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head_victimEvening all08:10
head_victimHow are you brez 08:19
brezI'm great -- got stuck with a bit of the flu right before the working week08:19
brezhaving a straight jacks to try and kill the germs!08:20
head_victimJust walked in the door from work so cleaning the inbox08:20
brezsunday work?08:20
head_victimI'm a shiftworker so I work 24/708:21
brezsame, really.08:21
brezwhat do you do?08:21
sagacibrez, staying around for the meeting ?08:22
brezthis screen has been attached to this channl for 50 odd days08:22
head_victimAlarm monitoring. Basically sit in a concrete box all day and make sure everyone does their work08:22
brezI just randomly check in etc..08:22
brezoo alarm monitoring.. for an ISP?08:23
head_victimNah for a security company08:23
head_victimMeeting is at 808:23
brezohhh, like house alarms?08:23
brezI thought you meant network alarms etc..08:23
head_victimNah nothing that exciting08:24
brezsh log | i Serial2:008:24
head_victimHeh, meant for another screen?08:25
brezI'm on my fiances laptop08:25
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head_victimAnother reason to stick with a gui irc client08:25
brezthings don't alt+tab as much as I would like it too.08:25
head_victimEvening gorilla 08:25
brezhaha, nah irssi is besty!08:25
brezI can setup irssi proxy and connect via gui client08:25
head_victimI'm planning on moving to an irssi proxy but keeping the xchat front end.08:25
brezI just think cli based IRC is better.08:26
brezI have that setup on here.08:26
brezone command, then connect to the irssi session proxy08:26
brezvia xchat08:26
head_victimI'm hoping it will work ok with multi networks and about 25 channels08:26
brezI don't see the point really08:26
brezbecause all the commands get screwed up.08:26
head_victimWondering how PMs and notifications will go08:26
brezexactly the same08:27
brezbut I assume you'll need to connect to each IRC network on a different port08:27
brezunless you have multiple IP08:27
brez'ss on your box.08:27
head_victimThat shouldn't be too difficult to arrange either08:27
head_victimIt's only going to live on the LAN here at home08:27
brezI don't understand why08:27
brezyou would want to, lol08:27
brezunless you're wanting to use it like a bouncer.08:28
brezwhere it stays live when you shut off the PC running the gui]08:28
head_victimTrying to move my 24/7 stuff to the server so I can start switching off my desktop to save power08:28
brezah ok08:28
head_victimPower bills suck08:28
brezwhy don't u just install bnc software08:28
brezlike miau/znc08:28
head_victimI've gone from 5 24/7 pc's down to 3 in the last 6 months in this house08:28
head_victimTrying to make that 108:28
brezwhat do you need 5 for?08:28
head_victim2 desktops for the wife and I each and 1 server.08:29
head_victimThen I actually calculated how much of the power bill was the computers08:29
brezI have - 1 PC, 1 media server, 1 laptop and then VPS in AUS/UK08:29
head_victimSo stuffing anything I like running 24/7 on to the server and going to try turning off computers for the first time in 10 years.08:29
head_victimActually a low end linode costs about as much as a desktop at home in power bills.08:30
sagacihead_victim, how about 1 server and 1 desktop dualboot08:30
brezwhat state are you in?08:30
head_victimIf I could get decent storage space on a low end linode I'd probably move everything there and bugger the home server off08:30
head_victimBrisbane, Queensland.08:30
brezah ok08:31
head_victimThe problem is a linode is not really a place for photos and documents, etc.08:31
brezI basically run nothing on these VPS's\08:31
brezphotos/etc/ are on a 2TB external HDD08:31
brezI don't trust technology08:31
head_victimI think I could probably impose on some friends for an irssi-proxy on a linode somewhere if I really wanted.08:32
brezall the server is used for is to run a small ftp / IRC / shellinbox08:32
head_victimOh yeah I run raid 10 here at home AND external drive08:32
head_victimIf it doesn't exist in 3 places, it doesn't exist. I just need to work on my offside backup plan better.08:32
