11.04. im able to get to where the shared folder in vista but when i try to open that, i get an error saying unable to mount location: failed to mount Windows share. can anyone please help me thanks04:15
escottRoasted, then find it by the path. the binary is something like acroread04:15
herohi friends...04:16
soreauGhostWolf: Vista on another box or the same one on another partition?04:16
heroi've got some questions.. btw where i can join postfix channel?04:16
urlin2umasterosok, you need to follow a install on these in a specific way. http://liliputing.com/2011/08/how-to-install-ubuntu-linux-on-an-hp-touchpad.html04:16
escott!alis | hero04:16
ubottuhero: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*04:16
GhostWolfsoreau, vista is on another pc, its on laptop, ubuntu is on a desktop and both use same connection for internet, i have a wireless gateway, the laptop connects to internet via wireless04:17
soreau! samba | GhostWolf04:17
ubottuGhostWolf: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.04:17
uns0b1ll_my resolution dropped to 1024x768 for some odd reason04:17
GhostWolfsoreau, i don't think you understand, im trying to get the shared folder thats on vista via ubuntu not a share folder on ubuntu from vista04:18
masterosokurlin2u, I have ubunut working fine via command line and followed the instructions off webos-internals.org to get it working I just get get gnome installed correctly/running04:18
uns0b1ll_no idea why. nvidia card g280 with recent drivers04:18
masterosok*can't get04:18
soreauuns0b1ll_: Have you tried changing it back with nvidia-settings?04:18
soreauGhostWolf: Then maybe you should ask in #windows :P04:18
urlin2uuns0b1ll_, did you change drivers, or is this a upgrade?04:19
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, can i have that command again plz04:19
soreauuns0b1ll_: Run nvidia-settings from terminal04:19
masterosokurlin2u, I have installed both gnome and gdm, when it do a startx or a gdm to start the gui it errors04:19
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: What is the last line of 'sudo apt-get install mesa-utils && glxinfo|grep renderer'?04:19
soreaumasterosok: What error?04:19
uns0b1ll_soreau, now what ?04:19
GhostWolfsoreau, its not with windows im having issue its in ubuntu, i can't get the windows shared folder to open in ubuntu. i don't know how clear i been trying to say its not a windows issue. its something in ubuntu thats not letting me share my windows shared folder04:20
herothank you ubottu and escott :)04:20
soreauuns0b1ll_: Did it open the nvidia-settings GUI window?04:20
masterosokwhen I run gpm I get: ** (gdm-binary:24645): WARNING **: Couldn't connect to system bus: Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory04:20
uns0b1ll_it says CRT screen, though i have LCD04:20
uns0b1ll_soreau, yes04:20
escottmasterosok, you have to start dbus service first. there are a lot of services that gdm/gnome will rely upon04:20
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI R200 (RV280 5960) 20090101 x86/MMX/SSE2 TCL04:21
soreauGhostWolf: Well I don't use windows. The only thing I can offer is the samba link ubottu gave04:21
soreauuns0b1ll_: Now go and try to change the resolution to what it was before04:21
GhostWolfsoreau, ok you're not getting what my issue is..04:21
uns0b1ll_theres none higher then 1240x76804:21
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: Awesome, you have 3D. So everything should work with the FOSS radeon driver04:21
GhostWolfis there anyone else who been following what i been saying can please help me? i can repost if needed04:21
masterosokescott, forgive me but I am not extremely versed with the command line how would I start the dbus?04:21
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, awesome.. thanks so much for you time and help04:21
uns0b1ll_or should i put it forcebly inside panning tab ?04:22
=== richard is now known as Guest54414
escottmasterosok, service dbus start i guess.... i'm not really sure what the install looks like04:22
soreauuns0b1ll_: Then you may have to add a modeline or so in xorg.conf04:22
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: No problem04:22
escottmasterosok, do you have an upstart init?04:22
uns0b1ll_soreau, i did reinstalled drivers and it worked after reboot04:22
DaVamps-Ubuntumust test a game to see if it helps the graphic lag at all04:22
uns0b1ll_soreau, so i dont know if its glitch or some bug04:22
soreauuns0b1ll_: So it's working now?04:23
masterosokescott, probably not, i just got an error regarding upstart when I did service dbus start04:23
uns0b1ll_soreau, no , its stoped working after reboot again i guess04:23
soreauuns0b1ll_: Proprietary drivers are problematic. There's no way around it04:23
Guest54414Why is it that Mint 11 installs, runs perfectly, while Ubuntu 11.04 won't install at all?04:23
uns0b1ll_soreau, maybe i should intall differnet one04:23
uns0b1ll_soreau, oh and theres no xorg.conf04:24
uns0b1ll_soreau, i cant find it04:24
urlin2umasterosok, to be honest not sure here, but from the link I posted " These steps will get you to a command-line version of Ubuntu Linux. From here you can use apt-get install to install Ubuntu packages. For instance, you can install icewm, Xfce or LXDE to give yourself a graphical user interface. Theoretically you could also use GNOME, KDE, or Unity but they require more system resources"  YOu might try a lighter desktop.04:24
fluffyHow do I disable the network manager?04:24
soreauuns0b1ll_: Oh really? not in /etc/X11/?04:24
soreauuns0b1ll_: If there's no xorg.conf, then it's not even loading the nvidia driver04:24
uns0b1ll_oh >_<04:25
uns0b1ll_found it04:25
soreaufluffy: sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop && killall nm-applet04:25
uns0b1ll_did find / -name "xorg.conf "04:25
uns0b1ll_and found nothing04:25
FloodBot1uns0b1ll_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:25
masterosokurlin2u, yeah I know gnome is possible cause I have see it running on one of these I just cant find any docs on how to get it working04:25
escottmasterosok, i think the intended use is to just start the individual applications you want04:25
fluffysoreau, will network manager start back up after a reboot?04:25
soreauuns0b1ll_: The only thing you can do with proprietary drivers when there's trouble is try reinstalling them or trying a different version of the driver04:25
soreaufluffy: Yes04:25
masterosokurlin2u, lxde worked fine but I didnt care for it04:25
uns0b1ll_soreau, my xorg.conf is so minimal - only section " device" in it04:25
dr_willishmm. i think ive seen the nvudua druver used when theres no xorg.conf04:26
DaVamps-Ubuntusoreau, is it possible that because that card doesnt have support pixel shader 2 that many games will not even run?04:26
urlin2umasterosok, sorry I can't help any more than that, good luck. :D04:26
uns0b1ll_i install different driver right now04:26
soreauuns0b1ll_: The only thing it needs to load the driver is 'Driver "nvidia"' in the Device section04:26
soreauuns0b1ll_: You can check /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see exactly what's happening04:26
masterosokurlin2u, thanks for your input though04:26
uns0b1ll_soreau, let me look04:26
uns0b1ll_soreau, what should i grep ?04:27
soreauuns0b1ll_: Depends on what you're looking for04:27
uns0b1ll_well i did grep nvidia04:27
Guest54414Anyone know what I can do here? I have a Power Mac G5. I need to put Linux on it. Will Ubuntu 11.10 offer support for the Powerpc? Will I be able to watch flash videos and play games?04:27
masterosokescott, when i tried service dbus start I got start: unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: connection refused04:27
soreauuns0b1ll_: I assume it's already loading the nvidia driver but there's no modeline for whatever resolution you want and it's defaulting to 1024x76804:28
escottmasterosok, so you will have to manually start dbus and resolve any other service dependencies04:28
uns0b1ll_do u want vnc session ?04:28
dr_willisppc limuc has no flash Guest5441404:28
soreauuns0b1ll_: But just try reinstalling the driver and/or installing a different version of the driver and see if it doesn't work itself out04:28
uns0b1ll_okay, let me know if u got time for join.me ?04:28
soreauuns0b1ll_: When using ubuntu's default method to install the nvidia driver, it edits xorg.conf for you04:29
dr_willisppc linux is rather limited in ways04:29
soreauuns0b1ll_: No, we don't do that here04:29
Guest54414Will the gnash player work? The newest version. Or will firefox plugins on Firefox 7 work?04:29
DaVamps-Ubuntuif video card doesnt support the requirement for a game, does the game just not start?04:29
soreauDaVamps-Ubuntu: Anything could happen. Most times it just does not start, yes04:30
escottDaVamps-Ubuntu, depends... in some cases it continues to run but with graphical anomolies04:30
xangua!ppc | Guest64404:30
ubottuGuest644: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ04:30
dr_willisGuest54414: try it and see. i doubt if you will find it works very well or at all04:30
soreaudr_willis: Does html5 stuff work on ppc?04:31
DaVamps-Ubuntuseems that i'm getting the does not start at all case. lol.04:31
Guest54414Ubuntu 11.10 will include Firefox 7 according to distrowatch.com04:31
urlin2uGuest54414, gnash not sure some addons will some wont there is a add on called daily ester tools that will disable the incompatibility check function to have addons work maybe that wont install.04:31
dr_willissoreau:  if the browser does it should.04:31
Guest54414And according to distrowatch.com, it will support powerpc. But will it play videos, and games?04:32
urlin2udaily tester tools* Guest5441404:32
fiberedbian, so... I was unsuccessful in downgrading the kernel.  however, i got a picture of the kernel panic.... it's at http://imgur.com/txZ4104:32
dr_willisGuest54414:  what game.. videos. yes perhaps.04:32
dr_willisthers in no new flash for ppc.04:33
Guest54414Such as: Games on Facebook, and Youtube04:33
dsnydersHi all!  OGMRip is taking WAAAY too long to rip DVDs  (eg 13+ hours for a 50 minute DVD).  Is there a better alternative?04:33
fiberedbian, right now I am in ubuntu classic which seems to work just fine04:33
dr_willisgnash is lacking in many ways04:33
marenostrumGuest54414, The proper place to talk about it might be #ubuntu+1 but, yes, it comes with Firefox 7. I am already experiencing it on 11.10 Beta 1.04:33
dr_willisdsnyders:  its reencoding also. thats the time hog.04:34
Guest54414Is it Ubuntu 11.10 Beta ppc version?04:34
urlin2udsnyders, you need the coversion?04:34
dr_willisdsnyders:  k9copy can be very quick04:34
ghfghf7hu  my ubuntu installer doesnt offer a apply alongside win7 option can i grt that back?04:35
marenostrumGuest54414, What is ppc?04:35
urlin2umarenostrum, for apple computers04:35
Guest54414The newer Macs are intel04:35
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ04:35
marenostrumGuest54414, I didn't try such a thing.04:36
ghfghf7hi,  my ubuntu installer doesnt offer a apply alongside win7 option can i get that?(ubuntu 11.40) live cd04:36
dr_willisi gave up on ppc linux. and sold my last ppc box ;)04:36
SIFTUmarenostrum: well you need a ppc cpu.. it's a cpu arch04:36
dsnydersdr_willis, Ripping at 1/13th speed is not really what I had in mind.  Even re-encoding, it seems extraordinarily slow.04:36
marenostrumSIFTU, I see.04:36
fiberHi everyone... I'm having an issue where I get a kernel panic every time I try logging into unity (http://imgur.com/txZ41).  This is only a problem with unity, I can log into ubuntu classic just fine.  This problem is new (~2 days) and until an hour ago only happened every once in a while.  Now I have a 0% chance of logging into unity.  Does anyone know about this issue?  Googling gives nothing!04:37
dr_willisdsnyders:  i can k9copy to iso backup a movie in about 20 min or less04:37
urlin2ughfghf7, resize the W7 with its disk partitioner, leaving a unallocated, making sure you don't have 4 primary partitions already, and the Ubuntu is in a extended partition using a logical.04:37
anonop05playing fullscreen video on youtube lags on ubuntu 11.0404:37
soreaufiber: It's most likely a graphics driver issue. Which are you using?04:38
ghfghf7okay thanks04:38
anonop05any solutions to that?04:38
dr_willisfiber:  try a unity --reset   yet?04:38
ghfghf7umm is there anyway ican boot windows without having to wait the 10 mins i taakes to boot a live cd agian?04:38
soreaudr_willis: masking the issue? :P04:38
ghfghf7i mean when i comeback into ubuntu04:39
fibersoreau, it is just the internal video card for the i5... although even in ubuntu classic opengl works just fine and it is using the same driver04:39
dr_willisfiber:  also make a new yser see uf it works for them04:39
urlin2ughfghf7, not really.04:39
fiberdr_willis, no I haven't.... what exactly does that reset?04:39
masterosokwhat does segmentation fault mean04:39
dr_willisfiber:  resets unity to defaults04:39
soreaudr_willis: A kernel panic can only really be caused by faulty kernel code, almost always from a kernel module. In this case the graphics driver is highly probable04:39
urlin2ughfghf7, use a thumb drive for the ubuntu it will boot faster.04:39
dr_willisfiber:  it may be a unuty or compiz setting issue04:40
fiberdr_willis, is there any way i can backup the config before trying this?04:40
soreaudr_willis: And since he's probably not been able to login to make changes, a reset probably wont help much04:40
fiberdr_willis, also, ubuntu classic uses compiz04:40
dr_willishe saud classic desktop wirks...04:40
soreaufiber: You can export compiz settings in ccsm>Preferences to save them04:41
dr_willismake a new user.. see if it works for them fiber04:41
soreaudr_willis: Yes but that only means that userspace code in unity session is using the faulty kernel code path04:41
dsnydersdr_willis, I'm using a WDTV Live Plus network media player box to send the file to my TV.  It won't read ISO files.  I need some sort of video file like AVI MPEG1/2/4 MKV or something.04:41
dr_willisif the new user works that points to a setting issue04:42
soreaudr_willis: Case in point, userspace code should never be able to trigger a kernel panic no matter what it does04:42
soreaudr_willis: If it can, then there's a problem with the driver04:42
dr_willisdsnyders:  my wd oplay can play isos ;)04:42
vaevis there a convenient way in ubuntu to disable my laptop touchpad when an external mouse is plugged in?04:42
fibersoreau, so... what do you think is going on then? because it seems to me that the graphics driver is working just fine04:43
urlin2ughfghf7, so you understand the HD limitations of primaries max=4, so you want only 3 and a extehded for the logicals.04:43
soreaufiber: First, what makes you think it's a kernel panic?04:43
urlin2uvaev, mine is fn-f704:44
soreauvaev: If you're able to disable it from CLI, then there's probably a way to detect the external mouse being plugged and disable the other04:44
dsnydersdr_willis, It will?  I'll have to give it a try04:44
fibersoreau, http://imgur.com/txZ41 (picture of my computer after... granted it doesn't say kernel oops so it may be some other sort of panic)04:45
dr_willisdsnyders:  wife does it all the timp. dvd to k9copy.  she plays the iso04:45
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fibersoreau, on further inspection, it says avahi-daemon is tainted... i think this was recently updated... maybe a reinstall on it?04:45
SIFTUdr_willis: use must use a lot of space storing ISOs04:46
dr_willisdsnyders:  takes a lit mire space however04:46
dr_willis3tb ysb04:46
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest79853
SIFTUdsnyders: just use handbrake.. it will rip and transcode and it's multithreaded04:46
dr_willisi had issues with handbreak the ither day04:47
soreaufiber: I'm willing to bet it's a problem with the intel drm module04:47
dsnydersdr_willis, I have a few TB of space, and I'm only interested in a 10 DVD set at the moment.04:47
soreaufiber: Try a different kernel version if you can or get more specific support in #intel-gfx04:47
dr_willisdsnyders:  eack dvd - 4gb with k9 copy. then i rip the iso to video later04:48
fibersoreau, what would i do to use a different kernel version? just install the right  linux-image-* package?04:48
vaevsoreau: so essentially I'd make for example thru cron something that checks for the presence of a usb mouse and then removes rmmod psmouse with it04:49
soreaufiber: That's one way I guess.. but typically most kernels in a ubuntu distro are pretty much the same version..04:49
vaevand when the mouse is no longer detected it will do a modprobe psmouse04:49
soreauvaev: Ideally you'd want to detect a signal when it's plugged instead of polling with cron, but there's probably a few different ways to go about it04:50
soreauvaev: Maybe try asking in ##linux to get some ideas04:50
fibersoreau, ok, cool... i'm going to first try messing with avahi and then try downgrading the kernel04:50
fibersoreau, i'll be back in a bit to report what's going on04:51
soreaufiber: good idea04:51
vaevsoreau: okay thanks04:51
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vaevfunny thing is all other fn+function keys work in my vaio but the touchpad disable one :)04:52
soreauvaev: That's probably the problem you should be trying to fix04:53
vaevtrue that. I'll start digging the web04:53
soreaubut if you can automate the process, more power to you ;)04:54
bambanxanyone is using teamviewer on ubuntu?04:54
soreau! anyone | bambanx04:54
ubottubambanx: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:54
Datzhi, my sound stopped working, I'm not sure what I did, but it worked at one point04:56
fibersoreau, so... `sudo apt-get --reinstall install avahi-daemon` fixed everything up04:56
fibersoreau, unity still takes forever to load... but it loads04:56
soreauDatz: Check alsamixer04:56
DatzI have04:56
soreaufiber: Oh cool04:57
fibersoreau, one question... how can i force ubuntu to check my disk on the next boot?04:57
soreaufiber: I think that was something to do with wireless networking04:57
soreaufiber: There's a way to do it but I don't know right off hand04:57
fibersoreau, it's more like configurationless routing... it doesn't automagic network mapping (it's basically apple's bonjour)04:57
fibersoreau, that's all good... i'll look it up04:58
soreauDatz: Did you check that all tracks are unmuted and turned up?04:58
soreau! sound | Datz04:59
ubottuDatz: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.04:59
Dollzcan I reconfigure an installed software?05:03
=== Vinn0 is now known as Guest60564
Dollzusing ./configure05:03
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soreauDollz: That's not how it works, no. What are you trying to do?05:04
xiangzi888hello,im new here05:04
Dollzsoreau: Im trying to add a configuration option --enable-shared to ffmpeg05:04
soreauDollz: Then you will have to build it yourself or find a prebuilt version with this option enabled05:05
Datzsoreau: I get sound when I log out if I mess the pass05:05
Dollzsoreau: so I need to build it again after ./configure ?05:06
Dollzsoreau: can not this be just added to a config file as in windows :) ?05:06
spec_what's a good GUI process resource viewer app?05:06
DollzI miss you windows .05:06
joki3How do i check what driver i have install that can run my nvidia chip.. or what version my driver is ?05:07
soreauDollz: Yes. Use apt-get build-dep ffmpeg to install dependencies for it, then ./configure, make and make install (or whatever the README tells you to do)05:07
soreau! compile | Dollz05:07
ubottuDollz: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall05:07
soreauspec_: gnome-system-monitor05:07
Dollzsoreau: Ah , now I understand .. thank you05:07
soreauDollz: no problem05:07
spec_thx soreau05:08
soreaujoki3: Check 'gksu jockey-gtk'05:08
joki3soreau: thanks05:08
dagerivi got an ethernet mac adress. how can i manually use arp to get the ip of that device?05:10
SnydeI'm looking to get help on using the 'Open with:' command. Here is mine: 7z x -o $PWD '$0'05:10
SnydeI'm trying to run it through a shell script05:10
joki3soreau: That just tells me what i can upgrade to. None of the 2 nvidia drivers there are checked.. Im looking on how to check my current driver.05:11
soreaudageriv: Maybe try asking in ##networking05:12
soreaujoki3: Look in /var/log/Xorg.0.log then05:13
soreaujoki3: The default is the open nouveau driver05:13
TiktalikHow do I check if my graphics driver has openGL support?05:13
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soreauSnyde: I don't really understand what you're trying to do05:14
candyflanhello noobs05:14
soreauTiktalik: What is the last line from 'sudo apt-get install mesa-utils && glxinfo|grep renderer'?05:14
SnydeSoreau, rather than using Archive Manager for compressed files, I am trying to use the commandline 7z program.05:14
DatzSound works for root user, but not me. what should I do?05:15
soreauSnyde: Try 7z --help05:15
SnydeI want to extract the file that I double click to the directory in which it resides.05:15
Tiktaliksoreau, OpenGL renderer string: Software Rasterizer05:15
SnydeI have the command, but getting it to work through the Open with: prompt is another issue.05:15
soreauTiktalik: So you don't have direct hardware rendering functioning. Can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file to pastebin.com?05:16
soreauSnyde: Put it in a script file then05:16
SnydeI have done this05:16
soreauSnyde: Did you make the file executable?05:16
apetrescuAre there any repositories or PPAs for sun-java7-jdk yet? (Rather than the OpenJDK 7?)05:16
SnydeI did indeed.05:17
soreau! java | apetrescu05:17
ubottuapetrescu: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.05:17
soreauSnyde: Does it work when you run it from CLI manually?05:17
apetrescusoreau: I'm specifically asking for Java 7 though, which was recently released. All of the docs around the internet only address Java 6.05:17
apetrescuEven more specifically, I'm asking for SUN's java 7, rather than the OpenJDK 7 which has deb's available.05:18
soreauapetrescu: In that case, it probably is not in any repo for the latest release of ubuntu which is all that is supported here05:18
soreauapetrescu: Maybe try #ubuntu+105:18
apetrescuAh, thanks!05:18
apetrescuI had tried #ubuntu-java but it's completely dead in there.05:18
urlin2uapetrescu, if see see none there isn't one.05:18
apetrescuI'll give #ubuntu+1 a try, thanks05:19
Tiktaliksoreau, http://pastebin.com/S5Qf2shA05:19
apetrescuurlin2u: There's plenty of new stuff in random PPAs generally, which is what I'm asking for05:19
SnydeSoreau: Thanks, I'll try troubleshooting some more, I just assumed my old script would work.05:20
urlin2uapetrescu, you were looking for  PPAs for sun-java7-jdk if you see none they are not there.05:20
soreauTiktalik: Right, so it's using the default open nouveau driver that is not built with experimental 3D support in ubuntu packages05:20
apetrescuurlin2u: What do you mean by "see none"? Is there some search engine that searches the packages present in all PPAs?05:20
soreauTiktalik: You will want to install the proprietary nvidia driver to get opengl working05:21
Tiktaliksoreau: how?05:21
urlin2uapetrescu, well google is one it finds stuff rather well. if you use the correct search words.05:21
soreauTiktalik: With jockey-gtk05:21
Tiktaliksoreau: so, install jockey-gtk?05:22
apetrescuurlin2u: I'm pretty sure Google doesn't index the contents of PPAs...05:22
soreauTiktalik: No, run it. It's already installed05:22
Tiktaliksoreau: thanks05:22
soreauTiktalik: gksu jockey-gtk05:22
soreauTiktalik: Sorry, I thought I already gave you the command but it was someone else05:22
msseverapetrescu: But a PPA's packages are listed on the PPA page, which *is* indexed by Google05:23
urlin2uapetrescu, it will find any ppa you want if they are there. for example if you wanted ubuntu tweak search with ubuntu tweak ppa05:23
apetrescuAh okay; thanks. I guess this means there aren't any yet, then.05:23
Tiktaliksoreau: thanks man05:23
soreauTiktalik: no problem05:23
Snydesoreau: Is it possible that I need to put './' in the Open with prompt?05:25
ninwaHow do I close a privmsg in irssi? :)05:26
Tiktalikninwa: ctrl q, I think05:26
Tiktalikoh not q05:26
Tiktalikninwa: Ctrl+K.05:26
ninwa /wc did it05:26
soreauSnyde: Well actually, you will want to specify the full path to the script if it's not in a location that's in your $PATH05:26
ninwaCheers :)05:26
SnydeI did do ''/home/goose/bin/7zi' where the script is 7zi and goose is my user05:27
LucidLooking for java for Ubuntu v11.1005:28
msseverSnyde: Have you tried running your script from the command line to see if it works correctly that way?05:28
soreau! 11.10 | Lucid05:28
ubottuLucid: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:28
Snydemssever: It does.05:28
mssever!java | Lucid05:28
ubottuLucid: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.05:28
SnydeHowever, I didn't use $0 obviously05:28
SnydeWait, script, hold on..05:29
msseverSnyde: does it work with files specified as "file:///blah"05:29
crm11four_well that didn't work05:29
cereal__getting a lenovo T520, not sure what processor to get,i7-2720QM or i7-2620M, not a power user, dual core would be better for mild gaming but im thinking long term that quadcore will be usefull. thoughts?05:32
urlin2ucereal_, this is support05:32
soreaucereal_: Not exclusively related to ubuntu. Maybe try ##hardware05:32
LucidI am a linux noob...05:33
Lucid(12:28:31 AM) ubottu: Lucid: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.   <----- Not sure what that means.05:33
Datzsoreau: figured it out, apparently something in .pulse was creating the problem05:33
soreauDatz: ah ok05:34
=== Guest60564 is now known as Vinn0
SnydeOkay, Well it seems to be a problem with this 7z command internally.05:34
soreauSnyde: You'll figure it out eventually ;)05:35
SnydeYeah, you guys helped me fix a few problems, thanks.05:35
Dollzshould I use this : CFLAGS="-m64 -mtune=athlon64 -pipe -fPIC" to configure a software for my x64 system ?05:36
Dollzbecause I'm getting an error :   recompile with -fPIC05:36
soreauDollz: No, just configure and build normally unless there's a problem05:37
msseverDollz: In general the ./configure script will figure that stuff out automatically05:37
urlin2uLucid,  this explains the etc/apt/sources.list  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu05:37
DollzIt couldn't and returned an error05:37
Dollz recompile with -fPIC05:37
