orangeyHello all!00:00
orangeyI can't get evolution to launch since I upgraded to OO00:00
orangeyunfortunately I can't give much more information. It starts, but the main window just doesn't display!00:02
fishsceneNot sure what is going on. But I was just notified of a distro upgrade in the Ubuntu beta install, but the upgrade crashes the installer. I ran "sudo update-manager -d" in terminal, last traceback was "TypeError: glib.markup_escape_text() takes at most 1 argument (2 given)"00:03
orangeyfishscene: same. I figured I'd just give it a day00:03
orangeyfishscene: do you mean a partial upgrade?00:03
fishsceneYes, partial upgrade00:03
orangeyfishscene: if you analyze it with dist-upgrade, you'll see that it just doesn't work. probably just broken dependencies. I figured as a result of the repository not being fully updated00:04
orangeyfishscene: indeed. now my repository is up to date, and it's no longer an issue00:04
fishsceneWell it's something. I just wasn't sure if it was specific to me or a more widespread issue00:05
fishsceneorangey: Seems like my repo might not be up to date. I'll check back later. :) Thanks for letting me know.00:08
corecodedid they remove opie support in the latest gnome-terminal?00:09
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orangeywhat's opie?00:33
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BrandonBoltonHello, is there an more simple command to update the files that sudo apt-get upgrade doesn't get? Right now I have been doing sudo apt-get install (package name) to update it.02:47
micahgBrandonBolton: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:48
BrandonBoltonmicahg: Thank you, that will save me lots of time. :)02:48
BrandonBoltonmicahg: That command just removed a lot of libreoffice stuff and never installed the newer version.02:50
micahgBrandonBolton: right, that's because it's not built on i38602:52
micahgI'd suggest using update-manager or the software entry in the session menu to be sure that something like this doesn't happen, it'll prompt you when you can safely upgrade these things02:53
BrandonBoltonmicahg: Okay, I was just worried for a minute. Thank you for clearing that up.02:55
milaz`micahg: can you clarify what happened to libreoffice?03:02
micahgmilaz`: just a build failure, will probably be addressed in the morning03:02
milaz`i'm asking because i'm on amd64, and after i updated a list in update manager, it shows libreoffice packages with grayed-out checkboxes03:02
milaz`micahg: thanks03:03
almoxarifeyeap, something not right about libreoffice updates, I had to resort to the install from the offical web page04:57
urlin2ualmoxarife, theory is a broken build.04:57
almoxarifeurlin2u: no theory, I went thru the fiasco today, broken dependencies, the update removed files but did not upgrade them04:59
urlin2uisn't it just plain fun though. :D04:59
almoxarifeurlin2u: this is why I love crashware, it is fun05:00
almoxarife2 weeks back I think it was, suspend disappeared from gnome-shell, then it returns, life is good05:01
urlin2umy unity has the cube and gnome runs nice.05:01
almoxarifeI can't get used to unity, shell is ok05:02
urlin2upalatable with the cube, I've gotten used to it.05:03
urlin2uand the left panel shrunk of course05:03
almoxarifethe dash on shell can use some work, those icons are nears disappeared on me, either I keep a few favorites or I can't see them05:05
robertzaccourAMD Unsupported hardware watermark anyone?06:04
AlanBellmorning all06:09
AlanBellcould someone have a go at reproducing bug 84833606:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 848336 in unity (Ubuntu) "screensaver is behind the unity dash so impossible to unlock" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84833606:09
AlanBellclick the dash, and leave it open and wait for the screen to lock06:10
bullgard4http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/libreoffice-base-core: "Package: libreoffice-base-core (1:3.4.3-1ubuntu1 and others) " What does here mean: "and others"?06:12
robertzaccourthere's a watermark in the lower right that says "AMD Unsupported hardware" any ideas?06:38
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scarleoHi, trying to upgrade to 11.10 on a VB install but I always get stuck after installing libpam0g when cups is stopping/starting. It just doesn't do anything after that. Any suggestions?07:26
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bullgard4scarleo: VB means Virtual Basic?07:56
scarleobullgard4: no VirtualBox, but I managed to solve it, thanks anyway :)07:57
