majtophatI am running kubuntu 11.10 beta1 and for some reason i cannot log off00:20
majtophatwhenever I do something crashes and it just stops on a black screen00:20
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winutfixed: installed user is not member of audio group = wine fails to load -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1627558 added user to audio group in computer / system settings / user accounts on kubuntu00:22
ubuntu__this grub thing is pissing me off..00:39
ubuntu__i cant fix it00:41
ubuntu__i lost my grub, now its going nuts..00:41
ubuntu__im stuck at a grub rescue prompt.. with NO commands..00:41
winutreinstall grub?00:42
puneyou can boot a liveCD, chroot to your hard drive, and fix grub00:42
ubuntu__winut, w.e.00:43
ubuntu__pune, i have been liveCD'd into this for a LONG time00:43
anonop05anyone, i need help with an old kde bug. when i log out of kde, black screen with only cursor showing.00:44
ubuntu__i tried using that grub-repair, but it complains about a 64bit system00:44
ubuntu__im going in circles here.00:44
winutdo you have a 64bit live dvd?00:45
ubuntu__winut, no-00:45
winutif not, i suggest you download one00:45
ubuntu__the system is a 32bit system00:45
winutok, understood00:45
winutmight be worth a try tho00:46
puneyeah,  i wolud use the same architecture/distro/ect for the liveCD as what is on your system00:46
ubuntu__winut, i've tried to boot this computer with a 64bitliveUSB.00:46
ubuntu__it doesnt work00:46
winutso its not 64bit then00:47
winutdo you need to repair the harddrive, was it corrupted?00:48
ubuntu__no- i had like 5 partitions, deleted one.. which appearently the grub was on. IDK y it was there..00:49
ubuntu__so- i have Win7, and Kubuntu on the 500gb drive, but i cant get it to boot00:49
ubuntu__when it boots, it says: Error: no such partition. grub rescue>00:50
puneinstall grub to one of those, then tell your bios to boot off tht hard rdive00:50
ubuntu__so i know i simply have to fix, reinstall.. w.e.- but.. AHHHHHHHHHh00:50
ubuntu__there is only one HD, it is booting off the ONLY HDD in the system,00:50
ubuntu__Its a grub issue- and i dont know grub00:51
winutcan you reinstall grub from the install disk? maybe by text mode?00:56
winutcan anyone chime on this?00:56
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Kimlarouxwinut, what's the problem, not booting?01:10
winutits for: ubuntu__:01:11
winuthe deleted his grub partition01:11
Kimlarouxuh... a grub partition... it's more trouble than anything01:12
puneim playing with this kubunu startup disk creator.  it will only let me select 4.0GB for free space to store documents and stuff.  is there any way to bumb that up?01:15
punealso, i see it is wanting to use /dev/sdX1.  so it will use a partition?  can i just make 2 partitions on the drive and let it use 1 of them for the startup disk?01:17
valoriepune, maybe try MultiSystem instead?01:18
valorieI've had the best luck with that01:18
valoriefor persistence01:18
puneis it in the repos?01:18
valorieno, it's a script01:18
valoriewhat's especially nice is that for testing, etc. you can have the betas, or dailies, or whatever01:20
valorievery nifty script01:20
punewhere do the distros save their data and settings to when you run them?01:22
valoriealso http://www.linuxtoday.com/news/2011041600241OPSW01:24
valoriethat I'm not sure01:24
punehmm.  i see that the ubuntu startup disk creator made the entire partition 1 huge FAT32 filesystem.  i guess that would exploit the 4.0GB limit for storage.  it must be putting them all inside 1 container file in the filesystem01:25
valoriebut i've been using it successfully for over 6 months01:25
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valorielet's see if ubottu knows01:29
ubottuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.01:29
valoriepictures here: http://www.rwdubsreviews.com/2011/04/multisystem-live-usb-multiboot.html01:32
punewow.  i feel like an idiot now.  all these years ive been using a live CD.  this live usb thing is already 1000x better01:35
punekudos to whoever invented this thing01:35
ssfdre38what is the default sda is for kubuntu?01:35
ssfdre38is it sda4?01:36
puneim not too fond of the 4GB limit to save data.  but its still better than the 0GB you get with a liveCD01:36
shane2perudoes anyone know how I can see and control my desktop from another computer on my LAN?  I know there are programs that exist for this, but I don't have a clue about them.01:39
shane2perussfdre38: is it pretty easy to use and setup?01:40
punekrdc and krfb01:40
puneone of them is the server and one of them is the client01:41
punethey both have a noob-friendly GUI01:41
shane2peruteamviewer seems to be a windows app, thanks pune01:41
puneteamviewer runs on linux01:41
ssfdre38i have it installed already im just wondering cause im installing another distro and i have 2 partitons and i dont want to delete kubuntu01:41
shane2peruunder wine?01:42
puneno, natively01:42
ssfdre38you can get the .deb pkg of teamviewer01:42
shane2peruohh, ok01:42
punebut i still reccommend krdc and krfb01:42
shane2perunow, which would probably be easier?  krdc, and krfb01:43
puneif you are using wireless, you want to use medium setting.  high resolution lags a little bit01:44
puneif both computers are connected to ethernet, you can use the high res settings01:44
shane2peruok, thanks pune01:44
shane2perukrdc is the client01:44
punethe only issue ive had with them is when sharing from a computer with 2 monitors and 1 huge desktop.  it tries to share the entire desktop with the other computer.  so when i do it on my laptop, its a bit odd trying to manage 2 desktops on the 1 screen01:46
shane2perupune: glad you mentioned that!  That is my exact setup01:46
