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zebastianortisi just installed lubuntu 11-04 and when i put my flash drive in03:43
zebastianortisit doesnt automatically mount03:43
jmarsdenzebastianortis: Does it show up in the output of    lsusb03:44
zebastianortisBus 001 Device 006: ID 0cf2:6225 ENE Technology, Inc. SD card reader (UB6225)03:45
zebastianortisbut not available on the file manager03:45
jmarsdenOK.  First things first.  An SD card reader is not what most people call a "flash drive"... Is your "flash drive" a usb flash drive, or is it an SD card?03:46
zebastianortisits an adapter that has a usb port where you can slide in SD cards03:47
zebastianortismy other laptop with a previous release of lubuntu mounts it immediately03:47
zebastianortisbut this isnt accessible03:49
zebastianortison here03:49
jmarsdenOK.  Do you see the SD Card that is inside it if you do     cat /proc/partitions       and if you do, what partition(s) are the SD card ones?03:50
ubot5For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:51
zebastianortisI added two other external drives to see if they would mount but no03:53
bioterrordoes dmesg say something?03:54
jmarsdenSo I'm guessing /dev/sdf is the SD card, and /dev/sdf1 is its partition.  What does     sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdf      say?03:54
bioterrorif the reader is found, something must be wrong03:54
bioterrormystical I/O Error03:56
jmarsdenzebastianortis: What does     sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdf      say?03:57
jmarsdenbioterror: Better to try to mount it than to look at errors that are hard to understand, IMO...03:57
bioterroryou can keep mounting ;)03:58
jmarsdenzebastianortis: Oh, I guessed wrong, that is a 320GB partition... not likely to be the SD card.  Did you a cat /proc/partitions before and after plugging it in, so you can tell which one(s) are from the SD card?03:58
zebastianortisno  i didnt03:59
jmarsdenCan you try that now - cat /proc/partitions >withsdcard.txt03:59
jmarsdenthen remove the thing03:59
zebastianortiswhat do i do now? this is strange i thought it should mount automatically, sure willdo03:59
jmarsdenthen    cat /proc/partitions >nosdcard.txt03:59
zebastianortisbash: /proc/partitions: Permission denied04:00
jmarsdenThen you can look at each file and see what changed.  Or even   diff nosdcard.txt withsdcard.txt04:00
zebastianortisthe second one just sent me back to prompt04:00
jmarsdenYou probably mistyped the first one... like you left out the cat at the front, or something?04:01
jmarsdenTwo commands:04:01
zebastianortisis this normal? there was an error when i installed lubuntu and i simply went on to reboot, maybe try to install without an internet connection again?04:01
jmarsdencat /proc/partitions >nosdcard.txt04:01
jmarsdencat /proc/partitions >withsdcard.txt04:01
jmarsdenzebastianortis: we don't know yet.  I don't have an SD card reader on a USB connector to test with.04:02
zebastianortisnothing happens04:02
zebastianortisback to prompt04:02
jmarsdenrebooting and reinstalling is for Windows.  Good Unix users figure out issues  and fix them :)04:02
jmarsdenOK, so do you now have two files withsdcard.txt and nosdcard.txt ?04:02
zebastianortisby the way i created a oflder on the desktop when i click on it it says specified directory is not vaild04:02
jmarsdenWhy are you doing extra things?04:03
zebastianortisno, nothing comes up when i type what you told me04:03
zebastianortisit sends me back to prompt04:03
jmarsden"comes up"??04:03
jmarsdenType    ls04:03
jmarsdenand see if the files are there.04:03
zebastianortisDesktop    Downloads  nosdcard.txt  Public     Videos04:03
zebastianortisDocuments  Music      Pictures      Templates  withsdcard.txt04:03
jmarsdenOk, so they are there.04:04
zebastianortisthose are text files04:04
jmarsdenDo look at them and see what is different between the nosdcard.txt one made without the SD installed, and the withsdcard.txt one made when the SD card *is* installed.04:04
jmarsdenYes, that is correct, they are text files.04:04
