evonholstein, thanks for your response.  I am putting on a play and I would like to be able to cue up and play music and sound effects at the click of a button.  It would be great if I could load multiple tracks at the same time into a simple interface that will allow me to play any of them at the click of a button.  The ability to play them individually and at the same time is important to me as well.  Thanks in adva01:01
evonnce for the hel01:01
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sh4rm4what desktop environment is u.s. using ?16:00
sh4rm4wow... that's amazing19:47
sh4rm4after 4 hours of wait still nobody can't tell me which desktop environement is being used19:48
sh4rm4i guess i have to be rude19:48
sh4rm4astraljava, darkmatter darkmatter funkyHat holstein jussi jussi01 , mammig meganerd  mlpug19:49
funkyHatOh yep, that's really going to help you ⢁)19:49
sh4rm4at least someone says something now.19:49
sh4rm4so it is gnome ?19:50
sh4rm4or some lightweight desktop environment ?19:50
sh4rm4lets wake up the other zombies19:51
sh4rm4moustafa, nhandler orngjce223 qclibre  rexbron saidinesh5 ScottL sobukus  SOEPgarnaal7  StillLearnin  ts2 tsimpson  vlada19:52
moustafash4rm4: calling people zombies is a good way to provoke moderator shotgun19:52
sh4rm4yeah, i'm ready to leave this chan anyway.19:53
vladamoustafa, why gave this creep right to live?!19:54
vladamoustafa, sorry - wasn't meant to be message directed to you :(19:55
moustafavlada: He has the right to live.  But being rude is definitely not a way to get answers19:55
moustafavlada: No problems19:55
StillLearninHe claims he waited 4 hours. I'd have no way of verifying that though.19:56
StillLearninI only just joined :)19:56
tsimpsonnearly 4 actually, but I really don't care if they waited since time itself began19:57
moustafaAt 12:00 he asks what desktop environment Ubuntu Studio uses.  At 3:47 pm he starts oinking19:58
StillLearninThe sad thing is that googling would have given him the answer in less time...20:04
tsimpsonlooking at a screenshot would have given the answer...20:05
moustafaStillLearnin: You mean using functional logic?  That's not why the internet was made for20:06
* saidinesh5 didn't know he was a zombie21:04

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