shane2peruI didn't even think of that.01:46
puneif you have the dual monitor setup to use separate x-servers, then you dont get the issue01:47
shane2peruI do a lot of ssh, and even ssh -X but, sometimes that doesn't do it all.01:47
shane2peruhmm, I'm not sure how I have it setup, one desktop, across two screens01:47
puneif you can drag a window from one of them to the other, its the same x-server01:48
shane2peruright, I can do that.01:48
punedifferent x-servers gives you different task bars and a clock and widgets and everything on each screen01:48
ssfdre38what is the command to see what the current partition is?01:48
shane2perussfdre38: sudo fdisk -l01:48
shane2perussfdre38: oh, wait, that shows you all the partitions01:49
punealso, i like the server that comes with ubuntu a little bit better than krfb01:49
shane2perussfdre38: and then mount will show you what is mounted where.01:49
ssfdre38im just trying to figure out my current partition01:49
shane2peruif you know what it is mounted under (the location or name) then:  mount01:50
puneit runs more in the background all the time.  krfb is more like a 1 time at a time thing.  it doesnt start and run in the background01:50
ssfdre38i found it im just trying find out to install Fedora as a second OS for testing01:51
shane2perupune, what server?01:51
puneim not sure,  i think it was already installed in ubuntu 10.04.  i might have gotten it from the repos01:51
shane2peruand you can see your desktop without the krdc?01:52
punei have to use krdc ( or some other client ).  but i dont have to manually start the server01:52
puneif you use krfb, you have to manually start it up in order for clients to connect01:53
shane2perusometimes I have apps running on my desktop, say like tomboy, and I don't want to tinker around with ssh, and copy stuff I just want to look at my desktop, click on the icon by the clock, and run that app that is already running on my desktop and see a note or something01:53
shane2peruOooh, I see, I thought they were one and the same program, server, and client type deal01:54
shane2perulike openssh server and client01:54
punethis is the server i used on ubuntu01:54
shane2peruahh, a link!  Thanks!!! ;)01:55
punethen, while that is running on the ubuntu computer, i fired up krdc on my laptop and i can control my desktop01:56
shane2peruhmm, that is vnc, I think I tinkered with that before when I used Gnome01:56
winutany idea how to fix sampling rate issues on amarok? thanks02:08
winutim using 11.10 with kxstudio main ppa for jack 202:09
winutsome stations play to fast, like twice the speed! lol02:12
winutchipmunk chat shows :-)02:12
winutwhat is the default phonon backend in kubuntu 11.10?02:12
winutim not at the machine atm02:12
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axdsanWhats the irc address of normal Mibbit Connection? like if I go to mibbit and want to directly connect to a chanlle02:26
axdsanthere you don't have to put like .. irc.mibbit.com port blabalabl02:26
axdsanyou go there and put achannel and it connects  I would like to get that address02:26
SIR_Tacoaxdsan: not sure what you're asking02:30
valorieaxdsan: you might look at the mibbit website02:30
valorienot sure why you think we would know that?02:30
valorieit has nothing to do with Kubuntu support02:30
SIR_Tacoaxdsan: the reson you don't have to connect using: irc.something.whatever on mibbit is because they have done that for you. They give you a list of "supported" irc networks, and off you go... you just select it from a list02:34
SIR_TacoLooks like they have about 30... I can assure you there are many many more than 30 irc networks out there02:35
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SIR_Tacoaxdsan: type "/join #puertorico"03:01
SIR_Tacoor just "/j #puertorico"03:02
Roeyhola folks03:05
RoeyI had pasted this to #alsa and then realized I should have asked here instead:03:06
Roey<Roey> hey why might mpg123 sound fine but mplayer and amarok sound distorted??03:06
Roey<Roey> like, quantized03:06
Roey<Roey> I tried 'sudo alsa reload'03:06
FloodBotK2Roey: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:06
FloodBotK1Roey: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:06
Roeyto no avail.03:06
RoeyI did killall pulseaudio and now sound works again.03:07
Roeygrrrrr pulseaudio!!03:07
SIR_Tacoso, you have it working then?03:08
Roeyyes indeed03:12
ssfdre38how can i get a partition off the system?03:18
SIR_Tacossfdre38: you want to merge partitions?03:44
ssfdre38well i want to delete it but its not allowing me to03:44
SIR_Tacossfdre38: how are you trying to delete it?03:44
ssfdre38Disk Utility03:45
SIR_Tacook... what kind of partition?03:45
SIR_Tacohave you backed up the information on the partitions you don't wish to remove?03:46
ssfdre38its empty03:46
SIR_Tacoall the partitions on the disk(s) are empty?03:48
ssfdre38well i was trying to install Fedora on its own partition03:49
SIR_Tacohave you tried cfdisk?03:49
ssfdre38dont really know how to use it03:50
SIR_Tacossfdre38: it's not too complex... but if you have physical access to the machine, you could make a Gparted liveCD and just boot from the disc, and change the partitions that way (it's all GUI driven)03:51
diogoola boa noite03:51
ssfdre38well its all on my thumb drive03:51
ssfdre38well the installer for Kubuntu03:52
SIR_Tacossfdre38: so you're trying to remove the installer for Kubuntu off your thumb drive?03:52
SubCoolcan someone help me with grub03:53
ssfdre38no a partition off my main drive called LVM203:53
SubCoollvm2? - VMWARE!!03:53
SIR_Tacossfdre38: ok... please try to explain what you're trying to do exactly03:54
ssfdre38i want to delete the second partition lvm2 off my drive to get the space back03:54
