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didrocksgood morning05:38
oSoMoNgood morning07:07
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kamstrup_JohnLea: hey - Should the options in the Types filter in the files lens be sorted alphabetically, or should they be fixed as they are now?12:17
kamstrup_JohnLea: and same question about the Genre filter in the music lens12:17
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Saviqhi all, does anyone successfully run unity-2d-launcher built out of source? the qml files aren't there it seems, am I missing somethinh?12:29
JohnLeakamstrup_; alphabetically, with the one exception that log titles that force the button to be double or triple width are always the last option12:31
JohnLealong ^12:31
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kamstrup_JohnLea: but what is "long" - and what if there are many long titles?12:36
kamstrup_JohnLea: i'll see if I can figure out with njpatel if/when the button sizes grow12:37
andyrockJohnLea, have you test last unity12:45
andyrockregarding fast drag and drop mouse move?12:45
JohnLeakamstrup_; long is defined as longer than can fit into the button length; because the Genre buttons are 3 abreast in the Music Lens, less text can fit into each button than in say the Category section of the app lens where the buttons are 2 abreast.  Currently the only text that is too long to fit into a normally sized button is "Science & Engineering" in the Categories section of the App lens12:56
JohnLeakamstrup_; if there are many long titles, they are stacked on top of each other, again in A-Z order12:57
JohnLeaandyrock; not yet, just got back today, I'll prob have some time to look tomorrow12:57
andyrockJohnLea, np12:58
kamstrup_JohnLea: but u3d doesn't expand buttons it always just ellipsises, is that a u2d feature?13:08
davidcalleHey didrocks13:11
didrockshey davidcalle!13:12
davidcalledidrocks, do you know if there is a way to know if the user is on unity-2d or 3d?13:13
didrocksdavidcalle: quite geeky, but there is a way by dbus13:14
didrocksdavidcalle: would that fit? (installing d-feet)13:14
didrocksdavidcalle: depends, if it's on oneiric, for last week, there is the DESKTOP_SESSION which should be ubuntu for 3d users, and ubuntu-2d for 2d users, even if it fallbacked13:15
davidcalleThe HorizontalRenderer is crashing on 3D, I'd like to detect if the user is on it and switch to the apporpriate renderer. I don't know a lot of dbus stuff, but I could try, yes.13:15
davidcalleOh great!13:15
davidcalleWorks perfectly thanks :)13:16
didrocksdavidcalle: hum, you mean, dynamically fallbacking for the user?13:16
davidcalledidrocks, just a condition in the daemon. As a workaround until the bug is fixed.13:17
didrocksdavidcalle: no, that's not possible13:17
didrocksdavidcalle: because we need to set values on session, gnome-session is trying to respawn required components as well13:17
didrocksso replacing unity by unity-2d dynamically doesn't work13:18
davidcalledidrocks, so the lens-daemon will start before DESKTOP_SESSION is on the good value?13:18
didrocksdavidcalle: hum no, oh you mean, the HorizontalRenderer just crash in unity-2d and not 3d?13:19
davidcalleJust un 3d13:19
didrocksdavidcalle: I was thinking you wanted to restart another unity :)13:19
davidcalleNope :)13:19
didrocksok, in these case, yeah, rely on the env variable13:19
davidcalledidrocks, great, ty!13:19
didrocksdavidcalle: yw :)13:20
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davidcalledidrocks, just tried, works perfectly, you rock. Unrelated question, will there be a lot of french in Orlando? ;)13:31
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didrocksdavidcalle: there will be some at least, the canonical french mafia, the ubuntu-fr president and maybe some more from ubuntu-fr :) are you coming?13:33
davidcalledidrocks, yep13:33
didrocksdavidcalle: excellent, will be nice to meet you there :-)13:33