brezif you're happy connecting via ipv6, I may be able to set you one up later.08:32
head_victimThinking about setting up an external drive swap with my parents.08:32
brezthe only thing is the VPS is located in the UK, so it may have some latency'08:33
brezyou wont notice connection via the proxy though08:33
brezonly directly on the cli.08:33
head_victimThanks for the offer but I'm actually using it as a learning tool for myself. I'm what you call an "end user" having fun playing with sys admin.08:33
head_victimjargonfactory: gday.08:33
jargonfactoryhead_victim: how's it going.08:33
brezok, have fun, I'm going to have some tea!08:33
head_victimjargonfactory: not too bad, just got home from work. Yourself?08:33
head_victimbrez: cheerio08:33
jargonfactoryhead_victim: not much. just got the notification about a meeting here :-)08:34
head_victimAh yeah, will be at 8pm08:34
jargonfactoryahh right.08:34
head_victimNo worries, http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-au/192/detail/ is where the agenda and etails are if you wanted a quick look over08:35
head_victimsagaci: you looked at the new meeting bot yet?08:35
sagaciyeah kinda, I know it existed, just haven't check out the new syntax, if any08:41
head_victimIt's pretty much the same with more stuff added on top08:42
sagaciyep, so long as we have a working bot08:45
head_victimYeah this way we should actually get the logs08:46
sagacilooks to be a quick meeting tonight anyhow08:48
head_victimYep, not a bad thing every now and then.08:49
gorillahi all.09:04
head_victimHow goes gorilla 09:05
gorillanot too badly... starting to settle into my new workplace.09:05
head_victimThat's a good thing09:07
gorillahead_victim: true. The world of fiance/stockbroking is odd at times.09:11
head_victimEvery niche market has it's oddities.09:12
gorillayep. exactly.09:13
* gorilla is a little amazed.. reported a couple of spamming yahoo groups and received a form receipt.. Now get a survey request from yahoo on their customer service :-/ strange!09:15
head_victimWB Johnny_Giggles 09:16
sagacibit over half an hour09:22
tom_a_sparkshow long to go to the meeting?09:40
head_victimAbout 15 minutes or so09:42
gorilla10 minutes...09:51
head_victimAnd no sign of jaddi :D09:52
sagacihe'll be here09:53
gorillamaking grand entrance? :-)09:54
sagaciwith limo IRC09:55
jaddi27hi everyone09:59
fabricator4Ding  :-)10:00
tom_a_sparksDong :)10:00
jaddi27ok.just let me work out the new syntax for the meeting10:00
jaddi27#startmeeting UbuntuAu Sept 201110:01
meetingologyMeeting started Sun Sep 11 10:01:05 2011 UTC.  The chair is jaddi27. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.10:01
meetingologyAvailable commands: #accept #accepted #action #agree #agreed #chair #commands #endmeeting #endvote #halp #help #idea #info #link #lurk #meetingname #meetingtopic #nick #progress #rejected #replay #restrictlogs #save #startmeeting #subtopic #topic #unchair #undo #unlurk #vote #voters #votesrequired10:01
jaddi27Welcome everyone to the September meeting for UbuntuAu10:01
jaddi27Please excuse me if the meeting progresses a bit slower than usual, as it is the first time using meetingology for meeting minutes10:02
head_victimEvening all10:02
head_victimjaddi27: no worries, it looks like it's the same as the old one with just a bunch of stuff added.10:02
gorillayay.. superset is always helpful!10:03
jaddi27#topic Roll Call10:03
jaddi27Please everyone say hello if you haven't already done so10:03
head_victimOr you can just lurk :)10:03
gorillaare "ello"s acceptable?10:04
fabricator4Only in the moaning10:04
head_victimgorilla: it's just it only logs attendance of people who say something so anything is really fine10:04
head_victimHah he's gone10:06
head_victimToo mucuh excitment10:06
head_victimjaddi27: welcome back10:06
jaddi27Xchat froze completely for the first time ever10:06
jaddi27great time for it to do it10:07
jaddi27so, do i start the meeting again?10:07
head_victimMaybe try a topic and see if it's still going10:07
