gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb, call in a minute12:30
danilosoh, I just heard from a friend about http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Programmers'_Day, /me goes to canonicaladmin.com :)14:36
benjigary_poster: I just entered a vacation day for the 22nd to take Katie to the super-duper heart specialist in Richmond.15:50
gary_posterack benji, thanks for heads up15:54
Ursinhagary_poster, hi16:06
Ursinhaare you  there?16:06
gary_posterHey Ursinha16:06
benjiI really wanted to finish up the newline thing before lunch but couldn't because I've been distracted but now hunger is distracting me.  It's a vicious cycle.  ;)16:06
gary_posterbac & benji, I have a quick conversation topic for both of you.  Are you available for a Skype call?20:51
gary_postercool, I'll call you20:52
bacfire when ready20:52
* benji dons the Headset of Justice.20:52
bacgary_poster: we got DL to move our flight to earlier to give us more time in case of POTUS-ocalypse at RDU and they did it for free.21:16
gary_posterwow, bac, go DL.21:16
bacyeah, i thought it was pretty civil of them.  of course, it is in their best interest to have two fewer people to deal with when it all goes to hell21:17
* gary_poster running21:25
gary_posterbye y'all21:25
bacbenji: bored?  fancy a quick review?21:25
benjibac: sorry, I'm not here right now.  please leave a message at the beep21:27
bacgood call21:27
baci'll ask the alert antipodeans21:27

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