SubCoolI ahve a 500gb drive, split up a into WIn7, Kubuntu, and an old version of Kubuntu for which i delted the partition. It appears that partition held the grub information i need to boot. Can someone help me fix it?03:55
SubCoolssfdre38, gparted the partition and delete it. How are you goign to merge the remaining space? Extend an active partition?03:56
ssfdre38i was trying to install Fedora on my computer as a second OS to test it03:57
SIR_Tacossfdre38: the easy way, is get the Gparted CD, or you can use the KDE Partition manager if you have it installed, format the partition, and resize if needed... just be warry that it could mess up the drive03:59
ssfdre38i already backed up my home dir03:59
SIR_Tacossfdre38: both options are graphical, so you can see what you're doing, but I suggest checking and double checking to make sure you're not removing a partition you need04:01
ssfdre38i made sure04:02
SIR_TacoSubCool: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/reinstall-ubuntu-grub-bootloader-after-windows-wipes-it-out/04:02
SubCoolSIR_Taco, thanks, tried that one already04:02
ssfdre38SubCool, why not just reformat that virus i mean windows04:03
SIR_TacoSubCool: do you know what harddrive and which partition your boot directory is on? (ie your linux partition)04:03
SubCoolits my moms computer, and- um. SIR_Taco i thought i did, but everything seems to be really screweed up. still waiting on the system to boot..04:10
SIR_Tacothe reason I ask is because of the commands on that page.... if your linux partition is the 1st drive and the 1st parition then (hd0,0) is right... if it's first drive and 2nd partition it would be (hd0,1), etc.04:13
SubCoolSIR_Taco, ya- i ran into that major is.. running GRUB, it error'd when i did setup (hd0)04:14
SubCoolI ran into that**04:15
SIR_TacoSubCool: what version of Kubuntu?04:16
SIR_TacoSubCool:  you have two options 1)https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#ChRoot 2)http://sourceforge.net/p/boot-repair/home/Home/04:20
SIR_Tacosecond is probably more user friendly, but you'll have to download a liveced04:20
SIR_Tacolivecd even04:20
SubCoolSIR_Taco, i did the boot-repair. every time i run it, it says ihave to run it in 64bit mode,04:21
SubCoolthe machine is a 32bit machine04:22
SIR_TacoSubCool: shouldn't matter04:22
SubCoolSIR_Taco, tell that to the error04:23
SIR_Tacook, what error are you getting?04:23
SIR_Tacoand how are you trying to fix the problem?04:24
SubCoolthat 64bit error, gonna take a min for me to reproduce,04:24
SubCoolim trying anything that doesnt look like it will destroy my drive.04:24
SIR_Tacoare you using a livecd?04:28
SIR_TacoSubCool: ?04:32
SubCoolSIR_Taco, LiveUSB- sorry, trying to get the box to boot now. It just wont start. Im going ot have to use another liveUSB04:36
SIR_TacoSubCool: did you try the chroot option in the first link?04:37
SIR_Tacoit's the way to go if you know the paritions04:39
SubCoolSIR_Taco, i can use gparted to get their location, but- im still pretty fearful04:44
SIR_TacoSubCool: it would give you an idea... but so would using cfdisk.... just don't hit 'write' only 'quit' when you're done looking04:45
SIR_TacoSubCool: for instance you can type "sudo cfdisk /dev/sda" (which is your first master drive) or "sudo cfdisk /dev/sdb" (which is your first slave drive)04:48
ssfdre38ok how can i add the free space to my current partition04:48
SIR_Tacossfdre38: you can use the KDE parition manager under Kmenu->Applications->System (if  you don't have it installed you can install it by using the command line and typing "sudo apt-get install partitionmanager" or looking up KDE partition manager in your package manager, like Muon or KPackageKit)04:52
ssfdre38well ive been using Disk Utility04:52
ssfdre38parition manager doesnt allow me to move the free space to my current partition04:54
SIR_Tacothe Mac Disk Utility?04:55
ssfdre38the Ubuntu one and when i switch over to KDE Partition Manager it still doesnt allow me to do it04:55
SIR_Tacossfdre38: do you get an error?04:56
ssfdre38i just cant see the option for it04:56
SIR_Tacofor KDE patition manager, you should be able to click the bar (showing the distribution of disk space near the top) and select "Parition" from the menu at the top, then "Resize".... just make sure you resize the partition with data on it not the empty one04:58
ssfdre38doesnt allow me04:59
ssfdre38it has a lock on it04:59
SIR_Tacossfdre38: are you currently using that parition?05:00
SIR_Tacossfdre38: that would be why05:00
ssfdre38so i should use the installer to do it?05:00
ssfdre38well the system installer05:01
SIR_Tacossfdre38: not sure if you can change paritions without actually re-installing....05:02
SIR_Tacousing the install CD I mean05:03
ssfdre38well i just want to add the free space over05:03
ssfdre38well for me its install thumb drive05:04
SIR_TacoYou should be able to use the "Try Kubuntu" option from the install cd and you should have KDE partition manager there, and you can do it05:04
ssfdre38yea im going to in a bit05:04
SIR_Tacothe drive can't be mounted if you want to change the size of it... that's the main point05:06
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ssfdre38i hate how long it took to move over 50gb of free space to my boot partition06:25
valoriewell, but double or triple checking the data is good though, right?06:26
valorieI never complain if the data comes through OK06:26
ssfdre38yea it all came back gree06:26
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ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga07:33
jussiali_: ^^07:33
jussi!wine | ali_07:34
ubottuali_: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu07:34