jaddi27#topic Release Party Updates10:07
jaddi27it is hard to tell if it is still working - I don't get notifications like you did with mootbot10:08
fabricator4Hah  :-(  Not working?10:08
jaddi27I will start again10:08
jaddi27#startmeeting UbuntuAu Sept 201110:09
meetingologyjaddi27: Error: Can't start another meeting, one is in progress.10:09
jaddi27ok. it is running10:09
head_victimTry an endmeeting10:09
meetingologyMeeting ended Sun Sep 11 10:09:28 2011 UTC.  10:09
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-au/2011/ubuntu-au.2011-09-11-10.01.moin.txt10:09
gorillaheh.. no you will not!10:09
head_victimAh so it still had you as chair :/10:09
head_victimLeast we know10:09
jaddi27Yes, good to know for future reference10:09
jaddi27Lets begin again10:10
head_victimSorry all, we're still learning10:10
sagaciOk bye everyone10:10
jaddi27#startmeeting UbuntuAu Sept 201110:10
meetingologyMeeting started Sun Sep 11 10:10:16 2011 UTC.  The chair is jaddi27. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.10:10
meetingologyAvailable commands: #accept #accepted #action #agree #agreed #chair #commands #endmeeting #endvote #halp #help #idea #info #link #lurk #meetingname #meetingtopic #nick #progress #rejected #replay #restrictlogs #save #startmeeting #subtopic #topic #unchair #undo #unlurk #vote #voters #votesrequired10:10
head_victimRound 2!10:10
jaddi27That is where the meeting info can be found10:10
jaddi27#topic Roll Call10:10
tom_a_sparkshere again10:10
gorillastill here!10:10
jaddi27good to hear10:11
jaddi27#topic Release Party Updates10:11
jaddi27Our first main topic tonight - upcoming release parties for Oneiric10:12
tom_a_sparksstrange name10:13
jaddi27Who would like to start off?10:13
head_victimYep well I"ll start with Brisbane10:13
head_victimI'm thinking we do a social event on the sat or sun and then do the installfest a month or so later10:13
jaddi27oneiric: Of or relating to dreams or dreaming10:14
head_victimLooking into it the installfest will be at least half a day in itself10:14
tom_a_sparksjaddi27: ok10:14
fabricator4Sounds OK.  Any ideas for the venue for the social?10:15
sagaciI've set an event for Sydney, holding it about a week prior to the Thursday it's released. It's not an installfest or anything quite technical, just a celebration over the oneiric cycle in what we've done and to enjoy the afternoon. Hoping to get a few from around the Sydney suburbs10:15
head_victimWell people seemed to like the breakky creak hotel so was going to default to there unless someothing better came up10:15
fabricator4That seems fine.  What the parking like?  (pretty bad as I remember...)10:15
head_victimAh ok I hadn't been there before10:16
jargonfactorysagaci: thanks. i'll try to visit if time permits.10:16
jargonfactorys/visit/join/ 10:16
fabricator4Are we talking Sat or Sun here?10:16
tom_a_sparksha ha jaddi27 disconects again10:16
jaddi27that time was not xchat10:17
jaddi27not working well10:17
sagacijargonfactory, yeah pop in for a while if you can. I'll be around for a few hours so whoever turns up can have afternoon tea/coffee, etc10:17
head_victimfabricator4: open to suggestion10:17
jargonfactorysagaci: sounds good.10:17
fabricator4Saturday lunch would suit.  I'll probably be working in Virginia until 11:30, so just a hop down the road.10:17
jaddi27#chair sagaci head_victim jaddi27 10:18
meetingologyCurrent chairs: head_victim jaddi27 sagaci10:18
head_victimHah that's one way around it :)10:18
jaddi27just in case I disconnect again10:18
jaddi27Ok. Are there any more discussions regarding the Oneiric release parties?10:19
head_victimfabricator4: cool I'll shoot something to the list, please respond and we'll organise it10:19
fabricator4OK, will do10:19
sagaciI'll pass an email to the mailing list too about the Sydney release party10:19
head_victimI've seen a couple of questinos about Melbourne. Anyone here from down there?10:20
jaddi27#action head_victim to email list about Brisbane release party10:20
meetingologyACTION: head_victim to email list about Brisbane release party10:20
