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twb`lilstevie: hey, I think I must be doing it wrong; I'm trying to get into the SOS (single) kernel05:01
twb`With the system completely off, I hit voldn+power, and it pops up saying "press volup to confirm" with some android icons in the middle of the screen05:01
twb`At that point, no matter what I hit, it seems to boot into the LNX kernel -- at least I assume it's LNX not SOS, because X comes up05:02
twb`nm, I misread the message.05:04
twb`I have to hit power+voldn, then click voldn, then click volup05:04
twb`Except that STILL didn't work, WTF, why is X still there05:06
twb`So if you're curious, what I'm *now* trying is to copy the debian armhf rootfs onto a USB key, then put that on the TF101 as a chroot.  And in *there* to do "make localyesconfig" and see what happens05:20
twb`localmodconfig turns off all the CONFIG_MEDIA_TUNER_*=m's05:22
twb`localyesconfig has no effect05:22
twb`I guess they aren't very useful unless you're running them on a kernel that's more like Debian/Ubuntu default, where almost everything is =m05:22
lilsteviedid you make sure your kernel command line on SOS is single05:23
twb`i think so05:28
twb`lilstevie: do you find you have an area of brightness near the dock connector, mostly noticable when the entire screen is set to #000 ?05:43
lilstevietwb`: that is due to the backlight layout05:43
twb`OK, so it's not just mine is defective05:44
lilsteviethere are 4 spots around the screen which are noticeably brighter05:44
twb`I half-suspected it was normal; I'll live with it05:44
lilstevieit's cause the screen is sidelit rather than having a backplane that lights up05:44
twb`Can you selectively turn off some of those when your window is only e.g. in the top-left of the screen, to save power? :-)05:45
twb`Ref. Flinn and Satyanarayanan, (2004)05:46
lilstevieit is all or nothing05:49
twb`Just checking05:49
twb`Since there's no rotating HDD, backlight and LCD will be some of the biggest power consumers05:49
lilsteviethey are the biggest consumers :)05:50
twb`Especially if you find some way to power down the RF modules when they're not actively used05:50
lilsteviewell bt isn't powered up if you don't load it05:50
lilsteviebut both wifi and bt are rfkill compat05:51
twb`Does NM proactively power them down by default?05:51
lilstevienm doesn't touch the wifi05:51
lilstevieon 2.6.3605:51
lilsteviecause it is incompatible05:51
twb`on .36 "ip a" can't even see the wifi05:51
lilsteviebut without an active scan working you cant scan :p05:52
lilstevieI get damn good battery life on mine though05:52
lilstevieI use about 10% per hour05:52
lilstevieall times05:52
lilsteviebecause of lack of suspend05:52
twb`So about 10 hours on ubuntu, with no real effort to tune/rice it?05:52
lilstevie100% dock 100% tf05:53
twb`Wow, that's MORE than asus quoted05:53
twb`I was expecting more like 10hours since they quote 1605:53
twb`I guess that's because android has all that phone-home spyware huh ? ;-)05:53
twb`So anyway, any idea why "ip a" and "rfkill" can't see wifi with the .36 kernel you provided?05:56
twb`*kernel and rootfs05:56
lilsteviebecause the driver is stuffed06:00
lilstevielike most bcm4329 drivers06:00
lilstevieandroids method of rfkilling the wifi is to unload its module06:00
infinityWhich is decidedly effective.06:01
twb`Only if rmmoding it also powers it down06:01
lilsteviewell it unloads the firmware06:02
* twb` sighs06:02
lilsteviemore specifically it triggers the reset gpio06:02
twb`Of COURSE there's a firmware blob, how silly of me06:02
infinityYeah.  It was actually the only good way I had (short of rebooting) to "reset" an ath9k on a netbook here.06:02
twb`9k doesn't have blobs06:02
lilstevietrimslice has blobs too06:03
lilsteviefor both its eht and wifi06:03
twb`I know because 9k works OOTB on debian06:03
twb`Which as the FSF "has finally taken a step towards being a free operating system, by removing binary blobs from its kernels"06:03
lilsteviethat doesn't mean the blobs aren't slipstreamed into it :p06:04
lilsteviein /lib/firmware06:04
twb`Only if you enable non-free/restricted section06:04
twb`That's why iwl (intel) wifi doesn't work OOTB on debian, but does on Ubuntu06:04
infinityNot sure I claimed ath9k had a blob.06:05
infinityJust that rmmodding was an effective solution to getting it to unbork itself.06:06
twb`Sorry, that was me misreading06:06