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hidensoft_hi every body08:00
hidensoftwhat is keyboard layout switch shortcut ?08:04
hidensofti mean where is configuration08:04
hidensoftno one know ?08:06
valoriehidensoft: I assume Systemsettings08:25
ubottuTo switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard | KDE: System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout | XFCE: Settings -> Settings Manager -> Keyboard, Layout08:25
hidensoftvalorie: i use kde :) its not kubuntu channel ?08:35
valorieyes, but the bot is for all Ubuntu chans08:36
hidensoftvalorie: he he :))08:36
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hidensoftvalorie: i can't find keyboard layout in language this is for kde 3 ?08:40
valorienot sure, sorry08:43
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markithi, any plan to have kde 4.7.1 in natty? (with apropriate ppa)10:10
elkngI've mounted DVD to "/mnt/iso" and all packages now resides in "/mnt/iso/pool/main" if I want to install some package it will ask some dependencie, how can I get all dependencies installed automatically from this mounted directory ?10:17
well_laid_lawn!repo | elkng10:18
ubottuelkng: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories10:18
well_laid_lawnmake a repo from that dir10:19
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pawel_will KDE 4.7.1 get into Kubuntu 11.04 backports?10:45
saLOUtapachelogger: Hey apachelogger, you helped me one to create a deb package for my kubeplayer project. I think the project is mature enough to get in the extra repositories. Would you please help me by preparing the deb?10:49
apacheloggersaLOUt: extra repositories?10:49
saLOUtapachelogger: i don't know the naminge conventions of other distributions. ;) opensuse has some additional repos for apps like that.10:51
saLOUtapachelogger: https://projects.kde.org/projects/playground/multimedia/kubeplayer/repository10:52
apacheloggersaLOUt: option 1: you create your own personal package archive (https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA) and put the package there (meaning you can update whenever you want to etc.); option 2: we create a package for inclusion in the universe pocket of Ubuntu (meaning the software is supported by the ubuntu community but not canonical, and it will not be on CD or DVD); option 3: we do option 2 and also put the package in the kubuntu semi-10:55
apacheloggerofficial PPAs for immediate availability10:55
apacheloggersaLOUt: #kubuntu-devel is more suited btw10:55
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BluesKajHey all11:10
t3rmInAt0r_guys, how may I roll my system back11:17
t3rmInAt0r_to specific data with all the data existed in there?11:17
Incarus6Doesn't Kubuntu 11.04 deliver KDE 4.7.1 in the ppa?11:19
t3rmInAt0r_is there any way to roll-back my machine a couple of hours to get some data?11:22
OerHeksIncarus6, KDE 4.7.0 is current in the backports ppa11:23
Incarus6OerHeks, yes, but they usually update the ppa to the latest version one or to days after it came out11:24
BluesKajIncarus6, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports11:24
OerHeksi know, but the buildingteam is not ready yet11:25
Incarus6BluesKaj, "3 updates added during the past month." -> https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/backports11:25
BluesKajIncarus6, don't forget to do sudo dist-upgrade11:26
Incarus6BluesKaj, are you sure this would work? according to my last URL it is still 4.7.011:26
BluesKajIncarus6, you may need to reboot11:28
Incarus6BluesKaj, latest version in kubuntu-ppa backports is 4.7.0 ;)11:28
BluesKajIncarus6, http://news.softpedia.com/news/KDE-SC-4-7-1-Is-Available-for-Download-220716.shtml11:29
Incarus6double-checked it, no new packages to install. Softpedia is wrong11:32
BluesKajaccording to that article , 4.7.1 is in the backports ...what more can I tell you11:32
Incarus6according to the official ppa site it isn't11:32
BluesKajIncarus6, I'm on 11.10 so maybe 11.04 repos areen't holding it11:33
Incarus6I also think so. They seems to hold back the packages for 11.0411:34
BluesKajIncarus6, did you dist-upgrade ?...sometimes ppl forget11:35
Incarus6BluesKaj, I just can say what I said before, the packages are still 4.7.0: http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu/pool/main/k/kde-workspace/11:36
Incarus6related: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=184103711:37
BluesKajIncarus6, well if you're that anxious you can aleways DL and complile, but frankly there's very little diff that I've noticed between .0 and .111:41
Incarus6I disprefer doing so, I'll better way for 11.10, BluesKaj ;)11:42
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BluesKajprefer not to , is the correct phrase Incarus6 ..I don't mean to be rude11:44
Incarus6another word for dislike11:44
BluesKajno such word11:44
BluesKajit's wiki , anyone can edit11:45
BluesKajinteresting tho , Incarus6 , if it's real word then it's use is rare in the extreme :)11:47
Incarus6according to my german-english dictionary it is more often used in scientific publications ;)11:48
BluesKajIncarus6, I am now retired , but worked in the scientific field most of my working life and read extensively about various environmental/chemical processes and never came across "disprefer"11:55
OerHeksdisprefer dislike ..11:56
Incarus6I am alive to new words ;)11:56
BluesKajdislike would probly be the most popular usage11:57
OerHeksKubuntu is fun, free learning KDE and English :-D11:58
BluesKajwell, english as used by us whose first langauge is so ...  looking words up ina dictiuonary is ok ,but learning the way ppl actually speak is the way it should be done IMO  :)12:01
