dacresniis there a software update button in Muon? 01:47
ScottKSorry, wrong channel.01:56
micahgScottK: heh, turnabout's fair play, you posted the other qt4-x11 thing in the security channel02:05
dacresnishould I ask taht question again /02:09
dacresnithats 02:09
dacresni? 02:09
ScottKdacresni: Use support questions should be asked in #kubuntu.02:11
dacresnioh ok, i thought here becaues its in Oneric not in Natty02:11
ScottKNo.  Sorry.02:12
dacresniok. well heres another question, If I signed up as an ISO tester, and I put my input in already that it boots on mac already, is there anything esle I should say ? 02:15
ScottKNo.  ISO testing is mostly about either it passes or filing bugs if there are problems.02:25
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ScottKLooks like progress on getting the alternates back in shape size wise.05:30
ScottKdebfx: I think there's a problem with your ISO comparison script.  It shows libllvm2.9 is the biggest size gain, but it's on both the beta and current images with the same version.05:45
ScottKapachelogger: Do we want to remove phonon-backend-xine?05:53
=== agateau_ is now known as agateau
debfxScottK: it compares the current to the natty final images08:38
agateauanyone up for packaging a new release of plasma-widget-menubar?09:03
apacheloggerScottK: yes, we want to remove phonon-backend-xine09:25
apacheloggerbambee: fancy packaging a new release of plasma-widget-menubar? ^^09:27
apacheloggeragateau: does it have new features?09:28
bambeeapachelogger: sure09:28
agateauapachelogger: no, it is only bug fixes09:28
bambeeagateau: I can pack it09:28
agateauapachelogger: well... it gained the ability to show a "..." menu item if the menubar is too large, but that was done to fix a bug09:28
agateaubambee: great!09:29
apacheloggerbambee: poke me when you are done, we'll probably not need a FFe to sneak that one in ^^09:29
bambeeapachelogger: ok09:29
apacheloggerdebfx: your quassel upload is not in bzr it seems09:32
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apacheloggerdebfx: what I do not get, what is the gain from removing a broken feature rather than fixing it?09:34
bambeeapachelogger: done09:46
bambeeapachelogger: also, we could upload these package rules to lp:~kubuntu-packagers... imo09:46
apacheloggersure, why not09:49
bambeeapachelogger: where do I upload it ?09:50
apacheloggermaco: https://code.launchpad.net/~apachelogger/ubiquity/fix-74306209:53
apacheloggerbambee: revu or send me a diff09:53
bambeeok revu09:53
apacheloggerbambee: btw, you really need to be more pressing when you have something on revu09:58
apacheloggerdebfx, Quintasan_, yofel_: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/touchegg-gui plz revu09:58
bambeeapachelogger: it's already revu xD09:59
bambeereviewed *09:59
apacheloggeryou need 2 reviews09:59
bambeeQuintasan_ and you already reviewed it, and the FFe has been accepted since a while now...09:59
apacheloggeronly updates can go with one review09:59
apacheloggernew packages should have *at least* 209:59
bambeeI am pretty sure that Quintasan_ has reviewed it... however I am not 100% sure :\10:00
apacheloggerno comment means not reviewed10:00
bambeeapachelogger: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/plasma-widget-menubar10:01
apachelogger+Vcs-Bzr: https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/plasma-widget-menubar10:03
apacheloggerplz use lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/plasma-widget-menubar10:03
ubottuFeature Freeze Exception. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess for the freeze exception process.10:04
apachelogger  * New upstream release10:05
apachelogger    - Add kubuntu_01_disable_tests.diff to disable failing tests10:05
apacheloggeragateau: do your tests depend on an X session?10:05
bambeeVcs-Bzr fixed10:06
agateauapachelogger: could be10:07
bambeeapachelogger: do we need a FFe or not? you said no few minutes ago... ^^10:07
apacheloggeragateau: kent beck would give you a beating for that :P10:08
bambeeand then you asked kubotu about ffe :P10:08
apacheloggerbambee: how would I know10:08
* apachelogger will just upload and let someone else find out10:08
agateauapachelogger: better having unit tests which depend on X than no unit tests10:08
debfxapachelogger: the feature is unused (no bug report despite being broken for several releases), unneeded (if the cert is self-signed it doesn't matter if it's expired) and imho creating a certificate is a generic task so we shouldn't duplicate that functionality into every package that has an SSL server10:08