gorillahead_victim: I'm in MEL10:20
jaddi27#action sagaci to email list about Sydney release party10:20
meetingologyACTION: sagaci to email list about Sydney release party10:20
head_victimgorilla: intersted in running a release party?10:20
fabricator4Benny was asking, but he's not here tonight.10:20
head_victimThere was also a question on FaceBook10:21
gorillaI could just nominate a venue.. I'm a little pressed for time atm.. change of job and the like. 10:21
head_victimgorilla: no worries. Even just getting some talk on the list about it would help10:21
gorillaokay.. I'll suggest it again on the list.10:22
jaddi27#idea gorilla to email list about Melbourne release party10:22
jaddi27Ready to move on to the next topic?10:23
head_victimNo other cities here?10:23
head_victimEastern seaboard it is :)10:24
jaddi27#topic Translations Drive10:25
jaddi27sagaci can lead this off, I think10:25
jaddi2721.42% of oneiric is left to translate now10:26
jaddi27sorry, 29.42%10:26
head_victimI for one am thoroughly impressed with how much has been accomplished in this area10:26
jaddi27I am in the process of generating a graph showing the progress of translations10:27
sagaciAnyway, it's getting to the latter part of the release cycle for oneiric, over the packaging an importing and onto the bugs and translations side of development10:27
sagaciit's up to around ~70% complete, so it's definitely within reach to get this done by 12.04 LTS10:27
sagaciif you have any time at all to donate towards translating into en_AU, please have a look into translating even some of the smaller packages - it does help a lot10:27
head_victimYeah, 12.04 is a realistic goal. If you have an afternoon spare here and there just post to the list saying oyu'll be around if people want to join the translation effort. Have minijams10:28
sagaciwe need to have most of the work done by december/january due to "proof-reading" and triaging older strings that need to be changed - think wastebin/trash10:28
jaddi27The translation jam last weekend went well, with at least 3000 strings being translated10:28
sagaciI've also set up an question on answers.launchpad to add a mailing list for the group. I've tried to email Isopogon in ref: to this but haven't had a response.. may be inactive. It would be good to join both Ubuntu/Launchpad teams to have a unified effort on translations and to update group policy and publish team blueprints10:30
sagacilink incoming..10:30
sagaci#link https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/17078710:31
sagacinot sure if that's registered but anyway...10:32
head_victimYeah it's a bit odd, in other channels it's been a bit more chatty10:32
jaddi27I think it has registered, but the new system does not show everything that has happened like the old system10:32
sagacijust to add10:33
sagaciubuntu is pretty much done, kubuntu and some command-line, packaging utilities are to be completed, so if you run vanilla ubuntu 11.10, it should be customised to honour the English language at its maximised potential10:34
sagacithat's the end of my dialogue10:35
jaddi27You will notice a few inconsistencies still, as mentioned previously, such as Trash, Rubbish Bin, etc10:35
jaddi27I would also like to say thanks to sagaci for doing so much work on this over the past few months10:36
jaddi27#topic Team Approval Update10:36
jaddi27head_victim, I will pass over to you10:36
head_victimOk, I'm sorry this has taken so long. I was told the bug approval method was just as effecient as the meeting sort10:37
head_victimI have been slowly making progress and I've answered a few questions from the council but no set date of when I'll know either way (and then be able to pass on to you all)10:37
head_victimI'm still hassling them on a regular basis though10:38
jaddi27Thanks for the update. Is there anything that we can do to assist with the process?10:38
sagaci#fakeidea spam #ubuntu-locos10:39
head_victimNot that I can think of really10:39
head_victimI'd like to see people raise the ideas of sei regular social gatherings at the release parties. Ubuntu Hours are always something I've tried to start around here.10:39
