crowin11hi anyone know how to enable wireless?00:47
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:48
crowin11xubuntu latest release. have installed much and cannot get the wireless to find the router00:48
crowin11how about did anyone have to do anything other than install the operating system to have wireless?00:50
crowin11is anyone here on a wireless connection?00:50
crowin11how did you get yours to work?00:50
zHammeRzI entered my security key and it worked.00:51
crowin11i have non wep00:51
crowin11im in the middle of nowhere and do not need security00:51
crowin11ill try that00:51
zHammeRzit may not like connecting to unsecured networks?  idk00:52
crowin11im back00:55
crowin11well that didnt work00:55
zHammeRzwhat's the error?00:56
crowin11so i set up a wireless connection and put in all the info for the router and the network and still nothing00:56
crowin11is there a key somewhere to enable the radio or something im missing?00:56
crowin11dang thing should work automattressly00:57
zHammeRzwhat's the card's model #?00:57
crowin11i couldnt tell you00:58
crowin11as far as i know its generic 80100:58
zHammeRzopen up a terminal and do a dmesg and scroll up and look for anything helpful00:58
crowin11so i really dont know what im looking for :(01:02
crowin11i changed the interfaces file so it reads:01:03
crowin11auto eth101:03
crowin11iface eth1 inet static01:03
crowin11    address
crowin11    netmask
crowin11    post-up wifi-radar01:03
zHammeRzthat's a illegal ip address01:04
crowin11yeah so its spose to make the wifi radar look for a connection and bypass the auto etho01:04
zHammeRzyour router set up for dhcp?  if so just get it from that01:04
crowin11i set it up for auto dhcp, and i tried it maunal and nothing01:05
zHammeRzsounds like your card isn't supported.  If you don't know the model #, no way of knowing01:05
crowin11auto eth1 iface eth1 inet static address netmask post-up wifi-radar01:06
crowin11well i really dont know how to find that information as to the card01:07
crowin11oughta be supported its just a dell01:07
crowin11low cost geeks love em01:07
zHammeRzdell what?01:07
crowin11inspiron e170501:07
zHammeRzwhy didn't you just say it was a laptop01:08
crowin11arent they  all?01:08
crowin11sorry i am getting delerious from leaning over thiws thing01:08
crowin11i need to get in a comfy chair soon01:09
crowin11need wireless so i can get away from this aweful table01:09
zHammeRzso you have a pcmcia card?01:09
crowin11i guess01:10
ElderDryasBetter watch out for the Spanish Inquisition01:10
zHammeRzor usb?  that laptop doesn't haev one built in so what did you buy to gain wireless?01:10
crowin11lo spanish inquisition comfy chair01:10
crowin11it is in the computer01:10
crowin11not usb01:11
crowin11this computer came with it i used it for years with godaweful windows01:11
zHammeRzit's not built in.  You had to buy the option from dell.  It's either a Dell 1390 or a intel pro/wireless 394501:11
zHammeRzgoto dell.com and enter your service tag and look up wtf it is01:12
crowin11ummm... it is built in, no kidding01:12
crowin11i may not know much but i know its there01:12
zHammeRzi'll go look, pm me the service tag01:12
crowin11hang on01:13
crowin11i wish i could be more helpful, im a lot like an invalid01:13
zHammeRzI'm thinking your card is not supported, or has limited supported based on whatever hw revision it has01:13
crowin11hang on i need to get a flashlight01:14
zHammeRzI had that on one laptop..instead of fighting with it for hours I went to walmart and bought a $18 usb belkin 54g wireless card and that's what i'm using now lol01:14
ElderDryasshould be a Wireless: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG (802.11 a/b/g)01:14
zHammeRzYH774Card, Wireless, Minicard DW1390, Broadcom Corporation01:15
crowin11ell Wireless 1390 WLAN MiniCard01:17
crowin11i have the broadcom driver installed01:17
zHammeRzwell I found this01:19