didrocksdavidcalle: and orlando in november, is like summer in winter for us ;-)13:33
davidcalledidrocks, heh :-)13:34
davidcallelamalex, hi13:38
JohnLeakamstrup_; no this should be a Unity 3d feature13:42
JohnLeakamstrup_; it might not be implemented yet though13:42
kamstrup_JohnLea: it's not13:42
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lamalexdavidcalle, hey14:35
davidcallelamalex, I believe you are the music lens dev, right?14:36
lamalexdavidcalle, yes, i am!14:37
lamalexwhat's up14:37
davidcallelamalex, I was wondering : do you plan to use the Horizontal renderer to display the name of the artist next to song and album tiles?14:37
lamalexdavidcalle, no. the way it is is how design gave it to me14:39
lamalexcan you send me a picture of the horizonal renderer? i dont think ive actually see in14:39
davidcallelamalex ^14:40
davidcalleIt's on unity-2D (horizontal renderer is buggy on 3d this week)14:40
jcastrodavidcalle: man, looking nice!14:41
jcastrodavidcalle: mind if I tweet that?14:41
davidcallejcastro, hey thanks! Not at all.14:41
lamalexoh wow that's nice14:41
lamalexi'll talk to design14:41
lamalexthat would be better14:41
davidcallelamalex, great :)14:42
jcastrodavidcalle: unfortunately stefano has been busy so he hasn't gotten to updating the askubuntu lens yet14:42
davidcallelamalex, but be warned if you try : until the bug is fixed, opening the lens on 3d with the horizontal renderer crashes unity.14:43
jcastrohey do lenses load dynamically now? or do you have to log out after you install it?14:44
lamalexhaha oh14:44
lamalexwell then no, that's a good reason why not to use it14:44
lamalexnjpatel, gord ^14:44
lamalexthis dude is definitely right about horizontal renderer for the music lens14:44
davidcallejcastro, porting from natty to oneiric should be rather easy now. I will make a branch for the askubuntu one if I have the time before Oneiric comes out.14:45
gordlamalex, saw that yesterday, fixed in a branch waiting review14:45
jcastrodavidcalle: easy? kenvandine told me it was basically a rewrite?14:46
davidcallejcastro, don't know. I'm making packages right now. :)14:46
jcastroif it's easy then whoo hoo!14:46
jcastrohey njpatel, after we install a new lens do we still need to log out/in?14:47
njpateljcastro, right now, yeah14:47
njpateljcastro, can you file a bug about that and assign to me please?14:48
jcastroI did last cycle14:48
jcastroI can find it and ask harder. :)14:48
lamalexhey davidcalle where is the code for thatbooks lens14:48
lamalexgord, got a link to that branch? ill give you a review14:48
gordlamalex, https://code.launchpad.net/~gordallott/unity/new_dash_icon_size/+merge/7503614:50
jcastronjpatel: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/60627714:51
ubot5Ubuntu bug 606277 in unity "Allow dynamic Lens loading" [High,Triaged]14:51
jcastroit doesn't let me assign it to you in the upstream Unity project14:51
davidcallelamalex, https://code.launchpad.net/~davidc3/unity-books-lens/oneiric-first-draft Fresh fro today, but it's missing a lot of comments.14:51
davidcalleHey Jono, got a PPA for you.14:56
jonodavidcalle, nice!14:56
jonodavidcalle, could you email me all the details and a screenshot14:56
jonoand let me know how you would like people to get involved and participate14:57
davidcallejono, will do.14:57
jonothanks davidcalle!14:57
jcastrodavidcalle: Stefano will update his eventually, it's the reddit one that is basically unmaintained if you're looking for one to work on next14:58
davidcallejcastro, why not, I'm not a big reddit user myself, but I could give it a try. ;-)14:59
andreasnjono, the bugs in http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/07/14/thunderbird-in-ubuntu-11-10/ did any of them end up in the mozilla bugzilla or did they get stuck in Launchpad?15:18