scarleobullgard4: What's Virtual BAsic?07:58
bullgard4scarleo: Wikipedia will certainly tell  you.07:58
lucidfoxI think bullgard4 meant Visual Basic07:59
scarleobullgard4: There's no Virtual Basic on wikipedia ;)07:59
bullgard4I meant Visual Basic.08:00
_ethow do I find the exact version number or build date of an installed daily build??08:01
_etI have two machines on which daily builds are installed and I'm not able to find out which is which08:01
_etplease help08:01
scarleoMaybe I should try to install 11.10 in Visual Basic...08:02
bullgard4You better use a more careful wording to your questions here in this channel.08:03
scarleoOk, sorry, didn't intend to upset anyone08:04
bullgard4_et: I only know the command '~$ uname -a'.08:22
AnAntHello, how do I configure startup applications in Gnome3 ? I can't find it in the control center08:23
urlin2uAnAnt, I use synapse which I think opens it, but here is a link. http://askubuntu.com/questions/37957/how-do-i-manage-applications-on-startup-in-gnome-308:27
urlin2uAnAnt, gnome-session-properties works in the terminala s well i believe08:28
AnAnturlin2u: yes, thanks08:28
AnAnturlin2u: are you using Gnome Shell ?08:29
tomodachijust curious, how is performance in ubuntu+1 to ubuntu in the beta?08:29
urlin2uAnAnt, yes but i'm in natty right now.08:29
urlin2utomodachi, that makes no sense.08:30
tomodachiurlin2u: im sure you can figure out my question if you try08:30
vega-i couldn't08:31
urlin2utomodachi, not for free.08:31
tomodachihow is the performance in ubuntu +1 nowdays compared to ubuntu08:31
Rods_Tigerusing oneiric, when I insert another usb stick with some data, I can?t open it - it says I?m not authorised.08:38
Rods_Tigerhow can I rectify this?08:39
tomodachiRods_Tiger: do you know what filesystem the usb stick is formated with?!08:41
_etbullgard4: but that is the same for any nightly build. No build date there08:43
bullgard4_et: Unfortunately yes.08:45
Rods_Tigerit doesn't seem to matter - any usb stick won't read08:45
Rods_Tigeror even the internal hard drive, it seems!08:46
Rods_Tigerin fact, any mass storage, whether internal, or usb connected, seems to be unauthorised.08:46
urlin2uRods_Tiger, are you in the guest account08:47
Rods_Tigerit's a proper install, onto a usb flash drive.08:47
raj-darkmysteryubuntu 10.04 unable to boot into graphical interface, no magic from nomodeset :(08:47
urlin2uraj-darkmystery, #ubuntu08:47
Rods_Tigerso I'm in am account with my own name on08:48
urlin2uRods_Tiger, full install or a live cd?08:48
Rods_Tigerso I'm in an account with my own name on08:48
Rods_Tigera proper full install, with my own account with my own name08:48
raj-darkmysteryurlin2u, no hep here?08:48
Rods_Tigeron an 8GB usb flash drive08:49
urlin2uraj-darkmystery, this is the development channel #ubuntu is actually more busy and the right place. :D08:49
urlin2uRods_Tiger, full install?08:49
Rods_Tigerbut it won?t read anything else - other usb drives, (flash or hard drive), or even the internal08:49
Rods_Tigeryes, it?s a proper full install with my own account in my own name08:49
Rods_Tigeron an 8GB usb flash drive08:50
Rods_Tigerin fact, I have two of them on two 8GB usb flash drives and they?re both behaving the same, unable to open another usb or internal mass storage device due to being unauthorised08:51
Rods_Tigerincidentally, neither of those 8GB proper full installed flash drives fully boot - they stop at the battery testing (even on desktops) and don?t go into the gui. I have to log in as myself and type startx, then it goes ahead. Both of them do this.08:53
Rods_TigerI wonder if both situations are related?08:53
Mamarokhm, the last update suggests libreoffice-help-en-gb and libreoffice-|10n-en-gb, but they seem to be mutually exclusive08:57
almoxarifelibreoffice dependencies were broken when I last tried to update09:02
bullgard4Mamarok: My Synaptic allows me to install libreoffice-help-en-gb but does not offer libreoffice-|10n-en-gb. Did you enable an unusual repository?09:05
rbasakHmm, unity/compiz just crashed and swapped my workspaces around. Now windows can only be moved to the workspace right, even if it's the rightmost one09:07
Mamarokbulldog98: no, just the default ones09:12
Mamarokboth are already installed, and suggested for upgrade, but if I select one the other gets removed09:13
bullgard4Mamarok: Unless there are reasons, you could disable/remove libreoffice-|10n-en-gb.09:15
bullgard4almoxarife: My libreoffice dependencies are not broken. (64-bit server)09:17