twb`Does TF101 (Tegra 2) speak Thumb EE?  If so, and I'm compiling a custom kernel specifically for that device, is there any reason *not* to enable CONFIG_ARM_THUMBEE?07:37
lilstevietwb`: I enabled it once and it wouldn't compile07:43
lilsteviebut yes tegra2 does speak thumb07:44
lilsteviejust not ENON07:44
twb`thumb, thumb2, thumbee, thumb2-ee, or what?07:44
lilstevieat least thumb and thumb207:45
lilsteviewhat ever is in the A9 mandate07:45
ppisatiNCommander: ping07:53
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twb`lilstevie: what's tegra PWM do?08:15
ppisatianyone using the panda board attached to an hdmi video? i'm missing some packages to make it work...08:26
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janimoogra_, around?08:52
janimoppisati, by hdmi video you mean a monitor via hdmi cable?08:54
janimoI don't think that needs special packages08:54
ppisatijanimo: yep08:59
ppisatijanimo: uhmmm08:59
ppisatijanimo: is your panda attached to an hdmi monitor?09:00
ppisatijanimo: and are you running latest kernel?09:00
ogra_janimo, just finishing my mail, then i'll get to debian-äcd09:04
twb`lilstevie: it's annoying that when the screen blanks (like, DPMS), the only way to unblank it is hitting the power button -- you can't unblank it from the keyboard or touchscreen09:04
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ogra_janimo, sigh, so even if i add the code, we cant build test images, cross your fingers the archive skew vanishes today09:10
ogra_janimo, does the mx5 actually need a fat partition to boot ?09:22
janimoogra_, that's how the linaro image does it09:22
ogra_(code looks good, happy to merge it)09:22
ogra_then let me merge09:22
janimoogra_, if uboot knows about other FS types it may not be needed09:22
janimoogra_, there's a raw non-fs area where bootloader is loaded from09:23
janimoand depending on what that can do the rest of the process is up to it09:23
ogra_well, depends which device you bukd for i guess, i think the efikas can boot from /boot on ext209:23
janimoso I think uboot at fixed locaion then usbboot or whatever uboot is capable of should work09:23
janimoogra_, ah this is quickstart only, I am not aware of any other mx53 board09:24
ogra_right, thats a good start09:24
janimoI'd be happy though if this code worked for mx51 and older boards too09:24
ogra_depends if the u-boot works on it09:24
janimoppisati, I only connect the monitor via hdmi, and only when I need to test graphics (GLES)09:24
janimoppisati, my connection is flakey sometimes it works, most times not09:25
janimomay be a timing issues09:25
janimosometimes restarting the monitor helps09:25
janimoppisati, what I usually found is it works better - almost always maybe - with stock images, not ones which I meddled with and upgraded09:25
janimoso stock latest linaro Ubuntu LEB for panda booted up fine in X09:25
janimoogra_, ah indeed, those may be redboot only.09:26
ogra_well, there is a u-boot that supports them09:26
ogra_but no idea if thats the one we use :)09:26
janimoogra_, then we couild look into it once mx53 works, likely in P09:27
ogra_as long as the quickstart works its fine i'd say09:27
janimoif there is demand from users. I have no idea how popular those boards are09:27
janimoogra_, which package is holding us up today?09:27
janimois that why ac100 for today is not published?09:27
twb`What does "ld: no machine record defined" mean?09:32
ogra_janimo, merged ...09:32
ogra_janimo, i enmabled it in cdimage too and started a testbuild, but dont hold your breath, this morning we still had archive skew through unity09:33
janimoogra_, thanks, let's see how far that goes09:40
ppisatijanimo: so you are using linaro images09:44
ppisatijanimo: that makes me think we miss something09:45
ppisatijanimo: for example, what's X saying about it?09:45
janimoppisati, no, it worked with natty 11.04 too09:45
janimoI just used a recent linaro one to test my monitor and gles09:45
janimoIt may be that a proper default kernel/X setup works. I mostly use the panda headless, then when I need a monitor I switch the one from my laptop manually09:46
janimothis may be one of the issues, I am not sure how good hdmi hotplug on the panda is09:47
ppisatijanimo: yeop, it worked in natty but lately we switched away from omafb09:47
janimoalso I am not sure if X is having a say in this, headless images sometimes come up with a green tty login on the monitor, sometimes not09:47
janimoI think it is mostly kernel09:47
ppisatiand i don't have any video output anymore since then09:48