didrocksjono: now that there is ligthning (the calendar) installed, you should add to the list that "accepting a meeting in the thunderbird view write "Event added to the calendar" without working btw15:20
didrocksandreasn: not sure if you are interested in this kind of feedback on a popular extension ^15:20
AlanBelldidrocks: works for me15:36
didrocksAlanBell: hum, that's weird, I tried twice today without any success15:37
didrocksAlanBell: latest oneiric as well I guess?15:39
AlanBellactually no, I will test on Oneiric in a sec15:40
didrocksAlanBell: ah, keep me posted! :-)15:44
davidcalleAlanBell, I got what you were looking for yesterday, a python lens with packaging : https://code.launchpad.net/~davidc3/unity-books-lens/oneiric-first-draft15:46
davidcalleAlanBell, the packaging is poor, I'm not used to debianazing stuff, but it builds.15:47
AlanBellI will have a go at writing the appmenu lens in it, my fork of the vala apps lens is a bit messy15:48
davidcalleAlanBell, nice!15:48
jonoandreasn, not sure if those are upstream in Mozilla15:52
jonodidrocks, is lightning now shipping in 11.10?15:53
andreasnjono, I looked through the list, it seems one of them is15:53
didrocksjono: it's there by default, with the issue I noticed aboved15:54
jonooh cool15:59
jonoI will upgrade15:59
jonoman Unity is *really* crashy for me16:00
jonowhenever I use the Alt-Tab or Switcher16:00
jonoit is constantly crashing and restarting16:00
Andy80let's try to ask this again: is anyone working on the "not visible cursor" in Oneiric login textbox?16:05
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lamalexgord, approved that merge16:20
lamalexhey davidcalle how did you get the author in your books lens?16:30
lamalexis it in the comments?16:31
lamalexdoesn't show up for me in music16:31
davidcallelamalex, Yep. Of course, you have to use the Horizontal renderer for it to show.16:32
lamalexhm weird..16:32
gordlamalex, awesome, thanks16:32
davidcallelamalex : model.append (uri, icon, category,"text/html", title, author, uri)16:33
davidcallelamalex, and I believe the last uri is the one used for a drag'n'drop16:34
lamalexdavidcalle, weird, this is what i get http://ubuntuone.com/737Zlvs3wUiHn8ex4eTq3t16:36
lamalexnjpatel, gord ^ possibility it's broken in the vala api?16:40
gordlamalex, shouldn't be, i mean you are just appending info to a dee model right?16:51
lamalexit's odd that it's not rendering it..16:52
gordlamalex, it needs to be in the comments field16:52
lamalexit is16:52
gordhrm maybe its a bug on my side, its been a while since i'v seen the horizontal renderer, gwibber was the only thing using it and gwibber was broke16:53
lamalexmaybe davidcalle was using 2d16:53
lamalexi think it's a bug on your side16:53
lamalexgord, is the renderer in unity proper?16:56
lamalex(would assume so)16:56
gordlamalex, yeah it was, fixed it, method was not virtual when it should of been16:57
lamalexpushed to trunk?16:57
gordi'm not that quick :P16:58
lamalexdamn, grandpa gord over here16:58
gordlamalex, actually i need to make this change depend on the earlier change you reviewed (because that fixes the segfault in the horizontal renderer). so i can't merge this until tomorrow some time :( sorry17:05
lamalexgord, just merge the branch from earlier17:06
lamalexor heck ill merge your branch17:06
gordlamalex, thats blocked on an earlier branch that needs some re-thinking17:06
gordelse i would17:06
gordi'll get this up in a merge request so you have something you can build yourself and work with though, two minutes17:07
gordlamalex, https://code.launchpad.net/~gordallott/unity/fix-horizontal-renderer/+merge/75227 :)17:11
gord-> out17:11
KaleoTrevinho: https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/unity-2d/panel_no_crash_at_logout/+merge/75233 :)17:57
TrevinhoGood Kaleo it's working as I expected! :)18:56
jcastroHeya Kaleo19:03
jcastrois setting hide_mode and use_strut in gconf still the way to turn off autohide in 2d?19:03
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