sagaciI can do one once every three months in Sydney, awaiting demand10:40
sagaci2 releases, a winter one and in december, "sprints", if you like10:40
head_victimI'll working on promotion so I can get into a 9-5 and be able to organise a brisbane one10:41
sagacihead_victim, should be putting your release party on loco.u.c, even if it isn't concrete yet10:41
head_victimYep, only a month away10:42
jaddi27Are there any more topics for tonight's meeting?10:45
sagaciUmm, I was going to defer to the mailing list but it seems that the blueprint for localisation will be real and in full flight by 12.04 LTS10:45
jaddi27#topic Ubuntu Localisation10:46
head_victimIs there a launchpad blueprint for that?10:46
sagacione sec10:46
jaddi27What is involved with localisation10:46
sagacijaddi27, translations, default wallpaper, bookmarks, documentation, etc10:46
jaddi27Ok. Thought it might be that10:46
sagaci#link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-cd-localization10:47
sagaciit's pretty primitive at the moment but it should have more options in the next release10:47
sagacipersonally, I think it should be added to the ubiquity installer but it depends on the amount of changes and various other things10:48
head_victimNice, should definitely take that to the list. We can organise to get a background pack together for the artistic types to contribute to.10:48
sagacibut yet you'll still be able to install/download "regular" ubuntu without everything else added on, if you wish10:48
sagaciwe talked about this briefly last meeting but it's full effect won't be felt/realised until we customise and build/use the isos to see how local ubuntu can get10:50
sagacithat is all10:50
jaddi27I think we should set up a wiki page with customisation thoughts for the local version10:50
sagacigreat, action please!10:50
tom_a_sparkssecond it :)10:51
sagaci#action ubuntu-au to set up a wiki page with customisation thoughts for the local version10:51
meetingologyACTION: ubuntu-au to set up a wiki page with customisation thoughts for the local version10:51
head_victimI think there was a wiki page set up a long time ago for localisation hooked into the translation team10:51
head_victimI'll try and dig it up later10:52
sagaciyep, saw that10:52
jaddi27That would be good10:52
jaddi27head_victim, What is the latest with the new UbuntuAu Mission Statement10:52
fabricator4Yes, we had a brief discussion on the list.10:53
head_victim#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/MissionStatement10:53
head_victimIf you look right down the bottom, that's pretty much where I'm happy, what do other people think?10:54
head_victim"Version 3"10:54
jaddi27I think it looks good. The only thing I was wondering about was the word 'therefore' in the second sentence10:54
head_victimCheer,s I'm hoping we're approaching the final iteration of it soon. 10:56
fabricator4It seems to have gone from the the specific, back in the direction of the esoteric?10:56
sagacicatching up to Chrome versioning10:56
fabricator4_Sounds_ good though.  :-)10:57
head_victimfabricator4: I checked the original and it didn't seem to vary too much, just spread out more10:57
sagacihead_victim, like Australia :)10:58
fabricator4Yes, fair enough. 10:58
head_victimI meant to shoot it to the list after some discussion with kyphi but just never made it this week yet10:58
jaddi27#idea head_victim to update the list with update on UbuntuAu Mission Statement10:59
jaddi27Well, is there anything else for tonight's meeting? 11:00
jaddi27I think we have got through a fair bit considering the number of agenda items11:00
tom_a_sparksthere was something about documenting events on youtube11:01
jaddi27Yes, that was brought up at the last meeting I think11:02
jaddi27I don't think anything has been done towards this yet, but maybe we can get something started soon.11:02
jaddi27Is there someone who would like to take charge of starting this off?11:03
