ScottLastraljava, i'm later than i expected i have updates for the seeds for you02:58
ScottLi think the first three will be in the graphics seed:02:59
ScottL1. add mypaint02:59
ScottL2. add simplescan and remove xsane02:59
ScottL3. add darktable02:59
ScottLi'm not sure where the next is, perhaps -desktop03:00
ScottL4. add phatch and remove nautilus-image-converter03:00
ScottLastraljava, correction on one package name; simplescan should be simple-scan03:01
ScottLother than a suggestion to make a photo seed i believe this completes all the suggestions03:02
falktx_ScottL: is gladish in there?03:04
falktx_we'll talk later03:04
ScottLaye, it was put in there earlier, but we'll talk later :)03:22
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