Incarus6I read an article on Spiegel.de some time ago about English slogans and what they would mean if you translate them verbatim: http://www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/fotostrecke-67579.html12:01
BluesKajIncarus6, your use of the word "slogans" should be translated as 'expressions" ...a slogan is used by advertisers, politicians etc12:03
Incarus6the word is correct in that context, I was talking about advertisers ;)12:04
* BluesKaj detects the ot cops lurking about :)12:04
OerHeksnow ontoppic: if you feel like it, join the translation-team :-)12:05
Incarus6KDE-translation? I'm allready translating PC-BSD (but it's still offtopic, dude ;) )12:08
BluesKajOerHeks, I prefer not to do so12:08
BluesKaj is BSD keeping up? ...I found it difficult to find drivers that worked , even for common soundcards like SB etc12:09
BluesKajhaven't tried it for 3 yrs or so12:10
Incarus6I'm not using BSD, just translating because I like the project12:10
BluesKajI know some ppl in western US who prefer it to linux ... but I fail to see any advantages12:13
Incarus6according to phoronix BSD is running linux software much faster12:14
BluesKajIncarus6, BSD running linux software ..really ? Got a URL ?12:16
Incarus6BluesKaj, one related article: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=linux_games_bsd12:18
Incarus6but you know the reliability of phoronix benchmarks12:18
BluesKajIncarus6, never paid much attn to phoronix12:19
BluesKajand I'm not interested in gaming ...if I want to play games I'll use an xbox12:21
Incarus6you got an xbox? :D12:31
BluesKajIncarus6, nope12:34
cchildressgood morning/evening/afternoon, everyone.  I'm having some trouble getting bluetooth DUN working with my android phone. I can pair my phone and PC (and 2.3.5/kubuntu 11.04 x86), but the only service my pc detects is file sending; it doesn't detect the dial-up-networking part.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks!13:19
cchildressoh, and i'm using pdanet13:19
BluesKaj!list | Macabro13:40
ubottuMacabro: This is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:40
saLOUtapachelogger: Thank you for your recommendations. I'm gonna think about it. I think option 2 might fit at best. I would like to use the openbuildservice, too, to build kind of trunk packages. I have to leave now. Do you still have these files you prepareed one for kubeplayer? Please drop me a mail in this case: saloution@googlemail.com .13:59
apacheloggerif I find them14:00
BarkingFishAfternoon guys. I need some help here. I need to edit my grub2 setup since it's showing remnants of a lot of old installs, which i want to remove.  However, I go to /boot/grub/grub.cfg to edit it, and it says not to.14:22
BarkingFishHow can I remove all the leftover bits from grub2 so I only have what I want in it?14:22
ryan_I'm running kubuntu 11.10 beta and I get the following error everytime I  check for updates14:25
ryan_Failed to download http://ppa.launchpad.net oneiric/main Sources14:25
ryan_404  Not Found14:25
ryan_Failed to download http://ppa.launchpad.net oneiric/main amd64 Packages14:25
ryan_404  Not Found14:25
ryan_Failed to download http://ppa.launchpad.net oneiric/main i386 Packages14:25
FloodBotK2ryan_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:25
FloodBotK1ryan_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:25
BarkingFishryan_, all questions about the beta versions go in #ubuntu+1 please :)14:25
=== franzz is now known as franzz__
ryan_barkingFish ok14:26
BarkingFishThanks :)14:26
=== franzz__ is now known as fraanz
LordCrchi, i've got this laptop with 11.10 beta, and i just got a wireless usb mouse for it. It works great if i plug it in once kubuntu is up and running, but it somehow isn't detected if I boot my machine with it plugged in.14:55
LordCrcany ideas?14:55
devilchaoshi folks having a spot of trouble with adobe flash for firefox and acording to apt i have the latest version any1 any ideas please?15:11
poonive had success using the firefox addon called flash-aid15:12
poonit removes the version you get from the repos and installs one from adobe15:12
devilchaosyes i did aswell but ive just upgraded through it and its now not working15:12
devilchaosflashplugin-nonfree is already the newest version15:14
devilchaosis what it states after the script is run15:14
devilchaosi hate it when it doesnt work so much depends on flash its unreal15:15
poonnot sure then.  when i use it, it gets one from adobe and not any package15:15
poonright now it says it would get version 11.0.r1.129, september 6, 2011 from macromedia.com15:16
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danielhola que se comenta¿?15:19
Peace-daniel: hola daniel but this is a english room so ... #kubuntu-es15:20
devilchaosyeah had a tick box ticked for something called npviewer with 32bit wrapper for 64bit systems15:20
devilchaossoon as i unticked it installed the correct on and am bk up and running again15:20
poonhurray.  now you can youtube all day15:21
BluesKajdevilchaos, check for flashplugin-installer ...it should be installed with kubuntu-restricted-extras15:21
devilchaosvery starnge15:21
devilchaosyeah am all good now have that installed aswell15:21
devilchaosthanks for trying to help15:22
BluesKajthen you should be good to go15:22
=== bigjools-otp is now known as bigjools
accipterIs there a way to index file names without indexing the content as well?16:06
=== LordCrc is now known as LordCrc_Away
avihayaccipter: you mean something like locate?17:26
accipteravihay: yeah, i just want to hit alt-f2 and type in a filename17:27
avihaywell, it does that with the executables in the path17:29
accipteravihay: i use it primarily for pdfs17:30
semitoneshey you guys i'm installing kubuntu-destkop!17:31