jmarsdenNow read them :)04:04
zebastianortismajor minor  #blocks  name04:05
zebastianortis   8        0   78184008 sda04:05
zebastianortis   8        1   77668352 sda104:05
zebastianortis   8        2          1 sda204:05
zebastianortis   8        5     513024 sda504:05
zebastianortis   8       32    3864576 sdc04:05
zebastianortis   8       33    3860480 sdc104:05
zebastianortis   8       80  312571224 sdf04:05
zebastianortis   8       81  312568641 sdf104:05
zebastianortismajor minor  #blocks  name04:05
zebastianortis   8        0   78184008 sda04:05
zebastianortis   8        1   77668352 sda104:05
zebastianortis   8        2          1 sda204:05
zebastianortis   8        5     513024 sda504:05
jmarsdenI didn't say flood the channel with them!04:05
zebastianortis   8       32    3864576 sdc04:05
zebastianortis   8       33    3860480 sdc104:05
zebastianortis   8       80  312571224 sdf04:05
zebastianortis   8       81  312568641 sdf104:05
jmarsdenI see no difference.04:05
jmarsdenSo the machine is apparently seeing the reader, but not seeing the card within the reader.04:06
zebastianortisis it safe to unplug my external hard drive04:06
zebastianortisi dont want any info on it to ge tlost04:06
jmarsdenumount any filesystems on it first, then unplug it if you wish.04:06
zebastianortisi thought 11.04 wasnt like bleeding edge04:07
jmarsdenHowever you want.  You can use sudo umount, or click buttons in pcmanfm, or any other way you know about and feel comfortable with.04:07
jmarsdenWho said it was?04:07
jmarsdenWe have done NOTHING bleeding edge yet.04:07
zebastianortispcmanfm doesnt show any drives either mounted or unmounted04:07
jmarsdenOK, so if you have no filesystems on the external drive that are mounted, you can unplug it.04:08
zebastianortisi have my backups...ok i just unplugged it04:08
jmarsdenOK.  So now does cat /proc/partitions   look shorter?  No sdf and sdf1, I would guess?04:09
zebastianortiswell what i meant is that this doesnt seem to flow naturally, i stick a storage drive and it doesnt just pop up or appear mounted already04:09
jmarsdenRight, and we are working on why...04:09
jmarsdenOne step at a time.  next step is to see whether the SD card is visible in /proc/partitions.  Next guess is /dev/sdc and /dev/sdc1, so try     sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdc04:11
jmarsdenzebastianortis: so far we are just looking at your system, trying to understand it.04:11
jmarsdenWe have made no changes.  This is safe.  DO not be afraid or discouraged.04:11
zebastianortisI am not afraid or discouraged, i need to go to bed in about 40 min and i was expecting this install to just work out of the box after all lubuntu worked on the same computer before04:12
zebastianortisok nothing is happening04:13
jmarsdenLubuntu appears to be working fine now, too, by the way.  Let's see what sdc1 is... what does      sudo dd if=/dev/sdc1 bs=1k count=100 | file -      output?04:14
zebastianortisI mean, if it installed improperly, then i can just reinstall again, unless this is expected behavior, if there is documentation on people having this problem already04:15
zebastianortiswell i dont have a prompt04:15
jmarsdenOh... type in your password and press enter :)04:15
zebastianortisi closed the terminal04:15
zebastianortisi did04:15
zebastianortisit didnt do anything04:15
jmarsdenOK... well, we need a terminal for the    sudo dd if=/dev/sdc1 bs=1k count=100 | file -04:16
jmarsdenSo can you open a new one and try that command in there?04:16
jmarsdenNo, you typed a "command" sdc1.  The command is04:17
zebastianortisnothing happens after i type enter04:17
jmarsdensudo dd if=/dev/sdc1 bs=1k count=100 | file -04:17
zebastianortisdid that^typed enter04:18
zebastianortisnothing happens04:18
zebastianortisnot even prompt04:18
jmarsdenHit Ctrl-C -- do you get the prompt back?04:18
zebastianortiswhen i was installing it i did get some error04:19
jmarsdenNot in IRC :)   Click on the Terminal window, then type ctrl-c04:19
zebastianortisi checked the disk for defects first none found04:19