zHammeRzand for doing all that, I would just go buy another card lol01:19
crowin11probly huh01:19
zHammeRzgood lord01:21
zHammeRzyou can also goto a terminal and type lspci and look for your network controller01:23
crowin11you never know how its going to end lol01:24
zHammeRzor just go back to windows xp until you can afford another pc ?01:24
crowin11i cant do that either01:24
crowin11xubuntu corrupted my original os so im kinda stuck with it01:25
zHammeRzrestore it from the dell xp cd01:25
crowin11too late, i just reinstalled ubuntu ove the whole drive01:25
zHammeRzyou don't hav ea cd?01:26
crowin11figuring if i had it connected to the internet i would get all the updates and drivers i need01:26
crowin11i do have cds, but really, i hate MS01:26
crowin11so it did load the broasdcam driver and as far as i can tell the os knows it has wifi but it isnt "ON"01:27
zHammeRzturn it on with the dell keyboard shortcut?01:27
zHammeRzfn F7 or FN + <something>01:28
zHammeRzlooking at the keyboard it might be f2 or f10?01:30
crowin1im back hehe02:11
crowin1so i am looking to find where my ndiswrapper and driver folder are02:11
crowin1trying to set up wireless and doing well following some instructions and i get to an impasse02:14
crowin1im not so familiar with the file hierarchy02:15
crowin1ok found it. good use of telepathy who ever that was02:18
crowin1darn i was wrong02:35
interlocutorI'm sorry if this is asked a lot, but how stable and complete is beta 1 of oneiric?02:51
crowin1dont know sorry02:54
Unit193Well, it's not recommended for production use yet02:55
LegendreIs there any fix for the 'thunar hang on launch' bug, that pops an error window containing Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.04:45
LegendreAny ideas what's wrong, or how to fix / work-around it?04:45
moetunesLegendre:  mounting some network shares?04:49
TheSheepforce unmounting .gvfs and removing the dir worked for me04:53
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quintwhen i have an item added to the startup from the gui settings that is a bash script i get a little shadowed dead square in the top left corner of my desktop above all layers05:59
quinti am vexed.05:59
xubuntu595do you speack italian?08:16
ChTiPowAAfter major upgrades of Xubuntu 11.04, it ended with "Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 127 "08:39
ChTiPowAI have a lots of paquets miss configured and i cannot do anything08:40
ChTiPowAi'm lost, please help.08:40
bazhangChTiPowA, please dont crosspost. you are getting help in #ubuntu08:40
ChTiPowAsomeone told me to come here08:41
Unit193Ah, ok. It looked almost close to Bug #845066 to me :P08:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 845066 in apt (Ubuntu) "Launch helper exited with unknown return code 127" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84506608:42
ChTiPowAgreat why did i upgrade, everythings was working perfectly :(08:43
Unit193bazhang: Did he get what he needed from other?08:44
ChTiPowAWhat can i do to fix this ?08:44
bazhangUnit193, he's being helped, not responded afaict08:45
ChTiPowAWhatever i'm trying to do, i have same error08:46
Unit193Well, would using synaptic or aptitude help?08:48
Unit193Fri, 09 Sep 2011 04:48:17 -040008:48
ChTiPowAit doesn't...08:48
ChTiPowAi use aptitude08:48
Unit193I'm taking a nap, hope you get it08:48
ChTiPowAdependance problem with so much packets, later it stops and i see this error and i'm doomed08:49
SysiChTiPowA: what did you try to do, what is "major upgrade" ?08:49
Sysiwhat did you do / how / where was the error message08:50
ChTiPowAWell firstable i have made the sudo aptitude safe-upgrade08:50
ChTiPowAwell i will understand that would mean destroy upgrade08:51
ChTiPowAafter that... it has destroyed my system08:51
ChTiPowAwith that error08:51
Myrttithat doesn't make much sense08:51
ChTiPowA1) I just made aptitude safe-upgrade08:51
ChTiPowA2) I couldn't reboot after it was done08:51