semitonesis there a "you have crossed over to the dark side" tshirt I could buy from the KDE team17:32
* genii-around hands semitones a nice blue Kubuntu t-shirt and coffee mug17:32
semitonesthanks! now I can sit and caffeinate in style17:33
avihaywell, the only way I can think of doing that without writing an input plugin for how ever you call the alt+f2 launcher, is to add the files you want to the kde menu17:33
semitonesmy rock-climbing buddy was using kubuntu on a camping trip, and I thought "why does his desktop look so awesome and mine is so boring?"17:33
genii-aroundWork, back later17:34
avihayaccipter: I use Lancelot instead of the default kde menu, and when I tipe in it's search box, it finds recent documents too. too bad that it only looks at only the last 10 entries17:35
mzanettiis it possible to upgrade a kubuntu 8.10? do-release-upgrade doesn't work any more as the repos have already disappeared...17:39
semitoneswhat is the difference between gdm and kdm?17:41
mzanettisemitones: gdm comes with gmone while kdm is for kde17:41
mzanettithey look a bit different but do the same job17:41
semitonesmzanetti: its asking me whether i want to keep gdm or use kdm, just wondering if it makes a difference17:42
semitonesi can always change later right?17:42
mzanettinot too much... you configure kdm using kde's systemsettings and gdm through gnomes one17:42
mzanettiif you want to get rid of gnome's systemsettings you will be probably better off with switching also the kdm17:43
mzanettito kdm...17:43
semitonesok, thanks17:44
avihaymzanetti: you can probably still get an alternate disk for the version you want to upgrade to and run it's upgrade script17:46
avihaythe alt disc will act as a mini-repository for the core packages17:46
avihayso it should be faster17:46
mzanettiavihay: oh, cool. I'll try that... thanks17:47
mzanettiwould you reccomend a LTS version if its for someone else?17:47
mzanettiits a person which has basically no idea whats the difference between operating systems17:47
mzanettibut she was pissed off from windows vista and I installed her kubuntu, back in 200817:48
avihayon one hand, LTS releases are a bit more stable, on the other hand, KDE has improved a lot, and an LTS release won't get the new shiny stuff17:48
mzanettitrue... but she's used to kde 4.2 :D17:49
mzanettiI guess also the LTS has improved A LOT17:49
avihayif she lived with 8.10 till now, I guess she wouldn't mind an older ver17:50
=== fuhrer is now known as Guest82000
avihayother possibilities include editing/replaceing your repositories config with a newer one and running update and upgread, very messy. or overriding your current install with a new one (without formatting). you'll have to reinstall all the packages that were installed in the past, but your home folder will stay the same, including your personal preferences17:52
mzanettiyeah... I'm more worried if I ever will get things like pppoe up and running again17:54
avihayif 8.10 is an LTS, I think you can upgrade to the next LTS directly with the next LTS's alternate CD, if not, then you might need to upgrade incrementally17:55
mzanettiunfortunately it isnt... 8.04 was an LTS... the repos for 8.04 are still up... thats what made me think about using an LTS this time17:56
avihayhas she been useing kde3 untill now?17:58
avihayoh, nm17:58
=== eyes_ is now known as EyesIsServer
avihayanyway, you always have the "more aggressive" ways. (I'm working with an overridden system for a long while now. you might also like to delete everything on the HDD except for the home folder before overriding if the normal overriding causes trouble)18:03
mzanettithe link for the 10.04-alternate-64bit iso on the website is broken18:04
mzanettiit is 10.04.2 but should be 10.04.318:05
=== erik____ is now known as erolfr
mzanettiavihay: thanks for your opinions. I'll try to upgrade using the 10.04 cd18:07
avihaythere are various mirrors around the world18:08
avihaymzanetti: and I think you need the 9.04 and 9.10 disks first, and it will take hours18:08
mzanettiavihay: oh... can't I just skip the 9-versions?18:09
avihayfor the incremental "by the script" upgread, that is18:09
avihayfor overriding, you can use any version18:09
mzanettioverriding seems a bit dangerous to me... if the package manager looses track of the files I expect problems sooner or later...18:10
BluesKajmzanetti, one can always use apt in the terminal ...all is not lost and one can always add repos by editing the sources.list18:13
erolfrhello,I'm new on linux. I've changed die Display Settings(second Monitor)  But the setting are the old after reboot.Whats my Failure18:14
mzanettiBluesKaj: yeah... that's what I'm trying right now... is it possible to just set the sources.list to 10.04 and du an update/upgrade or will that mess up the system?18:15
avihayit's kind of the opposite, in overriding (and by that I mean installing over), the installer just deletes  the existing packages, and some of the config files, and rewrites them anew18:15
avihayand upgrading incrementally with the upgrade scripts on the alternate discs is more error prone18:16
BluesKajmzanetti, upgrade from what to 10.04 ?18:17
BluesKajonly upgrade to the next version in the release list, mzanetti18:17
mzanettiBluesKaj: 8.0418:18
mzanettierr... 8.1018:18
mzanettibut 9.04 seems to be gone also18:18
BluesKaj!eol | mzanetti18:19
ubottumzanetti: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades18:19
mzanettiubottu: yay! that looks promising. thanks a lot!18:20
ubottumzanetti: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:20
mzanettioh... I see! thanks BluesKaj :D18:21