zebastianortisyes i did that04:19
zebastianortisand thats what happened04:19
jmarsdenOh... So still no prompt?  Odd!04:20
zebastianortisok, something happened04:20
jmarsdenOh, it started to read the SD card, but very slowly, and we killed it before it was done, I think??04:20
zebastianortisI am going to reinstall and come back tomorrow04:21
zebastianortisI need to go to  bed in twenty minutes04:21
zebastianortisthanks for your patience04:21
zebastianortisbut at this time of day04:21
zebastianortisit excedes mine04:21
jmarsdenOK.  if you do get any issues while installing, write them down exactly, so you can tell us what they were next time :)04:21
Soojinhmm very odd error when using a usb keyboard on my laptop, it's like the keyboard layout is all over the place04:42
Soojinso when i click on on shift or alt in shuts down my laptop04:42
Soojinbut writing with the laptops own keyboard is just fine04:43
Soojinthe weird part is that it worked fine before and then it just randomly began to behave in this odd way04:43
Soojinlike the keyboard has a life of its own04:43
jmarsdenSoojin: Or the keyboard failed? :)  Does the keyboard work fine on other machines?  That might be a simple test to decide whether the issue is with the laptop, or with the keyboard.04:44
Soojinyeah i tried with another keyboard, same thing04:45
Soojinmaybe batteries are low on both keyboards which makes it behave in this very odd way heh04:45
Soojinbut it doesnt really make much sense none the less.04:45
jmarsdenOh, they are both wireless?  Try a wired keyboard, they are generally simpler and more reliable anyway.04:46
Soojinyup i guess ill have to dust off the oldie04:46
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root____ho do i change a icon theme from the terminal and not the GUI lxdappearance?08:21
bioterrorprobably editing gtk-2.0's settings.ini08:23
bioterrorgtk-3.0 has it too08:23
bioterroryou have?08:27
root____wait ..08:27
root____i will started a VM with lxde, sorry08:28
root____under /et/gtk-2.0/ i have only im-multiprocess.conf file08:30
root____how can make?08:34
bioterrorsomeone with lubuntu could check if those are under .gconf08:35
raj-darkmysteryubuntu 10.04 unable to boot into graphical interface, no magic from nomodeset :(08:47
JohnDoe_71Rusraj-darkmystery: beter ask on your videocard driver chanel.08:49
raj-darkmysteryok JohnDoe_71Rus posting this there as well.. any guidance from here?08:50
JohnDoe_71Rusraj-darkmystery: what videocard model?08:52
raj-darkmysteryJohnDoe_71Rus, its intel08:54
ariefis there any news about lubuntu 11.10?08:58
raj-darkmysteryIntel corporation Sandy Brudge Integrated Graphics Controller, no graphics in ubuntu 10.04, nomodeset is also not able to solve the issue :(09:04
JohnDoe_71Rustry Driver "fbdev" in xorg.conf09:05
raj-darkmysteryok JohnDoe_71Rus let me give it a try09:15
root____many thank for the support, bye09:19
bindihow do I get flash for chromium?11:48
bioterrorinstall flashplugin-nonfree11:48
bindidoesn't work11:57
bioterrordid you restart your chromium?11:58
bindithere's an error12:05
bindi404 for the package libnspr4-0d_4.8.7-0ubuntu1_i386.deb12:05
bkmwow, 43 nicks! will someone please suggest a lightweight screen capture program or method for lubuntu? thanks!12:09
bioterroryou have in your rc.xml configured scrot to print screen button12:10
bindii think he means video12:10
bindiit's 0ubuntu3 there, while apt tries to get 0ubuntu112:10
bindishould I manually get the deb and install it?12:11
bioterrorgive it a shot12:11
bioterroryou can always purge it12:11
bioterrorbut honestly, a motu has failed ;)12:11
bindia motu? :p12:11
ubot5motu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU12:12
bkmbindi, if you are talking about me...not video12:12
bindibioterror: think i fucked up the system12:13
bindior hm12:13
* bkm has a lot of files named scrot* . that must have been what i used before12:14
bioterroryou've been pressing prtsc -button like a madman :D12:14
bindi"libnspr4-0d depends on package libnspr4 (= 4.8.7-ubuntu3); however: libnspr4 versio is 4.8.7-0ubuntu112:16
