Unit193knome: I did a few basic changes before I forgot09:00
Unit193This page doesn't seem to be needed https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Testing/Feisty and none of the pre-versions change much09:04
charlie-tcaGood morning14:03
madnickmorning :)14:03
charlie-tcaHow is everything today, sir?14:20
mr_pouitoh, fine, and you?14:20
charlie-tcaAppears to be a wonderful day14:20
mr_pouitmadnick: I'll be able to use your lightdm greeter theme "soon" (when/if Bug #845549 is fixed)14:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 845549 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "Do not ship /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84554914:21
mr_pouit(it won't use your custom glade file though)14:21
charlie-tcaDoes soon mean we make it into oneiric?14:21
* charlie-tca will push to get the bug fixed, hard.14:22
mr_pouitif it makes it into oneiric, we should be able to set (wallpaper + gtk theme + font name and size) in the greeter14:22
charlie-tcaThen it will make it into oneiric. I will go find the right people to push the bug.14:23
mr_pouitit won't use custom icons nor the slightly changed loginbox from madnick, but at least the greeter will have our look and feel :p14:23
charlie-tcaThat would be great! madnick put a lot of effort into making that happen, so if we can use it, we should.14:24
mr_pouitand for oneiric+1, I'm sure madnick will code from scratch a beautiful lightdm-xubuntu-greeter ;D14:25
* mr_pouit hides14:25
charlie-tcamadnick said we will have a really beautiful greeter for LTS, as I recall. 14:26
* charlie-tca has a faulty memory sometimes, too14:26
charlie-tcayes, I have a faulty memory?14:49
charlie-tcayes, I have followed the above discussion?14:49
madnickNo :D I meant, Ill make an awesome one for O+114:49
charlie-tcaoh! :)14:49
madnickhehe, I've not followed much of what has happened the last week, Ive not been home14:50
madnickBut I did read most of it :)14:50
charlie-tcaI always figure if it is important, it gets repeated14:51
madnickhaha true14:51
PjotrThe upstream Xfce developers are probably willing to do some new releases, in order to get new translations into the distro's. Wat is the deadline for new Xfce releases for Xubuntu 11.10?21:00
micahgwell, bug fix, translation would be final freeze for anything on the CD21:00
micahgsept 29th21:00
micahgnot on any images, ~oct 9th or so21:01
PjotrSounds good. :-)21:02
PjotrOn his request, I've presented a list of 10 packages to an upstream Xfce developer, of which I think updated Dutch translations are most critical. Now he's asked me to contact other translators as well, and ask them if they have similar requests to make.21:04
micahgcool, well, beta 2 freeze if sept 15th21:05
micahg* is21:05
PjotrI have one concern: I hope that contacting the other translators, won't slow down things too much.... :P21:06
micahgPjotr: well, good luck21:07
micahgfeel free to join our community meeting on sunday, time in /topic21:07
Pjotrmicahg: thanks. I'll see if I can attend the meeting. :-)21:09

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