debfxpushed to bzr now10:09
apacheloggeragateau: not as much better as we would like to think :)10:09
apacheloggercould not even do CI10:09
debfxbut feel free to resurrect it if you wish10:09
agateauapachelogger: Xvfb is your friend10:09
apacheloggeragateau: make that part of your test suite then :P10:09
apacheloggerdebfx: I am reasonable sure I put it there for a good reason10:10
apacheloggerparticularly since I did not care about the core at all10:10
apacheloggerso someone must have pressed me into putting it there10:10
apacheloggerbambee: did you testbuild?10:11
bambeeapachelogger: yes, I did , as all of my packages :)10:11
apacheloggerW: plasma-widget-menubar source: out-of-date-standards-version 3.9.1 (current is 3.9.2)10:12
apacheloggerE: plasma-widget-menubar: malformed-deb-archive third member data.tar not data.tar.(gz|bz2|xz)10:12
apacheloggerW: plasma-widget-menubar: description-synopsis-starts-with-article10:12
bambee(with pbuilder)10:12
* apachelogger thinks rekonq hates him10:13
apacheloggeragateau, bambee: .16 uploaded, packaging branch pushed to lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/plasma-widget-menubar10:14
agateauapachelogger: thanks!10:14
agateaubambee: thanks as well!10:14
apacheloggerde rien10:14
bambeeapachelogger: thanks!10:15
bambeeagateau: yw :)10:15
apacheloggerdu fiacre une damme sort et dit chin caha hu dia ho la10:16
* apachelogger sings along to a rather silly song while listening along to ruphy making radio10:17
apacheloggersomeone broke our status page10:17
debfxapachelogger: looks like the quassel core doesn't accept expired certs, but imho that's a bug. it should be a warning not an error.10:19
apacheloggerFTR: I still do not give a rats booty about the core :P10:20
debfxSput: ^ what do you think?10:21
apacheloggershadeslayer: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libindi/+bug/74982010:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 749820 in libindi (Ubuntu) "upstream version 0.7.2 available" [Wishlist,New]10:21
apacheloggeryou know10:21
Sputdebfx: yeah, could be10:22
Sputnot sure if we can force Qt to accept invalid certs though10:22
agateauapachelogger: ok, that loosy test I had in plasma-widget-menubar does not require X anymore10:23
debfxI hope Qt doesn't reject those when used as local certs10:25
SputI also have really little time for that now, but I'd apply a patch10:25
debfxok, I'll do some testing10:26
debfxapachelogger: do you mind if I drop "Kubuntu IRC" from kubuntu_01_default_network_channel.patch and just add #kubuntu to the Freenode channel list?10:28
debfxsince there is no such thing as a "Kubuntu IRC" network10:28
debfxand how is that any different from freenode?10:29
apacheloggersame question as before slightly adapted: what is the gain in removing non-broken features instead of leaving them there?10:30
debfxright, since when do we do such silly kind of branding?10:30
debfxremove duplication and confusion10:30
debfxe.g. one might think you need to connect to kubuntu irc and freenode to join kubuntu channels and $channel on freenode10:33
apacheloggersince either hoary or edgy10:34
apacheloggeredgy it was10:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 52690 in xchat-gnome (Ubuntu) "Please use irc.ubuntu.com alias for default IRC server" [High,Fix released]10:35
apacheloggerjussi: [jussi01] Ask Ubuntu Shop people to include Kubuntu products: INPROGRESS10:41
apacheloggerany progress?10:41
apacheloggerryanakca_, DarkwingDuck: what is the status of wiki theming? IIRC you already have a ticket with the sysadmins?10:47
jussiapachelogger: yes, waiting on designs from people here.10:47
apacheloggerjussi: designs? did you send a mail to -devel about that?10:47
jussiapachelogger: I spoke about it here, and have now sent mail to the list :)10:54
ScottKdebfx: Ah. OK.  Can it be made to compare to Beta 1?11:11
Riddellbug 846709 is nasty11:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 846709 in amarok (Ubuntu) "amarok crash after 4sec of play" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84670911:16
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* rbelem pokes ScottK 12:08
ScottKrbelem: poke back.12:57
rbelemScottK, heya :-)12:58
rbelemScottK, how is the runtime thing?12:58
ScottKStill broken.12:58
rbelemScottK, do you know a possible solution for that?12:59