calwigHi,  can someone guide me to revert to a previous version of a package?05:37
soreauDollz: What is it telling you to rebuild with -fPIC?05:37
Dollzsoreau: ffmpeg05:37
soreau! downgrade05:37
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.05:37
calwigTor just updated and it broke my connection somewhere05:37
soreauDollz: I don't know why you'd want to add all those other flags then05:38
urlin2ucalwig, whats the package?05:38
mssevercalwig: I believe there's an option somewhere in Synaptic to choose an older version05:38
calwigurlin2u: Tor05:38
calwigi see05:38
mssevercalwig: Or, read man apt-get or man aptitude05:38
urlin2ucalwig, use the tor browser off there site is best.05:38
Dollzsoreau: I 'm also wondering why05:38
* Lucid slowly becomes more discouraged with linux.05:38
Dollzsoreau: I got that solution from searching ggogle05:39
urlin2uLucid, So.05:39
rumpelcalwig, it's called "(version) pinning", afaik05:39
soreauLucid: What are you trying to do?05:39
msseverLucid: You haven't asked a clear question05:39
calwigrumpel: i see05:39
Vinn0anyone knows if iptables can start up after a reboot with rules?05:39
Dollzsoreau: I'm not sure if it is athlon6405:39
soreauDollz: Just do 'export CFLAGS="-fPIC"' then try again05:39
enotikvpThis is fuck linux! I Hate him!!!!!05:40
almoxarifeVinn0: it should reload the last good rules it saved05:40
calwigrumpel: urlin2u mssever let me see what I can find, I need some instructions to do this thanks05:40
soreau! language | enotikvp05:40
ubottuenotikvp: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:40
Dollzsoreau: ok I'm trying , it takes some time05:40
dsnydersSIFTU, dr_willis, Handbrake seems to be encoding at a rate of 2:1  (ie 3 hours to rip a 1.5 hr dvd).  That's much better than the 13:1 I was getting from OGMRip05:40
Vinn0almoxarife: so im guessing /etc/iptables.rules is the rules it loads? so i just edit that?05:40
soreauDollz: Make sure to rerun configure05:40
Dollzsoreau: yeah sure05:41
mssevercalwig: The man page is probably the best resource. I know that downgrading is possible, but I've never tried it05:41
SIFTUdsnyders: wow.. what cpu have you got there.. mine usually take about 30 mins05:41
almoxarifeVinn0: no, I don't think you edit that05:41
* calwig is DOWNGRADING...05:41
urlin2ucalwig, the best to use is the browser bundle from tor. http://www.torproject.org/download/download.html.en05:43
Lucidsoreau: I am looking for a universal app to run basic Java  java.  I am taking it that it is not as simple as all that.05:43
soreauLucid: Which version of ubuntu do you have installed?05:44
dsnydersSIFTU, I'm not sure.  The system monitor says processor 0 and processor 1 are Pentium 4s running at 3.2 GHz05:44
ActionParsnipLucid: you can run: java filename.jar    and it will run..05:45
urlin2uLucid, you stated you were a noob that is a development release not very stable.05:45
dsnydersSIFTU, They're both running at about 100%05:45
soreau! 11.10 | Lucid05:45
ubottuLucid: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:45
soreauLucid: The latest version of ubuntu supported here is 11.04 until 11.10 is released officially05:46
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calwigit worked guys thanks05:46
almoxarifeurlin2u: I beg to differ, 11.10 is running splendidly today, it was yesterday no one had a 'suspend' option05:46
soreaucalwig: Cool, how did you downgrade it?05:46
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest14
calwigsoreau: Synaptic toolbar has a section to find a previous version05:47
soreaualmoxarife: Either way, 11.10 is not supported here yet05:47
ActionParsnipLucid: oneiric is also offtopic here, ask in #ubuntu+1 please05:47
SIFTUdsnyders: yep, well thats as fast as it will go.. FYI you could find your exact CPU by "cat /proc/cpuinfo|grep -i "model name"|uniq"05:47
soreaucalwig: right on05:47
urlin2ualmoxarife, this is not the I beg to differ channel, and your and mine run good but not everybodies.05:47
calwigsoreau: totally. though i still need to upgrade. weird that the upgrade causes a connection to TorK to break05:48
soreaucalwig: Take note of the good and bad versions. Maybe file a bug report05:49
calwigsoreau: im with the tor devel team now. Definitely will hehe05:50
soreaucalwig: Ah, in that case, skip the report and fix it! ;)05:50
calwigsoreau: yeah its happened before, i wonder05:51
Dreamer3after i call set -e in a bash script is there a way to revert it?05:52
redboatdoes it fail when looking for modversions.h05:52
redboatwhy does it fail when looking for modversions.h05:53
redboatfatal error: /lib/modules/2.6.38-8-generic-pae/build/include/linux/modversions.h: No such file or directory05:55
redboatwhat does it mean???05:55
glebihanredboat, what command gives you this error ?05:55
soreauredboat: Do you have kernel headers installed?05:57
soreau! compile | redboat05:57
ubotturedboat: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall05:57
redboati dont know all that stuff this is the webpage http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm05:58
gbear14275hello... could someone help me with this instruction set.. I don't seem to be getting any traction in #linux05:58
gbear14275and now I think I've run into a problem where my stick wont mount anymore ...05:59
gbear14275would really appreciate any time... hopefully a quick few mentorings05:59
Nach0z.w 4405:59
Nach0z...dadgummit. stupid aliases...05:59
redboatits getting late i will read the link you saID LATER06:00
soreaugbear14275: Unless you have a question that's specific to ubuntu, we can't help you with that here06:00
soreaugbear14275: It's certainly not a trivial task to upgrade any BIOS06:00
gbear14275soreau, right now what I need help with is when I insert my USB stick it no longer mounts like it used to automatically in Ubuntu.  I can see it using lsusb... but ubuntu wont mount it anymore06:01
soreaugbear14275: Does it have a valid file system on it?06:01
redboatthis is the full string....06:01
redboattrb@trb-A770E3:~$ tar -xvf ftdi_sio.tar06:01
FloodBot1redboat: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:01
gbear14275soreau, not sure...06:01
urlin2ugbear14275, do you have a backup of your disc?06:02
soreaugbear14275: While it's plugged in, what does 'sudo fdisk -l' say?06:02
soreaugbear14275: Specifically, about the usb stick06:03
gbear14275soreau, when I tried sudo dd if=win98usb.img of=[USB device] conv=notrunc  I used /dev/sdb1 as my usb root... i think that might be why it won't mount anymore06:03
gbear14275but... I'm not sure06:03
soreaugbear14275: Also after you plug it in, check the output of 'dmesg|tail' to see what that says06:03
soreaugbear14275: And maybe try mounting the device node to a mount point directory06:03
redboatany more comments about the string???06:04
gbear14275soreau, uh... nvm it looks like its there.. one sec... filing a report in #freenode06:04
quinti am using xubuntu. when i have a silent bash startup script enabled { bash -c "cd /somedir/ blahblah.sh" & } i get this little square in the top left of my screen. it looks like it was trying to draw a window or something but failed, there is just a shadow outline. how can i make this shadow outline go away?06:04
devkorcvincewhere can i ask about the ubuntu app developer week?06:05
=== arun__ is now known as brass286
soreauredboat: You need to pastebin the full output to pastebin.com instead of trying to flood it here06:05
photonhi. while trying to install software with apt-get, apt-get also wants to remove software and I have no idea why. Also, the to-be-removed software packages have a {u} after their name. What's going on here and is it safe to proceed? Output: http://pastebin.com/UXCGaPeg06:05
rwwphoton: they're probably marked as automatically installed and have no packages that depend on them. since they're all library packages or similar, should be fine to remove06:06
photonrww: alright, thanks.06:06
quintwhy is my bash startup script that ends with "&" causing something to draw a little square shadow in the top left corner of my desktop ?06:07
photonrww: weird, just started that command again and now they don't show up, although I aborted the previous execution.06:07
soreauquint: There's a lot of things wrong with that question..06:08
soreauquint: First, what are you running in your script?06:08
quintbash -c "cd /somedir/ blahblah.sh" &06:08
soreauphoton: Try 'apt-get autoremove'06:09
photonsoreau: does nothing, either.06:09
soreauquint: Perhaps it's creating a 0x0 window at 0x0y06:09
photonsoreau: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.06:09
soreauphoton: weird06:09
quintjust running the script normally does not cause that06:10
quintit only happens when i run it using the startup application setting06:10
photonyes, I know that behavior (square shadow in the top left corner). for me, it's almost always a window that is too small to display.06:10
photontry to resize it.06:10
quintphoton, it isn't an actual window06:10
=== aknm is now known as monk
quintbe right back06:13
MissingPersoni'm having a problem in 11.04 getting openvpn w/ password working, after importing the configuration settings provided by my vpn provider, it says "The VPN connection failed because there are no valid VPN secrets."  This never happened to me on Fedora, unsure what to do.06:18
soreau! openvpn | MissingPerson06:19
ubottuMissingPerson: OpenVPN is a vpn technology in Ubuntu, sudo apt-get install openvpn and then see http://openvpn.net/ and see the documentation "HOWTO" noting you have already installed it. ;-) It rocks!06:19
=== static_void is now known as static_void_
MissingPersonsoreau: already have openvpn installed, as well as network-manager-openvpn-gnome, but when i configure and attempt connections, that's the error i get06:20
soreauMissingPerson: Maybe try #openvpn06:21
sburwood1I have both a desktop computer and a portable one.  Each want to install things (opera and libnss for the portable, libnss for the desktop) but both come against a refusal because of the untrusted source.  What do I do?06:27
icesword!info opera06:28
ubottuPackage opera does not exist in natty06:28
SpoI am a newb, and I have having problems with my Ubuntu crashing - anyone up to help me out?06:28
Dollzwhy when I apt-get install gcc , it installs version 4.4.3, althought the current version is 4.606:29
nikolaj_basherWhen I try to install rails wiht gem it seems to be installed but it isn't ? how can i solve it (I installed it with gem and Ruby with rvm)06:31
SpoI have having problems with my Ubuntu crashing - (complete lockup) what is the best log file to look at first?06:31
SpoI am having problems with my Ubuntu crashing - (complete lockup) what is the best log file to look at first?06:35
iceswordwhat you mean lock up?06:36
soreauSpo: Probably /var/log/syslog or messages06:36
Spowill not come out of screen saver, will not go to console (ctrl-alt-f1)06:37
Dollzwhy when I apt-get install gcc , it installs version 4.4.3, althought the current version is 4.606:37
learneri also hav a problem after booting into ubuntu 10.10 computer hangs after 10 or 15 min...anyone know wats the problem06:38
soreauDollz: It's probably installing whatever's latest in ubuntu repos for the version of ubuntu you're using06:38
Dollzsoreau: oh , so I should compile it myself ?06:39
soreauDollz: If you really need latest gcc..06:39
soreauDollz: Though I can't see why you'd need it06:39
gentoo-intel4.6 isnt stable afaik06:40
Dollzsoreau: the problem that I have "ffmpeg can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC"06:40
nightripehi, i'm using evolution mail, but i don't have click "let messages on server" and i've got 70 mails in my evolution....but i would like to put again my mail on hotmail server, how can i do ? (sorry for my english)06:40
Dollzsoreau: it still exists after running the export thing06:40
Dollzsoreau: someone suggested that : #pragma GCC visibility ...06:41
soreauDollz: Upgrading gcc wont help. You just need to rebuild ffmpeg with -fPIC06:41
=== tum is now known as Guest86057
Dollzsoreau: yep , but I tried this , and i couldnt .. I want to make shared and not static06:42
Dollzsoreau: threr are five solutions as I read: (1) static (like it was before) (2) #pragma GCC visibility ... (3) ld -Bsymbolic (4) ld --version-script ... (5) implement full PIC access (double deference, not just rip-relative).06:42
soreauDollz: Well AFAICT, you do not need newer gcc06:42
Dollzsoreau: I read that the newer gcc has # pragma GCC visibility set already06:43
Dollzsoreau: so , I don't have to mess with it06:43
soreauDollz: It's really beyond the scope of this channel. Maybe try #ffmpeg06:43
Dollzsoreau: I asked that before there , and no one answered me at all :(06:44
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
Dollzsoreau: should I try again with the -fPIC solution ?06:45
soreauDollz: Since that is what the message is telling you, probably so06:45
=== nosa is now known as nosa-j
Dollzsoreau: k , thank you06:46
soreauDollz: You may need to set CXXFLAGS as well if there's C++ involved06:46
=== Guest14 is now known as LjL-Temp
Dollzsoreau: k , will do that06:47
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest27535
SpoI looked in the syslog, and I am seeing this "kernel:  ata5.0: status: { DRDY ERR }06:50
Spoand ata5.00 error: {ABRT}06:51
Sporight before the crash06:51
vltSpo: I missed your initial question. Where did you find those ata messages?06:55
SpoI found them in /var/log/syslog -  my computer is crashing and I am trying to figure out why06:55
KartagisI have a problem06:55
KartagisI see my cron running in the syslog, but what's inside don't get executed. why?06:56
Kartagisbecause that user is not logged in?06:57
vltSpo: How many hard disks do you have?06:59
Spo1 solo boot drive, 9 in raid 506:59
vltSpo: Intel board with onboard SATA?06:59
Spodefinately onboard sata07:00
Spoit is an AMD proc07:00
Spoquad core07:00
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:00
vltSpo: Kernel 2.6.32?07:01
Spo8 sata onboard, 2 sata by IDE controller card - everythihng was working fine, one HDD had errors, and was booted from the cluster, I replaced that HDD and the cluster rebuilt, but now this crashing problem07:01
MissingPersoni'm having a problem in 11.04 getting openvpn w/ password working, after importing the configuration settings provided by my vpn provider, it says "The VPN connection failed because there are no valid VPN secrets."  This never happened to me on Fedora, unsure what to do.  I do have openvpn and network-manager-openvpn-gnome installed.07:02
SpoI was using Ubuntu 10.10, but since it was crashing, I upgraded to 11.4 hoping the crashing would quit... it has not07:02
MissingPersonsorry for reasking, but i had to teach a class, and when i got back, my chat was cleared07:03
Spohow do I check kernel ver?07:04
vltSpo: "uname -a"07:04
Spokernel is 2.6.38-1107:04
* lol ZZZzzzz07:06
vltSpo: The message says there's a problem with the drive.  I had problems with the very same errors and crashing for weeks on Intel boards and its SATA chip. I replaced the complete hardware but the error remained. Until I switched to another kernel (3.0). Runs rock stable since then.07:07
Tsunami99Hi all...07:08
Spovlt: what is the best way to get that kernel?07:08
Tsunami99I need some help can I find it here??07:08
urlin2uTsunami99, ask your question and see. :D07:09
MyrttiTsunami99: don't know what your problem is so it's hard to promise that you can be helped07:09
vltSpo: I got it from kernel.org and compiled it myself.07:09
Tsunami99my problem in ubuntu is:The panel encountered a problem while loading07:09
Tsunami99I have this message everytime I login??07:09
Tsunami99How can I fix it last time my icons all crashed and I could not open any icon or folder??07:09
Spovlt:  site is down for maint - what do I need to know to compile the kernel once I get it, (explanation or webpage would be great)07:10
Tsunami99I searched about it till now no clear solution, I use ubunti 11.04 stable,,,07:10
darrin thank you07:10
Tsunami99any suggestion for me??07:10
urlin2uTsunami99, classic or unity desktop?07:11
urlin2uTsunami99, have you tweaked compiz?07:11
darrinHello could someone please tell me how t import my bookmarks into firefox? thank you07:11
Tsunami99I removed compiz from my system after I though its the source of the problem07:12
urlin2udarrin, do you know of firefox sync?07:12
urlin2udarrin, I use it to sync all my firefox setups, has a passwoed and a sync key pretty safe.07:13
darrinbut i could look it up... Thank you for giving me a direction to go in .07:13
urlin2udarrin, you should see it in the browser what version are you running?07:14
Tsunami99any suggestion...07:14
darrinthe latest  607:14
* [DeVil-BoY] hello07:14
vltSpo: I can't find a good tutorial now. Maybe there's an easier way if you could find a PPA for a newer kernel.07:14
urlin2uTsunami99, hard to say as you removed compiz so it would be using metacity, try in the terminal if you can metacity --replace07:15
Tsunami99TI have this problem repeating for me with different notification description once about the trashcanPapplet and other issue the message is:the panel encountered a problem while loading07:16
vltSpo: Something like https://launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive/ppa07:16
Tsunami99any suggestion to fix the panael probkem??07:16
Spovlt: thanks for all your help07:16
urlin2uTsunami99, killall gnome-panel07:16
urlin2uTsunami99, it restarts it.07:17
Tsunami99will it remove it or what??07:17
Tsunami99what is the code??07:17
urlin2ushouldn't the classic is differnt though slightly.07:17
urlin2uTsunami99, for the panel  killall gnome-panel07:18
darrinurlin2u Thank you for the info very helpful and very fast... Thanks again07:18
soreau! resetpanel | Tsunami9907:18
ubottuTsunami99: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »07:18
urlin2udarrin, no problem.07:18
Tsunami99urlin2u, I will check it now07:19
urlin2uTsunami99, look at tthe bot message as well.07:19
Tsunami99<urlin2u>, what do you mean??07:20
urlin2uTsunami99, ubottu is a bot.07:20
ktwois there a gmail app (wich works like andorid) for ubuntu to web, but direct interface)07:22
=== static_void is now known as static_void_
Tsunami99urlin2u, I killed the panel and restore it to default will it be enough to solve the problem??07:23
=== nedkelly is now known as nedkelly-away
MissingPersoni'm having a problem in 11.04 getting openvpn w/ password working, after importing the configuration settings provided by my vpn provider, it says "The VPN connection failed because there are no valid VPN secrets."  This never happened to me on Fedora, unsure what to do.  I do have openvpn and network-manager-openvpn-gnome installed.07:25
soreauMissingPerson: No response in #openvpn?07:25
soreauMissingPerson: You aren't even in #openvpn07:26
urlin2uTsunami99, your fixating on the kill command just run what the bot said.07:26
MissingPersondidn't even realize they had a channel07:26
soreauMissingPerson: I told you that about half an hour or more ago07:26
soreauMissingPerson: exactly one hour ago07:27
MissingPersonsoreau: yeah, sorry, somehow my chat got cleared when i walked away from my desk07:27
Tsunami99urlin2u, sorry to ask you I did not understand what the bot said and where it it!! :(07:27
soreau! resetpanel | Tsunami9907:28
KartagisI see my cron running in the syslog, but what's inside don't get executed. why?07:29
soreauKartagis: What makes you think it's not being executed?07:29
Steristhow come all my updates as well as attempts to install new software error with "requires installation of untrusted packages" ?07:29
soreauubottu: ping07:30
ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...07:30
Kartagissoreau: it's supposed to run a bot, it's not07:30
urlin2uSterist, do you see keys missing?07:30
soreau! resetpanel | Tsunami9907:30
ubottuTsunami99: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »07:30
Steristurlin2u i dont.... know?07:30
Steristurlin2u how do i check this07:30
urlin2uSterist, pastebin the whole update.07:31
soreauKartagis: Well either your cron time isn't what you think it is, your command is faulty or the environment is lacking07:31
Tsunami99ubottu, I have done that..07:31
ubottuTsunami99: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:31
urlin2uSterist, http://paste.ubuntu.com/07:31
soreauKartagis: Did you specify the full path to the command?07:31
Steristurlin2u the packages in the update or the error notes?07:31
Tsunami99ubottu, will it solve it??07:31
ubottuTsunami99: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:31
urlin2uSterist, the whole thing including the command07:32
MissingPersonsoreau: no dice in #openvpn07:32
Kartagissoreau: this is my cron output from syslog: Sep  9 10:20:01 vps CRON[7786]: (iegg) CMD (PYTHONPATH=/home/iegg/f0und/f0und/lib/python2.6/site-packages /home/iegg/f0und/bin/supybot-botchk --botdir=/home/iegg/f0und/bin --pidfile=/home/iegg/f0und/bin/pid.f0und-fn --conffile=/home/iegg/f0und/bin/f0und-fn.conf --supybot=/home/iegg/f0und/bin/supybot)07:32
urlin2uSterist, run in the terminal sudo apt-get update07:32
Tsunami99ubottu, will it solve it??07:32
soreauMissingPerson: Keep trying. It's your best bet07:32
MissingPersonthey refuse to play ball unless i'm using 10.04 AND a non-network-manager client07:32
Kartagis!ubottu | Tsunami9907:32
ubottuTsunami99: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots07:32
soreauMissingPerson: Well maybe you should listen to what they're telling you07:33
urlin2uTsunami99, that question is like asking if I drive wil I get in a wreck, chances are no.07:33
soreauKartagis: Maybe your cron time is wrong07:33
MissingPersoni've had nothing but bad experiences with wicd and don't know anything else to use but network-manager07:33
Kartagissoreau: what do you mean by that? my package, or my command?07:34
Steristurlin2u i just gave it another try and the updates are working now. i cancelled a "check" (--for new updates) and that seems to have been the culprit. did another check and works07:34
Tsunami99urlin2u, I apology again and I really appreciate your responses to me, wish you all the best..07:34
soreauKartagis: I mean the cron setting to tell it when to run the command07:34
urlin2uTsunami99, no problem ubottu is a bot for the channel so the info is accurate.07:34
urlin2uSterist, untrusted usually means you have added a 3rd party repo and not the key.07:36
Wiz_KeeDhey guys, how do i setup dual monitor in ubuntu 10.4?07:36
urlin2uWiz_KeeD, monitors.07:36
Wiz_KeeDdidn't work, i click detect i see only one07:36
Wiz_KeeDi can move mi cursor on the right07:37
urlin2uWiz_KeeD, look closer for a box.07:37
Wiz_KeeDon the right monitor yet when i go to monitors07:37
Wiz_KeeDthere is just one big pink one called vbox07:37
Wiz_KeeDvbx sorry07:37
Wiz_KeeDthat's it07:37
Tsunami99<urlin2u>,<ubottu> thanks all for your support I will logout to see whether the problem will stay or not..  :)07:37
Wiz_KeeDnot like in this tutorial http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2009/08/ubuntu-tips-how-to-setup-dual-monitor/07:37
Wiz_KeeDparadoxaly i also have dell07:38
user_Vsem privet.07:38
=== user_ is now known as SOVA
Steristurlin2u yeah but i havent done that so unless there's some kind of remote hacking going around i should be okay :) sometimes solutions are simpler than they appear07:39
urlin2uWiz_KeeD, you have the mirrior box off right07:39
Wiz_KeeDit's a virtual box btw07:40
Wiz_KeeDmirror box off right?07:40
urlin2uWiz_KeeD, not sure you can do it there really.07:40
urlin2uWiz_KeeD, what is the host?07:41
Wiz_KeeDwin 7 64 bit07:41
urlin2uWiz_KeeD, so your trying to set the dual in the host,so you can have Windows in one and the vbox in anothwer07:42
urlin2usorry guest07:42
BashI have installed Ubuntu (and grub) on /sdc5, have windows on /sda2, I have configured grub and it recognizes windows7 and all but when I try to boot the computer all I get is a blinking cursor. What gives?07:47
=== Guest27535 is now known as LjL-Temp
BashDo the sd*'s get mixed up after I boot or something?07:48
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest6832
urlin2uBash, you installed grub in the partition, easiest way to fix this is to see where everythinig is run this script from the booted live cd and [astebin the results.txt   http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/07:51
=== m1h0 is now known as y4h0
varikonniemii find it interesting that bootinfoscript is endorsed here, but why is it not bundled with ubuntu installation07:52
varikonniemiwouldn't it be easier to just have a option on the ubuntu boot cd "boot info"07:53
=== zXslhCL is now known as zXsl
urlin2uvarikonniemi, the script is modified at times for better reading, so it would be outdated shortly at times with just grub changes.07:55
Bashurlin2u: http://pastebin.com/WLh3DD2X07:55
Bash.. and I know it's messy.07:55
varikonniemiwell better than nothing still?07:56
varikonniemii do not have the skill to start stabbing my linux if it borks up07:56
varikonniemiits infinitely easier to just format and reinstall07:56
hostdreameven I'm using the http://pastie.org/2496275 as partition table in my preseed, I've the box asking me for the confirmation to write change to disk, how can I avoid this ? Can anyone help on this ? :)07:56
urlin2uBash, you have grub in sda, it should be in the sdc mbr, and the sdc the firts read to boot.07:56
varikonniemiubuntu is fine and dandy as long as it works, if it fails.. you are out of luck07:57
=== DarkStar1_ is now known as DarkStar1
vibhavvarikonniemi" if it fails ,  you are out of luck".......that is whY IRC was invented07:59
urlin2uBash, if you use the Natty disc you can use the commands where this page defaults to read carefully.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Copy_LiveCD_Files07:59
varikonniemiwell i have no luck asking my questions here, so what would you suggest as a place to start ?07:59
Bashurlin2u: But sda is my untouched windows7 drive which I have flagged to not be bootable, and I have sdc5 to be the only bootable.07:59
Bashurlin2u: Yeah, in now via flash drive. Will have a looksie.07:59
vibhavvarikonniemi forums08:00
varikonniemiyesterday i asked two or three times how to get alt-tab working in games and no answer. So i just settled for "its a feature, it does not"08:00
rumpelvarikonniemi, which desktop-environment?08:01
vibhavBash search for grub rescue disk on google08:01