LordCrc_AwayI'll ask again if it's ok... I've got this laptop with 11.10 beta, and I just got a wireless usb mouse for it. It works great if i plug it in once kubuntu is up and running, but it somehow isn't detected if I boot my machine with it plugged in. Any ideas?19:04
=== LordCrc_Away is now known as LordCrc
genii-aroundLordCrc: What is the result for the mouse from the command: lsusb  ?19:08
LordCrcgenii-around: 2 sec19:08
LordCrci presume you mean when its working19:09
genii-aroundWhen it's plugged in :) Like to find it's vendor:id code19:09
LordCrchmm interesting, now it worked from cold boot... i must admit i only rebooted my laptop earlier the few times it didnt work (i just got it today)19:10
LordCrc046d:c52b, it's a logitech unifying receiver, mouse is 705m (or m705?)19:11
LordCrclet me reboot and see19:11
genii-aroundLordCrc: Might also want to run sudo update-usbids if it's a fairly new device19:12
LordCrcok, let me revise: cold boot == worky, reboot == no worky19:13
LordCrcthats much more acceptable at least...19:14
genii-aroundInteresting. Probably powers off the usb port when it does that19:14
BarkingFishgenii-around, Hi!  We're all up and live this end, everything is working perfectly now.  Hard disks are all correct, grub is updated so I only have my main entries on it... It's all good now!  Thanks for last night's help.19:15
LordCrcwell, full shutdown and boot-up isnt much more painful than rebooting, so that's a good workaround for now19:15
genii-aroundBarkingFish: You're welcome. Glad we could get it working.19:15
BarkingFishAll i have left to do now is speak to Scott in the -devel channel and get the instructions again for setting up my packaging tools.19:16
LordCrcalso why does hibernate log me out?19:19
=== massimo is now known as Guest49219
joshh^hello all19:28
joshh^hi LordCrc19:30
joshh^is anyone alive here?19:31
LordCrca few it seems, im just another user though so may not provide much help :)19:33
joshh^have u usued ubuntu ?19:34
macojoshh^: please keep all support requests in the channel so everyone can benefit from the answers, and always remember to ask permission before PMing19:35
joshh^ I have XP installed on my system...how do I install Ubuntu...I need dual boot...please help19:36
macojoshh^: do you have an ubuntu live cd yet? boot from it, and when you choose to install it'll offer to "install alongside" your current OS. choose that and it'll automate the dual boot process19:37
joshh^I'm planning to use a USB installer instead of CD for installation purpose19:38
macoah, ok. well in that case...19:39
* maco looks for link19:39
maco!usb | joshh^19:40
ubottujoshh^: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent19:40
LordCrcI used this to create an USB pen installer from ISO image, very easy http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/19:41
joshh^thanks LordCrc19:45
joshh^I just want to make sure that I don't lose XP while installin Ubuntu19:46
macothe other way around is more the norm ;)19:46
LordCrcjoshh^: _should_ go ok, but i'd back up anything important in any case19:46
macoubuntu will detect other OSes and set up a screen to choose betwen ubuntu and whatever else you have on each boot19:46
macowindows will just clobber19:46
LordCrcthough i must admit i havent dual booted in ages19:47
LordCrcmost dangerous part is if you have to resize a partition to make room19:47
macoLordCrc: kubuntu's installer doesnt make you do that manually19:47
macoLordCrc: there's a dual boot option and you tell it what the max size you want it to be is (based on free space) and it sorts it all out for you19:47
LordCrcmaco: yeah i meant the actual process of resizing :)19:48
LordCrcmaco: power loss then would be bad19:48
macoLordCrc: i think power loss in general is pretty bad for computers :P19:48
LordCrcmaco: heh yeah true19:48
joshh^I have parititioned and formatted it already so that I can install Ubuntu on it19:48
LordCrcjoshh^: then you should be in pretty good shape19:48
elgatonHi everyone, anywone knows where the default SSL certificates for Kubuntu are stored (i.e. the ones displayed in the "SSL Options" module in the Control Center?)19:50
BluesKajjoshh^, then use the manual partitining and just set the / and if you had decided on a /home , you caqn set that as well19:50
LordCrcmaco: that being said I really wish the automagic partitioner had a "max size" option19:51
LordCrcmaco: instead of 100% or manual19:51
macoits not really 100%19:52
macosome free space is left in the old os19:52
macoor do you mean if you're starting from blank?19:52
LordCrcmaco: i mean on a clean disk19:52
macoah ok19:52
LordCrcI wanted to keep 20gb for other purposes, but noo :)19:52
macowell theoretically im the installer dev for kubuntu now, so i guess come november i can see what the others think of me trying to do that19:52
LordCrci resized it after installing so it's ok, but19:53
linux-beginner-hare there kmail2 users online? :-)19:53
LordCrci mean, shouldnt be too hard to have a "use this much" box in there? :D19:53
joshh^Bluekaj: Thankyou19:53
BarkingFishEvening dudes. Anyone able to tell me why removing rekonq from my system has just automatically installed a replacement browser in its place without my actually wanting it?20:14
tranformersi need change in lunux what kind program like alcohol 120 ? i have iso file with game (7.3Gb)but i do not have DL disc20:15
BarkingFishI just took rekonq off because the system was ignoring my default browser choice, firefox, and when I looked at the remove, it'd installed konqueror instead.20:15
macoBarkingFish: do you have mozplugger installed? it should accept firefox as a valid alternative, though....20:17
BarkingFishmaco, no, I don't20:17
macoalso, where did you set the default browser choice?20:18
macosystem settings -> default applications -> web browser ->  [ text box ] ?20:19