janimoomapfb used to do console framebuffer too?09:48
janimoppisati, I know it worked for me with a stock 3.0 kernel 2 weeks ago in oneiric09:49
janimohaven't tested since09:49
ppisatiright now X complains loudly:09:49
ppisatiFatal server error:09:49
ppisati[   141.057] no screens found09:49
ppisati[   141.057]09:49
ppisatiand dies there09:49
janimorsalveti, has been fixing DRM related things in that period, but those should be unrelated to the actual physical display support, which I think is the issue here09:49
janimoppisati, ah, you may be misssing the 99-pvr.conf file for X09:50
janimoin /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d or such?09:50
ppisatiflag@omap:~$ ls -la /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/09:50
ppisatitotal 2809:50
ppisatidrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 2011-09-12 17:59 .09:50
ppisatidrwxr-xr-x 5 root root 4096 2011-09-12 17:59 ..09:50
ppisati-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1099 2011-09-09 15:30 10-evdev.conf09:50
ppisati-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  590 2011-06-29 18:42 11-evdev-quirks.conf09:50
ppisati-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  364 2011-06-29 18:42 11-evdev-trackpoint.conf09:50
janimoor maybe unrelated, I know I had to edit such a file09:50
ppisati-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  749 2011-07-05 15:56 50-synaptics.conf09:50
ppisati-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  660 2011-05-25 09:33 50-wacom.conf09:50
ppisatino pvr config here09:50
janimoit used to be there in older SGX packages09:51
janimobut went away recently as X is now supposed to figure out things without a static config09:51
ppisatiwhat does your X log says?09:51
janimoI even merged rsalveti's patch to Xorg last week, may not have been uploaded yet09:51
janimoI'll send you the pvr to place it there and see if it works09:51
janimoppisati, sent09:52
ppisatijanimo: got it and copied09:55
* ppisati notes panda still takes ages to reboot...09:58
* ogra_ watches the mx5 build go into the exciting phase09:58
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ogra_kernel installation seems to have worked ... next critical point is ubuntu-desktop^10:00
ppisatijanimo: still no luck10:03
ppisatijanimo: is your panda up&running?10:04
ppisatijanimo: can you tell me what you X log looks like?10:04
janimoppisati, it is now, but headless10:04
ppisatijanimo: X should be working anyway10:04
janimoppisati, http://paste.ubuntu.com/688214/10:04
ogra_oh, awesome, no archive skew anymore \o/10:05
janimoogra_, quick, roll images. This may only last 20 minutes :)10:05
ogra_lol, yeah10:05
ogra_well, i notice it only because i already roll an image for you ;)10:06
ogra_and watch the log10:06
ppisatijanimo: dpkg -S /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/pvr_drv.so10:08
ppisatijanimo: what does it say on your panda?10:08
janimoppisati, I have the linaro maintainers overlay PPA activated10:13
janimoI think only that had the updated sgx stuff10:13
janimobut I am not 100% sure10:13
ppisatithat could be10:13
janimodpkg still running, I have a dist-upgrade going on10:13
janimoppisati, pv4-omap410:14
ppisatibut i'm running oneiric10:14
ogra_that should soon show up in the ti ppa too10:14
janimoI am running oneiric too10:14
ogra_iirc rsalveti planned to copy these packages over10:14
ppisatiok, let me try if it works10:14
janimono idea, what their status is. Ideally they should be in the main archives, it is essential functionality10:15
janimoput in restricted if they have licensing issues10:15
ogra_right, its just that nobody did the work for this yet10:15
janimoogra_, are there any non-technical blockers for this?10:18
twb`lilstevie: hey, since you're compiling the kernel without PCI support, what is the backplane?  How is e.g. the wifi chip connected to the CPU?10:19
ogra_janimo, i dont think so, but better ask david about the licensing status10:21
lilstevietwb`: kernel is compile without PCI support because PCI is unused10:23
lilsteviewifi/bt is SDIO10:24
ppisatipvr compilation faield10:24
lilstevieand the backplane I was talking about was the LCD one, most devices the whole back is covered in a film which supplies the backlight10:25
lilsteviethis one uses 4 sets of 2 or 3 LED's that supply the backlight10:25
janimoppisati, do you use the linaro ppa?10:27
janimoI know that had a fix for building with the 3.0 kernel10:27
