akgranerPics of Banners and table cover are on my facebook page I'll blog later on about it...I've started a conference box - and I'll pass it to holstein soon :-)17:37
BugeyeDakgraner: niiiiiice!18:12
akgraner:-)  Thank Canonical  All approved loco teams get a banner and table cover :-)18:13
akgranerwe'll be all professional yet18:13
BugeyeDi can't believe you just said that.18:17
BugeyeDto me.18:17
akgranerI meant to say we'll look all professional - but you know what I meant18:21
akgranerI hope anyway :-)18:21
BugeyeDif i smirk, does that kill the professional look?18:29
akgranernah just adds to it18:31
BugeyeDahh. i'll have to work on my professional-looking smirk then.18:39
akgranerhehe too funny18:44

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