urlin2uBash, the sda mbr is where the grub bootloader went, it should be in the sdc HD mbr. YOIu can reload the windows bootloader to the sda with a windows recovery disc booted to the repaier terminal, and run bootrec.exe /fixmbr08:01
Bashvibhav: Was just about to say I've tried Boot Repair,08:02
jigalhello this gives a permission denied ~$ sudo ssh -T git@github.com08:02
jigalany id?08:02
varikonniemiubuntu 11.0408:02
urlin2uvibhav, your muttering a weasy fix here.08:02
vibhavjigal could be a server error08:02
Bashurlin2u: Alright. No worries about the windows loader, how do I force it to go to sdc mbr?08:02
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:03
rumpelvarikonniemi, i meant like unity, gnome, kde...08:03
varikonniemiwell kubuntu is kde08:03
vibhavurlin2u. ok youre the best08:03
Bashurlin2u: Keep in mind that I have a seperate windows partition at the start of that partition table, does it matter?08:03
varikonniemiubuntu is unity08:03
varikonniemiso yes, unity08:03
urlin2ubash I posted a link to reloading grub from the natty cd, it defaults to it a rather easy job.08:03
rumpelvarikonniemi, not necessarily08:03
Guestubuntu is a distro08:03
varikonniemino but if i made a mod that big i would mention it08:03
Guestunity is not a distro so ubuntu is not unity08:04
varikonniemiby default it is08:04
Guestyou mean Ubuntu 11.04 uses Unity by default08:04
vibhavguest unity is a desktop environment for Ubuntulog08:04
Guestyou can change that08:04
asdjaputraGuest yes you can08:04
rumpelvarikonniemi, i guess you can write a script, which toggles certain shortcuts via gconf.08:04
Bashurlin2u: Just to be clear, it doesn't matter that I have a windows disk (non-boot) at the beginning of the partition table?08:05
urlin2uBash, ypu can boot the ubuntu cd and run sudo fdisk -l and pastebin the out put and I will give you the commands to run.08:05
varikonniemirumpel, now you are teaching hebrew to a infant08:05
vibhavGuest you can install other environments like LXDE or KDE08:05
varikonniemisame territory as "compile it yourself"08:05
vibhavvarikonniemi your use of words impress me08:06
rumpelvarikonniemi, or you can look for the shortcut-settings in unity and deactivate the "alt-tab" shortcut (if you otherwise don't need it)08:06
Bashurlin2u: http://pastebin.com/ZesnDdyx08:06
urlin2uBash, grub will boot windows for you, I only suggested putting its bootloader back for if you removed ubuntu it would still boot on its own.08:06
rumpelvarikonniemi, that's the userfriendliest solution i can think of08:06
photonhi. how well is burning own bluray discs supported in 11.04? what software and what burner can you recommend?08:06
Bashurlin2u: Gotcha.08:06
varikonniemiyes, thanks for your input08:06
varikonniemimy skills are not good enough for that08:06
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
varikonniemiif you cannot find a step by step guide that is08:07
vibhavphoton my laptop burns bluray disks08:07
vibhavbut it uses 10.1008:07
photonvibhav: have you tried it?08:07
photonvibhav: that is, have you actually burned one with ubuntu?08:08
diverdudehello. for some reason tab-completion in my terminal is acting strange. When i tab-complete directories it appends a whitespace in the end instead of a /. How can i change this to / again?08:08
=== _DexTerDDIT is now known as DexTerDDIT
vibhavthe was a guide in some forum but i forget its link08:08
photonvibhav: again, have you actually burned a bluray disc with ubuntu?08:09
urlin2uBash, http://paste.ubuntu.com/685811/08:10
asdjaputraphoton, you're asking an experienced user on burning a bluray disc?08:10
asdjaputraphoton, you can always search the forums for that, i'll grab one for you in a sec08:10
photonasdjaputra: no, that's not what I am asking.08:10
ActionParsnipvibhav: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/10/easy-blu-ray-movie-playback-in-linux/08:11
asdjaputrathe softwares and burner, yes08:11
vibhavphoton yes08:11
ActionParsnipvibhav: will help playback (maybe)08:11
asdjaputraphoton,  http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/10/easy-blu-ray-movie-playback-in-linux/08:11
BashRight, thanks urlin2u! Will tinker away with this.08:11
vibhavActionParsnip thia guide is similar to the one i used08:11
urlin2uBash, just the two commands and reboot the update-grub is inside the install.08:11
vibhavActionParsnip btw my laptop allready can ro that08:12
photonasdjaputra: and how would *playing* a blu ray *movie* help me in finding a linux-compatible bluray *burner*?08:12
rumpeldiverdude, have you tried reinstalling the package "bash-completion"?08:12
diverduderumpel: no, do you think that would help?08:13
vibhavphoton My laptop has a LG burner08:13
asdjaputraphoton, i just copy what ActionParsnip said08:13
sinistradPhoton, I'm using an LG burner on my desktop with 11.04 and it works with Nero for Linux08:14
madeinblanyone tryed natty yet?08:14
Guestyou can change that08:14
madeinblhow does it support drivers?08:14
bjarniHello everyone.  I have ubuntu 9.10 (64 bit) using gnome on my laptop and planning to upgrade to the latest version (11.04 I believe), preferably 32 bit.   Can you advice me on this?08:14
photonsinistrad: uh ok. isn't nero for linux shareware?08:14
Guestsinistrad: nexro for linux is paid ofc08:15
sinistradPhoton, it was purchased, yes. Was you wanting only open source?08:15
urlin2u! detail | madeinbl08:15
photonsinistrad: I'd prefer that.08:15
asdjaputraphoton, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CdDvd/Burning08:16
photonsinistrad: I've found some people have had problems with LG burners and burning bluray in general.08:16
photonsinistrad: under Linux that is08:16
madeinblwell things like webcame  audiodriver, had previous trouble with that08:16
ActionParsnipmadeinbl: its fine08:16
asdjaputraphoton, there's a blu ray burner part below08:16
madeinblnoe i am runing super os08:16
madeinbland its runing fine08:16
ActionParsnipmadeinbl: install cheese, does it show in that ?08:16
madeinblwell it rompts me to upgrade to natty08:16
ActionParsnipmadeinbl: superOS is offtopic here08:16
sinistradPhoton, I have used k3b as well, but I don't recall how it did for actually burning movies.08:17
vibhaveven I use k3b08:17
madeinblis there any way to change sidekick menu in natty to more standart desktop08:18
photonsinistrad: I don't want to burn movies, I just want to burn large files that do not fit on a DVD.08:18
varikonniemitenX is accusing me of lying when i say that on windows7 you can alt-tab out of a game, and that no-one really need this functionality. Is this really the majority stance here?08:18
ActionParsnipphoton: devede will change quality so it fits08:19
asdjaputraphoton, try an UFD08:19
tenXvarikonniemi: do you really need to take this in here?08:19
tenXvarikonniemi: never accused you of anything, just disliked your uneducated approach08:20
asdjaputratenX, what is he talking about?08:20
varikonniemiwell i would not be asking for help if i were not uneducated?08:20
lightahey guys, quick question is ther a way to scrool up with screen -x option ?08:20
tenXasdjaputra: he wants to alt+tab from within a game (whatever game on linux) to the next desktop app. told him the game will catch keystrokes like that for good reasons and i'm also pretty sure that doesnt work on windoze. the win key brings you back08:22
varikonniemii never use the win key, i alt-tab out of games08:23
VxQetenX, it does work in windows08:23
VxQeI am sure there is a workaround to get that working in ubuntu08:23
tenXasdjaputra: and now he starts this that is worthless and boring08:23
asdjaputrain linux?08:23
asdjaputrayou could always edit the pref. to fullscreen - 008:24
varikonniemi<tenX> and i'm a damn professional08:24
varikonniemi<VxQe> tenX, it does work in windows08:24
varikonniemia professional eh?08:24
tenXVxQe: k sure. not that i claimed to know. thought so. if you tell me i'll believe it08:24
tenXVxQe: dont see what he's upset about08:24
asdjaputraalt-tab works in every game i played in linux for now08:24
oCeanplease drop the offtopic discussion, this is ubuntu only08:24
varikonniemiasdjaputra, spring rts08:25
varikonniemiis the one i am talking about08:25
asdjaputravarikonniemi, will try, maybe there's a workaround to alt-tab08:25
asdjaputrai'll let you know when i got it08:25
tenXoCean: sure i'll stop right ahead. dunno why he starts this here we had a little query08:25
varikonniemiyes i will stop also, my question was a general "how to get alt-tab workin in ubuntu, even in games"08:26
varikonniemiso originally it was not off topic, to my discretion08:26
oCeanvarikonniemi: enough said, let's move on now08:26
varikonniemias i said08:26
asdjaputravarikonniemi, alt-tab works by default in ubuntu08:27
VxQevarikonniemi, I just use windows to play games.08:29
varikonniemiare you trolling me?08:29
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:29
VxQeIn anycase, the problem is that ubuntu defers the keystrokes to the fullscreen app08:29
VxQeand doesn't capture the alt-tab08:30
tenXVxQe: see what i mean08:30
VxQeWhich is what it's meant to do08:30
varikonniemii want to play spring rts on ubuntu, not windows. i want to get alt-tab working in spring.08:30
asdjaputralet's take this to ot08:30
vibhavis bot tgus topic !ot?08:30
VxQeHowever there is quite possibly some other way around this.08:30
varikonniemiyeah i am searching the forums as we speak08:30
varikonniemiand there are some program suggestions08:30
varikonniemisome config magic08:30
varikonniemiwill try that08:31
VxQeYou could also try using a high-level hotkey08:31
VxQeLike hitting ctrl-alt-del and the just cancel out of the menu.08:31
VxQeDon't know if that would work that.08:31
VxQeCertainly not well08:31
asdjaputraVxQe, in certain game engines, alt-tab will be ignored08:31
asdjaputraand it'll refer back to ubuntu's alt-tab, switching the windows in result08:31
krishnanI was configuring LDAP on Ubuntu 10.04 server and the slapd has suddenly stopped running. Tried started running it but could not work. Please help.08:34
krishnanI was configuring LDAP on Ubuntu 10.04 server and the slapd has suddenly stopped running. Tried started running it but could not work. Please help.08:35
krishnanI was configuring LDAP on Ubuntu 10.04 server and the slapd has suddenly stopped running. Tried to start running it but could not work. Please help.08:35
oCeankrishnan: we read you the first time, stop repeating please08:35
ChTiPowAAfter major upgrade of Xubuntu, it has failed and given me this "Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 12708:38
ChTiPowAI have many packets miss configured08:38
ChTiPowAI cannot do anything, i'm lost08:38
GuestChTiPowA: #xubuntu08:38
ChTiPowAplease help08:38
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:38
asdjaputraoh wait08:38
asdjaputrasorry i only saw the last one08:39
tuxlinginxhello is there an online alien(1) converter, didn't googled so far08:39
ActionParsnipChTiPowA: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc08:39
Guestasdjaputra: did you try to restart the service08:39
asdjaputraGuest what?08:39
Guestasdjaputra: slapd server08:40
tp43I had some root user WebSite files from a Debian computer that I copied over to my Ubuntu computer, but they are all showing up a greenish-yellow instead of a green-only colour and now when I put them in /var/www and try to visit them, it isn't working as expected08:40
auronandacetuxlinginx: alien? as in rpm?08:40
asdjaputraGuest what's that08:40
ChTiPowAActionParsnip: this is Natty08:41
Guestasdjaputra: sorry my mistaked :( im tired08:41
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ActionParsnipchitragupt: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/84506608:41
ubottuUbuntu bug 845066 in apt (Ubuntu) "Launch helper exited with unknown return code 127" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:41
tuxlinginxi just ned to convert alien itself inialy and then i enable myself convert other pkgs08:41
tuxlinginxauronandace: yes rpm2deb and otherwise08:41
auronandace!packages | tuxlinginx08:42
ubottutuxlinginx: You can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!08:42
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)08:42
tp43How can I change permissions to make the -rwxr-xr-x files in a directory and sub directory have permission -rw-r--r--08:42
=== nedkelly-away is now known as nedkelly
ActionParsniptuxlinginx: is there not a ppa?08:42
zHammeRzchmod 644 I think08:42
tuxlinginxauronandace: not that easy, since im on XP right now webirc (they charge for xchat now)08:43
auronandacetuxlinginx: what?08:43
tuxlinginxActionParsnip: ah, ill check that out08:44
auronandacetuxlinginx: i'm using xchat right now08:44
urlin2utuxlinginx, there is a fre early xchat for windows.08:44
asdjaputratp43, for root directory (/var/www) use chmod 77508:44
tp43asdjaputra, thanks08:44
ActionParsniptuxlinginx: or hydrirc which is also free08:44
asdjaputratp43, and 644 for HTMLs08:44
tp43asdjaputra, I have an html site that works fine when I visit index.html inside my /home/user/Documents directory, but when I copy it over /var/www/somedir/ and visit that dir it says I don't have permission08:45
urlin2utuxlinginx, http://code.google.com/p/xchat-wdk/08:45
tenXtp43: and depending on the web app you might have to allow write access occasionally08:46
auronandacetuxlinginx: anyway, what package are you trying to get for ubuntu?08:46
tenXtp43: limited on dirs of course08:46
asdjaputratp43, have you chown user:group /var/www08:46
asdjaputraCMIIW that might be a dangerous command08:46
tp43asdjaputra, no, but I have another site that works fine for some reason08:47
asdjaputratp43, all folders given permision 755, and files are given permission 64408:47
tuxlinginxauronandace: yeah thanks to all, im fine still with web irc, as long as im on firefox08:47
asdjaputraand you should change the ownership of /var/www/ to be yours08:47
hello24what is the best way to host a web site on server with dynamic ip?08:47
hello24is there a way to make it always available?08:48
=== Guest6832 is now known as LjL-Temp
hello24i am using dns update script, but it may take hours for dns to update08:48
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest38820
tp43asdjaputra, how do I do that?08:48
tuxlinginxauronandace: sorry, yeah as i said im looking for alien08:49
ActionParsniphello24: i'd get an account at no-ip.com then install noip2   it will update the record with the new IP every 30 seconds (by default)08:49
=== hello24 is now known as awas
asdjaputratp43, first sudo chown <username>:<groupname> /var/www/08:49
auronandacetuxlinginx: why, i thought you were on xp08:49
sinistradawas, I'm using dyndns.org, and I can set the refresh rate to something much lower than hours, but you need to check with your dns to see how fast the allow refresh before they believe it is spam.08:49
tuxlinginxActionParsnip: is there an alien for XP?08:50
awassinistrad: refresh with dns server doesn't matter08:50
tp43asdjaputra, are you sure I need to do that, cause I have one site that is working fine08:50
awasthere are tons of other dns servers that use cache08:50
asdjaputratp43, then sudo chmod 755 /var/www08:50
awasthat is kept for some time08:50
commxcan someone tell me how I can retrieve a list of present hard disk drives and their capacity without using dmesg?08:50
tenXsinistrad: i'd refresh via ddclient once a day08:50
ActionParsniptuxlinginx: i doubt it08:50
asdjaputratp43, well you have to be logged in as www-data to edit the files08:50
tomodachicommx:  df- h08:50
tomodachidf -h08:50
b4rry[]commx: df08:50
auronandacetuxlinginx: why don't you tell us what you are trying to do and how this is connected to ubuntu?08:50
ActionParsnipcommx: sudo fdisk -l08:50
scarleoHi, I have some trouble to relay mail to gmail with postfix. I have sasl_passwd postmapped and setup in main but still gets answer Authentication Required from gmail08:51
tomodachicommx: but that would only be mounted devices08:51
tuxlinginxActionParsnip: i see08:51
asdjaputratp43, and sudo chown <username>:<groupname> will assign username and groupname to /var/www08:51
tp43asdjaputra, I just sudo when I wanna edit files08:51
bahamashello. if i plug my network cable in, shouldn't the network be configured automatically?08:51
asdjaputratp43, ok, then you can skip that step08:51
commxthat's the problem. I need to get the disk model, which sadly isn't available in both of them08:51
asdjaputratp43, and just do sudo chmod 755 /var/www/08:51
tuxlinginxauronandace: ok, u a bit annoying aren't ya, anyway, i need an rpm based alien for armel platform08:52
ActionParsnipbahamas: should do yes (assuming the chip has a driver). If not you can double check with:  sudo dhclient3 eth008:52
scarleobahamas, yes it should, maybe a reboot with cable plugged if it doesn't work08:52
asdjaputratp43, and from there, you can chmod 755 to every folder within and chmod 644 for every HTML files08:52
snufftcan anyone tell me if it's possible for me to remote into my dad's email computer over the net? i'm on ubuntu and he's on win708:53
bahamasscarleo: yes, a reboot works, but it bugs me that it doesn't work from the start. also, even though the wireless doesn't work on its own, when i plug in the cable and reboot, the wireless starts working too08:53
snuffti'm going to explode if i have to listen to this crap one more time08:53
tp43asdjaputra, thanks08:53
sinistradtenX, I have inadyn.conf set at 10 minutes, and it does fine for me.08:53
auronandacetuxlinginx: i am trying to understand why you need alien08:54
scarleobahamas, plug your cable and see what sudo ifconfig shoes, do you get an ip?08:54
auronandacetuxlinginx: is there a rpm package that you desperately need to convert?08:54
tuxlinginxhello is there an online alien(1) converter, didn't googled so far08:55
auronandace!arm | tuxlinginx08:55
ubottutuxlinginx: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.08:55
tenXsinistrad: hmm dunno inadyn. it probably compares. but ddclient output for high frequency updates asks you to be polite. and dyndns is a great service so i respect it08:55
tuxlinginxauronandace: no, otherwice08:55
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ActionParsnipbahamas: could install wicd, see if it manages it better for you08:56
bahamasscarleo: i'm already connected right now, and i'd have to restart my computer and then try. i'll do that next time08:56
bahamasActionParsnip: ok, i'll do that08:56
tuxlinginxauronandace: i found alien for armel but it's a deb, i need an RPM version08:57
scarleobahamas, if it doesn't connect, try 'sudo service network-manager restart'08:57
auronandacetuxlinginx: why?08:57
ActionParsnipbahamas: uninstall network manager and reboot to get it all started up08:57
devcalaisHey team. I need a hand, I'd really like a 'widget' on my desktop that tells me my local weather forecast daily - any ideas?08:57
sinistradtenX, I agree. It's a great service. Mine just checks IP, and if it differs, then updates with dyndns. It doesn't hammer dyndns. I wasn't having a problem, I was just letting someone else know that it can update faster.08:57
auronandacetuxlinginx: ubuntu uses deb not rpm08:57
bahamasscarleo: ok. i'll write this down08:57
tuxlinginxauronandace: to dive after osama, isn't it obvious08:57
bahamasActionParsnip: uninstall or restart?08:57
tenXsinistrad: i see just my 2 cents :)08:58
sinistradtenX, :)08:58
tenXsinistrad: static ips over here make inet lines really expensive at low speeds08:59
Stanley00devcalais: you can use screenlet or conkyforecast08:59
tp43asdjaputra, ok, I chmod the files and folders 644/755 like you said, and now I can see the pages, but still it isn't working quite right, the css seems broken08:59
tp43asdjaputra, I guess I have to 644 all those files09:00
ActionParsnipbahamas: uninstall network manager then restart, wicd will load and be sweet09:01
asdjaputratp43, oh and scripts that executes uses 75509:02
Onepamopasomeone that knows chineese here ?09:02
asdjaputraCSS does executes right?09:02
tp43asdjaputra, thanks so much man, you are smart09:02
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:02
tp43asdjaputra, Is there anyway around this, so I don't have to do all this chmod in the future?09:02
asdjaputratp43, unfortunately, no09:03
bahamasActionParsnip: ah, so wicd is a replacement for network-manager09:03
asdjaputratp43, you have to configure it to match the files and folders09:03
tp43asdjaputra, everytime I copy a website over to /var/www I have do a bunch on chmods?09:03
asdjaputratp43, no you won't have to09:03
tp43asdjaputra, what do you mean?09:04
ActionParsnipbahamas: its an alternative09:04
asdjaputratp43, you won't have to chmod it09:04
ActionParsnipbahamas: there is also wifi-radar09:04
asdjaputratp43, by default every files/folders uses 644/755, i think09:04
tp43asdjaputra, like when I copy a website to /var/www from Document folder or anywhere else, I have to do a bunch of chmods right09:05
tp43asdjaputra, like I just had to do09:05
asdjaputratp43, wait a sec09:05
asdjaputratp43, every new file and folder will have 644/755, my theory was correct09:06
asdjaputratp43, you'll only need to copy it to /var/www with sudo09:06
bahamasActionParsnip: ok, i'll look into that as well. thanks09:07
tp43asdjaputra, oh, I should change /var/www to chmod 755 and then every new file will have it correct09:07
tp43asdjaputra, but I have one site that didn't require any chmods for some reason09:07
asdjaputratp43, hmm..09:07
tp43asdjaputra, oooh, you know what, when I create directory inside /var/www then I have to make it chmod 75509:07
asdjaputratp43, yes and by default it is09:08
asdjaputratp43, http://www.dartmouth.edu/~rc/help/faq/permissions.html09:08
tp43asdjaputra, cause the first site I put in /var/www, and then when I added more sites, I made directories and those needed to have chmod done09:08
asdjaputratp43, yes09:09
tp43asdjaputra, the first site was fine by default cause they were created inside the root directory which made them correct chmod setting by default09:09
tp43asdjaputra, ok, thanks so much for your help09:09
asdjaputratp43, and made them belong to www-data by default09:09
asdjaputratp43, may i add you can sudo chown user:group to /var/www09:09
asdjaputraso every file you add by default won't need chmod and won't need sudo to edit09:09
asdjaputrayou need chmod because it's not www-data's09:10
asdjaputraso placing it there will be useless if www-data has no permission to it09:10
asdjaputrayou can add a user special for adding datas to /var/www, under your password09:10
tp43asdjaputra, can you show my the command to chown user:group to /var/www09:11
asdjaputratp43, http://www.alexatnet.com/content/debian-web-server-apache-php-and-mysql09:12
asdjaputratp43, there's a complete server files/folders chmod rules, and how to isolate a user to a specific website09:12
hyperstreamtp43, chown -hR user:group /var/www <-- will apply to everything inside it and the subfolders (recursive)09:12
asdjaputratp43, also there is how to make vhosts09:13
tp43asdjaputra, thanks, is that you in the picture by chance or just a link?09:13
asdjaputralink :)09:13
asdjaputratp43, alexatnet helps me in everything, and btw, just because it's debian, it won't change any commands that'll work with Ubuntu09:13
tp43hyperstream, where user is my username09:13
asdjaputratp43, yes09:13
asdjaputraand group is groupname09:13
asdjaputraif your username and groupname is both tp43 you can add it there09:14
hyperstreamtp43, yeah example: chown -hR hyperstream:hyperstream /home/hyperstream/09:14
tp43my username is tp43 but I don't know my groupname09:14
Stanley00tp43: id command will show you ;)09:17
asdjaputraif it's the first one you made it should be the same09:18
ubottuI have no seen command09:18
asdjaputrahow to send suggestions for ubottu?09:19
asdjaputrai meant for ops that did ubottu?09:19
bazhangasdjaputra, /msg ubottu to use factoids09:20
bazhang!factoid > asdjaputra09:20
ubottuasdjaputra, please see my private message09:20
asdjaputrahmm, thanks bazhang09:21
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liranhello every one09:25
=== dave is now known as Guest21015
=== tum is now known as Guest82026
ActionParsnipasdjaputra: the syntax is:  /msg ubottu !beer is Beer is a tasty beverage09:32
ActionParsnipasdjaputra: for example09:33
asdjaputramy question was how to give suggestions to ops that develop ubottu09:34
asdjaputraand ActionParsnip i don't think the ! will be needed on msg09:35
ActionParsnipasdjaputra: aaah http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots09:35
oCeanasdjaputra: you make a suggestion in private /msg with ubottu, it gets forwarded to the ops channel09:35
asdjaputraActionParsnip, ok thanks, and i remember we can say something random to ubottu and she'll reply with thank you your suggestions <...>09:36
oCeanasdjaputra: they then will consider your suggestion09:36
asdjaputraoCean, what's the command for that09:36
oCeanasdjaputra: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins#Adding_a_factoid09:36
oCeanasdjaputra: but in private /msg with ubottu please09:36
asdjaputraoCean, sure, no flooding here :)09:36
ihbs-2010-001who are you??09:38
asdjaputraoCean, are the factoids going to be local?09:38
ActionParsnipihbs-2010-001: that's a deep question if ever there was one09:38
BashStill can't get my seperate ubuntu drive to show up, right after boot it just sits at a blinking cursor.09:40
ActionParsnipBash: what video chip do you use?09:40
BashPretty certain I've done the grub install right, is it a major problem if a windows partition preceeds the grub drive?09:41
cillo564this is about clementine player: I have recorded music from internet radio, the problem is that when i add the music folder to library and change one of tracks album cover, the all music tracks have same album cove09:41
BashActionParsnip: Oh sorry, meant that grub doesn't initialize.09:41
ActionParsnipBash: if you hold shift at boot do you see grub?09:41
BashActionParsnip: Nope.09:42
BashActionParsnip: It's as if it finds nothing when it tries to boot from ANY drive.09:42
ActionParsnipBash: then boot to liveCD and reinstate grub09:42
BashActionParsnip: I've done that now, tried different settings in which partition to flag for boot etc,09:43
ActionParsnipBash: the boot flag is irrelevant09:43
ActionParsnipBash: grub config is loaded and uses the config there, only windows uses boot flags09:44
BashActionParsnip: I have windows7 on sda, sdc1 is windows (non-boot), sdc2 is ubuntu (with grub) and sdc3 is swap,09:44
BashActionParsnip: I have installed grub onto sdc2, pointed it to boot from sdc09:45
ActionParsnipBash: is the drive which is sdc set as boot drive in BIOS?09:45
