TheProf_Good morning.  I hope someone can help with with a sudden crisis!  Today is the day I'm switching our network to the new Edubuntu 11.04 server.  I did the testing last week and all was well. Today when I came in and turned on the server I can't get the dhcpd server to start!12:37
TheProf_Status of ISC DHCP server: dhcpd is not running12:37
alkisgAnd if you try to start it? sudo service isc-dhcp-something start    ?12:38
TheProf_Yup - let me post that now12:38
TheProf_It fails and asks me to check syslog.  Syslog says:12:38
TheProf_Wrote 1 leases to leases file. No subnet declaration for Internet_0 (
TheProf_** Ignoring requests on Internet_0.  If this is not what12:39
TheProf_   you want, please write a subnet declaration12:39
TheProf_   in your dhcpd.conf file for the network segment12:39
TheProf_ to which interface Internet_0 is attached. **12:39
TheProf_This is a standard 2-NIC server with an LTSP_1 (eth1) and Internet_0 (eth0) NICs12:40
TheProf_one more line in syslog: Not configured to listen on any interfaces!12:40
alkisgIf your run `sudo dpkg-reconfigure isc-dhcp-something`, do you see an interfaces declaration?12:40
TheProf_alkisg, I will try that now.12:41
* alkisg doesn't know the exact name, he's still on 10.04 :D12:41
TheProf_there are three options for -something: client, common, server?12:41
TheProf_server I presume?12:41
alkisgserver, yeah12:43
TheProf_alkisg, it asks me for which NIC to listen on -- if I put eth1 it fails, and if I put the alias LTSP_1 it also fails12:44
alkisgTheProf_: don't put any nic there at all12:44
alkisgThat's why I told you that command, to delete any entries you might have put there, which would break your dhcpd.conf12:45
alkisgOnce you've erased it, let's move on12:45
TheProf_oh my mistake - I misunderstood.12:45
TheProf_OK I'll leave it blank12:46
TheProf_alkisg, I've re-run the command and left the NIC blank, erasing all that was there.12:46
alkisgGood. And still dhcpd not starting, with the same message?12:47
TheProf_Correct. It says starting failed. I'm checking syslog nw12:47
TheProf_alkisg, there is one more line in syslog now after the same previous error12:48
TheProf_[ 1027.738797] type=1400 audit(1315831665.095:30): apparmor="STATUS" operation="profile_replace" name="/usr/sbin/dhcpd" pid=3190 comm="apparmor_parser"12:48
alkisgTheProf_: now, put the output of these to pastebin:12:48
alkisgip -oneline -family inet addr show12:49
alkisgcat /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf12:49
TheProf_is there a pastebin for this channel?12:52
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:52
TheProf_there it is.12:52
TheProf_alkisg, http://paste.ubuntu.com/687603/12:53
TheProf_Also I recall one change I made: /etc/udev/rules.d$ cat 70-persistent-net.rules changed the eth1 and eth0 to LTSP_1 and Internet_012:54
TheProf_In order to be able to tell them apart.12:54
TheProf_Where it says "NAME="12:55
alkisgTheProf_: wow... you named your interfaces LTSP_1 and internet_0? :D13:01
alkisgThat's what network-manager is for13:01
alkisgTo give you human names, so that you don't have to modify the internal names...13:01
alkisgAnyway, the problem is that you don't have an ip address in your LTSP_1 interface13:01
alkisgBecause you changed it, but you didn't update /etc/network/interfaces13:02
alkisgSo either put it back to ethX, or update your /etc/network/interfaces file13:02
alkisg(I propose the first one)13:02
TheProf_alkisg, It's that bad that I renamed them eh?13:03
TheProf_I just kept getting confused which NIC is which, hence the human name with the eth_number at the end.13:03
TheProf_And I had read other threads on the mailing list that network manager would conflict with LTSP and shouldn't be used.  hence my actions.13:03
TheProf_OK I will change them back.13:04
TheProf_Do I need to reboot to activate the change or can I just restart a specific service?13:05
alkisgtry: sudo service network-manager stop, and networking stop, and then start them13:06
alkisgBut nah better restart13:06
alkisgYou'd need to fire udev rules too13:06
TheProf_alright - I'm on that same machine now so I will return.13:06
TheProf_Yes indeed!13:09
TheProf_alkisg, looks like we're up!13:10
TheProf_alkisg, thank you very much!13:10
alkisgYou're welcome13:11
TheProf_I will use the network manager to rename the interfaces as you recommended13:11
alkisgYou need to be careful there13:11
alkisgYou need to delete the eth* entries from /etc/network/interfaces, and create system connections for them from network-manager13:12
alkisgNote what you change so that you can easily revert, and don't do it while you have people using your server13:12
TheProf_alkisg, alright I'll probably just put a post-it note with which NIC is which13:19
alkisgYou can change them to ethi (internet) and ethl (ltsp) if you want, but remember to update /etc/network/interfaces too13:19
TheProf_Awesome thanks.13:23

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