Myrttiwhat did you do before safe-upgrade?08:52
ChTiPowAyes i did aptitude update before08:52
Sysihow did you try to reboot?08:52
ChTiPowAby writing reboot08:52
Myrttiand before aptitude update?08:52
Myrttidid you edit sources.list?08:52
ChTiPowANothing i was peacefully in my desktop warning me for 130 updates needed to be applied08:52
Sysiwhat if you try to shutdown/reboot from menu?08:53
ChTiPowAI don't have menu anymore now08:53
ChTiPowAi'm stucked to terminal08:53
ChTiPowAnow i have like cannot open display 008:53
ChTiPowAthis is crazy08:53
Sysiwhen did that happen?08:54
ChTiPowAAfter the error08:54
ChTiPowAand i lost internet config too i had to set manually to recover it08:54
ChTiPowAthe file was just empty08:54
ChTiPowASo now the only thing is working is internet and the primary console08:55
ChTiPowAI lost my Xorg config too i checked the file its empty too08:56
ChTiPowATried to fix Xorg by reinstalling it but stucking with that same fatal error08:56
Myrttiwell xorg is usually automatically generated at boot08:56
Myrttiso missing the config is normal08:57
ChTiPowAWhat can i do now :(08:57
Myrttiwell first off you could try "sudo apt-get -f install"08:57
ChTiPowASame error08:58
ChTiPowAExecution has been stopped because too much errors08:58
ChTiPowAThen "Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 127"08:58
Sysixorg.conf is empty by default, network setup is done by networkmanager08:59
ChTiPowAwell my network is working i know it because i can ping google09:00
ChTiPowAi have a static IP09:00
SysiI'm thinking of recommending force shutdown but booting could fail..09:01
ChTiPowABooting is working and end in Terminal mode09:01
Sysiwhat if you run 'sudo service dbus start'09:02
ChTiPowAJob is already running09:02
Sysireplace start with restart09:03
ChTiPowAdbus start/running09:03
Sysisudo service gdm start09:06
ChTiPowAi don't have gdm, i'm using xfce409:07
Sysihow do you start it?09:08
ChTiPowABut when i start it, it says a lots of error i cannot see because its flooding my screen and i see in the end "cannot open display 0"09:08
ChTiPowAi must type startxfce409:08
Sysi(xubuntu has gdm by default)09:08
ChTiPowAi use a small machine so i took xfce409:09
Sysiput "exec ck-launch-session startxfce4" without quotes  to ~/.xinitrc09:09
SysiI'm not sure if that ck-launch is needed but it shouldn't break anything09:09
Sysithen run 'startx'09:10
ChTiPowAAre you sure ? Because i can start usually xfce4 manually09:13
ChTiPowAwhen it works09:13
ChTiPowAbut now it ends up by "cannot open display 0"09:13
SysiI don't have much of ideas, that can fail too but at least you have something to try09:14
ChTiPowAIt fails also with reconfiguring with this :09:15
ChTiPowAupdate-mime-database.real: symbol lookup error: update-mime-database.real: undefined symbol: g_malloc0_n09:15
ChTiPowAThis is crazy09:15
Sysiwhat reconfiguring?09:16
ChTiPowAsudo dpkg-reconfigure -a09:17
ChTiPowAthen it ends up with this line09:17
ChTiPowAupdate-mime-database.real: symbol lookup error: update-mime-database.real: undefined symbol: g_malloc0_n09:17
Sysihow about dpkg --configure -a09:18
ChTiPowAThere is a huge flood on the screen ending with "too much errors"09:20
Sysiyou propably need to just reinstall09:20
ChTiPowAHow ?09:21
ChTiPowADownloading live cd ?09:21
ChTiPowATell me09:21
ChTiPowADoes live CD can fix system ?09:21
Sysilivecd or alternate install disk, wipe your old installation09:22
Sysiyou propably want to back up data before that09:23
ChTiPowAyes i indeed09:23
ChTiPowAi need to recover my files in sFTP09:23
ChTiPowAbut do you know any solution to do that in console ?09:23
Sysiscp -r /this/folder/ you@host:/copy/here09:24
ChTiPowAthx for your effort Sysi10:21
Sysinp, too bad it broke10:23
ChTiPowASysi do you know any software like midnight commander which have an explorer in console but for sFTP ?10:26
Sysiyou could mount it with ssshfs and then use MCC though10:26
