joshh^hello all19:28
highvoltagehi joshh^19:30
joshh^hi highvoltage19:30
joshh^how are you?19:30
joshh^is anyone alive here?19:31
highvoltageI believe so19:34
highvoltageI'm good thanks19:34
alkisgThey should be; otherwise their PCs are just wasting power and someone needs to turn them off19:34
highvoltagealkisg is Captain Planet!19:35
alkisgThat cartoon never landed on greece :D19:36
highvoltageyeah that was what I was thinking of. pity.19:36
joshh^ I have XP installed on my system...how do I install Ubuntu...I need dual boot...please help19:36
highvoltagethe installer will ask you if you want to resize xp to make space for ubuntu, after that it does everything for you19:37
alkisgjoshh^, if you google you'll find some excellent tutorials in the first results, e.g. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot19:37
alkisg(it also has links to other sites with step-by-step screenshots etc)19:39
alkisgSecond example: http://members.iinet.net.au/~herman546/p24.html19:39
alkisgAbout 30 screenshots there :)19:40
joshh^I'll check them out19:40
joshh^Thanks you highvoltage and alkisg19:41

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