BashActionParsnip: Yup. I even tried booting every different drive, all are the same with the empty blinking cursor.09:45
ActionParsnipBash: if you start liveCD booting then select to boot the internal drive, does it boot ok?09:46
ActionParsnipBash: ok, what is the video chip you use?09:46
BashActionParsnip: Nope, it flashes for just a second but just goes away.09:46
BashActionParsnip: ati09:47
Snicksieshouldn't matter in the booting process, should it? :)09:47
=== jasondondi is now known as Guest92276
albechi have this strange thing happening where when i click on locations under 'Places' (Ubuntu 10.10) it tries to open the location in VLC09:47
ActionParsnipBash: tried chrooting and adding boot options to use safe vga etc? May stop the blinking cursor bit09:48
BashI can get into ubuntu on the flash drive no problem, full resolution and working fine, just wont boot.09:48
BashActionParsnip: It's more just a blank stop, it won't think or read the drive or anything09:48
ActionParsnipalbech: run nautilus and right click on a folder select 'open with' then tell it to be opened with nautilus and remember to tell the OS to remember the setting09:48
=== Guest38820 is now known as LjL-Temp
Snicksiehave you tried installing grub into the mbr, Bash ?09:49
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest99043
ActionParsnipalbech: seen it a million times: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=163196109:49
dr_willisalbech:  somehow the file assocation got set to be vlc instead of the 'open folder' item. nit sure fo the best way to fix it. i use ubuntu tweak. but its not supported here09:49
BashSnicksie: I think I did, can I double-check to make sure?09:49
dr_willisi hope they fix that issye in tge next release. or make it easier to fix09:50
BashI mean now if I'm to try it again so I know for sure.09:50
nowhere_manHi all09:50
Snicksieyou said you installed it to sdc2 ? That doesn't seem a mbr, it seems like a pbr ;) Just try sdc instead :)09:50
BashSnicksie: Right, grub is installed on sdc2 but it's pointed to boot at sdc09:51
nowhere_manI have a problem with the panel with Ubuntu on an EeePC09:51
BashAtleast I think that's the way?09:51
albechActionParsnip, dr_willis, thanks both of you09:51
Snicksiei'm not 100% sure, but I only got my ubuntu back bootable by installing grub to sda (so that means in your case sdc :) )09:52
nowhere_manit only disappear when an application is launched, and masks the categories of application ("games", "accessories", etc.)09:52
ActionParsnip!panels | nowhere_man09:52
BashSnicksie: Looks like it's both installed to mbr of sda and sdc09:54
BashCorrect me if I'm wrong, but "looks at sector 1 of the same hard drive", wouldn't that mean it checks sdc1, which is windows?09:55
Dollzhow to install a git ? http://git.videolan.org/?p=ffmpeg.git;a=commit;h=b7b61ff6a31d4ffa1fb9a0ebeb1579d84c01c0b709:57
Snicksiei guess sector 1 is NOT used by windows, Bash ... as far as I can see, windows only starts from sector 1701 and further :)09:57
thoidingjamsendpass thoidingjam09:58
Snicksiethoidingjam, do you mean /nickserv sendpass thoidingjam  ?09:58
sdk__Identify nickserv 12309:58
=== Jens is now known as Guest13236
Snicksie*/msg nickserv sendpass ...09:58
thoidingjamm trying to recover09:58
BashSnicksie: Alright, but grub on mbr sda that shouldn't have any effect on grub on sdc though right?09:59
Snicksieyou should send that in a private message to nickserv09:59
oCeanthoidingjam: use #freenode for support please09:59
sdk__Hi all09:59
Snicksieit might chainload from sda to sdc, but it shouldn't have any effect as far as I know, although my knowledge is limited to :p09:59
thoidingjamit says join a channel, sorry to bother09:59
RedViperI have a Gigabyte: Intel Celeron T3500, 2GB DDR 2. How do I get my web cam working? Is there a specific program?10:00
ActionParsnipRedViper: the cpu and ram are of zero relevance to the webcam10:00
BashSnicksie: I might have to take a look at this tomorrow. Thanks anyway!10:00
ActionParsnipRedViper: if you run: lsusb    what is output? use http://pastie.org to host the text10:00
RedViperActionParsnip: I'm just letting you know the make and everything. :D10:01
ActionParsnipRedViper: if you install cheese do you see yourself?10:01
rigvedDollz: better if you download the patch and use that.10:01
devcalaisSomeone mind having a browse at this pastebin and telling me what I'm doing wrong? trying to compile a .tar10:02
Dollzrigved: i'm downgrading10:02
Dollzrigved: I've a recent version  , but unstable10:02
rigvedDollz: downgrading? how? best if you ask in #videolan10:02
Dollzrigved: nice channel .. thank you10:03
ActionParsnipdevcalais: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc10:03
sdk__Install lua and its header files dude10:03
RedViperActionParsnip: Ok hold on I'm installing it now. I have pasted.10:03
rigvedDollz: you are welcome.10:04
ActionParsnipdevcalais: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:vincent-c/conky; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install conky     gives you 1.8.110:04
devcalaisActionParsnip - natty, 11.04 64bit!10:04
=== david is now known as Guest50138
devcalaisActionParsnip - was my syntax to compiling a .tar file correct, though? Just unlucky on a dependancy?10:05
RedViperActionParsnip: Have you seen the paste?10:05
ActionParsnipdevcalais: the ppa will give the version you want10:05
=== Guest50138 is now known as davef
=== davef is now known as davidf
ActionParsnipRedViper: you need to copy the url the page changed to and paste it here10:06
ActionParsnipdevcalais: no idea, but there is a ppa with a binary of what you need, so why bother10:06
=== davidf is now known as davef444
devcalaisActionParsnip - ... self education, why else!10:07
RedViperActionParsnip: http://pastie.org/2507615     - Sorry forgot :D10:07
sdk__Did you read above.?10:07
sdk__Install Lua headers usually -dev (pkg name) and Lua too10:07
scarleoI'm trying to setup logwatch to ignore "packets to tcp(51413)" I just added that line straight into ignore.conf as it accepts regexp but that doesn't work. Anyone know how I can configure it?10:09
ActionParsnipdevcalais: no idea, that's why I asked!10:10
ActionParsnip!info lua5.110:10
devcalaisAwkward Ubuntu nub question - how do I launch conky, now that I've installed it? It's not appearing under a lense search for 'conky'. Awkward.10:10
ActionParsnipdevcalais: press ALT+F2 and run:  conky10:10
ActionParsnipdevcalais: not really awkward10:11
ActionParsnipRedViper: is it built into the system or is it USB based?10:11
dori922hey! im making a file server for windows clients, what good to get the windows filesystem working with linux file systems? (Clients will be in different companies/locations so Samba isnt suitible cause it wants workgroups) :D10:11
ActionParsnipdevcalais: if you don't see it, run it in a terminal. You may need to copy a .conkyrc from in the OS (or online) to make it run10:11
RedViperActionParsnip: I have a laptop, yes it is built in.10:12
ActionParsnipdori922: install samba and you can share folders10:12
=== sgo11_away is now known as sgo11
ActionParsnipRedViper: is there a switch to turn it off and on?10:12
ActionParsnipRedViper: what is the make and model of the system?10:12
dori922ActionParsnip: samba requires workgroups which makes it unsuitible10:12
=== jussi01_ is now known as jussi
dori922ActionParsnip: my clients wont all be the same workgroup10:13
ActionParsnipdori922: it can work with active directory10:13
ActionParsnipdori922: it can be added to an existing workgroup easily10:13
Dazzledhi I'm trying to format an old partitioned HDD, but it won't allow me to unmount a certain ext3 partition10:13
Dazzledit claims it's still mounted to /10:13
ActionParsnipdevcalais: seems your compile needs lua5.1 installing10:13
Dazzledbut if I try unmount or even sudo umount, it won't unmount10:13
klingelbarthi, I'm using unity. do you know how i can make my system execute a shell script after login?10:14
ActionParsnipDazzled: then its your system partition that you are booted to10:14
dori922ActionParsnip: cleints dont have windows server :(10:14
ActionParsnipdori922: they don't need it, you can create samba passwords and gran access to shares10:14
ActionParsnipdori922: let me pastebin my smb.conf, you can see if its what you want10:14
DazzledActionParsnip, well I connected it when I was running this instance, so that would be odd10:15
Dazzledbut, It is the cloned version of it10:15
GreekFreakhello. Can anybody help me with Synergy+?10:15
Dazzledso perhaps it detects the same UUID or something10:15
ActionParsnipdori922: http://pastie.org/250765910:15
devcalaisActionParsnip: that's just a dependancy based on whatever package I was trying to compile? Nothing wrong with my method of compiling the package at all?10:15
ActionParsnipDazzled: you can make a partition have a different UUID10:15
ActionParsnipdevcalais: looks spot on, just needed to satisfy deps10:16
dori922ActionParsnip: thanks :) the how-to's and tutorials for setting up SAMBA were all saying you needed a specific workgroup for your clients :o10:16
devcalaisActionParsnip: I'm just happy I got the syntax correct ;) avoided the immediate problem. Cheers!10:16
ActionParsnipdori922: see how andy has access to all, but leanne only has access to her own stuff ;)10:16
=== Nicolus is now known as c_nick
dori922ActionParsnip:  i have that down with chroot :p10:16
ActionParsnipdevcalais: np, using PPAs makes life a tonne easier, plus the packages will gel with the existing ones making install / remove as easy as any other package10:17
shai28Hello, I've installed Ubuntu 11.04 on my computer, during the updates (using the update manager) the window of the update manager got stuck so I pressed on the cancel button and now every time I would like to make update I getting this error : E:Unable to parse package file /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/il.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_universe_i18n_Index (1) any idea how to solve this ?10:17
ActionParsnipdori922: is that functionality you need though?10:17
Dazzledklingelbart, add the .sh to "BootApplications"10:17
Dazzledand it'll run as soon as the system runs10:17
DazzledI don't know it's called boot applications, as I have a Dutch version of Ubuntu, but putting Boot in the search window will list a purple icon with a green arrow in it10:17
ActionParsnipshai28: http://pastie.org/250766610:17
executionisthow can i access my file system from the terminal? I cant cd above the home folder10:17
RedViperActionParsnip: No there is no switch, On the computer or on Ubuntu? Gigabyte - E150010:17
ActionParsnipRedViper: is it a tablet?10:18
RedViperActionParsnip: Tablet? By the way - Cheese has installed and it's saying No device found.10:19
klingelbartDazzled: how do i do that?10:19
executionistcant open folders above the home folder in terminal :/10:20
Dazzledklingelbart, click on the Ubuntu logo on the top left10:20
Dazzledshould bring up a humungeous search bar10:20
klingelbartDazzled: i know^^ but if i type in boot, nothing appears10:20
ActionParsnipexecutionist: are the folders owned by it's respected owner?10:20
dori922ActionParsnip: yeah :) i have everything so i just needed windows interoperability for different users!10:21
executionistnope, its the filesystem10:21
executionistits not that I cant, i dont know how to10:21
ActionParsnipdori922: yeah thats cool, you can add users with:  sudo smbpasswd -a name10:22
ActionParsnipexecutionist: cd foldername10:22
ActionParsnipRedViper: are there any bugs reported?10:22
dori922ActionParsnip: and workgroups is ignorable?10:22
ActionParsnipRedViper: have you contacted Gigabyte?10:22
Dazzledklingelbart, perhaps it's called Sessions?10:22
ActionParsnipdori922: I've only ever used 1 workgroup tbh10:22
RedViperActionParsnip: No, why?10:23
ActionParsnipRedViper: may have already been reported and be a known bug10:23
klingelbartDazzled: i want a script to be executed after login, not while booting10:23
sdk__There used to be ubottu the bot aaround here ye?10:23
ActionParsnipdori922: as long as the user can log in when challenged, it will get access10:23
ikoniasdk__: it's still here10:23
executionistActionParsnip, I want to open /media/new volume/program files. I cannot go outside /home from the terminal10:23
ikoniasdk__: just not online at this moment10:23
sdk__Ikonia oh hai10:23
executionistcd just takes me to /home10:24
sdk__Ahhh ok :)10:24
dori922ActionParsnip: oo key :D the "   workgroup = WORKGROUP" in the tutorials kept tripping me10:24
ActionParsnipexecutionist: sure you can. Just run:  cd /media/new\ volume/program\ files10:24
RenaKunisakicd '/media/new volume/program files'10:24
ActionParsnipexecutionist: use TAB to complete the file names, make sure CASE is exact, linux is VERY case sensitive. So if it is Program\ Files   it is different to program\ files10:25
executionistk, lemme try that10:25
RedViperActionParsnip: No, there are no bugs, it wont work, nomatter what I do. Is there something in system I can do?10:25
ActionParsnipexecutionist: could use:  cd /media; ls   and go from there10:25
jigalhello when i do ~$ sudo ssh -T git@github.com10:25
jigali get a popup for a password but dont know which password to add10:25
jigalany idea's?10:25
ikoniajigal: shy are you using sudo to ssh ?10:26
Dazzledklingelbart, I know what you mean, my script runs after I log in10:26
Dazzledit even waits until there's an internet connection10:26
ActionParsnipRedViper: make sure it is enabled. could reboot and run:  dmesg | less    see if its detected. Ggabyte may have some proprietary garbage which needs a driver to work and get access to the cam10:26
klingelbartDazzled, hmmmm10:26
Dazzledklingelbart, Startup Applications10:27
jigalikonia, without the sudo i get the same popup10:27
LanglyHello unknown sample10:27
ikoniajigal: yes, that's correct, without sudo it's the password for the user "git" at the remote server10:27
ikoniajigal: there is no reason so use "sudo" to run the ssh command10:27
RedViperActionParsnip: Why do I need to reboot? I can't really do that now. Can't I just run dmesg ?10:27
DazzledI googled the translation, so I guess that could be it10:28
klingelbartDazzled. ok got it. it's called litte different, cause i have got the german version10:28
Dazzled:) Lost in translation10:28
shai28ActionParsnip: now when I doing update I getting the next errors - W: Failed to fetch http://il.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/natty/restricted/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found , W: Failed to fetch http://il.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/natty/multiverse/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found etc..10:28
bambanxguys how can i do a image of my system of all my system ?10:28
prc33any reason why a standard 10.04.3 server install would fail to get an IP via DHCP? (networking works if I give a static IP with ipconfig))10:28
klingelbartdazzled, no click on "add?"10:28
Dazzledadd, and then browse to your .sh file10:29
sdk__Jigal its the password you used to encrypt your SSH private key. Must have encrypted at some point in the past :)10:29
ActionParsnipshai28: try changing server to the main server, or an alternate server10:29
DazzledName and Comment you can choose whatever, the Path should point to your sh file10:30
klingelbartDazzled, ok, got it. now ill test it...10:30
ActionParsnipRedViper: sure, reboot just reduces the messages. Just read down until about no ipv6 available. Do you see anything mentioning the webcam?10:30
ActionParsnipbambanx: dd or partimage are 2 options10:30
duk0vvhi everyone, i recently bought an usb pendrive that i suspect being fake,  i see that on windows there are some utilities that let you (at least) sort it out, is there any of those on Linux? (possibly off repo but it's not a problem if not)10:31
sdk__!tell sdk_ about metapackage10:31
ActionParsnipduk0vv: what do the utilities do?10:31
RedViperActionParsnip: No, should I paste it? Maybe I'm missing it.10:32
ssk_the_gr8how do i find out speed of my ram?10:32
duk0vvActionParsnip: apparently (this is just a guess ) they fill the usb key with data and then see if it gets corrupt, as the output says "XX GB are available XX are junk"10:32
Sidewinder1I don't think ubottu is "on board", this morning...10:33
sdk__Is it sick? cough cough10:33
ssk_the_gr8somebody please help me ? :(10:34
sdk__Ye probably called in sicky10:34
ActionParsnipRedViper: if you don't see it then the OS isn't seeing it10:34
Sidewinder1Stuck, I think.10:34
ActionParsnipor asleep10:34
Dazzledssk_the_gr8, tried lshw yet?10:35
sdk__Ask away if someone knows will tell you :)10:35
Sidewinder1Or perhaps, taking the day off.10:35
RedViperActionParsnip: Great, what now?10:35
diverdudepackage name was php5-xdebug10:35
ActionParsnipRedViper: all i can suggest is report a bug10:36
jigalsdk__, i generated a new key and now i get permission denied10:37
ActionParsnipRedViper: do gigabyte make linux drvers for the webcam?10:37
RedViperActionParsnip: The thing is it's not showing up. The other thing is how do you know it's a bug, for all we know it might be me. :D10:37
ActionParsnipdiverdude: what is your question?10:38
ActionParsnipRedViper: if its not in dmesg then its not pickuing up. Its also not showing in lsusb10:38
ssk_the_gr8Dazzled: yes10:38
ssk_the_gr8dont get the ram speed10:38
sdk__Jigal you need your pub key in the remote host10:39
ssk_the_gr8only size and width10:39
sdk__Anyone here got good.link on great sssds? :)10:39
ikoniasdk__: that's not an ubuntu topic, as you know10:40
ActionParsnipsdk__: what is an sssds?10:40
Dazzledssk_the_gr8, I see here clock: 1333MHz (0.8ns)10:40
Dazzledssk_the_gr8, I did "sudo lshw > mysystem.txt" and then open it and look for "bank"10:40
sdk__Solid state drives10:40
ActionParsnipsdk__: then ask in ##hardware10:41
sdk__Ikonia ahh10:41
duk0vvhi everyone, i recently bought an usb pendrive that i suspect being fake,  i see that on windows there are some utilities that let you (at least) sort it out, is there any of those available on Linux? (possibly off repo but it's not a problem if not)10:41
ActionParsnipduk0vv: you can wipe it with gparted if that is what you mean10:41
sdk__Actionparsnip ahh10:42
ssk_the_gr8Dazzled: under bank:0 i have description, slot, size,width,physical id... thats it  no clock10:42
duk0vvActionParsnip: I'd like to know if the X GB advertised are really available or its just a 128mb key claiming to be a "big boy"10:42
scarleo Hi, phpmyadmin is not taking my blowfish secret, it warns me even though I entered one in config.inc.php. What is the solution?10:42
ActionParsnipduk0vv: insert the device, wait 10 seconds then run:  sudo fdisk -l10:43
sdk__All righty. Later folks. Feel trollish so off I go10:44
trmbon1i need some help with my window frames10:44
Dazzledssk_the_gr8, "cat /proc/meminfo"10:44
duk0vvActionParsnip: just sudo fdisk -l ? it gave me no output10:45
Dazzledssk_the_gr8, nm, doesn't list clock10:45
trmbon1can anybody help me my window frames have disappeared and i cant figure out how to get them back10:45
ActionParsnipduk0vv: the -l is a lowercase -L10:45
RedViperActionParsnip: So you don't have any other suggestions?10:46
duk0vvActionParsnip: yup, i wrote L10:46
ssk_the_gr8Dazzled: so many values... all in KB....10:46
oCeanssk_the_gr8: in sudo lshw -C memory, there's also the clock specification10:46
ActionParsnipRedViper: none, other than report a bug10:46
ssk_the_gr8oCean: it's not there.. do u want me to paste the output?10:46
oCeanssk_the_gr8: no need, I have it's output from many systems.10:47
Dazzledssk_the_gr8, sudo dmidecode --type 1710:47
Dazzledthis lists speed10:47
RedViperActionParsnip: Ok thanks allot for the help. I will get onto reporting a bug. Thanks again :D10:47
oCeanssk_the_gr8: for example: http://paste.ubuntu.com/685871/10:47
duk0vvActionParsnip: also, isn't it supposed to give me the same info disk utility (gui) would?10:48
ssk_the_gr8oCean: http://paste.ubuntu.com/685872/10:48
ssk_the_gr8here you go check it out10:48
ActionParsnipduk0vv: did you get an output this time?10:48
oCeanssk_the_gr8: did you run it sudo?10:48
oCeanssk_the_gr8: never seen this before10:49
ssk_the_gr8i  ran sudo su at the start10:49
duk0vvActionParsnip: actually, i forgot sudo the L was written correctly i thought i had admin already, my bad10:49
oCeanssk_the_gr8: never do that, to start a root shell (if you ever need one) do  sudo -i10:49
=== Guest99043 is now known as LjL-Temp
ssk_the_gr8Dazzled: dmidecode .... does not work too says Speed unknown10:49
duk0vvActionParsnip: but isn't this same output diskutility would give me?10:49
ssk_the_gr8oCean: reasons?10:49
MonkeyDusti never dare to advise sudo -i10:50
ActionParsnipduk0vv: i guess, gparted should also show you10:50
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest55856
duk0vvActionParsnip: the problem is that if it's fake it's probably using some patched firmware that shows it's a X (the amount you paid) GB stick, if you put more data into it it gets corrupt10:50
duk0vvActionParsnip: besides any program or stuff like that, wouldnt putting files into the stick and then comparing checksums do the trick?10:51
ActionParsnipduk0vv: could format it in gparted if there is noting on there you need10:51
duk0vvActionParsnip: no nothing i need, I'll format and report back, does it have to be gparted or diskutility is going to be fine? (don't want to sound lazy but i dont have gparted installed on this machine)10:52
ambro718Which Ubuntu versions use Upstart? Does the current development version (oneiric) use Upstart or Systemd (or is there a compatibility layer - can I ship Upstart scripts in oneiric)?10:52
ActionParsnipduk0vv: whatever can delete the partition and then make a new one. If you are going to share between windows and linux, use ntfs, otherwise use ext2 :)10:53
Stanley00ambro718: I dont know, but natty use upstart, I think10:53
ssk_the_gr8Dazzled: what now?10:53
ssk_the_gr8oCean: any other suggestions?10:53
nlkohow can i tell what distro version is from the console?10:53
rigvednlko: lsb_release -sc10:54
nlkoah, lucid, thats not the latest is it?10:54
Dazzledssk_the_gr8, that's really odd, are you sure you're in sudo mode when executing said command?10:54
ssk_the_gr8a # appears when you're in sudo mode, right?10:55
ssk_the_gr8nlko: but it's the most stable, i'm using it10:55
rigvednlko: that's the latest LTS. if you want the latest, then that is natty (11.04). oneiric (11.10) will release on oct 13.10:55
Dazzledssk_the_gr8, close all terminals, open a new one, and enter "sudo dmidecode --type 17"10:55
Dazzledit'll prompt for a password10:55
rigvednlko: lucid is stable, as ssk_the_gr8 pointed out.10:56
nlkoah ok, so no rush in moving from lucid then?10:56
duk0vvActionParsnip: ok done, it states its a 7,5 gb usb key (its sold as 8 GB but i guess that it may be legit if it was 7,5 rounded to 8 because of the decimal?) but according to some (non reliable sources) patched firmwares may spoof such results, would copying stuff into the pendrive , copying back and checking its checksum defeat any of my paranoias?10:56
ActionParsnipduk0vv: that's about right10:56
ssk_the_gr8dmidecode: unrecognized option '--type17'10:56
nlkoi just noticed 11.04 was out and wondered why apt-get upgrade didnt get it10:57
ActionParsnipduk0vv: probably due to decimal/binary stuff. I wouldn't sweat it10:57
ssk_the_gr8Dazzled: http://paste.ubuntu.com/685879/10:58
ssk_the_gr8output, check it out10:58
duk0vvActionParsnip: thank you very much for all your answers, i appreciate, AT LEAST i can sleep tight tonight (the main concern was permanently infected usb to be honest, not smaller sized lol)10:58
ActionParsnipduk0vv: oh absolutely :)10:59
duk0vvActionParsnip: what absolutely? :P11:00
Dazzledssk_the_gr8, no idea then, guess your system can't read it, or perhaps it's damaged11:00
ssk_the_gr8Dazzled: is it damaged?11:00
ssk_the_gr8i got it from my friend11:00
Dazzledyou could try swapping it into another socket or machine11:00
Kartagiscan I chroot only users under /home ?11:01
Dazzledin case it's the mobo that can't read it11:01
ssk_the_gr8the computer seems to be working fine11:01
ActionParsnipduk0vv: about the main concern11:01
Dazzledssk_the_gr8, what brand is it?11:01
petriborgI've got a dell poweredge 1950 server w/ raid 1 (via perc controller) and after install of 10.04r3, it never boots properly. The error it gives me is "Gave up waiting for root device." "ALERT! /dev/mapper/myboxname-root does not exist." there are lots of threads on this issue, but not a lot of clear solutions - does anyone have any ideas?11:01
Dazzledssk_the_gr8, normally it's printed on the RAM11:02
duk0vvActionParsnip: it's unlikely, but possible, and although it would be a minor concern on linux those usb keys may be used on Windows Pc's and I'd like to be a good  neighbour (not my windows pc's as i dont have any)11:02
RedVipersudo shutdown -h 13:00  - This code allows me to shutdown my computer, how do I cancel it, in the terminal?11:02
ssk_the_gr8Dazzled: right now the memory module is in slot 0 , the other slot is empty, will it be ok if i move the module to slot 1 and keep slot 0 empty?11:02
ssk_the_gr8Dazzled: it had a sticker on it...  it was..... Kingston11:03
=== jasondondi is now known as Guest52221
Dazzledssk_the_gr8, I don't know for sure if leaving slot 0 empty would cause errors11:03
ssk_the_gr8Dazzled: i have the same doubts11:04
Dazzlednot a second unit around which you could temporarily upgrade with said stick of RAM?11:04
squigis there a way to tell what packages I have installed?11:04
jribsquig: use your favorite package manager11:04
ssk_the_gr8i have my old ram sticks.....11:04
ssk_the_gr8what do you want me to do?11:04
DazzledMy idea was to put the unreadable ram sticks into another machine, and see if they can be read there11:05
squigjrib, how would I use apt and get a textual list?11:05
natarajani'm new user in ubuntu11:05
jribsquig: dpkg -l | grep '^ii'11:05
natarajani need help ?11:05
Dazzledif yes, it's the mobo of the first system, if no as well, it's the ram11:05
Tindo01can someone tell me how i can turn off dash?11:05
flipcoderhey my friend is getting a "sector read error" when he tries to install ubuntu from a usb flash drive made with unetbootin, any ideas?11:05
ssk_the_gr8Dazzled: hmmm.. i'll have to look for a ddr2 machine then11:05
Dazzledand Kingston is a fairly well known brand, so it would baffle me if it wouldn't be detected11:06