ScottKI thought the last one would work ...12:59
ScottKI haven't had a chance to look again.12:59
rbelemScottK, if you need something from me, poke me :-)13:01
debfxScottK: the problem is that I can't query the size of packages from the beta cd13:03
debfxwell I could but I'd have to use the lp api13:03
ScottKdebfx: OK.  Thanks.  It's incredibly useful as is.13:15
shadeslayerapachelogger: package has been fixed already13:58
apacheloggersomeone shall close the bug then13:58
apacheloggerwhile I fight with meegotouch13:58
shadeslayerapachelogger: already did13:59
apacheloggershadeslayer:     Q_INVOKABLE void show() {14:00
apachelogger        MBanner *eventBanner = new MBanner();14:00
apacheloggerpresent for you14:00
apacheloggerone day you will know what it all means14:00
apacheloggercause I do not14:00
* apachelogger is too old for this14:00
apacheloggerMSceneWindow: void MSceneWindow::appear(QGraphicsScene*, MSceneWindow::DeletionPolicy) scene has no scene manager. 14:05
apacheloggerI do not even know what that means14:05
ScottKWelcome to the over-the-hill gang.14:08
charlie-tcaCan I assign bug 845549 to the desktop team?14:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 845549 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "Do not ship /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84554914:33
charlie-tcaSorry, wrong channel14:36
Riddellweird e-mail du jour http://paste.kde.org/120799/14:38
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didrocksScottK: not sure you saw for Qt, seems that the documentation building timeout on armel. Maybe as the doc package is arch:all, we can only build it on i386?14:46
didrocksScottK: seems that I have a way to do it in debian/rules, it will need some package upload to confirm but should work14:47
ScottKThat should fix powerpc too.14:47
ScottKThanks for looking into it.14:47
_Groo_Quintasan_: ping15:02
_Groo_Quintasan_: hi/2 all15:02
_Groo_Quintasan_: could you take a look at  kde-config-telepathy-accounts-plugins : Depends: libkcmtelepathyaccounts4 (= 0.1.0+20110831-0~natty1) but 0.1.0+20110911-0~natty1 is to be installed in the telepathy-kde ppa pls?15:02
apachelogger!find imports/QtMobility16:16
ubottuFile imports/QtMobility found in libdeclarative-contacts, libdeclarative-feedback, libdeclarative-gallery, libdeclarative-location, libdeclarative-organizer, libdeclarative-publishsubscribe, libdeclarative-sensors, libdeclarative-serviceframework, libdeclarative-systeminfo, qtmobility-dbg16:16
* apachelogger kindly points out that theose are libqtdeclarative modules16:17
bulldog98_apachelogger: tell that the debian guys16:18
apacheloggerno fabo :(16:18
ScottKfabo was working on 4.7.4 today.16:19
ScottK(mentioned on #debian-qt-kde)16:19
apacheloggerqtmobility - you are not meant to thread it(tm)16:33
_Groo_Quintasan_: ping16:33
apacheloggerthis is epcially moot16:37
apacheloggera) you cannot use qtorganizer classes in a thread b) you cannot feed qtorganizer objects from cpp to qml c) you cannot read an ical from within qml d) reading an ical requires >4 classes16:38
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bulldog98_guys will we have meeting in #ubuntu-meeting or here?17:30
apacheloggerwhatever is free17:32
BarkingFishHi guys.  I need a quick bit of help - I need to transfer kubuntu over to my other machine and want to md5sum the iso before I do - problem is, I can't remember how to do it cause it's been so long.17:37
BarkingFishLast 5 or 6 installs previously have been over the web, so I've not been using disks17:37
micahgBarkingFish: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM#Check%20the%20CD17:38
apacheloggermd5sum iso17:38
apacheloggershadeslayer: do you want to write an ical parser?17:39
BarkingFishthanks micahg and apachelogger 17:39
apacheloggerqtmobilitykit just ate 8 hours of work for no good reason17:39
shadeslayerapachelogger: uhm .. maybe17:39
* apachelogger waves fist at brisbane api and write his own impl for calendar stuff17:39
shadeslayerapachelogger: give me a minute, doing VISA stuff right now :)17:40
apacheloggershadeslayer: actually it doesn't even have to do much ... use case is a qt app for UDS schedule17:40
apacheloggerso we'd just need to parse the ical into something useful which we can serialize to ondisk storage17:40
shadeslayerapachelogger: ok, i might be able to sneak that into my schedule somehow17:40
apacheloggerwhere storage is a file for the sake of apachelogger's sanity17:40