bindii dont get this12:16
bioterrorpurge that file, and repot it as a bug in launchpad ;)12:16
bindipurge what?12:16
bindii tried purging libnspr412:16
bindii'll just change the mirror12:17
bioterrorfi.archive is outdated12:17
bioterrorI tried to upgrade to oneirc and it was missing files12:17
bindican I just replace fi. with nothing? :p in sources.list12:18
bioterroryo ucan remove it?12:18
bindireplacing fi. with nothing12:19
bindiusing nano12:19
bindithink i fucked up the packages good12:20
bindior can't understand how to fix12:20
bindithe beauty of vbox ;>12:20
bioterrorno you did not12:21
bioterrordpkg --remove --force-all that nprsdasd ;)12:22
bioterrorif that doesnt remove it, well what the heck then12:22
bindialready installing lol12:22
bioterroryou virtual machine guys, you never have nothing to lose12:23
bindiyup :D12:23
bindigotta test things before i'm telling my friend to mess up his system12:24
bindiinstall took long enough on that p312:24
bindiinstalled fine now that i replaced the mirror12:26
bioterroryeah, finnish is the leading ict country! ;D12:27
bioterrorfinnish :D12:27
bioterrorhttp://pastebin.com/jNzU7AA9 wonder why my internet sucks...12:28
bindia lot of hops there12:29
bioterrorI trace my friends server that lies about 15km from my home12:29
bindiand that many hops? :D12:29
bioterrorand that trace goes to sweden and germany and back finland12:29
bindihttp://pastebin.com/aVe2R8p5 :)12:31
bioterroryep, I get 5 hops from my shell12:31
bindifriend replaced his sources.list too12:38
bindibut he tried installing it before12:38
bindi Näillä paketeilla on tyydyttämättömiä riippuvuuksia:12:38
bindiflashplugin-nonfree : Riippuvuudet: flashplugin-installer mutta ei ole merkitty asennettavaksi12:38
bindiwhat do? :p12:38
bioterrorsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer12:39
bindiwhen the system is shut down from the right corner button12:48
bindiit closes everything up, and then gets stuck on the "Lubuntu" screen12:49
bindisame that is shown during boot12:49
bindiwe waited 5 mins but nothing12:49
bioterrorcould be acpi related12:56
bkmbioterror: thx again. scrot seems to fit the lubuntu philosophy perfectly13:07
kosaidpohelo guys15:38
kosaidpoi wanna reduce my console screens those console when u hit  ctrl+alt + F115:39
kosaidpohow ca i do it15:39
JohnDoe_71Ruskosaidpo: resolution in concole&15:57
kosaidpoJohnDoe_71Rus:  ??15:58
JohnDoe_71Ruskosaidpo: smoll font and more lines in console ctrl+alt+f(x)15:59
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NoobCpHello,is the lubuntu-11.04-desktop-amd64.iso supposed to have a graphical live environment? I only ask because I only keep getting liek a tty or something22:08
phillwNoobCp: have you checked both the iso & cd via https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/CheckISO_CD#A11.04_64_bit_Community_Edition ?22:29
NoobCpYep, both worked out fine22:29
NoobCpReading around seems to indicate the 64 bit version is rather experimental at this stage anyway so I'm starting to think I was expecting too much22:30
phillwthe 11.04 works, many people use it.22:31
NoobCpI'll check if the problem presists with the i386.iso22:32
phillwNoobCp: please pop a request onto the mailing list via https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/ContactUs22:33
NoobCpa request for?22:33
phillwa request for someone to get some information off you as to why your install seems to fail?22:34
NoobCpwell, it's not the installation that has had a chance to fail, but the live disc session22:34
phillwwhen you say 'kind of' tty - is it a tty asking for login, or just a flashing cursor?22:38
phillwMy fear is that it is a video card issue, in which case you would need to interrupt grub as it boots.22:41
Unit193Does it drop you to BusyBox?22:41
NoobCpno login request there was just an info prompt on how to use sudo and get help on sudo and just an ubuntu@ubuntu yadda ~ something prompt22:42
NoobCperr, I haven't had the chance to learn to recognize the face of BusyBox I'm afraid22:42
NoobCpand I don't recall reading welcome to busybox anywhere22:43