macoBarkingFish: it looks like kubuntu-konqueror-shortcuts depends on rekonq or konqueror20:20
BarkingFishmaco, yep, I just found out :)20:22
BarkingFishThanks anyhoo20:22
BluesKajtranformers, checkout mkisofs20:24
tranformersi try thanks20:35
[Relic]Is there any way to get a logitech mouse to work properly?20:40
[Relic]it appears cooperative inside some applications like this but for the multiple desktops and switching too them it doesn't seem to be to nicely reacting20:43
avihay[Relic]: should be plug and prey. try to find it in the lsusb output (I assume it's a USB mouse and not a PS/2 one), and google it, or ask here with more details20:43
avihayah, it sounds like it's working fine but it doesn't redraw because your system is too busy with other stuff20:44
[Relic]can't be, this is the only other thing running20:46
[Relic]and it is a q9300 quad so it is probably using about 4% cpu tops at any given time with only a couple background apps running20:47
genii-around[Relic]: What is the line in result of lsusb for it?20:48
[Relic]Bus 005 Device 002: ID 046d:c246 Logitech, Inc.20:50
[Relic]getting the feeling I shouldn't have bought the newset thing in my budget range w/o checking it out first20:50
=== goodtimewilly is now known as goodtime
LordCrcthe fact the kubuntu installer doesn't work on x64 efi systems, is that a know issue or should i report it?20:53
BluesKajLordCrc, have considered the 'alternate install cd' ?20:56
LordCrcBluesKaj: no, i just disabled efi in bios instead, i was just curious if i should report it... would be better if the installer said "sorry mac" than pretending to work imho20:57
BluesKajefi ?20:57
LordCrcuefi if you like20:58
BluesKajbbl ...errands before dinner21:01
ali___how to recover data on kubuntu ???21:03
LordCrcali__: you'll need to describe your problem in more detail i think21:05
SubCoolim back, grub issues.21:07
ali__mistakenly i have formated my hd and i lost my documents now is their any way to recover it ???21:07
genii-around[Relic]: I don't see it listed yet at http://www.linux-usb.org/usb.ids either21:10
LordCrcali__: possibly, depends on how you formatted your hd21:11
ali__is their any software through which i can recover my data ???21:12
LordCrcali__: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=152565021:14
LordCrcali__: also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery21:14
[Relic]thought I might be able to use one of the other set ups to get it to cooperate a bit better21:16
tranformers_anyone no sleep ? problem in RUSSIA with Ubuntu forums!!!!21:25
OerHekstranformers, http://forum.ubuntu.ru/ works fine her21:32
OerHeksi can't read any of it, but looks fine21:32
tranformers_Good night, I hope that this message reaches the most Supreme Canonical.21:35
tranformers_Those who are familiar with officials please pass my message.21:35
tranformers_I've never been a fan of forums for 3 years, therefore, use sumptuous Ubuntu and Kubuntu are never came particularly at Russian forums.21:35
tranformers_You know the code of honour and etiquette IRC channel.21:35
tranformers_I am sincerely grateful to you for assistance will continue to talk with you in English. My native language is Russian, and that's what I read in Russian! Our case insult in Russia on the pages of the official forums! Mate, abusive name-calling, lay subjective assessment. Scold not only us but also by Microsoft. Now I'm želatmuû I didn't get a job at Canonical. I don't have the money and I'm a freelance consultant installing21:35
FloodBotK2tranformers_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:35
FloodBotK1tranformers_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:35
OerHekstranformers_, please join #Ubuntu-ru ?21:36
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=== lex is now known as Guest58479
SubCoolCould someone help me fix grub- im having serious issues22:30
ikoniaSubCool: please don't cross post22:34
SubCooldifferent people..22:35
TorchSubCool: you're also asking a meta question... if you don't state the exact problem, no one's going to be able to help you22:38
sanseyвсем привет23:30
sanseyтакая проблема, нужно выключить дискретную видеокарту23:31
sanseyкто подскажет?23:31
Unit193!ru | sansey23:31
ubottusansey: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.23:31
=== ubuntu__ is now known as crowx-
crowx-I installed windows in one partition, then I installed kubuntu on 3 other partitions, 1 for swap, 1 for boot, and 1 for root.23:41
crowx-but after the installation, grub didn't get load at all, and windows started directly23:41
crowx-then I booted again  from the live cd23:41
crowx-and used fdisk and noticed that /dev/sda3 (the /boot partition) didn't have a bootable flag, so I added one, saved it, and rebooted. Now I see "Invalid partition table" error when booting23:42
crowx-and nothing boots23:42
crowx-any help please?23:42
crowx-I installed windows in one partition, then I installed kubuntu on 3 other partitions, 1 for swap, 1 for boot, and 1 for root. but after the installation, grub didn't get load at all, and windows started directly. then I booted again  from the live cd and used fdisk and noticed that /dev/sda3 (the /boot partition) didn't have a bootable flag, so I added one, saved it, and rebooted. Now I see "Invalid partition table" error when booting. and nothing boots.23:50
Linkmastercrowx-: I'm not experienced in this, but try reinstalling grub, see if that helps23:54
backtrackmobilehi guys i need a help23:58
backtrackmobilei wanto to recompyle a kernel to use the kubuntu mobile version on my device, i tryed to ask in the right channel but the discussion title is "qt etc etc"23:59

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