janimoI wonder if new changes landed which broke it again10:27
ppisatijanimo: yep, just enabled it10:31
lilstevietwb, did you get that?10:31
ppisatiok, my bad10:37
ppisatinow it's properly installed10:37
ppisatilet's see...10:37
ppisatiok, now is a bit better10:44
ppisatibut X still complains10:44
ppisati[   141.016] (EE) Couldn't get PVR Services status10:45
ppisati[   141.016] (EE) No devices detected.10:45
ogra_hmm, watching the buuld log for mx5 it strikes me that we should review the set of default languages we ship10:45
ogra_seems we currenntly only have zh, en, es and pt10:46
ppisatiyou should add Sanskrit, i head it's the way to go! :)10:47
ppisatii heard10:47
ogra_nah, swaheli10:47
ppisatior what was that language that was supposed to suprsed everything else...10:47
ogra_or that click tune the african bush people speak ... i think we have a translation for it10:47
* ogra_ tries to remember the name10:48
ogra_ah, xhosa was it10:48
ogra_mark invested a lot into that translation years ago10:48
ppisatireally? :)10:48
ogra_hired 4 people around hoary10:48
ogra_took them two cycles to get everything together10:48
ogra_but i think its rotting since then10:49
ppisatiah yes10:49
ppisatithe Esperanto! :)10:49
ogra_we have esperanto too10:50
ogra_and klingon10:50
ppisatithen if have Klingon we are good :)10:51
ogra_language-pack-tlh i think10:51
ogra_might be funny to roll an image that defaults to it10:51
ppisatiasd :)10:51
ppisatibtw, one day you'll have to teach me how to roll a release10:55
ogra_you mean building images ?10:55
ogra_we had a spec for writing a howto, but that fell off the shelf for O10:56
ogra_we'll re-visit it in P10:56
ppisatiwell, actually i would like to know how do the entire process10:56
ppisatii mean, setup my own builders, build a list of known packages and then create an img out of them10:57
ogra_one part of that is trivial... sadly the other is so hard that not even i would run my own builders10:57
ogra_for building the livefs you just need to use livecd-rootfs and call the right command ...10:58
ogra_to make an image out of that you need to have a setup of cdimage and debian-cd ... both of thzem expect a certain environment (servers to find packages on, etc)10:59
ogra_setting up the latter part isnt easy10:59
ppisatiuhm, i see10:59
ogra_i usually do test builds in the datacenter11:00
ogra_i know NCommander once set up a local build env ... but that took him days11:00
ppisatiisn;t the raspberry pi an armv6?11:02
ppisatiso it's limited to... karmic?11:03
ppisatii guess people would like something more up to date11:03
ppisatiand would love to "recompile" their own version of ubuntu11:03
ppisatifor me it was something i would like to know11:04
ogra_rebuilding the archive ?11:04
ogra_that will take you ages unless you have a good amount of arm builders11:04
ppisatiah right11:04
ppisatino cross compilation...11:05
ogra_and you need to know a lot about packages if you run into issues, i wouldnt suggest to anyone to even think about attempting it currently11:05
ogra_i know that one of linaros masterplans is to make that easy11:05
ppisatithat would be awesome11:05
ogra_but i suspect that will still take multiple cycles11:05
ogra_for cross building we will at least get a bunch of big packages that will support it in the future11:06
ppisatithat would help a lot11:06
ogra_(see the ubuntu-devel ML discussion about that)11:06
ppisatii think i missed the thread11:07
ogra_subject: "What would you like to cross-compile?"11:08
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ppisatiwe have audioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo11:21
ogra_ppisati, from pulse ?11:30
ppisatiogra_: aplay11:31
ogra_yeahm, that was announced in fridays call already11:31
ppisatiwasn't there11:31
ogra_pulse is more critical (and the reason why i was so pushy to get sound devices back)11:32
ppisatiwell, if aplya works it means the kernel is good11:32
ppisatii mean11:32
ppisatidriver&c is ok11:32
ppisatipulse is not running on my setup right now11:32
ppisatiand i wonder why...11:32
ppisatipulseaudio running now11:33
ppisatilet's see11:33
ppisatirsalveti: when you are up&running, can you take a look at this http://paste.ubuntu.com/688274/11:54
ppisatirsalveti: can't get any video output on my oneiric panda11:55
rsalvetippisati: the pvr xorg driver is not expected to work with latest kernel11:56
ppisatirsalveti: uhm, so no X for oneiric?11:57