squigjrib, thanking you. (I have about 50 computers which should all be identical, on some of them flash works and on some it doesnt)11:06
Sidewinder1!ask | natarajan11:06
ubottunatarajan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:06
natarajanI need to take a backup to my phone11:06
ssk_the_gr8natarajan: which phone?11:06
Tindo01how do i use the old desktop for ubuntu 11.04?11:06
auronandace!classic | Tindo0111:07
ubottuTindo01: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".11:07
natarajancontacts & Sms in phone memory11:07
Dazzledssk_the_gr8, how about you put an old ram stick into slot 0, and the new one in 111:07
Dazzledand then try some of the earlier commands again11:07
Tindo01thank you11:07
natarajanssk_the_gr8: HTC Wiled fire11:07
ssk_the_gr8Dazzled: i was thinking the same thing... i'll give both your  ideas a try... later11:07
auronandaceTindo01: bear in mind from 11.10 onwards there will be no more gnome2 (so you may want to try xfce)11:07
natarajanandriod os11:07
ssk_the_gr8auronandace: is xfce like gnome 2?11:08
auronandacessk_the_gr8: i find it better, but that is a matter of personal taste11:08
Dazzledssk_the_gr8, Ubuntu CD's come with memtest+ preinstalled, but I don't know what information it provides11:08
RedViperThis code allows me to shutdown my computer, how do I cancel it, in the terminal? sudo shutdown -h 13:0011:09
familyhow you can halp ??11:09
executionist_just installed ubuntu, all my videos play with a blue tint11:09
natarajanssk_the_gr8: pls help11:10
jribRedViper: tried searching « man shutdown » for "cancel"?  You can search man pages by typing: /cancel<enter>, then pressing 'n' and 'N' to go to next and previous hits11:10
ssk_the_gr8auronandace: even i'm looking for a unity alternative for oneric, so i was asking11:10
ActionParsnipexecutionist_: http://www.wiredrevolution.com/ubuntu/fix-blue-tinted-video-in-ubuntu11:10
ssk_the_gr8natarajan: dont know abt droids11:10
flipcoderhey my friend is getting a "sector read error" when he tries to install ubuntu from a usb flash drive made with unetbootin, any ideas?11:10
DazzledI _had_ gnome, but it started to misbehave11:10
Dazzledso now I'm a forced Unity user :(11:10
natarajanssk_the_gr8: my phone is HTC wildfire11:11
Dazzledalthough with decent HW, it does run okay, it's just all too hidden11:11
ssk_the_gr8Dazzled: i shifted back to lucid, because of that11:11
auronandacessk_the_gr8: try out different desktop environments (gnom3 unity kde xfce lxde enlightenment) see what you like11:11
RedViperThis code allows me to shutdown my computer, how do I cancel it, in the terminal? sudo shutdown -h 13:00?????11:11
executionist_ty ActionParsnip11:11
Dazzledand Gnome3 seems to be realizing features nobody asked for :(11:11
ssk_the_gr8auronandace: just been 5 months with linux.... seems risky :|11:12
jigalcan someone help me with my problem http://pastebin.com/h5wANHu711:12
Sidewinder1RedViper, Did you try what jrib suggested?11:12
auronandacessk_the_gr8: you'll get the hang of it, try them in virtualbox vms11:12
ssk_the_gr8Dazzled: you're in the same boat :) , time to look for a new DE11:12
ActionParsnipexecutionist_: simple websearch dude11:13
ssk_the_gr8auronandace: virtualbox... never used it... can u link me to a good tutorial.. ?11:13
Dazzledssk_the_gr8, I wish there was something easily customisable11:13
ActionParsnipDazzled: kde is easily changed. LXDE is great imho :)11:13
ssk_the_gr8Dazzled: have you tried, lxded, xfce ..... all DE's ?11:13
ActionParsnip!vbnox | ssk_the_gr811:13
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox11:13
ssk_the_gr8ActionParsnip: thanx11:14
DazzledI haven't been shopping around, as I'm wary of breaking my stuff :)11:14
DazzledI have a tendency to get my Linux broken whenever I set out to change a simple thing11:15
DazzledI've learned a lot, though :p11:15
ssk_the_gr8same here, learned a lot tough11:15
Dazzledwell, Ithe XDE looks nice IMO11:16
RedViperThis code allows me to shutdown my computer, how do I cancel it, in the terminal? sudo shutdown -h 13:0011:16
maxagazwhat should I use to configure my touchpad ?11:16
maxagaz(on gnome)11:16
nnullDazzled, Would you break your leg so you could learn how to use crutches? ;)11:17
Dazzlednnull, well that's a nice way of putting it11:17
executionist_is it possible to run an application with wine if it is not installed using wine but sitting in your windows program files?11:18
DazzledI managed to have to switch graphics drivers after I switched my HDD to a new laptop11:18
Dazzledall glory to netroot11:18
nnullDazzled, puts a different perspective on it doesnt it hehe11:18
Sidewinder1executionist_, I don't think so, but I don't usually use wine.11:18
ssk_the_gr8do i need to check if my cpu has vt?11:19
Dazzledwell yeah, I'm not afraid to jump in :p although landing is still off most of the time :p11:19
ActionParsnipnnull: its the same method i used to learn linux. many breaks and many reinstalls11:19
Dazzledis there something like RainMeter for Ubuntu desktops?11:19
ActionParsnipssk_the_gr8: if you want a 64bit guest, then yes. most times a 32bit guest is fine11:19
Dazzledand not with the gadgets and all that, or cacaphonic combinations of screaming colors11:19
th0rDazzled: gkrellm ?11:20
ActionParsnipDazzled: what does rainmeter do?11:20
executionist_ActionParsnip, how long is the learning curve for linux?11:20
nnullActionParsnip, Indeed, im not disagreeing with it.11:20
Dazzledrainmeter is a Windows customisation tool11:20
ActionParsnipexecutionist_: its never ending, just like any OS11:20
ssk_the_gr8if i install windows xp in virtual box will cpuz be able to detect my ram?11:20
ActionParsnipDazzled: you can customize linux to the hills11:20
tp43How can I test if my system has a working mail system that will be able to run a form-to-mail script php page11:20
executionist_ActionParsnip, but by when do you think I will stop coming to irc for every little thing11:20
ActionParsnipssk_the_gr8: it will use as much ram as you assign in the vm settings11:21
ActionParsnipexecutionist_: depends on teh11:21
ssk_the_gr8ActionParsnip: will it detect the ram clock speed etc?11:21
ActionParsnipthe individual, a few months should be fine. make sure you use the web before asking in here and you will earn11:21
jribRedViper: why do you keep repeating your question and ignoring replies?11:22
ActionParsnipssk_the_gr8: should pickup whatever the host tells it, using windows tools to test ram in any way is a poor test11:22
ssk_the_gr8ActionParsnip: linux tools are not working that is why i'm looking at this solution11:22
ActionParsnipssk_the_gr8: if you want to see your ram speed then run memtest from grub11:23
flipcoderhey guys how do you deal with a "sector read error" when trying to install11:23
Sidewinder1executionist_, Please read and search: http://ubuntuforums.org/   That's how I learned.11:23
ActionParsnipflipcoder: i'd grab the ultimate boot cd and check the drive with manufacturers tool11:24
ssk_the_gr8ActionParsnip: memtest , how long does it take?11:24
ActionParsnipssk_the_gr8: how much ram do you have?11:24
Sidewinder1executionist_, Another great link, if you're just getting started is: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/index.php11:24
flipcoderthanks, will try that11:24
executionist_will check them, not great with reading though11:25
AFDI'm having trouble connecting a VPN client to the VPN server. The server is working ok for other clients. Can someone help me troubleshoot11:25
ssk_the_gr8ActionParsnip: 2gb11:25
ActionParsnipssk_the_gr8: not too long then11:26
Dazzledmemtest can be interupted I believe, but it won't give you much information then, it does some different "marches" to test its sectors11:26
ssk_the_gr8ActionParsnip: still an approximate time ?11:27
ssk_the_gr8i've heard it takes hours11:27
Dazzleddepends on what you need, if you want to be sure it's free of faults, it will have to test all of it11:28
Dazzledif you only need the speed11:28
Dazzledperhaps it'll be visible immedeatly11:28
Sidewinder1ssk_the_gr8, I don't think memtest stops, until you stop it; an hour or two should be enough to discover any problems.11:28
ActionParsnipssk_the_gr8: i don't know. there may be estimates online. You can stop it part way but it will give the latencies of the ram etc11:28
executionist_can someone recommend a good packet sniffer and port scanner?11:29
ActionParsnipexecutionist_: nmap11:29
yuwonohi all11:29
ActionParsnipexecutionist_: wireshark11:29
yuwonocan help me please11:29
Dazzledexecutionist_, BackTrack?11:29
crshbndcthowdy folks11:30
executionist_wireshark is for linux too?11:30
Sidewinder1executionist_, Or zenmap if you prefer gui of nmap.11:30
ActionParsnipDazzled: thats a distro, not a packet sniffer or port scanner11:30
yuwonoi need a program for DWF file11:30
ActionParsnip!info wireshark11:30
executionist_yeah a gui is better for me at this stage11:30
ubottuwireshark (source: wireshark): network traffic analyzer - GTK+ version. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.6-1 (natty), package size 736 kB, installed size 1916 kB11:30
DazzledActionParsnip, Ah I see11:30
DazzledI remember it containing all of those things though :p11:30
Dazzledbut it's not what he asked :)11:31
ActionParsnipexecutionist_: wireshark was on Linux first11:31
ActionParsnip!find nmap11:31
ubottuFound: nmap, libnmap-parser-perl, nmapsi4, python-nmap, zenmap11:31
Dazzledwireshark on windows = not capturing localhost11:31
crshbndct2 questions: how do i check my fps in a wine game in ubuntu?11:31
Dazzledwireshark on linux, it just works11:31
executionist_i see, didnt know that. I thought it was a windows software11:32
ActionParsnipcrshbndct: is there an option in winecfg11:32
crshbndctand how should i partition my drive, now that i have decided to boot windows out of the picture altogether11:32
ActionParsnipexecutionist_: it is, it was simply ported11:32
crshbndctActionParsnip, thanks.. i will have a look for that11:32
ActionParsnipcrshbndct: if not then see if your app has a switch to show fps11:33
ActionParsnipcrshbndct: or ask in #winehq11:33
EidelDoes anyone know how to include mounted network locations in save dialogs? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/60061325/2010-12-03-193539_1360x768_scrot.png11:34
Eidelwithout using stuff like sshfs11:34
Sidewinder1crshbndct, Do you want to dual boot or delete windows altogether?11:34
ActionParsnipEidel: I always run:  ln -s ~/.gvfs ~/Mounts11:35
ActionParsnipEidel: then drag ~/Mounts in nautilus to the left panel11:35
crshbndctdelete windows altogether. i finally got fallout 3 working perfect in ubuntu, and that was the only reason i still had windows11:35
EidelActionParsnip: Cool. Will try!11:36
executionist_apps from the ubuntu software center always slow to download?11:36
Sidewinder1crshbndct, ext4 would be the normal filesystem; also ext3, but it's older.11:36
EidelActionParsnip: Yay. Thanks alot11:36
doubiGreetings all. I know how to set the Title of an individual tab in gnome-terminal, so that when that tab is selected the Window takes on that title. It would be nice not to have to name each of my tabs though. Is there a way to set the name of a gnome-terminal Window, irrespective of the names of the terminal tabs?11:37
ActionParsnipexecutionist_: try a different server. May help. I always use apt-fast in cli. I find software-centre too slow11:37
crshbndcti was more wondering which partition sizes i should go for.. its a 500gb drive11:37
crshbndctand i was thinking /-64gb /home-the rest of the drive.11:37
crshbndctbut then i read that you should have a /var partition too11:38
executionist_could take a while to find the optimal server. the default is too slow11:38
th0rcrshbndct: you probably won't need more than 20GB for / ... if you have more than 2GB ram and don't intend to suspend to disk you can skip swap11:38
executionist_btw I didnt see there were multiple servers :D11:39
Sidewinder1crshbndct, Never heard of a separate /var.11:39
ActionParsnipexecutionist_: worth it in the long run11:39
crshbndcti have 8gb ram and i dont have swap atm11:40
th0rcrshbndct: I would set 20GB for / and put the rest in /home. I set aside 20GB and am only using about half that.11:41
zykotick9crshbndct, i wouldn't both trying to separate /var or /usr (unless you're installing a server), more trouble then it is worth on a desktop.  I also wouldn't recommend you forgo swap entirely, just create a small one.11:41
zykotick9s/forgo/NOT forgo/11:42
crshbndctyeah i currently have the LAST 4gb of my drive as swap. it never gets used except when VLC has a brainfart11:42
executionist_you can set aside space for /home too?11:42
suman_hey hi when ever i connect my iphone to the computer it says unable to mount iphone..  unhandled lockdown error (-4)11:43
suman_any help11:43
Sidewinder1executionist_, Yes.11:43
crshbndcti will probably have a 40gb for /, as flightgear with the entire world worth of landscape files is 18gb, and it install into /bin/share/blah/blah11:43
ActionParsnipexecutionist_: sure, a seperate /home partition makes backup easier and reinstalling easy too, you just tell the installer to not format the partition and mount it as /home and your settings will stand11:43
ActionParsnipcrshbndct: woah, thats a lot11:44
executionist_right now I put some 300 for / and 10 for swap11:44
suman_can i get some help please11:44
th0rcrshbndct: I have flightgear installed, but not the world <smile>. with 500GB you can afford to be generous11:44
executionist_is that the wrong way?11:44
Dazzledvlc brainfarts a lot lately11:44
squigsuman_, ask away11:45
Dazzledto the point I'm looking for diapers11:45
suman_hey hi when ever i connect my iphone to the computer it says unable to mount iphone..  unhandled lockdown error (-4) ...any help11:45
th0rDazzled: I went back to an earlier version of vlc...seems the latest 'improvements' leave something to be desired11:45
squigsuman_, what do you want to happen?11:45
suman_i just want to copy some of the photos from my iphone to the computer11:46
suman_but when ever i try to connect my iphone to the computer .. it pops up the message11:46
executionist_get an android dude11:46
squigsuman_, there is a deamon that runs on your computer that runs when you plug your iphone in and it appears to be broke11:46
squigexecutionist_, my android phone is great, apart from when it turns it self off11:46
suman_any suggestion on how to fix it11:47
ActionParsnipDazzled: which version?11:47
executionist_squig,  make and model? why would it turn off?11:47
ActionParsnipDazzled: of vlc, that is11:47
squigexecutionist_, i guess because its buggy, is a zte blade running cm7.0.311:47
zykotick9squig, it's a daemon not a deamon ;)11:47
executionist_squig,  maybe try the stock rom11:48
crshbndctth0r i know. i went on an ftp spree one weekend and d/l'd the whole lot11:48
squigexecutionist_, aah its not much use at all with the stock orange rom11:49
executionist_squig, lol is it still on 1.6?11:49
squigexecutionist_, its a strange orange thing, I acquired the phone to see how android was vs iphone11:50
executionist_squig,  and what was the verdict11:50
squigoh completely confused, where do flash updates come from for chromium11:50
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squigandroid is cheaper and interesting but my iphone 4 was loverly11:50
cricket42how to check what motherboard i have from linux?11:50
Dazzledsorry, was distracted for a moment11:51
DazzledThe Luggage IIRC11:51
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest57134
ActionParsnipsquig: if you have flashplugin-nonfree then it will use that11:51
SHADOW_LIONHEARTbuongiorno a tutti11:52
Sidewinder1cricket42, I'm just guessing, but have you tried sudo lshdw?11:52
ActionParsnipcricket42: sudo dmidecode --type baseboard11:52
Sidewinder1!it > SHADOW_LIONHEART11:53
ubottuSHADOW_LIONHEART, please see my private message11:53
squigActionParsnip, i do and im quite confused chromium is showing version 9.0.999 apt is showing  flashplugin-nonfree                  
DazzledActionParsnip, 1.1.9 The Luggage11:54
ActionParsnipsquig: then it will use that package, there is a flash 11 rc if you want from omgubuntu just remove the flashplugin-nonfree and flashplugin-installer package and copy the .so to /usr/lib/chromium-browser/plugin   There may be a deb too11:54
ActionParsnipDazzled: and the output of: lsb_release -sc11:55
squigActionParsnip, i am happy with I dont get where 9.0.9999 is coming from11:55
DazzledActionParsnip, natty11:55
executionist_chromium better then firefox?11:56
ActionParsnipDazzled: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:chimerarevo/vlc/ubuntu; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade       will give 1.1.1111:56
ActionParsnipexecutionist_: there is no better, or best.11:56
ActionParsnipexecutionist_: some like chromium, some hate it and like firefox11:56
ssk_the_gr8intalling extension pack on virtualbox i get an error11:56
ssk_the_gr8NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)11:56
DazzledActionParsnip, thanks, trying that now11:57
ssk_the_gr8i'm trying to install the usb extension pack11:57
ssk_the_gr8waht is the fix?11:57
squigi love chrome/ium except with google services where it is much slower (go figure)11:57
bjarniHi all.  How do I upgrade python on my Ubuntu 9.10 (64 bit).  The version installed is 2.6.4.  Seems to be the latest supported on this ubuntu version.  I read somewhere python2.7 doesn't work, but what about 2.6.7 for instance?11:57
ActionParsnipbjarni: Karmic is no longer supported here or anywhere else11:57
squigis there a way to see what package provides a file?11:57
ActionParsnipsquig: dpkg -S filename11:58
crkingwhat package should i install . to make file-roller enable to unarchive the fole.r01 fole.r02 fole.r03 ...... fole.r0n11:58
cricket42did it..thanks11:58
ActionParsnipcricket42: unp rar unrar p7zip-full p7zip-rar11:59
bjarniYes ActionParsnip.  That's among the reasons I was asking this morning about how to upgrade to the latest version.  I have 9.10, 64 bit.   There are instructions on the ubuntu site that i'll have to upgrade incrementally.  Is that the way to go - and can I upgrade to 32 bit?12:00
crkinghjsplit ARCHIVE TYPE in linux?? what is the package? for file roller12:01
squigdpkg -S  /var/lib/flashplugin-installer/npwrapper.libflashplayer.so12:01
squigdpkg: /var/lib/flashplugin-installer/npwrapper.libflashplayer.so not found.12:01
squighowcan that be?12:01
ActionParsnipsquig: dpkg -S libflashplayer.so12:02
ActionParsnipsquig: is your OS 64bit?12:03
squigdpkg: *libflashplayer.so* not found.12:03
squigyes im 64 bit12:03
ActionParsnipsquig: can you give a pastebin of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep "flash|gnash|swf"   and I can advise (get you 64bit flash instead of stupid nspluginwrapper + 32bit flash)12:04
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Faustus2how does one get italic in gnome-terminal (vim)?12:05
ActionParsnipbjarni: you will need a reinstall if you want to change arch (64bit to 32bit)12:05
Stanley00crking: rar unrar p7zip-full p7zip-rar will help12:05
ActionParsnipcricket42: also install unp :)12:05
crkingStanley00:  what exactly for split archive ?12:06
bjarniActionParsnip: Will my home directory stay intact?12:06
Stanley00crking: I think unrar will know what to do with r01 file :D12:06
Sidewinder1bjarni, You should back-up yout /home.12:07
ActionParsnipcricket42: split archives can be used by many compression tools, the commands they give will handle it. you don't have a different rar manager in windows for split rar files do you? It's the same app12:07
Sidewinder1your, even.12:07
bjarniok.  Just one more question.  Is the 32 or 64 bit better?12:07
ActionParsnipbjarni: if you have /home on a seperate partition then yes. Your backups can easily be used if you don't12:07
squigActionParsnip, driving me crazy, 2 computers which should be the same flash works on one and not on the other12:07
squigDistributor ID:Ubuntu12:07
squigDescription:Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS12:07
FloodBot1squig: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:07
ActionParsnipbjarni: there is no single answer to that12:07
squigoops sorry paste12:07
ActionParsnipsquig: Use a pastebin as I CLEARLY asked12:08
ActionParsnipthanks :)_12:08
bjarniok ActionParsnip, Sidewinder1, thanks :-)12:08
squigActionParsnip, tried to cut and paste failed http://pastebin.com/k26sKDmW12:08
ActionParsnipsquig: np man12:08
squigwas trying to paste the pastebin address12:08
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wielkiszuhi :)12:10
ActionParsnipsquig: http://pastie.org/250805612:10
ActionParsnipsquig: will also install the 11.0.1 rc :)12:11
rieshello! Is there a command to view the license info of a package ?12:11
markithi, I've insalled 11.04 on a laptop of a friend of mine. Today he tells me (and I've seen that is true) he turns the laptop on and only a blinking cursor on the top left apperars, if then he presses "power off" the laptopt powers off. Could it be that he has done some "suspension" and we are not able to boot anymore? Any tip?12:13
MrokiiHi. An app has crashed just when I opened a menu (in the menubar) and now I have an "empty" square where the menu should have rolled down. Is there a way to get rid of that without a logout?12:14
SwitchDKMrokii: Are you able to right click on it and select close or remove or something similar?12:17
ActionParsnipsquig: obv, close all browsers and rerun to load the new plugin12:17
ActionParsnipMrokii: are you using unity?12:17
MrokiiSwitchDK: That never works in these cases (had that before as well)12:17
MrokiiActionParsnip: No, I am using the classic desktop12:17
ActionParsnipMrokii: ;press ALT+F2 and run:  killall gnome-panel12:17
lebearhello guys, you don't mind a non-ubuntu related question?12:18
ActionParsnipMrokii: it will rerun and should be ok12:18
ActionParsniplebear: yes, this is ubuntu only support12:18
MrokiiActionParsnip: Thanks, will try.12:18
lebearis there any general support channels on the ubuntu network?12:18
ActionParsniplebear: #linux maybe12:18
ikonialebear: ubuntu network ?12:19
bazhang!alis | lebear12:19
ubottulebear: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*12:19
iceroot!alis | lebear12:19
bazhangikonia, ubuntu software lists freenode as ubuntu servers12:19
MrokiiActionParsnip: Worked like a charm, thanks :)12:19
ActionParsnipMrokii: np man, just so you know from Oneiric onwards will use unity2D and will replace ubuntu classic session12:20
Faustus2how does one get italic in gnome-terminal (vim)?12:20
MrokiiActionParsnip: Yeah, I know, unfortunately.12:21
frantklebear: the most general support channel is #freenode12:22
icerootFaustus2: ?12:23
icerootFaustus2: the font?12:23
ActionParsnipMrokii: xfce isn't a tonne different to gnome in looks and menus12:23
jrmcm1985can i ask a question about general scripting here or is there another channel i should look in?12:23
ActionParsnipjrmcm1985: ask away12:24
icerootActionParsnip: but a lot in performance :)12:24
Stanley00jrmcm1985: try join #bash :)12:24
Picijrmcm1985: #bash might be more relevant, but you're welcome to ask here (we might send you away though) :)12:24
icerootjrmcm1985: #bash # python and so on12:24
ActionParsnipiceroot: i dunno, xubuntu is losing its light edge if you ask me12:24
jerkhey there... recently switched to ubuntu 10.04 from windows... and it's awesome!!!12:24
icerootActionParsnip: xubuntu is a good choise if you like gnome2 but perfomance on xubuntu isnt better then on ubuntu-desktop12:25
Faustus2iceroot: no.. one can use italic and bold in vim and i think with "echo"12:25
MrokiiActionParsnip: I have only looked at that briefly and I think it looked rather ugly to me. But maybe I should give it another try. Or maybe I'm thinking about something else, not sure.12:25
Dazzleddoes anybody know if anything has improved in the plymouth package?12:25
icerootActionParsnip: so there is only one supported DE in ubuntu left which doesnt come with very strange features12:25
Dazzledwas looking for some boot animations for a terminal, but plymouth doesn't look good12:25
Dazzledand doesn't work half of the time12:25
Kartagishow to lengthen the default password to 12?12:25
Sidewinder1jerk, Welcoma aboard. :-)12:26
Sidewinder1Welcome, even.12:26
ActionParsnipiceroot: lubuntu is official from oneiric onwards afaik12:26
jrmcm1985lol ok thx everyone. what im looking for is a way to run a script have it ask a yes or no question, read the answer and run another script or exit. then after the script second script has run ask the same yes/no question.12:26
icerootActionParsnip: yes12:26
jerkthanks Sidewinder112:26
jribKartagis: there is no default password12:26
icerootActionParsnip: and that is very good and i like lxde very much12:26
jerkI just wanted to check out the place, so to say12:26
Kartagisjrib: Warning: truncating password to 8 characters12:27
squigjrmcm1985, it looks like your trying to write a program12:27
KartagisI mean this12:27
jribKartagis: context?12:27
icerootActionParsnip: i hope they never do something like gnome2 - gnome3, kde3 - kde4, gnome - unity12:27
Kartagisjrib: userdel command12:27
squigwas supprised the removed gnome2 from the new release :/12:27
squigit will be the end of my ubuntuing12:27
bazhang!ot | squig12:28
ubottusquig: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:28
icerootsquig: try xubuntu and lubuntu12:28
jrmcm1985squig: yea sorta12:28
icerootsquig: all other distris will remove gnome2 too12:28
jribKartagis: what ubuntu version is this and what did you type exactly?12:28
Kartagisjrib: useradd -m -N -p $(openssl passwd -crypt passthatexceeds8chars) users12:29
ActionParsnipiceroot: 'mate' exists, it's unofficial though12:29
icerootActionParsnip: based on?12:29
ActionParsnipsquig: there are other DEs than gnome12:30
icerootActionParsnip: or something different?12:30
ActionParsnipiceroot: gnome2, check omgubuntu12:30
jribKartagis: this is an issue with your usage of openssl12:30
icerootActionParsnip: but no support anymore from the gnome-team12:30
Stanley00jrmcm1985: look like you need to read some bash basic, info bash is also good12:30
ActionParsnipsquig: you can run KDE and run al the Gnome apps you do now. No Unity and you can stay using Ubuntu...12:30
ActionParsnipiceroot: true12:30
squigActionParsnip, kde makes me sad12:30
jerkone thing I need to ask is.. how to get BOTH my speakers and headphone to work at the same time in Ubuntu12:30
Kartagisjrib: hmm, is there a way not to truncate the pass?12:30