head_victimAgain, I looked into it but couldn't work it out because YouTUbe appear to be shutting down the Groups section11:04
tom_a_sparksi'm welling to bouce some ideas of somebody else11:04
tom_a_sparksthere are other video hosters11:05
jaddi27Ok. tom_a_sparks, would you like to coordinate this? I am also happy to help out11:06
head_victimYeah but from what the discussion went none are as public and easy to find11:06
head_victimI know some other Ubuntu folk use some for streaming I'll ask around11:07
tom_a_sparksI know ubuntu-screencasting use blip.tv11:09
head_victimQuite likely that's what I'm thinking of11:09
head_victimustream was another11:09
sagacijustin.tv, et11:10
tom_a_sparksor do we host the videos locally 11:11
jaddi27I think instead of a youtube group, an account could be set up for UbuntuAu that will 'own' the videos for the group11:11
sagacihead_victim being the owner11:12
head_victimOk, I can set it up from the mailing list owner email like the identica one is11:12
head_victimSo that way anyone with moderation rights on the mailing list can action it11:12
head_victimSo it's still "owned" by the team11:12
jaddi27That would be a good way, I think11:13
sagaci#info might be an idea to include multiple chairs for future disconnects/blackouts/etc11:13
jaddi27#action head_victim to set up an UbuntuAu youtube account for sharing videos useful to other Ubuntu users11:14
meetingologyACTION: head_victim to set up an UbuntuAu youtube account for sharing videos useful to other Ubuntu users11:14
sagacihave an allocated chair and one/two backups11:14
jaddi27sagaci, Yes, I will do that from now on. I am not sure how I managed to have 2 failures in one night11:14
sagacishould defer it to the mailing list - re: CC licensed material only?11:14
head_victimsagaci: that sounds fair, that's what the wiki is11:15
jaddi27Yes, that sounds like a good plan. Should limit the issues of copyright that way11:15
head_victimMakes it easier to remember if it's all the same11:15
head_victimDoes youtube do streaming though?11:15
sagaciI know it does but I'm not so sure for individuals11:16
tom_a_sparksyou mean lve video feeds?11:16
sagacislug was streamed a month or two ago11:16
head_victimtom_a_sparks: yeah, some people wanted that ability to remotely participate in events11:16
tom_a_sparksyou would be looking at a icecast server11:17
tom_a_sparksI've heard ustream.tv can do it11:19
head_victimHmm, leaning towards using that for both then if it can do it11:19
jaddi27justin.tv can also do live streaming11:20
jaddi27It looks like ustream.tv is not free11:21
sagacidepends what you're doing it for and if you only want audio or video too11:21
sagacivideo would be a pain, due to bandwidth pretty much anywhere in Aus11:22
jaddi27Yes, that is trus11:22
jaddi27So maybe do youtube for now, and then investigate a live streaming service as well for the one off events we want to hold?11:23
head_victimSounds good11:23
jaddi27#idea investigate live streaming services for future group events11:24
sagaciend of meeting?11:24
jaddi27As it is nearly 9:30pm, I think I will close11:25
head_victimYeah it's starting to get that way11:25
meetingologyMeeting ended Sun Sep 11 11:25:07 2011 UTC.  11:25
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-au/2011/ubuntu-au.2011-09-11-10.10.moin.txt11:25
sagacilog looks ok11:25
jaddi27Yes, it is much better formatting11:26
jaddi27The html version doesn't seem to work for me11:26
head_victimSweet, so you two happy enough with the new bot after the first little hiccup?11:27
jaddi27Yes, it seems to work well11:27
jaddi27I like how is shows the actions 11:28
sagacisummaries are good but I'd rather the info double up in the chat, so you know it has gone through, just a personal preference11:29
jaddi27Yes, that is true11:30
jaddi27I think it is supposed to do private messaging in the future, but it hasn't been implemented yet11:31
jaddi27I will create the next meeting on l.u.c11:31
jaddi27sagaci, I have put you down as chair11:35
sagaciyep, and I'll chair head_victim jaddi27 for next meeting when we start11:36
jaddi27Ok, sounds good11:36