apacheloggershadeslayer: that would be swell17:40
shadeslayeri need a better time management app first tho :P17:41
shadeslayeror .. we could just feed all of that data into nepomuk and be all sorts of semantically cool17:41
apacheloggeron me phon17:42
shadeslayerthen we could say apachelogger wants to attend session X17:42
apacheloggerfirst nepomukky eats my desktop17:42
shadeslayertracker? :P17:42
apacheloggerthen my laptop17:42
apacheloggerthen my netbook17:42
apacheloggerthen my tablet17:42
apacheloggerand now my phon17:42
apacheloggerI will not stand for this17:42
apacheloggerto arms!17:42
apacheloggershadeslayer: all to complicated, for all I care we can just store an ical on disk :P17:43
apacheloggerIIRC the format allows to stuff random stuff into an entry, so we could have like X-Foo-Star=true or somesuch rubbish17:43
apacheloggerparsing is what matters most in any case17:43
apacheloggerand I will be AFK now17:43
shadeslayerapachelogger: ok, i'll try and have a look, but i also need to finish reading the ICE RFC i started last week17:48
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_Groo_Quintasan_: ping17:49
_Groo_anyone here taking care of telepathy packages besides quintasan?17:51
shadeslayer_Groo_: kinda, i know whats going on etc, but have no active role in packaging telepathy17:51
shadeslayerwhats the problem?17:51
_Groo_shadeslayer: last update broke telepathy-kde, quintasan left some hard coded versioning inside... let me paste17:55
_Groo_shadeslayer: kde-config-telepathy-accounts-plugins : Depends: libkcmtelepathyaccounts4 (= 0.1.0+20110831-0~natty1) but 0.1.0+20110911-0~natty1 is to be installed17:55
_Groo_just needs to repackage telepathy-kde-accounts-kcm-plugins_0.1.0.orig.tar.bz217:55
shadeslayer_Groo_: yeah, you're going to have to wait for someone with upload rights to that ppa17:58
_Groo_shadeslayer: ok if i go offline pls warn Quintasan_ about it, ok? :)17:59
shadeslayer_Groo_: best if you file a bug report against the package/ppa in launchpad18:02
bambeedid anyone test kwin-4.7.1-0ubuntu2~ppa1 (from ppa:kubuntu-ppa/experimental) ?18:15
bambeeit works just fine here18:16
apacheloggerbambee: did you send a mail to -devel?18:22
bambeeapachelogger: no, since it's not my package... however I can send an email anyway18:50
NCommanderI expired out of ~kubuntu-members, can someone readd me (it happened while I was on vacation hence why I couldn't renew)18:50
bambeeapachelogger: done18:58
apacheloggerNCommander: ye shouldnt have gone on vacation then :P19:01
NCommanderapachelogger: I like having a life once in awhile19:01
apacheloggerNCommander: Oo no idea what ye be talking about19:03
apacheloggeri think19:03
NCommanderapachelogger: thanks19:04
apacheloggertakes forever and a dayu with one hand19:04
NCommanderIts Launchpad, what should we expect :-P19:05
NCommanderapachelogger: its a bit annoying that membership expires as I do use my @kubuntu.org email at times, and if I expire out of members, that goes poof19:05
apacheloggermaybe the solution would be to not have the addy go away?19:10
apacheloggerI find that a bit ehm, bogus, to begin with19:10
bulldog98_bambee: I use it since yesterday works fine for me too19:26
bambeebulldog98_: did you notice performance improvements ?19:27
bambeeit was really fast with GL+GLSL here, and now it's even faster :)19:28
bulldog98_bambee: I didn’t noticed regression, but I don’t have more than 5 windows up, so I guess the improvement shouldn’t be that great19:28
* bulldog98_ thinks it might have getten faster19:29
bulldog98_and I trust in martin19:29
bulldog98_apachelogger: could you place us into http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/ ?19:31
DarkwingDuckAnyone have an opinion? http://people.ubuntu.com/~david.wonderly/Graphics/Kubuntu/3d_kubuntu_gears.png19:39
ScottKDarkwingDuck: For?19:43
DarkwingDuckbanner/flyer ideas19:44
ScottKLooks nice, but not well matched to upstream or Ubuntu branding.19:45
* DarkwingDuck nods19:46
DarkwingDuckIt was more of playing with inkscape and came up with that.19:46
_StefanS_anyone have a quick fix for the broken qdbus ? 21:05
_StefanS_yes I shouldn't use development for my main machine - but hey I did ;)21:06
_StefanS_any help appreciated on the qdbus issue...21:21
BarkingFishScottK, just to let you know, i've successfully got Kubuntu onto my PC.  All I need to do now is get the packaging system setup again, and we're away22:34

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