ActionParsnipiceroot: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/08/gnome-2-forked12:31
icerootActionParsnip: one very big advantages of debian is that they are very slow so the next release will also contain gnome212:31
Kartagisthey removed gnome2 from 11.10?12:31
Piciiceroot, ActionParsnip, squig: Can we please move the discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic12:31
icerootKartagis: yes12:31
ActionParsnipsquig: LXDE? XFCE? E17? Awesome? Open/flux/blackbox?12:31
jribKartagis: don't use openssl?12:31
icerootPici: its ubuntu related about what de to use12:31
lebearyeah, but there will be a "GNOME3 Classic" mode (right?)12:32
Kartagisjrib: then pass is plaintext12:32
Sidewinder1jrib, Kartagis Sounds like ubuntu has a max. of characters for psswd and he's wondering if there's a way to increase that, no?12:32
jribKartagis: no12:32
jribSidewinder1: no that's not the issue12:32
bazhanglebear, no12:32
Sidewinder1jrib, Sorry, I misunderstood... :-(12:32
squigActionParsnip, that you for the fork message, I think that was very ontopic. I havnt touched E since the 90's12:32
Stanley00lebear: it only has unity and unity2d :)12:32
lebearOh my... I hate unity12:32
lebearjust have to wait for a workaround then12:33
ActionParsnipsquig: still, there are alternatives. You may find gnome2 gets dropped by the gnome team. What then? Drop Linux??12:33
Pici#ubuntu is for support only. #ubuntu+1 for Oneiric discussion, other discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic12:33
Kartagisjrib: it is, I've just checked /etc/shadow12:33
icerootsquig: xfce4 looks like gnome2 if you like the look and feel of gnome212:33
icerootsquig: build with "xubuntu-desktop"12:33
jribKartagis: your issue is the way you are generating the hash12:33
KartagisSidewinder1: exactly12:33
Pici!ot | iceroot ActionParsnip squig etc12:34
ubottuiceroot ActionParsnip squig etc: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:34
icerootPici: its not offtopic12:34
squigyes, xfce is possibly the way forward12:34
jribKartagis: here, read this: http://www.gnu.org/s/libc/manual/html%5Fnode/crypt.html12:34
lebearone thing that annoys me with Unity is the Zeitgeist database, which keeps track of everything you do. I know it's core to Unity functioning, but is there a way to get rid of it anyway?12:34
Piciiceroot: yes it is.  If you want to talk about Oneiric, join #ubuntu+112:34
icerootPici: xubuntu-desktop is part of ubuntu12:34
icerootPici: we are talking about xfce4 not 11.1012:34
squigi have 100 workstations I have to maintain and the desktop changes are too much12:34
Piciiceroot: you're all discussing a lot of things.12:34
icerootPici: imo all related to ubuntu and 11.0412:34
bazhangiceroot, please, its gotten way offtopic12:35
Piciiceroot: its related to 11.1012:35
Sidewinder1Kartagis, I have no idea how to increase the max. char. for password; I thought that was what you were asking.12:35
jribKartagis: if you want to use it through bash, there's a crypt function in perl12:35
icerootPici: i dont think so but because you have the possibility to use /kick i am quit now :)12:35
squigis xfce in 10.04 ?12:36
icerootsquig: yes12:36
icerootsquig: called "xubuntu-desktop"12:36
jribKartagis: once you read that page to understand the issue, if you're not sure what to do, googling "useradd perl crypt" will give you plenty of example usages12:36
jribKartagis: of course now the real question is why are you doing this?  That is why aren't you just entering the password later instead of putting the password in plaintext in your shell's history?12:37
Kartagisjrib: I wanted to use a script to add users12:40
ActionParsnipsquig: or install xfce4  for a minimal xfce where you can use your current gnome apps12:40
jribKartagis: why?  Do you want to add users in bulk or something?12:40
AtharvaHi....sry to ask this question on this channel..But does cooling the CPU increases the speed of it ?12:41
icerootAtharva: no12:41
BlinnyRecently upgraded from 8.04.4 to 10.04.3. I'm experiencing a phenomena where a NIS slave will not bind to an NIS master if network-manager service is started. If I stop the service, suddenly NIS will bind and start. Anyone know the cause of this problem off-hand?12:41
jribAtharva: ##hardware12:41
__njvichello there... i am getting a 'permission denied' error when dpkg tries to install a package (apache2.2-common).  So I tried manually changing permissions on the file in question, and get permission denied.  I am running the commands as root, how do I try and resolve this problem?12:41
PhaseI use Lubuntu (lxde+openbox), what would be a good small program to install to assign a global hotkey to a command? I'd want it to support multiple keys of course, and particularly the super/winkey key12:41
squigAtharva, iceroot no unless the speed has been limited because of its temp12:41
jrib__njvic: pastebin full input and output12:41
icerootsquig: but it makes it never faster then the default12:42
Kartagisjrib: no, just didn't want to enter the password everytime12:42
Atharvaiceroot jrib squig : Thanks...12:42
Kartagisjrib: that is a bad, bad idea, yes?12:42
jribKartagis: "everytime"?  You're using the same password for several users?12:42
Sidewinder1^ Than ain't a good idea. ^12:43
=== daemoneye|away is now known as daemoneye
jrib!away > daemoneye12:43
ubottudaemoneye, please see my private message12:43
=== arun__ is now known as brass286
squigthere is a password generator in the repository12:43
Kartagisjrib: of course not12:43
Kartagisjrib: I just wanted an easy way to add users12:44
icerootsquig: mkpasswd12:44
jribKartagis: just use adduser (not useradd) and enter the password when it prompts you12:44
BluesKajHiyas all12:44
PhaseKartagis: adduser12:44
Sidewinder1Mornin' Blue!12:44
BluesKajhey Sidewinder112:45
jrib__njvic: are you using ubuntu?12:45
ActionParsnipsquig: does flash now work ok? I missed the result..12:45
ActionParsniphi BluesKaj12:45
squigActionParsnip, yes thank you12:45
ActionParsnipsquig: cool, runs a little cleaner too12:45
squigiceroot, was thinking of apg12:46
squigActionParsnip, I have to script that to role out to all of my machines. but the one where flash didnt work now does12:46
Sidewinder1jrib, I'm not purposefully trying to be obtuse, nor am I trying to hassle you; does ubuntu have a maximum character limit of 8 for passwords?12:47
__njvicjrib: no... but am hoping for some help related to this (if I can make progress on this perhaps the other errors will go away): chmod: changing permissions of `/etc/apache2/mods-available/php5.conf': Permission denied12:47
BluesKajhey ActionParsnip12:47
__njviceveryone in #debian is asleep12:47
ActionParsnipsquig: it's in my post inastall script :D12:47
ikoniaSidewinder1: I don't believe it's 8 chars in modern linux12:47
jribSidewinder1: nope, but if one uses DES for the hash it truncates passwords to 8 characters.  With md5 passwords can be arbitrarily long.  See: http://www.gnu.org/s/libc/manual/html%5Fnode/crypt.html12:47
=== ben_stein is now known as LastNight
squigActionParsnip, I use cfengine to maintain the computers12:47
jrib__njvic: ask in #debian12:48
LastNightwas  incredibale, unforgetable12:48
jrib__njvic: or whatever the channel for the OS you are using is12:48
sun__whois oln12:48
LastNight /whois12:48
Sidewinder1ikonia, jrib Many thanks; I'm just trying to learn; I'll chk that link. :-)12:48
ActionParsnipsquig: i see. I only reinstall 2 systems, the other 2 never get touched but I'll look into it. I need a prioject12:48
jrmcm1985whois ActionParsnip12:49
__njvicjrib: ok... it just so happens that on my ubuntu system, when I run chmod as root, it tells me that permission is denied.  What might cause that?12:49
LastNightwhy do babys smell so darn good?,man, there's nothing like it12:49
jrib__njvic: show me12:49
Pici!ot | LastNight12:49
ubottuLastNight: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:49
squigActionParsnip, puppet might be better/easier/nicer/freindlier but i am just used to cf-engine12:49
__njvicchmod: changing permissions of `/etc/apache2/mods-available/php5.conf': Permission denied12:49
ikonia__njvic: you shouldn't be root in ubuntu12:49
ActionParsnipsquig: thanks for the heads up12:50
__njviclol... ok whatever.. thanks.12:50
jrib__njvic: someone's already speaking with you in #debian... why don't you just get help there instead of lying here?12:50
LastNightjrib , snitch12:50
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct12:50
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squiglol, sign code of conduct :/ no thank you12:51
coraxxquestion - does the Ubuntu Community have a strategy/model/procedure in regards to people who would like to learn how to contribute to Ubuntu/Linux with the development of linux-drivers (hardware-support / reverse-engineering) ?12:51
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest21854
IdleOnenobody said you had to sign it but please try to follow it when in here (at least)12:52
LastNightubuntu == FBI12:52
Sidewinder1coraxx, I believe that there's a development channel.12:52
nnullLastNight, would explain a lot lol12:52
ActionParsnipsquig: its part of becoming a member :)12:52
ActionParsnip!contribute | coraxx12:52
ubottucoraxx: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu12:52
coraxxSidewinder1: ok ...do you know the name of the channel ?12:53
Sidewinder1ActionParsnip, Thanx, forgot about that factoid.12:53
Picicoraxx: You may want to take a look at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu - if you have more questions, on where to get started you can ask in #ubuntu-community team12:53
Picicoraxx: Also #ubuntu-kernel might be good for your particular interests.12:53
PiciIdleOne: right, thanks.12:54
IdleOneNo problem12:54
=== LastNight is now known as FrikinBigIndian
* Sidewinder1 Clapps and thinks, the more the merrier.12:54
FrikinBigIndianeh der12:54
FrikinBigIndianows it goin12:54
Sidewinder1Lag? Or is everyone hiding?12:58
BluesKajhaving breakfast12:58
IdleOnetrolls are reassessing strategy probably12:58
coraxxthanx all. I'm going to check-out the devel channel on this irc-server ...but I'm hoping for something more specific.12:59
Sidewinder1coraxx, It's a process; one step/link leads to another to ano...12:59
=== root is now known as Guest98976
coraxxI think a more worked-out procedure in regards to people who wants to _learn_ how to contribute could be a good thing to develop in the Ubuntu Community.  So more and more who have some knowledge of programming can contribute.  AND also, so we can get people involved who have hardware that is unsupported...have them run software that can analyze it, for reverse-enginering.13:05
=== Cpudan80_ is now known as Cpudan80
Sidewinder1coraxx, You may wish to ask in ubuntuforums.org, if you haven't already. Also a inquiry to Canonical might be advisable.13:08
coraxxSidewinder1: good idea...I'll try that :-)13:08
Sidewinder1Best of luck.13:09
PiciSidewinder1, coraxx: Canonical aren't really the folks to talk to about this.  I suggest you drop into #ubuntu-community-team and discuss your ideas there.13:11
XEDDOcan somebody help me with high (100%) iowait?13:12
tp43How can I setup my mail system so I can use php mail() function?13:13
tp43you guys can't even debug a simple form-to-mail script?13:14
coraxxPici: ok...will do13:14
BlinnyRecently upgraded from 8.04.4 to 10.04.3. I'm experiencing a phenomena where a NIS slave will not bind to an NIS master if network-manager service is started. If I stop the service, suddenly NIS will bind and start. Anyone know the cause of this problem off-hand?13:14
ActionParsniptp43: neither can you?13:14
tp43I know, I am a visitor, I am not the channel admin13:15
IdleOneyou waited almost a full minute before complaining13:15
tp43I know you guys can do it, but you guys are neglecting me, anyway, its ok, your perogerative13:15
ActionParsniptp43: what does being an admin relate to debugging ability?13:15
IdleOne!patience | tp4313:15
ubottutp43: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:15
tp43oh, sorry, I thought I was on the php channel13:16
Blinnytp43: Here's as good a guide as any: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/installing-php5-and-apache-on-ubuntu/13:16
ActionParsniptp43: the channel admins in here only ensure people stay on topic, nothing whatsoever to do with technical ability13:16
ActionParsniptp43: no this is #ubuntu13:16
IdleOnetp43: you won't get much help in there with that attitude either.13:16
tp43I know, I had an ubuntu question too13:16
tp43IdleOne, I know, they just messing with me13:16
tjiggi_foI wonder why?13:17
IdleOneanyway, back to Ubuntu support.13:17
PiciBlinny: You may want to ask in #ubuntu-server, as your question is rather.. servery.13:17
BlinnyPici: Brilliant. Cheers.13:17
=== TheDaniel0108 is now known as Daniel0108
tp43I am gonna install xmail and see what happens13:18
XEDDOi'm experiencing 100% iowait during swapping, how can i prevent this?13:18
usr13XEDDO: What version of ubuntu do you have?13:20
XEDDOusr13: 11.0413:20
usr13I found some discussion about 100% iowait and while it's not all that current, it does seem to suggest some sort of solution13:22
Kartagishow can I chroot directories under /srv/www ?13:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 410096 in firefox-3.5 (Ubuntu) "Swap causes 100% IOWait and renders system useless" [High,Triaged]13:22
usr13Kartagis: You usually just chroot the root directory13:22
usr13Kartagis: What is your end goal?13:22
usr13Kartagis: What is it you are really trying to do?13:23
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:23
massimilianoho un problema con uno script di playonlinux13:23
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:24
XEDDOusr13: sounds like my problem, although it doesnt only happen with firefox13:24
Kartagisusr13: prevent web users from cd into other directories13:24
usr13Kartagis: aaahhh.  Ok, here is what you should do.  Create users on the system for each.13:25
bambanx i have python 2.6 on my system and i wanna install 2.7 , is necesary remove 2.6 version ?13:25
massimilianoI have a problem with a script for PlayOnLinux13:25
Kartagisusr13: yes I did13:25
Picibambanx: no. You should not remove the version of python that your release come with, they can both be installed at the same time.13:26
ChesterXhi, i have been using skype on ubuntu for a while now, however i have run into a problem that I can't seem to solve => namely I can not use any combination to make special letter (e.g. e+´ = é etc...). Does anyone know why?13:26
usr13mkdir /home/user-name/www  for each and symlink www/ to /srv/www   (Apache follows symlinks by default).13:26
vercingetorixHi, I'm trying to compile this gtk engine, when I am in the process of doing './configure --prefix/usr --enable-animation', it tells me it can't continue because there is no GTK. Specifically,"configure: error: GTK+-2.10 is required to compile aurora13:26
bambanxhow can i do that?13:26
bambanxPici: thanks but how can i do that?13:27
pimperlei try to rebuild the dpkg source package13:27
=== vivek is now known as Guest80288
pimperlehowever it looks, as if dpkg is a dependency for dpkg-source itself13:27
usr13Kartagis: So when the user gains access to the system, he only has access to /home/user-name  (which is all he needs).13:27
pimperlehow can i break this circular dependency?13:27
xanguavercingetorix: sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-aurora13:27
pimperleah, nevermind13:27
Kartagisusr13: /srv/www13:27
pimperlei'll think about it a bit more13:27
vercingetorixmuch obliged xangua, thanks!13:28
Guest80288hi gays13:29
XEDDOcan i prevent ubuntu from swapping?13:29
usr13Kartagis: Example.  Fred wants a site on your server and let us call it fred-wisdom  so you creat symlink like so:13:29
popeyXEDDO: you can disable swap, yes, why would you want to?13:29
Guest80288we have problem13:29
usr13ln -s /home/fred/www /var/www/fred-wisdom13:29
XEDDOpopey: iowait takes 100% cpu while swapping13:29
popeyXEDDO: consume less ram ☺13:30
vercingetorixhmm, I still have the same problem at ./configure time xangua :(13:30
XEDDOpopey: yeah but how :(13:30
Kartagisusr13: chroot works only for /home/ ?13:30
xanguavercingetorix: you now have aurora engine installed....13:30
popeyXEDDO: whats eating your memory? use tools like top to find out?13:30
Jackneilli wanna setup a hobby server for me. i use lampp, but only sudo can access the /var/www folder. in gui i cant use sudo, how can i fix it?13:30
vercingetorixsometimes the coffee doesn't kick in in time xangua ;)13:30
vercingetorixsorry and thanks so much13:31
Picibambanx: sudo apt-get install python2.713:31
usr13Kartagis: So on the server you might see /srv/www/fred-wisdom & /srv/www/george-wisdom & /srv/www/frank-wisdom  etc.13:31
XEDDOpopey: i only have 512mb ram and i dont see how i could reduce the use13:31
popeyXEDDO: well, first thing is to see what's using it13:31
xanguavercingetorix: you need breackfast with coffe, coffe alone doesn't gives you energy ;)13:31
pd11ecs 313:31
yeatsXEDDO: you might consider trying a lighter *buntu (xubuntu or lubuntu)13:32
usr13Kartagis: Sorry that was a typo up there.  /var/www/fred-wisdom should have been /srv/www/fred-wisdom  But anyway, you get the point.  Right?13:32
XEDDOpopey: well firefox takes around 200mb and xorg 50mb13:32
popeyXEDDO: maybe try chromium browser?13:32
XEDDOyeats: ill check it out thx13:32
bambanxPici: for example i need python 2.7for work with django framework when i will create projects wich of both use ?13:33
usr13Kartagis: BTW, you might get more in-depth or detailed info from #ubuntu-server13:33
Picibambanx: Thats probably a better question for #django, but your scripts' shebang line can specify which python version you want to use.13:34
bambanxPici: ok thanks men13:35
tp43Ubuntu has mta system setup by default, it wasn't working for me because my gmail was putting it in spam13:35
tenXtp43: of course.13:36
tp43no one said anything like of course earlier13:36
usr13Kartagis: chroot is not something you need for this situation.  Having users access the system via normal means is best.13:36
tp43tenX, debian doesn't have it setup by default, you have to install and configure it, it is easy to do though13:37
parapanHello boys and girls> quick one ...what will you choose for a laptop installation ?? ubuntu 10.04.03 LTS or 10.10 - last version ??? and what are the differences between those two ???13:37
tp43But I am just gonna use mailto so I don't have to code defense for spammers13:38
tenXtp43: your host is not "meant" to send mail from your addresses domain i'd guess. this will therefor mostly be categorized as spam13:38
TimothyAis there a way I can disable logging system-wide? and don't give me the "logs are important" speech. It's using up 90% of my harddisk13:38
usr13parapan: LTS is good for normal desktop use.  If you want unity, go for 11.0413:38
tenXtp43: probably you should use a smarthost13:39
tp43tenX, yeah, I just wanted it for testing, but I am going with mailto, I just wanted to know that I could have it setup if I wanted to13:39
usr13parapan: And yes, I recommend the point release which right now is 10.04.313:39
tenXtp43: k sounded like you were wondering13:39
parapanusr13 > what unity means ???13:39
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alkafootp43: 'cause it looked like you were... /leaning/13:39
alkafooparapan: it's just a name, for a GNOME 3 shell/configuration13:40
ubottuUnity is the default UI for Ubuntu 11.04. Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. You can still boot to the classic GNOME desktop; see !classic.13:40
Sidewinder1parapan, I'm an LTS fan, but that's me; you can look here for some basic descriptions: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_%28operating_system%29 If you haven't already.13:40
alkafoomeans state of one-ness13:40
usr13parapan: unity means  .... alkafoo beet me to it! :)13:40
alkafooin fact 'Oneness' would probably be the most apt true English way to say it13:41
alkafoobut that's not as catchy as the Latin-derived, is it13:41
usr13usr13: I have unity on a PC here and like it a lot.  It is way different, and some don't like it yet, but trust me, it will catch on.13:42
parapanSidewinder1: I've been there .....not much help ..LTS stands for Long Time Support ......isn't that better ??? ...getting the benefit of updates for 3 years instead of being "forced" to update to the new version each year let's say ????13:42
parapanalkafoo: usr13 : thanks ...but thenthe LTS version is better correct ???13:43
usr13I think unity means togetherness or the state of everything being in one spot.13:43
alkafooparapan: LTS is for 'long term support', so for most people yes it's a better idea13:44
Sidewinder1parapan, It's all a matter of taste; I don't prefer upgrading every 6 mos. Again, that's me; If it ain't broke, don't fix it. :-)13:44
alkafoousr13: semantics =)13:44
jamiewanUnity is the state of being undivided or unbroken.13:44
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic13:44
parapanSidewinder1: exactly my point > I had bad experience when upgrading the OS on the laptop ...2 times tried .....2 broken systems I got ...on a LAPTOP ....on a desktop PC ...it worked like a charm with no problems ...13:45
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usr13parapan: I don't know if I would call it "better", it is good and what you might call a bit more conservative in relation to stability or sort of cutting edge rather than  bleeding edge.  It's hard to define.13:45
andybrineHey everyone13:46
Sidewinder1parapan, So then, go with Lucid. My upgrade path has been: Gutsy, Hardy, Lucid and I'm "Happy as a Clam."13:46
xinauhi alll13:46
andybrinehas anyone here got a Microsoft Lifecam and used it with ubuntu?13:46
parapanusr13: even so, it's crystal clear ...if I want more stability the LTS is the choise ...if I want latest implemented technology I'll go for the last development correct ???13:46
xinauany on here ?13:46
FloodBot1xinau: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:46
xinauis it possible to install ubuntu on a compact flash card (NOT USB) ?13:46
parapanSidewinder1: thanks a lot bro'13:46
Sidewinder1xinau, Only about 1,60213:46
andybrineI am having issues with the syncing of the audio13:46
xinauSidewinder1: ?13:47
Sidewinder1parapan, My pleasire. :-)13:47
xinauSidewinder1: I don't understand what is 1,602 ?13:47
parapanusr13: thank's man; long live the penguin !13:47
Sidewinder1xinau, There are currently 1,604 users logged into this channel, currently.13:48
xinauok, the question is : Can I install Ubuntu by a compact flash disk ?13:48
marko_hello, i'm using an asus K52J laptop with 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 12) and 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GT218 [GeForce 310M] (rev a2) and the drivers program shows that the nvidia driver is enabled but not in use. How do i fix that?13:48
marko_ubuntu 11.0413:48
andybrinehas anyone had any issues recording video from their webcam? I am trying to record and audio just does not want to sync13:48
alkafooxinau: onto, yes, though there are considerations13:49
alkafooandybrine: what res is the video?13:49
rigvedmarko_: are you using 11.04?13:49
usr13parapan: The chart on this site  might help you decide:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS13:49
alkafoomarko_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia13:49
marko_rigved, yes13:49
SamLondonquick query about wireless. I installed 11.04 on my dad's PC and wireless was working fine....then it starting working only intermittently.....then it stopped completely. However I suggested he try booting the operating system off the iso cd....and it worked again. Anyone got any ideas why?13:50
andybrinealkafoo in this case the res does not matter as i have tried all res and still an audio sync problem13:50
alkafooandybrine: it could matter, but if you know everything I don't guess I can help you13:50
yeatsxinau: even if you could, there's probably not a(n easy) way to have your computer boot from it - I would stick to USB if possible13:51
alkafoosnow_ru: hi13:51
snow_ruhow to installl ubuntu on a flash card ?13:51
snow_rucompactflash card13:51
rigvedmarko_: this is not a bug. use ccsm to enable some effects like wobbly windows. that will make use of your nvidia card.13:51
alkafooSamLondon: is it PCI?  TAke it out and13:51
snow_ruI meant, by a compact flash card13:51
alkafooSamLondon: take it out and put it back in, make sure it's securely placed13:51
andybrinealkafoo, no i dont know everything at all., I have just tested it with all resolutions from the highest till the lowest and still get the issue13:51
alkafooandybrine: have you checked online to see if your hardware is known as flaky?13:52
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usr13pretty much... yea, cutting edge vs bleeding edge13:52
alkafoosnow_ru: same way AFAIK13:52
parapanusr13: yeap ..thank you ....support until April 2013 for desktop version will do fine for me :D13:52
SamLondonhe's using a USB dongle13:52
snow_ruAFAIK ?13:52
andybrinealkafoo: no I havent, where can i find that out?13:52
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SamLondonwhat confuses me is that (a) his laptop can connect fine and (b) as i say, when he ran Ubuntu off the CD, the wireless immediately worked again.13:52
snow_rujust burn iso to the flashcard and boot by the compactflashcard13:52
FloodBot1snow_ru: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:53
parapandoes anyone know if the Microsoft exchange connector is working now with ubuntu mail client ??13:53
alkafooandybrine: http://www.google.com/search?q=INSERTCAMERAMODEL%20out%20of%20sync13:53
Sidewinder1parapan, You gonna' dual-boot or just jump right on in?13:53
alkafoosnow_ru: you want to install _from_ compact flash?13:53
yeatssnow_ru: even if you could get ubuntu on the flash card, there's probably not a(n easy) way to have your computer boot from it - I would stick to USB if possible13:53
usr13parapan: That chart helps you plan for the future, you can see when you will be wanting or needing to do a distribution upgrade.13:53
andybrinealkafoo, ok thanks13:53
rigvedparapan: you can upgrade to the next LTS: 12.04 LTS, anytime after april 2012, which is much before april 2013.13:53
parapanSidewinder1: not a chance Ubuntu alone and W7 running in a VirtulBox box :D13:53
snow_ruyeats: the problem is that my computer does not have an option to boot from USB13:54