Mamarokbullgard4: well, IU am a translater and have also other languages installed, I rather remove the help :)09:17
urlin2urbasak, compiz --replace will restart it, or a logut /09:20
Mamarokfound the problem, it depends on libreoffice-common which is still in the previous version, so I will wait another day09:20
bullgard4Mamarok: From what language to what language do you translate in Ubuntu?09:35
Mamarokbullgard4: I don't translate in Ubuntu, I translate text, de <-> fr and en ->de/fr09:35
bullgard4Mamarok: I hope that you will enjoy Ubuntu, anyway.09:41
Mamarokbullgard4: oh but I do, but I use Kubuntu, since it exists :)09:42
bullgard4Mamarok: There is a difference between "I use Kubuntu, since it exists" and "I use Kubuntu since it exists". (*scnr*)09:45
urlin2uohh pomposity09:48
Mamarokbullgard4: ditch the comma then :)09:51
Rods_Tigerwhat do I have to do to be able to read other usb flash devices?10:08
Rods_Tigerhow do I achieve authorisation?10:08
Rods_Tigerit never used to be like this prior to oneiric.10:09
LaibschCan somebody with at least dual-head monitor setup please verify that bug 379382 affects oneiric as well?10:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 379382 in gnome-utils "gnome-screenshot (Alt-Printscreen) black/blanks out top of windows in multi monitor xinerama" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37938210:27
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BluesKajHey all11:10
funtimehow can I set synergyc to start at boot time so I can use it prior to login in 11.10 ?11:39
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justinasGood morning!11:48
justinasGNOME 3 freezes after login. What do I do to fix the issue?11:48
justinasEverything seems to be loading fine and then -- bam! -- I can only move mouse cursor.11:50
justinasAnd no controls react to it.11:50
justinasIs there anyone alive here?11:52
justinasApparently, Ubuntu 11.10 is one big problem.12:05
justinasNothing works whatsoever.12:05
vega-justinas: unfortunately yes12:06
justinasIs this going to be fixed in a month? :-D12:08
vega-who knows.. i'm a bit skeptical12:08
vega-for the first time i'm thinking of skipping a release during my ubuntu years ..12:09
vega-also seeing a lot of people trying out linux mint etc. or other distros12:10
BluesKajvega-, a lot of disillusioned gnome users are trying kde and finding it to their liking12:15
justinasI like gnome just fine. I am a loyal user. What I don't like is that they are rushing the release.12:16
justinasAnd the result is less than satisfactory.12:16
vega-yes, many users seems to want to stick to old habits.. i'd go with unity if it only would WORK and not crash all the time and have graphics corruption and _small_ things like that12:16
justinasI don't care about unity at all.12:16
justinasI hate that piece of software, I hate even how it looks.12:17
justinasI looks bureaucratic at best.12:17
justinasAnd all those small shitty things like "dash", "lenses" or whatever buzzword nonsense they are spouting is simple and unardorned goobledogock.12:18
BluesKajI tried Unity ...wasn't my kind of desktop12:18
Picijustinas: Mind your language here please.12:18
justinasI am being considerate.12:18
justinasI was talking about Unity.12:18
Picijustinas: No, you're not.12:18
vega-yeah.. unity seems to split opinions, i just need something to start chrome, gnome-terminal and thunderbird with :) but it actually needs to do that without crashing..12:19
justinasAnd what is Linux Mint?12:19
TrewasI thought tablets etc touchscreen devices were an important point behind design of unity, and now they require "hover" actions to even show menus, launcher or quitting a full-screen program...12:20
chandOn gnome-shell session i can't get windows border theme, seems to be an old metacity theme, i try gnome-tweak-tool there is not choise to choose shell theme12:21
vega-http://www.linuxmint.com/, based on ubuntu.. but this is not the right channel to discuss that12:21
justinasI have no doubt.12:21
justinasActually, Ubuntu is fine. Kernel usually works out of the box, xorg and nvidia work just peachy.12:22
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Discussion and support for Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot | This channel is not a replacement for logging bugs | Release schedule: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule | Beta 1 released: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/TechnicalOverview/Beta1
justinasThe problem with Ubuntu is that after each update I have to throw out like gazillion of packages that they put in their infinite wisdom.12:23