rsalvetippisati: I still didn't fix it because ti was saying that they would release a new version with the fixes and some other improvements11:57
rsalvetippisati: you can have X, but without the pvr driver11:57
ppisatirsalveti: usign which driver?11:57
rsalvetippisati: I can probably fix the driver, will see, but wasn't going to do it because of the new driver11:58
ppisatirsalveti: no prob11:58
rsalvetibut you know how it works, it can be the case that TI will only release it after the release11:58
ppisatirsalveti: if i can get any ouput with another driver, i'll use that11:58
rsalvetippisati: just remove the package that provides /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/pvr_drv.so11:58
rsalvetippisati: will give it a try later today11:59
rsalvetilet you know if it works11:59
ppisatirsalveti: wiuthouyt that pkt, was not working11:59
rsalvetippisati: what was the errot then?11:59
rsalvetiit should always work with fbdev11:59
rsalvetiunless the drm driver is broken in some sort12:00
ppisatiremoving pvr, wait...12:01
ogra_ppisati, fyi https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/84815412:02
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 848154 in ubuntu "ARM version not supporting V6 RaspPi" [Undecided,Invalid]12:02
ppisatiso we already have a bug :)12:03
ogra_yeah, i just closed it :)12:04
ppisatiflag@omap:~$ sudo X -configure12:06
ppisatiX.Org X Server 1.10.412:06
ppisatiRelease Date: 2011-08-1912:06
ppisatiX Protocol Version 11, Revision 012:06
ppisatiBuild Operating System: Linux 2.6.31-608-imx51 armv7l Ubuntu12:06
ppisatiCurrent Operating System: Linux omap 3.0.0-1204-omap4 #9-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Mon Sep 5 19:29:18 UTC 2011 armv7l12:06
ppisatiKernel command line: console=ttyO2,115200n8 root=/dev/sda1 rootwait ro vram=32 elevator=noop earlyprintk12:06
ppisatiBuild Date: 09 September 2011  11:41:55AM12:06
ppisatixorg-server 2:1.10.4-1ubuntu1 (For technical support please see http://www.ubuntu.com/support)12:06
ppisatiCurrent version of pixman: 0.22.212:06
ppisati        Before reporting problems, check http://wiki.x.org12:06
ppisati        to make sure that you have the latest version.12:06
ppisatiMarkers: (--) probed, (**) from config file, (==) default setting,12:06
ppisati        (++) from command line, (!!) notice, (II) informational,12:06
ppisati        (WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown.12:06
ppisati(==) Log file: "/var/log/Xorg.0.log", Time: Tue Sep 13 14:06:04 201112:07
ppisatiList of video drivers:12:07
ppisati        sisusb12:07
ppisati        cirrus12:07
ppisati        r12812:07
ppisati        mach6412:07
ppisati        radeon12:07
ppisati        ati12:07
ppisati        fbdev12:07
ppisati        vesa12:07
ppisatiNo devices to configure.  Configuration failed.12:07
ppisati ddxSigGiveUp: Closing log12:07
ppisatiit seems it doesn't care about fbdev12:07
ogra_pastebin !!!!!!!!!!12:07
ogra_for more than three lines please12:07
ogra_and i'm not sure X -configure works if you dont have a PCI bus12:08
ppisatiwell at one point the X log says12:12
ppisati"falling back to old method to probe for <drivername here>"12:12
ppisatiso i guess it's trying hard to find the gfx chip12:13
ogra_well, then it should generate a config for "<drivername here>" :P12:13
ogra_but afaqik it only scans the PCI bus12:13
ppisatiit should, but it doesn't... :)12:13
ogra_even USB isnt supported12:13
ogra_asac once added a hack to make it walk /dev/fbX but that might have been dropped12:14
ppisatii'll try with a dummy xorg.conf then12:14
ogra_why do you use an xorg.conf at all ?12:14
ppisatii don't12:14
ppisatithat's the point12:14
ogra_it will autodetect fbdev just fine without12:14
ppisatiit doesn't12:14
ogra_how doesnt it ?12:15
ppisatilet me paste the entire x.log here12:15
ppisatikidding :)12:15
ogra_thats what you get if you start lightdm ?12:24
ogra_janimo, hmm, livefs build seems to be fine but somehow it tries to use a tar.gz instead of the .ext3 image12:25
ppisatiogra_: sorry, wrong buffer12:31
ppisatithere's no /dev/fbX12:31
ogra_well, then its no surprise that it fails12:32
ppisatibut isn't /dev/fbX provided my omapfb?12:32
ppisatibecause that was turned off in latest kernl upload12:32
ppisatibecause IIRC clashed with omap drm12:32
ppisati(but i'll have to check)12:33
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janimoogra_, you mean cdimage tries to use tar.gz?12:37
ogra_yes, just discussing the bug with colin in #ubuntu-release12:37