ChTiPowAthat case i could continue to use it in console only because my network is working, my samba too so i see my files but that computer is downloading via SSH10:27
ChTiPowAssshfs ?10:27
Sysi!info sshfs10:27
Sysiubottu down..10:28
ChTiPowAok searching in doc.ubuntu10:28
ChTiPowAAwesome i need to try that10:29
ChTiPowAYou can laugh but i was using my graphic desktop to use filezilla because i didn't know otherway10:29
Sysinothing wrong with filezilla, though gigolo/thunar would work10:30
ChTiPowAbut i don't have graphic anymore10:30
ChTiPowAi have only terminal10:30
ChTiPowABut now its too late10:30
ChTiPowAbecause of the bugs i cannot install anything10:31
ChTiPowAok my mistake the packet sshfs installed =)10:31
dagrovesdoes anyone know how I can make the Gnome 3 them called Aidwata run on Xubuntu 10.10?12:44
Sysidagroves: you can't, adwaita is made with gtk3 and xfce uses gtk212:50
Sysiif you want gtk3 apps to use adwaita, copy gtk-3.0 folder from adwaita to your theme's folder12:51
dagrovesBut I read somewhere about porting some GTK3 themes to XFCE on GTK2, I found a theme for GTK2 that is for Xubuntu but it did not work, it just changed the color of my xfce panel12:51
Sysiyou're maybe missing some theme-engine12:53
Sysisearch in software center / synaptic for gtk2-engine12:53
Sysidunno about porting, 10.10 support should be on #ubuntu+1 anyway12:54
dagrovesokay ill search synaptic12:54
Sysioh, I messed up with number12:56
Sysidagroves: what theme did you try? wrong version of theme engine can cause problems too12:57
dagrovesI am not sure, I just downloaded it from the ubuntuforums, hold on ill get the link12:57
dagrovesthat is where I got it from12:58
Sysi"it uses pixmap, murrine and clearlooks for rendering"12:59
Sysiyou need those gtk-engines13:00
dagrovesmy windows boreders do not change, they stay that ugly blue color13:00
Sysisee window manager settings13:00
dagrovesI have murrine and clearlooks, ill check to see if I have pixmap13:00
Sysichange to other theme and back to that when installing engines, you may need to relogin too13:01
dagrovesyeah the window border theme for the one I downloaded is not there...13:02
Sysitheme propably doesn't provide xfwm4 theme13:03
dagrovesohwell.. lol so... would it be possible to install Gnome 3 without Gnome-shell on Xubuntu?13:04
dagroveswithout breaking it?13:04
Sysiyou can use gnome3 fallback or possibly gnome3 window manager with xfce13:05
Sysixfce doesn't care if you have gnome installed13:06
dagrovesi was going to use Gnome3 fallback, I like they way it looks, I just don't want the shell13:06
dagroveshow would I go about doing that, I just want the environment, not all the programs, I tried installing it once and it installed Gnome 3 and all of its programs13:09
sps_folks, need some help with file/directory sharing...14:11
sps_I have xubuntu installed in vbox and samba, can't enable file sharing, any help?14:12
mecklen`I'm about to install xubuntu 11.04 on a dual monitor nvidia desktop.  Will 11.04 support dual monitors in this release?17:10
Sysiof course17:11
mecklen`Thanks, sorry for the noise.17:11
Sysiyou may want to install propietrary nvidia driver but propably possible with default one too17:12
mecklen`Sysi: Excellent!  Thanks again.17:19
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toomaihi all18:18
=== toomai is now known as whatever01
whatever01I have a question installing xubuntu 11.04 (graphical installation) using one SSD as / (root) and two HDDs for /home...any chance I can make a RAID 1 at the beginning?18:19
Sysiyou can create raid with alternate install disk18:21
Sysibut it would be simpler to just mount other partition as folder in /home18:21
whatever01Sysi: hi there, thanks...I just thought I need to take the alternate one to make a RAID 1 at the very beginning of the installation during partioning18:23
