nigelbWe've noticed that mails sent via https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-user-days/+contactuser are not reaching us. Any clue what's happening?00:20
wgrantnigelb: cjohnston isn't getting them?00:22
wgrant(non-member emails go to the owner)00:22
nigelbOh, only cjohnston gets them?00:22
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wgrantWe're about to go down for a couple of minutes for another DB upgrade.08:31
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wgrantAnd we're back.08:35
ramanaAre diffs on merge requests broken at the minute ?08:49
OdyXHmm. Is the "launchpad has ugly fonts under konqueror" thing known08:50
wgrantramana: We just had a database upgrade, so they may have been delayed by a few minutes for a while.09:05
wgrantramana: Has it appeared now?09:05
wgrantOdyX: Do you have a screenshot?09:05
OdyXwgrant: http://azrael.raboud.homelinux.org/~didier/temp/ugly_launchpad.png09:09
OdyX.oO(Not that I dislike italic-bold Comic Sans'like stuff, eh)09:09
wgrantThat's quite impressive.09:09
wgrantLooks like it is utterly failing at handling webfonts sensibly :(09:10
wgrantWhich version of Konqueror?09:10
wgrantI've never seen anything handle it quite so terribly.09:10
wgrantAnd this includes IE7-9 :)09:10
OdyXwgrant: 4.6.5 , on Qt 4.09:10
OdyX4.7.3; Debian Sid.09:10
wgrantCould you report a bug at https://launchpad.net/launchpad/+filebug, please? Attach screenshots and that same version information.09:11
OdyXwgrant: consider that done.09:11
wgrantIt looks like it's using the last font style that we request from Google.09:12
wgrant700 italic09:12
nigelbOh, ew.09:12
nigelbThat sounds like something I did.09:13
wgrant"Seems like there’s a problem in KHTML and webfonts. You can see in the code above that the bold version of Effloresce is listed last. That’s causing Konqueror to render all Effloresce text bold."09:13
wgrantI wonder if we can hack around it by listing normal last.09:13
nigelbIf I can reproduce, I'll pick the bug09:14
* nigelb raises fists at KDE. 190 MB ?!?09:16
nigelbbug 84877809:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 848778 in Launchpad itself "Launchpad has ugly fonts under Konqueror" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84877809:16
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deryckabentley, pitching it to you.18:00
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abentleyderyck: caught it.18:01
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JonOomphHi! I am trying to test a LaunchPad recipe using the command "bzr dailydeb openshot.recipe working-dir".  It generates a folder inside the working-dir with "{" and "}" characters.  Is there a way to configure the name of the "temporary" build folder?  On of my build steps (xml2po) breaks with "{" and "}" in the path. Thanks!18:34
abentleyJonOomph: What folder is it generating?18:48
JonOomphabentley, the name of the folder it creates is "openshot-{debupstream}+{revno}+{revno:packaging}"18:49
JonOomphOr, more specifically working-dir/openshot-{debupstream}+{revno}+{revno:packaging}18:50
abentleyJonOomph: No, there is no way to prevent that folder from being created in that location.18:55
abentleyJonOomph: Perhaps you can delete it as one of your build steps?18:56
JonOomphabentley: Yep, that's what I'm trying now.  Thanks!18:58
JonOomphI have 1 more recipe-based question19:00
JonOomphIn the Debian changelog, it puts my identity as: -- Jonathan <jonathan@jonathanubuntu64>  Tue, 13 Sep 2011 14:06:00 -050019:01
JonOomphWhich is not correct.  Any thoughts on how to tell the recipe what to use?19:01
bulldog98JonOomph: set DEBMAIL19:01
bulldog98and DEBFULLNAME19:02
JonOomphWould I set this in my recipe script?  Will LaunchPad use it's own value?19:02
JonOomphI'll play around the DEBEMAIL and DEBFULLNAME.  Thanks!19:05
JonOomphIf my recipe makes use of the "run" command, will I be able to use the recipe on LaunchPad?  Or will I need to just setup a scheduled task on my computer (which uses my recipe)?  The goal is to have a daily built PPA.  Thanks!19:13
abentleyJonOomph: Launchpad supplies values for that.19:15
abentleyJonOomph: No, we do not support the "run" command.19:15
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Odd-rationaleQuick question. How much storage space to I get on my personal bzr branches? Thanks!19:18
jelmerOdd-rationale: hi19:23
jelmerOdd-rationale: If I remember correctly there is a fair use limit.19:24
Odd-rationalejelmer: OK. Thanks. I'm not planning on putting any huge projects on there. But just wanted to know what the limits are.19:25
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abentleyOdd-rationale: I don't think there is a limit on bzr branches.19:59
bil21alcan any body tell me how to unsubcribe the ubunut questions emails???20:05
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abentleybil21al: I don't think it's possible to subscribe to the questions for an entire distribution.20:51
james_wI'm getting a consistent timeout trying to register a merge proposal21:36
james_wwhen I registered a similar one a few minutes ago with no problem21:37
james_wis there perhaps a known bug that I may be falling foul of with a workaround21:37
james_whmm, maybe bug 79383021:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 793830 in Launchpad itself "Branch:+register-merge time out due to substring matching many tables" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79383021:40
james_was I'm not using the dev focus branch21:40
james_wok, seems to be that bug21:48
james_wthe workaround was for someone else to propose the merge, someone that had the branch as a saved target and so didn't need to hit that search21:49
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yshavithi all, I'm trying to set up a sandbox lp env with the built-in bzr support. I'm told (in the lp page) that I should push using "bzr push --use-existing lp://qastaging/ysbear1", but bzr then throws an error about an invalid url supplied to transport. Am I doing something wrong?23:06
yshavit(and apologies if this should go to the bzr people, please let me know if so)23:07
wgrantyshavit: Sounds like you're running an old version of bzr.23:14
wgrantIt's only know about qastaging since 2.4 or so.23:14
yshavitwgrant: ah, yeah, I'm on 2.2.4. Most recent on Ubuntu 10.04 :-\23:15
yshavitwgrant: upgraded from the bzr ppa, it works like a charm now. Thanks for your help!23:18
wgrantyshavit: Excellent.23:26

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