Stanley00Does anyone here feel that oneiric is "cooler" than natty on laptop?12:24
justinasProbably kernel is better.12:24
Stanley00yep, thanks justinas.12:24
jbichachand: you probably want to change Window theme to Adwaita12:25
jbichaand then reload GNOME Shell by either logging out and back in or just running Alt+F2 and entering r12:25
BluesKajhow long is libre-office goig to be held back ... this getting on my nerves :)12:25
chandjbicha, yes, gconf key is set to Adwaita12:25
chandjbicha, no theme choise in gnome tweak tool12:26
jbichachand: shell theme is something different and you don't need it12:26
chandjbicha, i will close my session, alt+f2 don't work12:28
chandjbicha, thank you it's working, i used gnome-shell --replace12:29
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justinasXfce4 works without so much as a hitch.12:40
justinasThe only problem is that it is seriously ugly.12:41
justinasPractically like my life.12:41
AnAntHello, is anyone getting a gsd-a11y-keyboard icon at the bottom of gnome-shell ?12:43
justinasAnAnt: The issue is to start gnome-shell at all.12:52
justinasHow did you manage that?12:53
justinasBecause for me it freezes as soon as I log in.12:53
AnAntjustinas: it doesn't freeze here13:05
justinasWhat's your graphic card?13:06
justinasKDE is an abomination.13:20
justinasIt's an overgrown behemot.13:21
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AnAntjustinas: sorry for late reply: i91514:18
ryan_I'm using kubuntu 11.10 and every time I check for updates I get this error https://gist.github.com/121392514:28
BluesKajryan_, those ppas aren't part of the regular oneiric repository , those have been added by you for downloading nondefault apps etc ...so they aren't available14:30
rbasakI've just discovered xchat-indicator. It didn't automatically install during the upgrade from natty, so xchat's notification seemed broken to me. Is there a way to fix this?14:35
rbasakAlthough I suppose xchat is only in universe.14:36
ryan_BluesKaj how do I remove those ppa?14:43
bullgard4What does mean "and others" in http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/libreoffice-base-core: "Package: libreoffice-base-core (1:3.4.3-1ubuntu1 and others)"?14:48
bjsniderryan_, you could remove them and their packages using ppa-purge14:51
bjsnideror you could remove them in adept14:52
ryan_bjsnider_, would it look like 'sudo ppa-purge oneiric/main'?14:53
bjsniderryan_, no it wouldn't. i am amazed that you have these ppa sources and you're apparently unaware of why or how they got there14:57
BluesKajryan_,  alt+F2 , kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list.d  , then delete the 3 ppas listed there ...if you really want to get rid of them14:58
BluesKajoops ryan_ alt+F2 , kdesudo dolphin /etc/apt/sources.list.d14:59
froopbefor oneiric when i did a right click -> open with on a file in nautilus i had a text box where i could type in the application15:19
froopcan i get that feature back?15:19
gnomiefroop: file wishlist on launchpad; oneiric is past feature freeze15:30
froopi thought natty was bad but oneiric just sucks15:31
jbichagood luck convincing the nautilus developer that typing in an application is better15:31
gnomiealso, use the dash. once you start the app in question couple times it should start showing up as an option for 'open with other..'15:32
froopthanks, but i've had it with this gnome easy peasy bull shit15:34
froopi'll go with xfce from now on15:34
jbichaI seem to think that xfce doesn't have a lot of options either but do what you like...15:36
gnomiethis is no different than how autocomplete works in browsers, where the browser predicts user input by keyword. or how email programs 'learn' what is or isn't considered spam. no one has a complaint about that ..15:36
gnomiethe only way to get there is by using the system. then YOUR most common tasks become the system's most common tasks. but you have to use it first though..15:37
gnomieit's called 'design paradigm'15:39
Jcook_5xDatadoes anyone know if 11.10 will allow for easy icon changes15:42
gnomiewhat's wrong with the usual way?15:43
Jcook_5xDatain 11.10 I do not see how to change them appearnce has no option to modify the theme15:45
gnomiethought you were talking about changing file icons. i dont do theme modding anyway. that's a bad habit likely caused by boredom in my opinion15:48
Jcook_5xDataI meant to change the default to faenza icon theme. i mean the default is fine but I like the look of faenza15:50