parapanrigved: yeap , correct ..only to have the proper time to do so :D13:54
snow_rujust have an option to boot from a "Generic Compact flash card"13:54
Sidewinder1parapan, I don't do "virtual" so I have no clue.13:54
yeatssnow_ru: ah - well, then try and see13:54
snow_ruwhich program do we use to write iso image to the flashcard ?13:55
snow_ruand make it bootable , of course13:55
yeatssnow_ru: I would try unetbootin13:55
rigvedparapan: just make sure that you have enough cpu speed and ram space for w7 because it will need a lot, especially in a VM.13:55
Sidewinder1!unetbootin | snow_ru13:55
ubottusnow_ru: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent13:55
parapanSidewinder1: ok ....I need a virtualization on W7 since the mail client of ubuntu it's not working with our Microsoft Exchange Server .....I know it was a developemnt for a ME connector but ...didn't tried for 2 years by now ...and originally it was not working ..13:56
SamLondonanyone have any thoughts on this wireless issue? what might cause wireless to start working only intermittently, then stop completely if it was working fine originally?13:56
snow_ruSidewinder1: It's not USB13:56
parapanrigved: I'm running it now also ....it is true, at the boot I cannot aford to do anything else on Ubuntu ...otherwise it will get blocked .....13:56
snow_ruit's compact flashcard Sidewinder113:57
usr13SamLondon: Laptop?13:57
Sidewinder1snow_ru, Sorry, I'm trying to follow too many conversations... :-(13:57
SamLondonno, desktop.13:57
yeatssnow_ru: the procedure would be the same13:57
parapanagain ...doea anyone know if the Ubuntu mail client is working with a Microsoft Exchange server ????13:57
ActionParsnipparapan: http://fourforces.wordpress.com/2008/02/04/setup-mozilla-thunderbird-to-work-with-microsoft-exchange-server/13:57
alkafooparapan: why wouldn't it13:57
yeatssnow_ru: understand, I don't know that it will work, just that that's the way I would try doing it ;-)13:57
xanguaparapan: if you want to use hotmail with evolution or other mail cliente, i recomend you to use pop313:58
parapanalkafoo: I tried with Evolution client ...didn't worked with our ME Server ...13:58
ActionParsnipparapan: then use thunderbird13:58
parapanxangua: pop3 it's out of the question on my server ...13:59
alkafooparapan: you probably didn't configure it as required, then13:59
xanguaActionParsnip: interesting, tried yourself¿13:59
ActionParsnipparapan: there are loads of mail clients for Ubuntu13:59
rigvedparapan: i had heard that evolution did have ms exchange support. i remember it being discussed in UDS O.13:59
alkafooparapan: seriously?13:59
parapanActionParsnip: good to see ya again > I'll give that link a try ....10x13:59
ActionParsnipxangua: no but if you check this: http://duckduckgo.com/?q=thunderbird+exchange+server   it seems a lot of folks say it can13:59
usr13SamLondon: Intermitten problems are the hardest to solve.  I had a laptop like that, I nearly gave up on it, but finally, it just started working again and hasn't stopped in a while.  It is the laptop that the XYL uses in the living room and it gets used all the time.  It almost never fails her any more.  For a while I had a wireless bridge on it.13:59
ActionParsnipparapan: see the link above13:59
parapanthank you all >I'll come back with questions if any :D14:00
Sidewinder1parapan, Guess you already tried messin' w/Thunderbird.14:00
parapanSidewinder1: once ...long time ago :D14:00
Sidewinder1parapan, Best of luck. :D14:00
usr13SamLondon: Waht WiFi card does it have?14:00
Jackneilli wanna setup a hobby server for me. i use lampp, but only sudo can access the /var/www folder. in gui i cant use sudo, how can i fix it?14:08
andybrinealkafoo are there any extra drivers you can install for webcams14:08
jrib!permissions | Jackneill14:09
ubottuJackneill: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions14:09
alkafooJackneill: sudo Nautilus14:09
houdiniI have just complted an fresh install but apt will not upgrade...any ideas?14:09
jribhoudini: how are you trying?14:09
jpds!gksudo | alkafoo14:09
ubottualkafoo: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)14:09
houdiniI have the sun icon at the top right just click it14:10
Abhinav1when I start my laptop, I have to run modprob b43 for wireless.. Can I put it in startup?14:10
th0rAbhinav1: add it to /etc/modules14:10
th0rAbhinav1: just put b43 on a line by itself14:11
Abhinav1ok let me try14:11
Abhinav1th0r: thanks14:11
Yvonne1Didnt use this comp for a while.. now it needs an update. still ubuntu 9.04. But i cant install anything, cuz its no longer supported. how can i do the upgrade?14:11
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades Yvonne114:12
xukunI have raid1 disk created with mdadm. now I booted using live cd. How can mount the raid1 disk's?14:12
Sidewinder1Yvonne1, Back-up your /home to external and fresh install 10.04.14:12
Sidewinder1Yvonne1, Or: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades#Why%20choosing%20a%20fresh%20install14:13
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Sidewinder1oops; too slow. ;D14:14
Yvonne1kk. i will take a look, but it keeps saying i cant update:S14:14
ActionParsnipYvonne1: i'd go for a clean install14:16
Theishii created a program and put it in /usr/bin, but when i try to run it ubuntu thinks i want to run something else that isn't installed. Any way to get ubuntu to run the file and ignore the other program of a similiar name?14:16
Yvonne1bu they advice against that ;)14:16
xukunActionParsnip, can u please help me access my raid1 disk?14:16
ActionParsnipxukun: i don't use softraid, sorry14:17
th0rTheishi: try using the full path and filename14:17
alkafooTheishi: /usr/local/bin/ would be more appropriate14:17
xukunActionParsnip, np14:17
Theishialkafoo: that will work, but defeats the purpose, i do not want to type that each time14:17
Theishith0r: anyway i could type it faster then that14:17
alkafooTheishi: you shouldn't have to, it should defeat the problem14:17
joki3How do i check what driver my blackbuntu machine is running? How do i check if it's either nvidia or nouvea itself who is managing my graphic card?14:18
Theishioh opps sorry14:18
alkafoo /usr/local/bin/ should be first in your path14:18
Theishii placed it is /home/me/bin14:18
alkafoojoki3: lsmod, lspci -k14:18
joki3alkafoo: thank you14:18
alkafoojoki3: lsmod | grep -i nvidia, rather14:18
th0rTheishi: then create a link from there to /usr/local/bin14:18
Theishihmm ok14:19
yeats!derivatives | joki314:19
ubottujoki3: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition14:19
alkafooyou should be able to just copy it there14:19
xukuncan somebody please help me access my software raid1 disk's?14:19
joki3I got it guys. Thanks14:19
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Theishith0r: it doesn't work, i think it needs to rescan the folder, anyway i can do this without loggin in and out?14:21
alkafooTheishi: what doesn't work14:21
th0rTheishi: are you trying to link the whole folder? Just link your program to /usr/local/bin using teh same name for the link as the program14:21
alkafooyou should be able to just cp it in there14:22
th0rTheishi: that way, you can edit/replace/recompile the program as user and won't need root privileges every time14:22
Theishith0r: thats what i did14:22
th0rTheishi: make sure your program is marked executable. The link should work14:23
gekkerhi all, have a problem with oneiric not rebooting unless I delete /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket14:23
ActionParsnipgekker: ask in #ubuntu+1 for oneiric support14:23
gekkerseems the dbus daemon gets wedged14:23
gekkerActionParsnip, thanks14:23
th0rTheishi: you know you need to use sudo to create the link, right?14:24
Legend_XeonPort 3000 seems to be open on my ubuntu. How do i check which application is using that port?14:24
llutzLegend_Xeon:sudo lsof -i :300014:24
Sidewinder1oneiric | gekker14:25
Vidarhi : i have ubuntu 10.04 installed on hyper-v : is it possible to let hyper-v shut it down when the host shuts down?14:25
Theishith0r: i got it working, thanks14:25
Legend_Xeonthanks :-)14:26
th0rTheishi: my pleasure14:26
Sputhey all... I'm trying to get vpnc working in NetworkManager in kubuntu natty, and have installed network-manager-vpnc, but I'm missing the file /etc/NetworkManager/VPN/nm-vpnc-service.name - even though dpkg -L claims it's part of the package14:27
Sputwhat could be wrong?14:27
fdasdfshi, some of my harddrives aren't detected in ubuntu but they are in windows 7, help?14:28
tom9876543can someone help me with ubunutu 11.04 firewall????14:28
Jackneilli installed phpmyadmin but i cant access it in localhost/phpmyadmin14:29
MonkeyDust fdasdfs what's the output of the command mount?14:29
fdasdfsMonkeyDust the harddrives aren't listed in /dev/14:29
alkafoofdasdfs: they aren't listed by sudo fdisk -l ?14:29
fdasdfslet me see14:30
Sidewinder1!ntfs | fdasdfs14:30
ubottufdasdfs: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE14:30
alkafooSidewinder1: isn't that all included by default?14:30
alkafooI mean I know it's fun to botspam, but...14:30
mirandaimhow will 32x32 .png images for older apps be displayed in unity :P14:30
fdasdfsMonkeyDust no they aren't listed with sudo fdisk14:30
mainemikeanyone help with an rsyslog custom config problem?14:30
alkafoofdasdfs: are they external drives?14:30
mirandaimthe .desktop menu items with 32x32 .png images14:31
Sidewinder1alkafoo, If your typing was as bad as mine you'd love the bot too. :-)14:31
fdasdfsNo they are internal sata drives14:31
Jackneilli installed phpmyadmin but i cant access it in localhost/phpmyadmin14:31
alkafooI do love bots, but I doubt the info linked is going to help14:31
alkafoofdasdfs: what capacity?14:31
fdasdfsalkafoo 750 and 500 GB14:31
Vidarnobody with any experience with ubuntu on hyperv?14:31
alkafooVidar: eww? =)14:31
alkafoofdasdfs: have they ever worked with your Ubuntu?14:32
fdasdfsI have 4 HDDs, a 64gb SSD that is detected, a 500gb that is detected, a 500gb that isn't, and a 750 gb that isn't14:32
Vidarim not extremely rich you know14:32
fdasdfsalkafoo I just installed ubuntu14:32
Vidari only can afford 2 servers at the moment so hyper-v is my only option14:32
alkafoofdasdfs: they're all NTFS as far as you know?14:33
alkafooVidar: should've afforded a Unix server =P14:33
imnicholis there a channel for the 11.10 beta?14:33
fdasdfsThe 500gb and 750 gb are ntfs, but again they aren't showing up in /dev/14:33
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+114:33
alkafooVidar: try asking #windows-server or ##windows14:33
Vidarwell anyway i need my ubuntu to shut down on hyper-v on command14:33
vercingetorixHi, when trying to use different themes on ubuntu, I notice that the window controls are the same boxy gray thing despite changing the themes I downloaded. what is wrong/am i missing? looks like the default gnome for low-res or something..14:33
Vidarill take a look thx14:34
alkafoofdasdfs: I wonder if they could be GPT, and your install is missing gpt support in the kernel14:34
mainemikeanyone help with rsyslog?14:34
vercingetorixeverything else in the themes (icons, window borders, etc all work)14:34
alkafoomainemike: what about it14:34
blackcatnekonegrHello I need to manually delete two lines in sources.list in ubuntu 10.10., how I do that?14:34
fdasdfsalkafoo I am running 10.04 and when installing it gave GPT as option when partioning so I assume it is installed14:34
rigvedmainemike: just list your problem(s) and if anyone can, they will help.14:35
bazhangblackcatnekonegr, gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list14:35
blackcatnekonegrHello I need to manually delete two lines in sources.list in ubuntu 10.10., how I do that? If I try to run Synaptic it gives me an error message and refuses to load14:35
mainemike need help with a conf file...in the file I have %$YEAR%%$MONTH% problem is that my file has exactly that instead of YYYYMM14:35
alkafoofdasdfs: well you're probably just missing some driver14:36
rigvedblackcatnekonegr: what is the error message?14:36
faLUCEhi, how can I hide show a panel with command line ?14:36
alkafoofdasdfs: might hit up ##linux14:36
alkafoofaLUCE: does the panel have a hiding function built into it?14:37
blackcatnekonegrbazhang, gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list worked, thank you14:37
ActionParsnipfaLUCE: should be able to set the hide or not hide using gconf-tool14:37
blackcatnekonegrbye and thanks14:37
mainemikemy rsyslog conf $template ends with    %$YEAR%$%$MONTH%/web_%$DAY%.log"     -my file is named web%$YEAR%%$MONTH%%$DAY%.log14:37
faLUCEActionParsnip: in which way ?14:37
Sidewinder1fdasdfs, Or you could search http://ubuntuforums.org14:38
mainemikenot really the result I was expecting14:38
ActionParsnipfaLUCE: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2009/09/21/completely-hide-gnome-panel/14:38
fdasdfsI have tried searching Sidewinder114:38
ActionParsnipfaLUCE: shows the syntax of the command and how it relates to the structure in gconf-editor. You can use that to make a command (or two) to show / hise the panel etc14:39
=== Mkaysi is now known as Guest81741
faLUCEActionParsnip: I tried gconftool-2 --set --type integer /apps/panel/toplevels/top_panel_screen0/auto_hide_size 0 but it doesn't work14:39
faLUCEActionParsnip: I need to hide or show panels "on the fly"14:39
ActionParsnipfaLUCE: thats the autohide size/ I only gave the link as it shows the SYNTAX14:39
Sidewinder1fdasdfs, Sorry I could not be of more help. :-(14:40
fdasdfsSidewinder1 your bots won't help you now14:40
ActionParsnipfaLUCE: run gconf-editor and you can see what thing needs setting, then CHANGE the command in the link to reflect.14:40
Sidewinder1fdasdfs, You're right; I'm done.14:41
=== Guest81741 is now known as Mkaysi
xukunI installed mdadm using live, but  cat /proc/mdstat does not show the raid device14:41
faLUCEActionParsnip: gconf-editor is a gui app. I want to hide/show a panel with a command line14:41
=== genupulas is now known as raju
ActionParsnipfaLUCE: if you actually read the command, you would see it isn't what you needed.14:41
ActionParsnipfaLUCE: jesus.14:41
watermarkI'm doing a reinstall of 10.04.3 server and it's being at "cleaning up" for a while now with a lot of disk activity.  Does it do a fsck at this stage or something else?14:41
douglwhere do I find boot-repair in 11.04?14:41
ActionParsnipfaLUCE: the command is WORKED OUT using the GUI app, once you know which item in gconf-editor needs changing, you can change the command in the page I gave to reflect the item. You can then make a script or alias which you can then use in command line to change the entry. You are only using the GUI app to INITIALLY reseaerch the layout of the settings to see which folder stores the hide etc setting.14:43
ActionParsnipfdasdfs: Do you get it now?14:43
ActionParsnipwrong tabv14:44
xeNULLhey guys need a hand with something14:44
Sidewinder1dougl, Have you looked here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub214:44
ActionParsnipfaLUCE: do you see what I mean now>?14:44
xeNULLI am having an issue with glxgears14:44
faLUCEActionParsnip: I just found a script for doing that14:45
douglSidewinder1, no I looked at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows14:45
ActionParsnipfaLUCE: I don't have gconf here as I am only SSHd to my home PC from work so I have given you the knowhow to find out for yourself which value needs changing and how it is changed in command line, which is what you wanted14:45
andybrineI just realised the audio sync on mircosoft life cinema are not very good. I would recomend having a seperate microphone to record with and it will work perfectly well14:45
xeNULLwhy are my graphical programs showing as running but not appearing at all?14:47
ActionParsnipxeNULL: if you run: pe -ef | less     and scroll up and down with cursors, are they running?14:48
xeNULLgimme sec...14:49
nicofsCan I set an executable bit on a file that's on an NTFS partition?14:49
ActionParsnipnicofs: no, you will need to mount the partition with executable bit set for all14:49
xeNULLno they are not14:50
Teh_Lemonhow do i make facebook video chat work14:50
Teh_Lemonit worked before installing ubuntu...14:50
ActionParsnipxeNULL: ok then run a GUI app from terminal, what is output?14:50
Teh_Lemontried with both chrome and firefox, none worked14:50
alkafooTeh_Lemon: what OS were you using before installing Ubuntu?14:51
luc__hi can anybody tell me how to fix my comp it has no sound im using a nvidia card with hdmi audio out to my tv14:51
ActionParsnipTeh_Lemon: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=129290843763821&topic=56014:51
alkafooTeh_Lemon: does it use Flash?  Have you installed Flash?14:51
Teh_Lemoni think that was package name...14:51
mirandaimanyone here runs unity?14:51
alkafoomirandaim: what if anyone does14:52
iceroot!anyone | mirandaim14:52
ubottumirandaim: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.14:52
ActionParsnipTeh_Lemon:  can you give the output of: lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep "flash|gnash|swf"    please use a pastebin to host14:52
alkafooluc__: are you sure your HDMI cable carries audio?  Not all do14:52
ActionParsnipmirandaim: i'm sure many do14:52
Teh_Lemonroger that14:52
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luc__yes it nworked on win 714:52
xeNULLi will pm you this output ActionParsnip14:53
alkafooyou'll want to look into ALSA and pulse audio configuration, then14:53
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ActionParsnipxeNULL: if you go to http://pastie.org14:53
mirandaimActionParsnip: wondering if it displays menu items (.desktop files) that refer to images of 32x32 .png files14:53
xeNULLright cool14:53
ActionParsnipxeNULL: make a paste there and give the URL of the page when it changes we can ALL see it14:53
ActionParsnipmirandaim: sure, if you make a correct .desktop file, it can run whatever you want14:54
xeNULLthere we go14:54
luc__what setting should they be at14:54
xeNULLthats when I try to run second life14:55
xeNULLbut the same happens with glxgears14:55
ActionParsnipxeNULL: how about something more common, like gedit14:55
xeNULLgedit works fine14:55
mirandaimActionParsnip: i meant, the old gnome-panel displayed 32x32 .png icons but the new unity perhaps has larger icons, how does it display icons of size 32x32, does it zoom them :D14:55
uN1xUbunthi all :)14:55
xeNULLits just apps that use the graphics card14:55
uN1xUbuntUbuntu is the best :)14:55
mirandaimActionParsnip: because the new icons look considerably larger ;)14:56
uN1xUbuntGeorge is king :)14:56
ActionParsnipmirandaim: you mean you want to resize the unity icons?14:56
xeNULLlike glxgears, secondlife, tremulous etc.14:56
gaesshi there14:56
ActionParsnipxeNULL: do you have 3D accelleration setup?14:56
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mirandaimActionParsnip: i was asking if i install an old app that uses 32x32 icons will they show up correctly in unity screen and how bad they will look like!14:57
gaessi'm new to irc sry. can i ask questions about installing ubuntu linux here?14:57
xeNULLyeah I installed it just after I installed ubuntu about an hour ago14:57
xeNULLI used the restricted drivers program14:57
xeNULLwhen I run gksu amdcccle though that won't show either14:57
Jackneilli installed phpmyadmin but i cant access it in localhost/phpmyadmin14:57
Jackneillcan you help me?14:58
PiciJackneill: drop a symlink to /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf into /etc/apache2/conf.d/14:58
ActionParsnipTeh_Lemon: http://pastebin.com/PeeLxQpX14:58
alkafoogaess: yes14:58
TriorieelNeed help with nvidia drivers & ubuntu. I load ubuntu and I only get the wallpaper. no menu's etc...(Fresh install of 11.04 that is up to date)14:58
ActionParsnipTeh_Lemon: 64bit flash for 64bit OS14:58
alkafoogaess: generally if what you want to talk about is what the /topic of the channel says the channel is about, it's a safe bet14:58
Jackneillpici: how to?14:59
ActionParsnipmirandaim: should be fine14:59
alkafooTriorieel: what media did you install from14:59
xeNULLthe graphics card I have is an ATI Radeon HD 545014:59
Triorieelalkafoo, minimal cd...so everything came over the net with apt-gets14:59
xeNULLif that helps14:59
id10t'lo all ...14:59
luc__does any body know what the setting should be set at to get sound to work on nvidia vid card with hdmi audio out to tv14:59
ActionParsnipJackneill: cd /etc/apache2/conf.d/; sudo ln -s /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf .14:59
Teh_LemonActionParsnip: if it works, i love you14:59
uN1xUbuntUbuntu THe BEST !!!!!15:00
mirandaimActionParsnip: does it pick the app list from /usr/share/applications i mean unity or some other location15:00
ActionParsnipTeh_Lemon: 64bit flash is groovy, not sure abot the video chat15:00
Teh_Lemonshould i go x86 chrome?15:00
oCeanuN1xUbunt: we know, please stay on topic. General chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic15:00
ActionParsnipmirandaim: dash does but you can manually make a .desktop and drag it to the bar if you want15:00
ActionParsnipTeh_Lemon: no, use 64bit chrome15:00
id10tanyone familiar wtih using apt-mirror to create a local ubuntu mirror?  I'm wondering about symlinking to apache and having different ubuntu sources listed ... archive.canocial (for partnet) vs archive.ubuntu (for main, multiverse, etc).  how do i deal with that?15:01
Jackneillpici: actionparsnip: i did but i get 404 again.15:01
xeNULLI think I might just go back to the dark corners of crunchbang15:01
PiciJackneill: you need to restart apache after doing that.15:01
Yvonne1kk.. if i now try to upgrade.. ( i wanna upgrade from jaunty to karmic etc etc) but it says: an upgrade from jaunty to lucid is not supported.15:01
Jackneillthanks pici and actionparsnip15:01
xeNULLbrb I will try upgrading to natty and see if that helps at all15:02
mirandaimActionParsnip: heard they have changed the place where dash would show up from panel to the left bar :D15:02
Triorieelalkafoo, Having to run this on my other machine as I can't load anything in the gui under ubuntu15:03
Teh_Lemonhm... still nothing15:03
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xeNULLI will be back...15:03
alkafooTriorieel: just curious15:04
alkafooTriorieel: you can try manually running the applications that haven't run as they should have15:04
alkafooTriorieel: the panel, nautilus, etc., but really it might be worth considering installing from the ordinary install image15:04
ActionParsnipJackneill: I just gave the command to do what Pici suggested ;)15:05
RistovskiHello , I just installed ubuntu to a external HDD but I cant bbot from it , I changes the BIOS settings so it boots from Removable Dev. (Theres nothing else only my internal HDD that i dont wanna boot from15:05
Teh_LemonActionParsnip: youtube works, but i cannot start facebook video chat. i have webcam, its built in, im on acer aspire 5738ZG.15:05
Teh_Lemoni dont have video chat button in chat window, i used to have in on windows 715:06
edbianRistovski: what happens when you boot?15:06
Ristovskiedbian " I cant15:06
ActionParsnipTeh_Lemon: does the webcam show in cheese?15:06
Ristovskiit doesnt boot it boots windows instead15:06
edbianRistovski: What happens when you try?15:06
edbianRistovski: Where is windows installed?15:06
Teh_Lemonit shows in skype15:06
Ristovskiwindows boots up15:06
Teh_Lemondidnt install cheese on this installation15:06
Ristovskiedbian : internal HDD15:06
edbianRistovski: If you're talking to me please use my name.15:06
tazlehow do I set the kernel that is booted by default in Ubuntu's auto-generated grub2 config file?15:06
Triorieelalkafoo, This is a fresh install because I was having these problems on my last install and I was hoping it was a problem with takign the hard drive from another machine and putting it into my new one15:06
tazlei.e. what should I edit instead of grub.cfg?15:06
Ristovskiedbian: to an internal HDD15:06
karmstI'm having a networking issue with Natty15:06
edbianRistovski: Then you're not telling the BIOS to boot the external.15:06
ActionParsnipTeh_Lemon: good enough, not sure what facebook's standing is on Linux. The group I posted may be able to advise15:07
MonkeyDustI cant use my webcam in Skype, either, also on an Acer15:07
WhatTheQtis there a way to get the motherboard's total amount of memory slots, as well as the used slots, size of RAM module, etc, from Ubuntu? Like CPU-Z on Windows?15:07
Ristovskiedbian: I am I set teh first boot prioritz to Removable DEv (my external HDD is USB)15:07
karmstI was able to join my Natty to a windows domain using like-wise open15:07
Teh_Lemonyou posted one discussion...15:07
Teh_Lemonnot group15:07
ActionParsnipTeh_Lemon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u49W2NmA-Y   maybe15:07
id10tWhatTheQt, sudo lshw -html > somefile.html15:07
karmsthowever when I go to places / network / Windows the domain does not appear15:07
karmstI can ping all DC's though15:07
ActionParsnipTeh_Lemon: http://www.buzzom.com/2011/07/facebook-video-chat-not-supported-on-linux/15:07
Ristovskiedbian: is there spmething I can do?15:08
edbianRistovski: Sometimes the BIOS will list the removable hdd with the other harddrives.  I suggest you hunt around your bios some more.  If you boot a liveCD I know a command we can run that will prove that grub is installed.15:08
alkafooTriorieel: your last install from the same minimal image?15:08
nicofsRistovski, edbian the external hdd might not have the boot bit - or however it's called...15:08
Ristovskiedbian: I cant boot even boot from USB stick so its a bios problem15:08
edbiannicofs: What is a 'boot bit' ?15:08
Teh_LemonActionParsnip: im new on ubuntu. i used it before but never gave it a big try15:09
Teh_Lemonwill wine work15:09
nicofsedbian, or does that only apply to usb keys...?15:09
karmstyou probably don't have an MBR created15:09
Ristovskiedbian: Its a bios problem else I could boot my USB stick15:09
edbianRistovski: agreed.  Look in more detail at your bios.  Go into every menu and setting.15:09
Teh_Lemonor it shows to target i am using linux after all15:09
WhatTheQtid10t: thanks15:09
edbiannicofs: I don't even know what the 'boot bit' is!15:09
Triorieelalkafoo, No, that was a proper install from ubuntu versions ago that has been kept upto date15:09
Ristovskiedbian: I was , I tried everything , and still i cant find my HDD in it15:09