Unit193Looks to drop to TTY, try to login (if you are not already) and    startlubuntu    to see if it will start the desktop22:44
NoobCpI see, I took a wild hit at startlxde instead heh, figures22:45
Unit193You may also need to start X (X might need sudo, don't remember fully)22:46
NoobCpwell with startlxde it complained about packages that need to be installed for it to work. In any case, I'll reboot to test the 32 bit and 64 bit  discs one more time22:49
phillwNoobCp: what did it say about startlubuntu ?22:49
NoobCpehh something about lxde-common or something that similar needs to be installed? don't remember22:50
NoobCpif there's even a package by that name...22:50
NoobCpoh, I haven't tried startlbuntu22:50
phillwI suspect there is an issue wit reading the cd.22:50
NoobCperr, I'll head off to try just that22:50
Unit193I take it that's your only computer?23:04
NoobCpright lubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso also has the same problem23:04
NoobCpyeah it is =C23:04
Unit193startlubuntu do anything for you?23:05
NoobCpnope, nothing at all, startx seemed to start x in the background or something judging by the commentary23:05
Unit193No text or anything? What was the start x command you typed?23:06
NoobCpjust startx23:06
NoobCpand no, startlubuntu caused no reaction,  straight to the next terminal line waiting for input with the friendly ubuntu@ubuntu:~ $ line23:07
NoobCpof course I only just now thought of checking for signs of life in alternate ttys23:08
NoobCpOh, and for reference, earlyer today, current ubuntu 11.04 disc loaded a live session perfectly fine23:13
Unit193So Ubuntu 11.04 (64bit?) works fine where Lubuntu 11.04 doesn't boot live?23:15
NoobCpyep, it was infact an ubuntu-11.04-desktop-amd64 image23:16
NoobCpand yes, that's what I'm finding here23:17
Unit193Try in TTY1   sudo X   and in TTY2   startlubuntu   Long shot at best, but you might be able to install via !mini23:18
NoobCphttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall ?23:18
ubot5The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD23:21
Unit193Afk for a while though23:21
KM0201NoobCp: what are you trying to do?.. (sorry, haven't really been following)23:33
NoobCpTrying to test lubuntu before installing it23:33
KM0201NoobCp: you need a live cd23:33
KM0201or live usb..23:33
NoobCpI have three live cds, two of them lubuntu, neither working, and a working ubuntu live cd, so somewhere between them there is a problem23:34
KM0201do you ahve either 1. a blank CD, or a thumb drive of about 2gigs?(1gig may work.. but it may be slow)23:34
NoobCphaven't tried to set up an usb booter yet23:34
KM0201hmm, when you say "not working" whats it doing"?23:35
NoobCpthe "try lubuntu without installing" option fails to produce a desktop envirionment, leaves me in a tty23:35
NoobCpin both the 64 and 32 bit version of the lubuntu disc23:36
KM0201ok, whats the TTY say?.. usually there will be an error message there23:36
NoobCpahh, no errors whatsoever, instead23:36
KM0201i have a hard time believing that23:36
NoobCpI get a welcome to ubuntu -version- and a regular bash prompt23:36
KM0201that doesn'te ven make sense23:37
NoobCpubuntu@ubuntu:~ $ or how ever that goes23:37
NoobCpI can try pthotographing it for ya next time I try it23:37
KM0201the screen didn't say something ike "busybox".. or something like that?23:38
NoobCpnope, I checked for that, none of that23:38
NoobCpoh, and another clue23:38
NoobCpthe starting bluetooth [ok] and doing something else [ok] lines remain at the top of the screen initially....23:38
KM0201did you download 11.10?23:39
KM0201cuz i've had that issue w/ 11.1023:39
NoobCpNope, the files are labelled as 11.04 and the md5sum-s were matching as expected23:40
KM0201try booting the ISO in vbox or vmware, see if it works23:40
NoobCpk, getting vbox now23:43
NoobCpk, looks like setting up vbox to try things out that way is gonna have to wait for another day. Thanks for all the help all and see you later23:46

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