Jcook_5xDataIt use to under appearnce when you modified the theme and it not there anymore. Will a ubuntu tweaker do it?15:52
genii-aroundMajor breakage for me on the last update16:31
genii-aroundBoth nouveau and nvidia-current not working, looks like something in xserver16:33
IdleOne!info ure16:34
ubottuure (source: libreoffice (1:3.4.2-2ubuntu3)): LibreOffice UNO runtime environment. In component main, is optional. Version 3.4.2-2ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 1976 kB, installed size 7080 kB (Only available for alpha amd64 armel armhf hppa i386 ia64 mips mipsel powerpc powerpcspe ppc64 s390 s390x sparc kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386 all)16:34
h00kI noticed Oneiric Software Center will let you "Sync between computers." That is awesome.16:54
h00kI'd love to write up a sweet post about that16:54
h00kget it on Planet, etc.16:54
jtaylornice, I wonder why thats hidden in the menu17:00
jtaylorno one looks in there anymore, especially since its global17:00
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kristopherHey. Has anyone experienced difficulty in the 11.10 beta development with ICS - Internet Connection Sharing??? Just want to see if any of you have experienced the issue if and address it somewhere.18:14
kristopherNot sure if its  a known issue or not yet. But it seems the eth0 just drops and attempts to reconnect repeatedly before it reports a bug in 11.10 when setting eth0 TO ICS18:17
rigved_hi everyone. i was reading through the logs of the ubuntu app dev week on translations by dpm. i do not understand the  concept of imports and exports. specifically, i do not understand the part where your imports and exports should go to the  same branch. can anyone help?18:17
ChmEarlkristopher, what shows in `iptables -L -v -t nat` ?18:28
ChmEarlis there a dhcp host nearby?18:29
thotzi downloaded the iso image of ubuntu oneiric and installed it today but there is only writer installed18:39
BluesKajthotz, ?18:43
thotzmhm I'll try to uninstall libreoffice and then reinstall everything18:44
urlin2uthotz, there were problems yesterday with a update that removed libreoffice, I would wait a day or so to see if this is changed, the daily would represent this build I believe.18:49
thotzok thank you for the information urlin2u18:50
urlin2uthotz, kind of a strange glitch lol.18:51
lgp171188 Hi, I just installed oneiric beta1. After the installation, I am unable to hear the audio through my laptop speakers, but if I connect my headphones, I can hear the audio. I checked the alsamixer and master, speaker are full. there is no front. What could be the issue and how to debug it?18:51
* AlanBell wonders if anyone has a few minutes to try and reproduce bug 84833618:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 848336 in unity (Ubuntu) "screensaver is behind the unity dash so impossible to unlock" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84833618:59
knightstalkerLets see19:04
knightstalker"screensaver to cut in and lock the screen"19:05
knightstalkerubottu,I don't have a 'screensaver' it just gets dark and then it gets locked automatically does that mean that it should be still reproduced?19:05
ubottuknightstalker: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:05
knightstalkerubottu,Okay :p19:06
knightstalkerI meant AlanBell*19:06
AlanBellknightstalker: yes, that thing19:07
AlanBellthe type of screensaver that actually saves the screen :)19:07
AlanBellso log in, click the dash button, go pour $beverage and wait for it to lock up19:08
AlanBellthen try and get back in19:08
knightstalkerAlanBell,okay,going to do that,Because Alt + Ctrl + L doesn't seem to reproduce it19:09
knightstalkerIt starts the black screen,Then when I press something,a window opens(with my desktop as background),And I can type the pass19:09
knightstalkerbut well,dash will not get closed19:10
knightstalkerAlanBell,you don't have the issue with Ctrl + Alt + L do you?19:10
* AlanBell tries with ctrl+alt+l19:10
AlanBellseems to be different with ctrl+alt+l19:16
AlanBellsomething is making my VM very unresponsive, but it isn't the same problem as when the screensaver naturally cuts in19:17
w30knightstalker, I think you have blank screen on for so much idle time in power savings setting or screensaver setttings or somewhere ....19:17
w30knightstalker, maybe suspend afer so many idle minutes19:19
GTRsdkDoes #ubuntu+1 close when Oneiric is released, or will it be ready for p* p*?19:20
Picifor a short time, yes.19:21