watermarkI'm doing a reinstall of 10.04.3 server and it's being at "cleaning up" for a while now with a lot of disk activity. Does it do a fsck at this stage or something else?15:09
rumpe1nicofs, linux doesn't care about the boot-flag15:09
karmstedbian: he's talking about the MBR15:09
semitones_teaIdleOne: can i pm real quick?15:09
edbiankarmst: The 'boot bit' is the MBR?  That does not make sense15:10
nicofsrumpe1, linux can't care if it doesn't boot in the firs place...15:10
karmstthere is no such thing as a boot bit15:10
alkafooTriorieel: and it was having the same problem as you're having now from a fresh install?15:10
Ristovskiedbian: I feel so badly...15:10
ActionParsnipTeh_Lemon: could try it15:10
rumpe1nicofs, it doesn't care ever15:10
IdleOnesemitones_tea: anytime15:10
[THC]AcidRainman same issue as last night. if i dont use the uuid in fstab, then my external drives are mounted as Server2_ Server_ instead of Server and Server215:11
Triorieelalkafoo, correct...although I took it further on the last install and used drivers from the nvidia site then tried going back to the distribution drivers and that created a huge mess I felt like starting from scratch with15:11
edbianRistovski: sorry to hear that15:11
Teh_Lemonthanks ActionParsnip. if it works, you get a cookie :D15:11
Ristovskiedbian: thanks...15:11
karmstyes the MBR is what tells your drive what sector your grub is in15:11
karmstor whatever boot manager you are using15:11
Ristovskiedbian: i wish there was some way to boot from it , I really love Ubuntu 10.04 but Im forced to use Windows15:12
karmstwhy can't you?15:12
[THC]AcidRainbut if i DO use uuid,then they are mounted what appears to be 2 times. at Server Server and Server2 server215:12
Ristovskiedbian: since I cant boot from External HDD15:12
[THC]AcidRainis there any sure way around this issue?15:12
karmstjust write GRUB from scratch?15:12
Ristovskikarmst: read up15:12
ActionParsnipRistovski: Ubuntu isn't always the solution15:12
edbianRistovski: There is.  Mess with the bios settings.  Try removing the internal hdd (physically disconnect it)15:12
Ristovskiedbian: laptop...15:12
karmstdon't do all that15:12
edbianRistovski: You can still remove the hdd.  (sometimes it's hard)15:13
karmstedit fstab to mount your OS partition15:13
id10tanyone familiar wtih using apt-mirror to create a local ubuntu mirror?  I'm wondering about symlinking to apache and having different ubuntu sources listed ... archive.canocial (for partnet) vs archive.ubuntu (for main, multiverse, etc).  how do i deal with that?15:13
Ristovskiedbian: nah i dont wanna do that...15:13
edbianRistovski: ok15:13
karmstthen edit grub to use that as the boot15:13
karmstpretty easy15:13
A_Jcan tell me any sound cards which work well with ubuntu15:13
edbiankarmst: he needs to edit the bios, not grub15:13
Yvonne1why cant i upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10?? It still keeps checking all the updates and it only wants to install the latest version, and that i cant do cuz its not supported..15:13
[THC]AcidRaincan you help me. you seem to know a great deal about fstab15:13
Ristovskiedbian: yeah ...15:13
iceroot!upgrade | Yvonne115:14
ubottuYvonne1: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade15:14
alkafooA_J: ##hardware can15:14
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:14
A_Jthanks alkafoo15:14
icerootYvonne1: also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:14
karmstedbian: he doesn't need to do anything to his bios15:14
karmstit's linux15:14
watermarkYnonnel: pretty sure 9.10 is already at eol, so you can't upgrade to it15:14
karmstyou can have it mount a NFS share and boot from it if you would want to15:14
edbiankarmst: I _strongly_ disagree.  He needs to tell the BIOS to boot his external hdd15:14
Ristovskiedbian: is there something I can do? (Sorry for bothering you but I feel like shattered - im trying to boot ubuntu from USB stick and now HDD for 2 weeks)15:15
icerootwatermark: you must update to 9.10 and then 10.04 (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades)15:15
[THC]AcidRainok. if i use fstab and enter them by uuid, my comp 1. tries to boot from them, if i remove them and boot my comp, then it appears to mount them 2 times. at Server Server and Server2 Server2. if i enter them into fstab by /dev/sdf1 then it does NOT try to boot from them. and it mounts them at Server_ Server2_ and it leaves Server and Server2 as an option15:15
[THC]AcidRainkarmst, ^15:15
edbianRistovski: You need to understand your bios.  This is not something I can help with.15:15
edbianRistovski: alternatively.  Install grub on your internal15:15
karmstedbian: then you obviously don't know how storage actually works15:15
Yvonne19.10 isnt eol.. but even if i wanted, i cant choose which one i want15:15
Ristovskiedbian: is it safe_15:15
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icerootYvonne1: you have to use the upgrade-manager not the update-manager (see links from ubottu )15:16
Yvonne1ow it is eol, but cant choose one anyway15:16
edbiankarmst: What are you talking about?  Ristovski installed ubuntu on his external.  When he boots he gets windows (installed on an internal).  He needs to edit his bios.15:16
karmstAcidRain: is it a raid array?15:16
edbianRistovski: yes15:16
Jackneillwhats better, emesene or amsn?15:16
edbianRistovski: but you have to boot a liveCD / liveUSB15:16
Ristovskilive cd15:16
[THC]AcidRainkarmst, what do you mean by raid array? i have 1 internal drive that SHOULD be booted from first by the bios order. and i have 2 external drives15:16
icerootJackneill: the one you like more15:17
[THC]AcidRainthe 2 external is the issue15:17
alkafoothings that are EOL still have upgrade instructions available anyways15:17
Yvonne1and where can i find this upgrade manager?15:17
karmstwhat is the first line in your grub?15:18
icerootYvonne1: see the links from ubottu15:18
iceroot!upgrade | Yvonne115:18
ubottuYvonne1: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade15:18
iceroot!eol | Yvonne115:18
ubottuYvonne1: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:18
[THC]AcidRainkarmst, the first in my grub is the internal drive. yet when the externals are hooked up and i boot my comp, it still tries to boot from them firsdt15:18
luc__can anybody tell me how to my fix sound on my comp15:18
[THC]AcidRainkarmst, it ONLY tries to boot from them first when i have used their UUID in the fstab. if i dont use that, then it boots from internal15:19
knobydobs@luc__ what soundcard do you have15:19
[THC]AcidRainkarmst, BUT if i use uuid then it mounts them as Server Server Server2 Server2. what appears to be 2 times15:19
Yvonne1i did try the link, but i cant do the upgrade..15:19
CyborgSmurfCould someone help me with crossover cable CAT5, XP and Ubuntu 11.04?15:19
icerootCyborgSmurf: just ask your ubuntu related question15:19
luc__evga nvidia hdmi audio out to tv15:19
Yvonne1i mean the link with how to upgrade an EOL15:19
alkafooluc__: hdmi audio is a fairly common issue IIRC, do some searching online15:20
icerootYvonne1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:20
alkafooYvonne1: why can't you?15:20
ActionParsnipCyborgSmurf: help in what way?15:20
karmstthat's weird15:20
rigved[THC]AcidRain: the hard disk boot order is decided by your BIOS settings, not your grub list.15:20
luc__i have for 6 days now15:20
[THC]AcidRainkarmst, if i could take a ss of my Places menu for you. you would see more what im talking about15:20
Yvonne1cuz it keeps searching for the nwest upgrade. i cant choose15:21
[THC]AcidRainrigved, right. sry thats what i mean15:21
CyborgSmurfActionParsnip: set up IP for both computers... (I am really bad at this so be patient)15:21
knobydobs@luc__ have a look in the software center15:21
[THC]AcidRainbut what i dont understand. is why is it not being mounted to the folder Server and Server2. it looks like it is creating its own folder Server and Server2 that are not being listed15:21
CyborgSmurfActionParsnip: for playing games (StarCraft)15:22
italomaiaHi, I'm unable to boot my livecd ubuntu15:22
ActionParsnipCyborgSmurf: use network manager in the panel. click edit connections. Click wired. click your connection then cick Edit. Set the interface to static15:22
Yvonne1it keeps saying: an upgrade from jaunty to lucid is not supported15:22
luc__for what am i looking for15:22
italomaiait seems xserver is crashing.15:22
CyborgSmurfActionParsnip: XP or Ubuntu?15:22
alkafooitalomaia: maybe it was a bad burn, using a USB stick might be better15:22
ActionParsnipYvonne1: you can grab the karmic alternate ISO, MD5 test it, mount it and then upgrade using that15:22
italomaiaalkafoo: i checked. My installed ubuntu stopped working too15:22
ActionParsnipCyborgSmurf: Ubuntu15:22
ActionParsnipCyborgSmurf: you are in the ubuntu support channel..15:23
italomaiaalkafoo: i'm trying to boot from livecd to backup what was in my ubuntu local install15:23
knobydobsfixes patches control centers drivers that sort of thing15:23
italomaiaI think i need to boot from livecd in text mode15:23
italomaiadon't know if ubuntu supports that15:23
alkafooitalomaia: possibly; use http://www.sysresccd.org/15:24
ActionParsnipCyborgSmurf: then set the IP to siomething like with netmask of
ActionParsnipCyborgSmurf: in Windows set the IP to and netmask
CyborgSmurfActionParsnip: static? I cant find a label with that...15:25
italomaiaalkafoo: woa! I'm gonna try that. Thanks =D15:25
ActionParsnipCyborgSmurf: in the drop down, it will be DHCP, change it to Manual15:25
blizzowI ran the ubuntu installer off a usb stick I greated with the startup disk creator program.  When I try to run the install it only gives me the option of blowing away the old Windows install or manually partitioning on my own.  There used to be an option to dual boot.  How do I re-enable or get to the dual boot option?15:26
ActionParsnipCyborgSmurf: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_lkW2FMxob10/SWInewOp_yI/AAAAAAAAA2Y/dx2IsXSmH4c/s400/Screenshot-4.png15:26
Kohelethis that ikonia dic on here?15:26
ActionParsnipKoheleth: sometimes15:26
Kohelethhope not15:27
jribKoheleth: mind your language in this channel and be respective of others15:27
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[THC]AcidRain/dev/sdf1                                  /media/Server   ext3  errors=remount-ro,users,user  0  0    why does my drive mount at /media/Server_?15:27
Kohelethjust got kicked of from offtopic cuz he has no sense of humor15:27
oCeanKoheleth: please don't continue that discussion here15:27
jribKoheleth: this channel is for ubuntu support, nothing else15:28
Kohelethgeez running 11.120 and sending loads od bugs here15:28
knobydobshi i have an ati radeon x600 and i have installed the drivers but when i boot up the moniter says it has been disconnected p.s. i see my bootscreen untill the bootloader starts to come up then the screen goes black15:28
ActionParsnipKoheleth: oneiric is supported in #ubuntu+1 til release15:28
CyborgSmurfActionParsnip: and what about gateway?15:29
ActionParsnipCyborgSmurf: there isn't one, that's only for web access. You can put if you want. Doesn't do anything15:29
ActionParsnipCyborgSmurf: you may need to leave it blank if it doesn't work15:29
ActionParsnipCyborgSmurf: actually leave it blank, less confusion15:30
CyborgSmurfActionParsnip: I will15:30
CyborgSmurfActionParsnip: how do I know if they can find each other over the cable and not the wireless(I have that too)15:30
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drehdzis there a specific channel for 11.10b1?15:35
h00kdrehdz: #ubuntu+115:35
Picidrehdz: #ubuntu+115:35
drehdzthank you15:35
CyborgSmurfActionParsnip: thank you for the help "connection established" fivestars rate ;)15:36
msiemonI'm kinda a noob how do I get to #ubuntu+115:36
icerootmsiemon: /join #ubuntu+115:36
msiemoniceroot: Thanks that's almost too easy15:37
mang0What's the differance between $: sudo apt-get remove PROGRAM and $: sudo apt-get autoremove PROGRAM15:38
icerootmang0: remove == remove a package, autoremove = remove all packages which are no longer needed15:38
mang0iceroot: So if you did autoremove then you don't need to put in a program name?15:38
icerootmang0: e.g. you install program a which is pulluing program b, then you remove program a and b is still installed but because it is installed only because of a autoremove will remove it15:39
mastaofdisastahello everyone, I'm using the "openntpd" package to setup a simple workstation to server NTP sync15:39
mastaofdisastait doesn't work however15:39
mastaofdisastaI'm using ntpdate and it will not sync15:39
dori922is rssh still good to use to allow FTP and block SSH?15:39
mang0iceroot: Gotcha. So basically sudo apt-get autoremove firefox will literally delete any packages to do wtih firefox?15:40
Gerain69Âñåì äîáðîãî âðåìåíè ñóòîê15:40
staceyhi folks.  My issue in one line: python -c "import bonobo" ImportError: No module named bonobo15:40
icerootmang0: just "sudo apt-get autoremove"15:40
icerootmang0: also see "man apt-get"15:40
mang0iceroot: ah, thankyou :)15:40
magicblaze007any crontab gurus here:  How frequently is this run? --> 07***rm /tmp/xyz.dat15:41
icerootmang0: onces a day at 7oclock15:41
icerootmagicblaze007: ^15:41
magicblaze007iceroot: thanks a lot15:42
Gerain69Sorry, is this eng conference?15:42
mang0iceroot: ?15:42
icerootGerain69: yes15:42
Picistacey: Do you have the python-gnome2 package installed?15:42
icerootmang0: wrong nick15:42
mang0 :P15:42
mang0yeah k ;)15:42
PiciGerain69: This is the offical Ubuntu support channel.15:42
staceyPici: according to dpkg -l yes I do15:42
organiksis there a cmd i can use to increase my network card speed to a more consistant number15:43
Picistacey: What release of Ubuntu are you using?15:43
icerootorganiks: you mean to make it faster?15:44
organiksyes it fluctuates15:44
staceyPici: Linux 2.6.27-17-generic kubutnu (linuxmce) 8.1015:44
Gerain69Who know where rus ubuntu conference, tel me please, i write by phone15:44
Picistacey: 8.10 is no longer supported, sorry.15:45
PiciGerain69: #ubuntu-ru15:45
icerootorganiks: lynx ebay.com is imo the only command to make it faster15:45
icerootorganiks: with other words, you cant make your card faster then it is15:45
organiksfrom 54 to 30015:45
staceyPici: linuxmce 10.04 is still beta15:45
organiksno the speed changes15:45
icerootorganiks: ah you mean to use wifi in n-mode15:45
organikssilly me15:45
icerootorganiks: does your card support it?15:45
mang0Do you reckon it's worth doing sudo apt-get dist-upgrade?15:46
Picistacey: linuxmce isn't a supported variant of Ubuntu either. They have their own channel in #linuxmce15:46
icerootorganiks: and its changing from 300mbit/s to 54mbit/s sometimes? or only runs in 54mbit/s?15:46
staceywhich I tried last night already15:46
organikschanges but mainly runs in 54mbit mode15:46
icerootorganiks: you can try another driver but normally wifi is setting the speed doen if the connection-quality is bad15:47
shishireRunning a natty server, how do I change the size of /dev/shm?  None of the guides I can find via google mention grub2, they all edit menu.lst15:47
organiksconnection is full15:48
Gerain69Ok :) *THUMBS UP*15:48
Phr3d13i need to set the capture volume of my microphone with alsa, how do i do that?15:48
organiksits a intel draft n 5100-530015:49
bill_toulaswow 1600 users on-line that is something!15:50
ActionParsnipbill_toulas: come here on 14th october ;)15:51
Phr3d13i need to set the capture volume of my microphone with alsa, how do i do that?15:51
[THC]AcidRainok ive managed to narrow down my issue. regardless how i enter information into fstab. it will always mount my external drives 2 times each15:52
[THC]AcidRainand as long as my external drives are hooked up to my computer, my comp will try to mount them during boot, and it fails. it trying to do this also causes grub to go crazy and needs me to do a few things15:53
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vercingetorixHi, when writing scripts for the Notify-OSD, I can't use notify-send since there is none installed on my system for some reason. However, Ubuntu tells me I have notify-osd. I even tried uninstalling notify-osd and reinstalling it. How do I get notify-send, shouldn't it be part of the notify-osd package?15:53
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest47699
Picivercingetorix: you need the libnotify-bin backage.15:54
vercingetorixwait, found something called libnotify-bin, apt-get'ing this first15:54
nothingspecialPhr3d13: Type alsamixer, press F4, move to the mic slider with your arrows, press M to unmute if needbe, and use your arrows to set the volume15:55
honululumöchte windows xp installieren und dann ubuntu15:55
Phr3d13nothingspecial, i found what i needed with a google search, ty anyway15:56
iceroot!de | honululu15:56
ubottuhonululu: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!15:56
honululuhabe 160gb festplatte15:56
nothingspecialPhr3d13: ok15:56
Pumpkin-k/win2 015:58
elb0w`anyone else installing ubuntu on a macbook have no sound?15:58
ActionParsnipelb0w`: which macbook?15:59
luc__can anybody tellme how to  install video drivers a just downloaded from nvidia15:59
elb0w`ActionParsnip: macbook pro 4,115:59
ActionParsnipluc__: boot to root recovery mode, mark the file as executable and run it, its easier to use the additional drivers app in the OS16:00
ikonialuc__: don't use them from nvidia.com - use the ubuntu drivers16:00
ikonialuc__: ubuntu ships the same drivers as from nvidia.com in the hardware drivers tool16:00
ActionParsnipelb0w`: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook4-1/Natty    not seen that?16:00
luc__i am new to ubuntu so i dont realy know how to do things yet16:01
ActionParsnipluc__: press alt+2 and type:  driver    and wait16:01
ikoniaActionParsnip: does that work to open jocky ?16:01
bobweaverhi there I really messed up this time. I 100% removed NM, so I have no net what so ever I tred to get the .deb wicd file but my python files are not up to date16:01
ActionParsnipikonia: yeah i find it an easier way (works afaik)16:02
bobweaveris there a all in onw nm .deb file16:02
ikoniaActionParsnip: very useful, thank you16:02
ikoniabobweaver: can configure the network without network manager16:02
bobweaveris there a all in one* nm .deb file16:02
ActionParsnipikonia: might wanna test it16:02
ikoniabobweaver: installing a deb is a problem as it will miss the dependencies16:02
bobweaverikonia: killed everythink16:02
ActionParsnipbobweaver: add the ubuntu CD as a repo then you can install from that16:02
ikoniabobweaver: it didn't kill everythimg, it removed network manager, configure the network in /etc/network/interfaces to get your machine back on the network and fix the issue16:03
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ActionParsnipbobweaver: is the system a laptop?16:03
bobweaveryea 3.0.10    11.1016:03
ActionParsnipbobweaver: ask in #ubuntu+116:03
luc__i hit alt 2 nothing  happens16:04
ActionParsnipluc__: alt+f216:04
=== vantage_pudding_ is now known as vantage_pudding
luc__it says could not openlocation16:06
ShasiraxHey guys16:06
Shasiraxanyone know how to get rid of the 0x80004001 error message with .NET ?16:07
ActionParsnipluc__: which release are you using?16:08
ActionParsnipluc__: are you using Unity or Classic session or a none gnome desktop?16:08
luc__not sure16:08
ActionParsnipluc__: ok does your desktop have a bar of apps down the left side?16:09
ActionParsnipluc__: ok lets do it the easy way. Run a terminal and run:  gksudo jockey16:09
nothingspecialluc__: Describe it please16:09
mang0How do I open nautilus as root?16:10
mang0I need to remove something from /mnt/16:10
ActionParsnipmang0: gksudo nautilus16:10
mang0ActionParsnip: Cheers.16:10
rumpe1mang0, terminal: "gksu nautilus"16:10
mang0rumpe1: Thanks ;)16:10
luc__nothing happend16:11
ActionParsnipluc__: did you get asked for a password?16:11
[THC]AcidRainso can anyone help me fix my mount problem? i dont know how to fix the external hdd. i guess my system will just try to mount them regardless what i do, during boot16:11
ActionParsnipluc__: ok try:  gksudo jockey-gtk16:11
[THC]AcidRainif i want my system to boot properly, i have to hit f12 and select to boot from my internal drive, then i have to skip the mounting of both my external drives16:12
rumpe1ActionParsnip, do you know the difference or which command is more "secure" w.r.t. to permissions?16:12
ActionParsniprumpe1: one uses root's profile, one uses the users16:12
ActionParsniprumpe1: they are the same binary but the interpretter uses them differently16:12
wildbat!fstab | [THC]AcidRain16:14
ubottu[THC]AcidRain: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions16:14
luc__a list came up16:14
[THC]AcidRainwildbat, fstab is epic fail16:14
ActionParsnipluc__: yay, enable the nvidia driver16:14
[THC]AcidRainfstab is what is causing all these problems for me i believe16:14
luc__downloading now16:15
luc__how do you get the name to come on here16:15
xtcvhi everyone, i need some help16:16
xtcvI got a wireless network card that acts funny16:16
xtcvany ideas?16:16
ActionParsnipluc__: type a few of the characters of the name and press TAB16:16
jstoonextcv: in which way funny?16:17
[THC]AcidRainxtcv, what version of linux?16:17
ActionParsnipxtcv: also what wifi chip is it16:17
rumpe1[THC]AcidRain, if you have to use f12 to start some boot-manager to select the internal drive, set the internal drive in BIOS as boot-device (with higher priority?). If linux asks to skip the external drives, because they couldn't be found, add "noauto" to their fstab-entries16:17
luc__ActionParsnip, thanks16:17
FloodBot1d0pe: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:17
luc__ActionParsnip, this is my first week using linux16:18
[THC]AcidRainrumpe1, that actually sounds good. but wouldnt noauto mean that i have to mount them manually? and my internal drive is set as the first drive to boot from16:18
xtcvubuntu 11.04 x86  Belkin can't remember which one... some websites load fine, others load REALLY slow, or not at all.  Thing is I can hook up my android phone and wireless thether the wifi through the USB and it's fast as anything16:18
rumpe1[THC]AcidRain, noauto in fstab prevents mounting at boot-time, it doesn't prevent automount later16:19
luc__ActionParsnip, need to restart comp now16:19
[THC]AcidRainrumpe1, that sounds like a perfect fix, hang on, let me do some googling16:19
xtcvusing the ath5k driver16:19
jstoonextcv: It's necessarily your chip (hopefully it isn't). Have you tried to contact your ISP?16:20
jstoonextcv: Sorry, It's NOT necessarily your chip*16:21
xtcvwell i don't think it's the ISP, as I said, Router -> Phone (wifi) -> USB is full speed (10Mbps)16:21
xtcvWifes laptop runs great too....16:21
jstoonextcv: Oh, I thought you ment 3G tethering ;)16:21
xtcvjust this PC16:21
jstoonextcv: that stinks, let me google a bit.16:22
xtcvoh I 3G tether all the time... :_)16:22
[THC]AcidRainrumpe1, so for example: UUID=1d112679-6e31-481f-86eb-f7ec25756183/media/Server2  ext3  errors=noauto,remount-rw,users,user  0  016:22
[THC]AcidRainwould this be correct?16:22
jstoonextcv: I know! It's awesome!16:23
=== xy is now known as evilxy
rumpe1[THC]AcidRain, no, noauto has nothing to do with errors16:23
apleHey guys, how do I remove something without leaving any orphans and such? I'm trying to uninstall virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper and reinstall them completely clean16:24
apleTried pip uninstall, but it left ~/.virtualenv16:24
jstoonextcv: Did it work/have you tried it in the older versions?16:24
luc_ActionParsnip, still no sound but now i have the left side bar16:24
rumpe1[THC]AcidRain, why "users,user" ?16:24
xtcvIt's a Belkin FD5700016:24
[THC]AcidRainwell that means any user can mount, and user can write? right?16:24
xtcvYeah in 10.04 it worked great16:25
xtcvit works well in ::gulp:: Windows 716:25
llutz[THC]AcidRain:no, read  "man mount" again16:25
basslinerhi there. how can i enable a getty on ttyS0 on a todays ubuntu system that doesn't have an /etc/inittab file? thanks.16:26
jstooneI found this little fella': https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/775104 - could it be your bug?16:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 775104 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel ath5k driver wireless signal strength critically weak " [Medium,Incomplete]16:26
jstoonextcv: Or not you bug like in your bugpost, but do you think it's the same problem?16:26
[THC]AcidRainoh its group user16:26
llutz[THC]AcidRain:no, read  "man mount" again16:26
knobydobs@luc__ right click the file, go to the permissions tab and let it be run as executable16:27
xtcv???? I'm16:27
llutz[THC]AcidRain: you set permissions using chmod/chown on ext-fs, not via fstab/mount-options16:27
rumpe1[THC]AcidRain, man mount: "user: ordinary user can mount  [and only he can] unmount"  "users: allow every user to mount/unmount"16:27
rumpe1[THC]AcidRain, why not just "defaults,users,noauto" ?16:28
apleHow do I uninstall something without leaving orphans?16:28
[THC]AcidRainrumpe1, and leave out the errors option?16:28
douglI installed windows which trashed my ubuntu install so I ran boot-repair and now ubuntu takes and incredibly long time to boot up... any suggestions?16:28
douglran boot-repair to reinstall grub...16:28
[THC]AcidRainrumpe1, well honestly i had it somewhat the way you are telling me before hand. then i lost so much faith in myself i downloaded storage device manager from repos. and it added that information in there just like that16:29
[THC]AcidRainand it was rated 4.5 stars16:29
xtcvdougl it's always best to install win first then ubuntu16:29
[THC]AcidRainso i assumed it knew a little more than i did16:29
ThinkT510aple: try using synaptic and find what you want to remove and select completely remove16:29
ThinkT510aple: just make sure you know nothing else depends on it16:29
mang0Is there any sort of colour calibration program for ubuntu? My screen looks seriously messed up o.o16:30
AlessonZaireI had a similar problem when I was using my on-board video card some months ago16:31
rumpe1[THC]AcidRain, i don't understand the error-option... why remount readwriteable, if there are some errors? usually you remount readonly (ro) for recovery.16:32
[THC]AcidRainrumpe1, well i took that out. like i said, that is what storage device manager did, not me16:32
[THC]AcidRainrumpe1, my next question for you. is why does it show under "Places" the device 2 times?16:33
luc_knobydobs, it says could not create the archive archive not supported16:33