iverson0881Hi, i was wondering why some jobs that I start with sudo -u $user don't necessarily start with $user, they sometimes can start with root, 00:30
iverson0881I'm using the instance feature of upstart and and experiencing this00:30
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BLZbubbais there an option to use "console file /tmp/upstart.log" or something like that instead of "console output"03:28
BLZbubbamy system doesn't have a console so it's impossible to debug boot problems currently03:28
frewsxcvso if i run my conf script manually, it runs my service fine, but upstart, it doesn't03:42
frewsxcvwhat can i do to debug this03:42
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cyberlogiHi all. I'm trying to execute scripts using upstart as a different user. For example:    exec su -s /bin/bash -c 'exec "$0" "$@"' ubuntu -- whoami >> /home/ubuntu/test.log     works fine, but I can't figure out how to get it to login as the user and load the .bashrc options18:33
PuffTheMagicis there anyway to run upstart as non pid=120:30
PuffTheMagicim trying to debug something without a console20:30
PuffTheMagicand i cant do that if upstart has to be init=120:31

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