whatever01Sysi: I will try the alternate and come back if needed...thanks18:24
Aicasnif i install grub with   grub-install /dev/sda    how do I back up the bootloader with the partition table?   is   dd if=/dev/sda of=mbr.bin bs=512 count=1   enough?18:30
OrkDo you guys know any menu customisation tool ?19:22
OrkI'm planning to deploy Xubuntu on 50+ machines of my school19:22
OrkFound it19:23
charlie-tcaYou can use alacarte by installing with 'sudo apt-get install alacarte --no-install-recommends' in a terminal19:24
charlie-tcafor 11.04 and later19:24
charlie-tcaXfce 4.6, used in 10.04 and 10.10 had no easy editor capability19:24
OrkWhat do you think of lightdm ?19:26
OrkShould I use it ?19:26
OrkOh, Xubuntu Oneiric will use it19:28
charlie-tcaWe use it by default in oneirick19:28
charlie-tcabut, depending on what you need, it may not work as good in 11.0419:28
charlie-tcaIt wasn't ready for production use yet, when we started the oneiric cycle19:28
OrkWhat are the major problems ?19:29
charlie-tcawhen I tried it in 11.04, it would not work19:29
charlie-tcaI haven't tried it for 4 months now, though19:30
charlie-tcaIt worked in a clean install, but not on my production system19:30
OrkYeah, I'm firing up a VM19:30
OrkOur actual production systems are mort than outdated, we need clean install19:30
OrkSo it's cool19:30
OrkI never deployed desktop system, how to customize default Xubuntu session?19:31
OrkSomething like /etc/skel/ ?19:31
charlie-tcaeither build your images, or add to /etc/skel and copy it19:32
TiktalikHow do I find a list of running programs?19:32
OrkWe currently use Gnome 2, could there be conflicts while moving to xfce?19:32
OrkTiktalik, ps in terminal?19:32
OrkTiktalik, or the xfce task manager19:33
charlie-tcaAlso, let me give you a pastebin to easily set up all machines to match, if you don't burn an image19:33
TiktalikOrk, how do I find the task manager? :V19:33
OrkI build an image an i deploy it, charlie-tca19:33
OrkTiktalik, Apps > System > Task Manager?19:34
charlie-tcaokay, that makes it easier to get it to match,t hen.19:34
charlie-tcaIf you build an image, you probably don't need /etc/skel, since you can build everything into the image, anyway19:35
OrkOne last question, can xfce use the ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file?19:35
charlie-tcaalthough, /etc/skel works really well when having students add users19:36
OrkBecause we needed to put a line into it to make Gnome2 use lpr as the printer backend19:36
OrkWe use an active directory19:36
charlie-tcaI believe it can, but have not used one since onceirc19:36
Orkand homes are nfs-mounted19:36
charlie-tcaI used the ~/.gtkrc-2.0 to customize things back before I could get Xfce to do it using the settings manager19:37
charlie-tca!hi | ChTiPowA19:37
ubottuChTiPowA: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!19:37
ChTiPowAI have installed Xubuntu 11.04 but in the end, Grub refuse to install19:37
charlie-tcaYou can install it manually, then, using the information at19:37
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)19:37
ChTiPowAOk can i do that with the Live USB because this is one computer19:38
OrkThanks for your time charlie-tca, I'll post photos of rooms full of fresh Xubuntu pcs :)19:38
charlie-tcaChTiPowA: ues, that should work19:39
charlie-tcaOrk: good luck with the project.19:39
OrkYeah, the school sysadmin almost kidnapped me to do it :p19:39
ChTiPowAOk i will try it thx19:40
ChTiPowAI fail to restore my Boot22:04
ChTiPowAOnce i have put Grub again with Boot Repair22:04
ChTiPowAi have Grub>22:04
ChTiPowAthen what to do in that lol22:04
ChTiPowAand if i restore MBR, i have a Cursor which is waiting forever22:06
mecklen`How do I configure the mail notification icon in the indicator panel?  When I left click it only shows pidgin and when I right click it show the Indicator Plugin menu.  I'm running Xubuntu 11.04.22:21

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