head_victimNo worries11:36
head_victimSunday 9th11:36
head_victimI'll actually be available again11:37
sagacihead_victim, note to self, click agenda item then select delete agenda item to delete it!11:39
head_victimHah nice work11:39
sagaciin re: Aug meeting11:39
head_victimWell I have to be awake at 4am again so I should head off11:39
sagacirighteo cya11:39
jaddi27head_victim, See you later11:40
head_victimThanks for the work tonight. I'll work on my action items this week and mail the list accordingly. Look forward to hearing it all11:40
* sagaci fixed Aug meeting clutter11:42
head_victimCheers, Night all11:42
jaddi27sagaci, Anything you would like me to do in relation to translating, loco, etc?11:56
sagacinot anything specific, I mean, I'd just like these 117,000 or so translations to just disappear11:58
sagaciideally I'd like to administer the en_AU translations and link them to the launchpad ones... ideally :)11:59
jaddi27Ok. I will wave my wand, and it should be done by next year11:59
jaddi27I will have more time later in the week to help do more translating11:59
sagaciyep, I'd like to see us under 100,000 by release12:00
sagacibut that's still 100,000 we need to do by march next year12:00
jaddi27Yes, it is a lot12:00
sagaciI've been on a pretty good roll this week12:00
jaddi27Yes, you certainly have been12:00
jaddi27I really wanted to roll out my graphing script to show how well the translation effort is going12:01
jaddi27but I haven't had time to properly implement it12:01
sagaciyeah I was wishing I'd done something like that12:02
sagaciare you manually getting the data?12:02
jaddi27No, I have a regex script12:04
jaddi27So in a way is it manually getting the data12:04
sagaciah ok, so it runs daily?12:05
jaddi27yes, it will in the end12:07
sagaciso will it do history or just when you finish it12:08
jaddi27It will only have data from when it is first turned on12:08
jaddi27so at the moment I might do manual data, until i have it finished12:09
sagacii'm pretty busy this week too, I'll still be able to do 500 strings here and there but nothing like the 10,000+ I did this past week12:11
jaddi27Yes, that is understandable12:13
sagacistill doing a couple hundred strings on the chromium-browser package. I'm in a web-browser for a significant time so I like everything au-ed12:17
jaddi27It is good to see the translations filtering through into what we are using12:18
sagaciyeah head_victim has done upstream xchat but hasn't been able to get a response so far... and it isn't translatable in lp12:20
jaddi27That is annoying to hear12:25
jaddi27hopefully there will be some way to do it eventually12:25
sagaciwell looking forward to the next couple of weeks, ubuntu-au reapproval, maybe and 12.04 adjective animal12:28
sagacihopefully it's placid12:28
sagacibut I'm assuming it's going to be something more exotic12:28
jaddi27it will be interesting to see what they chose12:29
jaddi27when does it get announced?12:29
sagaciwell karmic was in Jan 09, it's usually 2-3months out of the final release but oneiric was fairly late, it'll have to be done soon since oneiric is one month away12:30
jaddi27yes, that is true12:32
sagacijaddi27, https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+lang/en_AU/+index?batch=75&memo=675&start=67512:32
sagacianything on that batch... I've just been mowing down pages of strings, it's a few thousand on there but a bit everynow and then helps12:33
jaddi27Ok. I will work on that when I have some spare time12:34
jaddi27I have also been doing gcc-4.6, so I will work on that also12:34
jaddi27I will be off now. When I have the graph working (or some data to view), I will let you know12:35
sagacirighteo, cya later12:36
democrezyi am a new user .I install some updates from update manager in ubuntu 11.04 then software centre got disabled and also update manager was not responding.When i restarted ubuntu, keyboard was not detected and i had to reconnect keyboard cable.Then i reinstall ubuntu. Can anybody explain me what was the problem?13:34
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