janimoI am not sure how those interact, I tried making it look like the omap script12:37
ogra_seems we did soemthing wrong in our implementation12:37
ogra_its not your fault12:37
ogra_NCommander wrote the code in question and i nodded it off12:38
janimoogra_, but should it not have affected other subarchs as well?12:38
ogra_only if you build ac100 first12:38
janimouh, the builds leak info into other builds?12:39
* ppisati goes to try the linaro kernel...12:39
ogra_janimo, right, and thats a bug ... we introduced a variable PREINSTALLED_IMAGE_FILESYSTEM that carries the suffix ... but never gets reset if it was changed12:39
ogra_the existance of that variable alone is wrong, we need to solve that differently12:40
ogra_but for now i'll just fix the bug ... something to re-visit in P12:40
janimoI am looking at jasper, as it needs to handle this slightly differently. No MLO, different partition number12:41
janimoif the image boots up fine, jasper is likely the next step that is needed12:42
janimonot having the reformat/rewrite vfat thing would help  I guess12:43
janimoI may just skip those calls for mx5312:43
ogra_feel free to drop them completely12:45
ogra_but then you are responsible for getting it fixed ;)12:45
ogra_in case it doesnt work12:45
janimoogra_, heh.12:56
ogra_Post-processing pre-installed images ...13:11
ogra_/bin/sh: Syntax error: end of file unexpected (expecting "fi")13:11
ogra_make: *** [bin-preinstalled_images] Error 213:11
ogra_No image for armel+mx5!13:11
* ogra_ wonders if he did a paste error13:12
ogra_ah no13:18
* ogra_ fixes and tries another build13:18
ogra_janimo, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-preinstalled/20110913.2/ all for you :) happy testing "13:28
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janimoogra_, thanks, will test :)13:52
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rbasakGrueMaster: ping15:46
GrueMasterrbasak: Morning.  What can I do you for?15:47
rbasakGrueMaster: I've written up LUKS status in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/QA/Server and filed LP: #848782 against debian-installer. Should I mark the bug against a milestone or anything, and is there anything else I need to do?15:48
GrueMasterI just saw the updated wiki, thanks.  I'll review the bug and triage it as needed.  Not sure that it will get fixed before Beta 2, but good to know.  Thanks for your assistance.15:49
rbasakCool, I'll bug you for more work once I've cleared up my queue a bit :)15:50
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ninahi everybody18:14
ninajust tried to install ubuntu 11.04 image on beagleboard-xM C4 rev. usb mouse / keyboard is not working / powered up18:14
ninadevices are working smoothly with shipped angstrom image18:14
ninabesides usb ethernet is also not powering up, so i have no access to the board... is there any bugfixed kernel ?18:16
infinitynina: The oneiric kernel might treat you better.18:23
GrueMasternina: This is a known issue with newer beagleXM boards.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OmapNetbook.18:24
zeMUppetEvening all. Is there any reason I would have issues getting Ubuntu 10.10 to boot on the BB Xm Rev C4? I followed the instructions as listed on the Wiki for the OMAP Maverick Install. After writing the image to the SD card, replacing the uImage and vmlinuz files in their respective partitions, and then attempting to boot the BB seems dead i.e. there is no activity from the SD card LED's. The BB is definitely working (have subsequentl18:40
zeMUppety booted into Angstrom).18:40
GrueMasterzeMUppet: Not sure, but I don't think 10.10 would even support the XM C4.  Try 11.04.18:41
GrueMasteriirc, the issue on 10.10 was related to the change to the XM just after 10.10 release that required a GPIO for DVI to be enabled.  The issue with 11.04 was a lot different (but similar in that it came out after 11.04 release).18:43
zeMUppetThanks, I'll look into 11.04.18:45
GrueMasterYou could also look at 11.10 Beta 1 (or daily) if you have time.  It should work out of the box, and if not, your test results would be helpful in making it work for release.18:46
zeMUppetI was tempted to try Oneric, but I'm going about using the DSP and I'm unsure of how that'll work out (all the documentation for the DSP in Ubuntu uses Maverick as the base). Normally I wouldnt mind new frontiers, but this project has a scarily close deadline.18:52
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