w30GTRsdk, they  probably go on a weekend bender19:22
cb___Hey guys.19:22
cb___I've just installed 11.10 on my MBP, which I have been running 11.04 until now on. Thing is, I get "firmware missing" on the wifi card, and if i use that third-party driver app, where i usually install missing drivers, no drivers appear. I thought something went wrong on the install, so i reinstalled, but the problem persisted. I have a MBP 5,5. How do i get wifi working?19:24
ChrisGagnoncb___:  if you run "jockey-gtk" from the terminal, does it have any drivers you can activate?19:26
cb___ChrisGagnon: nope, the list is still empty.19:26
cb___ChrisGagnon: I remember seeing, on boot-up, a quick, black screen with white text, saying something like "missing firmware b43" something wifi something. That could be it right? But i wonder why its not in "jockey" in 11.10 since it has been, i believe, since 10.10, if not before.19:28
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ChrisGagnoncb___: What wifi card do you have?19:44
ChrisGagnoncb___: broadcom?19:44
bjsniderthat can be checked with lspci19:45
bjsnideror lsusb if it's a usb dongle19:45
cb___ChrisGagnon: yes, broadcom19:49
cb___ChrisGagnon: broadcom bcm432219:49
cb___ChrisGagnon: sorry the wait - had to tuck my kid in.19:49
bjsnidercb___, you need bcmwl-kernel-source installed19:51
cb___ChrisGagnon: will give it a try19:52
cb___brb - reboot19:53
cb___ChrisGagnon: Yes, that did it. Thank you19:56
TheEvilPhoenixis 11.10 using gnome 3?20:37
TheEvilPhoenixor is that not planned until after 11.10?20:37
rwwTheEvilPhoenix: yes, oneiric uses GNOME 3.20:37
TheEvilPhoenixrww:  thanks.  any word yet on compatible graphics cards?20:38
rwwTheEvilPhoenix: Not sure what you mean. Same as any other Ubuntu release, grab a LiveUSB and try it.20:39
rwwAlthough I'm fortunate to not have to use closed-source graphics card silliness O:P20:39
* TheEvilPhoenix was thinking more along the lines of "Will it work on Intel Mobile Graphics" chipsets20:40
TheEvilPhoenixit hasnt thusfar20:40
TheEvilPhoenixso i was curious :P20:40
TheEvilPhoenixrww:  thanks.  have a cookie.  :P20:40
rwwTheEvilPhoenix: grab USB stick, grab daily ISO, dd the latt... FINE20:40
nhainesrww: then can I have your cookie?21:14
FernandoMiguelanyone used this? http://e4rat.sourceforge.net/21:22
danielcHi there, there is an issue with the mouting of the windows partition in Oneiric that seems to affect some people.21:31
danielcAfter the upgrade to Oneiric, every boot I get prompted, saying that there is a grave error with my partition.21:31
danielcI must choose to ignore, skip mounting or manually fix the problem.21:32
danielcWell, there is no problem with the partition. I can mount it without problem after the boot.21:32
danielcSome people confirmed the bug in the Ubuntu forum.21:32
danielcAnd I've filled it on Bug #847465.21:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 847465 in mountall (Ubuntu) "ntfs partition is not mounted at boot time due to a supposedly "grave error"" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84746521:33
danielcBut I'm not sure if I filled the bug againt the right package (I filled against mountall). Is this right?21:33
jamespageanyone having trouble getting anything other than Ubuntu 2D after upgrading today?21:48
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torthoHi, have no winow frames or menu when I start ubuntu. Have to select ubuntu 2D from the login. Any hints on what can be wrong?22:14
torthoubuntu crashed so asking the question again.22:40
torthohave no window decoration or menu if I log in to ubuntu. Have to choose ubuntu 2D to get them. Nvidia 3d acc drivers is in use.22:41
Daekdroomtortho, wait for updates23:02
DaekdroomI'm too having to use Unity-2D23:03
gnomieso nice to have docky work under opensource driver; i think there is an obscure issue with switching drivers .. everyone that has switched has encountered some issue23:17
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)23:19
syrinx_priestsHi all... running 11.10 in a VBox with 3D acceleration enabled, yet I can only seem to get Unity 2D.  Is there a trick that anyone might be aware of?23:21
syrinx_priestsI'm choosing Unity at the login screen, but 2D is what actually loads23:23
gnomiesyrinx_priests: known issue; file bug or wait for next set of updates...23:24
syrinx_priestsAh, okidoki.  Thank you.23:24
torthoDaekdroom, It's been like this for the last 2/3 months :-)23:27
DaekdroomIt's been like this for a day for me.23:27

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